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dont u think it's fishy how shiro almost died by being struck by a druid but keith was barely burned when a druid hit him 🤔

YE s  and i literally cant think of any other explanation for it but druid keith. like, logically, some people could say “but maybe keith just reacts like that cause hes galra?” but here’s the thing–thace also gets attacked, and his wound looks exactly like shiro’s

also antok gets hit while in full bom armor and he like?? dies so?? clearly being galra doesnt give you some kind of natural immunity. 

so this:

isnt a galra thing. its a keith thing. 

now, keith’s not taking druid magic and throwing it back at the caster like allura. but, i do think his skin is absorbing most of the impact. i mean, it still looks like it really hurt, but you don’t get those same glowy wounds shiro and thace do. weirdly enough, it also seems like he could maybe have some kind of an understanding of whats going on. 

when he sees his hand he freaks out, and that is when he calls pidge and tells her she needs to come get him now. he doesnt call team voltron to save him when hes fighting zarkon one on one, or when thace decides to turn the ship hes on into a bomb. but one hit on his hand? hes like, i have to leave right now, and thats…very out of character for him 

(i mean, he could just be in a big hurry to leave cause he realizes hes gonna lose this fight, but he didn’t even run away from a duel with zarkon, so like…running away is really just not his style) 

its also interesting that keith was healed when his skin came in contact with the pure (gold) quintessence. 

literally the only people we see that are able to manipulate raw quintessence are the druids, everyone else who uses it needs to 1) have quintessence thats already been refined by a druid (like in collection and extraction, that purple kind) and 2) get some kind of mechanical component that can convert the quintessence into some form of compatible energy (the injection things that guard uses in beta traz, shiro’s arm, sendak’s arm, the robeasts, ect) 

but keith requires neither. its just him and his own ability 

Chiba’s Drarry Recs Masterlist

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Draco vs. Muggle Things

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Yes,I can tell your confidence in your own conclusions by the fact that you block anyone that disagrees with you and won't even reblog the actual post for fear that someone might call you on your bullshit. No wonder you think you're always right when don't allow anyone to ever challenge you and dismiss anyone who tries as delusional. It's a standard First Order glove. The outfit is different.

“for fear that someone might call you on your bullshit”









im high on coke rn
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but it did

i cant resist drawing this when i found this:

and yes, its another draw your otp thing
i do not own the base
i do not own the characters either

shoutout to @gevalover for being the first liker of my previous post :)

goth by @nekophy
palette by @angexci

i need to lay down now
btw, there will be a H2ovanoss version of this soon

tbh i feel like lup is a character that griffin has been dying to make a central part of the group, and not because she’s amazing and embodies the entirety of the story, but because she creates character conflict. for pretty much the entire balance arc, griff has tried to get the three boys to disagree on stuff, but because of who the characters are, taako and merle being too easy going and not caring enough, and mags practically overriding any conversation or argument by just rushing in has made for a dnd campaign with basically no conflict amongst the pcs

now a campaign doesn’t need to have conflict to be a good one but for an audio only story, conflict is the easiest way to develop the characters and get the boys to really address what’s important to them and what they would fight for, but with a character like mags (which is a very common type let me tell you i’ve been overrided too many times) the other characters generally do not get a say unless they extremely object. which has probably been something very irritating for griffin where he had to literally pull their teeth to get backstory and character details

so enter lup who’s not afraid to bite back at the boys and question their choices and just from that argument we, as an audience, suddenly understand lup almost completely. we understand her motivations and what’s she terrified of and that she, as a character, cannot lose hope. and!! we even got a huge understanding of taako!! i mean look at all the meta that came from just that one interaction because suddenly we see this interaction and it justifies who taako is as a character. i would even go as far to say it developed mags as well

as a dm, griffin has been trying desperately to get the boys to fight against each other with moral choices (wonderland, the chalice, lucas, and others too) and granted they can’t just put out an ep that is an hour of back and forth between the boys of deciding what to do with the chalice, but griffin has been trying to get to develop past the ‘magnus rushes in, taako’s good out here, merle? does something?’ (sorry i forgot what merle’s was OTL) to the point where griffin has tried multiple times to separate magnus from the group to force the other two to take initiative and lup and this new play style is finally making them do exactly that

so TL;DR Lup is a character that griffin has been dying to introduce and is the character conflict/instigator that the campaign has needed for a long time

Okay so.

Rebecca sugar: *apologizes*

Most white people and anti su-critical: god you guys harassed her THAT MUCH? There was nothing even wrong with her design i loved it!!! You people get sooo easily offended!!!! Not gonna be long until you bully somdone into suicide again!!!111

Half of angry su critical(other half is satisfied and moved on su critical): that DOSENT exuse why garnet bismuth ruby topaz etcetcetcetc are still treated poorly, this apology was a shitty damage control and lamar was too!!!11 i wont let this rest you racist motherfuckers!!11


She was not harassed
Being called out for racism is not harassment (even if it was uninentional i think the crew is innocent in that aspect but mistakes happen and coincidences can look bad)
If even she saw something wrong with the concrete design then theres that
She and lamar were not “bullied” into apologizing
People know that gems arent humans but current gems have black features and you have to be a complete dumbass to see that concrete doesn’t look black coded.
su critical wasnt the only people offended by the damn redesign.
I dont mind if people looked at her features differently, but you also have to see how the hell it was offensive so you wont be spilling constant dumb shit in the notes of posts regarding the situaton.

Also me:

yes the situation was definitely taken farther than it should have
If people arent satisfied with the apologies then they just need to sit the fuck down bc lamar and rebecca were obviously being genuine (shes even gonna remove that whole page and lamar did his own damn redesign that looks cute)
People who arent gonna let the situation rest are just gonna look kinda dumb because its obviously been somewhat resolved and maybe it doesn’t excuse some other messed up stuff but theres no need to go crazy about that right now. Not defending any other mistakes but honestly just let this discourse rest first??

Tl/dr: i still fucking hate this fandom, all of you fuckers need to have a nice cup of chamomile tea and a nice fucking rest. good day.

cos like u know when ur shopping and u see some like kitchen appliance or piece of furniture and u think to yourself “oh well obviously i’m gonna need this for all those jams i’m gonna make in my kitchen, oH and look!!! a kettle !! now what would i do without this!” u know as tho your shopping for ur own apartment n u gotta like stop urself cos ur still a baby,, u know what i mean

Manju and Mochi

Street racers!AU

warnings: psychotic like mad hatter, cocky Jinyoung, mentions of killing, strong language, murder, still mafia related, mild smut (pg-14, get a grip, he’s young), you’re emotionless.

You watched the young male walk towards his seat beside you; he didn’t scare you to say the least, rather he fascinated you. Both of you were really silent, predicting every move the other made.

You stayed in the same position for more than half an hour waiting for the professor to dismiss the class, so you could escape Jinyoung’s stare. You hung your head back when the teacher slammed the textbook down the table then dismissed the class.

You rushed out the class, finally getting fresh air until he whispered into your ear, “You look extremely nervous.”

You turned your head to him, just a few inches away from his lips, but you spoke instead, “Don’t try me.”

The hallway was empty by that time of day, and you half expected Jinyoung to walk the same direction you did; however, when you turned back to see if he was delaying his steps–you didn’t see him at all. You retreated back trying to find him, you pulled on every door to inspect.

Lastly, you stood in front of the gym door; it was locked. There were sounds coming from the gym, this time you didn’t hesitate. You scanned for another entrance, but there was none. You pulled out two pins from your hair, pulling the curved metal away from the flat one before taking out the round nub of the pin. Bending the tip of the pin ninety degrees left, you then bent the curved surface resembling it into a handle. You stepped on the other pin, then curving it ninety degrees before inserting it inside the lock.

Your movements halted when you heard someone’s scream from the inside–the cries for help. Proceeding with caution, you put in the second pin moving the pins of the lock upward, the door opened automatically letting you sneak inside. Your eyes caught a glimpse of the scene inside, Jinyoung pointed his gun on a man then his eyes darted to yours.

“Shoot and the alarm goes off.” You threatened as your gaze held him in place. Jinyoung showed you a cocky grin aiming the gun on top of the man’s head, “You’re also part of this, just so you know.”

You smirked, “Be careful with what you wish for, there are things you should be afraid of. Especially since you still feel pain, fear and sympathy.”

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Sketchy work in progress! Finished version will be posted on my Lockwood blog, but that may not be for a while  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


(2017, Darren Aronofsky)

If you love your very on-the-nose religious allegories aggressively shoved down your throat for an excruciating two hours, then mother! is the movie for you! Darren Aronofsky’s latest is a big ol’ parable that’s pretty impossible to miss since instead of wrapping its deeper ideas inside of anything resembling a plot of its own he instead throws it right there on the surface with giant sign posts indicating every little thing that anyone needs for even the most basic viewer to “get it”. Of course it’s also just the kind of obnoxiously “ambitious”, “auteur-driven”, “provocative” feature that will ignite a heavily divisive response with its lovers insisting that the detractors somehow “didn’t get it” even though there’s literally nothing else to it. That’s a big part of the problem. Aronofsky just drowns this beast in his giant allegory (which, yes, could also be an interpretation of the creative process, but isn’t that essentially the same thing? And really there’s too much religion here for it not to be that more than anything), leaving no room for anything else.

Certainly not for even the slightest modicum of character development or dimension, as a talented cast led by Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem is criminally underserved by a script that treats their characters as props rather than actual people with inner lives who the audience are supposed to care for. And yet as the deliriously, infuriatingly chaotic final act rages on there’s this odd pull that the movie suddenly wants us to have an investment in these people, but it did absolutely zero groundwork to get us to that point. Ultimately it did zero work to establish practically anything. It’s well and good to work an allegory like this into something, but you have to actually have something there in the first place to work it into and Aronofsky missed the boat on that one. Even more than that he missed the concept of having it all actually mean anything on a grander scheme. Sure, it’s all about religion, but for what purpose? Why does this movie exist? Beats me.

Others who bafflingly love the picture can surely glean out their own satisfying answers for that question and more power to them for finding a way to get any measure of satisfaction out of this ugly and irritating masturbatory slice of filth, but try as I might the only reactions I got out of this haphazard display of an egomaniac director stroking his own arrogance were vehemently negative. If I were able to give mother! one compliment it would have been that it’s refreshing to see a studio movie that doesn’t feel the need to push out a ton of exposition in its dialogue, but I can’t even applaud it for that as somehow the exposition overload just comes straight out of the plot and direction that whacks your head open with a sledgehammer and just violently shoves its pathetically blunt grade school meanings directly into your open skull.

Whether it’s the gratuitous violence and debauchery (good luck to Lawrence for actually falling for the director during the making of this), the full-on obnoxious anarchy of a filmmaker given complete control and displaying absolutely none in the final act, or the paper thin characterization and allegory on display throughout this nonsense, mother! is a movie that fails hard early on and somehow only gets worse from there as it stretches on for an agonizing two hours that feels like at least three by the time it mercifully ends with the most predictable, eye-rolling ending of the year. Aronofsky has claimed that this movie is the most similar to Black Swan that he’s made in his career, but the truth is that it more rightly fits alongside the obnoxious aggression, infantile lecturing, and overbearing toxicity of Requiem for a Dream. In that regard, Aronofsky would surely find at least some satisfaction in the fact that I can’t recall the last time a film has made me as angry as this one. You know, the way that a child with not a lot else going on will needlessly attack others in order to get attention.


The High School AU

Because everyone should have a high-school AU

Slugging her bag higher up on her shoulder, Dracule Riskua flashes a quick glance to Ace as he lumbers along just behind her. Sabo went in early for his work on the school newspaper and Luffy had spent the night at Zoro’s, leaving it as just the two of them on their usual route.

“You’re being particularly quiet today, Ace.”

When had conversation between them got so hard? Riskua doesn’t recall. It doesn’t seem right.

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Here’s a thing that came up when I was talking to someone about Yuzu’s future spouse: ”He’s not looking for a spouse, he’s looking for a caretaker.“

And if he ever goes to the matchmaker about his future partner it’s going to sound like:

Yuzu: *finishes describing his ideal type*

Matchmaker: Hmm, okay. All right. I’ve got to ask you… there anything you can do on your own that she won’t need to worry about?

Yuzu: Well, I can dress myself, bathe, fix-up my room, and what not, but…..

Matchmaker: But what?

Yuzu: Well, shaving can be a bit…..

Matchmaker: You can’t shave?

Yuzu: Well, no it’s not that….it’s just that…

It’s just that sometimes my razor manages to slip and….well….

Matchmaker: I see, so, you’re not really looking for just any homely maid. You want a Swiss army knife.

Yuzu: Do they come with those?


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Why the green patch?

I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while

Caption: @silveraven said: What if it’s not a new mutation, but an old one? Trishana’s glowing forest? Or maybe Becca did something to those genetically modified those plants with something similar to her nightblood technology? Or something to do with the Eden tree Kane brought down from space?

Let me just say:

Oh. My. God.


This needed its own post for freakin smart @silveraven is. So yes, here it is. I love this idea.

It’s the perfect sort of… “strange science and evolution happened in space!” type thing. We know being exposed to radiation for so long changed the Arkadians - but how did it change the Eden tree? Was the growth only stunted because of how little water and fertilizer it got? Perhaps we’ll get some answer if this is our answer.


The Men Who Talked Between The Words

Part 17: Kiss Me With Adventure


“No really, quite a deduction,” Sherlock says with a smile that flashes to surprise when John advances on him. They are alone in the barn with the dust. The muscle in John’s neck moves under his skin, his shoulders held broad and solid from his body and a thrill goes up Sherlock’s scalp.

His heel scrapes the concrete under the dirt as he turns immobile. Up close, John’s face seems to flicker for a moment and then Sherlock realises it’s because he’s blinking rapidly.  

“You’re being bad.” John says.


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I know this isn’t the best i can do but i really wanted to draw somethiing with this little sunshine and this took so much time already x-x  ( drawing him is so hard for some reason ?? T-T)

His hair is living a life of its own. Also it’s not really smooth and all, might work on that somewhen else ( probably not though) so for now that’s all~~