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So are all 9 titans revealed yet? I heared Ymir was the jaw titan so there are only 8?

So far we’ve seen the 1) Attack Titan (Eren) 2) Founding Titan (Eren) 3) Colossal Titan (Armin) 4) Armored Titan (Reiner) 5) Female Titan (Annie) 6) Cart Titan (Pieck) 7) Beast Titan (Zeke) 8) Jaw Titan (Galliard) 

Chapter 93 implies that Galliard did in fact eat Ymir, making her the previous holder of it. So yes, the 9th shifter is still at large, and there are plenty of theories going around: He’s held by another nation (perhaps East Sea clan), the Ackermans are made of him, he’s some kind of secret, powerful wildcard Marley only uses if shit gets really bad, he’s crystallized somewhere…tons of speculation, very little evidence unfortunately. He’s definitely on my list of most anticipated reveals for sure Isayama pls hurry up  

my fave parts in beauty and the beast:

  • gaston dragging agathe in front of the whole town and then just going like ‘no offense agathe’
  • when lefou asked gaston whether he seriously wanted to be part of belle’s family
  • “is that fair?” - “i don’t care”
  • when gaston told belle that she just had to find the right man and she was all like ‘it’s a small village i’ve met everyone’ like what kind of savage
  • “BE FREE!” iconic
  • lefou spelling gaston’s name
  • beast dragging belle for her taste in shakespeare
  • belle holding back tears when she’s in the library for the first time honestly same
  • lefou’s smile upon realizing that maurice was still alive
  • “there’s a beast running wild, there’s no question, but i fear the wrong monster’s released”
  • maestro cadenza going “ouch” when gaston ditches lefou
  • when chip apologized to maurice for moving and maurice was just like ‘it’s alright’ and then he fucking bolted
  • luke evans singing
  • “too much?” - “…yep”
  • belle teaching that little girl how to read
  • “i didn’t think she would say yes!”
  • when everyone was changed back
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Character: Min Yoongi x reader (oc)

Genre/words: Angst, Implied/light Smut, Arranged Marriage! AU / 14,844 words

Summary: He is the successor of his family’s business empire, and you are the female heir of yours. After the trouble his older brother had created in the past, he now must face certain requirements needed for the sake of the family’s future and to save his rights of inheritance, and you become his only way out. Everything might seem so simple, just the way they are supposed to. But everything isn’t always what it seems, is it?

Playlist | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05


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The Eurovision Crash Course.

Made by an American for other Americans.

So if you have European internet friend or follow blogs run by Europeans, chances are you’ll be come across a lot posts about Eurovision

But what exactly is Eurovision?

I’m sure you’ve already gotten a lot of sarcastic answers, so here’s a quick free crash course in this crazy cultural phenomenon.

It’s a super hardcore song contest that began in 1956 as a way to unite Europe. It began with about seven countries back when TV was just starting to become a thing. It has since expanded to included most of Europe and a number neighboring countries.

Oh, and as of 2015, Australia is one of the contestants too. And it’s one of the most widely watched non-sporting events ever. But never ask a European why America hasn’t been invited. There’s a fairly high chance they’d rather die than have us there to ruin it.

Okay, that’s cool and all, but how exactly does it work?

So each country sends a representative, and people vote for the best. But you can’t vote for your own country. But I’m really not sure if people-voting even matters because each country has a jury that awards points to other countries, and it’s those points that determine who wins Eurovision. Most points wins.

That’s why things can get political, even though it’s not supposed to and Eurovision was founded on the idea of unity. And why it’s possible for song to win the public televote but not the actual contest.

Now! For video examples!

The 10 most recent winners of the Eurovision Song Contest (2007 - 2016)

  • Pretty self-explanatory. Gives an adequate beginner’s taste of Eurovision performances in general. Showcases genre variety, goofiness, and a poop ton of confetti.

The Story of ESC

  • Again, pretty self-explanatory. It’s literally just learning about Eurovision: theatrical music-number style!

How to create the perfect Eurovision Performance | Tutorial

  • A bit of a satirical piece. Fun fact: every goofy thing you see on stage is a reference to an actual performance
  • And yes, the main people singing are the same singers as the other video.
  • Important references that the song makes are linked below for your convenience.

The main guy singing won for Sweden in 2015. His performance also includes dancing with cartoons!

The violin guy won for Norway in 2009. He has one of the highest final scores in Eurovision history. He’s also super talented and I love him.

The people in demon costumes won for Finland in 2006. Their song was literally called “Hard Rock Hallelujah.”

Austria set a piano on fire in 2015. And then just left it there. (It starts burning about two minutes into the song.)

Grandmas baking bread. Believe it or not, they got second!

Russia had an famous gold-medalist ice skater onstage in 2008.

And yes, that is a hamster wheel.

…you get the point. If I keep going, this list would carry on forever.

Also! Some of my personal favorites:

Again, I could go on forever, but…you know. Although, if you want more song recommendations, feel free to message me!

(Also, if you’re European and reading this, please don’t kill me. Instead, tell me how I did? And feel free to link your favorite entries too!)

Reminiscence (Calum imagine)

Summary: You spend Valentine’s Day reminiscing

Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: This has to be one of my favourite things that I’ve ever written :) Please pay attention to the dates and times! It begins in the present, and then there are a series of flashbacks. They’re all in chronological order for ease of reading, but please pay attention to the timings if you’re unsure!

This is for @calumsbicth and @calsdream‘s Valentines!5sos blurb night!

Originally posted by hemmoxhood96

Present day, Valentine’s Day

With a cream envelope held between your fingers, you can’t prevent the smile from spreading across your lips. A greying memory slips into your mind, your eyes fluttering to a close as you let yourself get taken away to the land of fantasies.

Valentine’s day, two years ago, 1pm


At the sound of your name, you looked up.  You were in a park, sitting on a picnic blanket. Surrounding you were hundreds of tiny daisies, scattered amongst the green grass like a sprinkling of icing sugar.

“Hmm?” You looked across the blanket to see Calum, your boyfriend, with a wide smile spread across his face.

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Parenting Guide- Jughead's Foster Parents

Hello, dear foster parents. How are you?

As a member of the Jughead Jones protection squad, I feel like it’s my job to introduce you, the foster parents, to the wonderful world of Jughead Jones.

You see, we didn’t really need you around, and we didn’t really like the idea of sending him to live away from his friends. We could’ve taken care of him, but… Law decided to give him to you until FP leaves jail. So, since you guys are inevitably a part of his life now, I think the squad should tell you how things are gonna be while you’re living under the same roof as Jughead.

First of all, you have to know this child is a blessing to this world. You need to make sure he’s always safe and healthy, and that is, for sure, your responsibility while he’s with you. His happiness is a top priority, so you better make sure he’s always smiling.

Second, you must know that he’s gone through a lot of hard stuff in his short life. He’s lost his family, lost his house and now he’s away from the people he loves, so now you must make sure he has everything he needs. I think the list below should be a good start for you:

- A comfortable King Sized Bed
- A good wi-fi
- Netflix
- TONS of books ( Note: if he wants more books, you buy him)
- Food (all the food he wants)
- Video Games
- A warm room
- Good Night kisses (not from you, of course, but from his girl)
- Guest Room for his sister/ friends
- Dog stuff ( yes, he has a dog now and he won’t be separated from his canine pal)
- Gas for his truck
*Note: the other members can add more things to this list if they feel the need to.

Now, there are still a few more things you need to know…

You see, Jughead has a girlfriend- Betty Cooper- and they love each other very much. By no means you must stay in between them, okay? He is free to come and go whenever he wants to pay her a visit/ sleep at her house/ spend the day with her, and her presence around the house shall be more than appreciated. You need to make her feel comfortable whenever she’s around, and if you hear weird noises coming from his room, you will ignore them and go back to sleep. If you want to leave them alone and go to a hotel, then it’ll be even better.

Last but not least, you don’t touch the beanie. This is something really important and the squad won’t tolerate any aggressions against the symbol of his identity. Treat his beanie as a sacred relic, and don’t approach it unless he allows you.

Well, now that we’ve established some rules, I would like to welcome you to Jughead Jones the Third’s life. Do as you were told and we won’t have problems, okay? And don’t try to fool us. The squad has eyes and ears all around the world, and we will know every single thing you do.

Let’s make him happy, shall we?

Thank you for your attention.

Jughead Jones Protection Squad.

Leader: Elizabeth Cooper
Members: South Side Serpents (FP Jones + Hot-Dog included), Bughead/ Jughead fandom, Archie Andrews.

Sometimes things are great! Sometimes… they’re really, really not. This is my personal plan for fixing everything when I don’t know what to do, and I thought other people might find it helpful. If you identify with this sentiment, but don’t think this is the right way for you to work on the problems you’re facing, that’s totally fine, and sometimes these aren’t things to work through by yourself.

This is what works for me, but really consider what your goals are and consider this as less of a how-to and more of possible framework to figure out where you want to go. A lot of this also refers to managing things within my apartment that aren’t super applicable if you aren’t the one responsible for your own groceries say. Use what’s useful and skip what’s not. You’ve got this.

Step One: Breathe, baby. This probably feels awful, whatever’s going on. Icky maybe. And that’s something that should change, but before the visible problems can shift, take a look at how you’re taking care of yourself right now. This step is the reset button - just a beginner’s step in areas that are central and maybe stressing you out. Stop the cycle of whatever was throwing you off.

I like to start with the executive function stuff. There might be a lot you feel like you have a lot to do - it’s been a while since things have been good about notes on all those readings, right? But unless there’s something absolutely 100% immediate and pressing, this first:

  • Drink some water. Wash your water bottle or a cup you like to drink from. Just one dish. The rest of them can wait just a little bit longer. Keep remembering to drink water. You’ll feel better.
  • How’s your room? Can you do some laundry? Get some things in the trash? Make your bed? Start with a single task that will get some things off the floor, but doesn’t feel scary. Leave the rest of it. You can fix it later.
  • When was the last time you ate something? Has it been a while? If there’s something at home, good. Eat that. If there isn’t, go pick something up from somewhere you feel safe. Worry about vegetables later. Eat anything right now.
  • Find somewhere you feel comfortable. Pick something acheivable. Do that thing. Whatever you’re ready for. Nothing scary. Nothing heavy. Spend some doing enough work that you feel like you’re being productive again; like you’ve finished something because you have! Then come back. Do you feel better?

In the interest of space, the rest is under the cut. :)

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By Accident

Prompt: this is for @girl-next-door-writes celebration challenge! the song i got was accidentally in love—counting crows.

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1,224

Warnings: none, just fluff (:

A/N: i had such a fun time writing this. i love steve so much. thanks for letting me be a part of this challenge!

Accidentally in Love—Counting Crows.


(not my gif)

It’d been four months of dates. At first it was just for fun. And that was fine. You’d started dating him only to appease Natasha and Bucky. They had both sworn Steve liked you, was attracted to you. “Just give him a chance!” They had told you over and over again. But now… now Captain Steve Rogers was your boyfriend. And there was something about him that made him grow on you everyday. He was kind and gentlemanly and handsome and you liked him, a lot. And if you didn’t know yourself, you’d say you were falling for him. But neither of you were ready for that.

Today was another date. It was going to be more fun for you than him, you were sure. Shopping. Most of the time, you would have taken Natasha or just gone alone, but Steve insisted on the quality time. He’d been gone on a few missions with Bucky and Sam lately. And as much as you loved being a part of missions, you chose to hang back. It might be weird to now take orders from the guy you were sleeping with on the regular.

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→ works in progress;

A list of future fics that are either currently being written or are in planning just for the sake of keeping track for both myself and others who are curious!

Updated | May 23, 2017.

Hiraeth | Pt.13

• Ongoing series (13/14)

• Currently: Still in planning (0%)

La Vie en Rose | Jungkook 

• Oneshot - Punk skater Jungkook/ballet oc au 

• Currently: Less than 1k words (0%)

Kaleidoscope Eyes | Jungkook

• Oneshot - Blind Jungkook au

• Currently: Still in planning (0%) 

Young Hearts Fade | Yoongi

• Oneshot - Zombie apocalypse au

• Currently: Still in planning (0%)

Bad Habits | Pt.2

• Ongoing series (2/4)

• Currently: Less than 1k words (0%)

The Bygone Boy | Pt.1 | Jungkook


→ possible future fics (still storyboarding);

• Punk au | Taeyong (nct)

• Your Name au | Jungkook

• College au | Namjoon

• Vampire au | Taehyung

• Pirate/mermaid!oc au | Jungkook

• Rota Fortunae | Taehyung

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um i don't know maybe a modern day newt thing where he's reader's college roommate or in the same classes as her & he obviously fancies her and everybody can tell but her? hope that didn't suck too much

Didn’t suck at all lol and sorry for the wait! Hope you like it ❤️

Master list

Imagine: Being Newt’s college roommate. (Modern day AU)

“Queenie, I knowwww. Geez. Yes…okay, yes. No, I don’t care if you think Dr. Graves is a hot professor, you can’t go flirting with him.”

Newt smiled in amusement, still looking down at his biology textbook as he listened in on your’s and Queenie’s phone call. He knew many women flocked to the psychology courses simply for Dr. Graves, but he’d like to think you didn’t quite see it that way. Call him jealous, but he’d like to think you had better standards than some older man who rocked a cool haircut.

“Okay, I’ll meet you guys later. Of course Newt is coming…”

Newt glanced up momentarily at the sound of his name, and he raised an eyebrow at you. Your smile was a naughty one, and he can only venture a guess it wasn’t going to be something he liked.

“Mmk, I’ll see you later then. Tell Jacob I said hi.”

You tapped the end call button, tossing your cell on your small dorm mattress, and plopping yourself down on Newt’s bed. He twirled around in his chair, book laying on his lap as he glared at you.

“What exactly am I doing?”

“Before you say no, keep in mind you owe me for the last time.”

“What last time?”

You sighed at the zoology student, elbow resting on his desk as you waved your hand about. “You dragged me to some weird exhibit that had animal carcasses everywhere.”

Newt closed the textbook, placing it back in his bag as he chuckled. “I can assure you, that was far more than an exhibit of dead animals. Each one was an experiment on how the environment and other predatory creatures-”

“Yeah yeah, word of advice next time take me out to dinner as a date not a museum of death.”

Newt almost laughed at your playful words, except one part in particular made him freeze. He looked up at you, a small blush forming on his freckled cheeks. “A…date?”

Newt’s crush on you was no secret to anyone, although apparently he thought he hid it well. But, a man can only stare at you so much before it became obvious. However, you liked the reserved student just as much. Being honest with yourself, you never thought someone like him would be your type. He was handsome, no doubt, but judging by your dating rap sheet, party boys seemed more your area. And yet, the first time you met Newt he was just different. In a good way, of course. He was kind, gentle, sweet, and loyal to a fault you’d think. There were times you didn’t think you even deserved his friendship, let alone his adoration.

“Yes…” You replied, smirking over at the blushing man. “I mean, if you don’t want to go out-”

“I do!” Newt blurted out his answer a bit quicker than he wanted, and he looked down at his hands, stumbling over his words. “That is…um, if you’ll let me. May I?”

He was beyond adorable in your eyes, and how could you possibly decline such an offer? You got up from your spot, and took a seat on his lap much to his pleasure. Newt smiled up at you, still unsure of what to do, but he didn’t deny himself the pleasure of your company.

“You may, Scamander. Which is perfect timing, because we’re going on a double date with Queenie and Jacob tonight.”

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Ratonhnhaké:ton's New Name
Achilles Davenport/Connor/Ratonhnhaké:ton
Ratonhnhaké:ton's New Name

Achilles: There’s a store close to here. You’re to buy the items on this list. Tell them where the carriage is - and they’ll see that’s it loaded. Understood?

Ratonhnhaké:ton: Yes.

Achilles: Good. You’re also going to need a new name. Your skin is fair enough that you might pass for one with Spanish or Italian blood. Better to be thought a Spaniard than a Native. And both are better still than I.

Ratonhnhaké:ton: That is not true.

Achilles: What’s TRUE and what IS aren’t always the same.

Ratonhnhaké:ton: What would you call me, then?

Achilles: Connor. Yes. That will be your name.

Happy birthday to the Assassin responsible for the Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride, aiding in both the Battle of Bunker Hill and Battle of Monmouth, saving George Washington’s life, and finding Charles Lee!

☼ 4 April 1756
† ?

Scars and kisses - Old Man Logan/Wolverine x reader

Yes please ! I’m gonna use the movie Old Man Logan, not the comic version. I went to see “Logan” twelve times in the cinema (don’t judge me…ahem) and I still have so much feels about it…anyway here we go, hope you’ll like it (though maybe it’s more a bit “sad” that “fluffy” at times…) :

(My master list, by the way : Right here )


After days of running away from Transigen and its goons, without stopping once, Charles finally convinced Logan to calm down and take a breather.

Of course it was dangerous, but if you kept going, the ex-professor was pretty sure he’d die of exhaustion. After all, he was freaking 90 years old ! With many groans and curse words, The Wolverine found a motel that wasn’t too crappy, and after making sure the place was somewhat secure, that you had easy and fast exits out, you all fell heavily on almost comfortable beds.

Charles and Laura were sleeping in the room next door, and you were laying in bed beside Logan, enjoying his body pressed against yours.

It had been so long since you two had a moment of intimacy. Just you and him. Together, with no one else in the World. It felt great.

He had just made love to you, and you were enjoying each other’s closeness…Contrary to popular belief, Logan loved to just cuddle.

It started out really sweet.

Tender. Delicate. Caring. Thoughtful. Cheesy as fuck.

Caresses on each other’s body. Calloused yet gentle hands running lovingly up and down your back. Smooth fingers tangling threw his hair. It was just a perfect and amorous moment between you and your Wolverine, just like you used to have before…Before the World went to shit.

As you did a thousand times in the past, you grabbed his hand to kiss his now scarred knuckles, and immediately realized your mistake.

The moment was gone.

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Pairing: Steve x reader

Summary: Steve and reader are the only ones left in Stark Tower this holiday season. It’s cold, cuddling happens, confessions happen. 

Words: 1.5k+

A/N: Tell me to stop being so dramatic pls. All these love declarations I keep writing are probably getting old by now. Anyway, I hope you enjoy regardless! For @crazychick010, my darling. Happy fifteenth! 

Warnings: Teensy bit of angst, but really just fluff and sugar cookies. 

Originally posted by esgaroths

Steve and you were the only ones left in Stark tower this holiday season. The others had either gone home to their families or away to tropical islands with their significant others to escape the cold. It wasn’t just that you didn’t have family to go visit, but you’d also never spent Christmas time in the city. It was something you’d always dreamed about. You’d seen it in countless Christmas films as a child. The real thing though? Absolutely breathtaking. The blankets of snow covering the streets, people all bundled up in their warmest winter clothes. The lights. There were lights everywhere

You were sat in the common room wrapped up in a thick blanket. You were completely enraptured by the light snowfall visible through the glass walls surrounding you. And then Steve entered the room. You didn’t have to see or hear him to know he was here. Awareness prickles at the back of your neck and you know he’s watching you. You didn’t really know when you’d first become so in tune with him, but everything felt a little different when he was around. Like something in the air changes with his presence.

“Is the emptiness of the tower finally getting to you?” you ask, gaze still fixed on the outside world.

“You know, I should be worried about how detectable I am to you. I’m trained to be light on my feet.”

You turn around and lock eyes with him before smiling softly. “You are light on your feet. It’s just… different with us.”

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[Ficlet] Nicknames
Pairing: Dazai/Atsushi

“A what?” Atsushi slowly lowered the cup he’d brought to his lips.

Nickname, Atsushi-kun! Nicknames!” Dazai said, happily clapping his hands together and looking at Atsushi with an expectant gleam in his eyes.

“Ah,” Atsushi put down his coffee and picked up his pen again. Hopefully Dazai would leave it alone should he pretend to be busy with this report – which he was – but Dazai only leaned down further, practically hanging over Atsushi where he sat by his desk, innocently performing his duties at the Agency.

“Well, Atsushi-kun? Well?” Dazai pressed on, his tone of voice could only be described as giddy.

Atsushi’s shoulders lowered as he sighed and looked up at the other man. “Honestly, Dazai-san, I don’t really see any need for us to have nicknames for each other.”

Dazai made a sound, sounding vaguely offended, and dramatically put his hand over his heart.

“Atsushi-kun! I’m hurt! A nickname is an important pillar of any relationship!” Here he grabbed Atsushi’s hands to hold them against his chest instead, Atsushi still holding his pen in a loose grip. “Especially since I can’t make you stop with the honorific, these things are super important!”

Atsushi blinked owlishly, for the moment swayed by Dazai’s – dubiously authentic – performance while being relieved they were alone at the office at the same time.

“They are?”

Dazai nodded, encouraged by Atsushi considering the idea he grabbed a chair and sat down, leaning his elbows on the desk while still holding the other’s hands.

“Yes! We’ve been dating for – ah, three months now-“ Dazai stopped and smiled softly at him, Atsushi gave a small smile back, “- and I think we need to take this a step further.”

F-Further? You mean-?”

“Yes, nicknames! So, I’ll go first.”

“Dazai-san, I’m not sure this is necessary-“


Atsushi blinked, then frowned. “What?”

“Darling, honey, cutie pie,” Dazai kept listing names. Atsushi could feel a headache coming. He dragged his hand over his eyes and groaned.

“You’re not making any sense.”

Hmm,” Dazai made that offended noise again and Atsushi felt him taking his other hand – maybe to once again bring it to his chest and proclaim about the foundations of a functioning relationship. Atsushi peeked through his fingers and watched as Dazai elegantly held Atsushi’s hand in front of his own lips. He blew warm air over the skin, and something inside of Atsushi’s stomach fluttered.

Dazai dragged his lower lip over Atsushi’s fingers and then met his eyes. They seemed deep and warm in the sharp light of the afternoon sun.


The butterflies in Atsushi’s stomach turner sharper, he might’ve made a sound because Dazai’s gentle smile crooked; became smug. He leaned closer, close enough for Atsushi to catch the faint fragrance of tea and cologne over the beating of his heart that’d escalated quickly.


“You like that?” Dazai’s voice sounded smooth despite his smile, his eyes twinkled. “Sweetheart?”

A furious blush stretched against his cheeks, Atsushi could feel it. The more it grew the bigger the grin on Dazai’s face widened, and Atsushi felt a strange feeling of losing – what he didn’t know, only that it frustrated him. He tried for a response but could only sputter helplessly.

Dazai chuckled and released his hand. “So that’s it, huh?” He said victoriously.

Atsushi jerked his head up and took hold of Dazai’s hands in a poor imitation of Dazai’s earlier actions. Heart in his mouth Atsushi said with a slightly squeaky but serious voice:

“My love.”

Dazai froze. He looked from their intertwined hands up to Atsushi’s determined face. Unblinking, he opened his mouth, then closed it.

“Well,” Dazai rasped and tried clearing his throat, “that’s it then.”

He got up, strange expression on his face, and then walked towards the exit.

“Dazai? Where are you going?” Kunikida met him in the door, looking up from his bunt of papers at Dazai’s retreating back.

“Oh, nothing. Just going to question the meaning of life!” Dazai answered, his laughter stiff.

What?” Kunikida yelled after him. He turned his head and stared hard at Atsushi. “What happened!?”

Then he stopped and, stupefied, looked down at his papers, “and why am I even acting surprised?

Atsushi groaned and hit his head on the desk.

Warning!! This is a semi long post!!


Let’s have a focus on Episode 20, y’know part A with all the Yakuza!Matsu etc, yeah that one! What if the order they were introduced in perhaps said something about them, maybe ranking fighting abilities? Willingness to get into a fight? Strongest? Best fighter? It’s a bit of a questionable answer for myself so i’d take it as self determined but just have a look at the evidence! :0

6. Matsuno Choromatsu

Choromatsu has always come across as a weak character, whether it’s fighting his own verbal battles or just trying to do physical activities. Example: Just look at the Matsu!!! on ice outfits from hesokuri wars! He literally can’t even lift his own body weight. In the cybermatsu scene, he also claims that he doesn’t run in the halls, perhaps this signifies the lack physical activity he does? Maybe his concern of falling like the clumsy boy he is! Fast forward to episode 23 with the Dayon tribe, also another significant time! He’s even weak with his liquor as well! Slipping on his own regurgitation really isn’t ideal haha

5. Matsuno Todomatsu

He only fights battles he can win, this pretty much just includes trash talk. He very much relies on others to do physical objectives for him, take a look at the School Matsu hesokuri outfits from this episode! He has 2 guys to attack whilst he’s in the corner watching this! Let’s not forget that girlymatsu episode when Ichiko was talking shit about Todoko and saying that she only asked if people wanted to go on her camping trips so they could carry her stuff! Yes their not the same person but still, Todoko is a variation of Todomatsu so it still sort of applies? The list could go on but those are just a few examples.

4. Matsuno Karamatsu

Ah the passive aggressive brother, I’ve never seen him resort to violence except for episode 24 but there was a cause for that. Karamatsu’s always been extremely calm and collective throughout the series, yes we’ve seen him get occasionally peeved off but those instances weren’t truly being upset. Even when these moments happen, he’s always talked his way out of it rather then retaliating against them. A lot of times when he’s ‘out of character’, (his normal voice) Karamatsu’s very shy and submissive like the episode with Jigsaw or when it’s Hatabou’s birthday!

3. Matsuno Osomatsu

Ehhhh this one really doesn’t fit alot, but considering the remaining brothers it may actually be considered? I’ve always seen Osomatsu as a great fighter and a really strong character in general, putting him at number 3 seems a bit harsh but the background information sort of convinces? Osomatsu is quite a strong figure in my opinion. One too many times he’s hit, punched and kicked his little brothers(Just watch episode 24 :0), violence probably being one of his main resorts rather then verbal abuse. With his original outfits in Hesokuri Wars, Osomatsu’s attacks are also mainly based off these physical taunts too! Let’s not forget the Matsu!!! on ice, yet again! His attack with Todomatsu mainly consists of him throwing him into the opposition.

2. Matsuno Ichimatsu

To be brutally honest, Ichimatsu’s a scary character. From spontaneous human combustion to just his general aura, I think the reason he was introduced second last is perhaps because his mysteriousness and always portrayed as the dark or bad character in this context. (Hell in most roleplay skits he’s usually the murderer or the ‘bad cop’ character in such) Take notice on how he treats Karamatsu as well, he’s always threatening him some how, hurting him at most.

1. Matsuno Jyushimatsu

I honestly couldn’t agree more. Jyushimatsu has so much energy in him that it’s almost terrifying to think of what he’s capable with such.. energy. Not to mention he can literally swing Ichimatsu and a baseball bat at the same time! He’s portrayed as such a weird and interesting character in the series, some of the things he does has no explanation, even in this skit when he sucked up Totty it sorta gave that ‘what the fuck?’ thought. Pretty self explanatory. 

{ five’s company // ch. 21 }

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twenty one. 

“I’m officially three months!” You said excitedly. “Let’s celebrate!" 

John smiled at the sound of your cheerful tone. He hummed and pulled you closer to his chest. "It’s early, baby girl." 

"Everyone’s up except for us two.” You pointed out, resting your forehead against his with a big grin. “Even Herc got up before you.”

“I know,” John chuckled a little, nuzzling his face in your neck. “Sleepy.” 

Sleepy meant I’m still not feeling okay. Sleepy meant I don’t really want to get up today.

You looked over him and gently stroked his cheek. 

“We need to go grocery shopping.” You ran your hands through his hair, kissing his forehead sweetly. “Do you wanna come?” 

He shook his head. Buried his face in the crook of your neck. You held him tighter. You hated to see him so upset.  

“I can call Alex back. He can cuddle with you while I go shopping." 

John paused for a moment, thinking about what you were saying, but he nodded with a soft smile before whispering a quiet thank you. 

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tbh i definitely do have a bit of fondness for falling a bit accidentally into kisses, like john just putting on his coat and grabbing his shopping list off the counter and saying all right i’ll be back in a bit, try not to spill that on the lino, would you, and sherlock looking up from his experiment, wait where are you going? and john says just the shops, I won’t be long, and leans in and gives sherlock a quick peck on the mouth and heads out. and then two or three minutes later he walks back in and is like, did i? and sherlock is still sitting there all pink-cheeked and flustered and he goes, um, yes? and john purses his lips a bit in thought and nods and says well. is that? and sherlock says, very quickly and a bit embarrassed, yes, i think so. 

so john comes back in and slides both his hands along sherlock’s jaw and studies his face, his wide, uncertain eyes, the flush on his cheekbones, the tiny, breathless part of his lips, and then john leans in and kisses sherlock properly, carefully, kisses him softly but surely, and sherlock leans into it and hums in pleased surprised and they just stay there a moment, reveling in it, the smell of each other, the feel of each other, the thrum of their heartbeats fast but in sync, until finally they each pull away and smile bashfully, and then john says all right well, and sherlock says yes, the shop, and they blush and john rubs a hand along the back of his neck and heads out again and then sherlock calls after him oh john? pick up some wine, too, don’t you think? and john reappears in the doorway and gives him a crooked grin, yeah, wine, okay, and takes off, and neither of them stops smiling for an hour. 

Guilty (Alex Standall)

Title: Guilty.

Pairing: Alex Standall x Reader

Request:  Can you do one where Alex won’t let anyone pass the tapes to the reader(she is the 14th tape) because he doesn’t want her to get hurt but Clay passes them anyway. Then Alex freaks out on Clay and Alex let’s slip that he loves her and he couldn’t hurt her. And clay tells the reader because he doesn’t want Alex to suffer how he did when Hannah died so the reader confronts him and Alex kisses her.                  

Word Count: 1,421 words

Reader Gender: Female

Summary: You’re one of the reasons why.

Warning: It’s not something in specific, I just think you should be warned for this one.

Author’s Note: I love you all. Continue requesting. This meant something to me, it’s deep and I liked it.

“Who has the tapes?” Courtney asked Jessica walking down the hallway.

“As far as I heard, Jensen had them. Then it’s Y/n’s, Bryce’s and Porter’s.” She said a little serious and Courtney limited herself to nod. She knew from the tapes that Jessica didn’t like to talk about Bryce even when lately she spent some time with him.

“Hey.” Alex joined them and Courtney waved her hand. “Do you now who’s listening to the tapes right now?”

“It’s funny because I just asked that. Clay has them.” Courtney said and Alex got serious.

“What are you doing about that?” Jessica asked him. She knew the truth.

Days before on a moment when Alex felt weak, he spilled the tea. He liked Y/n. And this time, her tape was next. Clay needed to pass the tapes and she was going to hear Hannah’s truth. And just like it, Alex had his truth about the situation. When Hannah died, he knew how much she suffered for her. And how guilty she felt for leaving her alone. Alex helped, but she didn’t talk about Hannah anymore, or the situation, she had no idea about the tapes.

“I don’t know, I just-” He shut himself and continued looking down. “I need to tell Clay to pass the tapes to the next one.”

“Why?” Courtney asked and Alex turned to see Jessica.

“He likes Y/n and you know, he wants to avoid the traumatic event for her.” She admitted and Alex gave her a weak smile. “Unfortunately, no one did that. Justin didn’t avoid me to hear the tapes. I didn’t avoid Courtney to listen to hers, we didn’t avoid Clay to hear them and now he’s going around spilling everything.”

“There must be something I can do for her.” Alex continued, Jessica moved around Courtney and she got in front of Alex.

“You need to stop everything with Clay,” Courtney told him and went to her class.

“My advice is what I told you the other day.” Jessica leans against the wall. “The only thing you can do is be by Y/n’s side once she hears her tape.”

Alex stayed there watching Jessica go away. He felt confused, and everything in his head was blurry. He only had her picture in mind, her tears stuck in her cheeks while something was stuck in her throat making her cry louder. He had her voice around. Her sweet sound surrounding him, which quickly turned to be something complementing her picture of her crying.

Then he saw the only answer he had come to his locker. Clay Jensen.

“Clay!” Alex shouted and Clay turned to see him. “Can we talk?”

“Why?” Clay asked taking his books to his backpack.
“Is about the tapes.” Alex spills and Clay nods.

“Ok, say it.”

“Can you stay with the tapes?” Alex asked not knowing if he should explain about Y/n which finally will end on how much he likes her, or if he should make a new story, or not even say her name in the conversation.

“What?” Clay wonder quite surprised. “Some days ago you didn’t want me to have them, and now you’re asking me to keep them? What’s the truth?”

“Which one are you listening to? Which tape.” Alex continued avoiding to say the name who he kept hiding between words.

“I already pass them.”

Alex got nauseous. Fuck. Clay wasn’t that stupid. What if she already was listening to them? What if she hated him already because of the fucking list? What if…?

It wasn’t hours the ones she took listening to the tapes that arrived at night. Probably she heard them all at once before falling asleep, and the information got so stuck in herself that she needed to listen to them again. She didn’t come to the first class listening to her tape in particular. It was all her fault. That’s why later Hannah stopped talking. And she called Hannah “Crazy” and other certain words who weren’t too nice for someone who was raped the night before.
Her tape was simple, but it was terrible. Y/n invited her to Bryce’s party. She took her, and almost put her in the same place where everything happened. Y/n went there to talk with Zach and left Hannah alone in the middle of that. It was her fault. Hannah Baker was dead because Y/n killed her. In class, she felt sick. She threw up in the bathroom after two bites of some chocolate she found somewhere in her backpack. She threw up every bad thing she had done at the moment. She deserved it. Her nails were half shorter than the day before, her hair looked a mess, and her hands kept shaking. Someone in the hallway told her about how her eyes looked swollen after crying too much, but they were afraid to know the answer. She was afraid too.

She went out the bathroom after taking some pills and continued crying for half an hour. She came outside the library in the middle of the trees and sat there. She was silent, and she felt she needed to stay like that for Hannah.

“Y/n.” She heard Clay’s voice near her and she turned to see him.

“What Jensen?” She claimed.

“Can you give me the tapes back? I want to hear them again.”

“Who would want to listen to that again?” She laughed a little in a sarcastic way. She heard her tape like 20 times already, so she could hear better how she was the one to blame for everything.

“Did you already hear them, right?” She nodded and continued watching the grass around her.

“Why do you even care?” She stood up rushed by the conversation and got in front of him.

“Because I think we need to stay together now that these tapes exist.” He excused and she looked down.

“Of course not, you’re not even in the tapes for something you did. Can you leave me alone? You’ve never cared about me.”

“Okay, maybe I’m not the one you should stick to, maybe you should just go with someone who cares. Someone who really cares about you, y/n.” He touched her shoulder and she frowned. “Alex Standall.”


“Yes, he cares about you.” Clay continued trying to get her to understand the idea. “I know I may have said too much, but you need to know it. You said I didn’t do anything to Hannah. Yes, that’s why I’m there. Because I never told her how much she meant to me, and I know how you must be feeling, but you have someone you mean the world to, and he definitely needs you here.”

Clay’s words were painful. Tough. And true. She never knew she meant something to him, but it was true that she had a certain connection with him. They had each other’s back, but with all these thoughts around her, his name never came up.

“Thank you, Clay.”

What if he was wrong? What if Clay messed up everything he had with Y/n? It was a completely bad situation. When Clay told him about Y/n having the tapes, he felt his world was ruined. He slipped how much he loved her, and how he wanted to protect her.

“Standall.” A cracked voice interrupted his walking to the class he was already late. “I’m sorry.”

And right before he turned around, she fell to the floor crying. He ran to hold her, and even some dudes were staring, they stayed like this.

“I killed Hannah Baker.” Y/n said and he denied quickly pulling her to his chest in a hug.

“You didn’t do that, love. Don’t say that.” He touched her hair slowly and then hold her face.

“I’m a killer, how can you still talk to me?” She cried louder, and he felt his heart aching just of seeing her like this.

“I’m the one who wrote that list, I’m as guilty as you.” She touched his cheek and looked at the situation.

Two teenagers who were assumed to know Hannah Baker were spotted crying on the floor instead of going to class. She was pale, he was crying too. She had a rotten smell, and he still holds her like if those were her last minutes, maybe yes. At least, that’s how she felt.

From all sudden, they kissed. Like nothing else mattered, just like they needed each other’s pain to turn it to medicine. Just like each other’s eternity turning to seconds.

It was okay.

Even If It’s Just Pretend

I was searching for a SnowBaz fake dating fic and I couldn’t find one. Which killed me, so I wrote my own. Also for @snowbaz-feda

Also on Ao3

Description: Simon is broke, his foster father is an asshole, and he knows he has nowhere to go when summer break comes around. So when he sees an ad for a paid psychology experiment involving romantic couples, he’s quick to pretend he’s in a relationship…with his nemesis/roommate Baz.
AKA the faking dating trope that we know we all love.

Chapter 1/Chapter 2/Chapter 3

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