yes this list is still going!

my fave parts in beauty and the beast:

  • gaston dragging agathe in front of the whole town and then just going like ‘no offense agathe’
  • when lefou asked gaston whether he seriously wanted to be part of belle’s family
  • “is that fair?” - “i don’t care”
  • when gaston told belle that she just had to find the right man and she was all like ‘it’s a small village i’ve met everyone’ like what kind of savage
  • “BE FREE!” iconic
  • lefou spelling gaston’s name
  • beast dragging belle for her taste in shakespeare
  • belle holding back tears when she’s in the library for the first time honestly same
  • lefou’s smile upon realizing that maurice was still alive
  • “there’s a beast running wild, there’s no question, but i fear the wrong monster’s released”
  • maestro cadenza going “ouch” when gaston ditches lefou
  • when chip apologized to maurice for moving and maurice was just like ‘it’s alright’ and then he fucking bolted
  • luke evans singing
  • “too much?” - “…yep”
  • belle teaching that little girl how to read
  • “i didn’t think she would say yes!”
  • when everyone was changed back

Reasons to Watch the John Wick Movies

Spoiler free. All items are either vague or based on information in the trailers.

  • Keanu Reeves is 52 and does 95% of his own stunts. Check out some of his training footage: (x) (x) (x
  • No female characters run around being “sexy assassins in heels and slinky dresses”. Ruby Rose wears a suit buttoned to her neck. Adrianne Palicki kicks ass in clothes that are actually practical for fighting in. Both are portrayed to be as dangerous as any of their male peers. 
    • Claudia Gerini represents the opposite side of the spectrum: that showing skin doesn’t make someone an object and that yes, contrary to what Hollywood thinks, women are still beautiful at 45.
  • No obnoxious monologuing from John. He just wants to get the job done as fast as he can so he can go home to his dog and maybe take a nap.
  • Literally the plot of the first movie is that a guy goes on a murder rampage to avenge his puppy. 
    • Puppy death, though sad, is quick and not shown on-screen. 
  • I would die for Ian McShane so I feel the need to mention him somewhere in this list. 
  • John Wick has an 85% on Rotten Tomatoes, and John Wick 2 has an 89%. Something especially rare for an action sequel. 
  • Seen by many as an art film full of symbolism and references to Greek mythology. 
  • The type of movies that acknowledges how ridiculous they are, and even pokes fun at it. 
  • There are no needless scenes where John has glistening six pack abs. Especially because John doesn’t have glistening six pack abs, he has a normal, average looking body. 
  • ASL is used by multiple characters in Chapter 2.
  • No forced romantic subplots. Just a dude killing people over a puppy. 
  • First movie has a really good soundtrack??? 
  • Lots of death but only one or two scenes with (minimal) gore. Sometimes when a guy goes down you don’t even see any blood. 
  • That guy who plays Mayhem in the Allstate commercials is in it because hoooooo boy there is def some mayhem going on. 
  • Idk I just really love Keanu Reeves. 


Critique, the oily beast

Hi, it’s me again.

Below is a text of personal opinions that I’ve decided to share, concerning a downside of constructive criticism, and it might read as an angry rant. I apologize for that. Before I begin, I also want to point out that I’m not targeting anyone specifically. What I am doing is sharing my views on a behaviour that I’m not fond of. Parts of it is tongue-in-cheek, but the subject might be touchy. Wall of words after the cut, if you want to read it:

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anonymous asked:

I've been trying to get into DC Comics recently but you know needless to say there are... a lot. I don't really know where to start, any suggestions??

major DC events in chronological order

  • Crisis on Infinite Earths (1985): all alternate realities are destroyed, recomposed and compressed into a unified universe. old heroes die/get erased, new heroes get introduced. the heroes that remain get re-characterized (for the better)
  • Death of Superman (1993): superman dies to doomsday
  • The Retun of Superman (1993): we have superboy, cyborg superman, trigger-happy superman and steel superman trying to establish who the new S-carrier will prevail. by the end they all pipe down because clark returns with a very questionable hairdo
  • Zero Hour (1994): hal jordan is a green lantern. parallax is the entity of fear manifested into reality. parallax takes over hal jordan. hal jordan/parallax is about as evil as your fourth-grade math teacher that calls on you clearly knowing you don’t know the answer. parallax destroys the timestream because he’s a little bitch. another little bitch called extant is like “yo i can reconstruct reality itself as i want to because i was bullied as a kid.” it all ends in a literal big bang. reality is reconstructed. there are still plotholes but we pretend they’re all fixed
  • Final Crisis (2008): people of a different reality/frequency are trying to end wars between their gods, it all fails because of course it does. darkseid, a king of one the planets from said different frequency, wants to invade everything. he also knows batman is a mary sue and will inevitably stop him. he kills him (only not really) which then bites him in the ass because he predictably gets owned in a fight against him. in the after-life. while batman is dead..?
  • Blackest Night (2009): a clusterfuck
  • Brightest Day (2010): heroes previously dead from the aforementioned clusterfuck are brought back to life and now they’re like “lol why?”
  • Flashpoint (2011): barry allen (the flash) wakes up to a parallel reality where his mother, unlike his original timeline, is alive. in an attempt to return back and fix the chasms in time he himself created by previously attempting to save his mother from being murdered in his own timeline’s past, using the entire speed force and becoming it, he resets everything once more, thus “””””fixing””””” the mess. the flashpoint reality is deleted, his own timeline gets altered because dc wants to fix plotholes (they don’t. they never do) and now we have every hero’s past reset
  • Convergence (2015): happened in the middle of the new 52, brainiac attempted to collect cities from different universes (the pre-new 52 ones too) and put them on the same planet, pitting them against each other because he’s a little sadistic fucker. by the end of the event, all these characters either die, disappear or, in the case of pre-flashpoint superman, lois lane and their son, they arrive to the new 52 universe. yes, while our current superman is still active
  • (but he died)
  • (and then we got the pre-flashpoint superman as our current superman)
  • (while every other hero is technically their new 52 counterpart)
  • Rebirth (2016): doesn’t constitute a reboot, it’s simply a continuation of the new 52 with some things fixed but not reset

pick whichever hero you like (even if you’re just going by design), find their recommended guide list here and start reading, unless you wanna start with batman comics, then screw every other guide and read my own because i spent time on it. if you don’t understand a thing yet, give it time. comics are too much, they’re not meant to be caught up on a) all at once b) completely. just have fun, read what you like, you’ll inevitably meet every other hero because everyone knows each other. it’s like a small town’s AA meeting

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Do you think sasuke loved sakura?

This will get a little complicated. 

If you’re asking ‘was sasuke in love with sakura’ in the romantically smitten sense of the term, then my short answer is: No, he was not. The longer answer would be: it’s complicated, but not hard to see or understand.

One thing that is important to remember is that Sasuke as a character has some of the most complicated relationships in the entire series; this was what gave us the giant plot twist that was Itachi, this was what gave us his intense relationship with his dad, and that was what made his feelings towards naruto come off a lot more complicated than that of naruto’s towards him. Let’s break this down.

Did Sasuke love Sakura? Yes, Sakura was, and still is, in fact one of Sasukes most precious bonds. He cared about her a great deal; so much so that he was willing to kill in the forest of death, going against his morals, as well as die for her to escape in the Gaara fight which would have meant he’d have to kiss his revenge (what he views to be the sole reason for his existence) goodbye. There are various scenes where sasuke shows how far his feelings towards Sakura (and team 7 in general) run. To list a few:

But he was not in love with her?

No. Sasuke had far more heavy things weighing on his mind to sit down and dissect the nature of his feelings towards team7, and hell, later on had hate clouding his every move. The first time he did do that was in chapter 698 when he was free of his hatred and given a chance to think clearly and put some dots together. But when his character arc includes and focuses on things such as

It really becomes no wonder that Sasuke just did not allow himself to indulge in a ‘fantasy’ that includes him being happy and healing with team 7

It wasn’t that sasuke didn’t have feelings for team 7. He himself was aware of the bonds they share and how much they affected him, and he himself was aware of the romantic context of the relationship between him and Sakura. It was more like him taking those feelings and pushing them aside as to not dwell on them.

sasuke @ feelings 

bc feelings made him go like this

Given a different circumstance however i have 0 doubt in my mind that sasuke would have fallen for sakura quite quickly. Why am I sure? To answer that question we will have to ask a different question.

What was the context of their relationship? 

Hella romantic. 

The scenes they share are mostly romantic in nature. Sakura was always the only girl that could get a reaction out of sasuke by doing something lovey dovey, he always had a softer spot for her and treated her marginally better than he did most people

My favorite is definitely the one where sasuke winked, it gives a little glimpse of what they must be like married

just scenes like this showing them having chemistry and wanting to be around each other make me 100% sure sasuke would have had a huge crush on her given different luck in life

but noOoo, you CanT cATch mE fEElingS

So, when was he ready to ~play at romance~?

The first time he really wanted to regain her as a part of his life was when he apologized, i’d say that was a moment when he realized how much he wanted to do in order to keep the people who mattered to him close. We aren’t really given much about the blank period but i’m assuming they were rekindling the bonds they shared and that was when sasuke wanted to give romance a shot, after he felt redeemed enough to indulge in such aspects of life, and after he understood the world without burdens clouding his eyes. This is a very mature move in my opinion, they both deserve a happiness they can both fully enjoy without personal issues weighing heavy on them. Hence the famous ‘i’ll see you when i’m back’ forehead poke. It’s intimate and romantic enough to signify something will happen in the future, but it’s not a make out session since it’s not quite right now. It’s honestly very sasuke.

He’s in love now, but when did he fall in love?

Definitely when they traveled but it’s up to your own hc to imagine how it happened. I’d say during their travels the chemistry they once shared flows with a lot more ease; they talk a lot more, impress each other with their strengths, share things about each other, have moments with each other that allow sasuke to experience what romantic love and being smitten with someone feels like and boom, he’s like ‘I think I want to marry this girl?’

Keeping with the The Office theme i’d say it was a moment like this when he realized yeah let’s get married you make me very happy

because c’mon let’s be real, they’re a pair of dorks.

tbh i definitely do have a bit of fondness for falling a bit accidentally into kisses, like john just putting on his coat and grabbing his shopping list off the counter and saying all right i’ll be back in a bit, try not to spill that on the lino, would you, and sherlock looking up from his experiment, wait where are you going? and john says just the shops, I won’t be long, and leans in and gives sherlock a quick peck on the mouth and heads out. and then two or three minutes later he walks back in and is like, did i? and sherlock is still sitting there all pink-cheeked and flustered and he goes, um, yes? and john purses his lips a bit in thought and nods and says well. is that? and sherlock says, very quickly and a bit embarrassed, yes, i think so. 

so john comes back in and slides both his hands along sherlock’s jaw and studies his face, his wide, uncertain eyes, the flush on his cheekbones, the tiny, breathless part of his lips, and then john leans in and kisses sherlock properly, carefully, kisses him softly but surely, and sherlock leans into it and hums in pleased surprised and they just stay there a moment, reveling in it, the smell of each other, the feel of each other, the thrum of their heartbeats fast but in sync, until finally they each pull away and smile bashfully, and then john says all right well, and sherlock says yes, the shop, and they blush and john rubs a hand along the back of his neck and heads out again and then sherlock calls after him oh john? pick up some wine, too, don’t you think? and john reappears in the doorway and gives him a crooked grin, yeah, wine, okay, and takes off, and neither of them stops smiling for an hour. 

Carousel | 04

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➤ Character: Min Yoongi x reader

➤ Genre/words: Angst, Implied/light Smut, Arranged Marriage! AU / 14,964 words

➤ Summary: He is the successor of his family’s business empire, and you are the female heir of yours. After the trouble his older brother had created in the past, he now must face certain requirements needed for the sake of the family’s future and to save his rights of inheritance, and you become his only way out. Everything might seem so simple, just the way they are supposed to. But everything isn’t always what it seems, is it?

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keith and lance are classmates doesn't that mean they're the same age

Keith and Lance were classmates! yes! they’re probably all going to be seniors in hs. The ages in the handbook are the ages the characters would be after their birthdays. Keith’s the only one hasn’t had it celebrated yet, so they’re going to list the age he’d be turning. Lemme write it out so it’s easier to understand.

Lance turned 17 in July. He’ll be 17 going into his senior year. Keith is 17 now but will be turning 18 in October. Hunk turned 17 during his junior year, so assuming he’d be a senior now means that he’s turning 18 during the second semester. All still peers, all still in the same grade, all still teenagers, all normal ages to be during their last year of high school.

In order of who is oldest -> Keith, Hunk, Lance

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Your Caeneus and Poseidon fics made me weep. Will you ever write about when Poseidon gives up the power of the sea and returns to Caeneus?

Part One / Part Two

They’ve all abandoned their duties, the world has changed and they’re not needed like they were needed before.

All but the three of them, the most powerful of gods.

Zeus stubbornly remains on the abandoned Mount Olympus. Even Hera has left him, shaking herself free of her shackles and her crown all at once.

Hades continues as he always has. It’s possible he wouldn’t have noticed anything had changed if it weren’t for Persephone’s new freedom that allows her to spend all months of the year with her husband.

Then there is him.

Poseidon sits on his thrown at the bottom of the sea, restless in a way he can’t remember ever feeling before. Amphitrite sighs from her place besides him, then stands to face him. “Perhaps it is time.”

“What are you talking about?” he snaps, although he knows the answer.

She smiles at him, soft and exasperated and even a little fond after all these years. “You knew it wasn’t forever. We both did.”

He presses a hand to his chest, and – he is of the sea, and he is not supposed to be feel fear. But he does. “I do not remember the man I was before I was King of the Sea.  If – if I return to that person, I do not know what I will be, who I will be.”

Amphitrite holds out her hands. Feeling like a child, Poseidon takes them. “I know exactly who you will be, and what you will do. It’s time, Poseidon.”

He’s never loved her, couldn’t love her. But she’s been his constant companion for almost his entire life, and he cares for her, as much as he is capable of caring for anyone. “What will happen to you?”

“That is none of you concern,” she says, “but I will be what I’ve always been – the sea.”

She uses a single claw and opens her chest, the inside of her a dark green except for a pulsating red heart. He sighs and breaks off a piece of his throne to do the same to his own chest. It’s not like he’ll need it after this.

He takes out the cold, dark lump from inside him and places it safely below her ribcage. Her skin heals over and pales, and the warmth of her eyes snuffs out. She slips the beating heart below his sternum, and his skin heals over just as quickly as hers had.

Poseidon didn’t know how cold he had been until he could feel warmth again, like a bonfire in his chest unfurling to fill him, warming the bottoms of his feet and tips of his fingers. The tidal wave of grief and love and happiness and sorrow nearly threatens to barrel him over, all the emotion he’d only felt echoes of now overwhelming him.

But even with all of that, he instantly knows something is wrong.

“This isn’t my heart,” he says, and it functions like his heart, these are his emotions and feelings, but – it’s not his heart, it’s not the heart he traded away to Amphitrite for power so long ago.

“No,” she agrees, “it’s not.”

She almost looks like she’s smiling.

He means to question her, to demand answers in spite of personally knowing how worthless it is to ask anything of the sea. But before he gets the chance, he’s being pushed away and onto the shore, and he knows better than to try and go back and attempt to get answers she doesn’t feel like giving. He doesn’t think she’d kill him, but he’s not interested in finding out.

He looks out at the impossibly tall structures before him, the glass city sprawling at the end of the beach when before there had only been a – been a – a cottage.

“Caeneus,” he breathes, and is gone in the next moment.


He knows the entrances to the underworld well, even as the world moves and changes they never have. It takes him no time at all to be standing by the River Styx with Charon in front of him. “You are not dead,” the boatman says reproachfully.

“No,” he says, “Summon Hades, I must speak to him. There’s someone in there who – someone I – someone,” he finishes, and it’s been thousands and thousands of years since he last has Caeneus in his arms, but it doesn’t matter. The heart in his chest is a heart that is capable of love, and he loves Caeneus just as he did as a fledgling god with dominion over nothing.

Charon has no face that he can see, but he still gets the impression he’s being laughed at. “The underworld contains many someones.”

“Call Hades,” he says, low and dangerous, and the waters of the Styx churn angrily at his temper. He may no longer be the king of the sea, but he is still a god of it, and a powerful one at that. Charon takes a step away from him, no longer laughing but also not moving to help him.

There’s a shift in the air, and a young woman stands before them. Her skin is as dark at the water of the river, and her eyes are the grey of its foam. “Who dares disturb my river?” the goddess Styx demands. He meets her gaze, and her mouth drops open. “Poseidon? What are you doing here?”

“That is not Poseidon,” Charon says, “He doesn’t feel like a king.”

He wants to slap himself. Charon is blind.

Styx raises an eyebrow, “Looks like he finally got with times. The king of the ocean is no more.” She circles him like a predator circles prey. “There’s something different about you.”

“Lady Styx,” he grits out, “Please. Summon my brother, I must speak with him. I’m looking for someone.”

She shakes her head, “I can’t. He and Hecate are expanding the realm today. They can’t be disturbed.”

He doesn’t care about his brother’s obsession with home improvement, but he doesn’t say that. “Persephone then.”

“The Lady is currently among the mortals,” Charon says.

He clenches his hands into fists. He knows it’s been thousands of years, and a little more time won’t make much of a difference. But he’s already lost so much time. He doesn’t want to lose any more.

Styx sighs as if she finds him troublesome. “Thanatos,” she calls out conversationally, “I need you.”

There’s another shift in the air, and a familiar figure appears in front of him. “What do you need?” the death god asks, ink on his hands and smudged across his forehead. “I’m busy.”

“Icarus,” he says. It’s hard to regret the actions he took with Amphitrite’s heart in his chest. He wanted, and so he took. Such is the nature of the sea. However, there many things he did then that he wouldn’t have done if he’d had his heart. Those years with Icarus are among them.

He’s never said no, never pushed him away or lashed out. But if Poseidon had had his heart, he would have known that it wasn’t what the young man wanted.

Icarus’s mouth drops open, but he shuts it again. “Poseidon,” he greets carefully. “Can we help you with something?”

“I’m looking for a mortal. His name is Caeneus, my magic should be clinging to him. He died – a long time ago, I’m assuming. I don’t know exactly when.”

Icarus’s eyes go distant as he reviews a mental list of the dead. He blinks, then slowly shakes his head. “There are many by the name of Caeneus in our realm, but none that are god-touched.”

He says, “That’s impossible. I transformed him myself. The magic would have clung to him, even in death.”

“Yes,” Icarus agrees. “But he is not among our realm, which means he’s not among the dead. This Caeneus of yours is still alive.”

“That’s impossible,” he repeats, but fainter this time. He presses a hand to his sternum, where a heart that isn’t his own beats.

Styx laughs and drapes herself over Charon, who tolerates it. “Poseidon, nothing is impossible.”


He goes to Aphrodite next. She’s dressed as a mortal, wearing glasses she doesn’t need and a dress too short for current mortal fashions. She’s curled up on a chair reading, and she slowly lowers her book to look at him. “So the rumors are true,” she says finally. There’s something like sympathy on her face. “They all said you were different once you became the god of the sea. None ever knew the reason was that you lost your heart.”

“Traded it, actually,” he says, “and we didn’t want you to know. That’s not why I’m here.”

She raises an eyebrow, “Oh?”

“I need your help,” he taps his chest, “This heart isn’t mine either. I need your help to find the man it belongs to.”

She closes her book and puts it aside, eyes sparking with interest. “Very well, Uncle. I will do my best.”


Aphrodite finds him. They arrive at a small house jutting out of the edge of a cliff, the sea wide and churning below. A man stands at the edge, subtly manipulating the waves with the push-pull motions of his hands. “I didn’t know you knew Glaucus,” she says. “What are you doing with his heart?”

Glaucus. A minor sea god who looked after lost fisherman. “His name is Caeneus,” he says, already walking away from her.

“Good luck!” she calls out before returning to her home and her book.

He walks over slowly, not sure what he’s expecting. Anger, certainly. Perhaps a fight. Maybe if he lets Caeneus beat him up, he’ll be more willing to listen to him. “Hey,” he says, when he’s only a few feet away, bracing himself for – something.

Caeneus stills, turning to face him. His eyes widen, and he takes a hesitant step closer. “Poseidon. Is it – is – do you have,” he pauses and reaches out a hand, pressing a hand against Poseidon’s chest. “What’s in here?”

“Your heart,” he croaks, and reaches out a trembling hand and pressing it to Caeneus’s sternum. “Just as my heart is here.”

“You can have it back,” he says, taking another step closer, and the sun reflects off of Caeneus’s eyes so they shine gold. “I was only keeping it safe for you.”

He reaches for his chest, but Poseidon grabs his hand. “Don’t. Without my heart, you’ll die.”

Caeneus smiles, “That’s all right. I’ve been waiting for you to come back for it, and now you’re here.” His smile dims, “Will you kiss me first? Is that all right?”

Poseidon pulls him closer and presses their foreheads together. Caeneus’s arms wrap around his waist, and something inside him settles. “I will not,” he whispers, and Caeneus tenses. “You must keep my heart, because it belongs to you. It always has.” He shifts to kiss his cheek, and he can smell the salt from Caeneus’s tears that are threatening to spill.  “I shouldn’t have traded it to Amphitrite. It wasn’t mine to give away.”

“Then you must keep mine,” he says, and he’s shaking, “because it has belonged to you for just as long.”

Poseidon kisses him then. Caeneus melts against him, and the first true sunburst of happiness blossoms in his chest.

This is the beginning of the rest of their lives.

gods and monsters series part xvi

read more of the gods and monsters series

Reminiscence (Calum imagine)

Summary: You spend Valentine’s Day reminiscing

Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: This has to be one of my favourite things that I’ve ever written :) Please pay attention to the dates and times! It begins in the present, and then there are a series of flashbacks. They’re all in chronological order for ease of reading, but please pay attention to the timings if you’re unsure!

This is for @calumsbicth and @calsdream‘s Valentines!5sos blurb night!

Originally posted by hemmoxhood96

Present day, Valentine’s Day

With a cream envelope held between your fingers, you can’t prevent the smile from spreading across your lips. A greying memory slips into your mind, your eyes fluttering to a close as you let yourself get taken away to the land of fantasies.

Valentine’s day, two years ago, 1pm


At the sound of your name, you looked up.  You were in a park, sitting on a picnic blanket. Surrounding you were hundreds of tiny daisies, scattered amongst the green grass like a sprinkling of icing sugar.

“Hmm?” You looked across the blanket to see Calum, your boyfriend, with a wide smile spread across his face.

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Stiles’ is the one who pushes for the holiday. Derek’s just happy sitting around, reading his books, but Stiles is adamant they need to get out of the house for once.

But deciding on a place is tough.

Stiles is adamant there’s no way he’s going to Mexico, and in his mind South America is Cora’s even if “she can’t own the whole continent Stiles.”

But he still wants to go somewhere else.

Derek is the one to suggest that maybe they should base their trip less on where they want to go, and more on what they want to do.

Stiles wants to do bungee jumping, snorkelling and his third one just reads ‘be a tourist’

Derek wants to do museums and hiking and Harry Potter World.

“Wait. What?”

“it’s.. it doesn’t matter” Derek says, ducking his head, and reaching for the paper list Derek had slid over to Stiles, but Stiles yanks it away from Derek’s outstretched hand.

“No no no no, you put it on the list. We can work with this.” Stiles is already getting excited. For one, he loves Harry Potter, and secondly Derek asked for this. He’s excited. He might get a little carried away “You know there’s two right? There’s the Orlando one and the California one and I guess there’s even stuff in England for it. I mean I don’t know what the stuff is but I can look it up. I know there’s stuff. We could go there. To England. To see Harry Potter Stuff.”

Derek is fiddling with Stiles’ list in his hands. Stiles’ list with boring stuff on it that Stiles does not care about in the least anymore because Derek wants to go to Harry Potter World!

Stiles is already grabbing his laptop, ready to do all the research on this, fingers tapping the keys to wake it up from laptop slumber when Derek speaks up, and his fingers still immediately.

“I, umm, I do know there are two, and there’s a studio tour in London” Derek’s watching his fingers as it folds and unfolds Stiles’ list “but, I think I’d like to go to the one in Orlando.”

Derek finally tears his attention away from the paper list to look at Stiles “but I’d like to go to London one day with you? If you’d like to?”

“Hells yes!” Stiles says emphatically “of course. Yeah of course I’d like to. I’d love to. England. That’d be sweet” god it’d be so much better if Stiles could sound like an adult right now, but he’s so excited right now his teenage self has taken over.

He takes a deep breath, and wills himself to not sound like a hyperactive teenager.

“Okay, so, London England one day. For now I’m gonna look up flights and stuff for Orlando. We’re doing this. No takebacksies now my fanboy self could not survive that.”

Derek face breaks into a smile, the tension slipping away with the expression.

“No takebacksies Stiles. We’re doing this.”


Stiles buys Derek a Sirius Black wand and a Hufflepuff shirt, Derek buys Stiles a Marauders Map and the biggest box of chocolate frogs they have. Not a single one makes it onto the plane home.

The Eurovision Crash Course.

Made by an American for other Americans.

So if you have European internet friend or follow blogs run by Europeans, chances are you’ll be come across a lot posts about Eurovision

But what exactly is Eurovision?

I’m sure you’ve already gotten a lot of sarcastic answers, so here’s a quick free crash course in this crazy cultural phenomenon.

It’s a super hardcore song contest that began in 1956 as a way to unite Europe. It began with about seven countries back when TV was just starting to become a thing. It has since expanded to included most of Europe and a number neighboring countries.

Oh, and as of 2015, Australia is one of the contestants too. And it’s one of the most widely watched non-sporting events ever. But never ask a European why America hasn’t been invited. There’s a fairly high chance they’d rather die than have us there to ruin it.

Okay, that’s cool and all, but how exactly does it work?

So each country sends a representative, and people vote for the best. But you can’t vote for your own country. But I’m really not sure if people-voting even matters because each country has a jury that awards points to other countries, and it’s those points that determine who wins Eurovision. Most points wins.

That’s why things can get political, even though it’s not supposed to and Eurovision was founded on the idea of unity. And why it’s possible for song to win the public televote but not the actual contest.

Now! For video examples!

The 10 most recent winners of the Eurovision Song Contest (2007 - 2016)

  • Pretty self-explanatory. Gives an adequate beginner’s taste of Eurovision performances in general. Showcases genre variety, goofiness, and a poop ton of confetti.

The Story of ESC

  • Again, pretty self-explanatory. It’s literally just learning about Eurovision: theatrical music-number style!

How to create the perfect Eurovision Performance | Tutorial

  • A bit of a satirical piece. Fun fact: every goofy thing you see on stage is a reference to an actual performance
  • And yes, the main people singing are the same singers as the other video.
  • Important references that the song makes are linked below for your convenience.

The main guy singing won for Sweden in 2015. His performance also includes dancing with cartoons!

The violin guy won for Norway in 2009. He has one of the highest final scores in Eurovision history. He’s also super talented and I love him.

The people in demon costumes won for Finland in 2006. Their song was literally called “Hard Rock Hallelujah.”

Austria set a piano on fire in 2015. And then just left it there. (It starts burning about two minutes into the song.)

Grandmas baking bread. Believe it or not, they got second!

Russia had an famous gold-medalist ice skater onstage in 2008.

And yes, that is a hamster wheel.

…you get the point. If I keep going, this list would carry on forever.

Also! Some of my personal favorites:

Again, I could go on forever, but…you know. Although, if you want more song recommendations, feel free to message me!

(Also, if you’re European and reading this, please don’t kill me. Instead, tell me how I did? And feel free to link your favorite entries too!)

Odd Socks - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Summary : Sometimes, Bruce likes to think about all the things he loves about you, just as a reminder that you’re the best thing that ever happened to him.

I hope this silly and short fic will cheer you up. If it doesn’t, sorry, I tried. I just felt suddenly inspired, while I’m in the doctor’s waiting room, and so wrote this…Wrote it on my phone, sorry if there’s any terrible mistakes. Anyway, here : 

(My masterlist blog here :


There was things Bruce loved about you. A lot of things. 

Whenever he felt sad, a bit under the weather, or if you two got into an argument…He would make a list of said things, often forgetting three quarters of all the reasons why he fell in love with you, all the reasons why, even after years of marriage, he was still head over heels for you, crazy about you and everything you did (even annoying him). Because, there really was A LOT of things he loved about you, listing them all in one sitting was impossible. 

Yes, Bruce Wayne really enjoyed making lists about why you were so awesome, it often helped him cope with things (a boring meeting at Wayne Enterprise : list. Kidnapped by a villain and trying to resist torture : the thought of you, and the list would help him go through it). 

And today, as you were lying on a hospital bed, hooked to machines that helped you breathe, he definitely needed to make a list…However, for the first time since he fell for you, it wasn’t really helping. On the contrary, slowly, as he was looking at your broken body on the bed, cursing the man who didn’t check his blind spot well enough and who cut you off while you were riding your motorcycle full speed on the freeway, he felt like this list was going to be the end of him…Because, if he lost all of those things he loved so much about you, how could he go on ? And yet, he kept listing it in his head, even though the thought of losing them, losing you, was unbearable. 

1. He loves the way you always wear odd socks. 

The first time he noticed, it was in your apartment, at the beginning of your relationship, as you were both chilling together on your couch. You had one red sock, and a black one. 

The second time he noticed, he was tearing your clothes off and throwing you on his bed. You had one green sock, and a striped grey/blue one. 

The third time he noticed, it was at the Manor. Alfred had just clean the entire house, and ordered every guests to take their shoes off…It was during a party Bruce was throwing, and it was very funny to see the richest people in Gotham take their shoes off, impressed and intimidated by Bruce Wayne’s butler. Most women were bare feet, as they had heels on, and others just had normal socks on. And then there were you, a yellow and black striped sock, like a bee, and a sock with little platypus on it. Very classy. 

The fourth time he noticed, he asked you about it, and your answer made him chuckle : 

-Life’s too short for matching socks. Like, I have better things to do alright ? 

-…You’ve been binge watching Friends for the past three hours. 

-Exactly my point.

The smile you gave him at that moment made him melt, and he hasn’t been able to stop himself from kissing you passionately. Oh damn he loved you, you and your odd socks. 

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Sometimes things are great! Sometimes… they’re really, really not. This is my personal plan for fixing everything when I don’t know what to do, and I thought other people might find it helpful. If you identify with this sentiment, but don’t think this is the right way for you to work on the problems you’re facing, that’s totally fine, and sometimes these aren’t things to work through by yourself.

This is what works for me, but really consider what your goals are and consider this as less of a how-to and more of possible framework to figure out where you want to go. A lot of this also refers to managing things within my apartment that aren’t super applicable if you aren’t the one responsible for your own groceries say. Use what’s useful and skip what’s not. You’ve got this.

Step One: Breathe, baby. This probably feels awful, whatever’s going on. Icky maybe. And that’s something that should change, but before the visible problems can shift, take a look at how you’re taking care of yourself right now. This step is the reset button - just a beginner’s step in areas that are central and maybe stressing you out. Stop the cycle of whatever was throwing you off.

I like to start with the executive function stuff. There might be a lot you feel like you have a lot to do - it’s been a while since things have been good about notes on all those readings, right? But unless there’s something absolutely 100% immediate and pressing, this first:

  • Drink some water. Wash your water bottle or a cup you like to drink from. Just one dish. The rest of them can wait just a little bit longer. Keep remembering to drink water. You’ll feel better.
  • How’s your room? Can you do some laundry? Get some things in the trash? Make your bed? Start with a single task that will get some things off the floor, but doesn’t feel scary. Leave the rest of it. You can fix it later.
  • When was the last time you ate something? Has it been a while? If there’s something at home, good. Eat that. If there isn’t, go pick something up from somewhere you feel safe. Worry about vegetables later. Eat anything right now.
  • Find somewhere you feel comfortable. Pick something acheivable. Do that thing. Whatever you’re ready for. Nothing scary. Nothing heavy. Spend some doing enough work that you feel like you’re being productive again; like you’ve finished something because you have! Then come back. Do you feel better?

In the interest of space, the rest is under the cut. :)

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Let Me Introduce You To Someone Named Kate Kane AKA....



FUCK YES! i love Kate Kane’s Batwoman! she is my favorite female superhero. But i am going to put aside my fangirling to explain why she ranks among the long list of good female characters. 

Upon your first look she’s a copy of Bruce Wayne, Heir to a wealthy family, There was a tragedy in said family when she was a girl [Though she still has a living parent afterwards] and of course she wears a bat costume and goes around Gotham fighting crime. She even gets her own personal Robin [Firebird] later. However Kate has come into her own and become a superhero in her own right.

After her mother’s death and her sister’s…death. Kate was brought up by her father and was at one point enrolled at West Point before her expulsion because she refused to hide she was a lesbian. And the next few years of her life were basically her spiraling downwards until her chance encounter with Batman that inspired her to don a mask herself.

As well as being incredibly competent when it comes to fighting. Kate is also the definition of Tough. She has shown strength both mentally and physically during circumstances such as successfully killing a man after he’d stabbed her in the heart, often pushes through recovery quickly so she can return to work rescued her father while battling nasty hallucinations at the same time and after being crushed by a rock she willingly overdosed so she could be brought back Lazurus-Pit style and then just went straight back to work. [HOW DO YOU EVEN!!!] 

Personality-wise she is extremely dedicated to her work and is respectful and proud of her military upbringing. She’s also bluntly honest, particularly when it comes to topics such as her sexuality and refuses to conform to expectations of her behavior, giving her a rebellious streak. She also absolutely HAS to have a cause to support or she believes she will drift in life again and despite her claims she has a deep-seated need to be loved and this shows through her interactions with Renee Montoya and Maggie Sawyer. But throughout it all Kate Kane is a tough, proud, honest LGBT crime-fighter who hates mornings and is always prepared for the cause. [And she can just marry me right now]

Also she has an action figure so get out your Christmas lists.

Next Time: We go back in time before Wonder Woman to look at a forgotten female superheroine.

anonymous asked:

I wish you would write a fix where the batfam gets Jason the dog we all know he needs.

“I hope for both of your sakes that you have a goddamn good explanation for this”, Jason says slowly and with his best murderer voice, the same one that once upon a time made Gotham’s underground shake with fear.

But Nightwing only smiles at him, and Robin doesn’t even deign him with an answer.

“Hiya, Little Wing.”

“No. No hiya and no Little Wing. What the hell are you doing in my house? And what the hell is that thing?”

Damian’s eyes land on him like knives while he clutches the thing closer to his chest. Which is kinda hilarious to see, since the thing’s as big as the kid is.

“This is Grayson”, Damian announces.

Jason glares from him to Dick - who’s currently very busy trying to hide a grin - and then to the thing again. It’s ugly, and wrinkly, and covered with old scars.

“I can see the resemblance”, he deadpans. “Now get both of them and yourself out of here, brat.”

“He’s a Neapolitan Mastiff”, Damian continues.

“I don’t care.”

“We just boosted a drug ring”, Dick offers as an explanation. “He belonged to one of the dealers.”

“Dick”, Jason warns, because he’s got an idea of where this little charade is going and fuck no. “I. don’t. care.”

“Father said that we can’t have another dog”, Damian goes on like Jason had never spoken. “I’ve prepared a list of things you’ll need for his care and a temporary diet you can follow until the veterinary suggests something more adequate to his needs.”

“Damian. No”, Jason straight out refuses, looking right into the kid’s eyes in hope to make himself very clear.

“He needs a place to stay”, Damian insists anyway, because stubborn doesn’t even begin to cover that particular trait of his personality.


He expects the kid to start screaming and throwing threats any seconds now, and he doesn’t care. He’s not going to be bullied in taking care of one of Damian’s pet. How they even dared to think to pull a stunt like this on him is beyond Jason’s comprehension, and he’s oh so ready to give them a piece of his mind about it.

But Damian doesn’t yell at him. Doesn’t swear to maim him and everyone he’s ever cared about. Instead he looks up at him and… pouts. Because yes, that’s a pout, through and through. Jason is speechless for a good thirty seconds, just staring wide-eyed at this kid pouting at him like he’d kicked him or something, and then he comes back to his senses.

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anonymous asked:

do you think Columbine was preventable?

Yes, of course it was. The list goes on when someone should’ve stepped in and Columbine should have never happened. Should I list them?

#1 Eric’s Webpages:That boy literally publicize his homicidal thoughts and procedures and nobody still bothered to step in.  He ranted how excited he was to kill people PLUS he even wrote how he would go to Brooks’ house, shoot his whole family, and burn the house down on the morning of NBK. Even Dylan was aware that Eric had issues, and that’s why he ratted him out by giving Brooks Eric’s website. At least Brooks’ parents tried to do something by calling the police but of course they never looked into it further. If they did, they would’ve found Eric’s and Dylan’s plans for NBK and it would’ve been stopped. 

#2 Eric’s Self-Psychiatric Evaluation: At least Eric tried to get help, he even got medicated but he put on his self evaluation that he was still having both homicidal and suicidal thoughts. The only thing his doctor did was put him on another medication which he took irregularly, causing him to be more agitated than ever before. You’d think maybe his doctor would notice and assign him for therapy instead but nope. 

#3 Dyan’s and Eric’s Commentary:Eric literally flat out said to his friend (that wasn’t Dylan) “I swear…one of these days I’m going to do it. I’m going to blow up the school.” And his friend just told him to “lighten up.” Then Dylan told another “wouldn’t it be kind of fun to sit on the soccer field and shoot at the school? Like shooting at all the windows would be fun.” And everybody laughed, thinking he was joking.

#4 Dylan’s Creative Writing Assignment: Dylan wrote a short story about a man dressed in a black overcoat, who’s 6′4, shooting at preppy students (...gee I wonder where he got the inspiration for that story.) At least the teacher recognized it was inappropriate to write a short story about a school shooting in a school environment when the main character actively describes the student writing it. But was it enough to get the law enforcement involved? Was it enough to get them to check through Dylan’s belongings to see if Dylan could potentially hurt someone? Nope, apparently not. 

Of course there were more times someone could’ve stepped in, but I don’t want this post to be so long. In conclusion, yes it was preventable if people actually took the initiative to want to stop it. 

Devil Side-Chapter 3

Summary: I AM BACK. This is mainly a filler chapter to move the pot along. 

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 980

Warnings: Slight angst. some swearing. 

After a rushed conversation with Tony, who had agreed to give you use of an empty safe house in Brooklyn, and a quick stop at the apartment where you packed enough clothing and various toiletries for three days, you ignored the photographs of you and Bucky placed around the apartment. You ignored the evidence of your lives together. Or you tried to.

You linger in the doorway casting a glance over the carnage which was once your home. Chunks of debris lay scattered on the floor, the coffee table had been upended and was laying precariously on its side, the photos that had once rested upon its wooden surface were in pieces on the carpet. It unnerved you seeing the remnants of a once happy relationship so carelessly destroyed, a harsh reminder nothing was forever and some things couldn’t be fixed, no matter how desperately you wanted them to go back to how they once were.

Closing the door gently behind you, you slipped silently out of the building into the waiting car Tony had provided, determined not to show weakness. Emotion was something you could not afford, not in your line of work.

You were shot at constantly. You were stupid for letting yourself think you could possibly have normal. It was a hope you had held onto for so many years, the possibility that one day you could have a half way normal life, with friends who were not ex KGB assassins, with barbecues and lazy Sundays, maybe a few kids and a golden retriever.

It wasn’t a thought unique to you, Steve had often remarked on cutting out with Sharon. Clint had successfully managed to have it all. Natasha… well Natasha had changed since Bruce’s disappearance. She would never admit it, but his departure had hurt her deeply. Her eyes held a new sorrow to them, a sorrow that wasn’t caused by the lives she had taken, but rather the one thing she thought she could have being ripped away from her.

Bucky had often discussed buying an old house in the country with you, retiring before the job got you both killed, maybe adopting a rugrat or two. He would fix up old cars, a skill he had picked up on various Military bases in his youth. You would open up a small dance studio and paint, leaving the bloodshed of your combined pasts behind you.

It was all just a fading dream now. A dwindling daydream that once held hope, was now tainted by bitterness. The truth was you didn’t know if you could forgive Bucky’s betrayal.

He had shared a piece of his soul with another, given it freely. It had taken you years to develop trust with him, to feel comfortable enough with him to let your guard down, to share the horrors that plagued your dreams with him.

You felt safe with Bucky. Not just physically, you could handle yourself with a deadly calm that scared even Steve, but with your emotions, a part of you, you guarded fiercely, a part of you previously only shared with Natasha, and Bucky had destroyed the trust you had placed in him.

The worst part of it was, you didn’t know why.

There was no big blowout fight, there was no harsh words and unhappiness prior to the mission that changed it all. There was only contentment. Sure you had your moments, all relationships do, but you thought he was happy.

You thought you made him happy,

Clamping down on the venomous thoughts running through your mind, you focus on the road ahead of you, determined to forget all that had happened in the last twenty four hours.


The “house” was a quaint brownstone, nestled tightly between two adjoining houses, smatterings of wild flowers were spread across the flower boxes situated neatly underneath the windows. The sweet scent of lavender tickles your nose as you walk up the driveway, closing the white gate behind you. Gravel crunches underfoot as you take in your surroundings, a tree swing rocks gently in the breeze. A nice place to read you think. Just what you needed.

You allow a small smile to grace your features and stride to the door, fumbling for the key you had stashed haphazardly in your leather jacket when a shape catches your attention out of the corner of your eye. Dropping to the floor reflexively, you unsheath the knife tucked snugly inside your boot. Your senses straining for any sign of movement. A small creak of the wooden floors  gives away the intruder and you ready yourself to strike, flattening yourself against the wall of the brownstone, waiting for your unexpected guest to make a move.

“You’re so dramatic, Sestra.”

You bolt upright, relieved beyond all comprehension that it was Natalia at your door. “Jesus, Nat! What the hell are you doing here?” you ask in disbelief. You had told no one beside Tony of your whereabouts or plans to get away.

She arches a perfectly groomed eyebrow and asks, “Really?”

You snort humorously, throwing up your hands in silent surrender.

She smiles affectionately at you and ushers you through the door, grabbing your bags as she does.

Rolling  your eyes at her antics, ridiculously happy that she had hunted you down.

She was your oldest friend and mentor, seeing you safely through your time in the red room. She herds you into the kitchen, smirking softly at your reaction to the ten or so bottles of liquor adorning the kitchen counter.

You groan out loud, and she laughs softly.

“Oh yes, sestra, we are going to drink… and then we are going out. No arguments! I know best,” she quips, and you slump in defeat.

“Alright then. Let’s get this party started.”

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How Do Ya Like Them Apples?

Sure, Derek heard the familiar sounds of Stiles’ Jeep pull up outside his building and the steady, but slightly-too-fast beating of Stiles’ heart getting louder and louder the closer the elevator got to arriving at his floor, so it wasn’t really a surprise when Stiles came bursting into his apartment moments later. But what was a surprise, was the words that came spilling out of Stiles’ mouth as soon as he entered and laid eyes on Derek, where he was perched at his kitchen counter with a book in front of him.

“I got in! I got into NYU, Derek!” Stiles exclaimed excitedly, and then, with a look of determination set into his features, he added “and you’re coming with me!”

Derek’s whole body kind of… spasmed a little. The book he had open on the counter top fell shut when his fingers involuntarily twitched out of the way. He recovered fairly quickly, but not fast enough that Stiles didn’t notice.

“It wasn’t a question dude,” Stiles continued as though Derek had protested. “I know you only had 2 years to go when you followed Laura back here and I know they kept a spot open for you for next year. And you’re going to go back and finish your degree and you can show me around campus and we can get an apartment together and it’ll be awesome.”

Stiles grinned at him, tried to look eager but relaxed about what he was saying, but Derek could practically see the anxiety buzzing through him and sense his trepidation. Derek meant to say a firm ‘no’, if for no other reason than because Stiles was telling him what to do and Derek resented that, but instead what came out was “How do you know I was at NYU?”

Stiles gave him an unimpressed look. “I’m more than a little offended that you don’t instantly recognize my superior detective skills at this point.”

“I didn’t ask them to hold my place. I can’t just go back to classes like I never left, Stiles,” Derek continued quickly.

“Yes you did. Well, as far as they’re concerned you did. You formally requested an extended leave of absence months ago and they accepted your request to resume classes with the new admissions next year,” Stiles’ face was twisted in smug satisfaction, even with the undercurrent of anxiety still running through him, as though he simply couldn’t help himself.

Derek sighed because he’d done no such thing.

“I don’t even know why I’m surprised,” he murmured.

“Me either. You should know me well enough by now, dude. I made sure you were re-enrolled as soon as I sent my application in. Also, your signature wasn’t even a slight challenge, dude. After forging Dad’s monstrosity of an autograph on all my detention slips and grade reports through the years, yours was a piece of cake. You should probably work on that.”

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