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Hello, anon from previous post; for meta on the development of ichihime throughout the manga, I'd recommend checking out ichinoue's tumblr. If you have any recommendations of blogs, etc. that provide meta on the development of ichiruki throughout the manga, I'd love to check them out. I ship sasuhina, so I would never tell ichiruki fans to stop shipping, as ichiruki certainly has more legs to stand on than sasuhina,

Hi anon,

Just want to let you know, I didn’t ignore your asks. I’ve read a whole bunch of analyses and metas and posts on Ichiruki throughout the past few years, but I never seemed to have saved any of them.  I’ve spent the last few days trying to go back through my posts to see if I reblogged any of them, since I do follow some Ichiruki blogs, but I can’t seem to find any either.  I haven’t reblogged too much IchiRuki (only recently because Bleach just ended) in the past because I’m a Naruto-based blog.  I’m not good at doing my own analysis tbh on anything, even essays, but I’ll try to explain my thoughts at least.

But to sum up my view on the development of relationships in the manga:

Ichiruki had the strongest developments in their relationship/friendship/bond throughout the manga to hint that there could be a romantic relationship in the end, mostly because their more-than-friends feelings (whether it’s seen as romantic or not) for each other were the same.  Yes, one could argue that most of it was in SS arc. SS arc was all about Ichigo going to save Rukia.  But it was also seen in the HM arc. Ichigo didn’t just go to HM only save Orihime, he went to fight Grimmjow and all the Arrancar, and even then there was a moment where he was all about Rukia.

Then after, Ichigo wasn’t the same after she left. I felt that Ichigo was depicted as just lost in general. After their reunited again, during the Fullbring arc, I kind of felt that Ichigo finally was grounded just by having Rukia back again.  

I mean he was always thinking about her. There were a lot of panels where Ichigo’s main concern was Rukia, even when Orihime was around.

I admit, the Quincy arc was a mess of stuff. Ichigo and Rukia weren’t around each other as much as I had hoped.  That’s why I thought (like after every other arc) the series of events would lead up to them reuniting once again in the end and battling together and highlight the importance/significance of their bond that had been forming since the beginning of the series in some kind of dramatic and epic way (because I was under the impression when that this series was based on Ichigo and Rukia specifically), kind of like Naruto did (buuuuut that’s another story). But Kubo didn’t do that.

I mean, at least there were poems and art and titles (and the meaning behind those poems/art/titles, etc.) that pointed to Ichiruki the entirety of the manga.

Ichihime was one sided the whole entire time.  Yes, she was always a close friend, yes, he protected her cuz he was her nakama, too. But even in the last chapters when Orihime was wearing her cutout boob outfit, people had to tell Ichigo to acknowledge her in a feminine, I’m looking at you as a woman kind of way.  Orihime knew herself that Ichigo felt something for Rukia more than he did his regular friends/nakama.  Her feelings never changed for Ichigo the whole time, but his nonexistent feelings for her didn’t change either. (Idk by if characters having ‘development’, people mean the two characters were stuck with each other for a certain amount of chapters in the Quincy arc like Renji/Rukia and Ichigo/Orihime were.)

It was as one-sided as Ishihime.  At least even Orihime had a hint about what Ishida felt for her.

Renruki. Close bros since they were young.  I feel like their development stayed steady throughout the whole manga I guess–their mutual feelings towards each other.  After he tried killing her in the beginning.  I don’t feel that Renji felt or developed something more towards Rukia or vice versa throughout the manga.

I guess Ichiruki to me were more than friends, like how some people describe them to be–nothing but platonic.  They were soulmates.  Their bond was something deeper than love, and having something like that can lead to romance. It just goes to show, that in this life, you can get married to someone that you don’t share that with, I guess.  Once again,  these are my opinions.  My points of view.  The way I understood the manga based on literature that I have experienced and other works of fiction.

Idk. How can you explain this?

Any Ichiruki bloggers/fans that can help me out here?

(I’m sorry guys, I’m mostly involved with the SasuHina fandom, which is cracky as crack and doesn’t have manga evidence at all lol.  I’m seriously not trying to start shit in the Bleach fandom.)

Seriously.  If anyone wants to educate me, educate me on your opinions and points of views regarding the ships–don’t send hate.  I get enough of that in the Naruto fandom for shipping a crack ship.

Boyfriend! Jeno
  • tbh…Jeno is just really chill about things in general so no doubt he’s super chill about your relationship
  • hahahaH hAHAHAHAaaa nah bish you thought wrong sorry to not disappoint but the boy was scREAMIng on the inside when you said yes to his lil request
  • S C R E A M I N G
  • Ofc on the outside he was all eye smiles and laughing in disbelief
  • Like okay, imagine that, but x1000000000 with a dash of a hella lot of screeching
  • yeah that pretty much sums up his emotions tbh but jenojam is a composed guy he knows when to keep that ish down thankfully
  • so although jeno certainly does look the part of boyfriend material, you find out quickly that it’s his first time doing this sort of thing and he couldn’t be more clueless
  • you don’t mind tho bc he adores you and the feelings are mutual
  • he doesn’t really stress over what he should do, or how he should be doing things, but he generally does things to make you feel loved and expresses his love towards you
  • and girl that’s enough for you trust me jeno is ethereal
  • lol he’d love it if you laugh at his jokes
  • and when I say laugh, I mean genuinely Iaugh at his jokes bc not many people do
  • I don’t think jeno’s boring per se, i think his sense of humour is just different from others, hence not many people laugh at his jokes
  • but jeno would literally be over the roof if you had the same sense of humor
  • and if not, then, well, he’ll leave the jokes to you
  • he probably likes to initiate skinship a lot if and when you’re comfortable with it
  • jeno’s really open with those kind of things, and he’d have no problem with a little PDA
  • just simple things though, like having his arm over your shoulder or your arms linked
  • not usually the type to hold your hand, bc why would he hold your hand when he would be closer with his arm around you?? he has logic, this one
  • probably kisses you a lot in public, too, but not like making out or anything like that, just small pecks on your forehead, head, lips and cheeks, stuff like that
  • would laugh out loud and then blush if you slapped his butt
  • he ! loves ! b a c k h u g s !!!
  • backhugs are his religion
  • something about it just makes him feel really warm and safe on the inside?? like his heart sorta just melts and the butterflies in his stomach are a mess they like spazz and then kinda die and god knows how he can still form coherent thoughts
  • but he honestly loves it
  • he loves resting his chin on your head, he loves burying his face into the smol crook of you neck, he loves how he can wrap all of his arms around your waist, he loves giving you lil pecks all over
  • he just loves it ok
  • he’s always protecting you from things and like always always looking out for you??
  • like okay there’s a spider on your bedroom window??
  • no joke it was 1:37am and he came running in his boxers and an old hoodie okay
  • and it ended up being for nothing bc it was actually outside lmAO
  • but who cares he stayed the night anyway and ya’ll cuddled and it was all good
  • he’s always playfully teasing you about the stuff tho
  • like idk he just loves to tease you bc he thinks it’s really really cute how you wanna be mad but you can’t bc it’s him you knawm sayin
  • he always aLWAYS has to send you good morning and good night texts okay
  • he sees it as not a necessity like she’s my gf and i have to do it ugh but he sees it as something really cheesy okay get ready
  • he wants to start his days with you and end his nights with you
  • hE WANTS YOU TO BE HIS MORNING AND NIGHT SO BASICally 24/7 yknow lol at math
  • always facetimes/skypes/whatever you kids use these days before you go to sleep if ya’ll are apart bc hell he misses you he doesn’t give a sht about whether jaemin can’t sleep or not okay he’ll endure all of the pillows thrown at him to see your beautiful face before he goes to sleep oKAY OKay
  • is the type of bf to always buy you gifts out of the blue and make random holidays for it lol
  • ‘jagi I bought you this!!’
  • ‘what for??’
  • ‘it’s our 127th anniversary!!’
  • ‘but you’re not in nct 127–’
  • ‘i got this for you ok just take it lmao’
  • tbh tho he just gets presents whenever he sees something that reminds him of you or he just feels like sharing his happiness with you yknow
  • which is basically all the time ngl
  • sometimes he’ll do this thing where he’ll just stare at you and wait for you to look at him
  • ‘what?’
  • ‘you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me’
  • #SHOOK
  • he starts to laugh like a lil sht when he sees how flustered you get
  • its okay tho he loves it and thinks it’s adorable
  • loves to play with your hair and like stuff his face in it
  • it smells nice okay
  • he likes to like braid it and tread it through his fingers and just like touch it bc omg so soft ???
  • tbh I think Jeno would basically be like
  • a cat
  • okay oKAY hear me out
  • he’s always wanting to be close to you and is really REALLY clingy, and he loves it when you play with his hair it’s just really soothing and nice??
  • he basically is a cat okay you’re sittin on the couch tryna watch some Fuller House and then he squishes up next to you and like nestles his face into your neck and suddenly his arms are around your waist and you’re like ??? when did this happen
  • lol yknow how there’s this stereotype that girlfriends are like moms?
  • well Jeno basically hit that stereotype out the window and to the bottom of the Pacific ocean lmao
  • he’s always making sure you’ve eaten and makes you go to sleep on time, up to the point where he nags you when you can’t be bothered lol
  • most people would find it annoying but you don’t mind because you think it’s really cute and sweet and like Jeno amirite
  • ya’ll are basically that couple where whatever is his is automatically yours and vice versa
  • Jeno’s hoodie?? it smells like you. your sandwich?? half of it is probably Jeno’s. his phone?? your mom uses his number to call you. your toothbrush?? Jeno has his own lol no ya’ll use your own toothbrushes thats just nasty
  • anyway
  • your fam actually loves jeno like so much they wish he was their son already
  • ‘so when are ya’ll getting married i have the place booked and everything y/n get ready to be lee y/n i want grandkids already’
  • ‘dAD’
  • ‘it’ll have to wait a few more years, dad’
  • fr tho jeno actually loves your fam too he doesn’t even try bc he loves being around them and tbh it already feels like family??
  • when he brings you to his house he introduces you to his 534 pets
  • ‘say hi to mommy, ppo ppo~’
  • this boy is actually super sly tho once he gets to know how to push yo buttons
  • he knows exactly what to say to make you flustered
  • and it annoys you to hell but what can you do when ya face is a sunburnt chilli??
  • {insert jeno laughing like a lil sht while hugging you from the side and stuffing his face on your shoulder™ }
  • is always always buying you guys couple things
  • A L W A Y S
  • couple tee? bought it for a whopping half price of $9.80 on Amazon. slippers? pppfft the boy has 3 pairs. hats? black, red, green, blue–take your pick.
  • you name it–he has it
  • is super super supportive of everything and anything you do !!!
  • going to take a dump? you make it a good one, jagi!!
  • lol jk fr he’s the sweetest most supportive bean ever and he just wants you to succeed and be happy okay
  • if you have a dream, trust me, jeno will do all he possibly can to help you make it happen
  • he’s also there for all of your celebratory events!!
  • he was there for your birthday, your graduation, Valentines’ Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mustache day, and too many to say
  • it literally doesn’t matter how busy he is, no matter what he’ll always find a way to reach you <3
  • he’s always thinking of you tho??
  • sometimes when he’s just spacing out and is just lost in thought
  • like
  • his mind does this thing where whenever it’s vacant it always wanders back to you?
  • he just thinks about how bright your smile is and how he didn’t know the sun until he met you, about how your eyes are the prettiest color and how he doesn’t know how he hasn’t gotten lost in them yet??, about how much he looks up to you and your amazing personality, about how blessed he was to have an angel land on his shoulders before Heaven??
  • and he loves it
  • he’ll sorta just catch him out and look down and smile
  • ‘ah~ I’m doing it again’
  • ‘doing what hyung’
  • ‘thinking about the most important thing in the world, jisung’
  • ‘oh no wonder u were makin that face again lol you look like an ape when u think of y/n do you know what you look like when she’s around–’
  • the coconut head’s out the door in 5 seconds flat laughing his ass off 
  • i mean so does the rest of NCT but
  • the dReAM TEA m
  • anyway
  • if you’re upset he’ll give you the space you need but at the same time none at all lmao
  • like he’ll just sit there quietly and hug you, resting his head on your shoulder but the boy aint smiling oh nO THE BOY IS NOT AT ALL SMILING
  • his face is either one of the two:
  • 1. looking extremely sad and emo bc of how sad you are he just wants his heart to be happy again
  • 2. looking extremely stoic and ‘im-ready-to-kill-whoever-killed-my-soul’
  • no joke he would look mURDEROUS and hella scary if he found out the reason you were upset was bc of a person
  • lol no more smiley happy fluffy jeno oh no not anymore you are in the midst of a psycho okay step away
  • nah jk but he’d be extremely upset if you were bc who would want to hurt my precious bby who?? look i have baby photos who would want to hurt this smol thing?? wHO
  • he’d become not mom! jeno but hovermom! jeno
  • he’d be at your side whenever possible and just make sure that you’re not by yourself all depressed with your thoughts and emokid listening to old JB songs
  • if any of NCT were to mention your name in conversation
  • jeno would pop out of nowhere in 2.739 seconds flat and be like hmM ?? what did you say about my precious munchkin baby angel Y/N ???
  • fr he just pops up out of nowhere like a fckin ninja??
  • its a bit creepy tbh but thanks to that !!
  • NCT makes sure not to mess with you or anything like that
  • not that they’d WANT to but you know
  • they know how important you are to jeno, even if he doesn’t EXPLICITLY say it
  • he says ‘i love you’ SO much
  • it’s up to the point where it sounds like nagging lmao
  • ‘Y/NNNNN’
  • ‘hm?’
  • ‘I loooove you~’
  • ‘Y/N-ah, I have a confession to make.’
  • ‘what is it?’
  • ‘I love you~’
  • ‘you know that I love you right’
  • ‘I love you to the moon and back lmao not even that where tf is Mars’
  • ‘Hey, I have a secret–’
  • ‘okay yOU LOVE ME I gET iT’
  • ‘no i got new toilet rolls but ok’
  • he was actually going to say ily tho
  • it doesn’t matter if you’re with NCT, at a store, in a library, at your mom’s, in the toilet, it doesn’t matter–he’s gonna say it no matter what
  • he’ll wake up at ungodly hours at 3am with his eyes all wide like ‘*dramtic gasp* I didn’t tell Y/N I loved her today !!!’
  • [insert the sound of violent vibrations and pings coming from the sound, and the sound of you swearing quietly]
  • although jeno is a very open person, there are some things that he doesn’t tell anybody else but you
  • because he trusts you, and doesn’t take the term ‘boyfriend’ lightly, he simply wants to give his all to you, as cliche as it is
  • he wants you know all sides of him, even his vulnerable side, confiding in you about all of his troubles or any worries he has
  • he trusts you so much
  • you’re basically married lmao
  • jaemin third-wheels on your dates just cause
  • you don’t mind. but jeno does ???
  • every time jaemin shows up like :D jeno’s like what ? are ? you ? doing ? here ? with ? me ? and ? my ? beloved ? angel ? cupcake ? munchkin ? sweetiepoo ? girlfriend ??? >>.>>
  • jaemin’s like ‘im bored and im y/n’s girlfriend so
  • jeno’s like
  • what
  • jaemin’s like
  • :))))
  • you’re like
  • he’s right
  • so you have jaemin third-wheeling some of your dates
  • he’s basically your gay best friend, but not gay
  • ya’ll are too platonic for that life lmao
  • any bff of jeno’s is a bff of mine - jaemin says while asking jeno to buy him some bubble tea that he needs or he’s going to die
  • yeah jaemin *cough* anyway
  • if he’s too busy to go to your house you’re always coming to the dorm
  • the boys don’t even give a fck they’re already used to you lmao
  • but jisung and haechan always leave the room because they’re just so fckin done with you two acting all couple-y and ish lmAO
  • bc ya’ll always cuddle because jeno’s a clingy ass boyfriend and the dream team is just so DONE with him that they just leave lol
  • like once ya’ll were cuddling and giggling and like barf jisung walked in, saw you two, and walked the fck out lmao
  • ‘don’t go in the living room guys y/n and jeno-hyung are at it again ikr fgs’
  • which is why ya’ll usually get kicked out anyway lol
  • like, the dream team–they love you, just not when you’re snoodling-canoodling with their brother lmao
  • sometimes, when he stays over to sleep at your house, you’ll be asleep with his arms around you and he’ll stare at you while your sleeping with this soft smile on his smile and whisper ‘I love you’
  • little does he know you’re awake and you’ll smirk with your eyes closed and be like ‘I know’
  • jeno’s like asdfghjklioasdh
  • the first time he’s ever flustered omg
  • so, a relationship with jeno would be…p chill, ngl
  • but on the inside he’s probably screaming 24/7 lbr
  • he’d love you with all of his heart, and \even more than that where tf is the sun??? he wants to spend his forever with you, and he never fails to make that known to you. at times, he’s so cheesy up to the point where even you’re done with it but who gives a fuck bc he certainly doesn’t. he’d show you off to the world if he could, but he doesn’t have that luxury, so he instead cherishes every second with you, big or small
  • in conclusion you two are cute okay idk how to end this
  • ah
  • ‘jagi, how many kids do you want?’
  • ‘lEe jENo you back thE FUCK UP–
  • lol jk
  • anyway, jeno is always always heart eyes for you and you wouldn’t have it any other way  ♡

~ ~ ~

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i hate this guy with a passion okay i don’t love him to the moon and back wha you sayin man I love this guy~ I really enjoyed writing this, even tho it took like 2 months XD I am an avid believer that he’s secretly lowkey savage okay don’t fight with me on this XD As always, I hope you enjoyed this and that it made you smile, and made your day just a tad bit brighter bc hell we all know jeno’s smile is as bright as the sun <3

My Naruto and Dragon ball character comparison post.

My Naruto and Dragon Ball comparison post.

I was bored after watching the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super. I thought I should write something about it. I first thought about writing a review but I thought that would be a bit boring considering other reviewers have said what I wanted to say on a much larger platform. I felt it would be a bit redundant if I write the same things as a reviewer.

At this point was brainstorming ways to show my love for Dragon Ball while giving some sort of interesting information for my audience. So, I came up with a detailed comparison post on the relationships with in the Naruto and Dragon Ball universe. I am aware that Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto, is heavily influenced by Dragon Ball and Hunter x Hunter. Those are just facts that you can look up yourself. The story and designs of the characters are very similar. There are very obvious similarities between the series and I don’t want to point too much of that stuff out in this.

Also for this post I will consider Naruto the Last movie a cannon fact, because I take Kishimoto’s word for it and I don’t care much for the part where Hinata and Naruto met when they were young because that is an easy slip up that even authors of novel mess up. I know it’s a small mistake that seriously mess up the continuity of the story but I also feel that Naruto could mess up the wording when he was young and his chakra control is very low, so regardless the outcome would be the same. Also it is very likely Kishimoto actually watched the movie before anyone else and did not catch the slip up. Usually with big animated and even live action movies the author is able to watch the movie beforehand. If you don’t agree with me using the Last as a cannon movie and it truly bothers you, I ask you to not read this from here on out.

This post will be talking about the relationships formed within each universe respectively and how they compare with each other. If you want to add anything I ask you to make a post response and link me, or reblog/message me and then it will be added. If you disagree then please tell me what you disagree on and I will try to see your side of the issue.

Now that that’s all out of the way let’s get into it.

Goku and Chichi vs Naruto and Hinata:

Hinata and Chichi actually have a lot in common ideals, children, how they married their husbands, their character color, and even their fighting styles.

Hinata is a very shy and introverted individual which is a huge contrast compared to Chichi and her over the top attitude towards life, however, Chichi and Hinata have very similar ideals in the sense that they are very traditional thinkers. Now mind you, I am not calling them simple minded. I am just saying that they like to follow a very traditional mindset. Proof of this would be their weddings. The way they conducted themselves during their weddings was very particular. Hinata is seen wearing a traditional outfit. She is also from a higher class family. Chichi wanted to wear her mother’s dress when she got married. The dress was also very traditional. I believe Naruhina and Gochi both got married outdoors as well.

The way the two couples fell in love is also a very similar to one another. Goku got engaged to Chichi at a very young age and he didn’t know what marriage was. He honestly thought it was a food and years later Chichi, who is at marriage age, wants Goku to go through with his promise to her. After a series of events Goku and Chichi are officially engaged to be married and wants to get married at Chichi father’s (The Ox King) kingdom. However a large fire engulfs the palace and traps her father and her mother’s wedding dress in the tallest tower. Goku and Chichi try to find a fan that can put out the flames and during that mission Goku realizes that Chichi means more to him than just a friend. They save her father and the dress and get married. Which marks the end of Dragon ball and Dragon ball z starts soon after that. They then go off and have two boys Gohan and Goten.

Comparing this story to the Naruto the Last movie story line you will find a lot of similarities. Naruto goes on a mission to save Hinata’s sister. On this mission he starts falling for Hinata and later in they get married. They marry in a very traditional fashion as well. This marks the end of Naruto’s story line and the beginning of the new generation’s story (Ex. Naruto Gaiden= Sarada and Boruto Naruto the Movie).

Naruto’s similarities with Goku as a father is basically they both are absent (due to their jobs/death) for a fair amount of time in their children’s life. However, Naruto is still around actively contributing to the family and is able to see what his child is struggling with, whereas, Goku is out of the loop for a long time due to his death during the cell arch.

Hinata and Chichi’s parenting styles are probably very different but I think their end goal is the same. This is my speculation due to the fact that we don’t see much of Hinata as a mother because the Boruto movie is not out yet. I will add to this part of the post after the movie has been out for a couple of months (that way we have time for accurate translations).

Naruto and Sakura Vs. Bulma and Goku

The relationship between these two have always been a topic of discussion but I am not talking about them in a romantic relationship. I am talking about them as comrades and friends. Seeing that their relationship NEVER progressed to the romantic realm. Yes, Naruto had a major crush on Sakura but that doesn’t mean that she is obligated to fall in love with him because he’s the main character. I think that the parallel between NaruSaku and Goku and Bulma is pretty straight forward. Goku and Bulma are just partners in crime and that sums up the relationship between Naruto and Sakura pretty nicely. Naruto and Sakura are banded together through Sasuke. Without Sasuke’s presence (or lack thereof) they wouldn’t have much to work with. They are banded together towards a common goal: bring Sasuke back to the village. Same as Goku and Bulma are banded together towards the goal of collecting the dragon balls. That is all I have to say about NaruSaku and GokuBulma.

Bulma and Sakura have a quite a lot of similarities.

Physical features are they both are very fashion forward and have unusual hair colors. Bulma’s hair was actually supposed to be Lavender but due to Dragon ball being in a time where animation was still very primitive with the color schemes they decided that blue would be the best option. This is why Trunk’s hair is lavender and not blue like his mother in the animation. Sakura’s hair is a very pale pink and she is known for her red Chinese style dress. She goes through a plethora of hairstyles through the years but she tends to keep it short. Bulma also went through a lot of styles until finally going with a short bob style haircut. They also have very striking eye colors. Sakura’s eye color is a leaf green shade and Bulma’s eye color is a sky blue ( in the manga it’s lavender like her hair).

Intelligence wise Sakura and Bulma are both arguably the smartest females in their specific series. Sakura is basically the best doctor of in the ninja world and Bulma is an engineer/business women.  They are both easily the prettiest women of their series. Bulma is constantly showing off her body and her good looks and Sakura is constantly hit on by her fellow shinobi.

Sakura and Bulma are both mothers to a child that the raised by themselves during the beginning. Sakura and Sasuke’s child Sarada has very little memory of her father due to the fact that he had to leave for a long time in order to protect the village. Sakura essentially had to raise the child alone for a time and balance work and single parenting for a bit. However Sasuke does come back to the village and he and Sarada have a good relationship now. Bulma and Vegeta have Trunks during a time when Vegeta had a lot of pride issues. So, due to Vegeta’s pride Bulma raises Trunks by herself for a bit. Vegeta realizes his family is important and becomes a better father to his son and daughter.

The audience never sees the marriage of these two couples ever. We never know if they went through a traditional marriage or is it something they just say. They are very committed to each other so I don’t think it matters but it is an interesting similarity.

Sasuke and Vegeta look almost the same. They have very similar tempers and beliefs. Their relationship with their rival and wives are very similar. I think that the only difference is that Sasuke is much more gentle when he talks to Sakura then he is with other people. This is contributed to the fact that Sakura is much more emotionally sensitive to Sasuke and he realizes this. Vegeta likes to get his wife, Bulma, mad at him. He enjoys teasing and having someone to argue with. They have a very playful relationship. 

Sasuke is the last heir to the Uchiha name and Vegeta is the last heir to the Saiyan Empire. They both lost their families and home at a young age and have an affinity towards vengeance. However, they also both went through periods of being unstable emotionally. Which caused pain to the people they loved. They are now more stable, but if anyone touches their families they both get very emotional and attack with all their might. Sasuke and Vegeta tend to take things very far and their emotions do get in the way of them making important decisions. Sasuke tends to think about things in a more complex manner and his mind is very scientific, whereas, Vegeta has these traits but allows his temper to get the better of him. They both value their family and heritage. Sasuke holds his Uchiha status very dear to his heart and Vegeta basically announces his status as a saiyan whenever and where ever he can.

Sasuke and Piccolo (based on the trailers for the new movie)

In Boruto Naruto the movie, Sasuke becomes a mentor to Boruto. He teaches Boruto how to hone his raw talent into a power he can use. A lot like how Jiraiya did with Naruto.  He teaches Boruto about his father and what Boruto should do in order to surpass his father. He even gives Boruto life lessons. (When the movie come out I will add more, but for now this is all I have.) Boruto is the Gohan to Sasuke’s Piccolo.

When Goku dies and goes on Snake way, Piccolo takes in Gohan has his student. Seeing his potential as a strong fighter. Piccolo at first is reluctanct to teach his rival’s son, but Gohan’s gentle nature grows on him and Piccolo becomes a father figure to Gohan. He watches over Gohan as he grows and even attends his wedding.

In a recent interview Kishimoto-sensei tells the interviewer that he wanted to have a Piccolo-Gohan type of relationship in the new era. So, he decided that the best candidate would be Sasuke seeing that Sasuke and Naruto are rivals and so is Goku and Piccolo. (When I find the source I will add it.)

Krillian and 18 vs. Shikamaru and Temari.

Krillian is the best friend to the main lead, Goku, and his wife was a former enemy turned good guy. Although Shikamaru is not the “best friend” to Naruto I feel that they were pretty close childhood friends. Naruto and Shikamaru care about each other a lot and Shikamaru cares about Naruto’s well-being enough to become his adviser. Krillian is sort of an adviser to Goku. Sometimes Goku forgets what it means to be human and gets so involved in a fight that he forgets his own strength. Krillian acts as his reminder that humans can only take so much. He is stabilizing character for Goku reminding him that as much as Goku is a warrior he is also a family man as well. This is what Shikamaru is to Naruto. Sometimes, during the course of the series, Naruto becomes so wrapped up in the search to save his friend that he forgets that Sasuke is a rough ninja. Shikamaru basically tell is to him straight. He’s a very smart, lazy character and this balances out Naruto’s dumb, hardworking character.

Temari is the only daughter of the Suna’s leader. She has a cocky attitude that is backed up with a highly intelligent set of skills. She is much more mature than her brother and in many ways advises them as they go from being public enemy’s number 1 to become the most respected siblings in the ninja world. Temari is kind person but due to her upbringing she has to conceal that kind heart with colder exterior. She and Shikamaru start of as enemies during the Chunin exams but later become comrades and then lovers.

18 and Krillian start off as enemies and become comrades before finally become husband and wife. They have a child names Marron and they live their lives Roshi’s island. 18 is an enemy with a heart that has an explosive in it. Krillian wishes for it to be taken out her. 18 sees this and is touched by the act they soon start dating afterwards and get married. She was taught to be a heartless killing machine by her father, Dr. Gero, along with her brother 17. She grows to hate her father and brother and decides to work against them.

Temari and 18 are both tomboys with a girly side. They are highly skilled and start off as enemies. They care about their comrades and fall in love with the cowardly, lazy, and friendly Shikamaru and Krillian. They both only have one child with their husbands.

Whelp this is getting long so I think I will cap this where it is. I will add more when I have the time, but for now this is all I have. These are the similarities between the two shows and I hope you enjoy my opinion on this. If you would like to add something please message me or reblog and add it there. I will make sure to source you! If you disagree please message me or make a separate post and tag me, so I can see if I messed up anywhere. I’m sorry if there is any grammatical errors, I try my best to catch as many as I can but I do miss some. I’m not the strongest when it comes to my English skills, so sorry. If anything confused you please let me know!

May your days be filled with smiles~

-Gagesol ♥

Real Life Love?

I literally made this blog so I can say this to everyone who is part of the Terry and Olitz fandom.

Look, us as a group of people need to learn to get along. There are way to many fights between people in this fandom. And these fights are all because someone has a different opinion than someone else.

If you are strictly Olitz and you don’t believe there is anything between Kerry and Tony in real life, good for you. That’s your opinion. Don’t bash the people who believe and want something to happen between those two. It’s stupid and it won’t get anyone anywhere.

If you are a Terry shipper, good for you. You want a relationship between Kerry and Tony but you don’t need to bash people who don’t believe there is anything going on between them. It’s their opinion.

Now what’s true?
I’m going to state my opinion and I don’t care what you think of me. I am a firm believer that there is a “Terry.” I’m usually one to not get caught up in this sort of thing but I feel I need to express my thoughts.

I’m going to start by saying, I don’t believe for one second that Kerry is married. And not because I’m obsessed with Tony Goldwyn and I can’t see her with anyone but him, blah blah blah. No, I can tell you that this is seen with my own two eyes. First thing I think of when I think of KW and NA is RED FLAGS. Big bright red flags. And to just name a few of them:
1. No Pictures. (That woman has been in a photograph with everyone under the sun and you mean to tell me that she can’t just take a picture with her husband?)
2. Out of the blue marriage. (Yes, celebrities have been known to run off and get married to try to avoid the public but before this random marriage no one knew who Nnamdi was, in the supposed 1-3 years that they were together nothing was heard of or seen of them. Weird)
3. Where is Nnamdi’s wedding ring? (You’ve been married for a little over six months, you wanna prove true loyalty to your wife? Don’t take that ring off. I know snow sports players don’t wear wedding rings but that’s on the field. No excuse for when you’re off.)
4. Support is not there. (Yea, she followed Nnamdi’s ex-football team and his charity on Twitter but that was it. Nothing more from here. She doesn’t promote the charity or anything. And when it came to his retirement the other day she was not there. I know everyone has been back and forth on this subject but look up any sports retirement video. The wife is there! No bullshit.
5. Whenever her marriage is brought up or presented to her in conversation. She freezes, no smile. She seems caught off guard.
And that just barely sums up the issues in that relationship.

Onto KW and TG. This relationship is ridiculously real. It’s almost scary. I have never seen such a connection between two people before (and I’m not talking about on the show.) When thinking of Tony and Kerry I think of love and support, trust, and chemistry. A few reasons why:
1. Tony is a fanboy. (Period. That’s it, he will praise her until he runs out of breath. The constant comments of beauty, and grace, and brilliance. Makes you wonder. It seems harmless at times yes but a lot of times it is taken too far for people who are married.)
2. Kerry is a fan girl. (Talk about support for him. She joins his charitable projects to help him out, displays her love for his brilliance, and supports even the little things he does.)
3.Flirting. (These two flirt more than anything, and it’s not just the cute 10th grader flirting. It’s the long looks in the eyes, sizing each other up, finding ways to gently touch each other even just for a minute, and again comments of high respect, love and connection.)
4. Twitter is letting them unfold. (Oh my gosh, the things these two say on twitter you would think would be reserved for only people of the dating or married type. Especially with Tony. I don’t need to say what has been said because we all know.)
5. Ask yourself this question, when Kerry and Tony are in the same room, not for interviews or anything of that nature but just in the room together, behind the scenes things and such, why do they feel the need to always be near each other? Always. It never fails. They are always standing near each other, sitting near each other. An arm around the waist, shoulder, etc.
6. Those red ears that Mr.Goldwyn gets during love scenes is a reaction from increased blood pressure. One of the main causes of increasing blood pressure is arousal, and desire. That’s not just Fitz’s magic ears it’s a true body reaction by Tony himself.
7. Some things done in their various photo shoots were not asked of. (The kiss on the shoulder, the gripping of each other’s hand, ass grabbing, unbuttoning of the dress, etc.) All improv, yet they aren’t even acting.

Now I could go on and on about them but that will take me years and this post is already long enough.

Quick tidbit about TG and JM. That’s over and done with, has been for awhile. And that’s very clear. His daughters can admit it, why can’t he?

All I’m saying is believe what you want but the proof is in front of our faces. I’m not gonna be upset if you don’t agree with me, I just want people to know that the reason there are Terry shippers isn’t because of extended obsession with Olitz but the public displays of affection and love in real life from one person to another.

Hey guys! I was recently asked to do a bellarke fic rec, and with Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day just around the corner (21st of August; go appreciate fanfic writers y’all!), I thought it was a good time to find my favourites. 

I’m posting under the cut, because it got a bit long and I didn’t want to make your dashes annoying. I’ve tagged the writers whose tumblrs I know, and used some people’s names like I know them even if I don’t – let me know if you want me to remove any of that (or add a tumblr I don’t know). I’m giving little review/summaries and mostly just being amazed at all the awesome fics we have in this fandom.

So, anyway – Happy Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day!! This is me letting you know I appreciate you all a lot. Read these fics!!!! They’re great, and I encourage everyone to send writers (all that you like, not just these ones) love and kudos and comments to let them know you like their stuff.

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Retrograde (7/?)

A/N: HEY. Happy New Year to you all, you bunch of wonderful, beautiful people! I’ve reached 4.2k followers and I am still amazed by that! Also, I have begun a new chaptered fic called The Anatomy of You and Me which you can find here (shameless plug) and yep, that’s about it. HERE’S CHAPTER 7. (P.S. The reactions to the chapter 6 cliff-hanger were golden!) 

Title: Retrograde 

Genre: Romance/Angst/Comfort

Warnings: Swearing. 

Description: Dan is involved in an accident that leads to major consequences…he wakes up with amnesia. The good news, he still remembers Phil. The bad news? He thinks it’s 2009, that he’s only 18 years old and that Phil Lester is just the YouTuber he obsesses over behind his laptop screen who doesn’t know he exists. Together, they help Dan rediscover who he’s become and watch him fall in love with Phil all over again.

Word Count: 2500 

Chapter One. Previous Chapter. Next Chapter


Chapter Seven: If You Wait.

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Have you had any experiences with Samael? Is he dangerous?

We mentioned Samael very briefly in the recent article on Asmodai, you might be interested in that since it puts into context how he factors into some of the systems of Hell and Judgment. Long story short, though, I don’t work with Samael now but I will speak to him or work with him should events require me to. (If someone commissioned a reading from me on Samael, for instance, or he showed up with some paperwork and a lot of questions about whether our party van is a licensed Merkavah.)

As far as Samael goes, yes he is dangerous, and so is every other angel, fallen or otherwise, and every other demon. Eligos is a totally nice entity who is just a great person - he still can be really dangerous. In fact I’d say any entity can be dangerous, it’s just a matter of the surrounding factors and what your relationship to them becomes.

I will probably do a full write-up on Samael one day but the sum of both Tif and I’s experience has been:

  1. He’s an asshole, and not the fun kind. That’s his personality.
  2. He’s the embodiment of the Divine Will, not the divine Diplomacy or the divine Kindness. He doesn’t have to be nice, he just has to make happen what needs to happen. In fact, being nice would probably get in the way of his job. So he seems to have eradicated being nice. He is often, in fact, pretty mean. Them’s the breaks with angels sometimes.
  3. He’s sort of like Metatron, except Metatron’s job is to be the Voice of the Divine, whereas Samael is the Will. One’s job is to speak, the other’s is to do stuff.
  4. He has a bit of a rivalry going with anyone who has anything to do with Judgment or the Law, which includes Lucifer, Asmodai and Zadkiel. He can be a pain because the Divine Will can overrule a lot of their rulings.
  5. Samael is a title as well as a name so there are actually several Samaels - some are entities with their own names we know them better as, and one is the actual angel whose name is Samael. Lucifer is a Samael, for instance, but he is not THE Samael. This means research on Samael is a giant pain because many sources don’t really make the distinction. It’s similar to how “Lucifer” is conflated with “Satan”, thus making research on either to be much more difficult.

This is Tif and I’s personal experience on the matter, for more research-based answers you’ll actually have some pretty good luck with Google and then parsing out all the different sources. Samael is a very controversial figure as far as I’ve seen, and everyone seems to have a different experience of him, but that’s really typical for this field of study and this neck of the spiritual woods. So as usual, go with your gut and use your discernment.

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  • Who was the one to propose:

they probably go out for like a really nice dinner and have a really nice night and at the end of the night murasaki is just about to pull a ring out of his pocket when nice suddenly gets down on his knee and aBORT ABORT

  • Who stressed more over wedding planning:

murasaki r u kidding he is a big ball of stress

  • Who decorated the house:

murasaki would design the most fabulous house ever omg

  • Who does the cooking:


  • Who is more organized:

murasaki seriously hes the best house spouse

  • Who suggested kids first:

nice was probably like “we should have a kid” and murasaki just rolled his eyes and said “you still are a kid” and nice would keep bringing it up over the years but then murasaki would suddenly reply with “sure why not” and nice is just I DIDNT PLAN THIS FAR

  • Who’s the cuddler: 


  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:.

i actually like nice as the big spoon even if murasaki is taller

  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: 

walking through town and window shopping even if they cant afford shit and holding hands and sharing earbuds

  • Who comes home drunk at 3am:

my headcanon way of them getting together is actually murasaki taking nice out drinking once nice is old enough even though murasaki isnt much of a drinker but they both end up way drunk and end up making out and whoops cats out of the bag so both lol

  • Who kills the spiders: 

if its a particularly big spider i could see murasaki panicking and using his minimum and punching a hole in the wall and nice laughing his ass off

  • Who falls asleep first: 

baby nice

  • A head canon: 

before they actually started dating since they were already living together they walked in on each other jerking off to thoughts of each other more times than they would care to admit

  • Their relationship summed up in a gif: 

  • Do they have any “rituals”?

murasaki probably has a whole speech for whenever theyre about to be separated for anything like all these things to remember to be safe and nice just nods through it like “i know i know” and ends up interrupting it with a kiss like every time

  • Who has the most patience?

for petty things, nice, for important things, murasaki

blue night radio ♡ 160715
source: sullaem
listen to song here

(on “my friend”) jonghyun: the title (of the song) is “my friend”. as you might be able to tell from it’s title, it contains a story about friendship and … how should i say … while i was writing it, i envisioned streetlights? and the picturesque beauty of sitting by the han river? these types of things a lot. i worked with heritage on the song, and also with a person named shin hyun jin. i wanted to fuse more acappela into this song, but it was difficult to convey (that style) with my voice alone so i feel like some parts of it are still lacking. i’m thinking of refining it and making it a little more unconventional if i were to prepare it all again, but since a promise is a promise, i’ll have to let you hear it today. so, this is my song, “my friend”. please listen to jonghyun’s song. this song doesn’t contain any of the heritage members’ voices. it’s all me, but when i release it another way in the future, i’m thinking of asking the heritage members (to sing on it).

(in reply to a listener complimenting the song and heritage) jonghyun: i’m so thankful to them, too. our connection resulted in an opportunity for us to write a song together before. (“your voice”), and the song we worked on that time became the basis for this song, too.

■  listener: huh, this song is about friendship, right? it’s not about a guy - girl ”sum“ relationship, right?
■  jonghyun: right…, there seems to be a lot of people who interpreted it this way. it comes out in the song lyrics, too: ”if we’d met as lovers or through love, probably we’d already have broken up long ago.“ it shows how the friend’s existence is so…, it’s a story about people who realize how fortunate this category of ”friends“ is.
■  listener: i love it. i want to video call my friend. i think this song suits male or female friends who are in a “ssum” relationship.
  jonghyun: yes, right. just, when i revealed ”02:34“ before, it contained a lot of exchange with my male friends, so i think this song would be good to listen to when you share a deep friendship with a female friend. there are some people who hold the standard that ”people of the opposite sex cannot be friends“, but it’s not like that for me. no. for me, women can also become friends…, so, i wrote this song, and i thought about that a lot as i wrote the lyrics.

■ translator’s note ■ 
 (*) ”ssum“ is the stage of a relationship where two people like each other but have yet to make anything “official” romantically.

■ ■ ■ ■

■ lyrics ■
below the streetlights passing by, between the lights shining through;
above this street where it seems nothing is left (you and i).
what more could anyone need when all i need is you.

since when did you and i become so close?
since when did my tiring days get comforted by you?
don’t say a word, right now what i need
is a cool drink, the han river’s nightscape, and you.

my friend, my best friend,
there’s no need to hide anything.
we’ve seen all there is to see.
oh my friend (yeah), oh my friend.
don’t treat me like everyone else,
you know you and i are different.

yeah, you and i have been there, done that;
fighting as if we’d eat each other alive one moment.
then making up the next, oh.
if we’d met as lovers or through love, probably
we’d already have broken up long ago.

since when did you and i become so close?
since when did my tiring days get comforted by you?
even without saying a word, we already know
how to soothe each other.

my friend, my best friend,
there’s no need to hide anything.
we’ve seen all there is to see.
oh my friend (yeah), oh my friend.
don’t treat me like everyone else
you know you and i are different.

■ translator’s note ■
(*) in the first line, the literal translation is “below the light of the streetlights passing by,” but the translator took out the extra “light” because it sounds repetitive / redundant in english. (repetitions tend not to sound as awkward or redundant in korean.)
(*) in the first bridge, the literal translation is “a cool glass of alcohol, the han river that has a good nightscape, and you.”

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Companions react to the Sole Survivor proposing to them by the stream in Sanctuary which Sole has decorated with fairy lights and a blanket with a picnic and wine? By the way, I love your blog!

Thank you anon! This is a cute one, love the scene you depicted *___* Here it goessss

Cait: She’s speechless, no one has ever done anything this nice for her. She enjoys the picnic, and tries to be kinda proper, but can’t help swearing up a ton, but in a nice way (This is really fuckin nice of ya/holy shite this is lovely etc). When the sole drops down to one knee, she gasps. She’s not a mushy or romantic person, but this hits her in a soft spot. She doesn’t cry, but she gets pretty emotional and struggles to keep her tough exterior up. After saying nothing for a moment, she says yes in her own way, “Of course I will ya big dummy!”

Codsworth: Was delighted to assist the sole survivor in setting up the proposal. He’s a perfectionist and makes sure everything is just so and amazing for the two of them. He has trouble keeping the secret, and avoids most people for a few days before and avoids questions about what he’s working on. While they are having their picnic, he assists where necessary, but stays out of the way.

Curie: She loves the whole setup. She sizes everything up as she approaches the stream, and by the time she sits down on the blanket, she has already put two and two together. She is beside herself and ecstatic during the whole picnic. When the sole survivor proposes, she says yes immediately, almost cutting them off. She says yes multiple times, and practically knocks the sole survivor over when she goes in for a hug, knocking the ring out of their hand in the process. They both scramble to find it in the grass, and find it relatively quickly.

Danse: He enjoys the picnic, and is fairly oblivious throughout the whole thing, but is super grateful to be treated to something nice. When the sole survivor proposes, it’s completely unexpected to him. He assumed that if he would ever get married that he would be the one doing the proposing. He’s very excited and happy, but he doesn’t know how to respond at first. He finally chokes out a yes and starts crying a lot, but happy tears. He’s really overwhelmed by happiness.

Deacon: He figured something was up by the way the sole survivor was behaving, he knew what secretive looked like. He prodded and poked everyone who might know anything, but no one would talk. He was suspicious when the sole survivor asked him to meet them by the stream. What they had set up was beautiful, and it was a nice surprise. He assumed that’s what they had been up to. When he looked up and saw the sole survivor on one knee he freaked out a bit, then narrowed his eyes and congratulated them on keeping the secret from him. Of course he says yes.

Dogmeat: He accidentally eats the ring a few days before the sole survivor plans on proposing, and they and another companion have to follow him around until he poops it out.

Hancock: He loves the little picnic! Something so formal and cute isn’t what he’s used to,  but he’s impressed. He tries his best to be proper, drinking the wine slowly and acting in a way that he thinks is fancy. The sole survivor thinks its cute seeing this side of him. He tells them with a sly smile that for such a nice date he should probably put out tonight. When the sole survivor pulls out the rings and asks him to marry them, he turns bright red. He didn’t expect this, but he loves it. He says yes right away, they don’t need to ask him twice. They kiss and he says, that he definitely will be putting out tonight.

MacCready: He’s kinda uncomfortable about the sole survivor arranging this whole fancy date for him, people haven’t done a lot of nice things for him in the last few years. He likes it a lot, but he fidgets a bit, careful around the picnic stuff, especially the nice wine glasses (they must have been the last ones in the Commonwealth!). He thanks them and smiles and says that they didn’t have to do all this for him, he’s pretty low maintenance. Regardless of what he says, the sole survivor can tell he’s enjoying being treated. The sole survivor tells him to close his eyes, and when they tell him to open them, they are holding the wedding rings in their palm. The sole survivor says that they know that the two of them have both been through a lot, but they are glad that everything in their past has led them to each other. MacCready tears up a bit and tells them that’s really beautiful, and that his answer is yes.

Nick Valentine: The setting is lovely, and he appreciates the beauty of it and the care that the sole survivor put into it a lot. For the two of them the picnic is more laying around and relaxing. He is grateful, charming, and sweet to the sole survivor, telling them that they are more beautiful than the setting they’ve crafted for him. He rests his head on the sole survivor’s lap, closing his eyes, he would be dozing off if he could. The sole survivor nudges him softly and he sits up and sees the rings in their hand. The sole survivor asks for his hand in marriage and he smiles and tells them well isn’t that something, he would love to of course!

Piper Wright: She enjoys the picnic and the special day a lot, but can tell something is up. She asks what the whole thing is about when she first sees the set up, and sole says they just wanted to do something nice for the gal they love. They had said the “L word” to each other before, but this time it makes Piper blush. She tells the sole survivor that they are too sweet, but they tell her she deserves it. When the sole survivor pulls out the wedding rings and proposes she is surprised and giddy with excitement. She tells them that she just knew that they had to be pulling out the big guns for something, and this was a pretty good something, she says yes.

Preston Garvey: He’s grown to love sanctuary and feel very at home there, so the setting of the picnic is just delightful for him. He’s in awe and wonder at the whole thing and gives the sole survivor a lot of affection and little smooches while they sit on the picnic blanket. He loves the whole feel of the formalish picnic and insists on pouring the sole survivor’s wine for them. When they finally pop the question, he’s giddy with happiness. He always admired the sole survivor for their straightforwardness and class, and this was just a dream come true for him. He says yes right away.

Strong: He’s not much for picnics or fancy anything, but he entertains the notion for the sole survivor. The sole survivor made food for the picnic that suited his tastes, nasty as they were. The contrast between the cute setting and the bloody food is pretty strange, but it sums up their relationship pretty well. Strong uses the corner of the picnic blanket as a napkin. When the sole survivor proposes, he needs a bit of clarification since he doesn’t understand human customs that much. He cares about the sole survivor though, and after he understand he agrees, and says that he would like to be together forever with his human love.

X6-88: He’s not much for frivolities, but he does appreciate a nice meal and all the work that the sole survivor has put into setting all this up. He asks why they’ve done all this, and the sole survivor shrugs and smiles, and X6 doesn’t make much of it. He quite enjoys himself, relaxing and watching the stream roll by and admiring the nature of the wasteland. When sole pops the question, he doesn’t know hoe to respond at first. Synths aren’t allowed to marry or even have relationships at the institute, he and the sole survivor had been together, but there had always been an air of secrecy about it. Despite his reservations, he says yes. He wants to be with them, and doesn’t care if its not allowed.

Oliver and Felicity are one of the most honest and brilliant example of a slow build relationship that I have ever seen on TV! They are the perfect example of two people meeting and creating a connection that only they can understand. 

They built their friendship and built up their feelings in a way that was emotional and angsty but most importantly…NOT RUSHED. They went through all the motions of getting to know each other, revealing their secrets little bits at a time, and they understood the needs and wants of the other person. 

They built their friendship in a way that was perfect and honest and allowed something for Oliver to depend on as well as Felicity. They learnt about each other and leaned on each other and allowed the other to make mistakes. Entering a relationship didn’t change their friendship or their dynamic..but made them stronger. They don;t need grand gestures, all they need is subtle looks and touches just to let the other know there are there. 

Episode 4x06 was the best example of a relationship dealing with hard times and insecurities, both Oliver and Felicity had their issues, and yes they needed to deal with them on their own, but they also dealt with them together in the end. 

Felicity Summed it up perfectly…they did find themselves in each other…through the time in which they met, got to know each other, learn from each and finally move on with each other. 

So…basically the award for the best slow burning couple and overall healthiest relationship I have seen in a long time…GOES TO OLICITY