yes this is what happens at my school

it’s interesting because in noora’s season, many things about william and his family life were revealed, but in isak’s season even remained a mystery. yes, we know about his mental illness and his personal feelings but we also do not know some very important stuff like where’s mikael, when did he come out to his family because he seems very confident about his sexuality and his parents seem to know, WHAT’S his family status and what exactly happened during his manic episode that made him change schools and not redo his senior year at elevebakken? and even some minor things like how drawing come to him? or get in more depth with his passion about films. if we can’t get another point of view of him that could open up about him more (whether it’s his own season/sana or jonas) i would be disappointed because i’m honestly curious and i wanna know more about even bech naesheim.


it occurred to me tonight that…none of you know what I look like. which weirds me out a bit? I rant a lot on this blog and talk to quite a few of you and none of you have seen my face (except becca and jayne cause they’re stuck on this island with me) soooo here are two pictures of me awkwardly smiling after my cousins wedding. goodnight friends 🐢
(please do not re/bl0g)

Around you I am overused pick-up lines and sorry trips to the neighborhood fast food chain for fifteen minute dates. I am new relationship jitters locked in a box where the last thing to leave is helplessness because I admit I don’t know how to be with you here. I am all the wrong things to say, sweaty palms, and a constant prayer that I don’t have anything in my teeth. Around you, I am back to my middle school self, all too excited for another person, unaware that awkward things can happen when you say yes to a triple date. What I’m trying to say is you take me back to when love was exciting. When I didn’t know what I was doing because every face was a fresh face and commitment didn’t carry the air of a burden but the anticipation of tomorrow. You make me catch the butterflies that appear every time I get a text and as childish as that is I know you’ll be catching them right next to me. You take me back to when novelty was my best trait, and I had to work to get it right but every step of the way took me closer to the end prize in your hands and my prize in your smile. You remind me that people are not entitled to other bodies and love isn’t a commodity that could be bargained for. Around you, I am the most imperfect lover– spilling drinks on your shirt, getting tongue tied during the most important moments, meeting your parents in old band tees and ratty sneakers– but that doesn’t say anything about our love at all. Around you, it doesn’t matter that I am more mess than person, more nerves than spine, more kid than grown-up who knows what they’re doing– it’s the yearning that matters, the chasing even though we’re already together, it’s the accidental slip of I love you, the naive interpretation of forever, it’s the never wanting to have anything more, it’s all the excitement of a first love in the bodies of two people who have seen enough to say that this time, it’s finally the real thing.
—  Middle School Lovin’

when I was in elementary school, this author came to our school for a picture book reading and idr what happened exactly, but i think i wrote him a letter thanking him for coming to our school and i wasn’t expecting him to reply, but he did and told me to ask my mom if it would be okay for him to send me a book, so i wrote back and said yes and the next time he wrote, he included a free autographed copy of the book and i was so excited?? we kinda kept in touch and every time he released a new book, he would send me a copy with some extra goodies like stickers and stuff and he still does to this day and one time he even sent me an autographed copy of one of his friend’s books because the cat’s name was victoria and he “thought of me” and i’m just like THAT’S SO NICE

anyways, we added each other on FB a few years back and i totally forgot because he’s not really active on it, but he just created and added me to a facebook group for his dog and books and i’m just like this is it, i’ve made it LMAOOOO

Finally back!

1. He Tian and his brother were camping and seemed close, but I’m wondering what happened to make that change?! Maybe it was something dealing with their parents??!

2. He was at school, because I thought when Jian Yi called him he was at a different place totally!

3. Yes he said friend, because that’s what Guan Shan is to him…remember they still haven’t seen each other after the kiss, but He Tian knows he has deeper feelings for our Guan Shan and friend was the exact response I was expecting.

4. I feel it in my bones…Guan Shan is going to intervene with the fight and then finally they will talk afterwards…hopefully alone in He Tian’s apartment.

How’s everyone doing?? This is all I’ve thought about since morning!!😔😩

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post 10 facts about yourself and pass it on to 10 faves✨

I’m not very interesting lol so I tried to think of the random-est things

  • My name is Jenna but people call me Jen
  • I will literally eat anything as long as it’s edible. Idc what it is I will try everything
  • I’m in my last year of high school and I am going to a university to major in film
  • favorite color is blue
  • I am an only child
  • I am demisexual meaning i am kinda asexual in a way that I can’t feel sexual attraction unless I have an emotional bond with someone. (basically I can’t be turned on unless I have a actual relationship with them lol) 
  • I’m allergic to alcohol (yes it can happen ahahah)
  • I used to train dogs 
  • I have social anxiety
  • I’m adopted 
Oh one more just for fun I can imitate Jin’s laugh perfectly 😂😂😂

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So my aunt works at a history museum in Alabama and it's legitimately a thing where they call the Civil War the War of Northern Aggression (even in schools sometimes) and I can just imagine Bitty goading Jack about it while he's talking about history just to rile him up and then acting all innocent like "What do you mean that's not what it's called? That's what my textbooks called it" lol

Hahaha yes.  I’m 1000% sure Bitty chirps Jack all the time about history.  And pretends like he knows absolutely nothing about it just to see Jack get rialed up.  I 1000% think this happens with French (Bitty deliberately pronouncing things with the strongest american accent EVER).  And Jack does it to Bitty in the kitchen with baking stuff.

It’s basically Their Thing.

So today in German class we read a text about the romantic era. It started with these words:

What’s romantic? Is it intimate togetherness by candlelight in a well-tended restaurant? (…)

And I was like:


I think that’s…

Pretty romantic

Promised ~ pt.1

Author: completedylantrash

Characters: OFC x Stiles (and other TW characters)

Rating: Mature 18+

Word Count: 4202

A/N: This is a AU multi. There will be smut but I wanted to try to build it a little. So here it goes, hope y’all like it!

Fate is believed to be the hidden power that controls what happens in the future. But is it real? Is there someone, or something, each one of us is destined for? Some people believe yes. Others, like me, not so much. I just think that everyone is responsible for their own life, their future, not some force that determines how they’re meant to spend their life.

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Mine~ {Peter Pan Imagine}

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Peter Pan Imagine 

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested: Yes,  Can you do a Peter x Reader one with #41 and #51 please??? 💕

Warnings:  sexslave!Reader, dom!Peter, slight mention of rape, that’s all I can think of

Note: This probably isn’t what you wanted, but I haven’t done anything like this yet, so why not? Srry if it’s confusing :P

I woke up to a burning sensation in between my thighs and lower back, my whole body aching for some odd reason. I don’t really remember all of what happened last night…all I can remember is coming home from school, watching TV for a while and then off to bed. That was it. Why am I not in my bed? 

Sitting up slowly while groaning at the movement, I noticed that the room around me was dark and silent. I was definitely not home anymore. But how’d I get here? Who took me? I sworn I locked all the doors to my house, my parents were at some business dinner…everything is a blur, I don’t know how this person could have kidnapped me without me putting up a fight.

“Morning, love.” A husky voice echoed around me, making me tense up and rub the skin on my arms up and down, suddenly having a chill. Then, that’s when I saw them. 


I was chained to the wall, from my hands to my feet, I was trapped. Panic starting to bubble up inside me, the only thing my brain could function to do was start pulling like hell. But, my action only made the voice chuckle at my attempts. 

“You’re not gonna break them. I’ve made them myself personal, for you my dear Y/n,” The sound of my name coming from this stranger’s mouth made me freeze. 

“H-How…” I rasped, my throat dry and sore for some strange reason.

“How do I know you name, you were going to ask? Oh, it’s quite simple, sweetheart. I’ve been watching you for months, seeing if you were the perfect toy for me to play with. And as you see…you’ve passed the test. Last night was one of the best nights of my life. You are definitely my new favorite. Guess I can let Wendy go now.” 

That sentence alone made my heart stop. What did he mean by ‘new favorite’? 

What did he do to me? 

Subconsciously I rubbed my thighs gently, wincing at the pain. Looking down, I gasped, nearly choking on air. The inside of my thighs were all bruised up, dark purple marks colored some parts of my hips, as my sides held scratch marks. Tears sprung up to my eyes, as my lip quivered at the horrible realization. 


The sound of footsteps now echoed the room, but I payed no attention as the agonizing truth crashed down on me like a ton of bricks. I could hear that his footsteps were closer now, I closed my eyes tightly as I cried silently to myself. What I didn’t expect was for him to reach up and stroke my hair, so I jerked away from him, backing up against the wall.

Now having a good look at him, his physical appearance actually surprised me. I was expecting him to be some old creep, or a guy who would be in his late 20s or 30s…this boy looked like a teenager. Someone who would attend my school. But I didn’t recognize him at all. His chestnut hair, those forest green eyes that were filled with mischief, and that evil grin that rested upon his face. He was deviously handsome…

“You’re surprised, love. What? Expecting me to be ugly? Unattractive?” He teased, watching as I shook slightly from crying. “I’m actually surprised you don’t remember all of last night, love. You want to see my markings?” His smirk deepened, as he reached behind him, pulling at the shirt and over his head, turning around.

I gasped again, seeing the long scratch marks and bite marks on his shoulder blades, making vomit slowly rise up my throat. I shook my head rapidly, more tears streaming down my face. “Those aren’t because of me…we never…w-we didn’t…”

“Oh, but we did, love. And it was spectacular! Of course you don’t remember it, because it was your demons taking over. You were no longer in control of your body at the time.” 

“W-What? Demons? What are you-?”

“You’re a feisty, aggressive, saucy little minx, Y/n. You’re demons are rough and hungry for excitement, and they were just begging to be let out. That’s why you’re so special! No man has ever been able to let those inner demons escape. Especially that little boyfriend of yours. What was his name? Henry, was it?” 

I hiccuped at his name, realizing that I’ll probably never get to see him again. Not to mention he wouldn’t be my first…this…lunatic was. And I don’t even remember, nor do I ever want to!

“You…you monster! Henry and I never slept together, he never touched me! He was sweet, kind, and patient with me wanting to wait, and you took it away from me! You used me!” I screamed, running up to him only to be yanked down to the ground by the chains. 

The boy raised his eyebrow high, his smirk growing wider like a mad man. “Even better, my princess. You were pure, which explains why you were so…well. How can I put this lightly?” He walked over to me, with a wave of his hand I was up on my feet, my eyes widening at the action. How the hell did he do that? He pushed me up closer to the wall, staring down at me intensely. “You, my dear, were rather…secure. All my years, I’ve been chasing used toys…and, boys don’t like when toys are all used up. New and untouched toys are their favorite.”

“G-Get away from me! Let me go, take me back home! Please, I have a family, I love Henry with all my heart, please let me go!”

“Beg all you want, my sweet. But, I’m afraid letting you go is far from being an option. You’re ass is mine, got it?” His smirk fell from his lips, as one of his hands grip my jaw roughly, making me look up at him. I wiggled my head, trying to break free, only for him to lean down quickly and connect out lips in a sloppy embrace. 

I tried to push him away, but the chains only tightened and pulled behind my back. Pulling away was out of the question as my head was being pushed into the wall, keeping me planted in my spot. 

Suddenly, his other hand came down slowly towards the almost bare bottom half of my body, one of his fingers grazing over a certain spot making my clamp my legs shut. He pulled away from the kiss angrily, staring down at me with a firm glare.

“Why must you be so difficult, love? Things would be a lot easier if you would just let your demons go-!” I spat in his face before he could finish his sentence. Regretting it already just by the look on his face, he quickly turned me around, pushing me farther into the wall. “Want to be a naughty girl? Fine. Then you shall be treated like one.”

I heard the sound of some kind of door opening, making the him halt his movements, but still hold me in place. “What do you want?” He snapped, making me flinch, even though he wasn’t talking to me.

“Wendy escaped her cage.” Another male voice spoke, sounding very timid compared to this guy.

“Well, then you and the others go looking for her, I’m busy!” He growled, pushing me a little bit harder into the wall, practically squishing me.

“You of all people know this island better, Pan. Forgive me for interrupting, but we-”

“Okay, alright! I’ll be out in a moment, just let me…finish up in here real quick.” He sighed into my neck, inhaling my scent for a moment, making me shiver at the feeling.

I’m sure the guy who was talking understood and left, as I heard the door close. I felt this so called ‘Pan’ stroke the sides of my neck, finally pulling me from the wall and turning me back around. 

“Now, I have to go away now for a little bit, sweetheart. I guess you aren’t the only naughty girl on this island. But, that’s gonna change, I promise.” He smirked, pressing a kiss to my temple. I jerk my head away from him, making him roll his eyes. “When will you learn to except the fact that I am your master now?”

I refused to answer, feeling him start to kiss the curve of my neck getting a small whimper out of me. I felt a dampness in between my legs, making me bite my lip hard, cursing my body for reacting to his touch. He must’ve noticed because of the smirk that colored his face once more when pulled back up.  “Why must you torment me?” 

“Because, my dear, I love the reaction I get in return. Just know that you are mine. You’re body, heart and soul belong to me.”

“I don’t belong to anyone, especially not you! Let me go!”

Sighing loudly he pulled away from me fully, turning to leave me in this hole, by myself again. The thought of being alone in here scares me more than him being in here alone with me.

“W-wait! Don’t leave me here, please! Let me out of here!” I screamed, going back to tugging on the chains, having no luck of breaking them whatsoever. “Help! Help me please, someone help!”

His laugh overpowered my screams, as he was just about to shut the door to this prison. 

“Cry and yell all you want, love. No one can hear you here.”

“Where is here?!” I cried, tears streaming down my face in frustration, as I continued to tug on the chains.

“Welcome to Neverland, my queen. You’re new and permanent home.”  

Sign your name across my heart

B-day present for @viva-la-snowbaz (Leda). I really hope you enjoy this :)

Summary: The name of your soulmate will appear on your chest the day you turn eighteen. Simon is taken aback when he sees his. Baz doesn’t know whether to feel hope or drown in his own sorrow.

(Eight Year AU)


I’ve been in love with Simon Snow since I was twelve. I’d always expected to wear his name on my chest. And I’d also always known for a fact that he’d have another person’s name written above his heart. Probably Wellbelove’s. Yes, I’d always thought I had an unrequited soulmate.

So, when my soulmate’s name finally appeared on my chest, I had no idea what to do with it.

It happened some months before the end of the seventh school year. The morning of my birthday, I rushed into the bathroom and looked at the mirror in astonishment.

Simon Salisbury.

At first, I didn’t give it much importance.

But my feelings for Simon bloody Snow didn’t go away. In fact, they increased day after day—how was that even possible, when I already loved him with all my being?

I started pitying that Simon Salisbury bloke who was supposed to be my soulmate. I was never going to love him the way I loved Simon Snow.

Then I started pitying myself, even more than before. I bore a name on my chest that meant nothing to me. My heart already belonged to another person. Even if that person didn’t know it. Even if he didn’t want it. It was his. It is his. The magic of soulmarks didn’t work on me. Maybe it is because I’m dead?

Then, Snow and Wellbelove broke up. It appears, the morning of her eighteenth birthday, she woke up to no name on her chest. Not Simon Snow’s. Not anyone’s. She woke up exactly the same as she went to sleep. And that made her realize she didn’t love Snow. So they broke up. And that made me feel better.

Wellbelove was not the first one without a soulmate. There had been many cases. There were also cases of people who had more than one soulmate. Or people whose soulmate was already dead.

My father had two soulmates. He had my mother’s name on his chest until the day she died. Then, another name appeared where hers used to be.

Maybe I should go and kill every Simon Salisbury alive and wait for another name to appear on my chest. Kill every person with my soulmate’s name until that name is none other than Simon Snow, I thought.

Then, Snow’s birthday came, right before the end of the school year.

He went straight into the bathroom and didn’t come out until half an hour later. His face was like a ghost’s. He looked at me angry—angrier than usual—and left the room.

He didn’t speak to me for the rest of the school year.

Summer came and I started thinking that maybe, maybe I should give all this soulmates crap a try. So I started looking for Simon Salisburys on the Internet. I met some of them on tinder. And I chatted with a bunch of them. Flirted, I guess. But I ended up breaking each one of their hearts in a different way. Who was I trying to fool? I’d never love anyone the way I loved—the way I still love—Simon Snow.

I tried to erase the name with magic. I tried with “out, out, damned spot”, “take it away” and “into thin air”. Then I tried with “as you were” and “nonsense”, too. I even tried to “make a wish” to make it disappear. I also tried with “there’s nothing to see here”. And even chanced a “get out of my heart”. All to no avail. The bloody mark was still there.

So I went with more unorthodox methods.

I grabbed a knife from the kitchen, one day that my family wasn’t home. The pain I felt was nothing compared to the pain of seeing that bloody name every single day. But it only left an ugly scar. The name was still legible.

School year started again and with it came a different Simon Snow. And by different I mean fucking weird. Nice. Snow was nice to me.

He started following me everywhere. It was fifth year all over again. Until one night, in our room, I got fed up and faced him.

“Snow,” I said before he could go to sleep. “What do you want from me?”

“Take off your shirt,” he demanded, to my bewilderment.

“Have you lost your mind?” I asked him, confused.

“I want to see it.”

“See what?”

“Your mark.” Oh. For a second—a split second—I imagined him saying “I have your name written over my heart, I’ve always known it would be you.”

Instead, he reached for my shirt and tried to pull it off.

“No,” I said.

“Let me see it.”

“Why?” I asked.

“I want to check something.”

What do you want to check?”

He didn’t answer me. He inched forward and took my hands into his, intertwining our fingers.

“What are you doing, Snow?” I said his last name like it were bile. I’d always call him Snow, never Simon. A constant reminder that it’s not Salisbury. Not my soulmate.

But there was still no reply.

Then, the courageous fuck did it. He inched even forward and brushed my lips with his. So I kissed him back. We still had our fingers entwined.

Then, he broke the kiss and made me take his shirt off. I looked at his soulmark, with utter astonishment.

Tyrannus Pitch

“That’s you, right?” he asked, stupidly.

“Yes,” I answered, my hand tracing the black ink on Snow’s chest. I was his soulmate. But he wasn’t mine.

He grabbed my shirt and pulled at it, so he could see my soulmark.

“You don’t have my name,” he said surprised. “You have some other bloke.”

“I tried to change that,” I confessed. “I’ve always wanted it to be Simon Snow.”

“That’s why you have that scar?”


I reached for his lips again. Crowley, I wanted to kiss him so much. But he pushed me away.

“No,” he said, with such sorrow that made my heart break into a thousand pieces. “I’m not your soulmate,” he continued. “We’re not destined to be together,” he said. But I couldn’t care less about destiny. I only cared about him. “Your soul belongs to someone named Simon Salisbury. Not me.”

“I don’t have a soul, Snow.”

“Well, your heart belongs to another person.”

“My heart belongs to you. It always has.” My lips met my name on his chest. “Fuck Simon Salisbury. Fuck fate,” I said, placing kisses over his heart. “I choose you,” I continued. “Simon Snow, I choose you.”

He took my face in his hands and kissed me again. And again. He has never stopped since then.

It still hurts me to remember that I’m magically attached to another person.

But then I look at Simon. Simon Snow. And everything’s alright.

We’re lying on our bed now. At our apartment. He’s on top of me, tracing his fingers on my chest, caressing the mark. Simon, It reads, with neat black ink. But there is no Salisbury anymore. I got it crossed out. Leda, a Normal friend of Wellbelove’s, tattooed me. Simon is now tracing his fingers at the giant snowflake that she carved over my skin, where Salisbury used to be.

I did that for myself. I did that for him. To have Snow on my heart, in every possible way. And I’d do it again. I’d cross every line for him.


Ari: I hope you like this :)

Of Eskimo Kisses and Chicken Noodle Soup

Or the one where Adrien is dying and Marinette steps up to take care of him

Ao3 [x]

I wrote this as part of the @miraculousexchange flash exchange that happened this past week, and I wrote my piece for the ever so lovely @sweetprincessluck so I hope you enjoy what I put together!

Marinette hated the flu season with a burning passion. So much so that she got a flu shot months in advance just to ensure that she would never have the chance of getting it. Maybe it was the fact that getting sick meant that she would miss school or social events. And lord knows how much that stressed her out just thinking about the missed opportunities.

So yes, she was a bit of a freak when it came to flu season, but could you really blame her when her housemates did the things that they did and came home snotty and lifeless. Marinette was glad to have immunity, she could go about her life in peace.

Well, as much peace as she could with one of her neighbors hacking up his soul downstairs. Oh and trust her, she knew exactly who it was; Adrien Adam Agreste, son of her role model Gabriel Agreste. How she came into contact with him on a regular basis was a bit odd but nothing she couldn’t handle. Being top of her class in primary and class president no less did not mean that she had room for failure.

Hence why it was driving her insane to listen to the poor boy cough into the early hours of the morning. Precious hours she could have spent sleeping or studying for her finals.

Marinette had had enough, she was a good person deep down, just knew when and how to get things down in an efficient matter. But this flu sickness was cutting into her down time and let the whole building know that she was a good young woman who would willingly take care of anyone who needed it, but at the moment, Marinette just wanted to sleep in peace.

So that afternoon, Marinette got to work and within an hour or two, had six mason jars filled to the brim with nice, hot homemade chicken noodle soup. All she had to do was deliver them without any complications and her job was done.

Knock knock knock

Marinette waited outside, holding the basket with the soup and a few goodies she packed in case when the door opened. She rehearsed what she was going to say in her head, but why was she so nervous? Adrien was a decent neighbor, there was no reason to be nervous.

The door opened with a creak, and appeared a slightly disheveled looking Adrien. Even looking as pale and sickly as he did, he was really a model. Marinette gulped mentally.

❝Oh hi Marinette! What can I help you with?❞

❝Hi, well this is a little awkward but I couldn’t help but hear you coughing from my apartment.❞ Adrien had the decency to blush but Marinette really felt awkward standing there. What else was she supposed to say?

❝Oh well why don’t you come in? Is that chicken noodle I smell?❞ Adrien stepped to the side while Marinette made her way into the incredibly simplistic apartment he had.

❝It certainly is.❞ Adrien rubbed his hands together like a excited little child and led her the kitchen, already pulling out two bowls.

❝Oh no this is a gift, you don’t have to.❞

❝C’mon Marinette even with the sickness going around, you can’t deny yourself your famous chicken noodle soup.❞

❝Famous huh?❞ Adrien blushed and Marinette felt her heart skip a beat.

❝Yeah well you don’t become best friends with your best friends’ girlfriend and not hear about her friends famous soup for nothing.❞

❝Huh, well if you wanted some you could’ve just said so.❞

❝To be fair, I didn’t think getting sick would be the reason I would finally talk to you.❞ Marinette served the soup and sat down, taking a sip and sighing at the warmth that flood through her. Just one thing bothered her.

❝Been meaning to talk to me for what if I may ask?❞ Adrien was silent, before placing his soup down in favor of wringing his hands together, this time nervously.

❝Erm I was just wondering if maybe you’d like to do this but when I’m less like this,❞ to prove his point, Adrien quickly grabbed a tissue, sneezing into it.

❝I don’t follow.❞

❝Oh I guess it doesn’t matter then anyways, sorry. The soup is certainly delicious Marinette thank you so much for bringing it to me.❞ He brought his bowl up to his lips, and Marinette couldn’t help herself but she reached over to place her hand on his. Adrien looked startled, glancing at her hand and then back at his soup.

❝I know that’s not what you were going to say Adrien.❞

❝Will you go on a date with me?❞ He blurted out before slapping a hand to his lips with eyes wide.

❝Excuse me?❞

❝Its nothing really, wow six mason jars of this stuff, I’m sure to get better in no time.❞ Adrien was rambling, they both knew it and Marinette felt terrible but this time she was prepared.



❝I would love to go out with you.❞ It was silent for a moment, before Adrien giggled to himself, cupping his cheeks like a dork.

❝Oh my gosh you’re cute, how are you this cute, its not possible.❞

❝Being sick kind of messes with my filters.❞

❝I doubt you had any anyways.❞

❝Hey!❞ Adrien whined as Marinette got up to put her bowl in his kitchen sink and gathered her things. Adrien followed closely after her, still giggling to himself. This boy, might just be the death of her.

❝So I’ll pick you up tomorrow? Does 7 work for you?❞ He asked, opening the door for her like a true gentlemen.

❝Perfect, I can’t wait.❞ For a moment, Marinette wondered if it was too soon for a kiss, so she settled for something much simpler. She leaned in, to which freaked Adrien just as much as she did and brushed her nose against his in a sweet eskimo kiss.


❝Have a nice night Adrien and get better soon!❞ And with that, Marinette left the frozen boy all while blushing furiously to herself.

BFFS forever (Smut)

I walked into my room, dropping my bag at the foot of my bed. I looked at the gash under my eye from that bitch at school today. At least she looks worse than me. I smirked and fell backwards on my bed. “Nice eye.” I gasped and shot up, looking around. “Jesus Tate. You scared me!” He laughed, his brown eyes twinkling. “Sorry, Y/N. What happened?” “Some girl at school picked a fight with me, but it’s okay.” Tate touched his thumb to my cut. “I have an appointment with your dad today, wanna meet me in the basement after?” I shook my head yes and smiled. He literally disappeared. When I moved into this house with my family, I heard stories that it was haunted but I didn’t really believe them until I met Tate. He died in this house a long time ago, and he’s my best friend. He see’s my dad as a psychiatry patient to help him remember what he did. Sometimes he forgets that he’s dead. I turned my music up really loud and did my hair. There was a knock on my doot and my mom stepped in, “Y/N? don’t you have homework to do?” “nope, i did it all in class.” “okay. well that weird kid is in your dads office, so just stay up here. he creeps me out.” “that’s not nice mom, he’s seeing dad for a reason and you’re being judgemental.” “yeah, well..” but she never finished, she just walked out of my room. I covered up the gash on my eye with a little bit of make-up. When I was done I laid on my bed and waited for Tate’s session to end.

“Tate?” I whisper-yelled into the darkness. He had been done with my dad for about 35 minutes now but wasn’t in the basement yet. “Tate? Where are you?” Someone put a hand over my mouth and pulled me into the shadows. My heart was racing and I didn’t have any time to even think, when I was let go I spun around and almost started screaming when I looked into Tate’s face. “That wasn’t funny, jerk.” He laughed anyways, causing me to laugh. “Let’s sit out in the tree, Y/N” He took my hand and led me outside into the backyard, once we got up to the branch that we claimed as our own he flung an arm around my shoulder. “Ya know, I’m really glad I met you, Y/N. You’re like a breath of fresh air when I’m angry.” “Thanks Tate, I’m really glad I met you as well. You’re my bestfriend.” He looked deep into my eyes and my heart fluttered for a second. That was weird, I thought to myself. He laughed, showing off his perfect teeth and adorable dimples. Did I just call his dimples adorable? What the hell is wrong with me? We sat outside, talking about life and outer space, and high school, and him, and me, and everything. I yawned and Tate looked at me. “Tired?” He asked, smiling? I shook my head yes and he climbed down the tree, then held his arms up for me. “I’ll catch you, I promise.” I climbed down the tree a little and jumped into his body, and he did catch me. He held me there for a second before he put me down. “I’ll see you tomorrow?” He asked me. “Of course Tate, goodnight.” Before I got a chance to walk away he kissed my cheek, turned around and was gone. I brought my fingers up to the spot where he kissed me and I smiled. Do I like Tate? Do I like a ghost? Is that possible? I went up to my room and fell asleep.

“Y/N?” I heard it faintly, but didn’t know if I dreamt it, or if it actually happened. “Mmmm” I heard a giggle, but I couldn’t open my eyes. “Y/N, wake up.” I forced myself to roll over. “What?” “Wake up.” Finally I got my eyes open and I saw Tate. I sat up really fast, and covered myself. All I had on was a shirt and underwear, how embarrassing. “Don’t cover up, you look beautiful.” He said, tracing his knuckles down my face. He leaned in and his lips touched mine. I opened my mouth to let him in, and he took the invitation. He put a hand on my face and another on my lower back and pulled me forward. “I really really like you Y/N..” He gasped between kisses. He slid a hand up my shirt and gently laid it over my breast. I pulled him backwards on top of me and let a little moan escape my lips. I pushed his hips into me and I felt the bulge growing against my thigh. I reached my hand down towards it and squeezed gently. He growled into my lips and started kissing my neck he was nibbling softly on the tender muscles making me sweat with anticipation of what was going to happen. he worked his hand up my thigh and slid my panties down while I unbottoned his pants. Once they were down around his ankles he positioned himself against the opening of my vagina and slowly pushed himself in. I gasped out loud. It was thicker than I thought it would be. He buried his face into the crevice of my neck and pushed in and out. “Tate..” Me whispering his name pushed him over the edge and he moaned and I felt his warm liquid spreading through my insides. It felt so good. He pulled himself out and knelt down in between my legs. He touched his wet warm tongue to my clit and started licking it in circles and up and down and I entangled my fingers in his hair and arched my back, I could feel my release coming. “Tate.. oh god Tate..” With those words I felt my own pleasure take over and I was losy in a paradise for a few moments. When it ended we both lay next to each other, breathing hard and holding hands. “I didn’t hurt you did I?” He looked so concerned. “No Tate, I promise.” “Come on, gotta get you cleaned up. How about a bath?” I shook my head yes and followed him into my bathroom.

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What happened to you Oliver? You used to be more active, even on your personal Tumblr, now you're hardly ever on. Wondering if you have made another account again and keep forgetting this one :(

// Hello dear anon, I apologise for inactivity in this blog. Yes, I miss Oliver dearly, but there is no time to draw right now.

I am very busy with school because finals are coming up. I hardly have time to draw, and even if I do I am too tired from theatre classes and swimming club. Not to mention I have dedicated a lot of my time for writing too.

However, I do manage to squeeze in some time for drawing, that is when I try to update this blog.

Be patient little anon, I’ll become more active later on. I have a lot of plans for this and my other blogs.

Freshmen Year: College 101

Hey guys! As summer slowly approaches a lot of my fellow studyblrs are going to be heading/starting their freshmen year of college!! This is so exciting and I bet you guys are making to do lists and watching youtube bloggers talk about what to bring and what not to bring. That was also me a year ago. I have learned so much just from my freshmen year of college and I just wanted to share my tips and tricks as well. 

  1. Overpacking is a thing: Some universities will provide a sample packing list on their website just like my university did. Yes, overpacking happens. I can’t even tell you how much stuff I packed from multiple sample packing lists, that I have yet to use such as school supples, dorm room supples etc. Even clothes.
  2. Dress to impress (yourself): This brings me to my next topic. Nobody cares what you wear and how you decide to attend social gatherings etc. I guarantee you that you may see a group of kids wearing collard shirts with oxford shoes everyday the first few weeks (Yes I was that kid). By the fourth week they’ll probably be attending class in clothes that they woke up in and plan on going back to sleep in after classes. Even if theres a big ketchup stain…It happens.
  3. No Comment: Pretty self explanatory. You will see students wear the same clothes the next day, maybe even for a whole week. Please don’t comment on it or bring it up. We have all been there especially when mid-term/finals week comes around. Sometimes you have so little energy and sometimes you’d rather nap, then spend time doing laundry when you actually get the chance to have free time!
  4. Not the end of the world: If you get one bad grade on a quiz or an assignment I promise you it does not stop you from getting a good grade or perfect A in that professors class. It is okay “to take an L” on an assignment once if you need to catch up on sleep or even just watch tv. College drains you sometimes. Some professors will even mention this.
  5. Skipping: You don’t have to attend every class and get a perfect attendance. Missing one class is not going to kill you. You are not going to miss a whole year worth of lecture notes if you decide to sleep in. So go ahead skip every now and then to catch up on even homework or study for a test you have for another class. (Guilty!)
  6. Kiss-up: Some professors could careless if they know your name or not. Even if you are attending their class. So unless you feel the need to introduce yourself to a professor for recommendation purposes or because they seem pretty genuine don’t make it a need to. Most likely they’ll forget who you are come the next day.
  7. Ramen Noodles: This will become your best friend. Everybody says this and I didn’t believe it until I was a victim of it myself. You might as well stock up on it now!
  8. EX-friends: You will not be best friends with your roommate, that kid you met in your orientation group or even people in your study group. It is all pretty temporary in some cases. That is fine! I promise you meet someone everyday throughout college. Some associates some true friends. 

That is all for now. I am currently entering my second semester of my freshmen year of college and I am sure there is more I did not mention! I will add if so. Feel free to message me with any questions!!



To be honest, I only joined this fandom RIGHT BEFORE S4, and trust me, things haven’t been the same, in a good (seeing wonderful fanart, your blog), and bad (lack of sleep, school work not a priority anymore, which is BAD and needs to be stopped IMMEDIATELY). However, it’s things like this that happens every two years, right? :) So thank you for showing me this wonderful show and yes, what we see in 20 minutes, we will see TOGETHER as ONE. :D                

AHahahah *laughs weakly* Welcome to HELL!
Sorry to answer this late, I’ve been in a shock :’D So glad to hear tho that my blog has given you such joy, and despite I’m not feeling so good now myself, I hope that maybe other fans are dealing a bit better now. Being this invested in one show is truly nerve-racking…  And I promise I’ll come back asap (with funny things and laughter), there was some good things in this serie too! <3 Not… quite what I was expecting but well, apparently I know nothing. Thanks & bless you <3                           
OK so I heard a rumour today

There is, apparently, a trans kid who just started at my school.

I go to a Catholic school. Most of the faculty is homophobic, transphobic and generally LGBTQ-phobic.

This kid is 12. If the school finds out, they will die.

So, if you are 12 years old, live in Australia, and started at a Catholic high school this year named after Australia’s first saint


let me know

because if it’s you who’s at my school

I swear to god I will protect you form every single asshole at the school. Which is mainly the RE teachers, but still.

I’m here, queer, and I’ll make everyone fear what happens when they mess with one of my people. yes you are my people, you are my tiny duckling