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Honestly, if you have to google someone’s username just to find shit on them and find their other accounts on other websites for the purpose of making fun of them on tumblr or any other website it shows how much of an obsessive, pathetic lowlife that you are. 

Kitty Fic: kyknophobia

kit and ty take a walk in the park - read on ao3

wrote a drabble and im super nervous but for my fav boys i defeated my fear

(warning for discussion on death/grief, los spoilers and swans)

please enjoy if you decide to read!!

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I hate this phrase..

“But you promised…”

This has to be my most hated phrase ever as of late next to ‘get over it already’.

Guys, please understand that promises can be broken for a variety of reasons. I mean, seriously, do I have to list the reasons why they can be or can some people not see past their own nose as to what’s going on in someone else’s world?

Unless you pay for something, nobody is obligated to fulfill a promise.

I’ve made some promises to people that I could do a RP for them, and when I tell them ‘no, I can’t anymore’, they still hound me about it keeping that phrase above my head like it’ll randomly change my mind.

People can and will change their minds about stuff all the time for (again) a variety of reasons. Also, guess what? People are actually not obligated to give you a reason as to why they cannot fulfill the promises they made.

Do understand that for me, personally, I try with all my heart and soul to fulfill every promise I make to people, but sometimes I just cannot give it all for everyone for personal reasons. There is no reason that people should hold that above my head. Understand that I am human, and I make mistakes when I don’t mean to and I make promises I cannot keep.

There is no binding contract with these words of ‘I promise’, and people need to understand this and just let it go.

Stuff piles up on my plate at a rapid speed, and I am doing everything I can to write and draw for myself and for others to keep them happy and content. However, everything sent my way, I am not obligated to do or respond to, but I will do my best. Just do not guilt me about it…ever!

As a gentle reminder: I think of you guys sometimes more than I do myself. Seeing others happy makes me happy, but again…there’s only so much of me I can push around the table.

Just as a disclaimer since I realize this has actually become kind of relevant for me lately;

I’m probably going to cut down on the Morality Debate™ threads. As much as I love interacting with people, and while I’m always up for debates, it gets kind of old to repeatedly write Sendak Versus Alien ( Probably A Human ) Verbal Debate featuring whatever topic, death, slavery, what-have-you because I already know pretty much the entire thread before it is even close to being finished. 

I already know how it’s going to go. Sendak is going to hold to his morally terrible opinion and the other character is going to hold to theirs and call him wrong and blah blah you’re a terrible person Galra are evil et cetera et cetera yadda yadda. All in all, the characters end up disagreeing because of course they do. If the thread has a plot beyond just that… then sure, but if the entire purpose is just to argue, I’m not going to bother with it. I know other people don’t have threads along those lines often, but I do a lot. It’s pretty much every other thread I have with not-Galra characters.

I really want to write with people, but I also don’t want my writing to just scream “I am bored,” and / or “I’ve done this plot a hundred thousand times already.”

orz I’m very very sorry but it’s gotten about as common for me now as how common the “imprisonment” plot was in the first few months I started my blog. 

Infinite Sundays 37/100

Summary: "Did you know that Sherlock and Molly lived together?“ said John, grin of disbelief still in place, face turning from Mike to her rapidly. "Yeah?” said Mike without missing a beat. Suddenly Sherlock and Molly sharing a flat during uni isn’t a secret anymore.

Status: WIP

Rated: Explicit

On AO3 or FFnet


Colourpop is restocking this palette on wednesday, June 28th. Retail price is $16

This palette is the first taste of Colourpop eyeshadows for me. I know, I’m late jumping on the bandwagon. I haven’t tried the Super Shock eyeshadows and I’m only just now trying the pressed shadows. I really didn’t know what to think of this palette. When I saw it online, I knew that I had to have it. That yellow is gorgeous! The warm tones are basically all that I use lately. So I knew this needed to be a piece in my collection. The $16 price sold me. I bought it the minute it released online. When it got to me and I swatched it, I was a little iffy. The shimmers swatched beautifully and some of the matte shades crumbled. These shadows are so soft. There is a lot of kick-up when using a brush, and I warn you to be careful while swatching. If you’re not careful then you’ll have chunks of shadow flying out of the palette. Now, let’s talk about performance. I was amazed at the pigmentation of the mattes. Holy smokes, that yellow blew me away! I almost lost my breath! The shimmers are incredible when used with a little bit of Fix Plus or other makeup spray. Sometimes shimmers need a little moisture to really pop. That’s average. I use Fix Plus on my more expensive and high end shadows too. The Colourpop shadows are so easy to blend. I didn’t have an issue with any of the shades I used. My favorites in the palette are the yellow tones and the bright tangerine/orange. The yellow toned shimmer is so bright. Seriously, every time I look in the mirror I’m a little taken aback. 1) I don’t think I’ve ever used a yellow eyeshadow so it’s different and so so pretty and 2) it’s so vibrant. 

My verdict for this palette: GET IT BEFORE IT SELLS OUT AGAIN!!

CONS: This palette is small, and the size of the shadows themselves are small. The packaging gets really dirty. The shadows have a lot of kick-up and the packaging is white. No mirror. 

PROS: Great for travel! This palette is so slim and small. You could take this with you anywhere and it’s really easy to store. Durable packaging and strong magnetic closure. 

for @fantasymythologyhistoryandfandom, some Pride Month feels 🌈💖🌈

He barely knows where in the city they are, aside from in a park. They’d caught a bus early in the morning, had breakfast with Dalish’s family, but he hadn’t paid much attention to their surroundings, too nervous too focus on anything much besides himself. Even when they’d reached the parade route, even when they’d been engulfed by the crowd, he still had trouble believing this could actually be happening.

Sera had grown up with this, had always known about Pride– the event, the concept, the emotion– and Dorian feels he might understand her a little better now that he finally stands in the center of it.

Pride– now that he’s there, there with other people like him, people who are proud to be like him– is overwhelming in the best ways. He knows he’s being quiet, uncharacteristically so, because Bull and Sera and even Krem keep asking him if he wants water or if he wants to go find somewhere to sit down.

But he doesn’t. He wants to be in the middle of everything, he wants to be engulfed by the noise and the movement, to be surrounded by all these people. He’s never felt so much a part of something. He holds onto Bull’s hand tightly, like he might float away if he doesn’t, caught up in the current of people and his own buoyant heart.

Bull smiles at him, and Dorian smiles back. He holds Bull’s hand in the middle of the day, surrounded by people, and he isn’t afraid. He feels like he belongs.

He feels like– like he knows the people across the street, who are moving through the crowd slowly, like they’re looking for someone.

Livia sees him first. She grabs Gereon’s arm and they all stare at each other between the waving flags and shouting people. It’s like a pocket of silence has opened around Dorian, and he takes a step forward. Livia has her cane, he sees, but it doesn’t look like her cane, because it’s wrapped in rainbow colors and has streamers dangling from the end.

Dorian stops in front of them, his heart in his throat. How they got here, he asks. When did they get here, how did they know he’d be here?

His words stumble over each other. He keeps noticing new things. Gereon is wearing a shirt that declares him the Proud Dad of a Gay Son– he must have bought it today– Livia is hugging him, and the feeling is so familiar it aches– he never let go of Bull’s hand– Felix looks healthy, and very smug– they’re here.

He looks at Bull, whose expression is studiously innocent, and Sera, who’s grinning manically, and then at Felix, who just smiles and wraps an arm around his shoulders, like he’s done a thousand times before.

silenced-papyrus  asked:

So i read your comic of Flowey Is Not A Good Life Coach(btw love it!!) and i was wondering, do you think that, since Papyrus said all that stuff to Sans at that one point where Paps was trying to leave for his guard duties and Sans wouldn't let him cuz he wanted to know what was wrong with him, do you think that later on he would feel extremely guilty for that? maybe even to the point where he might break down?

I think there was a misunderstanding around here.

Flowey is not a good life coach - is a fanfiction written by great and powerfull @unrestedjade Maybe that’s what you ment.

If you really ment comic - then i think you mean a comic by amazing @thefluffyslipper who makes a comic bit by bit based on the fic.

All I did, was make a comic named UNSPKN, that takes place AFTER the events of the main fic - and where i sure did addressed many things Papyrus did ;)

i was thinking of doing a brief 2 months on t video update tonight, as i have some time to myself, but i must either wait or do it sometime this weekend, as there currently are incredibly loud children outside and they. WILL. NOT. STOP. SCREAMING. 

unfortunately, there is nowhere i can move to in the apartment where the noise won’t be picked up by my phone or laptop.

in addition to the SCREAMING, there’s also banging on a metal pipe. and apparently, throwing rocks. one of the children’s parent is out there vaguely supervising, but he seems to be absolutely fine with the screaming, the banging, and the rock throwing. i don’t know whose parent he is, but man, i want the gift of being able to tune out the pipe-banging; that’s pretty fucking impressive.

in the event any of the children go back inside their respective homes any time soon (or in the event i end up making this video sometime this weekend), is there anything specific anyone wants to hear me talk about in my new voice? still as nasal as ever, but lower, and weirder, and 100% more unstable!

anonymous asked:

for some reason i assume you like ambient music, like not even the chiller stuff but the stuff that's like electronic screeching noises mixed with the sounds of machinery and stuff. maybe it's because your art makes me think of that sorta music?

tbh youre not far off there my pallio but still in reality I am much more of a pleb than ambient music

Is funny how history repeats itself, we are in the exact same position we were during Generation 5.

We were expecting a new game (Since CoroCoro hinted some big news for their next issue, this time is a Pokémon Direct) and the fandom was divided. Some wanted the Hoenn remakes because we got a lot of reference to Hoenn in Black and White plus some Hoenn focus merchandise (This is when #Hoennconfirmed was born kids). Others wanted a third version that was rumor and even trademark back then “Pokémon Gray”, Just like Pokémon Stars today.

Not to mention that some wanted the new games to be in the newest console that was the Nintendo 3ds and not in the Nintendo DS. Which is also a topic of discussion in the fandom with some want the new games to be on the Nintendo 3DS while others want them in the Nintendo Switch.

My favorite thing is when an idol’s face shows up on the screen and the fans begin screeching, but the idol doesn’t know why they’re screaming all of a sudden, but then they go to look at the big screen and see their face and find out they’re the reason for the cheers and then they get all shy and don’t know what to do and-

omg just idols being loved and them being surprised/baffled at the amout of love shown towards them


stranger things cast friendships: Millie Bobby Brown & Noah Schnapp

“Things I love about Millster: 1. Laughs at my jokes when no one else does. 2. Holds my hand when we’re watching scary movies. 3. Is the best prankster (one of them). 4. Is sooo cuaatee. 5. Is there for you no matter what. Love, Schnipper.”