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Let me take you down cause you’re going to…strawberry blog.
Yes my followers, it’s happening. I have made Strawberry Fields AU it’s OWN blog!
Now don’t worry, I’ll be posting SF AU things on mymain blog still but there will be some things that will be on the SF AU blog that won’t be on here (probably because I’m lazy).

Anywho… here it is my dears:
Go wild.

Strawberry Fields AU © Me
Art © Me

fun times ;PP (click on photo for better quality)

erro by @loverofpiggies

ikn by @comyet

aphroditelesbians, a lesbian blog built on excluding trans lesbians and bi wlw, has 1900 followers. I want to think that tumblr is better than this, and there are more trans inclusive blogs than exclusive on here. 

my goal for this blog is 2000 followers

yes, I know, that’s a lot, and I currently have 0 followers, but hopefully with a little dedication and enough positive reinforcement, I’ll still be able to spread love and happiness to my fellow trans and nb sapphics. 

anyone is welcome to follow, including non-lesbian and cis allies. I don’t know much about being a witch myself, and I just hope I have enough people surrounding me to guide me in the right direction. 

expect lots of trans/nb positivity, art, moodboards, and icons! I may take icon/moodboard requests in the future since I found a pretty decent online photoshop program that’s free!

together, let’s remind everyone what aphrodite is really about!

minsuswag  asked:

HELLO! I just found your blog and i can 100% say that im in love with your art they are the greatest thing ever! Also i hope you dont mind but i stalked you and probably saved all your arts. Dont worry though i wont repost or use it for bad purposes. AND (yes there is more) can you please give me some tips on drawing faces bcs ive been trying to draw bangtan for who knows how long but i still mess up their faces. I mean, like how do you make it so that it will resemble them? OK IM DONE THANK YOU

I apologize in advance for the people who will have to scroll past this (read more doesn’t really work on phone)
These are most of the things I keep in mind when I’m drawing them. There are some more but I can’t really explain them.
This is very much a sketch and I suck at explaining but hope it helps you.

In random order





JK (I struggle with his face too so this might not be very helpful):


Hairstyles and clothes also help make them recognizable. For example Hobi and Tae often have their hair parted in the middle and Jin has those pink hoodies.

Use references. Lots of references. They help a lot.

You can see the difference in the amount of explanation between Jin and the rest lmao. It’s because I started with him

* Chara hated humanity.
* Why they did, they never talked about it.
* But they felt very strongly about that.

(Static version)

this blog recently reached a certain milestone number of followers!!!
thank you all!!!! 14 yr old me would be super amazed and proud of me rn ; __; i’m very thankful fr all the support and love you guys have given to my art, i’m really amazed by all of it!!!

There is a thing about fandom mentality that baffles me.
Yes, fandoms change over time and the first big boom slows down. And for haikyuu the first boom definitely has cooled down.
And as I totally get how you can be sad over passed times and be nostalgic about how things were I feel it’s unfair to sit around and mope and complain that the fandom is dead.
I know some of the first big artists and writers have moved on and as said I understand if you miss the exciting times of a new fandom. But if you only look back and look sadly behind you and at the empty spot the artists who have left the fandom have left there you will never see what is happening all around you.
There are still new people coming and creating. There are still new fics and stories and new fanart with a new style.
Some people who have been around for 1 or even 2 years are still around and providing and keeping their stories going and alive.
There are still totally new and very fresh people entering the fandom who haven’t heard or seen any of the stories yet and are excited to get to know all.
But if you only look back and hold on to the old things you won’t be able to see all the new things. You won’t be able to enjoy all the things. And this is sad. And this is what discourage other artists and writers…and in the end I feel this is what makes a fandom dead.

Some of the early haikyuu art and fics are great and they have been important and I value them and I would never talk them down.
But it’s sad to see that they are still held up to such a praise that new things often can’t find their room. Even people who joined the fandom more recently still hold up to the old things.

Go look into the fresh tags. Don’t always look for most notes but for what is new or sounds good.
There are some great artists and writers among us who have been fighting and creating for over a year now but still haven’t found their ground cause you still rather be sad about someone who isn’t in this fandom anymore.

So if you are still motivated and interested in the fandom go out there and have an open mind and search for new blogs to follow and look into newer things! People still creating and posting new stuff every day!! With this a fandom can’t be dead!

Quick greyscale sketch of Samir before sleep.

He’s concerned.

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you still take requests for the colour palette challenge as you reblogged the post but your blog still says that requests are closed, but just in case maybe Merlin & Arthur in castle in the sky ? If your requests are closed I'm SO SORRY (also I love your art and you encourage me to keep practicing mine so thank you a lot)


Palette challenge sheet

Requests are now closed thanks!

anonymous asked:

so basically according to you it'd be ok for me, a lesbian, to run a blog called "the bisexual experience" despite not being bisexual, or what about "the-trans-label" as a cis person? the word lesbian is a word for women who are EXCLUSIVELY attracted to other women. i don't see why you can't just change your url if you want to reblog straight porn. it continues the society wide idea that lesbians all secretly like men too. even though you're not a lesbian, your blog is called that.

I’m getting really angry now. This is ridiculous. I’ve been dating girls and sleeping with girls exclusively since I was 14, not that I need to justify my ‘qualifiations’ for the URL I have. I’ve explained so many times why my blog is called the lesbian label and how it isn’t meant to be reflective of me but more a reflection of the labels people impose upon us. Like you are with me right now.
And also, can I just say that just because someone reblogs something doesn’t mean they are that. Just because I reblog something straight doesn’t mean I’m straight or that I want that. It means I appreciate that post for what it is and I’m reblogging it. Because i like women doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate other kinds of love. It also doesn’t mean I want that for myself, I can appreciate someone or something without wanting it. stop reading into everything I post and criticising me for it.
I have no desire to be with a boy, none at all. The only reason I don’t like defining myself as a lesbian is because at the end of the day I think we fall for who we fall for and I dont know what the future holds.And whether I was strictly 100% lesbian and only ever would consider being with a female or not, doesn’t change the fact I can still appreciate and reblog things that include males. For fuck sake, being a part of the queer community is all about inclusivity and open mindedness, not condemning people because they don’t fit the mould you want them to. There are different ways to be gay, none of them are any less valid than the other. There are different types of gay, none any less valid than the other. Yes I know what the word lesbian means but it’s not exactly like I’m promoting the hetrosexual agenda on my blog, almost everything I post is gay! I reblog pictures and art, some that are straight and that doesn’t change the validity of my sexual orientation or make me less gay because not all my posts are exclusively girl and girl. It just means I like the post. I’m not changing my URL because the word lesbian is in it. If you listen to me and how I made my URL you’d know why it is what it is. my whole life is about girls, I’m perfectly justified in naming it that. It’s a part of me, a part of how I came out, a part of how I found an escape on a website that for the most part (with the exception of messages like this) is about supporting and celebrating the differences in us and educating each other, building each other up, connecting through art across borders of all kinds, because at the end of the day we are all human beings worthy of love and respect.
Just because I’m gay in a different way to you and just because you might identify as a lesbian and for you that means all straight posts are gross and unworthy of being on your blog, doesn’t make me less gay. Sometimes posting something doesn’t mean I want that for me, it can be about objective appreciation. I’m honestly really sorry if I have offended anyone or you don’t get it or get what I’m saying. But please try to, please think about it for a moment. Please try to understand instead of criticise. And if you can’t understand what I’m saying then ok, you can either unfollow me cause that’s fine or just try to accept the fact that not everyone is going to feel the same way you do about porn, art, sexuality, life, etc so just shut up and respect it.

Thank you so much for your support for this tumblr blog, i have just reached 2,000 followers!

Question: Law is dressing up for their first date but where do you think should he take Luffy? 

A. Disneyland - A couple on a Ferris Wheel, yes?
B. Cat Cafe - Coz Luffy is cute and cats are cute. Put two cute things together. Let’s see how Law handles it.
C. Cinema - Horror movies. Because why not?
D. North Pole - Two things: Adventure and Aurora Borealis.

Name change! —>

This has been coming for a while now. I want to draw stuff outside of mlp and I’ve always felt that everything, including my pen name (because it’s the mod pony’s name), had been restricting the posts on this blog to only pony stuff. Don’t worry, I’ll still be posting mlp art. It’s just going to be mixed in with other art. Yes, I’ll tag everything so you can blacklist stuff as needed.

Anyway, I’ll start revamping the blog tomorrow.

Made this last night XD

I showed Julianne this and she said I drew them like they lost a bet to me. So ye!

Oswald: Why do we need to endure this?!

Mickey: Be quiet, Ozzy! Just endure it!

Felix: I have no dignity left

Bendy was gonna be in the corner laughing, but I thought, ‘nah’ I would have had a bonus thing where Boris was like, “Why are you laughing? You’re still Veronica.” XD

But here is a random thing I did!

I’m tempted to say tag your favourite Mickey, Oswald and Felix blogs, but that might scar some of them XD

Hi everyone some more the Loud House fan-art this time it is based-off……….. @captaindarko !!! 

Please do take a look at his fan-fiction The Prodigal Lincoln and its sequel !!! Be prepare for darkness and triggers…. most of all…..SUSPENSE!!!

If you like the romance, suspense, drama, dark horrors…..and YANDERE o you are in for a TREAT!!! ENJOY!!! 

Also still working on the style to use for the Loud House… Yes there are definitely many great artist drawing their own versions of the Loud House and I could use some advice from them or anyone about the style I should use for this. Please do comment, like and re-blog :D

Hello! We are happy to announce the opening of a new sports animanga blog, fyeah-dive. This blog dedicated to everything that is related to the new summer 2017 sports anime, DIVE!! by Eto Mori.

We will be tracking three tags: #dive!!, #dive!!anime, and #dive!!edit

  • please make sure one of these tags are in the first five tags of your post
  • visit our faq page if you do not see your work posted before sending us an ask

Are you going to recruit members? How many users will you end up recruiting?

  • no, not right now; i will post it when I deem the time is right and the blog is running smoothly.
  • I’ll probably have at least 3 admins (including myself) and some moderators to queue posts

Can we be affiliates?

  • Yes please! We are still a relatively new blog and we would like to get all the help we can! You can submit your icon to the blog directly^^

What will/won’t you guys reblog?

  • We will be reblogging graphics, gifsets, gifs, edits, fanart, official art- basically everything that is from the fandom.
  • The things that we won’t reblog is probably going to be fanfiction and text posts (unless they are from the official website/twitter)

That’s all the information I have right now! if you guys have anymore questions, please feel free to submit an ask!! I’m excited to get this blog started!

Please reblog this post and spread it around! I’d appreciate the help!

Ghost Gabber

Summery- every insult hides fear

A/N my part for the DP art/fic exchange for @greeneyeswhitehair , 1054 words (according to word)


“I am a ghost. Fear me” the ghost gabber droned on, the monotone female voice grated on Danny’s ears

“Ugh, I wish I could just destroy you” Danny’s grip on the offending device tightened,

“Ugh, I wish I could just destroy you. Fear me” it seemed to mock him, for a split second he contemplated crushing it right then and there. But no, his parents would just build a new one. Danny sighed, and started to walk towards the staircase that leads out of the lab. A sudden burst of cold ran up his spine and out his mouth, turning his breath a misty blue. Danny froze, a wave of dread washed over him.

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