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Skywalker Empire AU. Sith!Obi-wan started to dress in a lot of blood red; it seemed to be the only color he was seeing after order 66.



Cody saw a dead man amidst blaster bolts and flames. A dead man clad in the colors of blood and rust, the glare from the red lightsaber making his eyes hurt and his body froze.

“Do you miss me, Commander Cody?” The dead man said.

 “I’ve left you tossing and turning in your bunk at night, have I?”
 “In a manner of speaking. Which is why I bring it up. I’ll admit you have a knack for… surprising me.”

My Sith pureblood warrior and SWTOR’s Malavai Quinn! Despite (and perhaps because of) the *SPOILER* he’s one of my all time favorite romances. Thanks again to @magistra-ludi and @i-am-medea for getting me into SWTOR!

KEEP YOU SAFE // masterlist

Request: Not sure if you’re taking requests, or if you’ve written something like this before. If so for either, my apologies. But could you write something where Kylo had previously dated someone and had a child with them, but they died in child birth and the child didn’t make it soon after either. And that’s why he turned to the dark side. And then the reader comes along and they fall in love/she gets pregnant and it restores the light in him. Sorry if it’s too much.

A/N: Thanks for the request, anon! I didn’t expect it to be so long, but it ended up being that way…anyways, enjoy! Requests are open once again :)

Warning: None

Word Count: 6.8K+

Heavy panting filled the stark bedroom as the bed creaked with every toss and turn. Sweat rippled down the pale forehead of the man who had found himself cemented into a nightmare he wished to never experience again. Gripping tightly onto the silky, ebony sheets as his fists clenched harshly onto the soft material with every weep, Kylo couldn’t seem to find a way out of the misery his mind projected him in.

Ben!” The soft wail echoed in his head, heavy breathing and crying mixing within the sound of his own. “Ben, please!” Watching the blurred figure cry out in her broken state, Kylo only felt his heart breaking with every tear that slipped down the young womans cheek. “Ben…Ben…Ben!

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anonymous asked:

so... I've been reading pharmercy fanfictions for 4 hours straight now and I can't stop. Would you be so kind and tell me your favourites :P? Widowtracer is also allowed on my reading-spree!

Yes, my favourites are The Stars Our Destination by Commander RoastedWolf, Sleep Sound by Viceterships, and it’s not really straight out romance, but Aa’ilah by @pentacass (and if you like that, she’s writing a prequel that focuses on Ana Amari called Halycon Days which, despite the fact I’m very behind on chapters for, is fabulous so far). 

Re: Widowtracer, I’m going to assume you’ve read everything by @mizuaoi, and if you haven’t, start with Fly on the Wall, and London Calling by Sectoboss. 

My own fanfic list is here, and my favourites are East End, Clear Skies Ahead and No Pulse