yes this is old af

“Eww imagine Zarkon being the father of lotor???? That means he dID IT WITH SOMEONE,, EWWWwW!!1!”

Yes. Zarkon is Lotors father. 



sorry for the rant but like;;;; he don’t even look ugly wtf. Yes, he is old af, but he doESNT LOOK A DAY OVER 35 AND IDC IF YOU CALL ME OUT FOR THIRSTING OVER GALRA I KNOW YOU SECRETLY DO TOO.

rant over. 

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this is so random (i apologize) but i just saw a thing and you said you were Cantonese and you dont know me but ITS SO GOOD TO KNOW THAT WE ASIANS ARE INDEED REAL PEOPLE that sounds weird BUT MOST OF MY INTERWEB FRIENDS ARE #whiteAF AND IM SO EXCITE TO KNOW THAT SOMEONE ELSE ALSO SPEAKS MANDARIN BECAUSE WOW WE ARE RARE ON THIS STRANGE BLUE WEBSITE this has nothing to do with Voltron im sorry


I’ve been reading some of the cyber bullying anons in this fandom lately and let me just say that yes I’m old AF compared to most ppl on this site and yes i would freak the fuck out if I met Billie Joe. Maybe not in his face, but that would be a life changing moment for me because I’ve looked up to him for so long. Anyone meeting their idol would have some sort of nervous reaction. Just because some people express themselves a certain way or even just express their happiness doesn’t make them less of a fan or something, or a teeny bopper. Let them have their moment, it’s all fun. If you think Billie, Mike or Tré doesn’t like that I’m pretty sure you’re wrong, they live for that kind of stuff and they adore their fans. It’s just really sad to see some “fans” tear down other fans. Everyone has different experiences, why be bitter and sour. If it’s not your style, just ignore it. ✌🏻💚

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Would you be interested in getting a picture of my doggo? She's 2 years old and cute af


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about the nudity - i hadnt heard of this, but im hoping its an adult ??? if its the girls, im going to be very disappointed as theyre under 18 and thatd be creepy af

YES ong I think it’s probbaly seras old tiddies like I doubt they’ll have young teen girls with their boobs out isn’t that like illegal anyways? also ashly burch didn’t suck all that dick for there to be child porn in the game

The Signs As Book Dedications













things that bother me about Ben 10: Omniverse
  1. overall character redesign. gwen looking exactly like she did at age 10 at now, 16 or 17 makes me uncomfortable. I loved both the AF blue and UA red but I don’t get why she’s wearing the same exact thing she used to. kevin’s even worse, him looking like her does, with the bike lock- which for those of you who don’t know, that’s the first thing he ever stole when he ran away to New York- but it makes no sense for him to wear it after his reform, isn’t all of AF and part of UA kevin showing he isn’t what he used to be? also he has the darkness around his eyes which is a heavy continuity error because he’s only supposed to get that if he’s absorbed energy aka evil kevin again. ben just looks like a hyperactive 10 year elf, the real question is when will that boy grow?
  2. the idea that they’re dumbing it down. yes, the series was originally intended for, well, ten year old boys, but AF and UA really showed such a lovely darker, more complex plot that both a younger and older audience could enjoy. I used to be able to defend myself when I told people I watched ben 10, but now, there’s an alien of legos and I’m embarrassed to even watch the few episodes of Omni I have.
  3. Lack of overall concept usage. I got into Ben 10 season 2ish of AF so I knew what was coming next after AF and the same for UA. when I read the concept for Omni I was really excited, the idea of having two interlocking universes of the time gap sounded great. But they’ve done nothing with it. I wanted to see little Ben yell at big Ben for the some of the choices he made, for breaking every watch ever and letting Kevin into the group. I wanted baby Kevin shocked and slightly appalled of Kevin’s reform and older Kevin chuckling and deciding it would be best to just let him figure it out on his own. and most of all, the gwevin shipper in me coming to the surface, I wanted the reaction of both younger gwen and kevin to their soon to be relationship because that’s actually a really funny thing if you think about it because they both just mutually hated each other when they were younger but had little contact and hated each other because of their relation to ben and their relationship was the biggest curve ball early AF brought in context of the original series.
  4. Rook.
  5. Gwen’s anodite reboot. I hate the new meshing of Lucky Girl and Gwen’s alien bloodline. it’s so unnecessary and takes out a huge chuck of Gwen’s character. having her be an anodite , but then only leading up to that reveal with a shown interest in magic was great but making them be one in the same is dumb. the original anodite design is beautiful and simple and I love it but when’s wearing the Lucky Girl costume I actually feel second hand embarrassment, I don’t understand this obsession with making Gwen be so much like her original character. it’s like reverse maturing.
  6. Also completely changing everything about Kevin’s good backstory on he wants to be good and now his Dad’s fake and he isn’t even an alien hybrid and I’m so angry about this one I’m not getting into it. oh, and his car.
  7. The new awkward goofiness than seems so outdated an forced because the show grew up an matured and on ha a good balance of mild goofiness and seriousness and now it’s geared so onl5 year old boys with a IQ of 20 can enjoy it and I don’t understand that.
  8. Makin Gwen, Kevin and Ben fit stupid character type stereotypes. The uptight nerd, the dumb tough guy and whatever ADHD infused thing they made Ben. Remember when Kevin wanted to get his GED and Ben struggled with how to handle Ultimate Kevin and we saw how stressful Gwen’s life was?
  9. Taking out Gwen and Kevin to have the Rook and Ben thing then having this really weird, forced, poorly though out way to throw them back in to save face. 
  10. Reusing plots. poorly.

that’s really all I to say, I gave up on the show after the first episode I’ve only wanted like since so some stuff may be little off but i just really hope they fix the show to make it something Dwayne would be proud of again

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i just thought about hufflepuff!edmund and it's beaut. ed sneaking out to the kitchens after curfew to eat turkish delight, ed teaching little lucy to play quidditch and being her loudest cheerleader when she plays for gryffindor. edmund becoming rlly popular and is just super kind and sweet. all of the pevensies sitting at different house tables daily and just being so precious. edmund being a pro at defence against the dark arts THE LIST IS ENDLESS HELP


  • 11 years-old edmund being confused af because he never thought about being in hufflepuff
  • he’s kinda sad because his brother and sister are in cool houses
  • but then he starts making friends and it just feels right
  • i feel like he’d bring a owl as a pet
  • he also pulls a lot of pranks onto whoever is the caretaker at that time
  • edmund also being friends with aravis who’s in slytherin
  • and she kinda want to fight all the time so he has to stop her
  • “i can kick this idiot’s ass let me go ed!” “no ! i’m not spending one more night polishing trophies because of you”
  • edmund never being able to tie his tie correctly
  •  during the holidays the pevensies siblings all sit at the same table
  •  edmund’s favorite class is defence against the dark arts
  • on his 4th year he’s finally a part of the quidditch team as a chaser
  • jill is in ravenclaw and during her her 5th year she’s so nervous about the o.w.l exams and edmund has to calm her down
  • edmund being a part of the gobstone club
  • imagine his first time at zonko’s joke shop where he buys everything and plans pranks on peter and eustace
  • he’s also super surprised when he’s chosen to be prefect of his house
  • and taking his role very seriously
  • edmund being patient and sweet with first years because he knows it can sometimes be challenging
  • just edmund being the loyal and funny hufflepuff he is