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does that last ask means you ship Bakugou x Ashido??? Will you ever draw anything related to them?


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"Keep count. If you lose it, we’re starting over. Understand?” X Cameron Dallas

“Keep count, if you lose it we are starting over, understand?” x Cameron Dallas

“Four.” I panted as overstimulation set in on my ever pulsating pussy
“You still have three more baby.” Cameron remarked, catching his breath
I felt his cock tease my entrance and begin again, as I’d honestly lost count, I don’t even think that was four.
“Keep count babe, if you lose it we are starting over.” he said, thrusting harder
“Y/N, understand? ” Cam growled and gripped my throat
“Yes sir.” I moaned
“Uh five.” I groaned as my weak body, just wanted his sweet torture to be done
“Had enough?” he asks
“No sir, I was a bad girl.” I pant
“Good.” Cam said

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Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue

“It’s good to see you again, Inquisitor. It has been too long.”


Last Order’s Zack ‘Touch My Chocobo Boy I Dare Ya (ง •̀_•́)ง’ Fair appreciation post


Tooru and Hajime’s relationship in the Adulthood au

Part 2

Originally, I wanted to do five illustrations but I’m in my finals, so… Also these pictures are entirely dedicated to ichigomaniac whose help has been a gift. In other words, thank you so much Lissa, I’m drawing them thanks to you (/)///(\) 

Also Iwaizumi’s playing and singing a cover of this song