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Mornings with Dean

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Genre : Fluff 

Word Count : 1659

A/N : This is just a scenario that my friend wanted me to write for her & yes I did put myself in my own scenario … because i can . - . ( fight me ) and i decided to just post it on here :) i hope you guys enjoy ! <3 

You wanted to wake up with the birds singing and the sun warming up your little toes, not your phone vibrating against the table. The sound resonating in the quiet morning as if it was an earthquake. You groaned as you slung your arm towards the table, grabbing your phone.

You had a rough day at work last night, having to help your best friend Christian with a music video he was directing for the oh so popular, Kim Jiwon or Bobby as his stage name claimed to be. The Whole crew had gathered together to begin filming at 12 pm and Christian had announced that the first half of the video should be filmed and done by 9 pm, but that didn’t go as planned:

Bobby was late by 4 hours resulting in the promised time to be pushed back, they argued over each other’s ideas, and the set had just decided to fall apart on top of you…literally. You were lucky enough to walk away from it without any injuries, only a few minor scratches here and there.

“ Hello? ” you groaned through the device, not even bothering with checking the caller ID.

“ Hey it’s Christian, meeting is at four but I told the prick to meet us at 12. How’re you feeling? ” “ I’m feeling it now” you grumble, stretching a bit feeling the soreness in the legs.

He chuckles, “ Sorry its early but Linda and I had to take Lori to the Vet for her checkups and I needed to kill time. ” You hear another voice in the background, most likely Linda’s, “ Alright I’ll let you go back to sleep. Oh and Don’t forget to take pain killers, it’s going to be another long night. I’ll call if there’s anything else. ” You let out hum of agreement before hanging up and checking the time, letting out an aggravated groan: 7:00 am.

You threw your phone back on top of the table, before turning back into the bed. You nearly got a heart attack, body shaking from the scare; Hyuk was here, sound asleep. You let out whispers of curses, clutching onto your chest as you tried to settle your heart down. You haven’t seen him in what feels like years when really, he was only gone for a couple of months, 2 to be exact.

It was always like this whenever he needed to get songs done for the album. he’d pack his belongings and would camp in his studio, letting the receptionist know not to let you into his studio no matter what. There were the rare occasions you did get to see him, through the screen of your phone. He’d always FaceTime you in the middle of filming. Christian would spot the brightness of your phone and would immediately call it a day, using “ he needs you ” as an excuse. Even though he wasn’t wrong because Facetiming nights were always the hard nights.

Hyuk would be at his breaking point. He’ll always FaceTime you whenever he was extremely stressed out and it always broke your heart to see the effect of it. But Despite looking so wrecked, he’ll never express it. “ I need my Muse. ” and that’s all he says before you tell him about your day, in hopes it’ll ease his mind a bit. And here he was, in your bed, the duvet only covering half of his body, exposing his bare back, as his arm laid across your lap.

You watch as his upper body would rise and then fall, lips slightly parted, some parts of his hair sticking up in different directions, and a few strands falling down his forehead. You notice he’s wearing the pair of earrings you got him for his 20th birthday but you also notice something else: the art that had covered parts of his neck and shoulder. Was this even real? You wondered.

It might have been fake for his music video or something. You thought. You cautiously reached your hand over and scratched at the piece of art, wondering if any pieces would fall off, but they didn’t. Hyuk mumbled a bit, slightly smacking his lips, before the arm that was on your lap gripped at your thigh and pulled you in closer to him. You almost screamed due to the sudden action, you clutched onto your chest as you had to calm your breathing for the second time. You went back to examining the tattoo, when did he even get this? Why hasn’t he told you about it? More importantly, what did it even represent? I’ll have to ask when he gets up.

Pushing the thought aside you moved your attention to his face, the face of the man that you oh so desperately had wanted to see. You pushed the strands of hair that had covered his face aside, letting your hand linger on his cheek. He was only gone for two months yet, it’s as if he had aged within those months. His eye bags more prominent than before, he’d managed to lose the baby fat on his cheeks, his jawline was noticeable and you began worrying if he had forgotten to eat his meals. Despite not wanting to see you, you still sent in daily reminders to make sure he eats and you know he sees them. You had to beg him to put the read recipient on for you:

“ It puts my heart at ease when I know you’ve seen my messages at least.” You stated.

You laid back down, only for him to bring your body against his. Feeling his heat transfer onto your body and your glad it isn’t summer, otherwise you’d have to push him away.

Precious, is what you’d describe him asleep. You wanted to protect him and shower the man with love, you blame his baby like features.
Easygoing yet determined, is what you’d describe him personality wise. Hyuk has never gotten mad at you, even when you had accidentally deleted one of his songs he had been working on. You remember apologizing countless of times and Instead of screaming at you, he just looked at you with an expression that wasn’t describable. He was probably choking you in his mind and maybe throwing you out the window but he nonchalantly shrugged, “ it’s okay babe, it sucked anyways. ” He ended up staying up all night writing a big hit for VIXX, Voodoo Doll. Hyuk’s been composing songs even before the two of you began dating, even managing to collaborate with the big artists such as your good friend Hyoseob or Crush, Zico, he even co-wrote Beyoncé’s song Halo. You couldn’t help but feel proud, a huge smile cascading over your features as you planted a kiss on his parted lips. After realizing what you’ve done, you let out a light gasp. You’ve never initiated a kiss before, scared that you might come off desperate or clingy. You glance over at his face in hopes you didn’t wake him, but he simply lets out a small groan. Initiating a kiss wasn’t bad, it felt … Good, it made you feel … Cool.

A smirk taking over your face at the sudden idea. You gave him a peck on the lips again and when you noticed no reaction you gave him one on the nose before continuing to pepper kisses across his face. Hyuk merely groaned before rolling onto his back, left hand arm covering his face. Given the opportunity, you sat on top of him; legs on both sides of his waist before peppering his face again with kisses, trailing them down his neck, grazing over his new tattoo, and down his chest before trailing back up. Only to be met with sleepy eyes Hyuk. You giggled nervously, “ morning ” before he rolls the two of you over, smothering you in kisses as he hums, “ what did I do to deserve to be woken up so lovely? ” You stuck out your tongue towards him before he begins smothering you with kisses again.

He touches noses with you before he kisses you on the lips, hands gripping your waist as yours are around his neck. It’s the kiss you’ve been waiting for, for two whole long months. The kiss is slow and sensual, he’s running his hands up and down your waist occasionally squeezing them. You break away from the kiss to catch your breath but Hyuk isn’t letting up.

He kisses down your jaw and down to your neck, tugging at the skin from there and on your shoulder. “ God I missed this, ” he whispers into your ear before latching himself onto the crook of your neck. You let out a gasp, running your fingers through his hair. “ and this. ” he says before bringing his attention back onto your lips and by this time he’s already grinding into you. “ I missed you. ” he says, stopping everything as he looks you into your eyes. He sits up tugging you along with him so that your positioned on his lap, legs on either side. He runs his fingers through your hair before he lets them linger on your cheek. No words are exchanged as the two of you continue to stare at each other.

He breaks the blissful moment before squishing your cheeks together and giving you a peck on the lips. He’s a giggling mess as he notices the shock on your face and you just watch the way his eyes disappear when he laughs. You cross your arms, turning your head to the side as you pout. He riles you up only to leave you hanging.

He lets out a sigh of content before, turning your head to meet his gaze. It goes silence once again and he brings you down for another kiss, “ I’m home, love.”

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Caity Lotz answers Fan Questions

My favorite parts:

Caity: *fake crying* Someone said I failed this cityy!
Caity: “Do I do my own stunts? Yes, I do all my fighting do I also have an amazing talented double who does a lot of the stuff for me, like smashing through windows or something - we’re not allowed to do everything cause if I get hurt we’ll be in big trouble”
Caity: Reads fan question, “Can you have my babies? No, probably not.”
Caity: “Describe my friendship with Katie Cassidy? We live together. We’re like real sisters. She’s been really busy, it’s great for her. She’s shooting a lot of indie movies, She was just in Boston, hopefully I’ll get to see her tonight when I come home.”
Caity: “Noo, I will never sing in a group again. - that was enough for me.” laughs
Caity: “Where is Emily? She is on Arrow - this is Legends of Tomorrow.”
Caity: “You guys are wonderful people - so sweet!. Oh some people are saying some meaannn stuff too.” Laughs and brushes it off. 
Caity: “Oh notice me - I notice you guys! You guys are saying notice me and I do. I see every stuff and I read your comments and I try to answer some of them.”
Caity: “The Arrow costume? I don’t think Stephen would let me borrow it.”
Caity: “Maisie and I were watching food Inc. In my trailer, which was really depressing.” 
Caity: “Okay I gotta go cause I need to figure out what else I’m doing with my life - but yeah, nice trailer right?” 
Caity: “I can ask Grant, I don’t know if he would do one of these. He seems pretty private, huh? But I like him, he is a sweetheart.” Sweet smile.

anonymous asked:

Hello! May I please request a match-up? I'm a 5'3" straight female and is a Sagittarius. I don't talk much around strangers, and kind of awkward at first. But I'm pretty chill and outgoing around my friends and is usually the one to crack a lot of (perverted) puns and jokes (yes, I have a really dirty mind). I'm also kind of a flirt when I'm in the mood. Because of my resting bitch face, I keep being mistaken for being grumpy and people often tell me to smile more. (And I hate it) [1/3]

I’m pretty blunt and sarcastic when I’m angry. But generally a kinda fun person to be around with when I’m in a good mood. I play video games (mostly JRPGs and fighting games), drawing, and baking when I have the time. I practice martial arts (thanks to my shit childhood). And I really, really love singing. I used to join the Choir Club when I was little but I stopped because I kept being picked on for ‘singing too much’. (I still sing when no one’s around though, heheh.) [2/3]

I’m that type of person who would love to try everything at least once. (because why not :p) I’m very protective of my friends and family. And I won’t hesitate to beat the crap out of someone if they try to hurt any of them. I’m not good with advice but I always try to give people emotional support when they need it.  That’s all. Thank you! ^^ [3/3]

You know what? You’re totally getting Gyro Zeppeli!

It just clicks. It just does. (at least for me, like, totally, dammit); okay so maybe since you’re kind of silent around strangers while Gyro is quite cocky at first I think you both would actually come off as rather rivals at first (you wouldn’t like his cocky personality, he wouldn’t get your serious face). But as you two get to know each other and seeing how your personality actually shifts when you come to terms w/ him you actually do become more.. (howdoiexpressthisinenglish) compatible? Like, just imagine the two of you cracking jokes together as people around you do the biggest facepalm (except for diego who takes it as a challenge) and also you two having the best singing battle any time any of you is up to you. Picture your bitch face being greeted by a Gyro who wants to make you smile  even though he knows it’s just a part of you (and honestly just does it to bug you a little) and so he smiles himself with his weird-ass Go! Go! Zeppeli teeth.

I’m internally tearing up because I just don’t know but I ship you two so much together why do I think you go so well :’)

pretendthisiswitty  asked:

I have issues copying the emojis, but let's say... every 4th one!

💃: Height measurement?

🐲: Favourite video game(s)?
Uncharted series. Indiana Jones in video game form?? Hell yes 😜

👑: Biggest idol?
Oh gosh, I’ve no idea! I don’t really have idols, tbh.

💥: Ever got in a fight?
Yes, once at school, with a girl who just really didn’t like me. We were working in the computer room on a chemistry project and me and my friend had finished first in the class, and she crawled under the table and unplugged the pc! I dived at her and we had to be broken up by the chemistry teacher 😬😂

👻: Country you live in?

⚜️: Name your 3 favourite tumblr blogs!
Oh gosh…I can’t narrow it down, but I’ll name check you @pretendthisiswitty and @sebstanmoviesandtv because you’re both great friends of mine and wonderfully talented writers/people in general 💋

🌸: Speak any languages?
English is the only language I’m fluent in, and that’s terrible on my part. I should go back to learning German, or Italian. I’m constantly blown away by bloggers on here who come from all corners of the earth but speak perfect English 💜

funhaus quotes rp meme.
  • "can you own a fuckboy?"
  • "either you burn out, or fade away. i did both."
  • "i've seen the video; you become someone's bitch."
  • "grab me the butt-plug."
  • "we come bringing disease!"
  • "mom, my dads are fighting again."
  • "you have to revel in the trash to appreciate the better."
  • "we don't have to live in sin anymore!"
  • "yes, it's garbage, but it knows that it's garbage."
  • "i'm a dick. i'm moving to the moon."
  • "it was extremely flattering, if not very confusing."
  • "what a move!"
  • "i wanna be an actor."
  • "my eyebrows are the source of my power."
  • "why is it always gay porn?"
  • "shit in a box and send it to his family."
  • "there's no room for modesty!"
  • "it's like digging through a dumpster."
  • "i want to be a gynecologist for supermodels."
  • "steve jobs is dead, it doesn't matter."
  • "where's the free coffee?"
  • "it's like a student art film."
  • "i wanted to simulate the smell of the african sahara."
  • "a dude, another dude, some chick, and a bear."
  • "i used this dildo, and it feels great."
  • "they don't own my asshole."

So I had this pain in my neck and back all day and I didn’t know where it came from, so I told my roommates and they said to me “well as you know we went to a concert yesterday and instead of walking, you jumped. For 4 miles. And all the way to there you were screaming “WALKING IS OVERRATED”’. 

Moral: don’t drink and try to impersonate a kangaroo.

Barry: *getting his ass kicked and mind fucked by Grodd*

Barry: *is like really close to getting hit by a train*

Iris: Barry, you need to concentrate on my voice, whatever is happening to you- you need to fight. I know how strong you are, stand up to Grodd, PLEASE. Barry- do it for ME.

Barry: *closes his eyes* 

video montage of all the precious westallen moments.

Barry: *snaps out of Grodd’s mind control* Iris.

me: *crying and on the floor*

I put a Spell on you

Hey! Well, I really dislike gore, I really do. It makes me sick and let me feel like shit. But yes, I watched “Hannibal”. God, it was hard. But it filled me with surprise because in the end they really became lovers. While watching the finale, my heart was beating so hard like I would fight against a mighty end boss in a video game. XD Hannigram is canon… just wow. It’s all a crazy shit but I kinda love those two together. Sooo haha I really hope that you will like this pic and that you will have a great day/night! <3

I’ve spent way too long re-watching Pokémon: Indigo League (yes, the original is the best, I will fight anyone who disagrees) and YouTube videos of people playing Slime Rancher and City Skylines. I think this means I’m a certified grandfather student, right? My best friends are the E. coli that depend on me for their survival in their petri dish prisons.

I’m joking, by the way. About what? Well, you’ll have to find out. Happy Tired Tuesday, everyone. This mad scientist is about ready to sign off and sleep through until March.

Dan & Phil

Dan and Phil. I bet these two names would be sufficient to get your attention. Now, I know that the phandom will kill me for saying this (I will kill me for saying this as I am also the phandom), but watching these two makes me sad.

Now hear me out… I was born in 1994. I am of their age-group and am a very dedicated fan. But whenever I binge watch their videos, I can’t help but feeling sad and helpless and… jealous. Yes. They make me jealous.

Oh how I wish I had a roommate as understanding and supportive as Phil, or how (doesn’t matter if they’re cannon or not) I strive to find a partner with the same dynamics as them. How I feel sad that they’re doing what they wanted to do and here I am, a 22 year old guy about to graduate, still fighting my parents for the most basic freedoms that I have yet to experience. How I so want to experience the feeling of joy that you get when you realize that someone other than your family cares deeply for you. How I know that as an introvert I will possibly blow up all the opportunities I get to meet this possible friend by being too shy to talk at all, and how as a survivor of abuse (yes, cis-males get abused, shocker) I know that I may never ever be confident enough to fight for my rights or to show my creative side. Writing is the only thing I feel like I can do, and still I face horrible demons in real life while trying to make my career choices a reality (I have never written any smut/fanfics).

So I am going to take this envy, and as a dedicated fan, channel it as a driving force to work and find that happiness like they did. Dan and Phil will always be my envy, but only as a source of inspiration.


160608 Jackson’s Interview for Netease Entertainment

J: Hello Netease Entertainment friends, I am Wang Jia Er~! Jackson. You can call me Jiajia~ What’s up! Are you well today? Also today and tomorrow are college entrance exams! All the students need to jia you (fighting/do your best)! Study well, get a good grade, to uh… make your mom and dad proud! Yes!  

I: For a show called “Let’s Fight Male Gods” this time, what’s your personal standard of a male god?

J: My personal standard of a male god. Uhh… actually I…  standard for a male god? My standard for a male god? Is it when I look at other men? I really don’t know. I’m only a… I’m myself, not a male god. 

I: Mm. Then when you were young, did you have any male god idols growing up? 

J: Uhh are you saying my idols? I did. My idol when I was young was uh… I liked a singer. I don’t know if you know (him). Omarion. Sorry (the interviewer didn’t know). Hahaha~

I: When it comes to the physical or mental components of the show, which do you feel you are better at? 

J: If I say physical strength, would it mean I have no IQ?

Manager: Correct.

J: Ahh then…. I think. Because, because, it’s not because I have no brain. It’s just I feel that Wang Kai ge (mispronounces twice). Wang Kai ge, sorry. Wang Kai ge and the geges, they know how to think better. Just more mature, more able to log-

Manager: /helps Jackson with the word/ Logic.

J: /teases his manager who’s off screen/ Who is it that’s talking to me? Who is it that’s talking to me? Oh~ They have logic. They will think things. Very mature geges; just I feel, those things that require using your brain and thinking, I’ll leave to the geges. And then I’m the little brother. Everything is… just body, (anything that requires physical strength) I’ll do that part.  

I: Mm. You participated in Real Men, Law of the Jungle, and are continuing to develop in variety, do you feel these variety shows are a big help to you? Anything you (learned) that could be used towards today’s show?

J: Oh I think…. the biggest help to me is the fact that I used to be a fencing athlete. Just physically. I’m still pretty - pretty - impressive (in that aspect). Because my thighs from the lower half of my body are stronger.  

I: Mm. Then within the contestants, is your physical strength the greatest? Looking at the results from today’s recording?

J: Today I didn’t feel… I felt that all five of us were rather good, our physical strength were all rather good. We could run, we could endure, and what is it uh… strength! Self-defense! We had everything, I feel.

I: Then do you feel having this experience as an athlete has helped in terms of teamwork or stamina? 

J: Right. I think I just said earlier that my time as an athlete helped me a lot with this program.

I: Mm. Jia Er, you’re actually already known as one of the big four MCs of Bilibili (video hosting site) right? Then between MC-ing and competing as a contestant like today, which do you feel is more challenging?

J: Umm… can you say it one more time? It’s Bilibil’s–?

I: Bilibili’s four big MC.

J: Are you saying– /manager interjects to help again/ – Who is it that’s talking to me? There’s a male person. Who? Who? Do you know who?

I: Umm-

J: I don’t know. But where is it (coming from)? And then? It’s… you’re asking me if it’s more difficult being an MC or doing this challenge?

I: Yes.

J: I think both have their own challenges. Just – for an MC you have to – to be honest I’m not really a so-called “MC”. I’m just…. just being myself. There’s nothing like I must be an official/certain kind of MC or certain kind of contestant. And there’s nothing like I have to go out of my way to do anything especially well. I just have to be myself. If I’m sincere, if I’m sincere to the viewers, then I feel that’s good.

I: Mm. Regardless of if it’s Go Fridge or in entertainment, you’ve made a lot of friends.

J: Right.

I: Can you share some of your secrets of making friends? Because there could be a lot of–

J: To be honest there aren’t any secrets. Others (would say) – I don’t know what it is – “What kind of techniques do you use Wang Jia Er? What kind of techniques? Reveal (some). That allowed you to make so many friends”. To be honest there’s not anything in particular, I feel I just very naturally became friends. Just if you’re sincere/heartfelt to others, they’ll be the same to you I feel. 

I: Mm. Since you frequently come here (China), who do you consider to be a friend of higher importance?

J: Important friend is… Since the beginning until now, I’ve felt He gege is the most precious friend to me and the one who understands me most. That’s right. He gege.

I: Where has he helped you?

J: Umm he would – There are a lot of things where – for example, the different points between when I do variety in Korea and when I do variety in China. And ahh what else – for example, when doing a show, gege would take care of - organize - content and such. I would watch next to him and then gege would teach me. Sometimes when I miss the point (as in cues and talking points), gege will also help – just tell me ‘it’s like this’ – not teach me, but he’ll do it for me to see. And then I would know, 'Ahh so it was like this’. Just, to me it’s a very big help.

I: Mm. You won the SBS Entertainment Rookie Award in 2014. Then in doing entertainment, what gives you the most pressure? 

J: The biggest pressure is…. I don’t know if I can say this, but I’ll just speak very honestly. It’s actually, to be honest – it’s an entertainment show right? A show is a show done in front of cameras. But I feel the biggest pressure is – you would have a burden that is 'the camera is in front of you’. You’ll (think) 'you must do well!’ 'You must make it very funny!’ So you’ll do some things intentionally. That I feel is a very big pressure. I feel that it should be (that you’re the at your) most relaxed – don’t think that there are cameras, be yourself. I feel that’s what would give a natural outcome.

I: Mm. Jia Er, you appear like an outgoing/happy person in front of cameras. But everyone has times when they’re sad–

J: Of course.

I: –what do you do to cope with your depression?

J: I would uh… just with He ge– for example with He gege, I would tell He gege. Or I would tell my friends. Or I would would think by myself. Right.

I: Mm. From recording to performing, it’s typically family and fans who help decrease weariness. Are they the most important people to you?

J: Of course. My parents are - no matter when - the most important in my life. And there’s also others - apart from my parents - there are others - the people who love me, the people who like me, (the people who) protect– the people who continuously support me. Just– I feel (those people) are also very, extremely precious.

I: Mm. Then how do your dad and mom evaluate your performance in entertainment?

J: Umm… Mom is – Mom and Dad both think it’s very good, but sometimes they would be afraid if I’m too tired (/if it’s too tiring). ‘If I work too long, will I fall sick?’ Just – they would be worried about things related to my health. But they’ve always been very supportive of me. Right.

I: Since you’re often filming shows in China, would GOT7 members do anything to show support?

J: Do you mean support?

I: Yes.

J: Just – for example, when I’m going to check in. When I’m going to my check in, sometimes – when I depart is when they’re sleeping. And then they would wake up – I would ride the plane and when I get off the plane, I would see on my phone our GOT7’s – our GOT7 family’s – that’s the members – (have sent me) “Jackson, jia you” “Jiajia—” “We know it’s very it’s very hard on you” We know it’s very hard on you but… “hurry back. We’ll go eat good things.” Just - just very simple phrases but how to say this – it warmed my heart. That’s how I feel.

I: Since GOT7 received first place on all three major music shows this year, do you feel you’ve achieved your music dream?      

J: No. I feel it’s a beginning. Because um… we only received first place now – and then – it’s only now we’ve let the public see that GOT7 is this kind of style. And then in the future albums to come, we’ll keep showing the public what kind of colour GOT7 is, what kind of style. Just what our style is. We’ll continue to let others see. Until (mispronounces) – is it until? – until! Until everyone knows our GOT7’s music.    


Here’s me and my friend’s dance cover to I NEED U~

NOTE: This is merely was a submission for the ASC Hangout. Its not our official one since it hasn’t been fully edited yet (we didn’t have time bc we had to go watch the Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight lmao) but I hope you enjoy anyways!