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“What? Two posts in one day??” I’m distracting myself ok?

Two of my favorite things ever, meet in an AU I’ve been calling Corpse Star bc @dvvkroh is a genius ((first 3 are basically done, the rest are WIPs, with even more to come! I’m very excited about this!))

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Undertale Aesthetics: Waterfall

(You hear a passing conversation.)

Yo everyone planning to watch Ok Ko, if you see this post, please remember to watch the show as it airs CN is airing the first 10 eps along side nothing but Teen Titans Go and i’m worried for the ratings of Ok Ko along side the fact it’s getting what looks to be all of season one aired in one fucking month.

Yes. This Is Official. Ian JQ himself tweeted about it.

Please, for the fate of this show watch it as it airs and don’t stream it the night of premiere unless absolutely necessary.

Edit: on the 4th, two episodes will air. “My mom can beat up your dad” will air right after do you got any more in the back


The cast of OUAT playing “60 Seconds With…”

04:13 - If you had any other set job, what would it be? Director, producer, grip..

Colin: I’d direct it.

Lana: You’d direct me making lasagna?

Colin: I’d direct you making anything.

Lana: Wow! I’m honored.

04:23 - If you could only have one food item at crafty, what would it be?

Colin: Crips… Chips

Lana: “Crips”

04:40 - If you can play any other character from your show who would be?


Gabrielle: I’d be you (Regina)

Colin: The Evil Queen, I guess!?

Lana: I think you’d look pretty sexy.

Colin: I have the cleavage for it.

-Lana’s big smile-

05:21 - Favorite genre? Comedy, drama or reality?

Lana: I’m gonna go with Drama.

Dania, Gabrielle and Andrew: Drama.

Colin: Comedy.

Lana: You just had to be different!?

Colin: Yes, I did.

06:02 - How many TV’s are in your home?

Colin: I got one

-Lana’s reaction-

06:21 - Describe your character in 3 words:

Lana: Awesome, complex and ah… New. She is a new character!

Colin: Yeah, you said three words, now your expanding.

Lana: Ok. Sorry

-C&L laughing-

(sorry if i wrote something wrong, english is not my first language)

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What got you into doing edits? You're amazing and such a fabulous being

You sweet Anon, ヾ( 〃ω〃)ッ are amazing and fabulous being too. Thanks a lot!! (∗∕ ∕•̥̥̥̥∕ω∕•̥̥̥̥∕)

Oh my! Ok, I’m going to tell you one of my biggest secrets that I have… 

I was in love with  Legion of Super-Heroes and I was waiting for the 3rd season, but the 3rd season… never came OTZ. Time passed, and Young Justice came out. So yeah, I fell in love again 😂.

One day I was bored and I started to play a little bit in photoshop with some YJ’s screenshots so… Ladies and gentlemen, my first edition: Human Brainiac 5 and Superman X (” °◇° )ー

Yes, I used Dick Grayson to made Brainy design lol and obviously I used Superman to make his clone, Sups X 😂. It was so fun and I was too happy that I started doing more edits

P.S: Who likes Star vs. the Forces of Evil?

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When Jikook become official in your fic, they should do the "boyfriend does my make up" challenge. Jungkook could do really well and Jimin's like "... who taught you how to blend this well? 👀👀" and Jungkook is all like "Well i did watch all of your videos"

ERUGHUHER yES!! YES YES!!!!! omg fml ok yes i’ve yet to edit an ig photo of jimin getting his makeup done by jeon bUT!!! here’s of jeon getting his done 

omg im screaming!!! i cant wait to update but like first i have to fuckin complete the next chapter HAHHAHA and and and (if anyone finds a good picture of jimin getting his makeup done pls send it to me:’((() yes these boys were created for boyfriend tags im 

i wanna cry 

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Sometimes i get sad that i wasnt in the fandom when it first aired for the initial hype but then i realized that i was a part of or at least witnessed the lipstick adrien trend and then im ok bc thats better. tbh its one of the best things to come out of the hiatus

Lipstick Adrien is one of my fave ml trends now honestly like?!??!! Ik I’m probs not the one who started it, but I’m happy it exists either way and I’m happy that people keep sending me their lipstick!adrien headcanons and tagging me in their edits like they’re beautiful and yes lets all bond over this beautiful boy that can rock any shade <3 

@justmilah reblogged your photo “That was…unbelievable. Quite literally.” “Oh, aye. But you’re smiling.”

#queenmabsrevenge #millian #Guess what’s my new desktop image… #Okay but I can just imagine what led to this #She saw a family with a boy that reminded her of Baelfire #Or maybe it’s a specific anniversary of a sort #Or hell maybe someone just said the wrong thing at the wrong time and it just tore her mood down #Maybe she believes she fails at pirating and he should have just left her to be miserable #And he KNOWS something is wrong because he’s very perceptive but when he asks she tries to say it’s nothing but he knows better #But he also knows the more he pushes and pries the more she’ll close off because then whatever is bothering her is all she’ll think about #So he comes up with the most ridiculous stories EVER #Most of them are mostly true but some are so obviously stretched #Some are innocuous like when he changed a few letters here and there on the chalkboard while learning Latin because he knew it by now #and he was BORED and the professor was very much Not Pleased that his careful words now translated to ‘I sniff monkey butts on weekends’ #But others are outlandish and absurd like the time he fought a three headed cyclops and won #Because he said 'You are the smartest head’ and they fought over which he meant #Basically he tells her any story he could think of even the ones that make him look foolish because she’s not happy and not smiling #and he very much wants her to smile always #and OMG WOMAN YOU DO THIS TO ME ON PURPOSE DON’T YOU #You sit up at night twirling your fake handlebar mustache like 'muahaha how many feels can I destroy Cat with’ #and that’s not true obviously but THAT’S WHAT THIS FEELS LIKE #(Also I think I recognize those clothes and I miss LotS)

OK, first thing’s first. I make edits to attack others, and I don’t appreciate the turnabout bc rude.

Second. I appreciate this to fuck and I’m emotional.

Third. Don’t picture him telling Henry these stories (Henry asking what was he like in school bc he’s grumping over homework one night and wants a distraction, so the Latin story comes out) . Don’t :) 


Wynonna Earp Appreciation Month: favorite episode
               1x07 || Walking After Midnight

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Do u have some superbat fic recs?

LET’S GO (all of the following are in the BVS universe)

i have two BIG TIME recs:

tell all the truth (but tell it slant) the fake relationship au to end them all. holy fuck. this is the fic i lay ALL BLAME on for making me ship superbat. holyyyy fuck. holy fuck.

Whoever Falls First !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i read this last night and i was just FREAKING THE FUCK OUT. holy shit. oh my god it’s so good. IT’S SO GOOD. IT’S SO GOOD. like i literally had to stop reading and just bury my face in my pillow, scream, and take a few breaths because it hits on EVERYTHING i could EVER want from a post-bvs fic. holy fucking shit. it’s technically a work in progress though the author says there are ~2 parts left. the most recent part has a happy enough ending that i don’t feel… worried about what could happen in those two parts. and honestly even if they never completely finish it i would still be 100% satisfied with the WONDERFUL fic they gave us. (EDIT: IT’S OFFICIALLY FINISHED!!!! ill change out the link once it gets posted to ao3 but omg read it now anyway Now on AO3!) holy shit. and oh my gosh clark is just so perfectly hopeful and snarky all at once omg

EDIT #2: Another fic i’ve been FREAKING OUT over is:

as to which may be the true this is a WIP and it’s still in, I’d say (though idk for certain) early-to-mid stages. i’m also not 100% positive but I think it’s the same author as Whoever Falls First (see above) and MAAAAYBE even the same author as tell all the truth (but tell it slant)????? so basically what im saying is i need to hunt this person down and marry them ok??? but yes this fic is just. i screech every time i get an email about an update holy shit it’s so good


and some others that are AWESOME:

command me to be well 


Only Human

these are also awesome, but they are not movie-based! i managed to enjoy them greatly, though, even with only my limited knowledge from the dceu :D

Four Days on a Farm in Kansas

The Long Hangover
Anti- Gravity|| VoltronAMV
WARNING: THE VIDEO CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS OF VOLTRON. !!!Disclaimer: I do NOT own the footage nor the music! Everything in this video belongs to their creat...

Hey guys, look who decided to try out and make an AMV for the first time with an editing software that I have never used in my life. Just look at that beautiful 480p quality aw yes I don’t know how to use youtube.

So. I’ve been quite obsessed with Yuri!!!on Ice lately, and my blog is not even about yoi, but i really need to post this.
Maybe i’m overanalizing this scene, but hear me out.
I want you guys to look closely at Victor’s right arm.
At the end of this sequence, he is skating backwards. And his body follows him.
Everything but his right arm.
It just stays there, it doesn’t move as the rest of the body. And what does that mean?
In what situation does a body do that?
When you’re pulling someone towards you.
Plus, we can say that he’s looking at somethig (someone?) right in front of him. (and that little smile he makes? 💗)
I would like to add too that in a promo like eight months ago, you can also see Yuuri in an ice rink with the same lighting, skating. Idk guys, but to me it seems like something that would explode in our faces for having it but not noticing.
So yes, I firmly believe that he will skate “Stay close to me” with Yuuri, maybe in Hasetsu. We’ll see.
Again, maybe I’m overanalizing. But I wanted to share because I’m so hopeful for this to finally happen.
(is my grammar ok? hope it’s ok. I’m just a poor foreign fanboy with so much to share)

EDIT: I just fixed something. This scene was actually in ep 1. In the promo what you can see is Yuuri dancing, but not Victor. Still, they seem related because of the lighting and the perform they are making.

Emily Kinney Appreciation Week: Favorite Friendship(s)

↳ Emily Kinney + The Walking Dead Cast

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blog compliment: ok holy shit your Aesthetic™️ is like fucking goals and all your edits and creations are like God Tier they’re absolutely amazing! i love your updates tab and your theme! overall just one of my favorite hp blogs! 

help me celebrate 800 followers



science pros || dr. theresa june covington, a.k.a. the toxic doxie

|| background ||

↳ SO ASIDE FROM a throwaway line about running over her father with a tractor at age 12 (god this princess) really all we know of the fabulously psychotic Dr. Covington starts with her time doing post-doctorate research in genetic medicine.

A chance meeting at a faculty party with Edward Wynne, a brilliant biologist with a birth defect, provides her Eureka moment. “If biology is malleable,” she explains, “then it is perfectable.” It’s then that she goes the rest of the way in developing her genetic plug-in technology, which, as mentioned before, allows her to make changes to the genetic structure itself.

She experiments some on herself and lots on other people, mostly urban poor. Most of whom die horribly because Too Much Genetic Tinkering, the rest of whom die less horribly but still very much dead because June Doesn’t Share Modifications. She presents her research to Wynne, who’s properly horrified and has her immediately fired and escorted from campus. June then takes her work underground, ultimately resulting in anywhere from hundreds to thousands of deaths, and exacts the chilling sort of revenge you’d expect on Wynne. She’s later so very arrested for pulling exactly this kind of bullshit; by this time, however, she’s had a chance to modify her own genetic structure to the point of extreme physical resilience and BONUS TOXIC BLOOD.

When Goblin Cult members break fellow prisoner Norman Osborn out, he frees the rest of Special Containment Center High-Priority Prisoner Room Class of ‘11, June included. She and Norman meet up for post-jailbreak drinks and weird villain flirting (over LIVE SHRIMP) just before he turns himself in to the authorities. June infiltrates the Raft, where he’s being held, posing as a prison physician. 

We never really find out why. It’s a cool setup for an interesting plot and exploration of political intricacies that unfortunately winds up being dropped in favor of a second pass at the Dark Avengers plot. Osborn’s broken out of prison (again) and starts a Dark Avengers team (again); June joins the team as (sigh) his Scarlet Witch. This Dark Avengers team later has more adventures that, I’m gonna level with you, don’t make a lot of sense in another dimension. Characterization is… hit or miss.

June’s currently appearing in the fantastic Avengers Assemble, where so far she’s co-opted Inhuman genes for her own personal use, sexually harassed Anya Corazon’s unconscious Inhuman teacher (poor Mr. Schlickeisen) in the process, and terrorized the living heckie out of a local AIM cell. That’s our girl.

|| suggested reading: ||

↳ Osborn: Evil Incarcerated, a 5-issue miniseries by Kelly Sue Deconnick and Emma Rios (featuring a bonus introductory short on June by Warren Ellis and Jamie McKelvie). It’s Covington’s first appearance in comics and she repeatedly steals the show.

↳ Avengers Assemble (021-024; arc concludes with 025, not yet out). Again, Deconnick and Ellis knock it out of the park with a fantastically creepy June. Matteo Buffagni’s art on the healing suit that made most of us sit up and notice June in the first place is so gorgeous I could spit.

↳ IF YOU MUST (i’ve been there): June’s involvement in the Dark Avengers 2.0 nutroll is as follows: 

  • New Avengers vol. 2, 018-023, by Brian Michael Bendis.
  • Dark Avengers 175, 177-190, Jeff Parker.
  • It’s just a cameo in one panel, but in Red She-Hulk 058 it’s noted that the superhuman military project Betty clashes with was sped along by the confiscation  & application of some of Covington’s research.