yes this is my favorite season

Honestly my favorite thing about the holiday season is when Christians are like, “Yes, first we must ritualistically cut down a tree, bring it indoors, and decorate it with lights and symbols that are meaningful to us. Then, we will all light candles and chant and sing together. But don’t forget to leave out an offering the night before, so that the amalgamation of various folk characters will be pleased, and bless us with gifts! This is totally Christian, and absolutely what Jesus would have wanted, in a month not related to his birth!”

As all of you who watch this show know it’s on the bubble for renewed or cancelled and we all know renewal depends entirely on the good will of networks. We can’t just sit back and wait for NBC to renew it when the fans don’t do anything to help. Yes, I know we all talk about it, I know we tweet about it on Monday nights, but we can do better. 

So in face of this new letter Eric Kripke posted, I decided to make this post and gather help. Last episode had  HUGE drop from episode 10 and this is due to so many people thinking the season ended with the Winter finale. It wasn’t a normal drop from one episode to another, it was significant. I adore this show, it’s my favorite show right now and I’d be heartbroken to see it go.

1) Let’s try to make it trend next Monday. There’s a LOT of tweets during episodes, so why we never trend? Last Monday there was over 20k tweets, we can do better. Add #Timeless and #RenewTimeless to ALL your tweets. Try to post as often as you can during the episode and after. Tweet @NBCTimeless, @NBC and @Sony to let them know how you feel.

2) Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell everyone you know to watch it. Make your own promotion. We all know the rating system SUCKS and only people with the Nielsen box counts, so lets make this show reach them! Even if you’re from outside the USA you still have friends from there, be it on twitter, facebook or here on tumblr. Get people to watch! We are the best marketing any show can have. 

3) FOR THE LOVE OF GOD let people know season 1 ISN’T OVER. I have seen so many questions of when season 2 would start that I knew this episode would have a drop in ratings. Even people who watched the episode thought it was season 2! So let’s do what we can to let them know.

4) If you follow me and don’t watch the show, please give it a chance. It’s educational, it’s fun, it’s silly, it has so much diversity and so much respect for this diversity that it’d be a shame to see such a show off the air. YOU WILL NEVER SEE SO MUCH DIVERSITY DONE RIGHT IN ONE SHOW AGAIN. It’s something that you can watch with your family, that you can watch with your significant other, it’s a show you can watch with your kids, or jut watch alone and freak out over ships, over complex bad guys, over badass women that save Delta Force soldiers, over black guys defying historic racism, over intelligent girls that are treated as intelligent, about people driven by love for the ones they lost, it’s a show that in the end of the day is all about family.

5) PLEASE PLEASE WATCH TIMELESS!! If you can watch it live, please do it! If you can’t, DVR it, don’t leave it up to on demand, record it and watch it as many times as you can. These next 5 weeks are CRITICAL for the future of the show and we need to do something before it’s too late!


   [25 Days of Outlander]
   [Favorite Scotland Location]

   [Broch Tuarach | Lallybroch]

“You said ‘Broch Tuarach’ means ‘North Facing Tower.’”
“Well, it’s round. It doesn’t have a face.”
door faces north.”
“Ha. Frasers. I’m beginning to feel like– Like I– I actually belong here.”
“I knew you belonged here, with me, almost since the first moment I laid eyes on ye. That’s one of the reasons I agreed to marry you.”
~ Lallybroch [1x12]

“We returned to heal in the peace of the Scottish Highlands… the daily routines of Lallybroch worked like a tonic on our battered souls.”
~ The Fox’s Lair [2x08]

“He took me to his own home – Lallybroch, it was called. A beautiful place.” I shut my eyes again to get away from the look on Brianna’s face, and deliberately summoned the image of the estate of Broch Tuarach – Lallybroch, to the people who lived there. A beautiful Highland farm, with woods and streams; even a bit of fertile ground – rare for the Highlands. A lovely, peaceful place sealed within the high hills above a mountain pass that kept it remote from the recurrent strife that troubled the Highlands.
~ Dragonfly in Amber

I had never actually had a home. Orphaned at five, I had lived the life of a academic vagabond with my uncle Lamb for the next thirteen years…
It was strange, then, and rather wonderful, to wake up in the upper bedroom at Lallybroch, next to Jamie, and realize, as I watched the dawn touch his sleeping face, that he had been born in this bed. All the sounds of the house, from the creak of the back stair under an early-rising maid’s foot, to the drumming rain on the roofslates, were sounds he had heard a thousand times before; heard so often, he didn’t hear them anymore. I did.

~ Dragonfly in Amber

“On your feet, soldier. Take me  h o m e  t o  L a l l y b r o c h .”
~ The Devil’s Mark [1x11]

Yuri On Ice Episode 8 recap
  • Theme song go!!!!!
  • Seems Yurio has a large of fanbase in-universe too. It’s nice to have real life imitate fiction. XD
  • Whooooo this episode is in Yurio’s perspective
  • That’s really cute. 
  • I love the old timey car Yuri’s grandpa drives. 
  • Good to see that Yurio at least had some positive experiences in Japan. You can’t escape the deliciousness of a Katsudon that enthrals men, my child. 
  • I really can’t put my finger on as to why? it but there goes my fucking ovaries 
  • Guess the press is going to gloss over the kiss scene, okay
  • Victor you piece of shit. Yes use the small child to distract the press 
  • Why are you so attractive Victor, I just can’t

Originally posted by heckyeahreactiongifs

  • Say what you want about Yurio but you got to admire his drive. While I admit he’s not my favorite character (that’s not to say I don’t love him), as my sister said you got to admire his ambition and confidence in his skill. As a character that’s what’s so appealing about him. 
  • Well hello Seung
  • Well hello Emil
  • Well hello Michele and Sala
  • I don’t know whether to think Michele’s relationship with his sister is cute or creepy
  • Lol that shade 
  • Yuri just quietly sneaking away 
  • This is one awkward elevator trip 
  •  Wait Yuri only has to rank 4th to get into the Grand Prix final??? Well then you got this Yuri. You are beautiful pork cutlet bowl that enthrals men. Plus you have some mad skill and stamina, you can do it. 
  • Knew Otabek was going to be in the Grand Prix but didn’t think he was already qualified. So is Chris apparently. Huh here I thought Phichit was already qualified to the Grand Prix. I am so confused. 
  • I love how Seung have like zero fucks to give. Also not a bad score. 
  • I feel like Emil is the character we know least about but still that program wasn’t too bad. 
  • Besides the fact that Michele is kissing his sister’s hand, I like to draw your attention to Emil cheering Italian bf from the sidelines 
  • I love Michele’s costume but I think we are going into the creepy territory in regards to his obsession with his sister. 
  • Never mind their relationship is absolutely adorable. At first I thought it was an overly protective brother and little sister relationship. However, it seems that Michele absolutely needs Sala as much as Sala needs Michele. Not sure how they’ll able to fit more character development for these two but I really want to see more of them. 
  • Where is Grandpa???? 
  • Fuck that’s cute
  • Please don’t be foreshadowing 
  • Not sure how to feel about the audience cheering for Victor rather than Yuri 
  • Well hello Eros Yuri, Victor did not expect that 
  • The idiot couple is too fucking cute
  • I know Yuri can do this performance but I still get so fucking worried that he may mess up
  • Is Yurio ok? And I like how Lilia is giving him a pep talk. 
  •  I love the women in this show. None of the women are two dimensional and it’s like they are actual characters who can serve a narrative purpose. 
  • Well Yuri nailed it and Victor is proud
  • Aww baby, hope nothing happened to his Grandpa. Not sure if I’ll be able handle that. 
  • Hahahaha Yurio stole Victor’s outfit. He’s like fuck you Victor, if you are not going to coach me then I’m going to steal your outfit and your music.  He certainly looks very nice in it. 
  •  Why are you both shocked??
  • Can you guys stop being cute for once in your life. I’m getting fucking cavities here. Still proud parents are super supportive of their son. 
  • No Yurio don’t freak out. Breathe in and out, in and out. You can do this buddy
  • Shit, Yuri broke his personal record by 3 points. Well done my son. 
  •  I’m done man. This is too much for me. Victor is kissing Yuri’s skate’s while Yuri is looking at him tenderly. Why are you guys such a perfect couple. Even the commenter couldn’t help but let out a small laugh as he said that. 
  • Aww they are cheering Yurio on. I like how Yuri said it in Russian and Victor said it in Japanese. Fuck you both and your dumb relationship goals
  • Well it certainly motivated Yurio, he doesn’t need an idiot couple cheering him on
  • Huh they acknowledged the fact that Victor choreographed Yurio’s short program. I guess in away he didn’t break his promise. I think
  • He’s not in the zone yet
  • Fuck he messed up his first jump. Please don’t let it get to you. 
  • I love Yurio man, he so mature for a kid his age. If it was anyone else this would have messed them up so bad. Nope our little kitten decided he’s going to keep going and try even harder and be the best. 
  • I hope this isn’t the last time we see agape. I want Yurio to really nail it. Hopefully in the Grand Prix final. 
  • Lol his fangirls are throwing cats on to the ice 
  • Whoever threw those cat ears you are now my hero
  • Well hello JJ. 
  • JJ is like the third person to do Eros as theme.
  • Didn’t expect him to be so full on. 
  • Well it’s not Yuri on Ice without a gratuitous ass shot 
  • The program is certainly is interesting. Is it me or does JJ kinda reminds you a bit of Jean Kirstein from Attack On Titan?
  • Why is everyone being compared to Victor? Is he like the yard stick now to measure how skilled a skater is? 
  • Well JJ is certainly an…interesting character. He sure as hell is skilled. It will be interesting to see his FS program. I think it’s given he’s going to go the Grand Prix final. 
  • Oh no
  • Please no
  • We all knew this was coming but it doesn’t make it anymore painful
  • Please let Makkachin live
  • Yuri’s having flashbacks of Vicchan. He doesn’t want Victor to go through the same thing 
  • Victor I would have thought you have stronger reaction to your dog potentially dying. Are you trying to stay strong for Yuri? What’s going on your head? We still don’t know much about him
  • Oh he doesn’t want to leave because of Yuri. He’s so conflicted. :( 
  • Is going to ask Yakov to look after Yuri? 
  • Yeah he did. Show’s how much Victor trusts Yakov 
  • Wait the episode is done??? You can’t end it like that. 

Final thoughts: 

  • I was wondering how what they’ll have to do in episode 8 to top episode 7 and in all honestly they couldn’t. Personally I think this is the weakest episode of YoI up until now. That’s not say this is a bad episode, it’s not even close. But the plot to me seems a bit disjointed compared to other episodes. 
  • Also I hoped that this episode will give us a more insight into Yurio. It did to an extent but not as much as I thought it would. Hopefully his character can be more expanded in the next episode. 
  • So I think it’s pretty much given that YoI universe is set up in a world where homophobia doesn’t exist. Don’t really have anything to say anything beyond that. 
  • I’m looking forward to the next episode. It’s going to be interesting to see them changing from  the competition in Russia to Victor in Japan. The writers definitely will have a tough job ahead of them to show everybody’s competitions, Yurio character development, Yuri and Yurio expanding their relationship, Yuri trying to skate without Victor by his side and on top of that having another main character dealing with a crisis in a completely different country. The writers of Yuri on Ice haven’t let me down yet and it will certainly be an interesting episode to watch. 
  • I really appreciate the Victuri moments that are sprinkled throughout this episode. It’s not as intense as last week’s but you genuinely see the relationship developing between Victor and Yuri. Their relationship seems to have changed since the last episode and in a very positive way. 
  • I like the fact that Yuri didn’t even hesitate to tell Victor that you should go back to Japan and he’ll be fine without him.  That takes love, trust and great amount of understanding. These two I swear are going be the absolute end for me. When I think they can’t get any cuter they continue to surprise me. 
  •  This episode demonstrated to me that we still know so little about Victor. I mean I understand since that this series is in perspective of Yuri and Yuri P to an extent so we don’t really get Victor’s POV. All of Victor’s internal monologue we got up until now has being in regards to Yuri. Hopefully since Victor’s going to be on his own now, we’ll get more insight on him as a character. Interestingly he’s not anywhere in the preview so I’m expecting some big things to happen next episode. How is he a main character and we still know no next to nothing about him? I hope this episode is setting up for a Victor backstory. We are  still very much in the dark about him as a character.  
  • As for who’s going to win the Rostelecom cup, I honestly don’t know. If I have to guess, I’ll say JJ will take gold. But I think there is no reason that Yuri or Yurio should miss the podium. Unless one of them have a break down again. After what’s set up in this episode I think that it’s going to be Yurio who’s going to be breaking down next episode.
  • Finally I predict the people who are going to go to Grand Prix from the Rostelecom Cup is Yuri, Yurio, JJ for sure. As for the final spot I think that will belong to Michele but that’s a guess on my part. Still hope some one score low enough that Phichit will get in. I haven’t had enough of my beautiful Thai Prince and his performance yet. 

Reminder that every time you insult Russia and call him a psycho, murdered, insane - whatever it may be - think about this:

Russia in canon material has been shown more than once to be hurt and beaten up. One of my favorite strips - it was adapted into one of the earlier seasons - has Russia under Tartar’s rule with him being scraped up and blood on his sleeves. Or one of the earlier strips about Bloody Sunday too shows Russia very vulnerable.

Yes, I get it. We’ve gotten a lot of material with Russia being this sadistic character (”kolkolkolkol xDDD” as the fans would say). But Russia is actually a really deep character. He really does try, but sometime the translation seems to come out wrong. He tries, and in things like this you can see his vulnerability.

I mean for Christ’s sake in the episode today his boss made him stand in front of a tank. That’s not someone else’s blood, that’s his blood. He’s constantly been beaten down, obviously his mental state isn’t going to be perfect. Look at how sad he looks in both.

In conclusion, Russia is more than just some psychotic freak he is complex with many emotions and if you tell me otherwise I will fight you.

Best Digimon encounter in the wild ever

Hey guys, second admin here.

So to set the stage, I was in class today and we had a girl from China come over and study english with us.
But the real story begins when she asks me out of the blue

“Do you like the anime, Digimon???”

It was so weird because almost all class, no one could get a word out of her, but here she was asking ME if I liked Digimon. She must have seen my phones wallpaper (which is when all the digimon are annoying Leomon). So I say,

“Yeah, I love digimon”

Her face lit up with delight and she began to ask me a ton of questions. She asked who my favorite human and digimon were, she asked me what my favorite season was, and if I had seen Tri.


She then asked if I liked the Japanese theme song, Butterfly. Of course I said yes (I have that shit in my car, I listen to it all the time).

SHE THEN STARTS TO SING IT OUT LOUD!!! Everyone looked at us. It was at this moment that I knew exactly what to do… I pulled that shit up on my phone and sang along.
EVERYONE WENT WIDE EYED. No one had been able to get more than 2 sentences out of this supposedly shy girl. But now she and me were singing butterfly in class. Even our teacher was in shock.

Anyways, that’s my little story of a digimon encounter in the wild. If you guys have any stories, send them to me!

xocutievxo replied to your post: Hey!!! Question time if you haven’t been asked it…

The first half of season one had so many scenes that tugged on the heartstrings but this season it just isn’t there… Supergirl is still my favorite superhero TV show, but hopefully the rest of season two does better. If you do decide to rant i am sure alot of people would agree tbh.

I agree! I look at episodes like “Livewire” and “Red Faced” and “Human for a Day” and there’s no real equivalent in season two just yet, in my opinion.

volando-voy replied to your postHey!!! Question time if you haven’t been asked it…

Yes! I love those kids so much. But I agree, S2 so far hasn’t really given Kara much to do besides support everyone else’s plotlines. And it’s felt a bit like the budget freedom has made producers overlook the quiet character-building scenes in favor of fancy fights and extra special effects.

youhaveafriend-in-sennin replied to your post: youhaveafriend-in-sennin replied to your post: …

All fandom agrees on that and it’s also contagious which is the best thing. TBH I dunno if it is that unpopular, some are still taking time and processing the network change, you should see MY unpopular opinions. :P Here’s for the return of a solid and better S2 2nd half next year. :D

*raises glass* hear hear! :)

Why Stiles Stilinski needs to pass on, in other words, die.

Don’t get me wrong, I completely and utterly adore Stiles, he’s been my favorite since day one, but this post is more about why I believe his character needs to die.

(This is anti strdia, I like them as friends)

 1.  Sciles

 Even since the beginning, the most important relationship of this show is Sciles. The bromance in threaded throughout each season and always has been, the first line of this show was ‘Stiles, what the hell are you doing?’ And that pretty much sums up the show and their bromance.  

Originally posted by thealpha

 We’ve seen Scott deal with becoming a werewolf, yes Allison was his anchor, but the one who truly helped through the whole thing was Stiles. Where would Scott seriously be without him?

Originally posted by queenlydias

 We’ve seen Scott deal with losing Allison, but he knew her around a year of his life, so no wonder he seeked comfort in his pack, but I really don’t think that the pack, Melissa, Noah or the fans can ever comprehend how much he truly loves Stiles, he needs Stiles and always turns to him when he needs someone. Remember back in Season Five, when they fell out, Scott couldn’t think straight, he was lost. And now in Season Six, he woke up in the woods and he knows that this person is so close to him, someone he doesn’t even remember, that he can’t lose him and he can’t give up looking for him.

Originally posted by stephen-amell

 So if Stiles was to die, maybe we would see an entire new side to Scott, not the cute one we are used to, like Allison, who turned dark after the death of her Mother, maybe we could see the dark side of Scott McCall, maybe the only thing ever really keeping him calm and good was Stiles.

2.   A Broken Pack

 Stiles is like the glue of the pack, stated by Dylan O’Brien himself. He might only be human, he keeps them all together; Scott, Malia, Liam, Noah, Melissa – they’ve all turned to Stiles for emotional support.

What would happen without him? As I stated before, I do believe that Scott will become disconnected from the pack; he may become a lone wolf. So without Scott, everyone else will have no one to turn to. Stiles has always been someone to take on everyone’s problems and forget his own, even when he was fighting back a demon that was living in his head, he told Scott not to worry about him and he allowed Void take over, in order to save Malia.  They pack won’t be as close; they won’t be able to rely on each other because Stiles’s death will break them all apart. Shining a new light on them all.

 3.  Lydia Martin’s character development

I love Lydia to pieces; well I did, before Season 6. She used to be this strong independent banshee, who could take problems into her own hands. Back in season five, when she thought people she loved were dead, she beat people up for heaven’s sake.

Originally posted by teen-wolf-obsessions

But now she’s reduced to a babbling mess:

Originally posted by shoot-the-smiley

Whilst Scott and Malia are creating plans to save everyone taken by the wild hunt, she is transfixed by Stiles, someone she only ever saw as a friend up until now. She has to save him and doesn’t feel complete without him, which is odd, she was fine sleeping with Aiden, dating Jackson, flirting with Parrish when Stiles was around, but now she cries every episode, which is so out of character for her, she used to cry for actual reasons, but now it feels like they’ve just got to last season and gone ‘shit, better give them Strdia.’ But not done it well and stripped all of Lydia’s development, she used to be all about saving as many people as she can, now all she can think about is Stiles.

If Stiles dies, Lydia will able to go back to being a good, independent character that doesn’t rely on a character, she only really viewed as a friend. (Strdia has always been a little one-sided to me.)

4.   Wild Malia

 There is no doubt in saying that Stiles is Malia’s human anchor, but if I get one person saying that ‘she needs to her own anchor’ or, ‘how can you hate on Lydia for needing Stiles, but love the fact Malia needs him?’  - I’ll probably block you because you see, Lydia cares about Stiles, I get that and I love that, but their relationship was friendship based and has been for five seasons. Allison was Scott’s anchor for a long time, which people viewed as loving and genuine.

Originally posted by tess453

Stiles is Malia’s anchor and people have to deal with that, she was lost for eight years and she found someone who could help ground her, at the same time, she helped ground him from the pain he suffered from Void. Malia transformed into a Coyote because of her sister and Mother’s death, so this may happen again if Stiles dies, maybe giving a reason for a torn apart pack to work together again.

 5. New Narrative

Stiles’s death, much like Allison’s, will spark a completely new narrative, which this show really needs. It could drive a new story that will be thrilling and exciting for fans to get hold off, knowing how the writers would approach the theme of his death and how they will portray a Stilesless pack.

Stiles helped a lot of people, through a lot of different situations and his death may spark new personalities in people he holds dear.

6.   Old Characters

 Derek Hale, Isaac Lahey, Ethan and Jackson Whittemore – three characters who walked away from the Beacon Hills, because life was pushing them all in different directions.

Well, it’s clear, that Derek Hale cared about Stiles; so if he were to die, Derek will come back to mourn and probably help Scott’s pack get back together. As it’s the last season and it would be out of character for Derek not to come and mourn someone he cared for a lot.

Originally posted by stilessderek

 As for Isaac, he didn’t have the best relationship with Stiles; a hate/love bromance is what I like to call it. Isaac definitely did care about Stiles, he rushed after Scott to save Stiles from freezing to death in 3x18 (Riddled.) He also was very eager to help get Void out of him, along with everyone else. He was also in love with Allison, who was friends with Stiles, meaning he might come back for her. He will also come and help Scott overcome losing his greatest friends.

Originally posted by subisaac

 Ethan had no relationship with Stiles at all, but his brother did date Lydia, meaning he might return to help her, knowing she lost Allison and Aiden. He also went always with Isaac, so if they became friends, they might return together.Jackson bullied Stiles for a long time, but he is the only one the list that is semi-confirmed to be coming back to the show. He loved Lydia dearly and he would probably return for her.

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Hibike! Euphonium and the girl named Kumiko


So I’m gonna start this off by saying, I was never a band kid in high school, it never interested me and I have no musical talent whatsoever. However, around the Spring Season of 2015 a show started about a high school music club, and that show was called Sound! Euphonium(Hibike Euphonium for purists) and after just before writing this watching the final episode of its second season wrapping up the series, I can proudly say its become one of my favorite Anime ever.

I could go into all the reasons why I hold that opinion, obviously this shows animation and music are breathtaking and just invoke a world I’d love to be in, and yes the characters are wonderfully designed and the shows direction is top notch, but it wasn’t all that that made this show what it was for me, for me what made this show was the character of Kumiko Oumae, our main lead and narrator throughout the series

What makes Kumiko such a standout to me is that she is one of the most realistically developed leads I’ve ever seen in fiction. She begins the series as someone who has fallen out of love with music and struggles to find her motivation for it, and what I love is that throughout both seasons she slowly not only sees what makes those in the band want to play, but also she falls back in love with music and discovers why she loved it in the beginning. 

While it was fun playing the shipping games as the series went on (I’m a personal fan of Kumirei but thats neither here nor there) I slowly discovered that that wasnt the true relationship this series was developing, oh sure it was there but once I saw the final episode the major arc Kumiko went through finally was clear. It was about reconnecting with her sister through music and connecting with her Senior bandmate Asuka through her music. Kumiko’s love of music comes from her love of her sister and how she wanted to be part of her sisters world with her. And throughout the two seasons the sisters come to terms with their relationship and Kumiko realizes she idolized her sisters music and as she said in the penultimate episode “I love the eupho because of you”. Fully showing that she remembers what made music so special to her.

This perfectly translates to her relationship with Asuka, Asuka at first glance comes across as a cold hearted person who puts walls up to everyone. However, as the series goes on its not through words that Asuka’s emotions reach Kumiko, it’s through the music played on the eupho that they share, and as Asuka finally opens up to Kumiko, their able to express their feelings of admiration through each other through nothing but song. The final scene of the series sells this fully, as Kumiko admits she went from hating Asuka to loving her and having trouble figuring what shell do without her in the band to play with. Asuka simply gives her the notebook with the very song Kumiko was intrenched by and said “see you later”. Now I would personally love to take this scene as Asuka confirming these two will meet again and never truly be gone from eachothers lives, but also I think that through the music they share, Kumiko will never have to say goodbye to Asuka, and will be able to pass on these feelings to her underclassmen one day.

Ultimately Kumiko realizes her love for playing lies in the emotions music can convey and bring to people, and the song that helps her discover this, its literally named “Sound, Euphonium” thus helping us see that this was what the whole show was about, exploring how we as people find our motivation not just in music, but in any pursuit we have and that its those feelings that help define our relationships with others.

Kumiko comes out of this series not a perfect star player, but as one who understands why it is she plays and loves what she does, and to me that is one of the greatest arcs a show has ever given a character and it is one I won’t soon be forgetting

anonymous asked:

Hey! One for the whole team, what is your favourite quote from the entire of season 1 and why? Just curious!

Halalfej (Rita): 

“Besuhanok, ha nem megy jól! Leüt a sokk, hogy nincsen jobb!” 

(Excerpt from the official Hungarian dub of the opening)

“The only thing that lets evil prevail is the inaction of good men.”

Feather (Ari): Mr. Pigeon episode, where Marinette is talking to Adrien about the competition and she’s stumbling on her words. 

“Well-er-yes, I like creations that uh, that go… higher? And… and that stop! I mean… argh, thanks?”

It’s hilariously awkward and I love the delivery in the French version.

Runner up: “Off the hook!” because it was great seeing that become a thing in the fandom.

Barbie girl (Abbey): Gotta love subbing the English dub ;)

Snail: My favorite quote from season one would be Adrien saying:

 "I’m allergic to pigeons!“ 

This is mostly because an allergy to pigeons sounds really….. interesting??

President (Chiatt): When Chloé got thrown off the Eiffel Tower and screamed in the Origins episode. I too am constantly screaming.

Vodka aunt (Olivia): -screams- This season was filled with delight. My favorite line has to be the message Marinette accidentally leaves Adrien because I crack up every time she says “hot stuff”/”handsome boy” etc.  

God (Spacey): When Adrien told Chloé “Urgh you’re so annoying, I hate you !!!!” and then punched her, remember that ?
That’d be:

“I know you don’t really think so but I’ll pretend you do.” 

Because it’s something I say a lot.

Tech Surgeon (Alice): My favourite quote from the whole of season 1 has to be from Adrien, In the Rain. When he says:

“I’ve never been to school before. I’ve never had friends”

This really strikes me. Why? Because one of the main protagonist doesn’t know what it is like to live a normal life and enjoy what it is like to be a teenager. His father has kept him away from the real world, so he can live in a perfect world without danger. We only find this out at the ending, as Origins was shown last (in French at least), so we come to understand that having been chosen by Master Fu to have Plagg has changed his life; along with his father’s attitude changing. (I could write an entire essay but this is already wayyyyy too long!)

Caity’s interview with a brazilian newspaper! I just translated the questions that were Captain Canary related.

At the end of last season, Sara and Leonard got really close. Will she miss him? Yes. Everyone Sara loves dies. We still didn’t deal with that, Sara and Snart were my favorite characters and I’m really sad it is over. I miss their relationship and I think they were an interesting couple.

Is there any chance of him coming back? It’s a show about traveling in time, after all.. I hope it happens. I know they announced Wentworth’s return in some way, so I’d like to see more of them together. They make an interesting combination.

Can’t Believe King Julien did this

So, last night I was watching season three of All Hail King Julien (which is not my favorite Dreamworks show, but can get a laugh out of me and Clover is hilarious) when I got to episode 7.  

It was about Mort being taken by Aliens (although you figure out pretty fast they’re just humans) and there’s this lemur who said his mother got taken by the aliens 20 years ago, and so he goes along to find out what happened to her.

Which leads to this, and yes this actually happened:

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Please (My Young Friends)

Please forgive me if I seem not to always understand
my ancient eyes behold an entirely different world view
our interests are often as diverse as winter and spring
I have sojourned many seasons, you’ve seen yet a few

Much of my life is in the past, your journey lies ahead
memories I love to share, places you may one day go
yes I’ve lived and witnessed numerous wondrous days
and yet I’ve tasted a darkness I pray you’ll never know

Having told and of course retold all my favorite stories
while I find it hard to say, I love you my young friends  
how dearly I so often envy you, your day’s just begun  
please live it well, as for all the sun one day descends

Well, it’s certainly been interesting to say the least.  Being by far the oldest person in my group at work, and in a not dissimilar situation here on Tumblr, we do sometimes have our WHAT? moments, yet all in all I quite enjoy sharing the kindness, friendship and love with my now much younger friends.  While playful yet accurately stated, there is no known cure for old age, you do keep my heart young at least.  Thank you, and yes I do love you, Mike.  

Shadowhunters S02E07: How Are Thou Fallen?

This is a very special show. Here are my favorite parts from it

  • Valentine’s Spider-Man leap in the opening scene. I hope he was unsure about whether or not to do it and he asked his goons and they were all like, “Yes, boss, sounds very cool, it will show off your athleticism and stuff pls don’t kill me” 
  • Of course Clary confides in the one corrupt Iron Sister, no one ever said she had good instincts 

when u drink ur slurpee too fast

Clary: did you hear that? 

Person I’ve never seen before: Hear what?


  • Magnus’s “Jace the Cock Block” solution is to magically turn on the radio… I was hoping he was going to like teleport him to Trump’s gold encrusted bathroom or something, I mean that would’ve have gotten the message across better than just turning up Marvin Gaye real loud. How much you wanna bet Jace will just come out right when they’re about to kiss again to turn the station to Third Eye Blind or some other 90s alt rock band & then just be like “Hey roomies, whats up?”
  • Clary checking out Simon’s abs… is it just me or does she have literally zero chemistry with any of the dudes on this show
  • Shadowhunters send an official bat signal via text. I wish I could send that to everyone whenever I post a new recap
  • All of Jace’s runes are chosen specifically for their sex related advantages 
  • Izzy working in a jab at Simon while going off on Clary and I’m just like in awe of this fabulous woman



  • I like when this show introduces a new location and then everyone just goes there all the time & acts like they always have. That place this season is The Hunter’s Moon
  • How much u wanna bet Magnus will eventually save Izzy from her yin fen downward spiral and the writers will just hit that ‘Magnus Resolves Plot line’ button once again
  • Luke: “I told you Clary, I used all the department’s resources, there’s no sign of her” *she walks into the room* Luke: “fuckin useless cop career”
  • “I’m a spiller.” I’ll take ‘things you should never say aloud for $100,’ Alex
  • Part of Jace’s downward spiral is becoming ~ The Pick Up Artist ~
  • Alec naming his made-up girlfriend ‘Jessica Hogblew,’ proving once and for all that he is 100% gay

“Jace we gotta go” “I’d love to old man, but I’m busy, now buzz off”

“It’s Clary”

  • Kewl rooftop lightning storm fight scene where Clary can suddenly fight good? She’s really good at pulling skills out of her ass when needed
  • An angel gives Jace and Clary a coded message via a video game design student’s first school project. Nice to know angels support the arts
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Name: john
Nicknames: yo
Zodiac Sign: leo
Height: 18
Orientation: south
Ethnicity: mutt
Favourite Fruit: chocolate covered strawberry (naturally ocurring)
Favourite Season: Summer
Favourite Book: system of the world - neal stephenson
Favorite Flower: Crocuses
Favourite Scent: campfire
Favourite Colour: black
Favourite Animal: george
Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: coffee
Average Sleep Hours: 7-8
Favourite Fictional Character: rust
Number of blankets you sleep with: One
Dream trip: Cassiopeia
Blog Created: yes

Rollo - Thoughts on Episode 4x16

Can anyone explain to me why there are so many people celebrating what happened in episode 4x16? Why am I seeing people happy about what Rollo did in last night’s episode?

“Finally! Rollo is back!”
“Old Rollo strikes again!”
“Poor Rollo! His wife has been nagging him for so long that he deserved a break.”

Rollo has been my favorite since season 1. Yes, even when he was an idiot who screwed it up constantly. No point in denying, I always liked him.

There was something about his character that I could relate to: having a successful sibling.
I could understand his struggle, because I had been there too.
I could comprehend his wish of wanting to be his own man, because I also wanted to be my own woman, without being constantly compared to my sibling.
I could identify with him knowing that he was a fool, but hoping that one day he would be wise, because I too knew that I did foolish things, things that I was not proud of, but I hoped that I would be able to learn from those and become a better person one day.

The way his character developed is what I adored the most about Rollo. He became a better person, he became wiser, and he did what was necessary to get what he desired more than anything: a family.

What happened last night has nothing to do with Rollo’s improvement. On the contrary, I consider it a retrogression in his character development. Not a single thing of what happened on last night’s episode contributed to the growth his character went through during 4 seasons of the show.

It seems that Michael Hirst does not see any worth in Rollo unless he has him raiding again. Which is a shame. Because it would have been much more interesting to show Rollo as the successful ruler that real-life Rollo was. Michael Hirst completely disregarded the character development that he wrote over these years for nothing.

We were not shown directly what happened with the women they encountered in the raid. But it was heavily suggested that they were raped. I have to assume that Rollo (as well as Hvitserk and Bjorn) raped someone in last night’s episode.

I don’t care if Rollo didn’t join the other guys right away, he still joined them. He still raped someone. I don’t care that he look tormented afterwards. He still raped someone. I don’t care if he realizes that joining Bjorn in this raid was a mistake and he decides to go back to Normandy. He still left his wife and children behind for some sort of post-mature mid-life crisis. I sincerely hope that Gisla does not take him back. He does not deserve her, he does not deserve the family they built together.

Nothing of what Rollo did in episode 4x16 should be celebrated.
No one should be happy about what Rollo did.