yes this is my favorite part goodbye

My mother's comments about Voyager (which she just finished)
  • Mom: So, I just finished Voyager...
  • Me: Really? How did you like it?
  • Mom: So good! I really loved it, it's my favorite so far!
  • Me: What was your favorite part?
  • Mom: Ummmm....
  • Me: Yes....?
  • Me: *Pours bleach into ears*
  • Mom: IT WAS SO HOT
  • Me: Goodbye
  • Mom: No! I want to talk about it! When she has-
  • Me: Hangs up the phone and regrets I ever had her read them

Sometimes, I make myself crazy with fear. Sometimes meaning TODAY. But instead of talking about that I’ll tell you about something that happened yesterday.

I was photographing an extended family that united in my little hometown. Three countries - Italy, Portugal and the US. At the end of my session, I’m saying my goodbyes and the Portuguese lady in her broken English points at my shoes and says, “You did Ironman?” I now realize she pointed at my tattoo.

I tell her, “Yes, I did”

She smiles, “Congratulations”

It’s the first time anyone has mentioned my tattoo and it was a lady from Portugal who spoke very little English.

And then when I think Portuguese, I think about my favorite movie, Love Actually.

[neither understands the other’s language]
Jamie: [in English] It’s my favorite time of day, driving you.
Aurelia: [in Portuguese] It’s the saddest part of my day, leaving you.

I think me and my recovering knee will watch it tonight.