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A List of my Favorite JJBA Characters (in order from parts)

Jotaro Kujo: To be honest, when I was first getting into JoJo and had started part 3, I didn’t like him. I started liking him by part 4 and onward, and now that I’ve seen Stardust Crusaders like three times, how can I not like this dork?

Noriaki Kakyoin: A precious cherry boy that left us too soon. He was my favorite part 3 character, and was actually my all time favorite JJBA character (before I read parts 4+). His character song Goodbye Nostalgia still gets to me.

Josuke Higashikata: I don’t even know what to say about Josuke. When I first started part 4, I didn’t really have an opinion on him. Now I love him to bits, and I really love his design. He’s a dork, the biggest dork in JoJo (actually, it’s probably a threeway tie between him, Johnny, and Gyro).

Rohan Kishibe: I absolutely love everything about Rohan. Every. Single. Thing. Even though he’s a jerk sometimes.

Kira Yoshikage: He’s actually my favorite villain. And yes, I’m still salty about him not winning that Crunchyroll villain contest thing.

Narancia Ghirga: My little sibling says out of every JoJo character, I’m the most like Narancia. He is precious, and my favorite member of Bruno’s gang.

Vinegar Doppio: I’m a sucker for split/multiple personalities, so I was drawn to Doppio from the minute I saw him. I also like how people “assume” he’s a 15 year old, but he’s like, probably in his thirties. I also say that Diavolo is one of my favorite villains (but Doppio plays a huge part in that).

Jolyne Kujo: She’s a Queen, and probably my favorite JoJo (or that might be Johnny).

Johnny Joestar: I think he’s one of the most well written JoJos, and he went through so much character development.

Diego Brando: I effing love dinosaurs. They are so cool, so of course, I’m gonna love the boy that turns into one. I also love Diego more than Dio, And I really liked Diego’s backstory (albeit really sad). I’m still salty that him (and Hot Pants) never went to see his father. Diego (and Hot Pants) deserved better.

I’m not adding any part 8 characters right now, seeing as how it’s not finished. But characters that might make it on this list are: Joubin, Joshuu (I’m still hoping for that character development), and Kira.

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KC Prompt: we get the same train to work every morning and you always take the good seat so i glare at you until you let me sit there au

I’m so sorry it took so long I wrote it about eight times and I was a little under the weather.



Klaus closed his book when the bus arrived at the stop pulling his bus pass from his pocket climbing inside looking for his blonde friend. He smirks finding her in his bench smiling up at him as she tucks her hair behind her ears. He moves past the yellow tape tucking his card away as he makes his way to her hoping today he’ll get a name.

“In my spot love,” he says taking a seat next to her his jeans pressing against her bare leg as the bus jerked forward pressing their bodies closer.

She blushes but doesn’t move away as the bus glides smoothly forward when he stays close instead looking at him out of the corner of her eye, “I know,” she tells him.

She smiles up at him tilting her head and lifting her chin up softly sucking her lip into her mouth as she looked back down at her phone. Klaus felt himself grin as he pulled his book from under his arm and opened the page he had bookmarked. While he looked like he was reading to any other passenger they both knew better.

She let out a nervous breath exciting him, “Stop staring,” she murmured under her breath playfully annoyed as she slipped her phone in her bag.

Klaus shook his head softly straining to keep his eyes on his book as she looked at him, “I can’t bring myself to,” he mutters back hearing her laugh.

His eyes darted to hers finding that laughter in her eyes, “You’re insane,” she told him nudging him softly her hand brushing his.

Klaus pouted merrily, “You’re enchanting,” he continued spurred on by her eagerness to talk to him after all these weeks of playful stares.

Now she looked almost determined as their eyes locked, Klaus could tell something was bouncing back and forth in her mind. Something that had to do with him like she hadn’t made up her mind about him yet and he was determined to make her see that she would be right to take a chance on him.

She growls surprising him, “Fine,” she tells him a bit miffed, “I’ll move,” she says gathering her things and sliding over on the bench to the next one.

“Thank you,” Klaus replies, “Though you’ll notice today unlike other days I didn’t ask you to,” he says adjusting himself in the empty space she’s vacated.

He leans his head back close to the window watching her face color once more, “I did actually,” she mumbles awaiting her stop which as Klaus knew was quickly coming up. “Can I ask why?”

“I rather like spending these moments with you,” he responds surprising her if the look in her eyes tells him anything, “Does that shock you?” he asks.

“Yes, actually,” she tells him her eyes flickering from him to her window frowning at the familiar settings outside before looking back at him.

“Would it also surprise you to know that it’s the favorite part of my day, seeing you,” he replies setting his book aside knowing her exit is next.

The bus stops at her exit he watches her reach for her bag without a thought, “You don’t even know me,” the blonde tells him as she stands Klaus inclines his head suggesting what she says is true.

“Oh but I want to,” he says with a grin as she walks past him waving goodbye to her, “Tomorrow?” he asks as she reaches the door.

“Yeah, bring coffee,” she tells him with a small wave as his phone vibrates in his pocket Klaus waves back before he can try to stop himself. He watches her go glad he’s another step forward as he reaches for his phone plucking it from his pocket reading a text from his brother Kol.

And?’ it read making Klaus roll his eyes at his imposing brother who had recently found sketches of her on his desk at home.

He drops his head back on the window immediately regretting it because of the vibration causing him to lift his head and reach for his book. He hadn’t asked her name, or even on an actual date but at least he had established her interest in him Klaus saw that at a step forward.Tomorrow he would get her a coffee and hopefully receive her name in the process until then he was late for his shift at the gallery.

The next day he got her name, Caroline, and secured a date.

Six months later he told Caroline he loved her.

The year after that she said yes to marrying him.

Two years later at Klaus’ first showing she told him she was pregnant.

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Hey wiishu. I know this is random, but I feel like some things have changed. I miss you, I miss talking to you. Talking to you was so easy before but now, it's like you don't even want to talk to us anymore. You don't want to interact with us at all and I miss the part of you that used to actually speak to us and treat us all with love. When people try to reach out to you, it's like they're not even there. I know this is just an opinion of one anon, but, I personally miss you. Goodbye. xxx

Yes i have changed. I can’t interact with people the same way as I used to before because there are too many people here now.
I’m part of something big, something that, if I don’t watch what I say constantly, might come back and attack me.
I’ve felt it too and it sucks because I love interacting with new fandoms. Drawing and reblogging my favorite things have always been a priority on this blog and I feel like I have drifted from that..

I’m sorry that I’m not what I used to be. I completely understand where you are coming from. It’s not that I don’t want to talk to you, I’ve just gotten more protective of myself and who I interact with. (Which is kinda sad I suppose..) I’m sad to see you go, but I hope you find something better and cooler and RADDER than I ever was :’)

Sometimes, I make myself crazy with fear. Sometimes meaning TODAY. But instead of talking about that I’ll tell you about something that happened yesterday.

I was photographing an extended family that united in my little hometown. Three countries - Italy, Portugal and the US. At the end of my session, I’m saying my goodbyes and the Portuguese lady in her broken English points at my shoes and says, “You did Ironman?” I now realize she pointed at my tattoo.

I tell her, “Yes, I did”

She smiles, “Congratulations”

It’s the first time anyone has mentioned my tattoo and it was a lady from Portugal who spoke very little English.

And then when I think Portuguese, I think about my favorite movie, Love Actually.

[neither understands the other’s language]
Jamie: [in English] It’s my favorite time of day, driving you.
Aurelia: [in Portuguese] It’s the saddest part of my day, leaving you.

I think me and my recovering knee will watch it tonight.


Alright so this is actually a huge story. I was planning on seeing Snow White on my birthday at the Magic Kingdom. Well…she wasn’t at Fairytale Hall… So RIGHT AFTER the parade I decided let’s run to Epcot and see her at the well! Monorails were not working. Had to do some bus hopping!

But it was worth it.

Oh my gosh I decided to wait for her last meet and she blew me a kiss as she was going on her break. That just made it solid in my mind that I had made the perfect choice in running over.

When Snow White came out she was nearly dancing and I got my shaky butterfly feelings. I’d loved Snow White since I was about three years old. She was always my favorite princess and I loved everything about her.

I waited very quietly and I was in kinda birthday bliss (as you see) because that was my last character for the day. I got to finish on my favorite. Immediately she noticed my necklace. It’s Doc. I wear a little gold Doc necklace. She had that same gasp and “oh!” just like she was surprised in the movie and she held her hands up while she gently looked.

And then I showed her my bag. “I have all of them because… Well your movie is my favorite and…y-you’re my favorite. You always have been.”

And it was this…wonderful loving look she gave me. And I’m being a total dork and crying as I write this because she perked up…

“I am?”

“Always. You always have.”

And she gave me a big hug… Oh my gosh that’s all I wanted on my birthday, to see Snow White…

And she gently took me over by the well and asked if, since she was my favorite and she was my special friend, we could make a heart for the camera. And excitedly I said yes, yes of course.

I was so happy!

“And because you love us all so much, I will be sure to tell my seven little friends hello for you. They’ve been working all day.”

“oh, in this terrible heat?”

“But you know them! They just dig, dig, dig, dig, dig!”

She sang it to me. She actually…sang that part to me. I had lost my mind!

I said my goodbyes and I made my way back for fireworks at the Magic Kingdom.

She sang. <3 She looked at all of my dwarfs… Oh my gosh I was over the moon. She spent so much time with me and it was like she was encouraging me to hang around because, forget the line of people, this was my birthday and this was what I wanted. I am a fan. I matter for these few minutes.

That’s what is really great about the princesses. For about three to five minutes you are the most important person in the world and that’s really special for some people.