yes this is my dinner

Adlock Au

Au where Sherlock has to bring Irene into custody as a suspect to a crime. She basically avoids every single question he uses to interrogate her and he gets unbelievably pissed off.

‘Where you associated with the crime’

'May have been may have not been.’

'Were you?’

'Was I?’

'Answer the question’

'You answer my question, having dinner tonight?’

'Yes of course I am’

'Want to have it with me?~’

'That’s- that’s not the question.’

'Yes I know, but you aren’t going to know if I was associated with the crime anyways so why not just chat.’


imagine for a moment, if you will, a member of rogue one knocking on the door to baze and chirrut’s room. let’s say it’s cassian. something is happening – a mission briefing, or a dinner, nothing urgent, but their company would be appreciated.

chirrut answers the door, wrapped in a blanket, flashing a great deal of both shoulder and thigh. he can’t see his nudity, so he doesn’t really care about covering it. cassian can tell this is about to be a very humiliating interaction. chirrut is grinning and sweaty. behind him, just visible, is baze, on his stomach in bed, naked and hiding his face.

despite his better judgement, cassian invites the two of them to whatever he came to invite them to. chirrut’s grin gets wider, the blanket slips down a little to reveal huge hickies on his collarbones. “don’tcassian hears, softly, from the bed.

“sorry,” says chirrut. “i’m too bazed and confused to come out right now.”

the door slams shut over the sound of baze groaning

Win Your Heart

So, today was a snow day and I was able to work on Fragile Design, including ironing out some tricky plot points (thanks to @optomisticgirl for her wonderful thoughts and encouragement).  Now, I’m sitting here and thinking as my husband makes dinner (yes, I’m a lucky girl) and I need to write something short and sweet and involving no major plot other than references to potential impending storylines to come.

(also I’ve spent the past week re-immersing myself in @msgenevieve447‘s writing and loving every minute of it…this is an ode to her as well because she’s one of the people in this fandom than inspired me to write and I owe her much for that)

This little drabble is based on one of my all time favorite Captain Swan conversations, a piece of which is below:

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Ah, yes…under the cut, for smutty reasons (you know how I do)…

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I get irrationally mad when people look at me in public… like yes I’m aware that I’m the most adorably angry potato you’ve ever seen, look away before I try to fight you. 


@cataposa I was at the library today for like two seconds and was skimming the Tinkerbell comics and they were super gAY.

Think about College Dipper and Mabel Pines. Every year, they always go back to Gravity Falls for their summer vacation because you know deep inside they do. They will have bigger beds now :O And Dipper finally kinda likes the whole “Mystery Twins” title they have despite being so adamant before.

Dear Future Wife...#644

You weren’t feeling well today so I went downstairs to make dinner after I tucked you in. You knew that I had work to finish up, so you adorably asked, “You’re gonna come back up and finish work here right?” I answered yes…


“Yes, I promise,” I responded, smiling as I closed the door gently.

I come back after dinner and brushing my teeth and you’re fast asleep. I crawl into bed as gently as I could, dimming my laptop, and settling in. Your even quiet breathing tells me you’re not bothered by my typing and clicking. 2 hours later, I finish and close my laptop, wrap up the cords, and get myself ready for sleep. You rolled over and tucked your cute little self into my side and now you’re snuggled up with me, my arm trapped inside your safe and warm arm+chest cocoon. I’m not doing this justice exactly how cute this is…maybe because I can’t bear to move my arm to type with both hands. But I love how we make sure we’re touching when we’re asleep. Just a reminder “hey, I’m here. I love you. You’re safe.” And also in this specific moment, you’re cute as hell.

Feyre back in Spring pt.2

*eating dinner*

Tamlin: “Feyre.”

Feyre: “Yes, my love?”

Lucien: *rolls eyes*

Tamlin: “Lucien and I will be traveling to the border to meet with Hybern’s emissaries at dawn. I’d like for you to begin preparations for a feast to honor our guests.”

Lucien: *shocked* “Tam, you never said they’d be staying here. At the manor. Why didn’t you discuss this with me?”

Tamlin: *growling* “I am the High Lord of this court, Lucien, and you will remember your place.”

Feyre: *flashes shadow talons at Lucien, smirking wickedly*

Lucien: *glares, a bit pale*

Tamlin: “Now, Feyre, I expect the preparations to be completed and ready for my approval when I return.”

Feyre: *shyly, submissively* “Tamlin, may I accompany you to the border? You said you would allow me to be more involved.” *bats lashes*

Tamlin: “Your presence will not be needed, Feyre. You will stay here.”

Rhys: “Here we go.”

Feyre: *brushing against Tamlin’s mind* I am sunshine and flowers, a cool breeze dancing in a meadow. I am birth and life and growth. I am a trickling brook, a pool of starlight in the woods. You know me. I am Spring. I am Spring. “Feyre could indeed be useful when we meet with the emissaries. Perhaps if I involve her in some of our plans, she’ll begin to trust me again.”

Tamlin: *face relaxing* “Feyre, I’ve changed my mind. Perhaps, just this one time, you may come along.”

Lucien: *gaping, eye darting between Feyre and Tamlin* “Bu-” *sighs*

Feyre: *winking at Lucien, sipping wine*

Rhys: “That’s my girl.”


“He was in New York. I thought you might like to see him.” 
“Thank you, Tony.” 


 First of all: SHMIEL!!! 

Secondly: Tony, you are a mensch. 

He knows that Ziva is hurting and doing her best to push everyone away, but if he can’t reach her, he’s gonna bring her the one person who can. 

Because right now, this is about Ziva and what is best for her, and that person is Shmiel, who she probably feels the safest with. It’s so touching. 

I mean, that’s not even getting into the fact that Tony is in contact with Shmiel and knew that the Man of Steel (LOVE IT) was in New York at the moment, and arranged for him to travel to DC to be by Ziva’s side, and offered his home (his infamous sanctuary) for their reunion without a second thought. Tony may not like sharing his personal abode with just anyone, but clearly these people aren’t just anyone, especially not right now.

(Shmiel knows, you guys.)

Even ignoring the obvious heart eyes here at the moment, it’s just further proof of what a family they’ve all become collectively, that they’ve got this intimate knowledge of each other’s respective coping mechanisms. 

And then there’s Ziva’s reaction, which is so interesting. She’s still trying her best, initially, to remain cool, like she’s been trained for her whole life not only as a Mossad officer, but as a child who’s experienced a lot of loss due to where she grew up. And while she does kind of push Tony away at first, she does begin to relent a little – qualifying her short stay not as an insult, but because she’s going to go back to Israel ASAP to bury her father.

But then, Tony’s surprise, for lack of a better word, catches her off-guard in the best possible way, and suddenly the only person she can truly relax with in his world is by her side, next to probably the only other person who would come close. 

And that gratitude of hers is so genuine and lovely; she doesn’t have any fight left in her, and all she can do is be thankful that Tony, more than anyone else in her family, looks out for her best interests. Right now, if that means summoning the Man of Steel to his beloved man-cave so that Ziva can process her grief with one of the few people left in her life who’d understand, and who she can unequivocally trust? That’s love, there’s no other way to put it.

I’m sorry, I need to go drown in my feelings because there’s a whole lot of episode left and I’m not prepared.

“hello do you have any suits”

“yes whats the occasion? a wedding? dinner?”

“i wanna look powerful as my girlfriend pretends to be 5 while i fuck her”

“sorry we just ran out”

anonymous asked:

Melly did you really think Yolanda had some semblance of her shit together with that story of Zayn surprising Gigith in Paris? Coz that was weak sauce bro! Essentially they're telling us that Gigith doesn't have her super real boyfriend's number saved in her phone so she was able to see the country he was calling from? Also that he showed up randomly which made Anna Wintour go "ah yes you can host my Americans in Paris dinner that's in 2 days" Like seriously Yo SO doesn't have her shit together

LET ME LIVE I SAID ON THE SURFACE SHE HAD HER SHIT TOGETHER, because picture it: you’re the average general public demographic bro. You know vaguely about Gigith and Zayn, you’re sitting there eating your bagel and orange juice as part of a balanced breakfast. You read a story about Zehn taking the time to surprise his fancy supermodel girlfriend during Paris Fashion Week in your Sunday Times Style.  You think to yourself “There’s a couple that has each other’s phone numbers and hangs out sometimes.” You can’t find a tuppence of fucks to know or care that he brought a glam squad with him, his manager, or that he clearly had other work obligations that are planned way in advance that included:

A paid appearance at the Tommy dinner & promotional pap walk in head to two His & Hers Tommy Hilfiger stunt costumes

A paid appearance front row at Balmain 

Co-hosting the Vogue dinner that is planned months and months in advance (and included attendance by his manager)

A photo shoot and interview with a writer from the NY Times

But sure, it was a “Surprise”

  • my sister earlier, apropos of nothing: i just pictured transformers like the robots in disguise but they transform into thanksgiving dinner
  • me: they go from cars to..?
  • my sister: to like a turkey and stuffing
  • me: like just a regular sized--
  • my sister: no like giant. and--and they race
  • me: so they go from cars to giant components of a thanksgiving dinner on...on wheels?
  • my sister: yes!
  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: When lyra and pan come across all the statues of ppl with their daemons. Most daemons are animals but lyra saw one that was 'a beautiful woman' so what kind of person would you be if your daemon is another human. I have been thinking about this for the past 84 years
Qrowin Banter #4
  • Glynda: Will you be attending the Vytal Festival Dinner Winter?
  • Winter: Yes, once my business is finish in Atlu-
  • Qrow: -Trust me, you'd be the last person anyone wants there- why invite a wet blanket like you to a party?
  • Winter: Why you?! I am fun you impudent child!
  • Qrow: I am one for surprises.
  • Ironwood: Winter please.
  • Winter: Watch me.
  • *Vytal Dinner*
  • Glynda: Qrow stay away from the bar, the alcohol is for everyone- Oh my!
  • *Winter shows up with that skirt length low but side slit high.*
  • Qrow: Woah there-
  • Winter: Are you watching? Look.
  • *Winter snatches his glass of brandy, winks and makes her way to the dancefloor.*
  • Glynda: You weren't ready. *Hands him a napkin.*
  • Qrow: *Dabs his forehead* That skirt length.