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On The Job- pt. 1

Word Count: 901

Characters: Joe Merriweather, Kasey Gallengher, Daniel Roman.

Warnings: none really. 

A/N: Woohoo! Part 1!! Thank you to @jeffreydeanneganstrash​ for editing this! Also, thanks to @fuck-yeah-lets-do-negan-ff​ for helping me brainstorm for this fic! Please let me know if you enjoyed this or not! Thank you for reading!!  *This work is purely fictional!

It was supposed to be just another day, Kasey was currently assigned to a desk job in D.C.. It had been three months since she had graduated from the FBI academy. So when she walked in the precinct ready for another action-less day and saw her desk was cleared, she was shocked. Quickly, she made a bee-line towards special agent Roman’s office. Knocking as she pushed the door open, the conversation in the room came to a halt.

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A Weekend in Paris

 Five months have passed since New Year’s Eve on the roof. The group of friends had been so happy since then. Farkle was overjoyed to be with Smackle again even if it was long distance. In a couple of days that distance would be no more. He would be in Australia with his beloved and they could pick up where they left off the day she had left for Australia. Video chats and late night phone calls were ok, but nothing could compare to the moment he would see her in person for the first time in months. Everyone had come with him to the airport and he was glad they did. He knew he would miss a lot while he was gone but would see them at the end of the year. They all had plans for the summer. Plans that didn’t really include the group as a whole. Maya and Josh would be spending the summer in Philly with his family. Zay and Sara would be staying in the city, as Zay was doing some summer theater and Sara was working. Riley and Lucas would be spending the summer in Texas and Lucas had some big plans for Riley. Lucas had mentioned his plans to Farkle and he couldn’t be happier for them. Riley was about to have a summer she would never forget.

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Chapter 1


Sunday, June 4, 2023 at the apartment of Lucas and Josh

Lucas and Riley were just returning to the apartment from the airport where they just said their goodbyes to Farkle. He was going to be in Australia with Smackle for the next 6 months. As a matter of fact, the whole group of friends would be gone for the entire summer. Riley and Lucas were due to fly out of La Guardia airport for Austin, Texas the next morning at 9 a.m. They would be spending the whole summer at Pappy Joe’s Ranch in Texas. Riley couldn’t wait to get away and have Lucas all to herself for the summer. She was helping Lucas finish his packing and they were going to have dinner with Maya, Josh, Zay and Sara upstairs at the Matthew’s apartment. Topanga had been cooking all day and wanted to send Riley and Lucas off with a small get together of friends and family.

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Hidden Talent

Jack thought he was alone, which is why he didn’t think much of it when he started to sing along to the song, continuing to put away his dishes.

He knew that Joe and Conor were due over soon, he had managed to convince them to help him move his stuff in and build some furniture since his new flat had absolutely nothing, but he figured that they would knock or call when they got there.

When the next song came up on his playlist, Jack made his way over to his computer, turning the volume up before he went back to the kitchen, singing along once again.

Because the music was loud, and he was singing, Jack didn’t hear the front door open, or the chatter of Conor and Joe fade out.

He had no idea that they were there, and so he continued to sing, oblivious to his new audience.

But as the song came to an end, and he heard applause, Jack spun around, the counter pressing in against his back as he stared over at the two, his cheeks burning red.

“Wow,” Conor commented, walking over to the computer to pause the new song starting to play. “You’ve gotten better.”

“You’re here.” Jack said quietly, eyes darting between Joe and Conor.

“We are,” Joe smiled, “And you’ve been hiding a secret talent from us.”

“What? Talent?” Jack realized he was still holding a plate tightly in his hand, and he quickly placed it on the counter behind him, trying to calm his racing heart.

“Singing.” Joe replied, “I didn’t know you could sing so well.”

“I can’t.” Jack shook his head, nervously running his fingers through his hair.

“Bro,” Conor spoke up, “You can sing.”

“Not really.” Jack mumbled, turning around slowly to continue with the dishes. “Can we just drop it? Please?”

“Okay,” Joe said from behind him, sharing a quick look with Conor. “What do you want us to do then?”

“Can you start on the table?”

A few hours later, Conor left, leaving Joe and Jack alone in the empty flat, various boxes scattered around them.

“How did I acquire so much shit?” Jack asked, glancing around from where he was sat on the floor.

“That’s what I thought when I moved.” Joe sighed, nudging a box with his foot. “Can we be done for the night?”

“Yeah, I’m exhausted.” Jack fell onto his back, and Joe was quick to join him, hands under his head as they stared at the ceiling.

“So,” Joe spoke the ceiling, “You can sing?”

“Oh gods,” Jack groaned, throwing an arm over his face, “Not this again.”

“What’s wrong?” Joe turned his head to look over at the younger man.

“I can’t sing!”

“Jack, I heard you earlier. Yes, you can.”

“I’m not as good as Conor…” Jack mumbled, his arm still over his face.

Joe lifted himself onto one elbow, lifting Jack’s arm so he could look at him, “Don’t compare yourself to Conor. He’s got a different voice and different style. But trust me, you can sing. You shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed because of it.”

“You really think I can sing?”

“Yes! You should do it more,” Joe smiled, “Maybe you’ll be the one to get me to do a singing video on my channel.”

“Like that’ll happen,” Jack scoffed, pushing at Joe’s shoulder, who laughed as he fell back onto the floor. “But thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”

“I’m not going to just start singing for you suddenly.”

“Oh come on!” Joe threw his hands up in front of him, “I complimented you!”

“Too hungry to sing,” Jack chuckled, watching as Joe sat up abruptly. “What are you doing?”

“We’re getting you food. And then you can sing again.” Joe grinned down at him after standing, holding out a hand.

“You really want me to sing, don’t you?” Jack muttered, allowing Joe to pull him up.

“Yes. Because you’re good at it, Jack. Now, Nando’s?”

“Nando’s.” He nodded, following Joe towards the door, a smile on his own lips.

Maybe he would sing for Joe later.

What ever you do-

Don’t think about:

  • Andy and Joe awkwardly sitting on the couch when there’s no one else in the room
  • Joe turning to Andy and staring at his shirt while trying to say something, but when he looks up he shuts his mouth and just tries to breath
  • Joe thinking ‘fuck it’ and making the first move, kissing Andy gently while holding his cheek
  • Andy surprised, but happy, and moves to hold Joe’s hips
  • Joe dragging Andy behind him after a show so that he can find the nearest room with a door and lock so that he can finally get his damn drummer shorts off and do what he pleases
  • Andy getting nervous about asking Joe out for real for a real date
  • A slow smile making its way onto Joe’s face while Andy stutters and tries to say “Do you wanna go see a movie with me?”
  • Joe reaching for Andy’s shirt collar and dragging him down to kiss his cheek “Of course I would.”
  • Andy biting his lip and slowly putting his arm around Joe’s shoulder during the previews for the movie because he just can’t not touch him
  • Joe smirking and rolling his eyes at Andy when he’s not looking, snuggling into his side while the movie starts
  • Andy and Joe nervously walking into the lounge of the band’s bus after calling a band meeting, and Andy fumbling around with words trying to find one’s to explain to his friends that he and Joe are together
  • Patrick smiling real wide and Pete ‘awing’ at them both once Joe just kisses Andy to get the point across that ‘hey we’re dating’
  • Calling up their families to tell them that they were dating and their families being very happy for them and telling them too come home from tour soon
  • Lazy morning kisses between the two after a great show the night before
  • Andy smiling dreamily at Joe’s back while he’s beating Pete at Guitar Hero
  • Joe looking back at Andy while they’re up on stage and winking at him when he sees that Andy is looking right back
  • Andy and Joe going out for a nice dinner for their one year anniversary
  • Andy trying to explain to Joe how he feels about him but ends up just spitting out that he loves him over and over until Joe hugs him and tells him he loves him, too.
  • Spending time together on holidays and birthdays when they’re not with family
  • Late nights cuddling and watching Star Wars
  • Falling asleep on the couch and waking up with kisses
  • Andy cooking breakfast while Joe turns on the radio, singing and dancing around him, every once in a while wrapping his arms around Andy’s stomach
  • Taking showers together because Andy threw a bit of flour in Joe’s hair and then Joe decided to grab some as well and blew it into Andy’s face
  • Joe touching his slightly red chin after the shower, turning to Andy and giving him a smug look “Baby, you gave me beard burn.”
  • Andy going to Patrick nervously a few weeks before their third anniversary when he decides that he wants his and Joe’s forever to be joined together
  • Patrick smiling and hugging Andy tight saying “congratulations, you big sap.”
  • Andy going to some older family-owned ring business and bringing Patrick along while Joe’s out spending time with an old friend of his family and Pete’s out at a concert with some music-friend of his
  • Andy taking Joe out to his favorite restaurant for a slightly late third anniversary dinner once they get back to Chicago and after they said hello to all of their family again
  • Andy taking Joe out to a small clearing after eating and talking about how much he appreciates Joe and loves him
  • Joe fidgeting with his black suit top and then going still as Andy kneels down on the grass
  • Joe swallowing and, after Andy’s done speaking/purposing, says “Well fuck.”
  • Andy just about loosing it in his head when Joe chews on his lip and looks at him weird
  • Joe kneeling down in front of him and pulling out a little velvet box and then grinning at Andy
  • Joe biting his lip when Andy just stares blankly at his own ring and saying “So, what do you say… marry me if I marry you?”
  • Andy choking back a sob and laughing as he hugs him tightly “Yes! God I- You- When did you even have time?”
  • Joe laughing with him and explaining that he never actually went to visit an old family friend and that he made Pete come with him, telling him to give Patrick some excuse.
  • Telling the fans a couple of months into their engagement that they are together and happy
  • Going to each others’ families and giving them the news
  • Patrick helping out Andy and Joe’s family in trying to figure out where the ceremony should be and were the after party should be held and all the little details that the happy couple are clueless on.
  • Andy getting teary-eyed when he sees Joe walk down the aisle with his parents
  • Andy whispering “I love you.” while he steps up next to him
  • Joe looking back at Andy once he’s standing across from him and whispering “I love you, too.” to him
  • When it’s Joe’s time to talk during the vow ceremony, “I still can’t believe you shaved” is the first thing that comes out of his mouth, and then, him being embarrassed and all, he fumbles when he tries to get his vow-paper out of his pocket
  • Andy dancing with Joe’s six-year-old cousin (who insisted that he looked like a king from one of her favorite princess movies) at the after party
  • She keeps stumbling so Andy lifts her slightly and slides his feet under her’s
  • Joe staring at them both in a daze
  • Joe grinning at Andy when the DJ announces that it’s time for the first dance of the grooms
  • Andy kissing Joe at the end and the entire room erupting in laughter and cheers
  • Andy and Joe walking outside after the party and grinning at the (now) two tour buses waiting for them, Pete and Patrick standing in front of one
  • Joe and Andy walking up to them and Pete looks at them and says “Got another one for you guys so that you don’t have to be all sick and disgusting in my tou-” Patrick elbowing Pete “-our tour bus, because we know this tour really cut into Joe&Andy honeymoon time.”
  • Andy and Joe both hugging them and thanking them.
  • Spending just about a year in a tour bus together, laughing, cooking, cuddling; doing lots of things together, because even though they’re not having a proper honeymoon, there’s nothing like being on the road
The Boxer. -Part Four. -Joe Sugg Imagine.

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You instantly felt your cheeks heat up at his words. You could see the cheeky twinkle in his eyes as he smirked mischievously at you.

“We’ll see about that, won’t we?” You answered, bringing the wine glass to your lips while eyeing Joe’s features.

“Tell me, Mr. Sugg. Why on earth have you brought me out here to such an extravagant restaurant?” You questioned, your eyebrows raised and your eyes gazing over to Joe’s light blue ones. You were desperate to know why Joe wanted to take you out for a meal so quickly after his match. You honestly thought that after winning such a grand, big and fresh new title, that Joe would be out in fancy night club and drink to his glorious win. Instead, Joe was now sitting before you in a very embellished restaurant, you were almost sure that would certainly cost more than two hundred pounds, just to dine in.

“Why do you think I brought you here?” Joe asked, his facial expression now turning smug. His light blue orbs were now studying yours, his tongue darting across his lips. You studied his actions, watching him take up his knife and fork before you with an eyebrow raised.

“I do believe Mr. Sugg that is the exact question I asked you. I still haven’t received an answer.” You replied, pursing your lips together while taking up your knife and fork to eat with. The sound of soft music wafted through the air causing a calming atmosphere among the guests, as they chatted among themselves. As the aroma of the perfectly prepared burger drifts to your nose, you couldn’t help but keep your focus on Joe while you awaited your answer. The answer that you were just itching to know.

“I see that your journalism side is showing.” Joe chuckled, his knife and fork now shredding the burger into a small piece before chewing on it. You gave him a pointed look, your right leg now crossing over your left. “Nothing is wrong with asking a question.” You answered, a sweet smile now plastering onto your lips. You could see that he was almost up for a challenge. A challenge of who will answer the other persons question first.

“Did I say there was something wrong with asking a question?” Joe queried, a playful smile on his lips.

“You haven’t answered my question.” You stated, your eyes now staring at Joe as you awaited your answer on why Joe brought you out for a meal.

“You haven’t answered mine.” Joe answered quick. You looked at the ever so cocky smile that stretched across his face. You glared playfully across to him. A glare of slight annoyance added to it. You just wanted your answer. That’s all you asked for.

Why did he take you to dinner?

Why you?

Why isn’t he out celebrating with his family and friends?

Why did he choose to take you out?

You were flattered and honoured to be sat here with the newly crowned champion, but your curiosity was getting the better of you.

“Well Ms. L/N, since you are so eager to know, then I’ll tell you. The moment you walked through the door and that exact second I saw you, I thought I saw an angel. I just wanted to fall to my knees at your breath taking beauty, but I couldn’t quite do that because I’m sure if I did then I would have scarred you away. Something that I most definitely didn’t want to happen. During the interview, all I could think about was asking you questions and getting to know you more. The way you were with Andrew, really made me feel something and I just really wanted to talk to you. That’s the exact reason why I made that bet with you. I knew that if I had something to keep me focused on during the match, then I was sure to win. Now look, here we are.” Joe answered making your breath catch in your throat.

You could feel your stomach doing back  flips at Joe’s words. You could feel your smile expanding if possible and you could feel a guilty emotion swirling in your mind for getting just ever so slightly annoyed with the boy for not answering your question that was now finally answered.

You watched Joe smile over to you, his hungry stomach now beginning to dig into the meal that was placed before you both.

“Wow..I..I don’t really know what to say..I’m very flattered..Thank you Joe..” You smiled sheepishly, looking down to your piping hot meal and immediately starting to slice it up for your taste buds to enjoy. You could feel your face heat up yet again after Joe left you so speechless. ‘Really Y/N? All you can say is ‘I’m flattered’?’ Your mind hissed at you making you cringe. There was nothing more that you wanted than for the ground to just swallow you up whole from the embarrassment you were feeling.

“So, like I said. I really wanted to get to know you. Please do tell me L/N. Tell me everything about yourself.” Joe trailed off with a grin. A grin that you were very happy to return with a beaming smile.

“My name is Y/N..”


“A roof thatcher?” You giggled, walking around the small park with Joe, an ice cream cup in both yours and Joe’s hands.

“Hey! Don’t question it!” Joe chuckled while taking a scoop from his ice cream cup. “That’s what I was going to do with my life. I trained hard at the gym though and I soon took up boxing lessons. With each lesson I just loved it more and more so I left my uncles company and solely focused on boxing. I’d train day and night seven days a week. I soon started getting into professional fights in the ring, and sure enough I won them all.” Joe spoke, a cocky but innocent smile on his face while you nudged his side with yours in a playful manner. “Big head.” You giggled, licking the creamy goodness from the plastic spoon, making Joe give you an amused look.

After finishing dinner at the most exquisite and most beautiful restaurant you’ve ever been to, yourself and Joe decided to take a stroll around the park. You both found a lovely park and left the car in the parking lot while the two of you began to walk in through the gates. It has now been roughly about two hours since you’ve entered the park. The both of you were enjoying each others company and with each question you asked one another, you really felt as if you were getting to know each other even better.

Joe told you that when he was in school he worked part time as a roof thatcher after school and weekends and hoped to aspire to be a roof thatcher when he was younger. You also listened to Joe tell you that he was planning on majoring in arts once he was finished with school but once his boxing career began to get busier and a lot more well known, it was soon just pushed to the back of his mind. Joe still enjoyed drawing and sketching in his spare time though. You also discovered that Joe has a brutal fear of black and white films which made you reveal your big fear of heights.

“So, you can still thatch a roof?” You asked, Joe nodding his head yes. “That’s pretty cool..” You smiled softly as you both continued to walk down the pathway that was situated by a calming river.

“Now I know that you’re a professional boxer, who lives on a roof at night while eating ice cream that includes sugary gummy bears, gummy worms, sprinkles and chocolate..” You teased causing Joe to laugh loudly. “Well no one can know about this secret life of mine. Especially Rod and my trainer, I’m sure that if he found out I was eating all of these toppings on my ice cream then he’d kill me.” Joe laughed, his spoon now grasping onto one of the ice cream covered gummy worms.

Yourself and Joe found an ice cream shop close by the park. The ice cream shop allowed you to pick a variety of toppings such as chocolate buttons, gummy worms, very sugary sweets, bon bons, marshmallows, flakes, you name it! Joe went with his 'usual’, which consisted of vanilla ice cream, gummy worms, blue bon bons, caramel sauce, sugary sweets, sprinkles and a chocolate flake to top it all off.

“Hm, I’ll think about it.” You giggled. On the other hand, you went with your favourite. You decided to go for vanilla ice cream with chocolate buttons, mini marshmallows, colourful sprinkles, and a flake. To top it all of you had extra strawberry sauce decorating all of the delicious toppings you picked out.

“And what about you Ms. L/N? Have you always been aspiring to be a journalist?” Joe asked, the sound of the stream now trickling by you with the gentle breeze to match.

“Pretty much. Sort of a boring story to be honest. I don’t have the exciting story of being a roof thatcher.” You giggled, chewing on one of the chocolate buttons before speaking. “I really enjoy writing. I’ve been writing since I was a child, whether it be poems, essays or even my opinion on things, I’ve always been writing.” You spoke, a shy smile on your face knowing you’ve never really dwelled on the reasons why you became a journalist. It was a very rare question that you were asked. “My job really isn’t that bad. I don’t like certain aspects of the job as a whole, but I really do love my area of my job and what I write. I usually write articles that are reviews, kind of like writing up about the brand new opening of a hotel or maybe I’ll write up about third world poverty or current news affairs. It really depends on what my editor gives me on the day.” You explained, finishing off your beloved ice cream cup before throwing it into a nearby bin, your hands now shovelling into your coat pockets.

“That’s really admirable Y/N, you should be really proud of what you do.” Joe smiled warmly at you, your heart melting at his words.

“So, according to Andrew. You’re single. Have I been lied to?” Joe chuckled, scratching the back of his neck after throwing away his empty ice cream cup into the bin. You could feel your heart almost stop beating at Joe’s question, an embarrassed smile on your lips as you crossed your arms across your chest awkwardly.

“Well, I can confirm you haven’t been lied to.” You nodded, your voice almost inaudible.

This was a sensitive topic to you.

You’ve never had a boyfriend.

In all twenty one years of your life, you’ve never had a relationship. Of course, you’ve been on dates but you never went on another with the same guy. It was embarrassing to talk about since your friends have boyfriends and you’re usually the third wheel. You just haven’t found the guy that you know is for you.

“What? You’re joking.” Joe scoffed, his head shaking at your words making you roll your eyes.

“A beautiful girl like you should have guys lined up outside your door. As a matter of fact, a stunning girl like you would need a body guard just to keep all of the guys away.” Joe smiled, talking softly while his light blue eyes gazed into yours.

You instantly felt your cheeks go rosy from his words and your lips grow wider into a beaming smile. “You’re just saying that.” You laughed, your arms wrapping themselves around your body while your stomach danced with butterflies.

“Why would I tell you a lie?” Joe questioned, his orbs now looking at you intently. A slight frown is on his lips. You bit your lip as you looked down to yourself, small insecurities rising inside of you.

“Have you not got a girlfriend?” You questioned, fixing your eyes onto Joe as his posture slumped and his head shook. “So, you’re telling me that a very handsome, sweet and funny guy like you is single?” You asked, your eyebrows raising and you watched Joe give you a playful look for stealing his words as he sighed.

“I just haven’t found the right girl. Every other girl wants me for my money. They want to be with me because of my boxing fame. They don’t want to be with me because of who I am.” Joe explained, his hand stretching to the back of his neck to distract him from his awkward thoughts. You nodded to his words, as you both continued to walk.

Suddenly Joe stopped you, his feet now glued to the ground while his hand took hold of yours.

“Y/N..” He whispered, your name trailing from his lips. Joe’s body was now pressed against yours while his hand kept yours warm. You slowly fluttered your eye/colour eyes up to Joe’s and felt your breath catch slightly at Joe’s words that he spoke huskily.

“Let me take care of you tonight..”

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