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This is so awesome <3 you don’t need an intervention, your writing is amazing and I can’t wait :)

Hahaha, well, the only reason I say I need an intervention is that I have less than zero time to write this right now, plus I made a deal with myself that I wouldn’t start anything new until TLATF is finished, but a lot of you left great comments, so that being said…

bcnedrah said: They have to go save Malia in Beacon Hills. Stiles: You have a daughter? (Flails) Why don’t I know about this? Peter: “Have a daughter” is really a technicality. “Conceived a daughter with a mercenary were-coyote during a very pleasurable on night stand” is much closer to the truth.

Would Peter know about Malia, though? I don’t think we ever found out why Talia erased his memory of her, because, you know, ~Teen Wolf logic~

stripycardigans said: You could do something with the nematon, drawing monsters towards BH (or maybe Jennifer using the nematon to power up and fight Deucalion) so there’s people being killed in BH, Peter goes back because it’s still his familys territory, Laura and Derek go back (Laura pointing out that she’s technically the alpha and Peter asking her why she left if she cares so much) and Chris appears b/c of the killings. Idk snarky petopher and then stiles&Allison and siblings?

Personally I feel like, if Laura went back, Peter wouldn’t. He’d be like “it’s Hale land and the Hale alpha is on it, so it’s not my problem”. Although then maybe Laura gets killed? That would give him more reason to go see what was going on.

janeypro said: Since Laura and Derek have been brought up: Yes, I’d love to see what happened to them, too? Did they still go to NY? Will Peter and Stiles run into them even before going back to BH? How would they react to Peter practically (or even officially?) having adopted Stiles? Why have they not cared about Peter going his separate ways from them (I imagine with him not being comatose they’d need a pretty good reason not to stick together as a pack)? This could be awesome! :)

I was thinking about Laura earlier, and thinking maybe they disagreed on what they should do next. Laura wanting to go to NY and try to have a normal life, and Peter wanting to kill hunters. I bet they would especially argue about Stiles, Laura saying that they shouldn’t drag an innocent kid into their problems and Peter being like “he’s already involved, I’m just giving him a place to go” and ultimately the two of them splitting off.

That being said, I do think it would be awesome for them to meet up with Derek later - before or after they go back to Beacon Hills - and Derek sees 18-year-old Stiles, with tattoos and scars and knives for days and is like “Who’s that?” and Peter being like “the boy I adopted, obviously” and Derek choking on his water because DAMN, Stiles has grown up nice. And Derek and Stiles trying to do a friends-with-benefits type of thing because neither of them want attachments but of course they fall in love and mutual pining ensues. Meanwhile Peter thinks they’re both idiots, LOL

Speak To Me

@sunshinexlollipopsHappy Sterekmas! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to create this fic for you! ENJOY!!

by @hufflepuff-at-ilvermorny

Confusion. “Why is he so ugly?”

Resentment. “Is he going to cry like that all the time?”

Disgust. “Why does he have snot coming out of his nose?”

Annoyance. “Yes, Laura, I know he’s a baby but I don’t understand why I need to come see him.”

Exasperation. “What do you mean I’m going to marry him?”

Irritation. “Who made that stupid rule?”

“Derek Hale! What have I said about using those words?” Derek immediately froze and turned around, his shoulders hunched up around his ears.

“I’m sorry, Mama,” Derek said softly.

Laura giggled from next to the crib and pushed her finger against the baby’s smushed cheek. She started cooing to it and telling it how sorry she was that he had to be married to her ugly, rude baby brother.

“Laura Hale, this is not helping,” their mother scolded her. “This marriage contract between Derek and Prince Mateusz is very important to the safety of our countries.”

Derek looked confused again. “Prince what? I can’t say that name.”

“Queen Claudia says they’re going to call him Stiles as a nickname, but Mateusz was his grandfather’s name,” Talia explained to them. She pulled Derek away from the squalling baby and knelt down until she was face to face with him.

“You’ll have a long time to get to know him, Derek. Your father and I will not force you into this marriage if you do not want it when the time comes. But please try, for the sake of our country.”

Derek sighed, a big gush of wind leaving his lungs as he looked over at the baby prince once more.

“I’ll try. I just wish he would stop crying.”

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