yes this is from s a video someone took with their phone of their tv but i think it turned out ok

Chapter 38: Jealous?


“Bria!” I shouted walking into the house. “Bria!”

I heard a high pitched scream.

“Bria!” I ran around. Damn I got a big house.

“Where are you!” I questioned looking around.

“In Angel’s room!” She replied.

My eyes widened as I ran towards Angie’s room. What if she feel out of her crib? What’s wrong? I opened the door to see Bria holding her, err, breast and Angie standing in her crib smiling.

“What happened?” I picked Angie up and turned to Bria.

“She threw a block at my boob!” She screamed rubbing it.

I looked at Angie who was making bubbles in her mouth and smiling. It was hard to scold her because it was kinda funny and she’s being cute, giggling and shit. She looks just like Kae right now. That reminds me. I got an oovoo date with Kae.

“Let’s go, baby. Mommy’s waiting for us.” I carried her to my room and laid her on my bed. I pulled out my laptop and opened it to Kae calling.

“Hey!” Kae sang.

“Hey what’s up?” I asked.

“Nothing. Just on set wearing these 90’s clothes. You?”

“I’m here with your daughter.” I replied and looked up. “Angie! Stay here.”

She crawled over to my pillows and started hitting her blocks on it. I sighed shaking my head.

“Aww what happened to Bria?” Kae asked sarcastically.

I side eyed her grabbing Angie. “Your sarcasm is not needed.”

“But it’s necessary.” Kae responded and then cheesed seeing Angie.

“Hey baby! Hey lovebug!”

Angie attempted to touch Kae through the screen kicking repeatedly.

“Mama misses you!”

I put her down and she crawled back over to the pillows.

“Yeah she threw a block at Bria.” I stated.

Kae let a loud laugh and I looked at her. She cleared her throat.

“That’s not funny.”

“That’s your daughter.”

“Uh, I was not by myself during her conception.” Kae indicated.

I smirked at the mental image of Kae being “by herself” and damn, that’s a sexy sight.

“You’re digusting.” Kae scrunched up her nose but shook her head. “But anyway, guess what?”

“What?” I began to pull Angie to prevent her from falling off the bed.

“I have a sex scene in the movie!”

Once she said that, I almost dropped Angie. Oh shit! She started to cry and I bounced her.

“Shh! Its ok!” I put the pacifier in her mouth and continued bouncing her and patting her back.

“Is she ok?” Kae questioned.

“Yeah but don’t worry about that. Who the fuck you got this sex scene with?” I asked.

She sighed. “My on-screen boyfriend. Chris, don’t make a big deal out of this.”

“The fuck you mean? Someone else is getting my goodies, Kae!” I argued.

“1. No one’s getting your "goodies” and 2. You’re the last person to be making a big deal about this when you got some sexual ass videos!“ Kae shot back.

"Name 2.” I crossed my arms.

“No Bullshit and Sweet Love.” She crossed her arms too.

I sucked my teeth. “Ok I’ll give that to you but that’s just acting.”

“Exactly. I’m just acting. You know I’m yours.” Kae smiled showing the ring.

I let out an airy laugh. “Yeah you are.”

“I gotta go. Bye baby! Bye angel!”


Kae disappeared from my screen and I sighed. I shouldn’t be jealous. Right?


I walked out Angel’s room still holding my breast and went into my room. For someone named Angel, she acts like a fucking demon. Well, just with me. When she’s with Chris, she’s sweet but when she’s with me, blocks, shoes, etc. Gets thrown. This baby is helping my plan yet hurting it at the same time.

I took off my shirt leaving my bra. My phone rang and I looked at the caller ID. Big Daddy. Shit, why can’t he leave me alone?

“Hey Big Daddy.” I picked up.

“Gold?” He inquired in a irritated voice.

“Yes Big Daddy?” I replied equally irritated.

“What the fuck is taking so long? Why isn’t Chris Brown dead yet?”

I rolled my eyes. “Well I can’t kill him like that.”

“Why not?”

I remained silent.

“Gold, why not?” Big Daddy asked again, but more sternly.

“He has a daughter.” I came with an excuse.

He snorted. “So? That never stopped you before.”

“Why do you want to kill him?”

“Why don’t you?”

After a brief moment of silence, I replied.

“Because he’s a father and famous.”

He snorted once again. “He’s also Rue’s fiancé and I’m determined to get her back.”

“Why do you want her back? You already have me!” I snapped.

“Who the fuck are you snapping at?”

I sighed. “I’m sorry. I’m just-“


I furrowed my eyebrows. “What?”

“You’re jealous but nobody has time for that. Kill Brown.” He hung up and I threw my phone on my bed.

Me? Jealous? Of Baby Rue? This nigga’s a fucking comedian if he thinks I’m jealous of that bitch. All she got is the man I want and big daddy on her. She ain’t shit and never been shit.

“Bria, I’m going-” Chris opened my door and his eyes widened when he saw me. He shield his eyes.

“Oh shit! I’m sorry!”

I smiled grabbing my shirt and putting it back on.

“Its cool. What’s up?”

“I gotta go so Angie is on your watch.”


Chris left and I chilled in front of the TV. The doorbell rang and I went up and answered. I smirked seeing his face and his eyes widened.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t T-Drop.”


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I tapped my foot impatiently. What the fuck is taking her so long? If I was still the same person I was a few years ago, I would’ve beat her ass and fucked her.

But I changed. Grace helped me change. I fell for her and I wasn’t even planning on that shit.

The door to the restaurant opened and she stepped in, looking very different from the last time I saw her. She made her way to my table and sat down.

“Well, Long time, no see, Honey.”

She glared at me. “Don’t fucking call me. That was the past and I refuse to continued to be call that shit. Its Erin. My name is Erin.”

I held up my hands in defense.

“Now what do you want?” Erin spat.

“Our boss, well ex-boss, is back and he’s out to get us. I have a feeling there’s someone else too.” I explained.

“Why should I believe you?”

“Fine. Don’t. But don’t be surprised if someone you love is killed soon.” I warned. “I gotta warn Rue too.”

“Why are you warning us?” Erin questioned with one eyebrow raised. “We all hate each other.”

“I don’t know. As much I hate you, I don’t want your ass to get killed.” I answered getting up and leaving.

I hopped in my car hoping Rue’s boyfriend wasn’t home. I rang the doorbell and someone else answered. Realizing who she is, I froze. Gold. One of the sexiest girls I worked with. She still looked fine as fuck.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t T-Drop.”

I got out my trance. “What are you doing here? And where’s Rue?”

She held up her fingers. “1. I work here and 2. She’s in Georgia. Why do you need her?”

“The fuck you mean you work here?”

“What? You, Rue, and Honey can go on and make new lives for yourself and I can’t?” She feigned hurt.

“What are you doing working for Rue? She hated you.”

“None of your damn buisness. Why are you looking for her?”

“None of your damn buisness.” I mocked her.

She rolled her eyes. “Look, my fine ass boss is coming-”

“Really? You’re lusting after Rue’s boyfriend?”

“Its not the first time I did.” Gold bit her lip winking at me.

I scoffed. “We fucked once.”

“I don’t see why everyone is after her.” Gold spat with venom in her words

I crossed my arms amused but not surprised. She’s always been jealous of Rue and it was obvious.

“What?” She snapped.

I raised an eyebrow. “Jealous?”


“5, 6, 7, 8!”

The beat for Loyal went on and the female dancers started to dance. We’re reheasing for the music video for Loyal. I’m so ready to film it, edit it, and release it for my fans. All that was on my mind was Kae doing a sex scene with some nigga.

Tina walked through the door and went over to me.

“The director says he’s on his way.”

“Cool.” I nodded.

“So how’s Bria?”

“She’s cool. I don’t think Angel likes her though. I might have to fire her.”

“What do you mean she doesn’t like her?” Tina questioned standing in front of me.

“She throws blocks at Bria.” I answered. “Hell, she stay throwing shit at Bria.”

“So what? She’s a baby. She’s not used to new people so she’s gonna act up.”

“Maybe you’re right.” I told her.

“Of course I’m right. Have I ever steered you wrong?”

I side eyed her and she groaned.

“Let. The. Halloween. Thing. Go.”

I rolled my eyes and hopped off my chair.


I walked in the house and looked at my phone. 9:36. Shit, I’m hungry as fuck. I miss Kae’s cooking but I’m gonna spend a long time with that. I walked into the kitchen to see Bria in booty shorts and sports bra. I groaned loudly. Come on.

“Oh I wasn’t expecting you home so early.” Bria smiled taking her glass of juice.

“Its 9 o’ clock at night.” I raised one eyebrow.

“Well you’re a star so I expect later. So good night.” She left the kitchen.

I shook my head and clicked on the oovoo app calling Kae. She answered with a tired and annoyed look on her face.

“Hey baby.” I said.

“Chris, what the hell are you doing calling me this late?!” She snapped yawning.

“Were you sleeping?”

“No. I was having a tea party!” Kae spat sarcastically.

“Ok that’s cool but we need to talk about this sex scene thing.”

“At fucking midnight, nigga?”

“Well it’s 9 over here. So what’s this nigga’s name? Is he cute or nah?” I asked.

She sighed. “Chris-“

“Answer my questions.”

“Christopher Maurice Brown, are you jealous?” Kae questioned in amusement.

I snorted. “What? No.”

“You are! Chris, baby, I love you and trust you. Which is why I didn’t make a big deal about Bria.”

I squinted at her. “You didn’t talk to me for 3 days.”

“That’s not the point. I didn’t tell you to fire her or stayed mad at you because I trust you and I know you won’t hurt me. Do the same for me.”

“I do trust you. I just don’t trust that nigga that’s gonna be touching you.”

“Damn it, Chris! I’m yours! I’m all yours!” She yelled.

I smiled. “Say it again.”

“I’m all yours.” Kae smiled and then yawned.

“Good. Now take your gorgeous ass to bed.”

“Thank you. Good night.”

“Wait.” I told her.

“What?” Kae asked.

“So How about we have some oovoo sex?” I bit my bottom lip.

Kae kept laughing until she ended the call. I smirked. Alright. I got you.