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I’m so lucky (Cameron Dallas Imagine)

A/N: I deeply apologize if this isn’t what you wanted and for the fact that it’s pretty late, lol. Also, this is my first Cameron imagine, so I hope you enjoy! 

Requested by kidrauhvato​​: I don’t know if you are taking request if no that’s okay but if yes can i have imagine where you and cameron are on your first walk with your newborn baby and it’s first time when fans see you and baby? (can it be y/n version?)

Word Count: 1,400+ words

Pairing: Reader + Cameron Dallas (Reader’s POV)


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Cameron Dallas Imagine||

(Sorry I just got home the hospital so I wasn’t able to post this on Friday but here y'all go💖)

You go get your bags at the “Baggage Claim” in the airport. You came all the way from w/y/a/f (where you are from) to see your wonderful boyfriend, Cameron Dallas. As you get your bags, you see a girl in a “Cash” sweater. She seemed to know who you were. She came over and greeted you.
“Oh my gosh! Are you y/n?” She asked.
“Yes, I am.” You already knew what was coming. A picture or video, like always.
“Can I give you a hug?” That’s a surprise. No fan of Cam has wanted you to give them a hug.
“Of course!” You both hugged, took a picture, and casually talked.
“Don’t tell anyone that I’m here. I’m going to surprise Cam!” You warned.
“Aww ,that’s cute. Your secret is safe with me!” Since she was so kind, you told her to give you her number so Cam can call her. You made her so happy that her smile went from ear to ear.
You’ve never surprised Cameron on a normal day. No anniversary or birthday was happening. It was just a typical day. The only people who knew was Nash, Matthew, JJ and that fan. It took about an hour to arrive. You texted Hamilton to open the door when Cam wasn’t in the living room. After 4 minutes, he opened the door. You gave him a quick hug.
“He’s upstairs.” Nash whispered.
“Thanks, Hamilton.” He always got annoyed when you called him that. You giggled whenever you referred him to Hamilton. It was just so funny to you.
You left your bags downstairs and tip-toed upstairs. You took your phone out to record his face and post it on Snapchat. Once you got upstairs, the door knob suddenly moved. Cam opened the door quicker than you thought and scared both of you. You dropped your phone from the fright though you didn’t even care.
“Surprise!….” You say slowly wanting to kiss his face.
“Y/N!!!!” He pulled you close into a hug and kisses your cheek. “What are you doing here,babe!?”
“I just wanted to surprise you, Cam!”
“I’m so glad you came…” He sighed. “It’s been a busy week ,and I needed you here.”
“Aww. I need you ,too.” Cam didn’t stop holding you. You continued speaking to break the silence. “By the way, I met a really cool fan, got her number and you should call her.”
He pulled you away. “Give me her number I’ll call her now… Then we continue, okay?”
“Yup!… NASH? I think you may wanna go… Me and Cam are gonna do some fun stuff!” You yelled. Cameron and Nash both laughed.
“Okay, y/n. I’ll be at the jacks ,call me when it’s over.” Nash replied.
“Tell them I said hi!” You quickly shouted before the door was shut.
Cam finished talking to the sweet fan from earlier. “Now that I’m done, shall we go?”
“Don’t have to tell me twice!” You giggled. He shut the door once he got in.
A/n:Somehow,every imagine I do the couple always end up having sex… Anyways, I hope you liked it! 2 months of magcon still is going on ,and I’m pretty happy with it. Nash’s will be coming up next week. I’ll b updating on who’s next. I’ll just say they’re all very cute except Jack G… That’s all I’m saying!!!!
If you have any requests ,I’ll happily take them b/c it’s really fun to do dis sh*t! Like I sed in Matthew’s imagine the Omaha squad will also be included. Smuts aren’t really my thing… But for Nate’s it kinda has to be one! Makes sense doe…ANYWHO, have a great day ,loves!