yes this is from my fan cam

[160402] Teen Top Red Point Live in NYC Fan Account

i really wanted make a good fan account of teen top concert but im still in post concert exhaustion/depression stage… so ill gonna bullet point things i remember…..

  • they came out for the rehearsal like ethereal beings. i saw ricky first and was in awe HE WAS STUNNING. 
  • they looked tired, but they are more beautiful and handsome in real life than in any pictures ive ever seen
  • changjo wore a white tee and black pants HE LOOK SO GOOD BOOTY AND BOOP AND ALL. he also had a nice middle part!! (i usually dont prefer changjo in middle parts but it was perfect length he looked so hot i was not okay)
  • cap wore expensive trash bag during rehearsal 
  • they performed im sorry and dont i for rehearsal and answer 3 question and were very confused bc organizers suck!!!!
  • during ‘don’t i’ rehearsal i saw changjo body roll on the ground i was so???/???/???!!?! is this real??/ is he real??/? it was SO HOT I REALLY WISH I WAS RECORDING 
  • chunstra happened!!! tlist literally FLAGGED chunji down to pick kettle for Q&A !!! After he saw us waving our hands and pointing at kestra HE PICKED HER WHEN HE WAS ABOUT TO PICK SOMEONE ON OPPOSITE SIDE OF CROWD SCREAMS #CHUNSTRAISREAL
  • they were walking on the balcony btw the rehearsal and the show… changjo looked down at us and saluted…i cry asjdhk
  • the mics were horrible and the sound went out during ah ah, they all were giggling/smiling and angels started singing along to make up for it and they picked up right where they left off perfectly… amazing they are amazing
  • uhhh my eyes were pretty much glued to ricky and changjo the entire night they perform so well they are so fun to watch!!!!!
  • i lost 75% of my voice to just ricky alone bc i wanted him to know i loved him and he deserves the world
  • i have to tell a thing about ricky… u could tell he was really tired, but my friend nao wore a cute ricky headband. her and i were literally screaming for him the whole night and i think it made him really happy and his energy got higher and higher throughout the night. he gave every performance and dance 200%. if the world was a perfect place everyone would be a ricky stan. 
  • during a talk ricky said he was enjoying the show bc of our energy and i was so :’) 
  • during ‘i wanna love’ ricky was on our side of the stage. so ofc i waved my light stick and called out his name… he saw and made small eye contact with me… THEN HE NODDED AND POINTED AT ME like “Yes Hello i see you”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i then proceeded to scream bloody murder and died lmao. my whole night was made with that one gesture. i love ricky so much words cannot describe. he had incredible fan service throughout the entire concert!
  • my fancam from when ricky pointing at me is on twitter here :’)
  • its also at 1:46 of this video if anyone cares at all :’)
  • ummm they are so in synch i swear to god in my  ‘warning sign’ fan cam ( they jump in perfect synchronization i shed tears
  • during ‘i wanna love’ ljoe made a heart (i think he thought it was the end of the song heh) but it wasn’t the end so he got a little embarrassed and started smiling/laughing and chunji saw it too and laughed at him… SO CUTE
  • ricky RIPPED HIS PANTS like 4 songs in and had to go change!!!!! GOD BLESS THOSE THIGHS!!!! 
  • ljoe said to us “you know you guys are still………. pretty!” (gross)
  • cap’s solo was really hot i literally just stood there like “is this really happening??” he covered action bronson’s ‘baby blue’ and said ‘bitch’ multiple times i loved it he is very charismatic when he raps!!!!! he wore a comfy oversized sweater and looked Good. after baby blue he took it off but there was tee shirt under so sad
  • changjo performed ‘i fancy u’ by crush and killed it and also killed me!!! it was literally the highlight of the concert. his voice was amazing he did high notes and all so perfectly… he did a little shoulder roll ;;;; and little bit of rapping it was so HOT HES THE BEST
  • idk which song it was but ricky took a fan’s phone and took selcas. he tried to give it back to her but he couldn’t reach past the barricade haha. chunji had to lend him a hand while he reached over and returned the phone… i love chunrick :’)
  • i teared up during ‘cry’ bc it was beautiful, teen top is so beautiful
  • i also cried bc they showed a VCR of their practice footage and with a message that said “thank you for your support we promise to come back and give you a better performance” “pls be happy til we meet again” then the tears hit me….bc they make me so happy i was very emotional
  • at the end niel said merry christmas to us…. and changjo said good morning…. so cute;;
  • i stood behind ricky during the photo session…i was so starstruck. he was literally perfect and so sweet. his face is baby face, but very handsome with flawless soft skin;;;; he literally turned around in his seat to say ‘hello’ i said ‘hi’ really nervously back at him then i looked at changjo who was sitting right beside him… changjo was so big and beautiful i love his face. he has such nice bone structure;; so handsome. then i was said “ricky i love you so much” then he looked at me like “oooo hehe thank you” KAJShdlksj
  • when we took the picture ricky wasn’t facing forward he was turned half way in this seat and im so nervous to see how the family photo turns out aslkdjhask
  • niel was first for hitouch which overwhelmed me, istg he is so beautiful…. tbh the first things i noticed was his LIPS and his pretty almond shaped eyes!!
  • then it was chunji who looked like a porcelain doll he was literally glowing i dont understand how one can be that beautiful
  • when i went to hi-five ljoe, he was so c*te…. he was smiling at me and i just froze and i think i told him i loved him bc im gross. his skin looked so smooth i couldnt look at him for long bc he was very attractive (i hate him)
  • caps tattoos were really hot thats all i remember lmao 
  • i really dont remember my hitouch with changjo or ricky at all and it makes me so sad its all a blur bc i was so nervous :( but i told them both i loved them i touched their hands a little longer bc i didnt wanna leave :(
  • all i remember was changjo’s hands were really big and soft
  • all of teen top’s hands were soft!!!
  • in conclusion i love teen top with every fiber of my being they deserve the world and more…. so polite, so sweet, amazing live performers… just…. AMAZING. if you ever get the chance to see these boys live 10/10 would highly recommend!!!!!! 
I’m so lucky (Cameron Dallas Imagine)

A/N: I deeply apologize if this isn’t what you wanted and for the fact that it’s pretty late, lol. Also, this is my first Cameron imagine, so I hope you enjoy! 

Requested by kidrauhvato​​: I don’t know if you are taking request if no that’s okay but if yes can i have imagine where you and cameron are on your first walk with your newborn baby and it’s first time when fans see you and baby? (can it be y/n version?)

Word Count: 1,400+ words

Pairing: Reader + Cameron Dallas (Reader’s POV)


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THIS MOMENT hahaha it was already my favorite but playing these side by side OMG guysss Jae turns around grinning right in front of that yunjae banner and Yunho waves him on like “oh stop it Jae” hahahaha xD

And yes they are the exact same moment, I synced the sound^^ you can see it from other fan cams farther away too ;D


*long but worth it I swear ;)*

Niall - His birthday

“Hey princess.” your adorable boyfriend said looking at the camera. “Hey my Irish knight in shining armour.” you giggled waving at him. “So how are you?” “I’m great, how’s tour so far?” “Ain’t the same without ya.” he smiled. “But you’re coming here anyway so it’s gonna change.” “Niall.” you stopped him. “What’s wrong?” “About the tour….” you said as you held your breath. “Yea you’re still coming right?” he asked a his smile started to fade away. “I.. I can’t” “But why? You promised!” he said scratching his blonde hair. “Turns out that my break starts next week not this week, and I couldn’t skip school ‘cuz I got a lot of exams this week and if I do, the teachers are gonna fail me.” you said frowning. “Okay.” he replied short. “Please don’t be mad, I’m sorry.” “It’s fine, nothing’s coming up anyway, you can visit on the next stop.” he replied a bit pissed. “I’m so sorry Niall, I’m gonna make it up to you I swear.” “Tell the teacher that you have to go on a vacation ‘cuz school stressed you out.” “I can’t baby I’m sorry.” “Can’t you come at least 3 days? Like be here tomorrow?” “I can’t Niall, I swear I’ll come if I could but I can’t. It’s not that simple.” “Yeah whatever.” he replied looking away. “But I’ll be with you next week?” “But not tomorrow.” he cut. “What’s with tomorrow anyway? Why Niall? I told you I can’t!” you said raising your voice. “Nothing, just miss you a lot.” he said as you saw his eyes started to get watery. “I gotta go, show’s starting, talk to you later.” he said wiping his left eye. “Okay, good luck, I love you.” you said smiling at him but he looked away. “Ya love ya too.” he said looking back at you then hung up. 

You turned your cam off and called Liam, “Hey Liam.” “Hey Y/N! How did it go?” he asked. “He. Didn’t. Suspect. A. Thing!” you said excitedly. “That’s great! So our plan’s still going right?” “Hell yeah!” “What was his reaction?” he asked. “Well he’s pissed, that’s for sure, so prepare to face pissed off Niall.” “Ah, this is going to be hard.” he giggled. “By the way, thanks for helping me with this.” “Yeah sure no problem!” he giggled as you heard someone shouted, “ HEY Y/N! ARE YOU AT THE HOTEL YET?” “Sushhh Lou! Niall could hear you if you talk like that!” “Yeah Louis, way to ruin the plan.” another voice said. “Hahah hey Lou, Harry?” “Yeah it’s me love. Are you at the hotel right now?” Harry asked. “Yeah, plane just landed this morning.” “Y/N, you’re on loud speaker.” “But Niall…” “He’s on stage for soundcheck with Zayn right now.” Liam replied as he continued,”Y/N, just wanted to make sure, you’re staying at my room right now, am I right?” “Liam don’t take other people’s girlfriends, that’s cruel!” Harry giggled. “Haha yeah, I’m with Sophia right now.” “Okay, you’re staying there ‘till tomorrow. Do not go out of that room when Niall’s back I repeat, do not go out of that room. Because his room is right next to ours.” “Aye aye captain.” you said smiling at Liam’s cuteness. “When are you going to the stadium to talk to the fans as we planned?” Louis asked. “Well, Sophia said that if we go to the stadium as planned, Niall will know ‘cuz not all fans knows our plan and if they spot us, they’ll tell Niall and..” “I understand, so where are you going to talk to the fans?” he asked again. “We’re going to talk to them in the ballroom at the 5th floor, the one near the swimming pool.” Sophia cut overhearing your conversation with the boys. “Yeah, we reserved the whole room.” you continued. “When are you going to do it?” “At 5 ‘till 8 pm, tonight, that’s before you guys finish soundcheck.” “No, our soundcheck finishes at 6.” Harry said a bit panicked. “Don’t worry, we can work something out. What if you needed more time?” Liam asked again. “We can continue tomorrow morning, around 9 ‘till 3 pm, before the gates open.” you replied. “We’ll handle it baby, you and the boys go find the cake.” Sophia said smiling at you. “Yeah we can totally do it.” you said nodding to her. “Okay then.” “Does Zayn know about this or?” “Yes he does! That’s why he’s with Niall right now!” Louis replied laughing. “Oh yeah, okay, anyway, see ya later!” “Bye! Good luck!” Liam shouted. “Bye! You too!” “Bye babe! Bye Y/N!” he continued. “Bye!” Sophia said as you hung up the phone. “So, our plan’s going great so far.” you said as you sat on the edge of the bed, followed by Sophia. “Yeah, did you bring your camera?” “Yeah I did.” “I brought mine too, in case you forgot haha.” “That’s great! We could use two cameras!” you said smiling at her. “Yeah.” “Have you talked to the fans yet? ‘Cuz if I’m the one who tweeted about it, Niall would find out right away.” you said a bit worried. “Oh no worries, I did, through a twitcam actually, my first twitcam ever. I did it with Liam last night when Niall was sleeping.” “That’s great! Thank you so much!” you replied hugging her. “Anything for my best friend.” she hugged back. The two of you were getting closer each day since you spent a lot of time shopping or going out together when the boys are on tour. You waited ‘till the time came as you and Sophia went down to the ballroom around 4:45pm. You walked in with her when you saw that a lot of fans showed up earlier than you thought. “They’re here!!” one of them shouted, followed by the rest of them shouting, filling the room. “Ssssshhhhh….” Sophia said gesturing the fans to keep quiet. “Go on.” she continued looking at you. “Thanks baby.” you said smiling at her as she nodded. “Okay, so, hi! You guys know who we are right?” you asked the crowd and they giggled. “Anyway, this plan of ours is top secret so you guys can’t talk about it the moment you left this room until tomorrow night at the concert okay?” “Okay.” the crowd replied all at once. “Haha great! So let’s get started!” you said as you and Sophia took your cameras out and went into different ways. “Sophia, you start from the left, I start from the right.” “Sure!” she giggled. The two of you walked towards the crowd that were sitting on the carpet floor of the ballroom, “So, say anything you want for Niall okay? But keep it short.” you stated as a group of little girls giggled and nodded. They said their birthday wishes for Niall and you moved on the the next group of fans. Sophia did the same. It turned out that the two of you finished recording all of the fans that you still had 20 minutes to spare. “Hey Y/N, we should say happy birthday with the fans, so not only us and them but all together!” Sophia said and you nodded, “That is a great idea!!!!”. You ran outside the ballroom and called one of the hotel staff that were walking by and dragged him to the room. “Guys, we’re gonna do one last thing! Everyone please sit down and..” Sophia instructed as she told the crowd to do everything that she had in mind. “Soph, here.” you said as you hold the staff’s arm. “Great! Would you please record us?” she asked. “Sure miss.” he replied, taking the camera off Sophia’s hand. The two of you did it, with one take. You thanked the fans for showing up and treated them with the amazing food form the hotel. “Remember guys, don’t mention this to anyone, please.” you reminded. “Yeah! Don’t worry Y/N!” one of them shouted. “We’re gonna do a twitcam tonight and tell you the plan for tomorrow.” Sophia added, meanwhile…

“Niall! What’s wrong mate?” Zayn asked hugging his friend. “Nothing.” “Don’t be upset! It’s not her fault that her school sucks.” “Yeah.” “Cheer up mate!” Zayn smiled tickling him. “Zayn, stop, I’m not in the mood.” he mumbled. “Awhh Niall, baby, sweetie, don’t be sad, we’re all here for you.” he giggled as he pinched Niall’s chin and made him smile a little. “There’s that smile.” he laughed.

“I miss her a lot Zayn.” “I know, but you’re gonna see her next week right?” he said trying to sound as natural and as clueless as possible. “Yeah, can’t wait that long.” “You can! Come on, let’s go bowling with the lads!” Zayn said trying to cheer your boyfriend up. 

You went up to Sophia and Liam’s hotel room to start editing, “I’m gonna do the twitcam now if that’s okay?” she asked sitting beside you on the bed. “Sure Soph!” you replied still elated about everything. She turned the cam on and started broadcasting with you sitting beside her. “Hello, so we’re gonna tell you guys our plan in….. 15 minutes? When everyone’s here.” Sophia said smiling at the camera. You edited the fan videos as you waited with her then you opened twitter and you read people talking about it. “SOPHIA! LOOK!” you said handing her your phone. “What? No!!!!!” she said she turned her cam on again. “Guys guys guys! For those of you who didn’t show up today, don’t worry! Just send the video to my email, I’ll tweet it later, but I don’t think we can use all videos, probably 1-3 from each country okay? Please don’t tell Niall! Don’t trend this! He cannot know!” she said reassuring as the two of you read the fans tweeted a yes, and a sure, even they tweeted their friends to keep quiet. Sophia talked to them and you smiled and talked a little then opened her email and it nearly crashed since she got more than 1,000 emails per 5 minutes! You didn’t know which video to use so you came up to the camera instead,”Guys, we just got more than 2000 emails now and we don’t know what to do.” you said, waiting for the fans to come up with something, and a few minutes later, a few of them did. “You guys could pick randomly from each country.” Sophia read out loud. “That’s not a bad idea, but you guys didn’t write where you’re from.” you said opening the emails. “Umm, we’re gonna make a new email then and you guys resend it and add where you’re from in the message okay?” you asked. “They said yes Y/N.” Sophia smiled. You made the email and told them right away and you got more than 5000 email right away. “Thanks guys! Please don’t be sad or jealous if we didn’t choose yours, it’s randomly picked.” you said frowning. “Yeah, we apologise in advance.” Sophia added. The fans were really supportive, all of them said yes and you said your goodbyes and turned the cam off. You and Sophia spent the rest of the night editing and picking videos together, then Liam came in, “Hello hello, how are my girls doing?” “Your girls?” you asked laughing. “Sssshhhhhh!!! Niall’s outside!” he reminded. Sophia stood up and hugged his hubby, kissed him all over his face. “Get a room.” you giggled. “This is our room.” Liam said looking from Sophia’s shoulders. “Haha touché.” you giggled. “Where am I going to sleep tonight?” you asked. “You’re gonna sleep on that bed with Sophia.” he replied. “How bout you?” “I can sleep on the sofa or I can always go to Harry’s. He’s sleeping with Zayn but I could fit in, Louis’ keeping your moody boyfriend distracted for the night.” “Okay great, thanks.” you said as you stood up and hugged him, then sit back and continued editing. “I’m gonna go swim, good luck geeks!” “Wait!” Sophia cut. “What is it babe?” he asked before changing his clothes. “Record yourself saying wishes and all, and also please record the boys? Give it to us later, or tomorrow morning okay? Before the show!!” she continued. “Sure.” he replied kissing her then left the room. The two of you went crazy all night and luckily, finished the project in time. You slept at 2:30 am and woke up at 8 that day, Liam woke the two of you, “Rise and shine geeks! Today’s a big day!” he smiled as he gave you his phone. “About time.” Sophia mumbled as she took your laptop and started editing again. You were still editing when you heard voices from outside, “GREAT JUST GREAT!!” “Niall, what’s wrong?” “LEAVE ME BE!” he shouted slamming the door. Liam went out then went in with the boys right after. “What’s going on?” you asked worried. “Nothing, we acted like we forgot his birthday that’s all.” “Haha awhhh.” Sophia giggled. “Did you get the cake?” “Yep, save and secure ma’am!” Louis said smiling. “Great! I’ll give the video to the tech later!” “No! Don’t! I’ll do it!” Harry said stopping you. “Why?” “Niall? Backstage? Show?” he replied. “Oh yeah! Haha!” you laughed. The boys left the room and went to Niall’s to prepare for the show. 

You finished your video in time and took a shower then went straight to the stadium with Sophia. “What time is it?” you asked panicking as the car stopped in front of the gates. “Relax, it’s 2:45.” she replied. The two of you walked to the gates when a group of fans stopped you,” Y/N, Sophia! Hey!” “Hey! Didn’t i see you yesterday?” “Yes you did omg you remembered!” they shrieked. “What’s up?” Sophia asked. “Well, we made this and we copied it, around 10,000 papers so when we put it up together the whole stadium floor will form this letters.” “Happy Birthday Niall.” you read. “That’s crazy ! Crazy amazing! I’d never thought you guys would do this! This…This is amazing! Thank you so much!!!” you said hugging them. “We gotta go though, we’re still going on as plan okay?” Sophia added. “Yes! See you guys!” they replied excitedly. You went into the stadium and met Harry on stage, soundcheck, “Harry! Here!” you said as you gave him the disk for the video. He nodded and ran backstage. You went to the far right seats on the floor, where Niall wouldn’t suspect a thing. You waited there with Sophia, talked to fans and so. Finally, the time had come, the show. The show started as usual, Clouds for the opening, then the boys went on stage, and all of them knew where you two were, except Niall. Then the time came, the middle of the concert, where the boys go backstage to change. You and Sophia climbed the railings, helped by security, and ran to backstage as fast as possible. “Niall, I’m going to take a wee if you don’t mind. In the meantime, would you please tell us what do you think about this concert in 17 words?” Louis asked as he ran backstage with the boys. “Sure.” Niall replied smiling. Everyone knew that he was still pissed about everything, but it was amazing to know that he came out with a smile and tried to be as happy and as excited as possible on stage. “This… Is…One…..Of….The…” 

Before he knew it, the lights were all out, pitch black. “Hello?” he shouted through his mic and the crowd were so quiet he felt like he was the only one there. “Anyone?” he asked again. No reply. Then the giant screens on stage lit up as he turned around, still figuring what was going on. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIALL…..” the sound of the speakers emerged. The video was turned on and pictures of him from when he was a baby, till now began showing, even his weirdest, most embarrassing videos. Then the video where he took his glasses off like he’s James Bond,“Wait, no one was there when that happened.” he said and everyone giggled, still watching the video.

The video kept rolling as you, Sophia, and the boys prepared the cake backstage. It started with the fans videos from all over the world where they said their best wishes for Niall, then the boys one by one, starting from Harry, then Liam, Zayn, Louis, followed by Sophia, then you. “Hello my Irish knight in shining armour.” you said in the video, he was shocked,”Happy birthday! Look what we made you! Well, you’re looking at it now!!” you giggled, “I miss you so much, the fact that I had to lie to you about this hurts. I love you. I hope that you have a great year ahead, hope we can still be together, hope the fans support gets you to places, hope that you can be a better person even if you are one!” you smiled as tears starting to fall of your face. “I….I love you so much, I’m so sorry that I couldn’t make it.” you said wiping your tears. Niall saw the whole thing and shred to tears, even though he was on stage, in front of thousand of fans. Then the crowd, as told, took out the paper and held it in the air as he read it, the one’s on the tribune seats took out their glow sticks, “Let’s sing it together shall we?” Liam shouted as he came out again. 

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR…” they sang as one by one came on stage with you at last, holding the cake, “DEAR IRISH KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOURRRRR!!!!” you shouted, as the crowd continued to sing, “HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAY, TOOOOOO, YOUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!” “Happy birthday Nialler!” the boys said as they ran towards Niall and hugged him followed by you and Sophia. Sophia hugged him and then your turn. He looked at you, wiping his tears off, still couldn’t believe that his girl, his everything, his world was there, standing in front of him, on his birthday. You walked with the cake, he ran towards you,“ Make a wish!” “You are my wish.” He replied wiping his tears away then blew out all the candle and took the cake, giving it to Louis. He ran back to you hugging you, lifting you up, twirling, “Princess!!!!! You came!!“ he shouted. “Hey dork. Surprise!” you giggled, kissing him on the nose. “GUYS, THIS IS A CHILDREN’S SHOW!!!!! HELLO???” Louis shouted. “Haha get a room you two!” Harry added. “FREE PIZZA FOR EVERYONE!!!!! RIGHT AFTER THE SHOW!!!!” Niall shouted at the top of his lungs while holding your waist. The crowd screamed and cried as they saw that sweet moment on stage. #IrishKnightInShiningArmoursBirthday was trending right that instant even though the show were still going. You hugged Niall one last time and you came off stage, helped by security. You and Sophia moved and sat at the VIP section right in front of the stage where Niall was standing. You could see that he was so happy, touched, he couldn’t hold his smile, his laugh. The show went better after that, he was funny, he joked a lot, he played on stage like never before. He sang with the boys happily. He were so happy we even took a stool and sat on it in the middle of the stage, “This is for you guys, all of you, thank you.” he said as he strummed his guitar. He sang as the crowd swooned from left to right and sing along. “Niall, we’ve never heard that song before.” Harry said after he sang it. “I just made it, it’s for everyone here who made this happen tonight. Thank you!!!” 

He giggled as he and the boys continued singing their songs. The show went a lot longer than usual and he tried not to keep looking at you every time he sang another song or when he walked by, but he couldn’t handle it, he loves you too much. You knew that he was going to see you through the show, that he was going to smile or tease you from stage, you knew. You made a sign in a big piece of carton. Liam saw it first then told Zayn all about it, then Louis told Harry, Niall was still clueless till Liam turned his body around, “Niall, look!” he said pointing at you and your big sign. “There’s more.” he read then smiled. “OH MY GOD Y/N WHAT DOES YOUR SIGN MEAN?” Louis asked bursted out laughing on stage. “NIALL, YOU LUCKY LAD!!” Zayn added. 

But what they didn’t know is that the phrase “There’s more” meant something else. Niall just stood there, smiling at you with his adorable grin, “There’s more.”

Cameron Dallas Car Wreck Imagines

Your POV

                “So you’re calling me a slutty bitch?” I asked Cameron. “Yeah you were practically all over that guy at the store.” He rudely answered. Me and Cameron were having a fight. And not just any fight, our worst fight ever. It all started when I simply gave the guy at the store a friendly smile and Cameron took it as flirting. During the car ride home he kept yelling at me. One thing led to another and now we’re here. “Fine Cameron if I’m such a bitch and such a slut then you won’t mind that we’re over!” Before he could say anything I sped off.

I had been driving for about five minutes before finally deciding to turn around and head to Taylor’s house. You pulled in a parking lot, turned around and waited to pull out onto the street. As you waited a car hit you from behind which sent to into oncoming traffic. A big truck came barreling towards my car. I couldn’t even get a scream out before everything went pitch black.

Cam’s POV

Damn it Cam!!! How could you have been so stupid!?! She puts up with you hugging fans and all she did was smile!!! Now you lost her and why should she take you back!!! I was sitting on my bed head in my hands crying. The love of my life just walked away from me and I didn’t do anything about it. *Ring, Ring, Ring* Ugh… Maybe it will be y/n!!! “Hello… is this Cameron Dallas?” Great a fan. This is not what I need right now. “Yes why?” I answer ruder than intended “I’m from Johnson Bay Hospital and I’m calling to let you know that a Miss y/f/n was in a car wreck and was admitted here.” This is not fucking happening right now!!! No!!! My baby is okay!!! I don’t even answer the lady I just hang up. I run to my car and jump in. I’m pretty sure I was way over the speed limit but I don’t care my baby girl is hurt.

When I get to the Hospital I sprint to the front desk. “I’m here for y/f/n.” a small pudgy lady looks up from filing her nails, “Sir, she is in critical conditions. May I ask how you know her?” she replied with a boring tone in her voice. “I’m her…” I’m her no ex… I guess… but if I say that they won’t let me see her. “I’m her boyfriend” I quickly say back. “Room 307 but you will need to wait out-“That’s all I heard because I was already running towards the elevator.

303, 304, 305, 306 finally 307. Ignoring what the lady at the desk says I walk right in a see a doctor leaning over a small girl I could tell was y/n. The doctor was tall and had blonde hair. His head shot around and looked at me. “Who are you?” I was with a rather asshole like voice. “Her boyfriend.” I said, “Is she okay?” The doctor instantly relaxed “I’m Doctor Mason. She is in critical conditions and we are pretty sure she is in a coma but we will have to wait a little longer to find out.” I felt dizzy and as if I was going to pass out. I sat down and tears started to pour from my eyes. I sat there sobbing. The doctor awkwardly left the room. I looked at y/n. My baby. What have I done? She is so caring and I and the worst person in the world. Her parents are going to kill me. I started to pray hard, harder than I did freshman year when I had no friends. I prayed for 30 minutes then I held y/n hand and talked to her. “Baby, I’m so sorry. This is all my fault. I totally understand if you don’t forgive me when you wake up but just know that I love you. You’re my life and my world. The moment you left I broke down. If I lost you I wouldn’t have any reason to live. I live to make you happy and feel loved. And I’m so sorry that I failed at that tonight.”

***One Month Later***

Cam’s POV

                I walked into y/n room again. I did the same thing I do every month, I go to her room turn on her one direction playlist and talk to her for hours and hours and hours. This morning I had a feeling today was going to be a good day so I came her and hour earlier than usual. Around noon I was woke up by someone saying my name. I looked at y/n and her eyes were open. I leaned in to give her a little kiss on the lips but stopped myself. We’re not dating any more. She broke up with you and now you have to get her back.  “Look, y/n I am so sorry.” I started the apology. “Cam” She Laughed. “I heard everything when I was in my coma. And I am so sorry. I shouldn’t have left you. You’re my world too.” I was starting to get teary eyed. “Y/n will you take me back?” “I would love to.” I leaned in a gave her a kiss right when Dr. Mason walked “Ops sorry to intrude” he said and left. Glad my baby girl is okay and that we’re back together.

(Sorry if this sucks this is the first imagine i have ever worte so hope it is okay)

Imagine Cameron Dallas Part 1

When I finally found a nice place to live, with friendly people and the best friend I could ever had, my parents are trying to take me back to Texas.

“I won’t do this! Ok? Is this clear?” I asked looking at them. They looked at each other and then, looked at me again.

“We are not asking if you will or not. We are saying that you will.” My dad said.

“I don’t want to! I finally found a beautiful place to live. Here the people are friendly, everyone is so cute, and I made so many friends. True friends.” I could see in my mom’s eyes, she agrees with me.

“Oh, yes. True friends!” My dad spoke ironic. “And a boyfriend, huh?”

“WHAT? What are you talking about? I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“I can see the way Cameron looks at you, (Y/N)!” He screamed. “You may not see it. But I see. He wants more than your friendship. He wants what you have between your legs.”

“DON’T TALK TO HER LIKE THAT!” My mom yelled.

“It’s ok mom. But, are you sure about this dad? If you say that, so it means you think like that. That’s YOUR thought! Not his.”

“Do you see what he did with our little girl?” He said looking at my mom. “She’s answering us that way.”

“HE DID NOTHING! I’m not your little girl anymore. I’m tired of it. You treat me like I was your baby who you need to be careful and say every time what I have to do. I’m not like that anymore. I’m grown. I know to take care of myself I don’t need your help! Cameron doesn’t want the space between my legs. And if he does, I don’t care! He treats me like a princess. He treats me like you should do!”

Before he could say something, I caught my phone and I left the house. The one person who I would like to see was Cameron, so I rode to the guy’s house. Cam is living with Nash and some of the guys now, I know it would be hard to talk to him, but I had no choice. When I arrived there, Nash answered the door, and Cam was laid on the couch, I entered the room without saying hi or something like that to Nash. The guy saw my face with tears and he rose from the sofa.

“Oh my god, what’s wrong? What happened?” I couldn’t say anything. I just hugged him so hard. “(Y/N) are you ok?”

I whispered “No.”

“Nash, please.” He said and then Nash left the room.

“What’s happening? I know you’re not crying because you are happy for something, so please, no excuse.” He told me and then we sat on the sofa. “Breathe.”

“My dad wants me to go back to Texas.”


“I don’t wanna go, Cam.”

“I don’t want you to go either.”

“My dad said terrible things to me. I could never imagine he would say that.”

“What he said?” I started to cry again.

“When I told him that I made so many cute friends, he said that you don’t want my friendship, you just want the space between my…” He interrupted me.

“Ok you don’t need to finish this sentence. And you know he’s wrong, don’t you?”

“Yes. I do.”

He put his arm on my shoulders and held my hand. Cameron literally is the best person I’ve ever met. I thought his fans would hate me, but they’re so sweet and nice, I love it. I couldn’t go back to Texas. I couldn’t be so far away from Cam, to be honest.

“I can’t go, Cam.” I said. “But, I don’t know how to convince my dad about it.”

“I will talk to him.” He walked to the door.

“What? Cam, no, you don’t need to do this.” I held his hand before he left.

“Look, (Y/N). I already lost so many people in my life. You’re everything to me, I’m not going to lose you.”

He kissed my head and put on his jacket.

“Stay here. Please, don’t go anywhere.”

“Ok. Cameron, be careful.”

“I will.”

He left, and I sat on the sofa again. Cameron isn’t just a best friend to me. I’ve never loved someone before as much as I do now. I don’t know if it’s friend’s love, but it’s too hard, and I can’t help it, but I think, I’m in love with Cameron Dallas.

To be continued…

Part 2

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Cameron Dallas Imagine||

(Sorry I just got home the hospital so I wasn’t able to post this on Friday but here y'all go💖)

You go get your bags at the “Baggage Claim” in the airport. You came all the way from w/y/a/f (where you are from) to see your wonderful boyfriend, Cameron Dallas. As you get your bags, you see a girl in a “Cash” sweater. She seemed to know who you were. She came over and greeted you.
“Oh my gosh! Are you y/n?” She asked.
“Yes, I am.” You already knew what was coming. A picture or video, like always.
“Can I give you a hug?” That’s a surprise. No fan of Cam has wanted you to give them a hug.
“Of course!” You both hugged, took a picture, and casually talked.
“Don’t tell anyone that I’m here. I’m going to surprise Cam!” You warned.
“Aww ,that’s cute. Your secret is safe with me!” Since she was so kind, you told her to give you her number so Cam can call her. You made her so happy that her smile went from ear to ear.
You’ve never surprised Cameron on a normal day. No anniversary or birthday was happening. It was just a typical day. The only people who knew was Nash, Matthew, JJ and that fan. It took about an hour to arrive. You texted Hamilton to open the door when Cam wasn’t in the living room. After 4 minutes, he opened the door. You gave him a quick hug.
“He’s upstairs.” Nash whispered.
“Thanks, Hamilton.” He always got annoyed when you called him that. You giggled whenever you referred him to Hamilton. It was just so funny to you.
You left your bags downstairs and tip-toed upstairs. You took your phone out to record his face and post it on Snapchat. Once you got upstairs, the door knob suddenly moved. Cam opened the door quicker than you thought and scared both of you. You dropped your phone from the fright though you didn’t even care.
“Surprise!….” You say slowly wanting to kiss his face.
“Y/N!!!!” He pulled you close into a hug and kisses your cheek. “What are you doing here,babe!?”
“I just wanted to surprise you, Cam!”
“I’m so glad you came…” He sighed. “It’s been a busy week ,and I needed you here.”
“Aww. I need you ,too.” Cam didn’t stop holding you. You continued speaking to break the silence. “By the way, I met a really cool fan, got her number and you should call her.”
He pulled you away. “Give me her number I’ll call her now… Then we continue, okay?”
“Yup!… NASH? I think you may wanna go… Me and Cam are gonna do some fun stuff!” You yelled. Cameron and Nash both laughed.
“Okay, y/n. I’ll be at the jacks ,call me when it’s over.” Nash replied.
“Tell them I said hi!” You quickly shouted before the door was shut.
Cam finished talking to the sweet fan from earlier. “Now that I’m done, shall we go?”
“Don’t have to tell me twice!” You giggled. He shut the door once he got in.
A/n:Somehow,every imagine I do the couple always end up having sex… Anyways, I hope you liked it! 2 months of magcon still is going on ,and I’m pretty happy with it. Nash’s will be coming up next week. I’ll b updating on who’s next. I’ll just say they’re all very cute except Jack G… That’s all I’m saying!!!!
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