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How do I get something translated?

Send me a link to the art you want translated through the ask box. Or the submit box, it’s whatever. Tumblr won’t allow links to be sent directly, so just screw with the url a little until it will let you send it. If the art is from pixiv, you can send me the pixiv id (the last 8 numbers in the url).

Do you get artist’s permission before translating?

Yes. In the past, I translated the work and then sent notice so the artist could tell me to take it down if they objected, but that method became impractical as the blog got more popular. These days, I require explicit permission from the artist before I’ll translate something. This slows the process down, so please be patient.

Will you translate this porn/gore/pairing you hate?

Yes, I will! My role is to build a bridge between languages, not make value judgements over whether or not something is worthy of being seen, or what have you. Plus, it’s damn near impossible to squick me.

I want to clean pages for you! What should I do?

First of all, thank you! Getting cleaned pages helps me put my translations out a lot faster, so it’s a big help!

To clean, use an image-editing software (I use to remove any text from page. MS Paint will not work, because it pixelates the image during the save process. (You can see this first hand in a lot of my early posts. Oops!) Cleaning will sometimes require redrawing of the background image that is behind the text, which is the part I find most difficult. Sound effects should be left in, since they’re usually part of the composition.

Once you have a clean page, send me the image(s) though the submission box. (I used to use an album, but it deleted itself too often) I’ll typeset the translation asap. I credit my cleaners in the post, unless I’m asked not to.

I want to translate your work into another language. May I?

Yes, please do! If the fandom can continue to grow and spread into other languages, that would be a wonderful thing! Feel free to use my translations however you like. But, be sure to credit the original artist with your work. Credit for me is nice, but not mandatory.

What honorifics does ____ use?

Here’s a list of the current honorific status that I could find. These could change in the future as characters develop. Let me know if you find spot any that aren’t on the list!

Aoyama: Mademoiselle for females, monsieur for males. Because, you know, he’s “French.”

Ashido: No honorific
Asui: -chan
Bakugou: Man, he doesn’t even know people’s names, much less use honorifics.
Hagakure: -kun
Hatsume: -kun
Iida: -kun
Jirou: No honorific
Kaminari: -kun for males, no honorific for females
Kouda: -chan for females, haven’t seen him address males
Kirishima: No honorific
Midoriya: -kun with males, -san with females, and obviously -chan with Kacchan
Mineta: No honorific
Ojirou: No honorific
Shinsou: No honorific
Todoroki: No honorific
Tokoyami: No honorific
Uraraka: -kun (She uses this with Izuku’s nickname, calling him “Deku-kun,”)
Yaoyorozu: -san