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Imagine #19: Haunted By His Eyes

Request: hi! um, I want to request an imagine based off of Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift ❤️ um I love your stories and yes such love. much love 💕

You and Peter were best friends since early childhood. You grew up together across the hall, each in their own cramped apartments with their families. Each one just as miserable as the other, but both surviving because you had each other. The two of you were the perfect love story, two friends who fell madly in love and believed they were to be together for forever. You two would sneak out to the rooftop to lay under the stars, you would talk for hours about nothing and everything. Peter always talked about running away, leaving the cramped apartments and all the people behind, and when his green eyes light up at the thought of leaving with you, you knew that even Heaven couldn’t help you.

Even though you two were madly in love, you learned he was bad for you. He always got you in trouble at school, he taught you the tricks at conning people on the streets, and he made you the perfect thief. Except you didn’t care. Every time you looked up at him you would feel yourself swell with happiness. You knew nothing lasts forever, but you hoped this would.

The day you two went to Neverland was unexpected. You were on the rooftop, but instead of laying on your usual blanket Peter was pacing back and forth, constantly looking to the skies. You had grabbed his arm, “Peter, what’s going on?”

He stopped and stared down at you, a grin covered his face, “There’s this place, Y/N. We can finally get out of this town. You and I, we can go to Neverland, be young forever, be together forever.”

At that moment a shadow flew down, Peter looked to him and had no hesitation walking over to him. He glanced over his shoulder to see you frozen in your spot, “Y/N, are you coming?”

You felt light headed, your mind was racing. What about your family? Your friends? What about making something of your life? What about proving everyone wrong? “I..” you started, but couldn’t seem to form words.

His eyes turned pleading as he held out his hand, “Please, Y/N. This is everything we wanted. It won’t be perfect unless you’re there with me.”

Once again you got sucked into his green eyes, and you knew in that moment that you were his. You grabbed onto his hand and he grinned. You two were whisked away to Neverland, to rule over the island, to be young forever.

Living on Neverland was great. You two were free to do whatever you wanted. You ruled over the island, learned the terrain. You were in bliss. Eventually Peter started to bring other children onto the island, and together you made the band of misfits, of lost ones a family. You and Peter were happy.

Until the day he changed.

Peter always had an undying hunger. You knew this of him, but it was never a true problem at home because there wasn’t much for him to take. He had to have everything, at home he had to have all of you. On Neverland he had to have all the power.

It started with him learning the pan flute and how to lure lost children to him. He learned about the magic in it, and he knew he needed more. He left for a week’s time to find the shadow. You weren’t sure what happened on that trip, but when he came back he wasn’t Peter anymore. It was his eyes that gave him away, they were darker than before. That excitable spark that he always had became a malicious look.

Then his attitude came through. He used to laugh and joke with the kids, they were all about the games for innocent fun, but now he laughed when someone got hurt. He punished them for disobeying him, he made games to intentionally cause harm.

That was when you started to call him Pan.

You observed this change in him, and you even noted the change he had for you. Before he loved you with all his heart, now you were a possession that was his. An object that was his and something he controlled. It broke you heart, and you knew in that moment that this wasn’t going to last forever.

You took it upon yourself to fix the damage and destruction Pan had created. You were able to convince the shadow to take away some of the kids, the ones who came crying to you in the night about his cruelty. There were a few boys, and most of the girls. The rest had taken the change with him.

Peter was outraged when he woke in the morning. He came charging into the tree house, eyes practically black as he shook with anger. It was the first and last time he ever hit you. He struck you across the face and you collapsed to the floor, hand placed on your cheek as it stung.

He stood over you, and looked shocked by his own actions. You slowly stood up, tears rolling down your cheeks as you looked at the boy you once loved, the boy with an excitable spark to run away now a monster before you.

You walked up to him and placed your hand on his cheek. You gave him a sad smile, “Peter, I’m going home.” He went to protest, but you shook your head. “It’s the end. We are no longer who we used to be. We no longer love each other.” You let out a sob as you forced yourself to stare into his eyes, “Say you’ll remember me, standing in the nice dress on our rooftop, staring at the sunset. Please tell me you’ll remember me with red lips and rosy cheeks.” You let out a shaky sigh, “Say you’ll see me again even if it’s just in your wildest dreams.”

He leaned down and captured your lips with his, desperation and heartbreak poured into the kiss, and he pulled away. His eyes pleading with you to stay, “Please don’t go Y/N. I love you, I need you with me. This is our dream, it isn’t complete without you.”

You felt your heart shatter and you knew you would never be fixed after this, but for the first time in your life you looked into his green eyes, the same eyes that always melted you, and you shook your head. “I can’t Peter.”

You walked away from the tall, handsome boy and to the window. The shadow grabbed onto your arm and flew you away from Peter. Leaving him staring after you. His heart broken and his spirit crushed.

You left Neverland that day, and took Peter along with you. Your memory floated around, a constant reminder of what he had lost. He always remembered you in that nice dress, with red lips and rosy cheeks. He always stood at the top of his thinking tree during the sunset, knowing that out there somewhere you were looking at it too.

Day One Way, By Night Another

ok so I wrote this based off something I saw somewhere?? Lmao here ye go @exadorlion

There is evil in this land.

This force that takes the best of men, and twists their minds and hearts to change the truths they hold for themselves.
The inhuman beings that find no greater joy than to take the innocents and make them suffer.

Once upon a time, there was a small witch. She had been terribly wronged in her youth, which made her cruel and vengeful to all who crossed her path.

One day, she went into the village at night. She was looking for two men.

One, a young soldier by the name of Lafayette. Lafayette, with stubborn head and caring heart. She kidnapped him, and went to collect the second man.

George. George Washington, a cool and calculated leader, who despite his apparent reserved personality, could be quite fiery.

The witch took the two men far far away, making sure not to wake them with her magic. She took them to a cottage in the middle of the woods, and placed a curse upon them.

By day, Lafayette would turn to a mouse. By night, he would become a human.
By night, George would become a wolf, then back to a human when the sun rose.

These two men did not know each other, but she knew that they would come to care for each other in the coming days.

She was right, more so than she knew.
Lafayette had never seen a wolf before, and so when he looked up at midnight to find this wolf, it seemed to be nothing more than a large dog.

Of course, I know what you’re thinking. A wolf would surely tear him limb from limb, wouldn’t it?
Let something be said now: when the two are in their animal state, their logic is reduced to that of an animal. Then, when they wake, they remember it all.

But back to the story. Lafayette went to pet the wolf.
Something about Lafayette is simply charming. Enchanting, you might say.
The wolf did not attack him. Instead, it sniffed his hand and let himself be pet.

For the remainder of the night, Lafayette spoke softly to the wolf, and the wolf stood guard of his new friend.

When morning came, they both changed again. George into a human, with the sudden memories of the previous night, and Lafayette a tamed mouse.

Days went on, and they cared for each other. The sunlit hours where George would care for the mouse, and write a letter for Lafayette to read that night. The sun went down, the stars came out, and the change was made again.
They get to know each other better and better through letters, and constantly express their frustration of not being able to BE with each other.

Tic tock turns the clock, and they soon realize that they’re in love. The tender way they care for each other. The caressing and happy laughs. And then how happy they are when they change into their human form and the happy memories all come rushing in.

When George wakes, and finds the note.
Only three words this time.
I love you.

After that, he decides he has to find a way for them to be together. The following day, George puts the mouse in his pocket and goes off to explore, eventually stumbling upon a town.
He talks quietly to the mouse, telling him that there must be some way to find a witch.

Imagine the surprise, when the man from so many months ago steps in, asking for a way to change the curse. Smiling tightly, she obliges, changing the schedule so Lafayette would turn to a mouse at night instead.
George took Lafayette out of his pocket, and found him as a human until dark.

Overjoyed, the couple ran all the way back to the small house, kissing and hugging and crying with happiness. They stayed awake with each other until the sun set, when they both changed.

George Washington awoke on the floor the next morning in his human form, a strange taste upon his tongue. He sat up, and opening his eyes, remembered what had happened the night before.
Blood, fur, and gore was sprayed around the room, trailing to one spot where the body of his lover lay in pieces.

There is evil in this land.

A New Spin On A Old Curse

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Tittle: A New Spin On A Old Curse

Requested: Yes

Rating: None

Warning: None

A/n: So I watched Disney’s Descendants again and because of that I based the reader off of Evie cause Sofia Carson is Queen. Also yes we can pretend 5x20 never happened because I have honestly been treating it like they haven’t.

    Getting into the Underworld was easy. I just had to do a little magic, turn myself invisible to the group of heroes and I was in. Tracking Peter down was easy, I just had to go into the underworld version of the Pawn Shop to find him. The hard part was bringing him back. I knew, unlike Emma, that it would not be as easy as splitting a heart. No it was going to be complicated. Mainly because to bring Peter back meant I had to go and steal a heart and me being the vindictive little person I am, choose Rumple. The way I see it since Rumple landed my Peter here, it would be Rumple that brought him back.


     The second part that complicated it all was Peter himself. His time in the underworld had made him want to be a better father. So of course when I brought my plan up to Peter, he rejected it.

   “Kill my son.” Peter scoffed, staring at me with half lidded eyes. “No. I want out of here my love, as badly as you, but killing Rumple is not the way to do this.” He soothed, reaching out brush my hair behind my ear. “We will find another way my evil little princess.”

   “There is no other way.” I pleaded. “Just hear me out, all of it.”

    “Fine. Go a head.” Peter sighed, reaching out to brush my hair behind my ear.

    “Okay, so listen to me. I made a curse, a damn good one. I started on it after you died. It’s a play a on Regina’s curse.  It can’t be broken though, that is the only difference. Peter when we get this curse casted we will rule. It will take us back to the Enchanted Forest. Peter we can remake Neverland, be the true rulers.  I think I even figured out a way so we never die.” I knew the moment I mentioned eternal life Peter was going agree.

   “And Rumple?”

  “Well not only will he be returning you back to the real world, but he’s how we make it so the curse can never be broken. We need his blood, the blood of your son, to break it. If we take his heart here, both his soul and his body will be kept in the underworld. There will be no way the curse can break.”

    “I see. So basically Rumple dies and I get an intern life with you.”


   “Well then I guess we just need to find a way out.”

   “I already thought that through. I’m going to talk to Hades, I found of from Zelena that they  have a thing. So I decided the best course of action would be to promise him Regina’s misery.”

   “You are a evil little princess.” Peter chuckled, smiling as he leaned down to press a kiss to my lips. “My evil little princess.”

    “I am going to go talk to Hades, after that we will figure out a plan.”

    “So what brings you down to see me?” Hades asked as I stood in front of him. I bowed, keeping my eyes on him as I rose.

   “I want to ask you to allow Peter Pan and I to leave the underworld. In exchange for our freedom I promise to make Regina’s life hell. I am friends with Zelena, so she told everything. I promise to avenge her.”

   “And how?”

   “I have a curse, a powerful one. When I cast it, it will force everyone it effects, minus those who casted it, to forget who they are. It’s much like Regina’s but the difference is that mine can’t be broken. To break you have to use Rumple and I plan on keeping him here.”

   “I like it. I like it a lot. So I will grant it. Take this, it’s a pearl that will take you and one other to the world above. After that, use this one to send me word that you done it. After that I will send the heroes up so you can cast the curse.”

  “Thank you!” I said with a smile, straightening up.  “You will not regret it.”

   “I know. I like you, and you have a real hate on with the others.”

    I returned back and told Peter the good news, growing a giant smile when he told me he had the whole thing planned. He had talked to Rumple and convince him to show up tomorrow. When he shows I freeze him, take his heart, put it in Peter then leave. It will be easy, a in and out job.

    I proved myself to be right. The next day he showed up as planned, talking to Peter. I then waved a hand and he froze, panic written on his face. I stroll out, smiling at Peter as I grabbed Rumple’s heart.

  “You put him here, you get to be the reason he leaves.” I purred as I spun around and pushed the heart into Peter’s chest. Once he was standing again, I pulled out the pearl and smiled as I dropped it. Instantly we were wrapped in smoke, heading up to our world, to the Enchanted Forest.

   “Now I send word to Hades, he sends our heroes and then we rule.” I said happily, reaching out to drop the pale pink pearl. Instantly, I leaned over the smoke and smiled. “It’s done Hades, we are in the Enchanted Forest.”

   “Coming.” His voice answered. Not even a minute later the heroes showed up. I froze them, watching as they saw Peter.

  “What is he doing back?” Hook screamed, trying to free himself from the spell.

  “Rumple was kind enough to return him. Now if we could all be quiet, I have a curse to cast.” I sang, watching as everyone paled. “Say bye bye to your memories!” I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and said the words I had memorized.  “ Feeling’ the power let it all out. Like what you see
In the mirror- shout! We got the keys the kingdom’s ours”

   It worked at once, washing over everyone. It changed all at once too. Peter and I were dressed in robes, green of course. The others vanished, going to their new places.

Thumbelina JM au

Part One | 2k+ words | Jean/Marco | Now also on Ao3

Oh yes, I couldn’t resist. So here is the beginning of this au based on Don Bluth’s movie adaptation of the fairy tale. As you’ll see I’ve changed and added some things, but the story remains the same. I hope you’ll enjoy it! :’)

Once upon a time there was a lonely woman who longed to have a child to call her own. One day she paid a visit to a good witch, who gave her a tiny barleycorn. ‘Plant it in a flowerpot,’ she said, ‘and see what happens.’ 

The woman did as she was told, and by and by, a beautiful flower grew. As the rose finally opened, the parting petals revealed a small boy no bigger than the woman’s thumb.

The boy was gentle and sweet and his mother named him Marco. But being so small in such a big, big world came with many problems. Marco’s mother and all the animals on her farm helped and took good care of him, but he couldn’t shake the feeling of being strange and different. Was he the only person his size in the whole world?

One evening when his mother was reading another story about brave knights and princesses, Marco asked to hear a story about little people, like him. She opened the pages with a story about the fairy prince wedding. The fairies had wings and could fly, which meant they weren’t exactly like Marco. But their size was his. Marco watched the beautiful illustrations with shining eyes; the sight of the wedding between the loving fairies filled him both with happiness and a sting of longing. ‘Have you ever seen a fairy, mother?’ he asked.

‘Yes, I do think I did once,’ she replied, concerned for her son’s loneliness.

Sitting on the page and with his fingers tracing the lines of the fairy prince’s head, Marco sighed. It was only a story, and even if not it was unlikely he’d ever meet any of them. Everything was so unfair, so impossible. How could he ever hope for a wedding of his own if he was so much smaller than everyone else? He wished he was big.

‘Oh no, Marco,’ his mother said, love and care gentle in her voice. ‘Don’t ever wish to be anything but what you are.’

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The Tale of Ser Aveline

Once upon a time there was a poor, bitter farmer.

He lived with his wife and children, near the lands of the elves.

He was selfish, and cold, with eyes that were dark, and bones that were old.

Our story starts when his wife became pregnant, with another of their many children.

When his wife bore the child, he looked at the babe and felt disappointment.

She was too thick, and too round, her nose too crooked, and her mouth too proud.

He looked at the red-orange curls on her little head, and he thought that redheads meant bad luck.

Because he was selfish, the farmer didn’t want to care for his daughter.

Because he was cold, he did not love her.

He did not see her beauty, because his eyes were too dark.

He did not feel her promise, because his bones were too old.

And so he took her to the woods and left her there, hoping she would be no more.

When he left, she did not cry.

When the wind blew, she did not cry.

When the wolves howled at the silver moon, still she did not cry.

The farmer had hoped she would die, but he had left her near the woods of the elves.

A hunter, strong and true, was scouting the forest for food to bring back to his clan.

He happened upon our young hero, slumbering peacefully in an old fallen oak tree.

He picked her up and held her, and still she did not cry.

The hunter saw this, and was impressed.

She was thick, and round, with a crooked nose, and a mouth that was proud.

He saw her red-orange curls, and he thought they must be lucky.

He took her back to the clan, and they agreed to raise her as their own..

To them, it did not matter that she was too thick, or too round.

They liked that her nose was crooked, and they thought it was good that her mouth was proud..

Her red-orange hair was a beautiful gift, a fire to warm them on the coldest nights.

They named her Aveline, the prettiest of the human names.

As she grew she got thicker, and her muscles rounder.

Her nose stayed crooked, and her mouth curved prouder.

Her red-orange curls grew long and wavy.

She was trained n the ways of their warriors, in dueling and archery.

She learned to wield a dagger and a blade, and to hit a target from all the way across the rivers.

She learned to hunt, and fish, and gather food.

The Keeper of the clan saw how much Aveline liked her training, and she thought that she might enjoy the tournaments that the humans held.

She encouraged Aveline to participate.

Aveline had never trusted humans after she had learned that her family had left her.

She thought they must all be selfish, and cold, with eyes that stayed dark, and bones that grew old.

She did not need or want them, for she had all the family she could ever desire in her clan.

Still, she heard stories of the battles held at the tournaments, and she dreamed of the crowds and the banners, of the clash of steel and the noble knights.

She wanted, more than anything, to participate in the tournaments, but she thought she never would.

In Orlais it was forbidden for women to be knights, and only knights could enter the tournament.

Aveline was laughed at when she had tried, and she had run home to her clan, hurt because they had told her that she could not fight…

and that she was too thick, and too round, and her nose too crooked and her mouth too proud.

Even though she was hurt, still she did not cry.

Her clan  told her she was beautiful, and bade her hunt for them, so that she could feel strong and skilled, as they knew she was.

As Aveline went to hunt, the clan met together, and they decided that they would show the humans how wonderful Aveline was.

They worked together, and they worked late into the night, and after many hours they had made two gifts that would let her pursue her dreams.

When Aveline returned, they presented her with a beautiful suit of gleaming armor, with a beautiful, gleaming helm.

Aveline was moved, and knew that she could never repay them, but they insisted that they needed no thanks, only to see her smile.

She tried it on, and it fit perfectly.

She no longer felt too thick, or too round, and her helm covered her crooked nose, and her mouth that smiled so proud.

As she wore the armor, her clan presented her with the second gift: a beautiful blade, carved of ironbark.

Aveline now had everything she needed.

She thanked her clan a thousand times, and told them how much she loved them.

Then she left, to enter the tournament, and make them proud.

This time no one laughed at her, and she was able to face the other knights.

She fought many battles, and she did very well.

The crowd cheered for this mysterious knight, who wore a beautiful, gleaming suit of armor, and a beautiful, gleaming helm.

She was the happiest she had ever been, and she was nearing the finals of the tournament.

Her next opponent was Prince Freyan.

He was very tall, and very proud. His eyes shone bright green, and he was loved by the crowd.

His black-blue hair was like velvet in the sun.

He shook her hand before battle, and he was the first man that had smiled at her.

They fought, him with a steel and her with ironbark.

They were well matched, and equal blow to blow.

For a time, the crowd grew hushed as they watched, and Aveline and Freyan thought that they might end in a tie, as neither could seem to best the other.

Just when she thought she could go on no more, Aveline was given her chance.

She leaped in the air, and with a great, sweeping spin, she knocked the prince to the ground!

She leaned over him, the tip of her blade pointed at his throat.

Her red-orange hair curled out of the bottom of her beautiful, gleaming helm.

She met Freyan’s eyes, and they both smiled.

She dropped her blade, and offered him a hand up.

He took it and stood, and peered into her beautiful, gleaming helm as he rose.

“You are different than the other knights.” He told her.

Beneath her beautiful, gleaming helm, Aveline blushed.

She tucked her red-orange curls away, and shook her head, unable to speak.

The Prince, still smiling, shook her hand again.

“I hope you win.” He told her.

Prince Freyan returned to his seat, and as he went Aveline thought that he was tall, and proud.

She noticed his eyes that were bright green, and how he was loved by the crowd.”

It was time for Aveline to win her final fight.

The Knight that stepped into the ring was the Emperor’s own, and had won many fights with violence and anger.

He was rough, and loud, with angry eyes, and a wicked crown.  

Aveline was not afraid, however.

She fought the knight, and as they fought he grew angrier.

He could not push her, because she was too thick.

He could not dodge around her, because she was too round.

He didn’t like her crooked blade, and thought her armor was too proud.

As he grew tired battling Aveline, he also grew impatient.

He waited for the right moment, and when Aveline was not prepared he thrust his foot out, tripping her.

She toppled to the ground, her beautiful, gleaming armor being knocked askew…

and off flew her beautiful, gleaming helm.

The Knight, and the Prince, and all the crowd grew silent.

Her red-orange curls had spilled on the ground.

They could see that she was a woman, and that was not allowed.

The Knight was ashamed that she had almost bested him, and so he turned to the Prince.

“I demand she be disqualified. Her fight should be forfeit.” He said.

The crowd, however, had seen her fight. They had seen her skills.

They did not care that she was so thick, or so round, or that she had a crooked nose, or that her mouth was proud.

With her red-orange hair beneath her beautiful, gleaming helm, she had won over their favor, no matter where she came from.

The crowd booed the angry knight, and asked the Prince to let the match continue.

The knight’s frown was rough, his fury loud, with angry eyes turned, beneath his wicked crown.

Prince Freyan stood, holding up his hands for silence, and the crowd and the angry knight grew still.

He smiled at Aveline, and said: “The match will continue, our mystery knight may still fight!”

They looked at each other, and she thought that she liked that he was tall, and proud, and that his eyes were bright green, and that he had listened to the crowd.

The Angry knight was not so pleased, however.

His curse was rough, his footsteps loud, his eyes dark and angry, beneath his wicked crown.

He took up his blade, and lifted it high, and he struck down Aveline before she could rise.

“NO!” The Prince cried, and he leaped from the stands.

He ran to her side, and held her in his arms.

Her wound was too deep, and too long. With her blood on the floor, where it didn’t belong.

“Thank you,” she told him. “I’m sorry that I was a woman.”

The Prince smiled down at her, with tears in his eyes.

“You’re perfect,” he told her. “For what you are, never apologize.”

She smiled, and he thought he had never seen anything stronger.

“What is your name?” he asked.

“Aveline.” She told him, and then her eyes fluttered closed.

To her last, she had not cried.

Aveline died in his arms, and he placed a gentle kiss on her forehead.

He thought that she was beautiful.

She was thick, and round, with a cute crooked nose, and a mouth very proud.

Her red-orange hair shined in the sun, and he thought that it must have been lucky for those that had known her longer.

The prince was sad, and angry, and he stood and turned to the knight.

He drew his blade and slew him where he stood.

He turned to the crowd, and said: “I hereby declare Aveline the winner of the tournament, and the greatest Knight today.”

They cheered, as they wept, for they had loved her too.

The prince returned home, and he mourned for her loss.

He declared the next day that any woman who wanted to should be allowed to become a knight, and enter any tournament that they wished.

He hung her beautiful, gleaming armor with its beautiful, gleaming helm in his palace, with her ironbark blade beside it.

And that is the tale of Ser Aveline, the redheaded knight who was too thick, and too round, and had a crooked nose, and a mouth that was too proud.
Once Upon a Time bosses answer your burning season 5B questions in the EW Hot Seat |

Is there a deeper motive for Rumple (Robert Carlyle) wanting to become the Dark One again that will be explored in 5B?
HOROWITZ: We’re going to attempt to delve deeper into his psyche.

Will Rumple act any different with his Dark One powers now that he became a hero?
HOROWITZ: Yeah, Rumple is an evolving character, so yes, he’s going to be continuing to grow and change based on all the experiences we’ve seen him go through over the course of the show.

Is Emilie de Ravin’s pregnancy being written in?
KITSIS: We’ll have to wait and see.
HOROWITZ: She’s on the show. So if anyone is concerned that, because of the pregnancy, they’re not going to be seeing her, that’s not the case.

Would a baby from the Dark One be different than a normal baby?
KITSIS: Oh, who knows?
HOROWITZ: That’s a great question.
KITSIS: We haven’t see one yet.

Will we see Belle’s mother (Frances O’Connor) again?
KITSIS: I will say this, we will see Belle’s past, but we will not see her mother. We’re going to see Belle’s past pre-Rumple, but it will not include her mom.

Are we going to learn who Rumple’s mother is?
HOROWITZ: Can’t say.

Will we find out the significance of Rumple’s dagger looking different now?  
KITSIS: I believe that is because when he stole the Dark power from everybody and put it into a new dagger, we’re seeing the effects of the merged, re-formed Excalibur reverting back into a dagger.