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Yesterday, a wizard entered New York with a case. A case full of magical creatures. and unfortunately, some have escaped.

Baekhyun: Was it opened?
Chanyeol: Just a smidge.

Chanyeol as Newt Scamander of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Habit // Sehun

// Nineteen — “Bite your lip one more time.”
// Slightly suggestive
// Requested by @sa2ms

“Do it.” Sehun declares. His tone of voice matches some kind of cautionary tale as his lithe fingers are firmly tethered to my wrist. I tense from my roommate’s hold, attempting to wring free from this delicate encounter in which I don’t know how to properly respond.

“Do what?” I ask because all I wanted was a glass of water before the night ended. I didn’t expect to meet with Sehun and his post shower water god appearance as if he’s ready to be sipped dry by a lady’s tongue. I bite my lower fold from imagining my kisses traversing up the length of his silken body and immediately feel him tug my entire frame into his half naked form. 

Sehun’s sinful grin emerges with ill intent before they separate and speak the words pulling at the heartstrings I dedicate towards this very man. “Did you think no one would notice?” He lifts his brows and I shift my gaze away from him since moving my own body isn’t feasible. His iron grasp gives little room to escape let alone breathe one ounce of air. But he’s ever so blunt in his word choices and gets straight to the point. “You’re turned on.”

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babyeol replied to your post “e - e”

pls don’t say all that :( your edits are gorgeous and even that’s an understatement. they deserve more notes yes but don’t let that discourage you from posting your graphic and anniversary edit! i bet theyre stunning ;;

chanyoel replied to your post “e - e”

don’t say that!! your edits are amazing! please continue to bless our dashs with them!! <333

you two are so sweet :((

Totally forgot to post them here, haha. Have seen that they’ve been going aroung twitter and instagram quite a lot lately and kinda regret not putting my watermark on them. orz In case you’ve already seen them somewhere, yes, these edits were originally made by me to prove jackxybooboo that Taka is broccoli now. uvu ((some Japanese girls got like 250RTs when they reposted them wtf))

anonymous asked:

Oh my gosh! Your art is amazing. I totally ship LoLu now. Question. Since pieces has two forms, what do you think Loke's would be if he had one?

oh thanks buddy! I’m glad it made you ship lolu haha

hum, i don’t normally do this but this question got me wondering what he’d look like and since i’m very original, have my version of lion form!loke 

y-yes, it’s just a big lion…. 

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メリークリスマス! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ


Yes I made Farmer Steve for a joke that happened a while back. I found this motion last night while I was looking for new motion data to test some new model edits and what not and found this. I instantly thought of Farmer Steve. Then I quickly made him for a joke orz