yes this is also hockey


I will treasure this vine of Eddie Lack punching Brandon Bollig in the butt above all other vines.

this is a very niche pittsburgh thing, but #didyouknow there are 37 live penguins that live in the pittsburgh metro area (22 at the ppg aquarium and 15 at the national aviary) ??? so in terms of like “why” question re: the penguins who appeared at the game last night, i’m pretty sure the nhl only asked itself why not

also yes, many of them are named after hockey players. a fun fact is that not one but two of those penguins are named after sidney crosby - one lives at the aquarium and the other is at the aviary. other penguins named after bigger penguins include malkin, letang, kunitz, kessel, murray, and sully, who are all at ppg aquarium, as well disco dan (bylsma) and stanley (like the cup) who are at the aviary.


Hockey Night in Canada’s stunning 2015 Playoff closing montage

me on a night where I’m not watching any games, sitting on a chaise lounge in a giant floppy sun hat and holding a fruity drink with a bendy straw: ah yes, so good to take a break from the hockey

also me: immediately logs onto tumblr dot com to look at hockey content

Minor league hockey, fuck yeah. Cleveland Lake Erie Monsters vs Manitoba Moose.

There is a very large group of Canadians here who started chanting MAN-I-TO-BA just for my niece and nephew. (My nephew is wearing both Cleveland and Winnipeg Jets gear. Plus my other sis lives in Winnipeg, video was taken for her and my bro-in-law.)

Now they’re chanting “OUR TEAM’S BET-TER.” -_-


#WhatsYourGoal: Alexis

This video hurts me.


Tyler Seguin does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.