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3 different people have told me on 3 separate occasions this week that i look like the joker. i pray every second that zeus will strike me dead my guys.

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ANGST TRAIN! TOOT TOOT! Jason barely ever cries, when he does, its after a really bad patrol that triggered something, a terrifying nightmare or an argument with Bruce, a really bad one. And he can only cry alone at first, then, when he and Tim get together, it makes crying a whole lot easier, because Tim doesn't give two fucks about vulnerability, so he lets Jay cry into his shoulder and help him get back on that brighter path. Ur welcome!

You come into my house. I didnt ask for this pain?! BUT I WILL TAKE IT.

Okay but… This is so important to me? Jason -cries- more often than I think people recall. He is absolutely affected by things, and I think puts up a lot of walls to avoid getting hurt -again-. But we’ve definitely seen instances of him privately having moments, and I am down for him getting comfortable enough to let that vulnerability show. So yes please give me all the JayTim comfort moments, the crying, the hair and back rubs, those explosive moments of catharsis when Jay can just -let it out- and not have to hold it all on his own shoulders. OOF. Ima need some tea now thank you for that…. *sniffles* 

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my aesthetic is sixer endlessly tagging their love for stephanie patrick bc honestly same

Me: *takes a deep breath*

Me: i lo-

Y'all: yes, you love Stephanie, we know, you love Stephanie so much, she’s the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Stephanie we KNOW, you love Stephanie you fucking love Stephanie okay we know, we get it, YOU LOVE STEPHANIE FUCKING PATRICK. WE GET IT.

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What about an accidental vanderlise kiss? >u< lol

(Hmmmm yes Me likes all the tsundere fluff-)

(Also, this takes place prior to the events of Rescue, meaning the tsun-tsuns are not in a relationship yet :3)

This is Seven’s fault.

That was the thought going through Vanderwood’s mind as they tripped into Elise. Saeyoung was taking a picture with his phone, Saeran was giving Vanderwood a death glare, Jumin and Jaehee had looks of  shock and concern, and Yoosung and Zen were blushing and looking away. Samantha had a smile on her face, trying to hide it behind the book she was reading.

Let’s rewind a bit to see just how they got into this situation, shall we?

Vanderwood was sitting at a table in the cafe Elise worked at. She was about to get off shift, and the two were going to head to the bunker together. Jumin had rented a cabin in the mountains after Samantha suggested the RFA take a trip together, and Saeyoung offered up one of his cars for transport. Honestly, the agent didn’t know how to feel about the idea. Sure, they’d been in the mountains before- when they were holding Saeran hostage- but never went on a trip for fun. It was always for work, and even then, there was no time to relax.

“You ready?” They looked up to see Elise standing next to them, holding her suitcase. “Yeah.”

~Several Hours Later~

Saeyoung had somehow managed to get the two agents on firewood duty. Alone.

Vanderwood knew he was up to something. He had to be. Seven had a mischievous look on his face when he asked them to go collect some firewood.


Glancing at Elise, they started blushing when they realized they were staring at her butt. She had bent own to pick up a piece of wood, and her shorts outlined her curves- Vanderwood slapped themself. Stop that! She’s your best friend! And she’s a woman! Stop staring!

Yo. Earth to Sherlock. You there?” They blinked to see Elise staring at them, firewood in her arms. “Uh yeah. I’m fine! P-Perfectly fine!” They stuttered. Did she know? Fuck she probably knew they were staring. They were so dead tonight.

“Okay…? Let’s head back. The sun’s starting to set.” With that Elise began walking away towards the cabin, occasionally stopping to look at a flower or tree. Vanderwood caught up to her at the cabin. Everyone was sitting around a campfire, chatting with one another. Elise stood to help them with the firewood when Saeyoung’s leg shot out in front of Vanderwood. Tripping, they dropped the firewood to shove their arms in front of them to break their fall.

It just so happened Elise was in front of them.

Next thing they knew their lips were on hers and they were on top of her. Elise was blushing furiously before shoving the man off and scrambling to her feet, glaring at Saeyoung. “I saw what you did, Seven!” “What ever are you talking about?” He replied, an innocent look on his face. The hacker proceeded to run as she chased him with a tree branch.

Vanderwood was still laying on the ground, face red and in shock. Did they just- Did Elise- Yeah they did. They were going to kill Seven.

As they stood up, taser in hand, a lingering thought was in their mind.

Her lips were so soft.

“It’s no just the bedding, ye ken,” he said, drawing back a little at last. His eyes looked down at me, a soft deep blue like the warm tropic sea.

“No,” I said, touching his cheek. “It isn’t.”

“To have ye with me again—to talk wi’ you—to know I can say anything, not guard my words or hide my thoughts—God, Sassenach,” he said, “the Lord knows I am lust-crazed as a lad, and I canna keep my hands from you—or anything else—” he added, wryly, “but I would count that all well lost, had I no more than the pleasure of havin’ ye by me, and to tell ye all my heart." 

To All that are going to the Amonkhet Pre-release/ Release events.

To All that are going to the Amonkhet Pre-release/ Release events.

The larger blogs are giving the good advice on how to play, and others are giving blessings. That’s not the case for me. Yes, I hope you all pull the cards you want and win your events, but I feel there are some important things that need to be said.

If this is your first event, best of luck. Draft and sealed events drastically help your local FLGS, and help shape the crowds that frequent your stores. Another thing is that it might bring in new players, and you might make some new friends.

These are some rules you should follow for all sealed events.

Rules For Everyone!
- If you’re doing a midnight event. Make sure you napped before hand. Magic is tiring as is, but with lack of sleep. Bad plays will happen.

-Make sure to bring something to eat or drink. That isn’t just Soda or chips. Yes, support your FLGS, and buy water from them, and a snack bar. Just make sure to eat well. Magic on a growling, Soda pumped stomach is just going to lead to a Super Saiyan level of horribleness. If your store allows for outside food, bring a sandwich, or something you like to eat (that isn’t too messy).

- Sleeves are good. Doesn’t matter if you pulled Jank. Remember your card sleeves! Shuffling is so much easier!

- Keep an eye on your stuff. Sleeves help differentiate your cards from your opponents. While yes, thieves are out there. Sometimes by card effects, we have to exchange something. Please remember your cards at all costs.

- Remember your Dice/ Playmat/ cellphone charger. Batteries die, bring your spare or charger! Dice and playmats are just things you need.

Rules for Veterans!

Yeah, there are rules for us old timers too.

- Don’t objectify or bully others and don’t let other people do it either, especially to marginalized groups such as Women, LGBTQA+, or even new players.

- Watch out for our female players. For all of the Gods on Amonkhet. Do not insult their reason for being at the store. Do not hit on them, do not treat them like a prize. Report the harassment to your Judge/ T.O, Magic is for everyone.

- Watch out for our LGBTQA players. Just like our female players. If you see someone start shit. Report it to your Judge/ T.O. Like above, Magic is for everyone!

- Watch out for anyone new!

- Remember, not every player researched the set. Please be patient while players read their cards.

-Also, some of us have learning disabilities/ disabilities.  Please be patient with us. Card text can be small, or some just too much of it. If your local store has a Judge or Rules Adviser, please let your opponent know, so if they have questions, or look confused. They can get the help they need.

- Remind people, especially new players, that they can ask questions. We all started somewhere. Don’t scoff or belittle a player with questions. You can ruin someones experience. That hurts the store, and the game. Also, this is a new set. Questions are going to be abound.

- Alert new players that they can keep their cards. Alert them of the rarity system, and how to check the prices for cards. Do not let new players get scammed.

Rules for New Players!

-Don’t objectify or bully others and don’t let other people do it either, especially to marginalized groups such as Women, LGBTQA+, or even new players.

- Watch out for our female players. For all of the Gods on Amonkhet. Do not insult their reason for being at the store. Do not hit on them, do not treat them like a prize. Report the harassment to your Judge/ T.O Magic is for everyone.

- Watch out for our LGBTQA players. Just like our female players.. If you see someone start shit. Report it to your Judge/ T.O. Like above, Magic is for everyone!

- Watch out for anyone new!

- Ask questions! If you don’t understand something, ask. You grow as a player.

- Remember, that seasoned player in front of you started off like yourself. We just had more broken cards.

- Hold on to your pool of cards. Drafting and sealed can increase your collection. If someone is eager to trade. Look up the price of cards. There’s tons of sites; TCGplayer, Starctiygames, and channel fireball are all good to look up prices.

- Do not trade your cards, if you’re still in the event. Also, if you have to leave early, or you’re just tired. Please let your T.O/ Judge know, so that when the next round pairings are up, they don’t have to do a remake.

- Have fun. Magic is a great game, and there’s so much to learn and do. One of many great ways to meet life-time friends.

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For the otp brotp whatever thingy: kuroo tetsurou and/or sawamura daichi if you don't mind as I am currently obsessed with both of them

Kuroo Tetsurou:

Originally posted by alvsjo

OTP: KuroKen
BrOTP: Bokuto and Kuroo, but also Kuroo and Kenma. :3
OT3: don’t really have a solid ot3 tbh involving him, but kinda into Kenma, Akaashi, Bokuto and Kuroo stuff -whispers- because mookie000 mostly for the shenanigans and interactions~ haha 
NOTP: hmm, don’t really have a problem with him being with anyone. :/ I mean, sure some ships I don’t get but eh I’m indifferent. 

Tbh the only Dachi ship I have is Daisuga haha~ and brotp him with and all the other 3rd years. (including Kiyoko yes) 

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Send me a character and I’ll tell you;

  • Me: *finally gets off work at a decent time for once*
  • Me: Yes!! I'm gonna get All The Things done with the extra time!!
  • Me: *naps for 2 hours*
  • Me: *lounges in bed on tumblr for 1 hour*
  • Me: *is forced out of bed by hunger*
  • Me: *plants self on couch with heated leftovers and Netflix*
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: I am so nailing this adulting thing.
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@a-dott-ham u tagged me, what?? thank u fren. 

A:  Age: 13 (i am a small child)

B:  Birthplace: Michigan (somewhere, im not gonna say, sorry) 

C:  Current time: 9:49pm

D:  Drink you last had: milk, i live off milk (im not kidding just ask anyone who knows me irl)

E:  Easiest person to talk to: @poptarts-and-salt (luv u)

F:  Favorite song: dont u dare make me choose. but currently i think it would be I Don’t Care by fall out boy

G:  Grossest memory: honestly i cant think of anything right now, sorry

H:  Horror yes or horror no: i assume you mean like horror books/movies/shows so yes im all for it but it scares me a lot

I:  In love: yes….hello @poptarts-and-salt how was your day 

J: Jealous of people: yea sometimes like if they have something i want or like really cool hair or something. or of people who are always genuinely happy, like how do you do that man?

K:  Killed someone: i sure hope not

L:  Love at first sight or attraction at first sight: attraction. i dont think you can love someone until you get to know them a bit.

M:  Middle name: lee

N:  number of siblings: i have a twin brother 

O:  one wish: i wish people would just get along with each other and not be assholes.

P:  person you called last: as in like a phone call? i never call people so i dont remember, but the last person who called ME was my dad.

Q:  Question you’re always asked: um…i dont really know??? im sorry guys XD

R:  Reason to smile: if your ships not cannon, there’s always fanfic (its my motto)

S:  Song you last sang: Boondocks by Little Big Town. we were practicing for our school play/musical

U:  Underwear color: blue (why does anyone care??)

V:  vacation: the last vacation i went on was to my friends cabin, does that count?

W:  worst habit: i cant sit still so i always play with my rings and end up dropping or loosing them :( (i always end up finding them tho, its weird, but good)

X:  X-Rays: i had to get an x-ray once when i was little and i fell of my bike and hurt my thumb. (they were checking to see if it was broken)

Y:  Your favorite food: pasta and anything chocolate

Z:  zodiac sign: scorpio 

I’m gonna tag @cheshireonfire, @nerdy—emo, @poptarts-and-salt (yes hello again), @becausenoonelikesme and @a-wannabe-canadian. or anyone who feels like doing this. 

oh yes also would you be interested in some sort of followers gift thingy? bc i wanna do that i just don’t know if u want something from me at all lol. just say yes/like this post/whatever so i know if it’s worth doing a poll/questionnaire/something a bit more detailed with things i can do for u? maybe even like ur suggestions of things you’d like to be recoloured/patterned bc i think that’s fun

if not i’ll just… idk make something like a palette or a resources thingy/tutorial/idk??