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Hello wonderful, I love your aus! Could you possibly do the boys on a long flight for your?

hi love! thank you so very much c: 

v late but in honor of shinee’s return to korea and subsequent flight to japan, i hope that everyone who saw the boys in canada and the states had an amazing time!!! and that everyone who is going to see them in japan is super pumped!!! 


  • once he sits down, locates The Baby™ that will invariably cry 
  • flashes a wide and stressed smile like pls………. Baby do not do the cry the flight from LA to incheon is 13 hrs 
  • would offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to be rocked to sleep by minho the baby whisper if you don’t cry 
  • locks eyes with Baby as it begins to cry
  • omg 
  • puts up his hood in defense measures 
  • pls give him his in-flight meal 


  • should NOT have had coffee on the way over 
  • both jittery and unable to sleep 
  • swathed in blankets 
  • watches 8 movies and the instructional video that teaches you how to be comfortable in planes
  • does all the recommended stretches to the T 
  • takes polaroids of the sky 
  • y’all criticized his camo parachute pants but at least he’s comfy, still can’t fall asleep but COMFY 


  • honestly the pilot knows when he’s going to the bathroom bc they always hit “turbulence” when he’s in there and dear god he refuses to die in a cubicle with a toilet 
  • behind every cute airplane selfie there’s 50 v trollish ones in his camera roll 
  • it’s not just him right?? airplane orange juice is super weird? 
  • not as weird when paired with champagne (mimosas ayyyy)
  • “taemin pls stop saying things like what if we have to parachute out of this plane” 


  • wearing his sunglasses and other members are like wow!!!! are you a celebrity?? you’re so cool!! oppa can you give me a sign?? (they look just as celebrity as he does????? they’re all wearing face masks???? let him live) 
  • brought trail mix which jinki immediately burgles away 
  • taemin likes sleeping on his shoulder and that’s fine until he needs to get up to stretch or go to the bathroom and boy sleeps like the dead so he sits and suffers 


  • before leaving for the airport shinee came into his room with a list of easily forgotten things 
  • “do you have your rosary” “yes” “pants” “…yes” 
  • he would complain but 
  • *war flashbacks to the time he misplaced his passport and they were stuck at the airport*
  • it’s probably necessary 
  • on the plane shoving his hands in all of his pockets for earphones, panicked face at the realization he doesn’t have them  
  • key, watching him, silently passes him a pair with FULL judgement like why are you like this taemin 
  • breathes on the window so he can draw on it 

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Do you answer questions about these dresses as well? Because I'm confused as to the use of a dinner gown. Why was there a separate gown for dinner? Did they change just for dinner? Could they also go out wearing the gown, or was it considered rude? Because the term 'gown' kind of makes me think of something you only wear indoors, probably in an intimate setting, like close friends (maybe??) and family only type of deal?

It was definitely common for women of high economic status to change multiple times throughout the day. In some cultures or societies, one way to show the wealth of a family was through the leisure activities of women, whether that be changing for their many engagements and social appointments or also having the luxury to not work and simply be beautiful. 

“For the wealthy woman, a complete wardrobe would consist of morning, afternoon, and evening dresses, and lavish “undress” items such as tea gowns and nightgowns, which were worn only in the privacy of one’s home.”

There were all kinds of looks for the day and evening, morning dresses, day/afternoon dress, walking suits, tea gowns, evening gowns. I once saw a source that quoted a man as saying when on the street it wasn’t necessary to look at a watch as the time of day could be determined from looking at the fashions the women were wearing.

So to answer your question, yes! There were many different types of outfits worn by wealthy women throughout the day. It seems ridiculous but when you don’t have much to do and have a lady’s maid to help with all of your fashion changes it was a common occurrence. 

Morning Dress, 1902

Afternoon dress, 1903

Walking Suit, 1905-1910

Tea Gown, 1905

Evening Gown, 1905

All images and quotes taken from the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Costume Institute.

Unexpected Reaction

Brett x Reader


A/N: I like all the ideas coming from you, they inspire me so much, @lazyneonmonster. Probably bc they’re mainly based on Brett, but wth.


Brett toss his arm around your shoulders as you lean back on the couch, scrolling through social media on your phone. He peeked at your screen from the corner of his eye and saw how you absently stopped by some ridiculous posts just to snicker and then scroll forward.

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Sweet and Sour: Part 2 - Rowaelin

I’ve had a few requests to continue this and I’m currently tucked into bed with a cold and feeling very Rowaelin-ish, so i thought why not?

Part 1

Tagging @im-the-sass-in-assassin @squirrel-or-moose because they were kind enough to send in asks requesting a continuation =)

You’re on a date with the dentist!?

Aelin read the text quickly before putting her phone back in her pocket as she saw Doctor Rowan Whitethorn, her dentist, walking back to their table. He had led the way to a nice little cafe just around the corner from the dentistry. Then he had gone up to order and refused to let Aelin pay, saying that the dentistry industry was grossly overpriced so he was merely refunding her some of her payment. That had made Aelin smile, all be it a little lopsidedly.

Rowan sat down and clasped his hands on the table in front of him. Silence spread a little awkwardly between them and for her own amusement Aelin waited for him to speak just to see what he would say.

Rowan cleared his throat a little. “Your teeth are quite straight. Did you have braces as a teenager?”

Aelin laughed. “That’s your question?”

Rowan gave her a shrug and a look that said what did you expect?

“No. I didn’t have braces. It’s just my spectacular genes,” Aelin replied.

“Humble I see,” Rowan replied with a raised brow.

Aelin just raised her own eyebrows and lent back to give him a better view of herself saying with her own expression what did you expect?

Rowan just chuckled. It was a low rumble and Aelin hoped her ovaries had recovered from earlier, because she was really not sure how much more they could take.

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Chicken Soup

‘what happened after the three days in the infirmary’ shit I suddenly want to write.

also, ignore the title.

“Well, this is a surprise. Who would have thought that of all people to catch the flu, it’s you”

Will Solace sneezed and blew his nose before dropping the tissue on the trash can near his bed. Because of course, being sick doesn’t excuse him being unsanitary and messy with his surroundings. 

Another sneeze.

A sly smile curved up at the edge of Nico’s lips. “What a sight”

“Shut up, di Angelo. Go ahead, laugh at me why don’t you” The son of Apollo’s voice sounded groggy and tired.

“What do you really want me to do? Shut up or laugh?” The son of Hades spoke with sarcasm and stepped closer earning him a glare from the son of Apollo.

“Stay right there, di Angelo! Don’t you dare get any closer” Okay, that sounded a bit louder considering the fact that he was sick.

“Okay wow, never would have thought that you mind personal space that much” Nico stopped and lowered his face down a little, staring at the infirmary’s floor. Will looked at the demigod and maybe, it was the effect of him being sick and on medication that had him feeling the sadness and rejection from Nico more than he might have on a normal basis but nevertheless, it made him feel rather guilty. 

“Sorry, that sounded a bit harsh” Will spoke, his voice considerably lower “I just don’t want you to get sick, Nico”

“A little flu won’t hurt me, Solace”

“It would. I’m your doctor, di Angelo. Listen to me, I would know what’s best or you” Nico rolled his eyes at those words but didn’t say anything  to contradict “You’re whole body, including your immune system is still at risk. Just because you’re out of the infirmary, doesn’t mean you’re fully recovered. Please don’t act all stupid and irrational” 

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Tips to write Tony in fics (Mostly MCU)

I’m obviously not an expert, and I certainly am never going to claim to be one, but there are a couple of things I noticed and thought maybe it would help someone someday to write Tony Stark. 

1. Tony doesn’t lose words or fumble or become garbled. This (because I’m an idiot who links everything he does back to him being a Gemini) is a very Gemini trait to me. He is all words. If you’re writing him as flustered, remember that he talks too much and he deflects, he will bring in 600 different things into your conversation and he will showboat but he will not lose words. Geminis are people of conversations and communication. 

2. When he’s vulnerable and feeling weak, he puts on a mask, quite literally. Now, in 616 he would just grab his Iron Man mask and wear it even but in MCU you have your sunglasses. So, if you want to show him as feeling exposed, vulnerable, hurt or anything, make him wear sunglasses. Except for when he’s with Rhodey or Pepper. Even Pepper is fine sometimes because she has a high level of vulnerability provoking potential with him. But with Rhodey, if they are not in a crowded area, he doesn’t wear sunglasses.

 3. He has a clenched jaw, tight-lipped smile when he’s pissed but also a bit resigned to being pissed. Use this. Body language speaks louder than introspective words sometimes.

4. He LOOKS PEOPLE IN THE EYE till they either hit a soft spot or find a chink in his armor. 

5. He won’t fly into burning buildings all the time. No, he would rather find a solution with the nearest resource, and only when the nearest resource is him will he fly in. Yes, he does have self-destructive tendencies but he’s not a complete moron.

6. He likes driving his cars and prefers to drive himself 99% of the times.

7. If you have to show him being worried about a long-term problem, get him to his workshop and make him do something that is large-scale, tedious, and involving making his suit better. 

8. He snacks, like all the time. He lacks sleep not food. This is MCU btw.

9. He DOES take orders well when necessary and when he knows that people are capable of getting a job done. *points to IM2 where he asked Rhodey and every time he did what Steve told*

10. If someone doesn’t let him finish talking, you can be damn sure he’s going to cut them off too and with a sharp tone. Again, Gemini. They need to make their point.

11. Watches. He has a watch collection and he knows his brands well. Pepper knows her art but Tony has his hobbies too and they are NOT always tinkering alone.

12. He has a vested interest in car racing. Throw in some F1 love. 

13. If people around him are panicking, he will act calm and use a calm voice. 

14. Even when he monologues to the bad guys, he isn’t threatening in a stereotypically hero way. He will practically explain what is going to happen to them. He will explain things because he likes spelling things out.

15. He is eloquent. Seriously, use complex words, he does too. He’s the kind of guy who will throw in words you only read in literature while having a casual conversation.

16. He spouts research facts all the time. His pop culture references are good but he also clearly keeps track of research on varied topics and consistently uses them. 

17. He DOES care for his health. Listen, he takes medicines, he drinks green goop, he eats, he checks his health consistently. He isn’t careless with his health. 

18. If he isn’t wrong, he won’t apologize. If he is, he will. Of course, all of this depends on what he believes is wrong or right, but if he believes himself to be wrong, HE WILL APOLOGIZE. Use that.

19. He remembers faces and words. Listen, he has an excellent memory regarding certain things. If you’ve made a slight impression on him, he will remember you even after YEARS. The reason he didn’t remember Yinsen at first was because he didn’t talk to him properly. He remembered Klaaw’s tattoo and work because he has clearly had a conversation regarding it. 

20. He doesn’t sass back at his AI to have the last word. They often, and consistently, have the last word in sass and he takes it without a pause. BUT they don’t run his life. Don’t ever write him being okay with them tattling to someone about him. He will freak out and do something rash if that ever happens. 

Let me know if you’d like more :D

Girl Crush ~ smut

Author: completedylantrash

Characters: reader x Stiles

Rating: NSFW 18+ Explicit Smut

Word Count: 3763

A/N: This idea came from the song by Little Big Town. I just thought it would be cute 

Lydia Martin has always been beautiful. Since we were kids, the boys have always gravitated towards her. Hell, even some girls have crushed on her. She’s beautiful, she’s smart, she’s popular. Why wouldn’t they? There’s just something about her and Stiles Stilinski has been her biggest fan since the days of running around on the playground. How do you even begin to compete with that?

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You’re My Bodyguard, Not My Owner. (Part 2) (Brendon Urie x Reader)
Note: Parts of this imagine are based off of Marvel Comics characters and events and will contain references to MCU films.

“Is this really necessary?” you sighed, reluctantly taking the Glock 17 Brendon held out to you.

“Yes. You need to be able to defend yourself,” he replied in a cold voice, his face void of all emotion except for a mild hint of annoyance.

“Isn’t that what you’re here for?”

“Yes, but it would make everything a hell of a lot easier knowing that if something happens to me, you’re not completely helpless. So, shut up and shoot the target,” he hissed through gritted teeth. Moving to stand behind you, he folded his arms across his chest in his usual manner and you could’ve sworn you heard him whisper a snide ‘If you can’ under his breath.

Pissed off to the max by Brendon’s words and determined to prove to him that you weren’t the good-for-nothing brat that he thought you to be, you inhaled deeply and positioned yourself in the shooting stance you were most comfortable with, the way your father had taught you. Exhaling lightly, you pulled the trigger three times, each bullet hitting the bull’s-eye perfectly.

With a triumphant look on your face, you turned around to face Brendon, smirking cockily as you reached over and smoothly placed the gun back in the holder attached to his hip.

“What? You didn’t think my dad wouldn’t have taught me a couple things, did you?”

Brendon looked taken aback and somewhat impressed, but only for a split second before his face returned to its usual rock-hard stature.

“Great, you can shoot a stationary target,” he gave you a sarcastic thumbs-up. “It’s a shame that the people who are trying to kill you will most likely be moving.”

Grabbing his jacket from the bench, Brendon made his way out of the shooting range, leaving you fuming and glaring daggers at him behind his back.

Out of all the agents that SHIELD has to offer, The Director managed to assign the worst one as your bodyguard. (Of course, mentally and physically, Brendon was an impeccable agent and watching him in action on footage from past missions, you could see why The Director had entrusted him with your safety. But emotionally and on a personal, face-to-face level, he was – for lack of a better term – a complete douchebag.) From the moment you two had met, he was nothing but cold and abrasive towards you. You’d think that as someone’s 24/7 bodyguard, you’d want to learn as much as possible about them and what they’re like. But Brendon was the complete opposite and although he never said it outright, the way he acted towards you made it very clear that he was only interested in making sure that you stayed alive and wanted nothing else to do with you whatsoever.

~3 Weeks Later~

“You aren’t actually serious about this?” you questioned in disbelief as Brendon kept a firm grip on your arm, making sure you stayed as close to him as possible and keeping an eye out for any behaviour that seemed questionable.

“Yes, actually, I am.”

“Brendon, it’s dinner with my friends. Who I’ve known for years. If one of them was a HYDRA agent, I’m pretty sure I would’ve been dead already.”

“Not if that wasn’t part of the plan.”

You shook your head in disbelief at his mistrust. “I highly doubt I’m in any danger tonight.”

“You’re so unbelievably naïve, you know that?” he said harshly, coming to a sudden halt and turning you sideways so that you were facing him. “Whatever you think you know about this world – SHIELD, HYDRA, everything your dad told you – is not even half of the messed up shit that goes on. I’ve seen people killed by the ones closest to them. People who they trusted completely. The way you trust your friends,” he cocked his head towards the bar seats a few feet away where your friends were gathered, “So there’s no way in hell I’m letting you out of my sight.”

“Brendon, the place is crowded. No one’s gonna try anything,” you sighed, wanting nothing more than to be able to enjoy a night out with your friends without being under Brendon’s constant supervision. You knew it was only to ensure your safety, but it was annoying nonetheless.

Brendon let out a bitter laugh. “Yeah, that’s what you think. And then you end up in a body bag. Constant vigilance, (Y/N).”

You began walking again and a few seconds later you were awkwardly standing in front of your friends, who’d all gone quiet at the sight of your very pissed off-looking bodyguard.

“Uh, hey, guys,” you said cheerfully, trying to break the extremely tense atmosphere that had occurred. “This is Brendon.”

Various greetings filtered through the air as your friends smiled politely at Brendon, who only gave a curt nod in return before leaning in and whispering in your ear.

“I’ll be three seats down. Don’t go anywhere without telling me first and if anything happens, don’t make a move until I get to you, understand?”

You nodded to show your understanding and Brendon mumbled a quick ‘Good’ before swiftly disappearing to assume his position a little way down the bar.

Noticeably more relaxed after Brendon had left, your friends immediately engulfed you in a tight bear hug, bombarding you with questions.

“We haven’t heard from you in weeks! What’s going on?”

“How are you doing, hon?”

“Any news on that Soldier guy?”

“Why didn’t you tell us that your bodyguard was smoking hot?”

“Woah, calm down, vultures!” you held up both hands to silence everyone and chuckled at your friends’ hunger for details. “I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch, things have been more hectic than you could ever imagine. But I’ll try to keep you updated and in the loop as much as possible, I promise. I’m doing better. Not one hundred percent, but I’ll get there eventually. No, there hasn’t been any news on him, and even if there was, I don’t think I’d be allowed to disclose any information. And I didn’t mention his looks because it’s not important,” you shrugged, stealing your friend Dean’s drink and taking a gulp.

“Uh, of course it’s important! I’d be dying from happiness if I had that hot piece of ass following me around every day,” Chelsey said, biting her lip and looking over at Brendon, who shifted uncomfortably under her penetrative gaze and averted his own back to the surrounding sea of people.

“The whole point of having him around is to not die. Besides,” you replied, grabbing a few pretzels from the bowl in front of you. “He’s not exactly the nicest of people.”

“He doesn’t seem that bad,” Dean interjected. “A little intimidating, maybe. But I’m sure he’s an okay guy.”

You scoffed. “Oh, yeah? Wanna be-“

You were cut off by the sound of gunshots and glass shattering. Automatically, people had started to run, scream and take cover. Within a few seconds and before your brain could even process the fact that you were in danger, Brendon had tackled you to the floor and was laying on top of you, using his body as a shield to protect your own. With every gunshot, his grip on you tightened as he pulled you closer in an attempt to cover your entire body.

More SHIELD agents had made their way inside from their undercover positions and more shots were fired as they attempted to take out the assailants. There were lots of voices yelling orders and trying to communicate with each other and you recognised one of them as Agent O’Malley’s.

“Urie, there’s a car and two escorts waiting out back. Get her out of here. Now.”

Brendon wasted no time in gathering you into his arms and making a break for the back door.

Looking back over Brendon’s shoulder, your stomach dropped at the sight of your friends. They were huddled together under a table while trying to avoid getting hit by any bullets, fear clear on all of their faces.

“Brendon, wait! We have to go back! My friends! They-they’re gonna get hurt!” You thrashed wildly in Brendon’s arms, making a futile attempt to loosen his grip on you.

“(Y/N), are you insane?! You can’t go back there, it’s you they’re after!” He tightened his grip on you, preventing you from escaping his grasp.

“But they’ll die if we just leave them there!” You yelled, getting hysterical.

“There are other agents there who’ll protect them but right now we need to get you back to HQ.”

He picked up the pace and half-dragged you outside to the black SUV that stood waiting, engines running in order to make a getaway as soon as possible.

Opening the back door and practically shoving you inside the vehicle before hopping in himself, he instructed the driver to go, which he immediately did; swerving into a side road, he carried you away from the attack as fast as possible.

As soon as you were a good distance away, Brendon called SHIELD HQ.

“This is Agent Urie, reporting in. ETA 10 minutes to HQ. Sapphire is secure.”


“I told you we should’ve gone back for them,” you said angrily.

“And then what would I have done, (Y/N)? Save all five of them while you got killed? I don’t think so.”

“If you knew me, you’d know that I’d rather die before I’d let anything happen to the people I love. Especially if they get hurt because of me.”

“They’re alive, (Y/N).”

Barely. They’re all in the hospital with critical injuries and I’m here without a scratch. That’s not fair,” you said, tears welling up in your eyes.

Brendon rubbed a hand over his face before running it through his hair and chuckling darkly at the ground. “Life’s not fair. Especially not your one. You’d better get used to it, sweetheart. Because the sooner you realise just how much danger you’re actually in, the sooner you can accept the fact that no matter what you do, someone will always end up hurt.”

“How?” you whispered incredulously.

“How what?”

“How can you not feel bad about what happened to my friends at all?”

“Because they’re none of my concern, (Y/N). You are.”

“So you couldn’t give less of a shit about their safety?”

“Not when it’s compared to yours, no,” he stated matter-of-factly, leaning back against the glass desk situated on the far side of the room. You were thankful that he was a good distance away from you, because at that moment you wanted nothing more than to break his nose. You couldn’t believe the lack of remorse he was showing. It was shocking.

“And you don’t feel any regret about leaving them there when I begged you to turn back?” you questioned, taking a few steps toward him.

“No, I don’t,” he replied sternly, standing up straight as you advanced on him. “Not one bit.”

Raising your hand above your head, you brought it down swiftly in an attempt to smack him but because of his lightning-quick reflexes, he caught your hand without even flinching and immediately pushed you up against the nearest wall, your hand pinned above your head.

“You wanna try that again, sweetheart?”

“I really can’t stand you,” you spat, repulsed at the lack of humanity in the person standing in front of you.

“My job isn’t to be your friend. My job is to protect you. And I will do whatever it takes to keep you safe. The sooner you get used to that, the sooner you’ll stop being shocked at the awful things I do,” he said, leaning in so close to you that you could feel his breath tickle your neck, causing the hairs there to stand up on edge. “Because I can assure you, there will be more of them. Much more.”


Thank you for reading x

monthly check-in results

After about a week, and a decent amount of responses, the results of the monthly survey are addressed and listed below. The entire point of the survey is to better the group, so please be sure to read this post in it’s entirety. It’s long, yes, but it’s also very important to me. I’m doing my best to make this group the best group it can possibly be, but to do that I need your help. I’ll be making the necessary changes and updates to the group based on what you’ve all answered, so thank you to everyone who took the survey! Your help is endlessly appreciated. As a small side note, all of the comments and concerns have been paraphrased to ensure that the answers remain completely anonymous. Without further ado…

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Working with Spirits:

I see a fair amount of posts that deal with Spirit Workings and whether or not this is a safe practice for anyone to do. My honest answer is ‘yes’. I say as much because the measures taken to protect yourself, to learn to identify what entities are what, when you’re being lied to, and when your Spiritual Self is in danger, are all very personal experiences.

This is not to say as learning from others more experienced is not necessary, I always find that helpful personally, but what I am saying is that everyone learns these skills in their own time, in their own way. Sometimes it takes some misfortunes and bad experiences to actually learn first-hand what it is you really are dealing with.

I am completely self-taught, save some of the guidance and wisdom I have received from my Master Teacher. Her experience and knowledge has been a great asset, and much of what she taught me has been added to my own tool kit. That being said, the most profound and deeply sunken in lessons I’ve learned were all first-hand experience. Is it potentially dangerous? Are there certain risks that come with working with other realms and beings? Of course! But this does not mean that people should avoid it due to lack of solid experience. It isn’t a game to be taken lightly, but nor is it something that interested beginners should be steered away from, should their Souls call out to this work. After all, I think the majority of us got into this due to personal experiences or desires to learn more about the Unseen world - especially so for those that have been hassled by Spirit Beings before.

Basic things to know when getting into this are:

  • Trust your instincts when dealing with an entity. If it feels untruthful, untrustworthy, uncomfortable, or flat-out negative or dangerous, best to send the spirit away and close that door for a while.

  • Shielding is also a helpful skill, since shields can be programmed to bar the dangerous entities from entering your space. This will not necessarily stop them from showing up and trying to poke at the barrier, but it does afford a fair amount of protection. If when I am working with Spirits, one cannot cross the threshold when I have invited other beings in, that is a pretty good indicator to me that this being has ill intent. The shield would not bar them otherwise.

  • Grounding is equally important. You need to know how to get yourself back into this plane and stabilized if you plan to do this sort of work.

  • Protections: Yes, this is separate from the shields, because protections should be made to stay with you. Something you feel comfortable with such as a charged stone or jewelry piece, for example. This can be very helpful for when you are out and about, should some entities decide to show up on a whim. After all, if you agree to be a channel or work with these beings, they will always find and attract to you. Better safe than sorry.

This is a rewarding, interesting, eye-opening sort of work, and so long as you are aware that there are risks, you may be exposed to things you did not want. If you are completely okay with this reality, I see no reason why you shouldn’t go for it! Just remember to trust yourself and your gut feelings, as often they are going to be your best bet. Remember, a Spirit is not necessarily who or what it claims to be, and may even give you a name or a face to try to get your guard down. Trust your instincts, as they tend to be more reliable than what the being is putting out. Get an odd feeling in the back of your mind? Back off and digest this, but remember to never leave any doors open. Close them before you walk away to make certain nothing follows or gets through without your permission.

My one final warning is this: If you are plagued with self-doubt or fear about working with Spirits, best not to get into it until you feel more secure. Your fears and doubts can seriously play against you in such workings, often clouding your mind and judgement. Keep calm and keep aware, but do not showcase fear and doubt to any entity. Negatives often seek that sort of energy to fuel their own power. The more negative energy you give off, the more they will attach and feed from you.

anonymous asked:

For heaven's sake, can we stop pretending that humans can thrive on a vegan diet? Adult humans, who have completed their skeletal and cardiac development, with the money and knowledge to supplement appropriately can stay healthy on a vegan diet. Best case scenario: human children on a vegan diet struggle with pernicious anemia and bone density issues. Our guts can't extract all necessary nutrients from plants and supplements are an imperfect stop-gap. A baby fares as well as a puppy when vegan.

Don’t know a whole lot about human physiology as I do animals, as a zoology student obviously, but yes in total agreement. Vegan diets are hard, even for humans as omnivores. It requires a lot of money, supplements and for the person to be generally healthy already (if you have any sort of illness or deficiencies being vegan is just not an option). 

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ok I have two ideas for the pyro x reader ; pyro gets jealous when a guy tries to talk to the reader or a cute cuddling one idk where I'm going with this

Sorry this is so late! kill me, I’m writing the others now :) Be sure to let me know what you guys think! I am unsure on how long each of these will be, it will depend on the request tbh. Posting the Pyro one in the meantime! 

Pyrocynical Fanfiction - “Don’t Leave”

The two of you had just been out for your birthday. It wasn’t exactly the most pleasant experience if you were being honest.

Niall had thought it would be nice to take you out to dinner at one of your favorite restaurants. Upon arriving there, you were given a waiter that you had never seen before. The two of you were friends with the owners and several of the employees. Because you two went there so often, it was rare to meet someone knew. And being the person you were, you tried to find out a little bit of information on the guy. A few answers to your questions turned into some flirty remarks from the new waiter.

At first it wasn’t such a big deal. Niall found you quite attractive so why shouldn’t other people? As long as they knew where they stood, he didn’t have any issues. However, this changed dramatically after the waiter decided to take it a step further and ask for your number. You were flattered, but politely declined and explained that you were there with your boyfriend for your birthday. Looking over to Niall, you could tell he was a bit pissed off. He didn’t want to ruin your birthday but he also was annoyed that someone thought they could chat you up… literally in front of him.

Even after explaining to the waiter that you were with Niall, he still was overly flirty towards you. Just after finishing ordering your main course, you make a small joke to try to lighten the mood. The waiter places his arm around your shoulder and rests his arm around you while laughing at your joke. Niall’s breath hitches and he uses a serious tone to say, “I suggest you remove your arm, before something happens.” Your eyebrows raise at his comment, “Niall, it was a joke. We were just laughing.”

A bit frustrated that you’re taking the waiter’s side, and the smirk on the waiter’s face certainly wasn’t helping, he says, “Really? He’s more than welcome to laugh when he’s off the clock or out of a job for flirting with you.” Annoyed, you say, “Niall! What is wrong with you?” Looking to the waiter, you say, “I’m sorry, can you just bring the check? We will just take the food to-go.” Smiling at you he says, “Anything for you, I’ll be back with the check.” Trying not to cause a scene, Niall bites his tongue and looks away from you.

Driving home wasn’t any better. It was completely silent until you say, “Look, was all of that really necessary? He was just being friendly.” Sighing, he turns to you and says, “Yes. He was all over you, I couldn’t even get in a word when he was around. Not to mention when he felt comfortable enough to touch you right in front of me.” Surprised, you reply saying, “Really? So now I can’t touch any other guy?” “That’s not what I meant, don’t turn this into something else. He was looking to take you home and I wasn’t going to just sit there and let it happen.” Niall says, trying to justify his actions. You sigh and decide to stop talking being that you were tired of arguing on your birthday.

Shortly after arriving back at your shared flat, you changed into some more comfortable clothes and decided to leave to meet up with some friends. Both of you weren’t really talking to one another and you didn’t want to stay somewhere on your birthday that you would regret later. Slipping on your shoes, you look to grab your keys. He notices this and is a bit surprised to see you are leaving, “Where are you off to?” With a bit of a plain expression, you say, “Meeting up with someone, I may be back later.” “May be? I thought we were going to spend the evening together for your birthday? Watch a movie or something?” He says, now a bit concerned about why you are leaving.

“Yeah, I just thought I should spend time with people who aren’t going to be so concerned with who I talk with.” His expression drops and he replies saying, “Y/N, I thought we were done talking about this? You know I didn’t mean it like that. I’m sorry tonight didn’t go as planned, I just got a little protective when he was flirting and touching you. When you’re this fit how can I not be a little concerned?” You go to grab your keys, but he grabs your hand instead and you look to him to complain.

Before you say anything he says, “Don’t leave, please. Look, I’m sorry. Tonight is your birthday and I shouldn’t have acted that way. Just stay, we can cuddle and watch a movie as planned.” You sigh, knowing you can’t stay mad at him for that long. Trying to maintain your composure, you wait a few moments to make him worry just a bit. Looking up at him you say, “Okay, I’ll stay.” His face lightens up and a smile breaks out on his face. He pulls you into a hug and says, “Okay, what movie do you want to watch then?” Setting you down, he pulls you toward the couch and starts naming off a variety of movies.

Finally setting one one, you two start off watching it while sitting next to each other eating your to-go food from earlier. Shortly after you finish eating, the two of you lay on the couch together. Head rested on his chest, you are facing the movie. You’ve seen it several times, but it could still make you smile and laugh each time. Every once in awhile, you would make a comment and look for Niall to respond. He would usually chuckle at the remark or comment on how he didn’t understand why you would laugh at the same things every time. 

At one point, you began rambling on about a scene, his hand running through your hair. You asked him a question but received no response. Looking up you say, “Niall? Niall? Hello?” Blinking a few times, he smirks and says, “Sorry, I was too distracted by your beauty. What were you saying?” Blushing a bit at his comment, you look back to the movie and say, “Nevermind… it wasn’t that important. I forgot what I was going to ask as well.” Laughing at your comment he says, “You’re cute, you know that?” Trying not to give in to his remarks, you simply hide your face a bit and reply, “Just pay attention to the movie.” He laughs at how cute your reactions are and kisses the top of your head. “Happy Birthday, Y/N.”

Hope you guys are having a wonderful evening and night! I’ll post the next one after I finish it! <3 100 Notes and I’ll make a Pyro Fanfic Blog ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Are you an INTJ or someone who happened to fall in love with an INTJ? Here are a few of the ways in which a romantic relationship with an INTJ can be ruined. So if you’re wondering what went wrong or what to NOT do so that things won’t go wrong and beyond repair, this might shed some light on some key points. They may not apply to every INTJ in existence, but are nonetheless worth considering if you’re seeking closure in a failed partnership or intend to keep one going and growing stronger. Furthermore, this does not imply that all the responsibility of making things work should fall onto the INTJ’s partner - the INTJ should do their part as well! However, there’s only so much that can be done before hitting the limit and deciding to be better off apart.

• No matter how many times the INTJ told you that open and clear communication was essential to the relationship, you still chose to speak indirectly, in code and had them trying to read your mind and magically guess what’s going on. Yes, INTJs may have uncanny intuition, but this doesn’t mean that acting as “psychics” more often than it’s necessary isn’t terribly exhausting. Many important problems might go unaddressed and unresolved, continually plaguing the relationship and all it consists of.

• Caring too much about what other people think. As far as the INTJ is concerned, the romantic relationship is with you, not with others. Public opinion should be secondary, if not completely dismissed. If you like the INTJ and the INTJ likes you, that’s all that’s needed in this sense. They may not be concerned about “winning” over your friends and family as much as with treating you well, and they don’t usually expect you to do more than that with them. Basic decency and appropriateness as to avoid complications? Yes, maybe. But at the end of the day what happens with the relationship is up to you two.

• The INTJ was convinced that they were not suitable for you. Maybe you were overly picky. Maybe you were looking for something that they were not and would not be. The INTJ can compromise, especially if they really love a person, but if it gets to the point where they have to stop being themselves, the purpose of a loving relationship is defeated. To the INTJ, there’s little to no satisfaction in being “loved” for someone they’re not.

• You believe “romantic” stands for actively sabotaging and destroying each other in “passionate” ways and coming back running into each other’s arms regardless. Don’t get me wrong, INTJs can be intense and stick through thick and thin. But if they’re sane enough, they’d be needing more substance than that.

• You think making them feel inferior or jealous are legitimate ways to flirt. Um, no? Maybe there are exceptions, but I’ve yet to meet an INTJ who’d “fall in love” more with a person because of this. It’s often said that INTJs don’t “understand” social rituals. Sometimes they don’t. Sometimes these behaviors just happen to be ridiculous, absurd, and painfully unwise.

• They’re stagnated. If an INTJ likes you, they’d want to do things with you. They might be energized to discover and take on new challenges, to see and share the world with you. Wanting to remain in the same place, doing the same thing, is not only disappointing but also deeply saddening. This doesn’t mean that they cannot settle into any one thing, but they need to participate in activities you both can enjoy.

• Being wasteful. Whether they are guilty of this as well or not, they can hardly stand to watch things go to waste. Efforts, resources, opportunities… THEIR TIME. If you’re someone who constantly takes things for granted and talks, and talks, and keeps talking and going on and on but never really does much about matters, their patience will be running out until there’s no more left.

• The relationship isn’t making one or neither of you happy, no matter how much you try. Maybe there’s no chemistry. Maybe there’s little or nothing meaningful or exciting about it. Often, unless something else is on the line, the INTJ will be the first to say, “Go find someone else who can make you happier.” They don’t want to stay in relationships they see as going nowhere and may feel bad for keeping others in that sort of situation.

Sublime Madness of the Soul

A small contribution for Barricade Day 2015 stemming from an article I read yesterday when I read the phrase:  Reinhold Niebuhr, as Cone points out in his book, labeled this capacity to defy the forces of repression “a sublime madness in the soul.”

Summary: In the quiet of the night before Lamarque’s funeral, Enjolras and Combeferre talk by the window of the Corinthe.

The sky was bleeding already.

Enjolras stands by the open window in the back room of the Corinthe, hand resting on the ledge as he looks out. The sun sinks lower, casting shadows streaked with gold across the rooftops of Paris, red streaking the sky and dripping down at the edges, the mixture turning the sky a shade of burnt orange. There is a hush before him and a silence behind him until he hears footsteps cracking through it, determined but decidedly friendly. He feels Combeferre’s presence beside him before he even looks over, and when he does, the sight of his dear friend’s face stills his trembling heart.

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Opposite - College AU

Summery: It’s hard to get into college. Even harder to make a good impression.

Triggers: pretentious art

Word Count: 900+

A/N: Finally got this done. The interview part actually happened to me. Written for a writing challenge by @thinkwriteexpress(*Gif not mine) Tagging:

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Your entire life had lead up to this. College. Every piece of homework, every assignment, every sleepless night spent trying to complete them. And it was all redundant unless you got this right. The interview.

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Wolfstar raising Harry

- they love that kid

- of course they so

-but he is an, honest to god, pain in the ass to give a bath

- he squirm and he thrashes

-so much so that water gets everywhere

-I mean everywhere

-on the floor

-and the toliet

-and on one memorable occasion their neighbor Alfred

-let’s just say they couldn’t leave the window open while bathing the little menace anymore

-and the kid hates shampoo

-absolutely hates it

-especially if it’s berry scented

-it may have a bit to do with his aversion to blueberries

-so washing his hair is an absolute nightmare
-he’ll only let you wash his hair if you call the shampoo hair gel

-and promptly spend the next ten minutes sculpting his hair into ridiculous styles

-complete with bubble beards

-he’s OK with body wash

-but only the banana scented one

-and only if you let him scrub himself

-which never ends well

-how has the kid not realized he has to shut his eyes when scrubbing his face yet

-once he’s finally all clean though

-you better bet your ass he’ll hightail it out of the tub

-completely soaked and dripping

-and run through the entire house

-leaving tiny, wet footprints in his wake

-all the whole cackling and yelling about naked time

-they’ve taken to locking the bathroom door as they bathe him

-since Harry still doesn’t know how to work the lock

-thank God

-and yes

-Sirius has captured all of this on video

-he plans on showing clips at Harry’s birthday parties

-every one

-and at his graduation

-and his wedding

-he has plenty of material to work with


-bathing the kid is a nightmare

-they both wish it wasn’t necessary quite as often

-especially since one or both of them nearly always end up falling into the tub

-Remus always makes sure to make wet dog jokes when it’s Sirius

but like this scene is so important in demonstrating the real intimate interaction that goes on between sasuke and sakura. straight after sasuke subdues shin his attention is all on sakura. he immediately removes the knives from her arm and fucking obliterates them with amaterasu. shin can control the knives but is it really necessary to destroy a measly 2 of his thousands of blades? especially when sasuke has already subdued him and poses no immediate threat?  imo this is complete overkill. not only that, but sasuke has to confirm with sakura that she can heal her wounds herself when he knows how strong she is (i.e. chapter 685) and logically already knows that yes, she can. so why does he need to confirm this with sakura herself? why does he feel the need to destroy the knives that were in her arm rather than just throwing them off to the side?

sakura’s look answers all of this for us in the next panel. she has such a soft, content expression on her face and we can infer that this is because she feels sasuke’s concern for her and knows he loves her. sarada’s following expression also drives the point in her hesitation to go to help her mother. why does she pause and stare? the only thing that should stop her is if she feels a) her mother is already being taken care of or b) that she’s interrupting something important. the answer is c) both of these things which cause sarada to give pause, partly out of shock and sudden revelation - her mother and father love each other, something she had originally had doubts about.

sasuke’s focus is all on sakura as soon as he lays eyes on her. he’s fucking pissed that someone even tried to hurt her and actually allows a little of his anger out on the knives he pulls from her arm. he’s so anxious about her, he actually feels the need to doublecheck with her to ease his concerns about her wounds, which are pretty minor considering all that they’ve already been through in the war. 

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any more brian and ellen au fluff please!

anonymous asked: Thank you for continuing the Brian and Ellen Au! Could we have an other piece with kids??

Brian and Ellen AU 

Jamie turned his head to kiss the spot on the underside of Claire’s jaw that never failed to make her shiver.

She settled closer to him, shifting her legs to be more comfortable in his lap, watching their wee lassies peacefully dream in the sunshine nearby. They had quickly tired themselves out, darting after dragonflies and chasing each other in the tall grass just outside Jamie’s cave. It was pleasantly warm for Beltane – perfect for an impromptu birthday celebration, complete with bannocks and honey from Mrs. Crook’s basket.

Claire turned her face to nuzzle her nose with Jamie’s, smiling at the stickiness of his cheeks – the legacy of honey-smeared kisses from their messy daughters. So thrilled to see their beloved Da after a four-week separation, he had allowed them to tackle him to the floor of the cave, giggling the whole time.

“I’m sae happy right now, Claire,” he breathed into her ear, twining their fingers together atop her thigh. “I – I *crave* all three of ye. So much.”

They both hated how necessary it was for him to live apart. Redcoat patrols were still common, though not as much as in the immediate aftermath of Culloden three years before. That the Lallybroch had so far been relatively untouched by the violence and starvation sweeping through the Highlands was due in no small part to Brian and Ellen’s fortitude, and Claire and Jenny’s frugality, and Ian’s painstakingly built alliances with the remnants of neighboring clans. Together they would do – and were doing – everything they could to ensure their beloved estate would not only survive, but thrive in the years to come.

Jamie so wished to play a more active role in the running of the estate, taking his rightful place at Brian’s side. There still was a price on his head – though Brian had been quietly advancing his son’s cause with any sympathetic English ear he could find. After all, Jamie was still an outlaw – one of many Jacobite officers who had never been found following Culloden – and his case was not unique.

But still, they waited for a resolution. And so, Jamie lived in the cave during warmer months and in the cellar at the main house during the winter. Which meant that it had been more than a month since he and Claire had last enjoyed long, lazy hours of lovemaking, safe beneath the quilt in the Laird’s bedroom.

“We’re here today – right now, my love,” she whispered against his lips. “We think of you always. Surely you know that.”

“I do.” He sighed, kissing her forehead – then adjusted the flower crown that Faith had woven (with his help) to sit deeper in Claire’s curls. “So much fuss for my birthday. Mam and Da never marked the day with anything particular.”

“Well - *we* will. We must give as much joy to the girls as we can find – God knows there are enough terrible things in this world to take that joy from them.”

Jamie sighed and dropped a kiss on Claire’s shoulder. “I canna argue wi’ ye. And I’m verra grateful. Ye have taken so much of the burden wi’ raising them – ”

“Shh. You know I’m happy to. It’s no burden – well, when they’re *behaving,* anyway.”

“Mmm. Well then.” He brought his forehead to hers, and for a long time they just breathed each other in. Peace, sanctuary, amid so much anguish.

“Now I must think of how I’ll give ye a proper birthday this year,” he finally murmured, thumb tracing the outlines of her iron ring. “Fortunately I’ve got more than five months to plan.”

She pulled back – suddenly sporting a dazzling smile. He raised one eyebrow, questioning.

“It may be a bit difficult,” she teased, bringing their joined hands to rest on her belly.

He stared at her – blinked – and whooped, startling a confused Faith and Brianna into wakefulness. But then he gathered them – and Claire – into his arms, holding them so tightly that they stopped squirming.

Tears streamed from his eyes – so blue – as they locked on Claire’s.

“I am the happiest man alive,” he whispered.