yes this is accurate stuff

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gosh your art is super rad dude like I spent 5 minutes in awe :^) do you think you can give some tips on drawings hands??

aaaaaah thank you anon omg ;;;

(this came out a bit longer than i expected so everything is under the cut)

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so there’s been a lot of story with the little skott child. but this was inspired by when venus first has to take care of him. In which he was alone and scared. But venus warmed up to shawn and practically was like “yo. kid. I’m ur mum. ye.” 

not exactly accurate, but kinda. Though venus goes through a lot of mental stuff while taking care of shawn but still manages to grow and become extremely attached to shawn. Then goes FULL MOTHER MODE! XD

so yeah, @illogicalvoid did the shading cause I’m still learning how to shade and i couldn’t figure it out so void did it for me~ I did the rest. be yeeeeeeeeeeee

what if..

what if the seventeen members each had their own secret tumblr account and they see all these memes we make for them and our posts and these vines and all these astrological things and they just all exchange looks at each other at one point when they’re hovering in front of one computer and say, “bro..”


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