yes this is a yugioh series

Pokemon AU where Yusaku is a Pokemon Ranger with his Skarmory partner and Ignis/Ai is a shiny talking Zorua that he’s been assigned to to protect it.

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h-hello! If I remember correctly, you like yugioh, right? Not sure how familiar you are with the first series but how about a crossover where Kamukura is Hinata's ancient egyptian spirit, so every time Hinata is in a duel he and Kamu switch places and Kamu destroys the oponent---


I have so many things to say but really thank you ARC-V for the two years of wild ride in my life. The first YGO I have been invested and the reason why I started watching the whole series. Yes there may been flaws, salts and things that I didn’t liked but at the end of the day, I love this series so much, it really has a special place in my heart.

And lastly, thank you ARC-V for uniting the fandom. I meet new friends because you successfully did it. We took the courage and stepped forward for thus we are what we are today. The fun may have ended but thank you ARC-V!

Can we talk about Season0 for a second? I know most of you know this already, but I need a good rant about this fandom every once in a while. 

So, Season0. The part 4Kids wants us all to forget ever happened. 

Through most of Season 0, Yugi has no idea what’s going on. All he knows for a lot of it, is that when he gets really freaked out, he blacks out and loses his memory. 

Imagine for a second that you get really angry at someone,or really scared, and then the next minute, you’re somewhere you have no recollection of going to, and time has passed that you can’t account for. 

What 4Kids really didn’t want to come right out and say,(Yes, I know they never dubbed Season0, stay with me here) is that Yugi and Ryou (and technically Marik, but that’s another story) are actually literally being possessed mostly against their will, by “haunted” ancient items. Yugi is realizing what’s happening, in this scene. He’s put the pieces together, like his Puzzle solving brain is so very capable of. 

But another thing that 4Kids really glossed over, is that Yugi is scared. He wasn’t always completely accepting of being possessed, and he’s realizing that he can’t control it. He has no hope of successfully holding him back, and it scares him. That happened again in Season1. 

I know this scene happened in the English as well, but I feel they really try to turn the relationship into pure fluff. They also don’t really draw that line between the two of them that’s so necessary to understand the show. A lot of people I talk to about this show don’t even realize that there are TWO of them. It’s just “Yugi” and “Somehow really confident now Yugi”. Which, I don’t mind, but I think it’s really deeper than what most people see. Most people see a card game, and they really don’t look deeper at the characters. 

I think Season0 really shows that there’s more to this show and these characters than card games. 

And another thing. 

4Kids really beat around the possession bush by calling this a “transformation” scene. 

It’s not. 

Sure, it’s flashy and whatnot, but in my opinion, (feel free to disagree) there’s no actual transforming taking place here. It’s still Yugi’s body. It always was, and it always is. Nothing about that changes, but 4Kids really didn’t want to let it look like anyone was being demonically possessed, they like to pretend like some magical transformation actually happens. Oh, there’s also no screaming. I don’t know where they even got that, but there isn’t. In the original Japanese, that scene in the first episode, has no epic vocal changing scream. 

Yes, I understand that they wanted to make it obvious to kids which one was which. But they’re really missing the point, here. 

Sorry for ranting, guys. I just really love this series and I feel that it doesn’t get the love it deserves. Feel free to ignore this. 

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☕️Yuya is the best and most pure cinnamon role Yugioh protagonist EVER.

☕️: That’s a resounding yes as far as I’m concerned. I don’t want to risk getting people upset by saying that he’s the best, even though I do agree with that notion. Everyone has their favorite protagonist and that’s perfectly fine of course. Yuya is still by far my favorite one though. He’s also definitely a pure cinnamon role. He’s so sweet and his desire to make everyone smile is so sincere. It was always an idealistic goal, but that never bothered me when it fits with his goal, the series and the franchise itself. The subtitle for every Yu-Gi-Oh! series might as well be Friendship is Magic. He genuinely cares about making people happy and that always appealed to me. It showed how gentle and sweet he was right from the start of the series and it worked as a nice contrast to the dimensional war conflict. Even though he spent years dealing with bullies after losing his father and dealing with sadness over Yusho’s disappearance in general, he still wanted to make people smile. That makes him pretty endearing to me.

One of the many reasons I like Yuya so much is that the show emphasizes his flaws too. As sweet as Yuya can be, he can be selfish. They did address the self satisfaction aspect of his dueling. I’d still say that was more of a subconscious desire when he still wanted the crowd to be happy whenever he dueled, but the self-satisfaction element was still there. He can act rashly, especially out of anger, he struggles with low self-confidence/self-esteem throughout the series and he hesitates because he constantly doubts himself. All of that helps to make him more realistic and relatable than if he was shown to be absolutely flawless. And it wasn’t easy for him to overcome these flaws. Some people might not have liked that, but that made him more relatable to me. Based on my experience, it is not easy to overcome emotional problems like low self-esteem and emotional damage from bullying or emotional trauma in general may not go away no matter how much you try. Yuya struggles, but he keeps trying in spite of everything that happens to him in the series. That is admirable in a way too.

I especially love that being emotional wasn’t treated as a flaw per say. Yuya always wears his heart on his sleeve, which is another reason I like him so much, but that wasn’t the problem. The problem was how he dealt with his emotions by trying to hide/downplay them. It was unhealthy and only made his problems like his low self-confidence worse. That was such a good message. It makes Yuya refreshing as a lead character on top of being so likable and relatable to me.

I could go on about how much I love Yuya forever practically. Yuya and his story aren’t perfect, but his development and the writing for him overall in the series is pretty solid. He is easily my favorite character in the franchise and just thinking about him makes me happy.

Thank you for asking. ^_^

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do u think atem and yy are the same people or nah

This is tricky because it begs the question: what is identity? How do we pin down the core facets of something so utterly abstract and variable?

Ultimately, I look at things this way.

Yami Yugi and Atem share the same physical being. There’s no question in my mind that the physical representation of Yami Yugi is the same physical representation of Atem in a different time period.

And while I believe that the story of Yugioh follows one consciousness, Yami Yugi / Atem, the state of that consciousness differs by more than just name depending on the point of the series one references.

It would be like asking myself if who I am presently is the same as thirteen year old me. Physically, yes, we’re the same being. I have never been, nor will I ever be a different consciousness. I have had the same soul as long as I’ve been alive. But, in terms of life experience, personality, perception, those two places in time couldn’t be more different.

Yami Yugi and Atem represent two very different points in the same life. They lend different experiences, perspectives, goals, motivations, and memories. I personally don’t see the two names as interchangeable even though they belong to the same entity, because who this person is, what he believes in, what he stands for, who he loves and how he loves them, are very different as Yami Yugi than as Atem.

In life we have to leave room to grow out of and into ourselves, sometimes all at once. The story of Yami Yugi and Atem is one tale. Yami Yugi and Atem are on the same journey, but they choose different paths, meet and become different people.

A lot of what Yami Yugi learns shapes who Atem turns into, and vice versa. Once he has his memories, Yami Yugi is changed irreversibly.

It’s up to each person to decide how they intend to write Yami Yugi/Atem. I don’t think there’s a wrong answer as to whether or not they’re the same person, but in the universe I’ve adapted and nurtured, it’s something like the above.

The same way Duelist Kingdom’s Yami Yugi would have completely different feelings about, say, Mana, than post-war of Kul Elna Atem, baby Atem would have different feelings about Yugi Mutou than Duelist Kingdom’s Yami Yugi.

How did you look at the world before you knew to be afraid of it? At certain people before you learned who they really were?

Were you the same person before and after? Physically, yes. You occupied the same consciousness. Emotionally, no. How could you be?

A soul is a soul, but that is not the sum of its pieces, that is not the whole of its depth.

Thank you for the ask!

  • Alchemist Cookie: In order to decide who will be facing whom in the semifinals, I've arranged a one-of-a-kind four-way Trophy Race.
  • Dr. Wasabi Cookie: A four-way? I've never even been in a three-way before! How am I supposed to know what to do?
  • Hero Cookie: Don't worry, Dr. Wasabi. Four-ways are simple. Just pretend you're in a two-way and focus on me. Your instincts will do the rest.
  • Alchemist Cookie: Okay, does EVERYTHING have to be a sex joke with you guys?
  • Hero Cookie: Yes.
  • Dr. Wasabi Cookie: Yeah, Alchemist is just mad because she's only ever been in a one-way.
  • Hero Cookie: Ha-ha, virgins!

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Do you have any favorite cartoons from your childhood?

Yes! I have so many x3 Powerpuff Girls, Pokemon Indigo League and Orange Islands, Dexter’s Laboratory, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Fairly OddParents, Scooby Doo, the Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, ChalkZone, Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Yugioh, Teen Titans, Danny Phantom, Batman the Animated Series, and Pinky and the Brain. :3

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yes but have we considered an AU where Johan was around for the entire series? perhaps even, just saying, Society of Light Johan??

I would love it if they were friends……… Johan would be a good challenge for Jun so I imagine they’d probably practice together a lot. Jun would potentially feel less homestick if there was someone like Judai around to keep him focused on something else.


  • *Sasuke and Naruto during the war*
  • Sasuke: Naruto, there's something you need to know. Naruto, I-I hate you. I hate you with all my heart. I hate you more than I've ever hated anybody. I hate you so much that I can barely take it.
  • Naruto: Oh, Sasuke, I had no idea you felt that way about me. I-if it makes you feel any better. I hate you, too. I think I hated you from the moment I first met you.
  • Sasuke: In that case, Naruto, if we win this war, let us make sweet hatred together. Just you and me. Hating each other. All. Night. Long.
  • Naruto: YES!
  • Naruto: ... wait a second, are you coming onto me?

Sorry if I stuck to the original plot. Tbh I made a (very loosely based) parody of more than half of the whole original episode as practice/warm-up for drawing and because I love TAS and BB so much. ❤

The doodles can be seen under the cut ↓

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It’s probably well worth noting, that the version of ‘I love you’ that Yubel uses here, is ‘aishiteru’.

Which, from what my google-fu tells me, is a VERY intimate way to say ‘I love you’ to someone(’daisuki’ seems to be the version used most often-anyone better informed can feel free to jump in here). It’s not used lightly.

So this is, basically, the only, flat out, undeniable, confession of love we have in any of the (anime) series. No hinting or teasing or beating around the bush, it is RIGHT THERE.

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Heads-up about Yugioh VRains: Every fansubber has dropped it because Crunchyroll is simulcasting it. Yes, for the first time ever, a Yugioh series is getting the simulcast treatment! (though if you live in an area that can't access it, HorribleSubs offers downloads ;3 )

oh !! dang i gotta see if i can access it since i never really tried using crunchyroll, or download it if that doesn’t work 

thank you so much for telling me !!! <3

I got through episode 34~ There is plot! With keys and seals and all that good stuff.

Still enjoying the series, though all the plot seems like a sidequest after Kaibaman made an appearance. We love you, Kaibaman.

Originally posted by se-to-oh

But yes, moving on with the plot. I’m glad the series picked up. I had mostly gone into it looking forward to the cut Season 4 & the Yubel/Johan stuff I’ve heard is so good, but the current arc isn’t bad. :3 

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🔶- Favorite color(s)?, 🎥- Favorite movie?, 🎞- Favorite cartoon/anime?, 🍔- Favorite food?,🍦- Favorite ice cream flavor?, 🎮- Favorite video game(s)?, 🐝- Favorite season? (yes hello hi I am alive :D)

Questions for the Mun!

🔶- Favorite color(s)?

Black, blue, purple, green!

🎥- Favorite movie?

Pirates of the Caribbean! (the whole series, really)

🎞- Favorite cartoon/anime?

Oh boy… Too many. Like, 75% of the time when I have cable I watch Cartoon Network/Toonami/Adult Swim. XD

🍔- Favorite food?

Steeeeeeak! aaahhh..

🍦- Favorite ice cream flavor?

Strawberry cheesecake. :3

🎮- Favorite video game(s)?

Super Metroid/Metroid Prime, LOZ: Majora’s Mask/Skyward Sword, ALL the Pokemons (Main series; though Gen 4 was kinda meh), Yugioh: Falsebound Kingdom, Final Fantasy: Theatrhytm (Curtain Call), FF3, 4, 7, 8, Kingdom Hearts 2, Undertale, the whole FNAF series, *deeeeep breath* UHH Megaman X, Battletoads, Yoshi’s Story, Kirby and the Crystal Shards, Castlevania: Circle of the Moon/Legacy of Darkness, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, SCP: Containment Breach, Five Nights on Treasure Island (though it’s probably called something different now, it’s changed named like five fucking times lol), geez… this list is getting so long. XD AND THESE ARE JUST MY FAVES, I PLAY SO MANY MORE THAT I ENJOY

🐝- Favorite season?

Summer! Early summer anyway, when it’s just warm enough to not wear a jacket outside, and it’s pleasantly warm. :3

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Would you rather travel to the future and see what's going to happen in your life or travel to the past and change something that happened in your life? As for the yugioh question, which is your favorite series and why?

Hmmm, I think I’d like to travel back, and let highschool me know that no, she is not ‘weird’ for not being attracted to anyone, she’s just ace.

Oh man, my favourite series huh? I think I gotta go with GX. It was the first spin-off I watched and I just fell in love with the characters, yes even the dub versions (which I find highly amusing b/c I grew up on the dub and loved it yet it seems like so many people go the opposite, they see the dub and go ‘ew’ and never give it a shot).


Jaeris: I’m scared!

Linkara: Great, look what you did. You scared Jaeris! Are you happy?


Linkara:…You don’t look very happy.


DSOD Isn't For Kids

(※ Removed critical spoilers ※)

I'm drawing & writing my review of 《Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions》. It will take so long bcs I'm doing it in English, which isn’t my native language… haha I’m dying already T_T Hopefully this reckless attempt will help improve my English skills anyhow… TwT


Yes, I'm so sure that this movie is targeting at least people in their late teenage ~ 20s who grew up watching the first Yugioh series and the Japanese original manga in their childhood or teenage, for the following reasons:


1. The DSOD adopts some concepts from quantum physics. In my opinion, these ideas are so crucial to understanding the main plot and the ending of this movie…. I don’t expect ordinary kids under age 13 to be familiar with those concepts and manage to follow along the story.

2. Some gruesome scenes, and THAT one with implicit obscenity. There isn’t any blood or nudity, but they do contain certain amount of violence. The English dub team should consider raising the rating to PG-13. 


In my country the DSOD was rated G, which was obviously a terrible mistake. If I were a parent with a child who asked me “What are those guys doing to Aigami?” I would’ve found it hard to answer.

3. A heap of metaphors. Actually, it doesn’t seriously harm your movie experience not trying to figure out all the meaning of those auditive or visual plot devices, and that might be the way most pre-teenagers would do. As you start to analyze the figures of speech in detail, however, I assure that you will get lost and stuck in the marvelous DSOD world :)

4. Some references & fan services for old fans of the first series. They appropriately ease the angst of the movie and make you giggle like a fool for a moment X-D


In other words, this movie is PERFECT for post-teenage Yugioh maniacs to enjoy! :D I hereby confess, a few things about the previous two Yugioh movies were kinda ‘cheesy’. This time, believe me, everything’s completely different.


BTW, I watched the DSOD 3 times here in South Korea and I’ve seen only TWO kids so far. All the rest of the audiences looked like they were at least over 17, mostly over twenty. In fact, it was soooooooooo SWEET!! Nobody talked loudly in the cinema. It wasn’t like back in 2005 and 2010 when 《Pyramid of Light》, 《Bonds Beyond Time》 was on the screen and when kids would spoil my F-ing precious time with my fictional boyfriends!! I’d been like GET THE FREAK OUT YOU NOISY IGNORANT BRATS I’M FOCUSING ON YAMI YUGI’S SEXY RIPPED ARMS AND YUSEI’S BOOTYLICIOUS NECK MUSCLES



*Books another DSOD ticket*

*Silently understands why they call it 'DSOD Syndrome’ *

Since when has the most important bond in shonen manga EVER been romantic in nature?

I see so many SNS fans claiming that, because Naruto and Sasuke’s relationship was the focal point of the series, because it was the most important one (which it was, nobody denies that), that they are somehow in love.

I just… don’t get that. I mean, I’m not the biggest shonen manga buff but, any series I’ve ever watched/read - while it may INCLUDE a romantic subplot or few - has spent most time developing the platonic relationships between male characters (usually those who are on the same side/going to be at some point).

Dragonball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho, Bleach, One Piece, YuGiOh, etc. None of these series try to push boy love on their audience despite constantly creating scenarios that introduce and strengthen bonds between male characters.

Why is SasuNaruSasu so different?? Especially when nothing in canon points to more than a VERY strong yet still platonic relationship between the characters involved?

Rather, romantic subplots are created for female characters and developed to the point that those feelings grow stronger (in other words, from crush to love) and are voiced both by them and OTHER characters to be true, honest, and forever. Yes, the male characters’ feelings are left ambiguous by comparison but that doesn’t mean they weren’t there and weren’t shown through actions during specific times…

If you’re telling me that you didn’t see the canon ships coming after all of THAT then there’s no hope for you.