yes this is a wincest moment

That ep was so cute though??? Mildred is my future, Dean is just too damn pretty…

Brothers, you guys. So many brother moments, I literally have a sore face from grinning like a loon at them. My babiesssssss.

Dean making a dick joke ah yes I love you Dean, god knows why. “I am a candle in the wind.”

Brothers actually talking about their feelings, the world is for sure ending. Sam talking about Lucy to Dean, Dean being supportive. Fuck yes.

Can I just give Misha all the awards? Because Misha playing Cas possessed by Lucifer pretending to be Cas is the best thing ever to happen to his character ever. Lucy!Cas is the best. THE BEST. He played Dean, he played him hard, and Dean barely even noticed. Dean spilled his guts about Amara! Well done, Lucy, you devil you. A+


Sam being the biggest Dean fan and proud of it yesss. Big brother Dean and little brother Sam are what I Am Here For.

The Banshee attacked Dean… Dean is vulnerable. Dean has always been vulnerable but to have them actually acknowledge it, thank you. Dean. Talk to your brother you idjit.

Mildred telling Dean he is pining. I love it cause canon it means Amara but all the fandom shippers will claim it for their ships. :D

Brothers being in sync and walking away with their cute butts and drinking beers.

TALKING ABOUT PURGATORY fucking finally. Dean telling Sam he forgives him for not looking for him, Sam saying sorry. YES. TALK ABOUT MORE THINGS.

“All that matters – all that’s ever mattered – is that we’re together.” - Dean Winchester, Season 11, Episode 11, referring to him and Sam. BROTHERS.

BROTHERS being brothers and saying good night to each other and my poor baby Dean is a tortured soul and Sam getting forgiveness/closure and Lucy!Cas killing it and Jody next ep. You guys. This was awesome.

yes, I was his before I was mine.
so what?
the flowers grow towards the sun before they know their name,
and the rain falls over sea without a care,
seeing its reflection in the endless embrace.
so yes, I surrendered to him
before I knew how I was to be called. so what?
from his lips I was love and I was sweet nothings
and ‘everything’s gonna be alright, trust me’.
and I trusted him.
how could I not?
he was everything from the first moment. he was brother.
—  ines k, why would I want anything else?