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I’m sorry i’m late!! But if you’re ok with an extra prompt for November, I remember an ask thing awhile back where one of the questions was about fenhawke and gift giving, and you mentioned that the gifts Fenris gives are often strange & at times even Hawke needs them explained to him, and it’d be so interesting to see how this would go??

“It’s a…harness,” Hawke said.

“Yes,” Fenris answered. “Did I get the size wrong?”


Fenris looked utterly impartial, except for the brightness in his eyes. He was excited about the gift, but worried about showing how excited. Hawke chewed his lip for a moment, and lifted the harness against his chest.

“Well, I…I don’t really have a lot of experience with this kind of thing, but I’ll give it a try.”

Fenris’s brow furrowed. He frowned. “What?”

“I’m not opposed…or anything. I guess. I mean, I just haven’t thought about it before. How – how would we…?” He tried to put it on.

Fenris looked more confused, and a little upset.

“It’s not for you,” he said. “It’s for a plough horse.”

Hawke dropped his arms as much as he could. He was hopelessly tangled in the harness. “Um…right.”

They stared at each other. The moment stretched, a little too long. Twisted awkwardly in the harness, Hawke’s back began to hurt.

“I don’t own a plough house,” Hawke said at last.

“You said you wanted to get a farm one day. After things had settled.”

“So this is…for then?”

“You…thought it was for you to wear?”

Hawke tried to get out of the tangle he had made. He couldn’t. He wasn’t a man who embarrassed easy, but his face felt aflame. For once he was the one having trouble meeting the other’s eyes. “Look,” he said, “I think it’s better we never talk about this again.”

Fenris’s chuckle was not entirely welcome, even if it was the kind of laugh that burst forth without control or conscious decision. The elf approached, his bare feet silent, and his hands were sure as he began the task of untangling Hawke.

“You were really going to try it. For my sake.”

“Well,” Hawke said. “You wore that outfit for me…”

Fenris cleared his throat. His hands stilled only for a moment. He said, “That was hardly an ‘outfit’ and I think it should be added to the list of things we don’t discuss.”


Kaffas how did you get your arm at that angle?”

“Right, this falls under talking about it.”

Fenris laughed again, low and warm. Hawke peered at him as he worked.

“Fenris,” he asked.


Hawke came free suddenly and straightened, rolling his shoulders, watching the way Fenris examined the gift to make sure it had not come to harm. He could see now what a fine thing it was, well crafted and expensive – better than anything his family had owned in Lothering.

“Why did you buy me a harness for a plough horse I don’t own?”

“Oh,” he said. “It’s for that farm you’re always talking about retiring to one day. We would require a plough horse, wouldn’t we?” 

Hawke stared at him, so blunt and earnest. “You would live on a farm with me?” he asked - in wonder not only that he would be willing to try, but that he had been thinking of their future at all.

“I know little of farming, but I assume you would not be opposed to teaching me the necessary skills,” Fenris said, unaware of the riot going on in Hawke’s heart. His attention on the harness, he missed the expression that crossed the other man’s face. “I can take it back if you like,” he offered. “Aveline suggested I buy you a nice tie, instead. There was a…” he trailed off, looking up as Hawke reached for him, and he stepped without question into the mage’s embrace.

“Don’t take it back,” Hawke told him.

Fenris smiled. “For your next birthday,” he said, “I will buy you a set of shears.”


“For the sheep. You’re always talking about – Hawke?” he looked startled, though not troubled, when Hawke lifted him bodily and began to carry him toward the door. “Where are you taking me?”

“The bedroom.”

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Ok is it just me or do you hate how Yuuri and Vicktor are both like; "Im never leaving you." Vs the small things like when Yuuri says "This will probably be my last competitive skating season" and your sitting on the other side of the screen like WTFNOYOUGUYSAREMEANTTOBEWITHEACHOTHER NCKSK OMG I HATE HOW THEY DO THIS TO US!!!

Yes the fact that Yuuri still doubts himself and the fact that Viktor will stay with him but you can literally tell that Viktor honestly cares about him and he wants to stay.(´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`)

me: *takes a deep breath*
me: i lo-
my followers in the past 3 days: yes, you love tamatoa, we know, you love tamatoa so much, he’s the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love tamatoa, we KNOW , you love tamatoa you fucking love tamatoa ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE TAMATOA. WE GET IT.

I finished KOTET, about time! I know, it took so long for me, or at least more than for other people. First of all, thanks to all because I didn’t get any spoiler and this is thanks to follow nice people that tag things as it has to be :)

Second, I have a lot of feelings with all the Zakuul plot, I feel so sorry for Vaylin. And I enjoyed the chapters so much, I liked it more than KOTFE. And I’m devastated for the decision you have to do in chapter eight (it was in chapter eight right?) choosing Torian or Vette. It was UNFAIR. It was heartbreaking. And you know whom I saved.

And… t’s ok to ship an OC with Arcann? Because I’m shipping Ali (YES MY ALIENA) with him so hard. Send help.

I know she had something with Scourge but I can’t see a future for them after the five years and everything what happened later. And our lovely tomato is missing so… And even if he would return someday, I can’t see a future with him, Arcann is a better option for Ali right now.

Idk how to describe silks personality so have this text of him instead XD WARNING! Foul language used

“Ok silk you need to make your body lower now” *amaryllis would open on of his eyes to find silk had dropped the katana and was sleeping standing up*“SILK YOU LAZZY ASS WAKE UP!!!”*silk grabbed the katana and swung it around*“TOTALLY UM DOIN WHAT YOU SAID TO DO!”*amaryllis jumped up*“THATS NOT WHAT I SAD SILK!”*silk stopped*“oh, oops”<amaryllis took the katana from him*“most of the time I’m chill with this BUT THIS IS THE 50TH TIME SILK!”*silk scratched his head*“told you i’m pretty hard to teach”*his non existent stomach grumbled*“so whens lunch?”*amaryllis got his lunch box*“right now”*he sits down and opens it. He starts eating his sandwich as he watches silks movements*“great!”*silk beamed he got out 9 packs of instant noodles*“….what the fuck are you doing?”*amaryllis put down his sandwich as silk got out a large bowl and put the 9 packs of instant noodles in and added hot water to the bowl letting it sit for some minutes * “making lunch?”*silk took out his chopsticks and stirred the bowl*“you’re not being serious, YOU CANT EAT THAT! ITS UNHEALTHY!”<silk picked up some noodles and slurped them* “watch me”*he’d start to rapidly eat the noodles now and amaryllis would be shocked*“oh hey amaryllis, how’s training going with silk?”*astral walked in and silk stopped *“hey astral pal!”*silk said in a cheerful tone and then went back to eating the noodles rapidly*“heh silk”*astral smiled at silk like this was casual*“is this a normal thing?”*amaryllis asked astral in a confused tone*“oh yeah silk has like 27 instant noodles each day, he’s erm addicted to them i guess? But meh”*astral shrugged *“w-wha-nooooooo SILK THIS IS WHY YOURE LAZY! YOU DONT EVEN MAKE YOURSELF PROPER FOOD!”*silk finished and stood up*“its the only thing i can cook successfully”*silk gave amaryllis a death glare intimidating him*“o-ok fine I’m sorry i take it back! Just stop giving me that look!”*silk smiled and laughed a bit*“heheh okay just don’t judge me ever again or ill take that katana and stab you with it”*amaryllis would tense up and back away* *“u-understood” *astral patted silk*“come on give amaryllis a break, he’s trying to train you to be an awesome guard”*silk let out a yawn*“okay i will but first i need to give myself a break, brb after my nap”*silk hugged astral and fell asleep on him*“okay then we’re doing this again now”*astral dragged silks sleeping body up the stairs to his room*“he’s so lazy to even teleport to astrals room to take a nap….why the fuck is he wanting to be a guard?!”*amaryllis picked up his sandwich and continued eating* what have i gotten myself into…he cant be that bad tho…I’ve seen him in combat training. He’s really fast with dodging attacks and gives some hard blows…recklessly but thats what I’m training him for…“

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(whoa i need attention too) For the blograte thing: I listen to a lot of music, but recently I've been listening to Lead Me Out of the Dark by Crown the Empire a lot~

yes yes yes good shit right there

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if it's not for homophobic reasons then explain to me why else you would dislike drarry

the truth is i met tom felton once and i told him i like his shoes cause they were cute shoes and he was just like, “ok??????” and said nothing else and now i hate drarry 

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i wanna make a greek god but idk where to?? start doing research??? can u give me a few pointers, please? thank u!


ok so first is always just. pick a god. pick any god. here’s a list. and it’s alphabetical. bam. you’ve begun. easy. 

second, read their wikipedia page. does wiki kinda suck? yeah! but it’s GREAT for beginning information and things to know that are essentially the foundation of the god you pick. 

#1 rule of greek mythology: no one has to be cis. no one. they’re gods. they’re more concepts than they are people. no. one. has. to. be. cis. god that’s defined as a man? NAH MAN THIS IS YOUR PORTRAYAL MAKE THEM TRANS OR GENDERFLUID OR NEUTRAL WITH FEMME LEANINGS IF YOU WANT IT’S YOUR PORTRAYAL!!! this is basically me saying just…don’t make a “cisbent” version of a god/goddess when they can be trans and just decide what they look like. they’re gods. they don’t have to follow human logic. 

when i first started dio a year ago, i knew so little about him. i hadn’t read shit, i’d only read the pe/rcy jack/son series and those are NOT how i write dio at all. unless you want to be a pjo only blog i’d say don’t make your portrayal based on those, because the books make zeus seem like The Overlord Of Everyone and really he’s just another god who gets in trouble and is constantly getting shit from other gods about how much he sucks. LONG STORY SHORT you don’t have to come into a blog knowing everything about the god of your choice. i wrote dio solely as a fuckboy who only made out with people and sold drugs. now i have an arc and he’s part of people’s lives and most of the making out on this blog is pertaining to an overall story, an overall relationship rather than “yeah this person’s here so i’ll kiss them”. it’ll develop over time!! it’ll get easier!! find a voice that feels right to you and just let it flow. 

that leads me to stick with it. starting out is the hardest part. find people who you know will write with you to get your blog started and then expand. don’t be afraid to reach out. go wild my dude


literally googling titles of [insert god name here] is really helpful. this website??? fucking dope i love it use this baby to your advantage 

i also chose a few select things about dio to really focus on. he’s most commonly known as the wine god, but he’s so much more than the greek drunk baby. i’ve made his connection with his sacred animals a HUGE part of his life. i made him be madness, instead of just the god of madness. the best part about tumblr and rping a greek god is you can 100000% pick and choose what you want to use and want to write with. find something you really really like about a god and hone in on it. make it 30% of their life. i don’t talk about wine and dio all the time, but he still is the source of all wine, and owns every company that makes wine and sells it, and same with drugs. he’s their source. now, myths don’t say this. but i do. so it’s my canon. 

also don’t be afraid to blow a kiss to the myths and whisper a seductive little ‘fuck you’ to them because you can do ANYTHING with them. writing a greek god that’s just based on myths is fucking DOPE because it’s like writing a a character that’s got background information and only 2 minutes of screen time. and greek myths leave it so open to do anything. 

HAVE FUN WITH IT. i spent….so much time being stressed about dio and how i wanted to write him and compared him to other people that wrote dio and different works with him in it and then i just. unfollowed the blogs that wrote dio and said ‘this is my thing’. greek mythology isn’t serious. it really isn’t. there’s serious stuff mixed in but it is the BIGGEST shit show EVER and it’s HILARIOUS. you don’t ever need to make a blog really serious if you don’t want to

this is more venturing into hardcore territory but i’ve bought books about dio. i went out and bought four books last night that are only about tigers. i have two different versions of the play bac/chae, i have a book that legit just goes into a ton of detail about him in general, and i’ve rented a lot of books from my library that were about / pertained to him. if you really want something to build on, just start with one basic idea and beat the shit out of it with information until you like how it turns out. 

(ps if you wanna send me a specific god you have in mind or wanna hmu off anon i can totally just. look into that god too and we can research tOGETHER!! and PLOT and talk about a relationship between dio and your god friend)

and another boxer!lexa~


happy 16th birthday shawn peter raul mendes! (august 8th 1998)


 おかえり Okaeri

ただいま Tadaima

So today in my Japanese class I asked my sensei what is the meaning to someone leaving a country then coming back and specifically telling someone “Okaeri” and “Tadaima” when they’re not your family member and you’re not literary returning to your physical home. And she told me that it can be seen romantic like telling a lover “welcome back to me”, “I've come back/returned to you”.

So literary Sousuke is telling Rin, “welcome back to me”.. and Rin is telling Sousuke “I’m back to you..and I just.. this is so important.

You have no idea how hard I had to control my screams in class.     

Edit: because some people don’t seem to understand this: Please note I am talking about the CONTEXT NOT DEFINITION. This is viewing this with Sousuke and Rin in a romantic relationship. I am not saying Okaeri and Tadima are romantic words at all, this is not the point I’m trying to make here. It’s about context and how romantic these scene looked to me.


he may not be my real brother but he’s always been there. every memory i have, there’s jasper.