yes this is a new version of an old drawing

My six-year-old niece saw me drawing and asked:

-,What are you drawing?
- I’m drawing Loki.
- Ah! Loki of The Avengers?
- Yes! Do you know him?
- Yes, I know! He destroyed New York, right?
- That’s right! Do you want to draw it too?
- Yes, please.

I gave her a sheet of paper and a pencil. She preferred the ballpoint pen. Then it resulted in a very simplified version.

It is worth mentioning that I LOVE children’s drawings!

augh god this is ancient I must have drawn this about a year ago??? but some of you were asking for colour refs of human!RGB and this is all I have on hand rn but I feel bad not having things up so here

really should have a crack at drawing a new version of these dweebs

Yes, I watched Peter Pan live~!

 I remember watching the mary martin version in vhs with my mom. I don’t know how I convinced her to watch it late at night and I believe I was 6 years old at that time. Lol. So much nostalgia. Really enjoyed watching the new version. Thank you for reminding me that I was once a boy who doesn’t want to grow up. ^_^


//Talon’s gotten a (slight) haircut and a new outfit. He’s been wearing the same thing for three years (and I’ve been drawing it for three years) so it’s time for a touchup I think, yeah? This is how I’ll be drawing my own Talon from now on.

Though of course I’ll occasionally draw him in his old duds for old times sake here and there. ;u; (And yes you can draw this version too, cosplay it, whatever so long as you give credit, before anyone asks)


I have been watching atop the fourth wall getting ready for the year long story hiatus to finally (and the movie!!!!!! Of course). So I decided to do something special. here is genders swap version of some of team Linkara. In order: Linkara: Yes the name would be the same how ever her real name is Louise. Pollo would be the same but in Back when he got a new voice she kept the lady voice. Not much else is different. Expect more ass-wholes would bother her online. Nothing she can’t handle. In the second drawing I used the old outfit and her magic gun (Martin) Harley Finevoice: I tried to draw them the ages that Louis described them in the DVD. So Harley is in her 50s (though you should never ask a lady about her age) a bit older with grey hair but just as classy. I wanted to give her a dress that would complement Harvey’s suite. Linksana: I always thought Linksana is always had a bit of fashionable scientist thing going on so I went with a dress for her because even if she knows it’s bad for science she doesn’t care. She once meet Linksano in her travels across the multiverse and she now knows for sure how is the better science. (Hint: it her) 90s kid: I went with making her a tomboy (tomboy is one of her favorite none 90’s superheroes). Naturally she calls everyone dude and love all thing extreme. She perpetually 13-16 so her body shape reflect that. She is much more feminist then her counterpart and but she’s still loves the 90’s. I also want to draw her with a care bear but it turned into bear! So ya BEAR!!!! Ninja-style dancer: Not much to say. Just like her;) Moarta: She was very hard to figure out because there are not a lot of female horror hosts other then Elvira. So I did mix of Moarte and Elvira. Classy and creepy. Boba the clown: Kind and smart Boba loves to help all of her friends:) Not my characters. Thanks so much of Linkara your show and is amazing and I can’t wait to see what’s next :D

( Since whats beneath his bandages is just about revealed now, I’m going to share this old picture with you guys. This is basically what he looks like without them on. Although this is old, I need to draw an updated version once I get a new tablet or tablet pen.

 The scar you see on his back spreads all across his left side, same goes with the scar on the neck as well, his left is is supposed to look white like the newer update shows. But yes, this drawing needs updating and its sure to be one of the things i draw when I get a new tablet. )