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Could you write a Midorima x Takao x female reader where Takao proposes to them and they say yes? Sorry!

Midorima looked like he was ready to burst, red in the face and eye twitching in slight annoyance. His arms were crossed in front of his chest, foot tapping on the floor in an impatient manner. You were standing beside him, mouth still agape in slight shock. You didn’t know how to react, eyes simply going back and forth between Midorima and Takao. How were you supposed to answer?

“Is that really how you’re going to ask?” Midorima’s tone was annoyed, his glare heavy on Takao.

The slight chuckle that left Takao’s lips was almost hesitant. Did he really not know what he did wrong? “Uh, yes?”

This time it was your turn to question his motives, your brows furrowing in slight confusion. “Wait, you’re serious?” You glanced at the dual boxes Takao was holding up to both you and Midorima, eyes catching the gleam from each ring nestled inside.

“Of course I’m serious!” Takao tried to get the both of you to hold onto your respective boxes, shoving his hands closer to yours. “I’m serious about the both of you! So marry me!”

“This isn’t how a proposal is supposed to go,” Midorima snipped, snatching the little box from Takao’s grip.

But you weren’t really paying too much attention to his complaints. Instead, you were carefully bringing the little satin box into your own hands, picking up the little ring like it was something fragile. Turning it around in your grip, you examined the band as small tears began to accumulate in the corners of your eyes.

You were getting married.

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as soemone who actively supported shals until a few months ago, people change and learn, please don't hold stuff from months or years ago if they don't still have these views

yes exactly. moral purity is such a gross concept and just because you’ve done Bad stuff in the past or will do Bad stuff in the future or are doing Bad stuff right now, doesn’t mean that you’re always going to be a “bad person” so like

please just understand that people are changing constantly and don’t call them a “bad person” for something they did over a year ago

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Sup? If you're taking prompts, what about DiNozzo or Pride having back trouble and reader is looking after them - with a little bit of teasing about their age maybe? 💖

“You settled?” You called through from the bathroom, pulling your hair up into a pony tail so it wouldn’t get in your way. You heard a grunt and took that as a yes before smirking, “I was thinking of getting Gibbs a set of old school tools for his birthday..”

Tony turned his head to the side from his spot in the middle of the bed you’ve shared together for five years, “S'good idea,” He mumbled, holding a thumbs up. He was in just his boxers, laid on his stomach.

You had lit some candles and put on some smooth music to make the atmosphere nice and relaxing. Climbing into the bed you sat on Tony’s bum, wiggling to get comfortable before leaning over and kissing the side of his head, “You okay?” You whispered and when he nodded you sat back and poured some of the massaging gel, that you’d picked up from the pharmacy on your way home, onto Tony’s back.

While your husband hummed around to the music you moved your hands over his back, pushing the heel of your hand into the knots you felt, causing him to wince and moan, “You alright?” You asked with a chuckle in your voice.

“Yeah.” He wheezed and let out a little squeak when you pressed down with your thumb this time, “Christ.”

You continued with your massage and smiled, “Y'know, you should get regular massages, Tony.” You murmured and pushed both of your thumbs into the bottom of his spine, “With your age-”

“-My age?”

“Oh come on, you aren’t a spring chicken any more, T.”

“Talk about kick a guy when he’s…laid down.”

“Babe, I mean it in the nicest possible way.” You laughed softly and pushed the heel of your palm into his skin and slowly ran it down his back, “I’ve loved you for who knows how long. I laid beside you while you had the plague and everything else. Getting old is a part of life Tony.”

Tony huffed and turned his head away to the other side.

You grinned to yourself at his childish nature and shifted to lean up, your lips right near his ear, “I’m teasing, DiNozzo.” You’re whispered and let your hands slide down to hold his hips, “I love every bit of you. Including your aging back.” You quipped and grinned when he laughed beneath you.

You continued to massage his muscles until the gel had seeped into his skin, “I’m going to wash up, alright?” You heard a soft snore and smiled as you climbed off him. It was only a little after seven. You covered him in a blanket and tutted, “Sleep well, old man.” You whispered and kissed into his hair, breathing in his scent before you went to wash up and curl up on the couch, watching the latest episode of some medical drama.

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I wanna draw too but I don't know if I am good enough and you already are the queen here so ....

(( Anon I assure you I am not queen here. I’m just a silly English lass who kinda knows how to hold a pencil. I know you might not think your art is say up to the standards of some people’s work on here but that’s okay.

The main think is that you enjoy drawing. I feel the same way you do anon, quite a bit actually, but I just need to remind myself that ye I might not be the best,  but I do enjoy drawing these characters and interacting with people and seeing all the wonderful fanart that they make.

And in the end its having fun that counts so as long as you’re doing that who cares. I hope this helps you anon and believe in yo self! ))

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Im not quite sure if you're still into voltron... but Keith after a mishap in a mission, laid up with broken ribs and broken leg - and a migraine. Shiro orders him to go lay in bed and rest up, but he's completely unable to sleep because of the pain

if i’m still into voltron…….psh who do you think i am

anyway, yes?????!!!! i need so much more bedrest recovery???? and keith is like a prime target because i’m sure he would get bored real quick and try to sneak out and probably end up hurting himself worse.

like imagine, he was in bed and shiro was sitting with him, but shiro fell asleep at some point and keith can’t sleep. so he hauls his body out of bed to go do…something, idk, except on the way out he moves wrong. pain ignites through his middle and suddenly he can’t hold himself up anymore, and crashes to the ground. shiro is woken by the sound of keith’s cries of pain

Anthony: So, children are the worst and I won’t be doing that again.

Harriet: Oh, quit’cher whining. I’ve been doing this since I was four.

Anthony: Well, I’m tired of this. Any chance I could persuade you to hold up a coffee shop and maybe somewhere we can eat?

Harriet: Yes! ….I mean, yeh, ye probably could. ‘Ang on, I’m gonna go yell at my brother to finish some stuff I told him to do then I’m good.

Anthony: Brilliant! 

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Hay rides Holding hands Smelly candles :)

Hay rides: if you could pick up absolutely anything to be your form of transportation, what would it be?

A broomstick and I admit I would try Quidditch as well ☺ In the real life, a private jet will be fine!

Holding Hands: do you believe in soulmates?

Yes I do, I found mine 10 years ago and we are still in love. 

Smelly candles: what is your favourite scent?

Vanilla, Almond milk and a freshly baked cake. I can’t choose one! On my skin I’m using a Tiaré extract, which is refreshing and flowery. 

Thanks for asking :)

Samifer Big Bang Teaser #2

Since it’s only a bit over two weeks from now, I decided to give you another small teaser for my Big Bang fic “Nightmares Become Reality”. Enjoy ♥

Eventually, Sam forces himself to keep walking and stumbles closer to the shadow, which slowly reveals more detail. Yes, Lucifer is cowering, but before Sam couldn’t see why. As he gets close enough, he can see that the devil is holding one of his hands and that a pile of blood has formed beneath it. Unwillingly, he feels a wave of sympathy.

“You’re bleeding.” It’s a dumb thing to say, but all that comes to Sam’s mind at the moment.

Lucifer lets out a huff and looks up at Sam, revealing a face that looks no better than the hunters. It’s bloody and his lip is cut open, as if someone has beaten him up just as much.

“Thank you, Captain Obvious,” Lucifer barks, a thick and dark voice, but the anger isn’t as intense as Sam had expected.

“Seems like you messed with the wrong guy.” Sam tries to sound casual and walks to a spot a few feet away from Lucifer. When he sits down his body is protesting again, but the feeling slowly becomes dull once he stops moving.

“There’s no one to mess with but you,” Lucifer says and Sam watches how he wipes some blood off his hand. “Nothing is alive here anymore.”

This Big Bang will consist of massive angst, death and blood, as well as emotions, isolation and bad decisions. 37k full of feelings and angst. It’s been a while since I wrote something like this, but I’m very proud of how it turned out.

Mark October 9th in your calendars, because this will be my Birthday Gift for all of you! I cannot wait!

Hey look it’s my timeline for Stan and Angie’s chicks in the Phoenix Enchantment AU!

Some notes:

  • Mating season happens every five years, from March to June.  
  • Eggs are laid from April to July; roughly a month after being conceived.
  • Eggs hatch from June to September; exactly two months after being laid.
  • Stan and Angie were initially enchanted on March 13, 1979.  Yes, they were only able to hold off on doing the do for about two weeks.
  • There’s a gap of eight years from 1989 to 1997 because either Stan or Angie accidentally triggered the phoenix rebirth thing, so their mating schedule got thrown off.
  • Ford named Molly before she even hatched, and before he knew “Prometheus” and “Pele” were Stan and Angie.  So to keep up their cover of being just birds, all of Stan and Angie’s chicks get a special designation from Ford.  All are related to fire or volcanology.

After going through some tunnels hidden under the town inn, the party finds a hole in the ceiling of a dead end, big enough to fit through, but too high for any of us to reach

Me: “Before we leave, are there any loose rocks lying around?”

Dm: “Yes?”

Me: “I’m going to go ahead and toss a few up into the hole, so that if this cave loops around back to that room, we’ll know that dropping down the hold just leads back here.” *Does so*

Later, after the innkeeper reveals himself as mindflayer, and decides that, after being hit by three spells and losing what we later found out was half his health in one turn, runs away and levitates up through the hole

Me: “Does he at least slip on the rocks I threw up there earlier?”

DM: “I mean, not unless he rolls a 1.” *rolls*

Me: “Well?”

DM: “…You hear a loud thump from above you, along with a muffled ’fuck’.”

Innocence [M]

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Pairing: Jimin x Female Reader

Genre: Roommate AU!Smut, One Shot, You have been warned; this fiction is full of smut.

Words Count : Almost 2,1k

Warnings : [M] for Mature Content, this fiction is pure smut.

Author’s Note: Hi guys admin Sunshine is here, so I’ve asked you guys about smut fiction ideas and then I mixed them up a bit, I hope y’all can enjoy this long sinful fiction

“S-i-x fucking months” You said out loud.

That was true actually. It’s been already six-months since you had sex, you were already horny and your roommate’s existence didn’t help at all. You were like a cat in heat, you wanted to have sex but you didn’t trust anyone about sex, they didn’t know your body—they were not good enough for you. You took a deep sigh, your roommate was at the next room and he was sleeping although it wasn’t that late. You were getting hornier and you couldn’t hold yourself any longer; you started to play with yourself. At first you thought this could be the only solution for your little-horny-problem but you forgot how thin the house’s walls were. 

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FaceTime Call

Series: Tom Holland Imagines

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: You Facetime Tom after finding out from fans he cut his hair. Your phone was off while you were landing home from a flight.


Word Count: 1,700+

A/N: 400 more till 3k!! I love you all so much :)

I turn 21 in 2 months c: Which means I can buy alcohol, meaning I CAN WRITE FREQUENT SMUT IF YOU GUYS WOULD LIKE CAUSE I LOVE SMUT

[Reader’s POV]

“So how was your trip?” Your mom asks happily through the phone. Reaching for your bag out of the carrier you tell her to hold on. Sometimes she calls you at the worst times. She onetime called you while Tom and you were having sex and wouldn’t stop calling till you picked up. Your mother was relentless sometimes.

“It went well mom, I’m just back to be in London” admitting the truth with a smile on your face. You loved it here because you got to live with the love of your life.

“How’s Tom doing? Anything new since Spider-Man Homecoming?” she absolutely adored Tom, she claims he’s the best you’ve had out of the guys you’ve dated.

“Yes he’’s actually working on another film, he’s been gone for two weeks while I was away as well so we’re both out and about” you explain as you walk down the plane aisle. You could hear her talking to your dad about Tom. Mentally wondering why she just doesn’t put you on speaker so he can hear too.

“Hey I’m going to go so I can focus okay? Plus Nikki is picking me up from the airport with Tessa”  Saying your goodbyes you hang up your phone. Slipping your phone into your purse you make your way out of the gate. The sound of your suitcase clicking against the bumps in the carpet.

   Walking past people to head towards the baggage claim. Looking at the time on your Apple Watch you walk a little faster. Nikki said she would be here at a certain time and you didn’t like making people wait. Turning the corner you go down the escalator descending to the baggage claim.

    Hearing a bark makes you search the crowd of people. A little grey blob pushes people out of the way. Nikki’s red hair standing out as she took off after Tessa. Opening your arms you get tackled by your favorite dog in the world. Her tongue laps at your face making you giggle.

“Tessa my love, I missed you so much” her body wiggling in your arms as you tried calming her down. People were looking at the interaction the two of you were having. Grabbing her leash you stand back up.

   Nikki opens her arms to you which you gladly take her hug. She gives the best hugs in the damn world. Letting you go she kisses both of your cheeks , she’s like a second mom. Tugging your free hand she pulls you along. She took your extra suitcase even though you tried to take it but she insisted. Leaving thankfully no one was outside, if Tom was with you it would have been a lot worse. He draws big crowds full of his loving fans.

“c’mon Tessa lets get in the car”  opening the door for her she jumps inside. Taking your backpack and purse off you set them on the floor of the car. You hear clicking sounds and turn around to see people with cameras.

    Getting in the car you close the door annoyed with the cameras. You don’t know how Tom does it all the time, it’s got to be truly exhausting having your every move watched. Even his family has to deal with it. Nikki tells you to ignore them and starts the car pulling out of the parking spot. Tessa jumps back onto the seat and lays down next to you.

   Smiling down at her you place your hand on her head. Your thumb stroking her head slowly to her ears and repeating it. Watching as her eyes closed from your touch. God you love her so much, probably more than Tom.

   Taking your phone out you see notifications pop up. Clicking on them you see Tom’s tweet and your heart stops. Going to his Instagram you see he hasn’t posted anything. Clicking on his tagged photos you see his fans posts. Scrolling through they’re all freaking about his Bye Bye Hair tweet.

   Exiting the Instagram app you open your messages and clicking on Tom’s name. Looking at the messages waiting for some sort of explanation. Typing and retyping the message you want to send. Normally he keeps you updated but he hasn’t said a damn thing. When he does that you start to feel like a fan yourself and freak out.


So what’s with the tweet, care to spill the secret like you do with every Marvel secret?

    Locking your phone you know it’d be a while to get a message back if he was on set. The ride home was filled with conversation about your trip. The two of you talked as Tessa slept peacefully. Nikki told you stories about the boys and how mischievous they’ve been. She says Paddy has been getting into the sweets more and has grown a sweet tooth recently.

   Checking your phone you see there’s still no text back. You ask Nikki and she explains she has no clue. Apparently Tom hasn’t even told her which she thought was odd. You knew it was very odd because he’s such a momma’s boy.

   Nikki drops you off at Toms and helps you with your stuff. After you and Tessa are all settled she tells you to come over for dinner. Apparently Harry has been working on something and wants the family to see. He knew you were coming back into town so he told Nikki to tell you since you’re practically family.

   Hugging Nikki goodbye you shut the door behind her as she leaves. Picking your phone off the table you see notifications again. Some were from Harrison and your friends messaging you. The messages consisted of screenshots asking why Tom was cutting his hair.  Your thoughts get interrupted by your ringtone you made for Tom. It was him saying quackson.

Meme King:

C’mon angel don’t be like that, let me give you a call xx

   Rolling your eyes you connect your phone to the charger. Your phone starts ringing flashing ‘Meme King wants to FaceTime.’ Clicking the answer you see Tom relaxing with a hood on his head. Normally his curls peep out which make you narrow your eyes trying to see his curls. His smile distracting as he cheers happily to see your face.

“Ah there’s my beautiful girl, I’ve missed you darling” his voice making your heart ache, you miss him so much.

“Hey baby, I’ve missed you more..” you pout looking at him snuggle deeper into the couch. You could hear Harrison in the background talking. Tessa’s tags jingle as she jumps onto the L shaped couch.

“There’s my little one! I love you Tessa soooo much” Tom cooed into the screen making a kiss face.

“Tom so are you going to tell me what that tweet was about?” You ask turning the screen back to you. The seriousness in your face made his smile fall.

“I uh.. well I can’t keep it a secret from you anymore” He pulls the hood revealing his hair of cur.. there are no curls. Just short hair that he fixed with his hand. Your jaw dropping at the sight because last night you talked to him and all the curls were there.

“Christ, you don’t like it do you” Tom sits up fixing the angle he had the screen at. You were in shock because you haven’t seen Tom with short hair, the only pictures you’ve seen are from when he was little. Nikki likes to show you pictures from her archive whenever you see her.

“N-No baby, I’m just thrown off is all.. you look very handsome I’m just going to miss the curls” you give him a smile as you see his features relax. Did he really care that much about what you thought of his hair?

“I know how you like gripping onto them when I go down on you” he sighs tilting his head back. Your cheeks tinting pink from what he just said.

“Oi! I’m right here and you’re going to talk to her in front of me like that man? you two are like rabbits” Harrison’s voice fills your ears making you face palm yourself. God dammit Thomas.

“It’s the truth so now she has to wait for them to grow back” Tom defends himself laughing at his best friend. Harrison pops up behind Tom flipping you and him off.

“Awww Hazeroonie don’t be mad you don’t have a sex life” you tease sticking your tongue out. Harrison lets out a small scream taking off out of the frame.

“Okay yeah I’m definitely going to miss your curls now” you sigh thinking of the last time you two were alone together. Your thighs clamping together tightly at the thought.

“I’ll be home when I can love, I’ll FaceTime you every night till were together.. then when I’m home you can give me some personal FaceTime” his smirk making your heart rate pick up again.

“PLEASE GET A ROOM THOMAS” Tom’s head is then hit with a pillow causing him to drop his phone. In the background you hear the two getting into a little fist fight. Knowing them they’re going to sound like children any second with their banter.

“cut it out you twat I’m talking to my girl right now” Tom huffs after a slap sounds echoes through the air. The phone is kicked around making the room look like it’s spinning.

“Ow don’t pull my hair!” Harrison whines followed by a thud. Laughter filling the air making you sigh. These two were actual children.

   Tom picks up his phone that fell from before. Harrison says he’s going to the store leaving the two of you alone. The two of you talk about how long it will be till you see each other again. It was hard while he’s away but you really enjoyed these FaceTime calls. It was the only time you’d see him when he wasn’t busy and it made the wait worth it.

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Toby Stephens and Gillian Anderson for A Doll’s House


What Happens When You Remember Two Of Your Favourite Redheads People Did A Play Together

"Hot Girl"

[Context - My little brother admires my dad’s DM skills so he wanted to do his own. He’s still learning the ropes so our rules are simplified. I’m playing as a Dragonborn Fighter named Goldbarr, and my mom is playing a Hag Witch named Harriet. My dad is watching over and stepping in when my little brother needs help.
Setting - We stumble upon a staircase that leads us up into the heavens, and we end up in a castle in the clouds which holds The Elementals, who rule over and control each element (water, earth, etc.) like Gods. The fire Elemental, Fireball, a woman made of flame greets us and requests our help. We get the quest and are about to leave.]

Fireball: Come back when you’ve defeated the monster.
Goldbarr: Is there any way we can keep in contact in case we need guidance?
Fireball: Actually yes, good idea. 
*She goes and retrieves two mossy objects shaped vaguely like walkie-talkies*
Here. It’s a little old, but it should work just fine. We’ll use the other one.
Goldbarr: Great, thanks–
*I turn to Harriet*
*everyone is silent*
Goldbarr, OOC (Me): And yes, that is the only reason I asked that, if you were wondering.

listen…..modern au where fantine has a v lorelai-rory relationship with cosette AND cosette’s lesbian gf eponine. fantine knows eponine comes from a rough family so she tries her very best to shower her with all the love and protection she’s never received at home