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20. “I’ll protect you no matter what… even if it kills me” With Sisko (space dad) <3

“You need to get out of here, sir. It’s not safe.”

Sisko slowly turned around to face you, his expression stern. For a moment, you thought maybe you made him angry. But the Captain shook his head. “I’m not leaving you here alone.” He stated.

You tried not to huff at Sisko’s words. “The others need you-”

“You need me more.” He bounced back, stepping up closer so you had no choice but to look him in the eye. “I’ll protect you, no matter what…even if it kills me. A Captain doesn’t abandon a member of their crew.”

Even if you wanted to argue, Sisko would have won. So, biting back a reply, you gave a small nod. “Yes, sir.”

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after the storm

So the aftermath of the reveal of Gabriel Agreste as Hawk Moth could be all grim dark and terrible. But consider this instead:

  • Adrien is obviously shocked and hurt and angry, but the first thing he wants to do is talk to his dad and figure out why he felt the need to do this
  • He knows that his dad hasn’t done so great ever since his mom disappeared and that he’s gotten more and more absent, but he never would have considered this
  • But of course he can’t compromise his identity- because if he does, then people will start asking Ladybug to reveal her identity as well, so he stays transformed as Chat Noir and starts asking Gabe really pointed, serious questions about why he did what he did and if he had ever once thought about the implications it could have for his son and everyone close to him
  • And Ladybug, who is going through her own existential crisis about Adrien and wondering how he’s going to take this and what to do about this reveal and so worried about who’s going to be there for him now, is surprised by how thoughtful and considerate Chat Noir is being towards Hawk Moth, considering that he the Enemy
  • After they hand Gabriel off to Master Fu and discreetly call the authorities to deal with the situation- knowing that this is a big deal and needs to be handled with discretion before the press gets wind of the news, Ladybug asks Chat Noir if he could come with her to the Agreste mansion
  • Chat Noir is nervous about what his lady is going to ask him to do, because it could compromise their secret identities, and she asks him if he will tell Adrien about Hawk Moth being his dad, because she wants to be the one to tell him before someone else does
  • She wants him to hear it from the source, rather than through the news, and even though he’s hurting more than he ever did before, Chat Noir’s heart swells about ten sizes because his lady cares about him so much, and he decides right then and there that he wants her to know who he is, even if he doesn’t know who she is. She deserves that much, for caring about him so much
  • So he says “Yes of course, I’ll come with you,” and they make their way to the mansion, which is as dark as can be, but Ladybug makes her way into Adrien’s room with ease, and Chat Noir has to bite back a laugh at how skilled she is into breaking into his mansion. the security cameras have nothing on her
  • Ladybug calls for Adrien when she sees that he isn’t in his bed, and just as she starts to get worried that he’s in trouble because he’s not answering her, she feels a warm hand on her shoulder, and she turns around to see him standing there, waving at her
  • She’s not even thinking as she barrels into him, wrapping him in the tightest hug, and then she pulls back and says “I’m so sorry Adrien, but I have some bad news to share with you. I came here with Chat Noir to tell you before the press finds out- but wait, where is he?”
  • Adrien coughs and awkwardly waves at her with a little smile.
  • “You’re looking at him, my lady.”
italeteller replied to your post:I think it’s worth pointing out that Nabokov…

if I may derail, this “old authors using current times fanfiction language” thing is absolutely amazing. do you have any more?

Hemingway: drabble challenge, 100 word challenge, yes the title is included in the word count, fight me, angst, sad, baby shoes

F Scott Fitzgerald: idk what I’m doing, lol party fic, I’m supposed to be working on something else right now, the real otp is despair

Virginia Wolfe: stream of consciousness, tw: depression and anxiety, tw: food mention, not sure what else to tag this as

Sylvia Plath: esther is not like other girls, depression, suicide, hurt/comfort, fuck the patriarchy

Edgar Allan Poe: detective au, everyone’s a suspect, darkfic, this was supposed to be satire, I’m not sure what happened,

Shakespeare: historical au, for Lizzy <3 <3 <3, either everybody lives or no on lives I haven’t decided yet, dick jokes, puns, stole this from Marlow not even sorry lmao

Jane Austen: hurt/comfort, fluff, angst, true love, dancing!, slow burn, don’t worry they all get there in the end (:

BTS Scenario/Text/Snap Masterlist (11/9)

GIF Reaction Masterlist here!


Drabble - Cuddling + Morning Sex

Drabble - Cooking Together + Teasing + Romantic Sex

All Semester Long (smut)

Birthday Treat Drabble (smut)


Drabble - Make Up Sex + Hickeys

Help… (sensual smut)

Officially Missing You (slight angst to fluff)

Yoongi Smut ft. Namjoon

Follow Your Animal Instinct

Snow Day Anniversary

A Friend of Daddy’s

I Quit


In Love With Another Man

Devious (Male Reader)

Daddy Kink


A Bump in the Road (part 1) (part 2)


Drabble - Sexting

Get a Room (smut)

Yes, Mistress (smut)

Just Take a Break (J-Hope x Reader x V) (smut)

Art Museum (Fluff)

Feel My Lips

Fighting for Nothing

I love It (smut)

Light Up the Dark

I Don’t Need You

Angst and Fluff


Rap Monster:

Drabble - Make Up Sex + Blowjob

Drabble - Moving In + Pillow Fight + Cuddling

Drabble - First Date + Massage + Hickeys

Drabble -  Making out + Neck Kisses + Hickeys

Boyz II Men - I’ll Make Love to You inspired

Boyz II Men- Part Two

Just Being Neighborly

Such a Good Neighbor (Just Being Neighborly pt. 2)

Inconsiderate Neighbors (Just Being Neighborly pt. 3)

Yoongi smut ft. Namjoon


Can’t Sleep

Anything You Can Do (smut)

I’ll Make Love (part 3)


Drabble - Thigh Kisses + Striptease + Shower Sex

Drabble - Cuddling + Teasing + Romantic Sex

Drabble - Morning Sex + Sexting

Drabble - Massage + Hickeys + Fingering

Warm Up (smut)

Your Husband Will Take Good Care of You (fluff)

Are You Alright? (fluff)

Don’t Get Caught (smut)

Rough and Jealous Jimin (smut)

Forever (Angst fluff)

Birthday Treat Drabble (suggestive)


Routine Physical

Let’s Watch a Movie

Morning Love

Pancakes fluff

Bite Series

Forever and Always

Dead Leaves

Soaking Wet (smut)

Kiss Cam

Goodnight Mommy

Still Begging For More

Late Nights

Dance All Night


Drabble - Cuddling + thigh kisses + and eating out

Drabble - Sexting + Teasing + Hickeys

Drabble - Making Out + Eating Out + Morning Sex

Just Take a Break (V x Reader x J-Hope) (smut)

Shower (smut)

Sleeves (angst)

Jelly (smut)

First Love

Birthday Blues

Thunderstorm Cuddles

More Than Friends

Public Transit

Use That Mouth

You Want to Watch? (feat. Hwasa)


Drabble - Moving in, teasing, romantic sex

Drabble - Cuddling + First Kiss

Drabble - Massage + Pillow Fight + Making Out

Drabble - Cuddling + Making Out + Romantic Sex

Drabble - Sexting + BJ + Orgasm Denial (reader)

Drabble - Cuddling + Thigh kisses + Orgasm denial (reader)

Rough (smut)

I Want Them To Know (smut)

A New Beginning (angst)

Handcuffed (smut)

Birthday Surprise (Alternative ending 1 Happy + 1 Sad)

Who Will Win?


Grind Practice

Ride me Baby

I’m Here

Touchin, Lovin part 1 (smut) part 2 (no smut)

Triple the Fun

Hiding Every Cloud Under a Smile

Drive Me Crazy

Giving birth to Jungkook’s child

Diablo (part 1) (part 2)


I Want Them to Hear

BTS FAKE SNAPS (all members unless specified)


Finding out you and Jungkook are dating

Sexy (Suga)

Adorable (Suga)

Body Positive (Suga)

Happy Birthday (Jungkook)

Needy snaps

Loving you despite height (V)

Jealous snaps (Suga)

Taking virginity

Cheering up their lover

Cute snaps to lover (Jimin)

Snaps to their boyfriend

Jealous snaps (Jungkook)

Sassy/flirting (Jimin)

Wondering why you’re dating their maknae (V and Jimin)

Cocky/annoying (Jungkook)

Grumpy because you didn’t spend the night (Jungkook)

Proving they’re hot to their crush (V, Jin, Jungkook) (pt. 1) (pt. 2)

When you fall off the bed laughing (Maknae line) (pt. 1) (pt. 2)

Stuck in the rain (Jungkook and J-Hope) (V and Jin)

Can’t sleep at 5 a.m. (V, Jimin, Jungkook, Jin)

When he wants attention (Jungkook) (Suga)

When you’re pregnant with another member’s child

Horny (Suga)

Jungkook being Jungkook

NSFW Birthday present

Missing you (Jimin)

Horny/sexy (V)

Letting you know you’re beautiful (Suga)

Birthday snaps (Jungkook)

Encouraging (Rap Monster)

Ignoring them for Pokemon Go

Surprise birthday (Jin)

Asking for nudes (Jungkook)

BTS Texts:

Bts Big Brother, Revealing Clothes

Yoongi Text: You are studying

You got a nightmare: text

Jimin: Proposal Picnic

Maknae line annoying you

Horny Suga

Arguing who tops (gender neutral)

Birthday texts

You Okay? (Namjoon)

Drunk texting your crush

They’ve been gone

On your period

BTS (two or more members)

BTS x “Shy Girl”

BTS x “Shy Girl” 2

BTS x “Shy Girl” 3

Tongues Series (Jin) (Suga) (J-Hope) (Rap Monster) (Jimin) (Taehyung) (Jungkook)

Truth or Dare? (links on post)

Take a Walk (part 1) (part 2) (part 3)

Delicious (Yoongi & Jimin)

It’s Only Me When the Cameras Are On (Taekook)

More of everything to come!

The Intervention

“Um, guys? What’s going on?” 

Clint looked solemnly toward Tony, shaking his head sadly as he watched the man stumble forward, brow set in confusion as he took in the setting around him.

The communal living room was filled with all the friends that the team had been able to find, and together, they had procured a large banner and written the word INTERVENTION in big black lettering, hanging it from the ceiling as they all stood solemnly underneath it.

It was time they sorted this. It had reached the limit, and none of the team could handle it any more.

(beware the read more, mobile users!)

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A Señor Bun Drabble

Jack’s free weekends are rare, so he’d come up to Samwell even though Bitty has a test on Monday. It’s a quiet togetherness, Jack bringing him food and reminding him to take stretch breaks while he studies, but it’s nice. It’s well past Jack’s freakishly early bedtime now though, and a quiet snore pulls Bitty’s attention away from his book.

He looks over his shoulder and has to clap his hand over his mouth to keep from laughing, because there, curled up on his side on the bed, is his giant, NHL-player boyfriend clutching Bitty’s stuffed bunny to his chest.

“I know.”

JKR: “What do you think you are doing in here, this is Harry Potter’s private suite! Get dressed and leave this minute, or I’ll have to ask security to remove you! - Seriously, trying to use the opportunity when Harry is away from home, sneaking into his hotel room like this to ambush him! It’s just so Slytherin! Listen, Malfoy, I have long since decided who gets to sleep with Harry Potter, and it will never, ever be you!”


Christmas fluff, canon!verse, fallen human!Cas. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Dean slowly opens his eyes, lets his sight adjust to the lukewarm light that’s seeping through the cheap curtains of his motel room. Out of the window there are snowflakes gliding in the sky, a white dust so thin that it probably won’t stick to the ground. He’s never truly liked snow, or December’s frosty weather, but this time it’s different. Beside him, Castiel’s soft breathing keeps him warm. A shiver runs down Dean’s back as he realizes what’s going on: his bed isn’t empty and he doesn’t want to run away as fast as he can. It’s been a while. He closes his eyes and listens.

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Imagine Yurio confronting Yuuri after the podium ceremony

Yurio starts kicking him in the back the same way he did to Victor in episode 10 and Yuuri turns around confused

And there’s Yurio, rageful and ready to strike out , rapidly blinking away the tears in his eyes and he says “I won gold. You lost. So you better not retire you pathetic pig!”

And Yuuri is at a loss , but ultimately chuckles and agrees. “ Yes next year i’ll win gold…and the year after that to , I need to beat Victors 5 year consecutive streak yknow?”

And finally , relieved that Yuuri is not retiring, Yurios tears spill and he launches himself at Yuuri desperately clinging to him.

And Yuuri tenses up at first , but ends up gently hugging him back and asking very softly “ What do you want to do now that you’ve won gold Yurio?”

And Yurio starts openly sobbing , almost hyperventilating and says “ I want to eat pork cutlet bowls with you Yuuri.”

And then Yuuri is crying to and Yurio starts beating his little fists against his back and finally asking for what he wants in desperation and as a final plea

“ I want you to come to Russia with me and Victor. I want to beat you again next year and the year after that to, so you dont ever retire. I want you to never leave me and stay by my side! P-please dont leave me”

And both Yuri’s are just a mess at that point and haven’t noticed Victor at all who entered the room earlier and is looking at them both so fondly before he ruins their familial moment by launching himself into the hug as well and saying “Yuuuuuuuuuurrriiii i’m going to be the one to win next year silly , dont get ahead of yourself just because you won a single GPF.”

And then Yurios back to his old self, screaming and having a huff while Victor continues to tease him , and Yuuris laughing and trying to wipe away his tears. And none of them would have it any other way

Cuddling with Lucifer Morningstar before falling asleep would include:
  • You ALWAYS being a little spoon
  • You getting annoyed because of this
  • “Let me think, no.”
  • Playing with his hair just to annoy him
  • “(Y/N) darling will you stop ruining my perfectly styled hair?”
  • “Never.”
  • “Thought so.”
  • Him teasing you while you’re trying to fall asleep
  • “Please stop.”
  • “You know I won’t.”
  • Neck kisses because reasons
  • Hickies all over your neck
  • “Lucifer stop it I have to go to work tomorrow.”
  • “Wear a turtle neck.”
  • “IN LA? REALLY?”
  • Him complaining about your cold feet
  • “(Y/N) darling for the love of my father please wear socks your feet are cold.”
  • “Like your heart.”
  • “Touché darling, touché.”
  • You rubbing your butt against his crotch because you’re needy
  • Cuddling that turns into sex because you can’t keep your hands of each other
  • Falling asleep in his arms

The evening sun was leaking into through the gauzy curtains, casting lazy shadows over the furniture. It was quiet and the house was comfortably warm, and there was a feeling of content thrumming through your body.

Calum looked absolutely beautiful.

Curled up in a an armchair, he was a lanky bundle of brown limbs, the dappled sunlight playing with the edges of his eyelashes. His hair peeked out from under his hoodie, falling in messy curls over his forehead, and his bottom lip was tucked between his teeth as he perused the pages of his latest novel. He looked entirely too small in his pyjama pants and mismatched socks, his grey hoodie all but swallowing his figure.

‘Quit staring, love’ he mumbled, a small smile gracing his lips.

A soft laugh left your lips. ‘’M not staring,’ you said. ‘How’s the book?’

Calum made a noncommittal noise. ‘It’s very average,’ he said, idly turning the page. ‘The story’s really hard to follow and there’s this really unnecessary romantic subplot between the main characters and… I mean, it’s not that great.’

You hummed in response, stretching your legs out as you lay down along the length of the couch opposite him. ‘Why are you still reading it then?’ you asked gently.

Calum shrugged. ‘Not sure,’ he said, dog-earing the page carefully before closing the book. He stretched his arms above his head, yawning. ‘Wanted to do something other than scroll through my phone, I guess. Didn’t work out too well.’

‘You could come here, then,’ you said, not even trying to be subtle. ‘Cuddle with me for a bit, I miss you.’

‘That’s a lie,’ Calum said, standing up. ‘You’ve had me all day, how could you possibly miss me?’

He shuffled over to the arm of the couch, tumbling over it with an floomf until his body was sprawled on top of yours, his head pressed unceremoniously against your shoulder and his stomach shaking with silent giggles. Groaning a little, he shifted until he was comfortable, wrapping his arms around you and pushing his face into the crook of your neck.

And it was just youandcalum, wrapped up together, all by yourself, just the way you wanted it.

It seemed like hours before you spoke again.

‘I still miss you,’ you said softly, running your hand through Calum’s hair. ‘Doesn’t matter if you’re on the other side of the world or on the other side of the room, I still miss you. ‘M always gonna want you.’

Calum pressed his lips against the skin of your neck, squeezing your middle a little. ‘I love you,’ he mumbled. ‘A lot.’

He yawned, his eyelashes catching the last rays of sunlight as he turned his head up to look at you, kissing your cheek. ‘I’m always going to love you,’ he said, finally closing his eyes.

‘Do you want to sleep now?’ you asked quietly

‘With you. Please.’

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Marinette and Plagg interactions with a shuffle song!

“Pull the blackout curtains down!” Marinette hissed urgently. “Quick! They’re coming!” the small black cat kwami was lightning fast responding to the girl’s command, even though he was probably famished. Marinette’s heart hammered in her throat as the heavy cloth rolled down, blanketing the room in darkness. And not a moment too soon, either, since heavy footfall crashed by the window only a few moments later. Marinette held her breath until the sounds faded, leaving only her, the kwami and her untransformed partner who was lying unconscious against her side.

After letting out a shaky breath of relief, Marinette reached blindly around for her partner, trying to check on him as best as she could with only her sense of touch to guide her.

“Don’t worry, he’s fine,” the black cat kwami said, bringing Marinette’s attention to the small immortal being, whose green eyes were almost luminescent in the darkness. “The akuma just wanted him unconscious so he could take the miraculous. Good thing you were there to drag his butt to safety.”

“Yeah, but now the akuma and his minions are looking for me,” Marinette groaned.

“Ah, don’t sweat it. Ladybug will probably be here soon to clean things up, like usual. Hey, any chance you can find some cheese for me? He usually hides it in the front pocket of his shirt.”

“I… uh… wouldn’t hold my breath for Ladybug to show up any time soon if I were you,” Marinette told the kwami as she groped under her partner’s shirt for the treat the kwami asked for. At least now she knew why her partner always smelled like dirty socks… “I mean, it’s possible she’s having problems of her own right now.”

“And what kind of problems do you think Ladybug could be having that’ll keep her from taking care of the Akuma?” the kwami asked dryly.

“Maybe she doesn’t have her kwami?” Marinette suggested as she pulled the cheese out and offered it to her companion. “Like, maybe she was, oh, I dunno, in gym or something when the Akuma came charging in, and Tikki’s in the girl’s locker room?” There was a beat of silence as the black cat processed what Marinette was trying to tell him before he gave a long, low groan of dismay.

“Oh. Perfect. So Ladybug AND Chat Noir are both out of commission.” He grumbled, holding his head in his paws. Marinette winced, letting her hand drop as she looked down in shame.

“I’m sorry.” She said quietly.

“Ah, don’t blame yourself, kid. It’s not your fault things ended up this way.” The kwami said before floating over to take his cheese, surprisingly unconcerned despite the severity of the situation.

“But what can we do? The akuma’s going to be looking for me, since he knows I dragged Chat away, and there’s no way I’ll be able to get to Tikki without getting spotted by him or his minions. Chat Noir is unconscious, so it’s not like he can hold the akuma off so I can get my kwami! And Tikki won’t be able to find me if I’m hiding like this, either.” Marinette groaned, letting her head fall back against the wall with a ‘thunk’ in frustration.

“True.” the cat kwami agreed. “Things are pretty grim this time.”

“Well you’re just a bundle of positivity, aren’t you?” Marinette observed moodily.

“Eh, that’s more Tikki’s thing.” The cat responded flippantly. “The lectures, too. I’m more of a cool cat, if I do say so myself.”

“Oh, I’m sure you are.” Marinette replied, lips quirking up into a smile despite her best efforts. The cat kwami’s blatant lack of concern despite their dire situation was oddly reassuring. Chat Noir had complained before about his kwami (loudly, and at great length) but the blue eyed girl found herself soothed by the laid back confidence of the cat. Like he knew that they would make it out of this okay, and it was just a matter of when and how.

Guess that’s what I have to figure out. Marinette thought, smile dropping as her eyebrows furrowed. She could wait for Chat to wake up, but with no clue of how long that could take, that plan was risky. If they were found before he regained consciousness, they were toast. And like she had said to Chat’s kwami, her trying to get to Tikki on her own was practically a suicide mission without someone to watch her back.

“Is there any chance you could use the Ladybug earrings to transform me?” Marinette asked hopefully, her heart sinking when she received a scoff in return.

“Not a chance.” The kwami said. “We’re made to work with our Miraculouses, so no swapping. I can only transform someone wearing my ring, and Tikki can only transform someone wearing her earrings.”

Except Tikki isn’t here and Chat’s down for the count.” Marinette groaned before an idea hit her. “…Unless… maybe… I can use Chat’s ring?” there was a beat of silence after Marinette’s suggestion, and her anxiety spiked as she feared the possibility that she’d be refused. “I’ll give it right back, of course! I’ll just use it to protect myself, so I can find Tikki! Please, I know we technically just met, and I don’t even know your name, but-!”

“Plagg.” the kwami said.

“I- I’m sorry?” Marinette asked, eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

“Name’s Plagg, kid. And if you wanna transform, the phrase is ‘Claws Out.’” Plagg told her, sounding bemused. Marinette beamed at him as relief washed over her.

“Thank you.” She breathed out gratefully.

“Ah, you fed me. ‘Least I could do in return. Besides, the kid would throw a fit if I let his precious Lady run around without someone to protect her.” The cat drawled playfully. Marinette felt a swell of affection at that, to both the kwami and her partner. Slipping the ring off of the unconscious Chat Noir’s finger, Marinette laid a light, affectionate kiss to her partner’s brow before slipping the miraculous on to her hand and getting to her feet, determination flaring to life.

She had a job to do.

An Infinity of Yes

I don’t have a lot of time this morning and I really shouldn’t be writing this, but…

I’m still happy!  And as is my way, I had to write about it.  So, a moment away from the angst to celebrate the momentousness of a yes.  For the nonnie who requested a little celebratory smut…

Cause I don’t know if you ya’ll knew or now, but Emma Swan and Killian Jones are engaged!

Originally posted by captainswanouat

Under the cut for the normal, smutty reasons…

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Ms. New Booty

Square Filled: Spanking
Ship: Dean x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Warnings/Tags: Smutty, Spanking
Word Count: 882
Summary: Dean finds a new appreciation for your curves
A/N: Written for @spnkinkbingo and for @loveitsallineed as part of my 2K Kinky Celebration Drabbles who requested a Dean x Reader with the prompt “I’m ready to try again, if you are?”


There was no question that Dean thought you were attractive. But he never realized his true appreciation for your posterior until one night that you were bowling in the bunker - with beer bottles.

Ending the game after getting yet another perfect strike, Sam bid goodnight to you and Dean as he retreated to his room.

One thing about beer bottle bowling was the annoying manual reset of the game. Dean opened yet another bottle of beer, taking a swig while you cleaned up the pins. You bent down to pick up the bottles, getting on your hands and knees when one bottle rolled under the table. It was a small struggle to reach it as you began feeling tipsy at this angle.

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Pas De Deux

AN: This is a birthday gift for one of my very favourite people here, Ashlee @austennerdita2533. Hope you like this, chica!

Also tagging @fanfantasticworld because I know you were interested in this one too, Jo <3

In XIX Russia, Klaus sees a certain blonde ballerina on stage and is enraptured from the start.

In other words, the three times Klaus has seen Caroline dance - a story told in 3 acts.

Features Fae!Caroline (if you couldn’t already tell that I’m obsessed with all things acomaf xD ).

P.S. In “Swan Lake”, Odette and Odile (Black Swan) are usually danced by the same ballerina. But for plot/characterization reasons, this is not the case in this drabble at some points.

1879, Russian Empire, Zheleznodorozhny

The first time he sees her, she’s Odette.

The production is nothing like the one he’s seen Moscow - not necessarily as bad thing given how poorly executed it was. The stage is too small and the town’s folk might be causing too much of a ruckus, more interested in watching lithe, tightly-clad bodies than appreciating the finery of movements but there’s something about this performance that calls to Klaus.

Perhaps letting Rebekah talk him into coming here tonight wasn’t such a bad idea.

They’ve been living in Russia for months now and although Klaus has remained cautious, it really seems that Mikael’s lost track of them.

They were residing in the Ottoman Empire when conflict with the Tsar broke and he and his siblings decided it was the best time to move on. Planning on losing Mikael in the chaos of war and the vast lasts of Russian Empire, they’d settled in Moscow, then set out to travel further when Klaus’ paranoia kicked in and he decided staying in one place for too long was too risky a move.

Zheleznodorozhny seems like the perfect hiding place - at least for now. It’s a small town but the traffic is reasonably high with the newly built railway station which makes it far easier to blend in.

It’s even attracted a wandering ballet troupe.

Elijah scrunched his face in distaste at Bekah’s suggestion to go and see them dance, revolted at the idea of watching a performance that would most likely turn out to be subpar at best. Kol was resting in his coffin with a dagger in his heart - yet again - having caused quite a scandal after seducing a daughter of the British ambassador in Moscow.

And then seducing her father.

The carnage that followed didn’t help them with keeping low profile either.

“That chassé was painful to watch.” Rebekah leans over, her whisper resounding in his ear as they sit near the stage, watching act II unfold.

“Still bitter over your grand ballet fiasco, sister?” Klaus quips in response, then proceeds to ignore everything but the lithe blonde who’s the only one making this performance bearable.

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always say what’s on your mind

pairing: yugyeom x reader
genre/warning: no warning. maknae fluff.
word count: 831
description: based on ed sheeran’s ‘bibia be ye ye’ from his new album divide.
a/n: this one kind of ran away with itself. a bit longer than intended. 

The captain comes over the intercom to let everyone know that you will be landing in Malaysia in twenty minutes. You glance out the window and squeal. It’s beautiful. You can’t wait to spend all day on the beach.

After getting your luggage you head to exit but stop when you hear someone shout your name, you look around to see Kim Yugyeom waving a sign with your name on it. A chuckle slips out, and you race to the giant who is acting like an idiot. You throw your arms around him, and he picks you up. You squeal and smack him until he puts you down. “Yugie, I don’t know how I can thank you for this.”

“It’s the least I can do. I owe you for missing your last three birthdays.” You nod in agreement but laugh so he doesn’t take it too seriously. Yugyeom is one of your best friends, but because of his crazy idol schedule, he hasn’t been able to spend your birthday with you. This birthday looked like it would be the same because the boys had a concert in Malaysia on your birthday. You weren’t upset. You knew he couldn’t control his schedule, and you’d been ready to wish him well when he pulled out an airplane ticket. You’d freaked out and hit him a couple times, but now you were here.

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A Silent, Noble Kiss: Bend The Rules

Drabble #2 in the Kisses Drabble series, part of the OTP Day celebration. Prompt requested by @diva-gonzo: Silent, Noble Kiss, based on this prompt/poem list.

She eventually surrendered to sleep, limp against him and surrounded by his arms. It took her a long time to let go and keep her eyes closed, but he understood. Who can sleep after being tortured like that? Hell, he couldn’t sleep and it hadn’t been him who had to fight to stay alive as searing pain gripped every one of his cells. No, he had been helpless and terrified, but he had been spared the pain. Maybe it was fair, then, that he was the one trying to close his eyes, attempting to convince himself it was okay, she would be fine, and she wouldn’t dissolve and disappear from his side as he dreamt of better times.

Oh, but how he wished it had been him, that he could have taken the pain from her. They weren’t at risk anymore, and yet he still wanted to beg to be the one cursed to oblivion. Me, take me, spare her, kept invading his mind as if he could somehow change the past. While she was awake, he had managed to put all those thoughts away from his mind, focused as he was in trying to assure her she was safe now, that she was brave and strong and that everything would be fine, she would survive this too. She had hesitantly believed him; now he had only to convince himself.

He squirmed a bit on the many pillows behind his back, uncomfortable, trying to ease the tension left behind by their escape from Malfoy Manor but determined to stay there. He couldn’t care less about the knots clenching his neck and shoulders, not when her torso rested against his, her head right on the centre of his chest, his arms around her. He kept on cradling her, allowing himself the slightest tension in his arms to feel her just a tiny bit closer. He tried to use the feeling of her as an anchor, as definitive proof she was all right, and she was with him. Because, as selfish as it made him, he had no idea what he would do if anything happened to her. Where would their future be, if she was not there? How could he tell himself that it was okay, that it was noble to wait, if he had no certainty she’d be there to choose to be with him? Where would all the kisses he had imagined himself giving her go, if she was not there to receive them anymore?

A shaky sigh left him, fleeting memories of those times he had clung to as the fight had worsened; sudden, missed opportunities for kisses that would have told her of his feelings, kisses that he held back because he had to, because telling her he loved her in the middle of war didn’t seem like a promise of anything good. It was a constant battle inside of him, the push and pull of wanting to kiss her, to love her, to be with her, when he was afraid for her safety, when he wasn’t sure she reciprocated. But he kept on holding on to the dream, even when it could so quickly become a nightmare if anything happened to her. So yeah, he would still hold back the next morning… but tonight…

Tonight, with her safe in his arms for a few hours, he would allow himself to bend the rules. In the silence filling the room, he lowered his head, taking a deep breath filled with the smell of her hair. How could he convince himself it would be all right for them, that there was a future for them? Because, nobility aside, he was weak, and he needed something tonight.

He did all he could think of, only for the sake of what he liked to think was their promised future. He let his head fall further, his lips softly pressing against her hair, as chaste a kiss as he could make it. Because he had to believe they’d have that future. Nothing else would suffice.

gotham-ruaidh  asked:

28 (teaching the other something new) for Briste, please!

#28 teaching the other something new

I stood, rooted to the spot in horror. When my angel said she’d teach me how to ride a bike I didn’t think she meant motorbike.

“No, I’ve changed my mind. I don’t need to learn how to ‘properly’ ride a bike.” I shook my head just as her arms wrapped around my waist and her chin rested on my back.

“My big, strong, army survivor, highlander isn’t scared of a tiny motorcycle is he?” She taunted, I could feel her silent laughter vibrate through me.

“I’m no scared, I’m horrified! Ye mean to tell me ye ride this? That ye ken how to operate such a thing!”

She full out belly laughed this time.

“Yes, I do and this happens to be only one of a few that I own.”

I spun her around to face me. “Claire! This is your bike, and you own more than one?Jesus God, M'aingeal! How are ye still in one piece?”

She crossed her arms and glared at me.

“You mean to say you don’t think I can ride a motorcycle because of how clumsy I am?”

I nodded vehemently.

She leaned back and was, somehow, now gracefully perched on the deep blue motorcycle.

“That’s a shame you don’t believe me, and to think you were getting off easy with this cruiser. The street bike is much more difficult to control, then there’s the trails bike where there isn’t a seat at all, and the–”

“Ye own all these things and know what to do?” I interrupted her, and she only smiled wide. “Christ! I don’t know if I’d rather lock you in a room or roll you in bubble wrap then lock you in a room so you don’t hurt yourself!”

“I’m quite good. I’ve been riding since I was a child.”

My face must have portrayed my disbelief.

“You still don’t believe me? You? The one who damn well knows how I am when straddling something.”


She laughed and threw her leg around so she was straddling the motorcycle beneath her.

“Come on you big wuss, I’ll show you controls while we go for a wee ride.” She said tossing me a helmet before fastening her own.

At least that was one less worry I had about this thing.

“Are ye sure this is proper?” I hesitated, not sure how we were to fit.

“Just get on! This isn’t 1920!”

I did as she asked and climbed on, noticing the foot pegs she had extended and out for me.

“Put your feet up on the pegs, I can handle the weight. Now the first thing you need to know is that with this particular bike you don’t have to kickstart. This is a simple push start. Can you see?”

I looked over her shoulder to where she pointed at a button just below her thumb.

“Clutch,” she squeezed her left hand, “handbreak,” she squeezed the right, “foot break,” her right foot wiggled on top of the break, “and gears are on the left hand side. Good?”

“Aye, what are those other toggles? Where’s the gas?”

Claire laughed and I think smiled and went back to showing me the controls.