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Pity and disgust welled inside of Eragon. “You have become your father.”
A strange gleam leaped into Murtagh’s eyes. “No, not my father.”


Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue

I am not even kidding, Shinwon got 2 seconds of screentime 

and the time he got

he spared

no soul

from his

laser eyes

of judgment 

Safe mob's birthday week!!

so mob’s birthday is on May 12th!!! Unfortunately the mob week that was set up was including some stuff that wasn’t safe for everyone who may want to participate in celebrating our fav boys birthday

My friend @i-love-my-two-gay-dads and I decided to make a more safe version of mob week for everyone to have fun with instead !


-don’t worry about how ‘good’ you think your art is!!! Post what you wanna add to the week all is welcome !!!

-Ship stuff is ok but blease no re/imob or rit/mob, etc this week is supposed to be an alternative so people don’t have to see that

-love mob he’s a good boy


-May 7th: out and about

-May 8th: powers

-May 9th: 400%/overload

-May 10th: freeday

-May 11th: flowers

-May 12th: Birthday!

-May 13th: Comfort

-May 14th: 100% love

(Yes there’s technically 8 days but mob deserves it) tag stuff you draw or write with #safe mob birthday week !!!!

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Protect Asexual People

We’ve been seriously lacking in love due to the discourse™ and I’m here to remind everybody (again) how valid we all are as aces,

protect aromantic aces who are told that they’re ‘basically robots’

protect hetromantic aces who are told that they’re ‘basically straight’

protect gay aces who are told that their sexual identity isn’t valid because being gay ‘cancels it out’

protect greyromantic and demiromantic asexuals who are told their orientation is ‘too complex’ and that they’re just trying to be 'special snowflakes’

protect asexual people who use different labels on the spectrum and don’t feel that they’re 'ace enough’ to be in the community

protect aces that get told they are broken, weird, hardly human and are just ~trying~ to be different


anonymous asked:

Let us fill the gruvia tag with some positivity. What are your top 5 gruvia moments?

Ooooh yes, let’s fill the tag with the positivity we deserve!! <3

1) “I am here with you” - chapter 366

This is my favourite moment SO FAR. I love that Gray clearly wants to confort her so badly and cannot help but hold her hand and say: I AM HERE WITH YOU. Juvia is genuinely worried, her facial expressions say it all. I just love how natural this moment is, the setting, everything. It takes proudly the #1 spot.

2) “You are so warm” - chapter 416

This is like everyone’s fav moment hahah well it is perfect and also huge. Juvia wanted to give up but Gray didn’t let her… he showed her his raw emotions, his tears. They shared the loss of Silver together… a piece of history together. What I appreciate the most is that Gray was angry at first only to lose it at the end; you can totally see how much he does need Juvia- he reaches her, buries his face in her chest, and then PUT HIS ARMS around her waist. I love these moments, and also Juvia gently stroking his hair at the end. This moment is so symbolic… Gray’s ice is finally melting because Juvia is the warmth he needed the most! And the snow?!  Everything about it was p e r f e c t.

3) “I wanted to protect you” - chapter 499

Honestly I’d say 499 overall xD but yup, having Gray say these words was… A+. This and what comes before, so that he didn’t want to hurt not a friend but HER, Juvia. Gray had secretly sworn to protect her since the beginning: Tartaros, GMG, Tenrou… and especially in Alvarez. He had been watching over her the whole time. We just had the confirmation of it and it was beautiful because Juvia as well swore to protect him when they met, and I wrote so many posts about Gruvia and the theme of protection!

4) “I am grateful to have you” - chapter 453

Well, the panels tell everything xD hahaha this was a nice parallel to the balcony scene in GMG, and Gray couldn’t have said it better: he likes to have Juvia by his side and the only thing stopping him from having the future he wants is END- and Zeref. This was a well snap to the haters faces who believe Gray despises Juvia. Flash news, he doesn’t. It’s so clear the answer will be positive, I have had no doubts about that. Just look at THEIR faces! I cannot wait for this moment, Gray is finally ready ♥

5) “We can work better than them” - chapter 321

I have a thing for Gruvia holding hands xD they did it sososo many times! Gray’s trust in their teamwork is the highlight of the chapter, it’s hella true they work perfectly together- they’re ice and water after all! This scene was both powerful and cute, last but not least in my chart :)

Thanks for the question!


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And this is her now. Dahlia FINALLY has some clothing, or rather, whats left of her clothing, just in case people would want to draw her in non-lewd situations. Mind you, she prefers being naked, but she DOES show some clevage and midriff, so thats a plus.

Her torn leather armour that once was used as a backup armour underneath her destroyed royal armour is used as her way of hiding her nipples and such. One of her arm sleeves was missing a shoulder plate, but having one shoulder plate only is cool imo. And her ‘loincloth’ from her royal knight outfit is a way of hiding her sweet pussy and ass (yes, the loincloth covers both sides, but i didnt draw her back view, sorry).

I’d like to give a huuuuuge thanks to one of my closest friends Tommy, aka @skitter-leaf for giving me inspiration (and even a design) for Dahlia to wear in case an artist wants to draw the sweet snek, but not in lewd ways. Im so grateful to have him as a friend.

Anyway, I hope you like!

Sooo I was tagged by @bamboozledflirt (Shall I call you Bambi?)

When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and pass along to 10 nice people/10 last people in your activity.

1. Writing. There’s always something to write about, whether it’s the air, or the sun or the moon or- you get my point. When I first started writing, my dad accused me for documenting everything in my journal every minute or so, but really, I was writing a novel (or pre-writing a novel lol). It’s beautiful how our minds work that come up a book of a hundreds and thousands of words over a billion topics. That’s why it’s amazing how people enjoy these things because.. It’s all in a person’s head, what this author feels, what this author dreams and aspires.. It’s beautiful.

2. Friends and Family. Something to cherish. Never let them go.

3. Anime/Cartoons/Things to watch. Everyone needs a dose of anime and cartoons. At least for me.. And to those who underestimate cartoons and anime (hi dad), don’t ever. Some of those can be pointless (*coughs*Teen Titans Go*coughs* *coughs*sorry to those who like this, but I can’t like this one*coughs*) but there are some who have wonderful plots, character development and heavy drama (*coughs*Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Star vs the Forces of Evil, How to Train Your Dragon, Boku no Hero Academia, Yuri!!! On Ice*coughs*).

4. Crochet. I love crocheting. and yarns. and someday I’ll make an empire full of crochet things and everyone will bow down to me. Kidding (but seriously).

5. Tea/Coffee/Anything with caffeine. They’re life-giving forces against a bad day or a bad week. 

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