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Guess what came in today?? @goddamnchou‘s Sugar with the amazing cover by Pandanoi! I’m so glad I didnt forget to order one before it’s out of store, because I love that fic to pieces…It’s Fluff, Feels, Smut and…Daddy in all the right amounts :> The Eruris themselves did take a look too:

…at the smut, huehuehue.

Si fragile © Morgan Lou Wolf aka Morgan Lou or Lou Tess W, 2 017 :

Hi everyone some more the Loud House fan-art this time it is based-off……….. @captaindarko !!! 

Please do take a look at his fan-fiction The Prodigal Lincoln and its sequel !!! Be prepare for darkness and triggers…. most of all…..SUSPENSE!!!

If you like the romance, suspense, drama, dark horrors…..and YANDERE o you are in for a TREAT!!! ENJOY!!! 

Also still working on the style to use for the Loud House… Yes there are definitely many great artist drawing their own versions of the Loud House and I could use some advice from them or anyone about the style I should use for this. Please do comment, like and re-blog :D


Another fun collab with great artist @pumpkino ! Their style, oh my good, looks so cute. I’m literally in love with their work. Check out their blog for more!

You might have noticed it already but : We made DGHDA rendition for movie posters! (Back to the Future / Mr. & Mrs. Smith)

This was so much fun! Thanks!! I would be extremely happy to collab with you again at any time!

I got a sudden rush of VinnieLing feels out of NOWHERE and I had to release it somehow. So why not color on of @coppadigelato‘s adorable sketches? Do check them out, they have very cute work! Thank you for letting me color these, I love surprising people with these when I have the extra time. ɾ⚈▿⚈ɹ

inspired by this thing [x] go read it if you haven’t already!!!!! 

@hajimestooru YO YOUR FANFIC’S GREAT I JUST BINGED IT TODAY AND AAAAH i love the way you write and your ideas and the angst in it and shit and yeah can’t wait for you to continue it ❤︎ ❤︎ 

this has probably been done before but  here!! he is!

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Can you recommend like 5 of your favorite Harry Potter fan art bloggers? You might know some that I don't.

ooooo yes yes yes! here’s a bunch of really amazing artists that have great Harry potter art! :

@upthehillart@upthehillnsfw , @froekenpest / @froekensynd , @dasstark , @blvnk-art , @atalienart , @kreugan , @yesbocchan , @hvit-ravn , @laure-demontety , @boaillustration , @wisesnail , @cieliavalentine , @s-u-w-i , @stilesstays , @dis4daria , @inimeitiel , @pembroke , @eldensa , @istehlurvz , @xla-hainex , @alea-lefevre , @foxville , @artofelli , @captbexx , @mattys-art , @mdashow , @siminiblocker , @marmottart , @john-fenerov , @cup-of-coco , @tio-trile , @twiggymcbones , @autlawaltua , @marinamichkina-art , @anxiouspineapples , @elentori-art , @michelle-winer , @jpaddey , @morganevelten , @queenstardust , @peaceofseoul , @lilabeanz , @bethybooth , @alekina , @huangh , @lulusketches , @katiecandraw , @artofpan , @jmadorran , @eleadore , @ekayart , @asvidraws , @emilyscartoons , @bevsi , @lauraellenanderson , @verbalvomits , @audreybenjaminsen , @adantuunes , @viria , @gin-draws , @mickisketch , @mitsouparker , @andythelemon , @waricka , @batcii , @smellslikecolor , @captbexx , @loquaciousliterature 

sorry, couldn’t pick just 5! impossible! double sorry if i missed anyone!

(feel free to tag your favorites if you see this post but not your favs!)


doing commissions again!!

Some general rules/things:

  • Fanart is go.
  • No graphic porn, extreme violence/torture, graphic gore (some blood or bruises or whatever is fine though). Basically, keep it PG-13. Ish.
  • If the finished product isn’t entirely to your liking, feel free to tell me! I’m willing to do small changes. No refunds though, sorry.
  • Prices can vary depending on the complexity (a character with full armor is going to cost more than a character with just a jeans and t-shirt). 
  • Art is for personal use only, not commercial.
  • Also feel free to hit me up for things that aren’t on this list! Maybe you want a birthday card or a banner for your website or… something else illustration related. Just tell me what it is and we can work out a price.
  • Payment upfront and via Paypal only.

And if you’re not interested, please reblog this I will love you forever.

Here’s some examples of finished commissions. If you’re interested, shoot me an email with details at

I also still have a shop, so you can check that out for phone cases/tote bags/prints/whatever.

All My Idols Ch 32: The Things I Do For You

This is for the armies following me! I probably spelled something wrong but I’m tired so if something is really wrong please tell me and I’ll deal with it later. Enjoy and good night! And if anyone is curious, the story about going to the concert is true!

This is a horrible idea, I think to myself standing outside the new Bighit building, a duffle bag hanging off my shoulder. But I force my feet forward until I’m wandering the halls in search of one of the occupied practice rooms. It doesn’t take very long to find the noisy group of boys jumping around eagerly, barely trying to dance but they do the foot steps perfectly based on muscle memory at this point. I standing in the doorway doing the foot motions I know to the crazy baepsae dance. As the end comes closer the loser of rock paper scissors should be stepping forward to do their punishment dance. It’s Jungkook who looks about ready to bust out his normal silly dance when he notices me and beams. It only takes him a second to rush over to me and pull me into the center of the dance circle and begins spinning me around.

I can’t help but laugh as the giant boy spins me until his legs can’t hold him up anymore and topples to the ground, pulling me with him. We are dying while the others try to pull us a part. The young man and I both reluctantly release each other, allowing me to greet al the others.

“Good to see you found your way okay,” Namjoon gives me a strong hug.

“How are you feeling after your first performance?” Hobi wonders.

“My first performance? Who the hell cares about that? You guys are going to the Billboard Awards this week! That is freaking amazing!” I beam at them. The group of boys blush. “I wish I could go with to support you guys!”

Jimin gives me the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on his pretty face, “Can you?”

I shouldn’t have said that, now all of them are doing it, “You guys I have work, I’m sorry for even suggesting it.”

“Noona, don’t apologize, we completely understand. But don’t you ever want to go back to America? Even to visit?” Tae plops down on the floor next to me.

“Sure, there are a few places I would like to return to but I’m in no rush to go back. I have everything I need here. Next tour I’ll tag along for a few concerts, I’ll show you some great places I’ve been.”

Yoongi strokes my head, “I can’t wait.”

“So Joonie, have you thought about what you are going to say during your acceptance speech?”

The leader shrugs, “How can you be so sure we will need one? We are up against some great artists.”

I scoff, “You are kidding right? Have you looked at the polls? You guys are killing it! Yes you are up against some great artists but you are great too you know. You guys have worked so hard, it’s time the other side of the world started realizing it.”

“Our princess is so sweet,” Jin basically throws himself at me, forcing my back on to my back with the older on top.

“Hyung get off,” Jimin whines.

“I thought we were dancing?” Hobi gently kicks the older, who now has his arms wrapped around me in strong hug.

He mumbles a quiet thank you before attempting to move away but I pull him back into a just as tight hug. The others are confused by our sudden very lovey behavior but when Jin and I stand up they seem to brush it off. I roll my shoulders and stretch a bit, “What are we doing first?”

“Well you seem to be a fan up baepsae, should we try that first?” Kookie offers with a sly smirk.

“Yes! I make no promises that I will do it well this first round. Who should I copy?”

They hum but Hobi asks, “Who do you want to follow?”

“I usually copy Kookie,” I point to the youngest who is smirking even more, making me almost regret my honesty.

“Great! Come on Noona! Hyung! Start the song!” He grabs my hand and drags me to his starting place.

“Shouldn’t we break it down a bit for her first?” Joonie suggests.

“Let’s just jump in and see what she knows first, than we can go back and correct what we need to fix,” Hobi counters.

“It’ll be fine Joonie, I got this,” I mostly lie.

The boys look a bit uncertain but play the music nonetheless. I stand in Jungkook’s shadow at first, confused on exactly we are doing that but the minute we begin I’m being twirled in front, staring myself down in the mirror. So I try to focus on the moves and less on where I should be headed, with Kookie behind me I can’t really follow him. The boy just pulls me along by my hips, or waist, or just my belt loop, to say it was driving me insane wouldn’t do my feelings justice. I kick my legs up, expecting Kookie to stay a few feet behind me so he could do the moves himself but instead he is at most a foot away, as if he is just there to watch and escort me around.

I try to distance myself from the boy a bit, swinging around with the others, purposefully going the wrong direction but he is always there pulling me back. God this kid is driving me crazy. Though it would be a lie to say I’m not enjoying it. His eyes scan every inch of me during body rolls and hip thrusts, half way through the song someone stops it. We all freeze to see Yoongi standing by the speakers with a scowl on his face.

“Jungkook if you aren’t dancing you are out, Charlie can just dance in your place,” The older man decides.

“But Hyung.”

“Out!” Jungkook pouts but goes to sit on the floor facing us, Yoongi starts the song over and I find myself back where we began. I’m spinning around on my own this time, bouncing around, waving my legs like an idiot but Kookie seems to be enjoying it. I even catch the others staring during my little dance with Hobi and Jimin, hoping and praying I can do it half as well as Kookie, going from cute little bunny hop to hip thrusts without much in between.

Tae whistles and yells encouraging words, I send a wink his way. Being his normal ridiculous self, he pretends to faint, distracting me from whatever I’m supposed to do next. His scrunches as he laughs at himself, that face just melts my heart, I find myself forgetting the dance and lunching at him. My arms around his neck, legs around his waist in a koala hug that the other seems to enjoy.

“What is up with everyone being so clingy today,” Yoongi whines as he pulls me away from Tae into a hug of his own.

“You know why,” Jimin snaps coming to join our little group.

I cock my head, “I don’t, I would like to be informed.”

Namjoon sighs, “We are nervous about next week and you calm us down.”


Jimin weasels his way pass Yoongi’s arms and rests his head on my shoulder, “You calm us down. You make us feel like nothing could ever bring us down, like we are the most amazing thing you have ever seen.”

I wiggle out of their embraces and clap my hands together, “Everyone sit your ass down, we apparently need to have a talk.” The are confused but obey my command, forming a little group on the floor in front of me. “Okay, let me just clear this up for all of you. You guys are amazing. Without any doubt I can say that. I love you guys so much, both as my friends and as idols. You guys have no idea how much I loved and respected you back when I was just fan. I was living with my grandparents one summer in another state when I found out you guys were going to be on tour in Chicago, which happened to be 8 hours away. So you know what I said? I said I wasn’t going to go, I worked and my family would murder me for even trying to go when I had a flight out of the country the morning after the concert. You know what I really did? Three days before the concert I was like fuck it! Bought a ticket for me and the one other Kpop fan in the state, lied to my family, and drove eight hours to see your concert, just your concert. The minute you finished we got back in the car and drove home, barely made it to the airport. We almost died on the way home, I should not have driven 16 hours in less than 24 with no sleep but oh my fucking god guys… it was worth it! You guys killed it! It was one of the best moments of my life! So don’t you ever say that you aren’t amazing! I almost died for you! That is how much I believe it you!”

They all stared at me for a moment, kind of dumbstruck by the rush of words out of my mouth. Jin stands up, his eyes narrowed, not the reaction I am expecting, “You did fucking what? Do you have any idea how dangerous that is?”

“Oppa, I think you are missing the point,” I try to counter but the others come up and agree.

“That is ridiculous! Charlie what would we have done if something had happen to you?” Hobi worries.

“You guys didn’t know me at the time, remember?” I chime. “Also in case you guys forgot I also jumped on a plane to come here after planning for like a few weeks.”

“Now you are missing the point! Thank you for doing that to see us but don’t ever do that shit again!”

I roll my eyes at them, “I would do it again in a heart beat.”

“No!” Joonie scolds, “Why do that when you can literally call us and we will go through hell to get to you?”

“For the thrill,” I muse. “And of course for you guys. I would cross a country for you guys. You don’t understand how much you mean to me. Now I thought we were here to dance, Kookie, show me how to do that thing from Blood, Sweat, and Tears. Up, up, boys lets do this!”

Two hours later I would say I’m a professional at BTS dances, or at least I’m not just flailing my arms anymore. Also, I can successfully do Kookie’s weird push up, body roll thing from blood, sweat, and tears, so I would say today was a great day. The others are tired and lying on the practice room floor when I decide it is time for me to go. After a lot of hugs and whining Namjoon is walking me out. At the front door of the building I turn to my escort and hug him tight.

“You know you don’t need to worry right? You guys are going to be amazing. Just don’t stress okay? You are so smart, I wish I was half as smart as you, but remember you don’t need to know every single English word. I don’t. So if things are hard to understand don’t panic, just ask, okay?”

He sighs, “If anyone needs to stop worrying, it’s you. Your little story gave me a boost in confidence, I know we got this.”

“If you need to practice your speech you know where to find me,” I hum with a big smile. Namjoon surprises me by cupping my cheeks, being so tall he towards over me, and I feel like we are in a drama.

His thumbs caress my cheeks softly, “I feel like I don’t tell you enough how much I appreciate you. Thank you so much for everything you do.” He kisses my forehead with those soft lips before stepping away, taking his warmth with him.

My face flushes, “Joonie.”

“Good night Noona, sleep tight,” Once again he kisses me, on the cheek this time. He goes back into the building, his ears just beginning to turn pink. I’m so thankful for my tan skin because I would be blushing so bad right now. I’m used to people kissing my head, checking me out, hugging me, holding me, but I don’t something felt so different with that. My god, I’m still blushing.

The Night Of The BBMA (I may be wrong on times but I believe it was like seven or eight in the morning when they started in Korea)

“Do we really need to make a big thing about it?” Seungri whines next to me.

“You can go,” Youngbae and I say together.

“Free up some spots,” Youngbae glares from where he sits on the other couch with Dae and Seunghyun. Jiyong is on my other side, I’m resting my head on his shoulder, his arm is around mine, Seungri is leaning back so his basically on top of me. We have been watching this for what feels like forever, the performances are cool but after being to so many Korean award shows and concerts it’s much less exciting. I root for the few American artists I still listen to but I’m not very up to date on everyone. But it is going to be worth it to see those dumbstruck faces of the people who don’t know the amzing artists who are on the other side of the world accept the award they deserve. My fingers run through Ri’s hair as he munches on popcorn. He feeds me a couple, the others glare at the interaction.

“When can we turn this off?” Seunghyun yawns.

“When they come on stage,” I scowl at him, “You can go to sleep you know.”

“Not after you woke me up at seven in the god damn morning on my day off,” He snaps back, so cranky.

“I made you breakfast, doesn’t that count for something.”

He sighs, “Yes, I’m sorry, it’s early.”

“Hyung it’s like eleven now,” Ri points out.

“Just shut up,” He growls back.

“I think it’s happening,” Youngbae points out excitedly, though I think it be because it means he can go back to sleep. I pop up in my seat and jump right to my feet to stand only a few feet from the TV. They don’t complain, just let me do what I want. My heart is racing when the nominees are listed, even though I know they are going to win I can’t help but shake with nervousness. When the speakers open the card and BTS’s name pops up I’m screaming. Literally screaming with joy to the point Seunghyun throws a pillow at me. I peek over my shoulders to see them pouting, as happy as they are about BTS winning they still don’t like when I’m fan girling over other people. But for now they can deal with it.

They all go up, looking damn near sinful in their suits, grinning ear to ear like the idiots they are. I’m bouncing on my toes as the go to the stage and accept their award. Of course Namjoon does all the speaking, talking about how grateful they are to be there and how amazing their fans are. I’m on the verge of tears when they start walking away but Namjoon stops back at the mic and smiles at the camera.

“One last person I need to mention, our number one fan, our princess Charlotte. We love you,” With that he winks at the camera, the other members hold up hearts and blow kisses. I’m dying. I’m actually on the floor dying. I’m kicking my legs, rolling on the ground in a fit of giggles. My heart is freaking out in my chest, I can’t believe this. Moments like this my life becomes surreal, my everyday life feels like a fairytale in its’ self but now I feel like I fell down the hole to wonderland.

“Those boys have death wish,” Seungri pouts.

“They can’t just confess like that on international television!” Jiyong joins in.

I smirk at him, “They just did!”

After one more fan girl scream Jiyong rolls his eyes, wraps his robe around him and shuffles back to bed, mumbling under his breath, “I tell you I love you everyday.”

“And I scream a little bit inside every time,” I wink at the green haired man.

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I mean if SpongeBob can drool under water so can they. Also =////= AHHHH YUS I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT Aftatafdbdjdj. U really are a great artist ×////×

Yes you’re right ahahah
Awww thank you cutie ❤