yes they play ps3

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have you ever played journey on ps4?? it's not really like the other games you blog about but it's a really really lovely game to play with a fascinating little storyline!!

Yes!! It was incredible :’) played it on ps3 tho lol

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Hello! I bought hakuouki Kyoto winds because I was interested in all the new routes, I'll admit that I never finished the original when I tried it way back on the psp. I'm excited to give it another try! I'm one of the people who didn't realize that Kyoto winds is only half of the full game. I was wondering, is the PS3 English version close enough that I could just continue from where Kyoto winds ends? Aside from the new routes of course, is the rest of the game similar overall?Thank you!

Yes, if you play the PS3 version in English it will be close, not 100%, especially for Kazama, and definitely won’t have the new routes, but if you’re desperate for some closure that’s your best bet until we have an idea of when the localized version of the second game will be released.

I am so sorry :( I know I tried to warn people here but it’s impossible just on my own and IFI really really really needs to make some kind of official announcement since they’re going to have a way broader reach than some loser like me. 

I hope that you will still enjoy Kyoto Winds! There will be more we just don’t know when ;_; 


I just want to thank every single one of my followers, because they make my dashboard the best and I love you all. Bolded ones are blogs I like a little extra :)

Amy: My best friend in real life. We don’t talk that much on tumblr. If people only knew us in real life I swear we’re like…I don’t know how to describe it, haha. You know about every single boy I think is attractive and we always end up watching a tv series or you force me to play one of those games on ps3. Yes, it’s hell of a fun (heaven of a fun????). I miss when we were floating on that board in the sea….we freaking ended up on the other side of the island, ohhh dayyuum. You’re my best friend, and we’ve been together through a hell of a lot bullshit (I’m glad that period is over), anD HAD FUN. [watehhh] haha, sorry, I had to. Also you’re one of the prettiest girls I know about (it’s true). I love you, Amy. No homo ;) 

Anna: How do I even start this? I love you, okay. We’ve been friends since the start of the summer and we talk almost everyday. AND even when we don’t talk to eachother, we know that one of us are busy with school. We start our conversations with “ANNI” “ANNA” “OMF” and so on, y'feel me? You basically listen to everything I tell you. That really means a lot :) (remember the “oh, that’s nice” comment you made to that awful picture, I’m dying). Just admit it, you’re cute :))))

Din: You’re one of the persons I’ve know the longest on this site, and we don’t talk that much anymore. I still love you, you know :) How long? Over a year? I will always remember you, even if it seems like I don’t, but I have a master mind. AND WE’LL DO THE COFFEE THING ONE DAY! THE COFFE SPILLING THING, OH HOLY, IT WILL HAPPEN! It’s genius.

Kayla: Okay, so Kayla. You’re one of the persons who really listens. I always wonder why you’re up so early in the morning, like what the fuck?! I really missed you when you were gone for about a month, plus you’re still grounded (?);that sucks :(( Hope things will get better soon! You’re too kind to me 

Miriam: My Norwegian buddy. How do I describe you? You’re awesome, amazing, fabulous, uhhmm, just kidding. No, I’m not ;) You inspire me with the flying stuff on your blog all the time, flying Ed and Niall, and twerking 6 year old girl or something. Yes, pretty much it. You make fun of me 90% of the time. I’ll take that as a compliment :) PS. you’re a very, very kind person. I hope people aren’t reading these, oops.

Sabina: I hate you. I really mean I love you, tho. I’m not quite sure what to write about you. We joke to one another, and you’re really slow with replying to my messages (I know you’re busy, trust me). You’re really kind and a loving guuurrrlll. Talk to me when you have time :)

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