yes they are my children

Alfred “sass to deal with this” Pennyworth

Bruce “yes these are all my children” Wayne

Dick “I am like the mom of the friends” Grayson

Jason “I died once and will remind you often” Todd

Tim “I am too tired for this” Drake

Barbara “badass and smart” Gordon

Stephanie “don’t tell me what to do” Brown

Cassandra “you don’t stand a chance” Cain

Harper “I dare you to” Row

Kate “don’t doubt me cause I will kick your butt” Kane

Duke “I can do this” Thomas

Damian “I prefer animals over people” Wayne


i am physically and emotionally crying he revealed his real name and identity to the summoner he trusts them THAT much AND HE VOWS…TO FIGHT FOR THEM…….AND WITH A WIDE SMILE WHILE HES AT IT IM SO…………………..


Okay @destielonfire​ and @amaelangel

Ask and you shall receive!

Here are my official 2017 Cockles Predictions!

(In no particular order)

  • Jensen will share some gross (both in the cute way and the literal meaning) bathroom related story about Misha.
  • Jared will imply during his and Misha’s panel at JIBCon, that Misha enjoys giving Jensen hand-jobs.
  • Jensen and Misha will go on a second family trip together– this time, camping!
  • During a livestream, we will get yet another Cockles headboop as well as a cheek kiss, all in the same video.
  • A fan will be at a SPN filming location and witness Jensen smacking Misha’s ass– hard … for seemingly no reason (that we’ll know of).
  • A photo/video of Misha enjoying one of the first brews from the Family Business Beer Company.
  • A follow-up photo (most likely posted by Danneel) of Jensen enjoying watching Misha enjoy one of the first brews from the Family Business Beer Company.
  • Misha, talking to his kids about “Uncle Jensen”.
  • At least three Jensen-specific items in this year’s GISHWHES.
  • Cockles hand-holding– a lot of it.

Dated for Posterity: March 16th, 2017.

it’s been awhile tumblr haha. i want to start posting more, i’m slightly busy but it’s good fam. anyway have some happy irl bananas.

(song: thank you by MKTO

videos: vlog 9 (terroriser), making bacon pancakes, try not to not laugh challenge (fourzer0seven), wildcat tennessee roadtrip, this is our job #askmini (miniladd))


So I did A thing…
And I blame all the “Keith being obsessed with Mothman” hcs that are going around…slowly seeping into my brain…

Basically Keith adopts an alien-moth thingy (he names it Moff-Moff)

Might do a comic later about how they met (aka how Moff-Moff sneaked onboard the castle)

These are all quick doodles but I might ink and color them later on…