yes they are leg warmers

(Random) Donnie Headcannons

-Donnie (like Raph) has a scent kink. I will go down with this.
-Donnie is a semi-picky eater, he likes what he likes, he won’t experiment with new food if he doesn’t have to.
-He can handle spicy really well though.
-Don can dance, it takes a bit to get it out of him, but when you do get ready.
-He sleeps hanging off the bed; he likes his feet and hands to be exposed.
-He likes it when his s/o uses nicknames on him, publicly or in private, it don’t matter.
-Donnie has a thing for jewelry, but especially rings. Like if his s/o yknow rubs their ring clad fingers on his skin he’s gonna become aroused sooo fast.
-Donnie is usually stuck in the lab, we know this, but I feel he’d soon enough cater an area for his s/o. Like a nice cozy corner for them to spread their stuff out, keep Donnie company but not feel in his way.
-Donnie gets intense sugar cravings at night; at some ungodly hour he’d bake an entire cake and then eat it all by himself.
-Donnie is good at giving scalp massages and facials.
-Donnie has a tumblr (c’mon we know he does)
-When he’s bored or side tracking he takes personality quizzes or “Which (blank) Are You?” quizzes.
-Donnie likes to paint models, any kind, it’s a good little stress reliever. He’d give one to his s/o if he caught them eyeballing one of them.
-Thigh highs, knee socks, leg warmers. Yes.
-He adores his lover’s back; just following the curve of their spine is mesmerizing.
-He’s knows how to tattoo (and I’m pretty sure he can do piercings too).
-He’s a greedy big spoon.
-He will be caught spinning aggressively in his chair regularly.
-Donnie is emotionally intuitive with his partner, but sometimes he has to be reminded to just be reassuring and comforting, not to play psychiatrist.
-He worries a lot about his partner, maybe more than he can admit it. If they’re sick or having an off day he’s gonna show up unexpected because he won’t be able to sleep at night if he doesn’t.
-He sings to his s/o, not like in a loud manner, but more a lulling type of singing. He likes how it makes them smile.
-Compliments are an effective ego boost for him, but not in a show off way. He’ll just be stuck on cloud 9 all day.
-Donnie is the boyfriend who texts you good morning and goodnight. Also “Drive home safe” and “I want a cat, look at this video, you should get a cat.”
-He has a bad habit of using his s/o’s clothes to clean his glasses. He’d say “I need to borrow this” (uses their shirt to clean his lenses).
-If his partner voiced they wanted to start working out, he’d immediately volunteer to join them. It’d be a good break away from his lab, and he’d be spending time with his love.
-Donnie keeps track of his girl’s cycle; he stocks up on whatever she needs (I feel he’d just have a separate bathroom in general for he and his bros ladies. Anything they’d need would be in there). His girl could literally just call him up at 2am and say “Can you ask Mikey to make me some of that fondue stuff, cause I need it bad right now.” And he totally would. He’d wake up his brother and they’d cook together, swapping stories, then he’d deliver it to the bae along with other goodies.

DAY 2 | On a chilly evening, April is cold and clings to a warm Jackson, hugging him close for his warmth.


“I couldn’t open the wine bottle so you’re gonna have to do it.”

April pulls down the sleeves of her sweater, tucks her legs beneath herself comfortably, resting her chin against the top of her right knee.

“Did you at least try this time?” He laughs from in the bathroom, and she can tell that he probably has a grin on his face even though she can’t see it.

Rolling her eyes, the trauma surgeon nods to herself, cradling her arms around her legs, bringing them closer, keeping her warmer. “Yes, I tried.”

The bathroom door opens then, hot steam pouring out across the cold wooden floorboards and making April glance up at her husband, stood in the doorway, one hand on the frame with a smirk on his lips.

Jackson eyes her for a second, contemplates moving, “Did you?”

“Yes.” She bites her lip, hugs herself tighter. “How are you not cold right now?” The redhead almost pouts.

He shrugs, steps closer and sits on the edge of the bed, towel around his waist and wet chest glistening.

“Because I just had a very hot shower and you refused to join me.”

She almost has to slap herself for staring, until she remembers that she can she will.

He is hers. She’s allowed to stare if she likes, and maybe even use him as a radiator?“

She nods her head once, licks her lips and shuffles closer to him, "I now regret that decision.”

“Because you’re cold?” Jackson grins, holds his arms out open, inviting her into his tanned body willingly. His arms wrap around her waist then, her legs by his side and his chest to her side. She leans her head against his left shoulder, snuggles just a little bit closer.

“Because you’re hot." She giggles at her own reply, looks up at him through long, tired lashes, "Maybe I need heating up?”

“Maybe you do.” He nods, agrees, runs his thumb over her hip tenderly, tracing the cool pale skin beneath her purple sweater.

“Any ideas?” She shivers, once, twice when he kisses the side of her neck.

“Oh, I have plenty.”


“Not what I was thinking, but alright.”