yes they are couple

They literally had 0.01sec of screen time together and they have “chemistry”.
Do Katie and Jeremy look cute together? Yes! Do I want them to be brotp? Hell Yes! But I'm​ damn sure the show will make them a couple first chance they get.

And hey, you know who has REAL chemistry? Lena fucking Luthor and Kara fucking Danvers!!!
This season isn’t even over yet and these people are making me nervous about S3.

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Hey, I read you know a lot about sigils. Is there a list of sigil making methods somewhere or could you explain how you make yours? I'd love to understand sigil magic! Thanks XO


I know a good bit about working sigils in my own way, yes, lol.

My personal method can be found [here]. This was written a couple years ago, but it basically has stayed the same the entire time, with a few minor tweaks.

As for a list of sigil making methods…

Some tips I have for you:

  • sigils are a part of chaos magic, in which there are no set rules on how to do things “right” - this means you can work with sigils in whatever method you wish
    • so don’t worry about doing it “right” or “wrong,” or practicing differently than other people
  • as you can probably tell by all the links, there are many ways to create sigils; some creation methods share similar ideas, while others take new and creative ways to make the magical symbols
    • this means you can work on your own method and it is still valid
    • feel free to tweak any other methods you find to best suit your own interests as well (as long as you don’t take complete credit for it)
  • it is important that you like how the sigil looks - just like tarot decks, you’ll have a stronger connection to it
    • you can also use sigils other people have created, provided they give permission for it
  • it will take time and practice - you may find yourself thinking your sigils don’t look good in the beginning
    • trust me, neither did I
    • I sometimes had to draw 12 separate sigils for the same intent before I got one I liked
    • just keep drawing, you’ll get one you dig soon enough, and it will get easier and quicker the more you work with sigils
  • don’t forget to [charge them]!

Good luck! :D

Yes, Taehyung said: “Let’s have a private conversation” (우리끼리 오붓한 대화를 하기 위해)

But this is not romantic or Vkook.

V: “Let’s have (plural and globalized word, it does not have to refer only to two people, it can refer to several, in this case three (JK, JM and V) a private conversation.”

[!] Private does not mean something perverted or romantic.

In this case, it refers to a conversation between them three out of camera.

Taehyung did not refer only to Jungkook, also to Jimin.
‘And why did he tell to Jungkook?’
Jungkook was the one who started the transmission and who was recording, he told him for that obvious reason.
If it had been Rapmon who had been recording, he would tell it to him .

That is, Taehyung did not say it with that romantic meaning that Vkook shippers think. He was friendly and was directed to JM and JK not just/only to JK.

It’s as if you are in class with your friends chatting and suddenly you feel that everyone looks at you then say “Let’s go to another place without anyone” and, i don’t see the strange or the loving thing to this, lmao.

** Also, who has said that phrase is a trend on Twitter is a lie, there are only 19 tweets with that phrase in Korean (this 우리끼리 오붓한 대화를 하기 위해)

*** I saw a girl on Twitter who said “The translation of the phrase: ‘We need to have an intimate conversation, only us.’” False.
Taehyung did not say “only us.”

Sorry for this but this is not considered a vkook moment.

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Femslash shippers get so much flack for shipping non-canon couples. Like, we’re told we’re delusional and that we should just accept canon, even when we’re being completely polite. But has anyone ever considered why we gravitate towards non-canon couples?? Especially in this day and age when there are multiple canon w/w couples for us to ship?

Yes, part of it is that we’re starving got representation. But it’s more than that! We look at these women who are “friends” and we see chemistry, we see potential, we see the friends to lovers trope. We can see, plain with our own eyes, that if this was a m/w pairing it would have been canon from the start.

But writers won’t take that chance. If/When they eventually introduce a queer female character, it’s never the main character that could so easily be queer. It’s always a side character or a new character. Why are writers so afraid to just go for it? It’s right in front of them! And while yes, we love the canon w/w couples, we still see a missed opportunity.

That’s why femslash shippers get so frustrated. Because It’s right there, but the world is too heteronormative to just let it happen, even if narratively speaking, those two women getting together makes the most natural sense.

Their Little Girl: Part 6

Hey, guys, I’m back again! Thank-you for all the support for my last chapter, and  just by way of an announcement, I’ve posted all the chapters on A03 per the requests of a couple of people.

@agentmarymargaretskitz​: Yes, that was Raily you saw in there! It was a last minute decision but I’m glad I did it!

@badassyang21​: I’m not sure how much more angst I can write in this story, but, here goes!

@hayliemyers-agentofshield​: Yeah, I thought this was very much needed. Hope i kept everyone in character!

@amberphoenix22​: The story is now on ao3 so you can share it with your friend now if you still want to!

@thecrooktomyassasin​: Mission accomplished! Nice to know my chapter had that affect on someone!

Here are the previous chapters if you’re just coming in on the story:

Part 1:         Part 2:       Part 3:        Part 4:         Part 5:

                                 I know you,

                           Who are you now?

                Look into my eyes if you can’t remember.

                             Do you remember?


                           Red: Never Be The Same

Zayna woke up from her restless night to the sun shining in her eyes. She groaned and stuck her head under her pillow. She felt exhausted and her eyes were strained from her long night of crying.

Her digital alarm went off and Zayna stuck her hand out and slammed it on top of the black time keeper until she hit the right button.

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Why Beth might have said that.

Though Rachel was described by many as being bubbly and joyous, we must not forget that she was a human being. And like most, she would’ve experienced hardships in her life. I mean, she wasn’t immune from those things just because she was religious. Now about her mother, look at Eric and Dylan. On the outside, they looked like normal teenage boys despite their run-in with the law, but they had a deep, dark secret hidden inside of them that no one knew about. Why was that? Because they choose not to reveal it to anyone. Rachel on the other hand decided to confide in Mark and a couple of others. So yes, a couple of people knew about it, but not everyone and certainly not her parents. That is why I speculate the reason why Beth said that is because Rachel never informed her nor showed any signs of depressions. She must have found out later because there was that scene in the film where the actress playing Rachel was about to end her life before running to Nathan (a substitute name for Mark). Which we now know was a different adaptation of what actually happened. 


Kana is talking to her mother-in-law.

Kana: “Yes… Yes… They already settled everything… Yes… Only for a couple of days… Kotori? Your Grandmother wants to talk to you.”

Kotori: “Yeah? That sounds great grandma! Thank you so much! Yes… See you Then!”

Kana: “Sounds like you are going to San Myshuno. I’m going to miss you bunny…”

Kotori: “I will miss you too…”


“The bromance. The captivating couple”

Dong Wook. It was so nice working with you.I hope we can work in another drama again. I miss you.
- Mr Goblin, Gong Yoo hyung. We had beautiful days. I wasn’t lonely, thanks to you. If we could work together again. I think we can have more fun.

Enhanced 2x09 “Scottish Barbarian” Scene