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  • jimin: aww, kook, you are such a cutie
  • jungkook: what i'm getting from this is tht you're ready to profess your undying love for me and finally ask for my hand in marriage,,
  • jimin: what
  • jungkook: what

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OH MY GOD BABY DRABBLE okay, okay, what about 2 & 6 w Kylo?! 😆

Haha, yes! I hope you don’t mind, I decided to make this a sequel to the triplets drabble I did for @crylorenlo a little while back. Hope you like it!

Modern AU Triplet Kylo +  “Why is it making that face?” +  “Don’t you want to hold her/him?”

Matt and Ben walked into the living room of (Y/N) and Kylo’s apartment instantly setting out in search of their brother. Ben peered into the kitchen with furrowed brows.


“In here!”

Matt and Ben followed the origin of the voice to a room off to the side. Sure enough with a few strides they found themselves in the nursery Kylo and (Y/N) had made for their new twins. Kylo stood beside the crib adjusting the two little bundles in his arms as they cooed in response, their eyes wildly roaming the room as if they had never seen it before. Hearing the set of footsteps Kylo looked up from the twins.


Ben gave him a nod as Matt beamed at the sight of the two little beings squirming in Kylo’s arms.

“Hey. You called?”

Kylo nodded as he adjusted the twin in his left arm, “Yeah (Y/N)’s out for the day, so I thought I could have you guys over for once.”

Ben groaned, “You called us over here for baby duty didn’t you?”

Matt instantly walked over to Kylo, almost too eager to hold one of the little bundles. Preferrably his niece who seemed the most enamored by Matt, or rather his large glasses.

“I’m fine with that.”

Kylo smiled as he carefully handed his daughter over to Matt, already knowing how eager his brother was to hold her.

“I got a new gaming system also so we could do that after I give you a tour.”

Ben crossed his arms with a slight huff as Matt turned to him with a grin on his face, his tiny niece reaching forward to grab tiny fistfuls of his shirt. 

“I guess.”

Kylo walked closer to his brothers, his son still craddled close to him in the right arm, gesturing with his free hand to the room they were in.

“This is obviously the nursery.”

Matt nodded as his eyes searched the room, “It’s nice…cute. Did (Y/N) decorate it?”

“Of course she did, that’s how it ended up cute.”

Ben snorted faintly, “Thank gaud she did.”

Kylo nodded as he walked past his brothers, continuing his tour of the apartment with the litte bundle still in his arms. Stopping in the living room Kylo sighed, adjusting his son so that his head laid on his chest.

“And that’s it.”

Ben nodded in approval, “Great, what games have you got for us?”

Kylo sighed as he pointed to the entertainment system a few feet before them, “Feel free to go through them.”

Just as Ben was about to move he suddenly stopped, doing a double take to the infant in Kylo’s arms. His tiny face seemed to be “scrunched” in displeasure.

“Kylo. Why is it making that face?”

Kylo’s brows furrowed as he pulled the infant away from him for a moment, observing his face. His brows raised slightly as his lips parted.

“Oh, I thought (Y/N) took care of that.”


“He needs to be changed.”

Matt suddenly paused where he stood, looking to his niece with hesitation as she had a very similar expression on her face.

“Make that two.”

Walking back towards the nursery Kylo ran a hand through his hair with a sigh, “Ok I’ll take care of it.”

“Do you need help?”

Kylo hesitated, looking between the infants and his brothers. Suddenly he moved towards Ben, handing him his nephew.

“Yeah just hold him while I get everything.”

Ben’s face scrunched up much like the infants in disgust, “Why do I have to hold them?”

Kylo rolled his eyes, “Just for a minute, I can’t get everything I need and hold both of them.”

Matt smiled at Ben as he nudged his head towards the infant, “Don’t you want to hold him?”

“Not really.”

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glsfjkdx i’m starting to really feel like aoba’s a muse i’m going to stick with for a long time. i often drop muses when i start to feel unsure abt my portrayal, or i get a bit bored of them, but??? aoba’s my son i love him. i mean, i occasionally feel like i understand him a lil too much but–

i won’t get bored, bc he has so much to him. if i wanna write smth cute, he can do it. if i want smth dark and fucked up, he’s got bad ends and his alt. personality and??? there’s nothing i can’t do with this muse. aaaaaaaaaaaa happy feelings. <3

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Could you do tree bros for the prompt where it's cold and one of them tries giving the other a ride? I cant tell which would be better. I can see Connor trying to make up for pushing him and Evan refusing bc he doesn't want to burden him or I could see Evan trying to be nice and Connor being like "no. Im a bad ass. I walk this lonely road-" but then again I can't see Evan really insisting on anything

Update: I see more Connor offering the ride trying to reach out and make up for pushing him (mainly changed my mind bc I saw the “get in the DAMN car” and can’t see Evan just driving next to somebody “pestering” them

Hmm yes yes yes this is good

I wrote another version of this too! Its w evan driving haha and here it is if any one wants to check it out it is here 

and this is just a short lil bby thing!!! 

Hope you enjoy!!

Evan walked in a precise way. He seemed to carefully pick up his feet and place them in front of him like every step mattered. He didn’t step on the cracks, and he carefully avoided ledges or weeds.

Connor would know, because every time he drives home, he sees Evan walking. It has become a thing now, for Connor to ignore everything that he learned in drivers ed to stare at the cute boy as he walks by. Connor has liked Evan for a few days now, and Connor was an impatient person. He craved getting to know Evan, he needed to.

How Evan hasn’t noticed him yet, Connor doesn’t know. Connor tried his hardest to not slow down as he drove past even though he got less time to look at him. Sometimes Evan would bring music, and he looked really relaxed (and cute) as he walked. Now, though, Connor had an excuse to talk to him. Plus, he had to apologize for pushing him a few days ago.

The weather was now nearing negative numbers, and Evan looked freezing as he walked. He had a jacket on, but from here Connor could see him shivering. Connor swerved the car to the side, scaring the boy half to death. Connor rolled down the window.

“Get in the car.”

Evan looked into the car, obviously petrified. He softened a bit when he saw that it was Connor, but still didn’t move.

“Why?” Connor could feel the cold air from outside and shivered.

“Because it is the literal definition of freezing out there, and your house is just on the way to mine. Come on.”

“I thought you didn’t like me?” The statement seemed more like a question. Connor rolled his eyes.

“And why do you think that?”

“Y-you shoved me?”

“Yeah, well, this is my apology for that. Now get in the damn car.”

“C-can’t.” Evan was nervous now, he was stuttering. Connor turned the car off.

“And why not?”

“Because I don’t know you!”

Connor extended his hand. He couldn’t reach out the window, but it would have to do.

“Hi. Connor Murphy. I have a car that can drive you home. Nice to meet you.”

Evan stared at Connor’s extended hand for one second. Two. Four seconds passed before Evan stepped down from the curb and got into the car.

He grabbed Connor’s hand. Connor tried to ignore the flutter in his stomach when he realized how soft (and cold) Evan’s hands were.

“Hi. Evan Hansen. I would like to not walk home today. Nice to meet you.”

talesfromcallcenters: "I had to talk to the cops for like, a whole hour. You shouldn't have called them because I'm suicidal!"

(I’m on an overnight shift. It is about 3am when the call comes in. It is important to note that the agency I work for is NOT a suicide hotline, nor are any of us trained in crisis intervention. I had a class on intervention a few years prior to this call.)

W: “Hi, yes, I’m calling in because I need some help. My son and daughter won’t talk to me anymore.”

Me: “Certainly, how can I help you?”

(Over the course of talking to this woman, I realize within the first 20 minutes of the call she has all the red flags for suicide. She makes statements like:

W: “I just don’t want to live anymore.”

W: “I have some pills. I’ve been saving them up.”

W: “I’m thinking, so, if I take these pills, I won’t have to deal with this anymore. I am going to do that when we’re done with this phone call.

(An hour and half into the call, my boss logged on to facebook at 5am. I was the only overnight staff, and nobody who I had messaged was answering their phones. My boss agreed to log on and start answering calls and got her number. I told her not to call 911 quite yet as I was trying to get an address.)

W: “Well, I think it’s time to say goodbye now. I need to go do what I need to do.”

Me, to my boss via FB: We’re loosing her - get the cops ASAP

Me, to woman: “Oh, don’t go yet. You haven’t told me about your cat. Can you tell me about your cat?”

(I kept her talking until she left to talk to the cops, who were doing a welfare check. That wasn’t the end of it, though. Two hours later, when my boss was working she called back.)

W: “Thanks for talking to me, but maybe next time don’t call 911. The cops made me talk to them for two hours!” Click

(The cherry on top was when her case worker called back the next day, FURIOUS I’d called the cops on her client. The beauty was she got my boss, who had gotten up at five am. My boss politely told her we weren’t a crisis center, that she was damn lucky her client had gotten someone with crisis training, and with a strong request for her client to call a suicide hotline next time.)

By: writeandknow

Weight loss

Ok. Stop telling stories or listening to stories about how weightloss is hard. It’s not.
You want something. You do certain things to get it. This is the basic concept and it is not that hard. I mean…this is how human beings have always gotten stuff they want
But the fact that you and everyone is the world tells u how hard it is makes it so much more harder!!
Prepare your mind. Your body will follow.
Weightloss is easy. Eaaasy.

P.S. yes. I have used the W word. Because I believe that words don’t matter..they just stress us out when we over think if we should or shouldn’t say certain things. Words don’t matter. Vibe does.


hey @eightmonkeys , y’know that au where laurens lives??? i can totally dig that :^^)))