yes these pics are my fav

rip to yugyeom’s black hair SEPT 2016 - AUG 2017. gone but never forgotten. u were good to us and blessed us with many iconic yugyeom looks, while also being kind to his scalp. we truly do appreciate the sacrifice u made in order to salvage the remains of jaebum’s dying hair, not all heros wear capes.

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Do you ever miss the old Tim Drake (as in, how he was before the New52)? I sure do. :'(

Oh, my goodness YES! I don’t even feel like the new52 Tim is Tim like my brain just blocks all of that out, to be honest.  

Our Tim is a goofball, and bursting with personality,

He can be a dork at times, and excitable, 

He has been through a lot,

He’s lost too many people to count,

And that has left him a bit broken, and a little insecure, 

But he still shows love,

He still has friends, people he knows he can rely on.

He has earned the respect of Batman (and many others) and is beyond smart.

And I have to say, he is beyond creative- especially when it comes to taking down villians and covering his tracks,

Willing to take himself out to get rid of an evil older version of himself-

Faking his death to trick Ra’s al Ghul (with the help of Cass)

Staging a failed assassination attempt on Tim Drake-Wayne (with the help of M’gann)

And a bunch more. He really thinks outside the box.

There isn’t anyone else like him in the DCU. I love Tim Drake. 

And I feel like the new52 just took Tim and stripped all of that away, meaning that he isn’t our time he’s just some cheap knock off. I mean, do these writers even read comics!?

So yeah Anon, I miss Timmers, I miss him a lot…


So blessed to have so many talented artist!! <3 Sheith has my heart and won’t let go. I have so many more charms on the way and I want even more… Do you think I have room for them…fuck! Also 7 plush commissions from my fav plush artist. 


Now that Montreal’s all snowed in (yes, I had thought it was spring too…), thought I would share my Tommy cafe pics with you. Throwing it back to a beautiful day in March that gave me way too much hope on an early spring… Nonethess, such a cute spot in Old Montreal to check out! It’s really one of the best in the city. <3

Sidenote: The acai bowl wasn’t mine. My friend asked a stranger to Instagram his aesthetic food. 

IG: legendoftamar

Ever since I read about THE scene of today’s episode, I’ve been containing my screams. YES…!!

I could start a text wall with analyses of his character and inner torment to explain how he became my fav character in only a few days while reading the manga, but I’ll just stop here. Please have this Bertl’s sketch and go watch the episode if you haven’t already.

This boy is too pretty for my own good.

Edit: this pic has been painted! Check my blog for the latest version

Fic rec no one asked for but I delivered~

Send Me Your Location (I don’t need nothing else but you)  - (1 of my current faves)

Taemothy: Thts it, I’m ready 2 die
Taemothy: Tell ma eommathti love ha
Taemothy: Gonna eat da Tide paks now
Taemothy: Gudbye cruel world
Jimothy: U liked a 65 week old instagram pic didnt u?

Take Me Home (Take It Slow) - ( FAVFAVFAV)

Jungkook is an idol and Taehyung is his chaebol sponsor.

 a lesson in selcas - (FAV BUT ALSO THIS IS SO CUTE I DIE??)

Jungkook is too cute, and he hates it.

or: the “hey your selcas are so nice and I have no confidence whatsoever so maybe you could teach me how to do it” AU

he wants the succ - ( Idk what to say about this yet???)

taehyung messages the wrong number and jungkook is gay as hell


Unknown Number:
my dick is wet and u said ud be here 15 minutes ago

Of Angels, Dicks, and Chance Encounters - ( OK no but actual fav dont @ me I love single parent au’s and Jungkook as a lawyer yES)

The actual summary for this is too long so Jungkook is a lawyer who meets architect Tae because their lil boys got into a fight and they were both called into the princi’s office ;)  They’re both hella soft and just wanna protect their babies :(

fuck you and your chin mole - (But like this is so fluffy I lived???)

Taehyung is very enthusiastic about dogs and also very enthusiastic about dog owners. Well, just one dog owner actually. One very cute dog owner.

Pretty in Pink - (I actually avoided this fic for so long but I actually love it and read the entire thing in a day)

Kim Taehyung was a legend in Jungkook’s books. He had just arrived to Busan and was already incredibly popular, either because of his looks or his personality. Taehyung drew everyone’s attention, even Jungkook’s. But along the road Jungkook finds one of Taehyung’s biggest secrets..

no more parties in seoul - ( no words just fave. I DIED laughing at this fic no joke tho)

tittytae: mail me my death certificate pls

tittytae: i jus accidentally liked Jungkook’s pic from fifty weeks ago

jimin neutron: YES YES YES

tittytae: I UNLIKED IT

tittytae: did i just make it worse

That one chatfic where Bangtan are in college, live to expose each other, and Hoseok is a modern day cupid.

come, pick me up - ( I SMELL ANGST AND PROMISE)

The road less travelled is not always the easiest. When Jeongguk joins Produce 101, he doesn’t expect to meet one of his ex-members, not after BTS disbanded almost three years ago. He doesn’t expect to meet Kim Taehyung.

ok for the finale.


Stop My Heart - ( gvhjwqbffhqo NO WORDS HOW MUCH I LOVE. IT HAS EVERYTHING I LOVE IN A FIC WITH GRADE A SMUTTT. I cried reading this art. Its not complete tho :((( and the author rarely updates so ha my heart dies a lil… shoutout to my main bb @dumbndumber for recommending this ily <3)</p>

“What does it feel like?”


“Knowing you fixed the heart of the man who broke yours?”

ASDFGHJKL thats it for now~

I still have more to rec but the list was becoming a biiit long…


i wanted to do a dream visit so here i am!
visited @elys-i-um‘s gorgeous town of Fawnhill
the light rainfall combined with the serene music was super calming and peaceful. i absolutely loved the bamboo thickets scattered about, and the bush hedges lining areas was a neat little touch! and the houses were so nicely decorated and very cute! definitely one of fav dream towns~

DA: 6B00-0010-955


help sandy! 📷

can some of you guys please give me your opinion on these screenies? I created a new reshade preset today and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it! The first two are taken in the morning, and the third was taken at around 6:00PM. Any thoughts/opinions would be really appreciated!! 💕

edit: I’ve redone the two pictures of the simmy to be ‘less red’ is that any better? also yes it is very blurry, but the blur I’ve used is actually the same as what I currently use :’) I think it’s just emphasied here because of all the red xD i also added a pic of one of my fav male sims in, because why not :P

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Can I have some of your fav pics/gifs to convince my friend that seb stan is amazing?


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I hope these help!! 

Yes Sebastian Stan is amazing. Everything he does, every part of his body, just everything!! He is awesome with his fans. He puts everything he has into his characters. I’m very proud to be in this fandom!!

BTS Home Party 2017✨

ok all i want to say is;
1. thanks for the waiting pic bcs jimin hands is wrapped around jjk neck,
2. thank you for all the performances (God team slay yall- Jin rap to my fav track, Nevermind & yoongi singing Awake save a billion lives)
3. thank you for the cute kook to the min moments (see: jeon hitting his minmin bcs got a question wrong & yes, dat bigass heart during the cute concept perf. —psst, i think bighit lowkey telling us that jjk&minmin is a couple?)
4. why there is no wdta part 2 live —you guys gave me hope and now you ruin it QnQ please take responsibility for my broken heart QnQ
5. Jeongguk is not Jimin & Hobie roommate but just enter there for the unit/roommate game&perf. bcs his boyfriend is there— just kidding, idk why lol, u think? eue
6. Jeongguk 💯 knew how Jimin drawing & handwriting looks like- let’s be real, even i know that ((누가 봐도, 지미니야……
7. Jimin still think about how some fans said that ‘they felt distant’ with BTS and he ask the fans to not think like that ;; im soft QuQ
8. Tae saying that he will show a better side individually and Jimin said “WHAT DO U MEAN INDIVIDUALLY? DO U WANT TO LEAVE BANGTAN?! DO WE NEED TO LEAVE NOW?!!” –he kinda shout, so rip my ears bcs i use earphones ㅋㅋ
9. it is too short overall ;;

Here is a video of me petting my dog Cheese (that’s his name). I am up to Chapter 50 of ACOWAR and it’s getting SO GOOD. I honestly miss going on here because I’ve been trying to avoid spoilers before I finish the book, but the first thing I saw when I came back today was THE biggest spoiler of all so fuck it I’m just going to go on tumblr. (Also, I just watched Get Out at the cinemas. If you haven’t watched it—you gotta. It’s not scary at all, it’s more similar to my fav show on Netflix—Black Mirror). Side note: this is such a random post

New Studyblr

Hey y'all! I’m paul(ina) from nyc and I’m a new studyblr! I’ve admired studyblrs and the studyspo community for a while now (I mean, productive AND taking gorgeous photos is hella impressive) and decided to start my own little studyblr to keep me productive during junior year.

A little about me:
-starting junior year in the fall
-essays are my jam                                                                                                
-kickboxing is the best                                                                                            
-I love musicals - I just saw Anastasia!                                                                  
-period dramas are the shit; recs would be much appreciated!

Some of my fav studyblrs:
@emmastudies (I love your printables + advice) @architstudy (ahh all your pics are so on point) @studyplants (A+ tips) @unefilledepapier (love love love mix of studying and feminism) @universi-tea (what an absolutely excellent name) @studylustre (yes flannel boy) @rhubarbstudies (ahh so pretty) @academla (everything about you) @julstudies (supa cute) @studyquill (avatar inspo also you rock)  

+ so many more 

I’m so excited to meet all of you and be a part of this community and just ahhh.  I’d love to make some friends so feel free to message me <3 <3