yes these are the videos

okay..NO need to tell you what I wanna do to John..!



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Psst you should really draw Stan and Kyle cuddling if you can or take a nice sleep to rest ur tired lil head c:

I hope this is cuddly enough lol. I got this ask a long time ago, so I’m sorry it took so long for me to get around to….but ; v ; They’re probably watching dog videos. I do need rest also, yes…

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For all the people saying he's not in the band so he doesn't need to be in the videos and pictures. Yes he's not in the band ANYMORE. But he was once in the band. You love GGB so much? That's Dallon playing the bass on that song; on the whole TWTLTRTD album. You love the line "These words are knives that often leave scars"? Dallon wrote that line. Dallon played a significant part in Panic. Even though he's not in the band anymore, he's deserves some more recognition.

Dallon even wrote part of G/G/B as well. Him and Brendon did and no one else. Dallon’s been in the band for 8 years now. Besides Brendon on Spencer’s been there longer. I’m not even saying he should get more “screen time” than the others bc they all have the same status now but at least an equal amount isn’t too much to ask for, is it?

So yeah, thank you for this.

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Are you dating robin. I love your cosplay as moony and hermione. And one more question is it pretty in Sweden I'm moving there when i get into collage.

For the last time, no I am not dating Robin.
Robin and Mattias are engaged to be married this year, and I have my own partner since over 8 years and I’m not dating anyone else. Is this really a big of a question that it needs to be included in the FAQ?
If we look like we’re “dating” in our videos, that’s acting (because yes, Remus and Sirius are probably dating).

Now that that’s cleared up, thanks for liking my cosplays!

About Sweden, yeah it’s pretty, not right now because it’s March and everything is grey, but in general it’s a pretty place.

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5, 8, and 14 for the Gorillaz asks?

Plastic Beach or Demon Days?

 i love them both for different reasons?? they both have different feels to them but i think i prefer plastic beach

Do you like Doncamatic? 

YES i think its so underrated! i love the music video too

Have you seen the G-bites? Which is your favourite?

i love them so much omg?????????! i like the EEEL and jump the gut the most they make me lol

Send me gorillaz asks!

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You do know Jake is the one that pieces together the videos and posts the photos. He's hired by Panic! which is Brendon not Dallon. I get people are upset but I mean Ian was a touring member and you hardly see anything about him ever. Dallon was with Breezy as well as his kids a lot during this past week. I get that Jake doesn't get him a lot of stage but we don't know the reason why and you can't make assumptions.

I didn’t make any assumptions? I literally said that we don’t know the reasons there’s are so few pictures of him and that I do know that he was sick and also with his family??? So I’m not sure what you’re getting at me for here?
And yes, i also know that Jake takes the pictures and cuts the videos and Jake is a great guy and does an amazing job. But honestly… Dallon’s been in the band for 8 years now, I think he deserves a little more than that.