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“It’s good to see you again, Inquisitor. It has been too long.”

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Top 5 Italian deserts? :') with their english names too if possible <3

sure :D

1. delizia al limone (lemon delight, it’s a naples dessert that kILLS ME ALWAYS)

2. granita (idk if it has a translation but it’s a sicilian thing and it’s delicious esp. if it’s with the sweet bread accompanying it) (this one is lemon-flavored but I prefer strawberry)

3. tiramisu (… I think this one has no translation haha)

4. torta setteveli (seven veils cake, it’s a sicilian cake with seven different types of chocolate IKR)

5. more sicilian stuff but listen I’m weak, pignolata (… IDK IF YOU CAN TRANSLATE IT SORRY here have an explanation


“It’s better to burn than to fade away
It’s better to leave than to be replaced”

A few days after the anniversary of the split, Brendon thought he had the courage to look at some old photos….

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watching all my fav blogs falling for wanna one is honestly so satisfying LMAO. ive stanned these boys since the beginning of produce 101 and i feel like the evil influencer being like YES I KNOW HES TERRIBLY CUTE MWAHAHAHA NOW LET'S LOOK AT THIS PICTURE

ITS BEEN SUCH A WILD JOURNEY SKDMWOD it’s both a blessing and a terrible curse bc these boys are all super cute and funny and talented and don’t even get me started on seongwoo who absolutely wrecks me bc he’s so damn beautiful like I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man *that* breathtaking before 🤧 but it’s been good lmao I’m glad I decided to give them a chance!

“Do your best, be good to yourself, be good to others.”

Hello all, my name is Watson and I’m a writer. When faced with writer’s block I doodle. When faced with peer pressure I post said doodles here.
Oddities is a series of title pages from would-be comics which follow a handful of silly characters and the zany villains they fight. The “art” is drawn crudely by yours truly. Every piece follows two or three characters out of a small recurring cast. None of the characters have an assigned gender, and all go by they, them, their pronouns.
Yes, the picture quality is terrible. No, the “jokes” are not very funny.
Oddities are meant to be silly and lighthearted and nothing else.
I hope you enjoy them.

Spiders (OT13)

type: one shot

genre: adventure fluff!

synopsis: the boys are way more scared of a spider than they should be

author’s note: i hate spiders but they aren’ that ba- yes they are they are terrible

credit to picture owner

“Guys, I brought you lunch!” You called, while struggling to open the door to your friends’ dorm. Boxes of pizza from a nearby restaurant were stacked on your arms. Using your foot to prop the door open, you asked for someone to lend you a hand.

Mingyu came walking over and took some of the boxes from you. He took a deep breath in. “This smells really good.” 

He smiled and hopped around, dashing to the living room and calling out to the other boys to come eat. They emerged from all over the place, sliding onto the floor and tearing open the boxes. Jihoon hopped over Jun’s legs to try and fetch himself a piece.

You walked in to the room, soda bottles in hand, and set them down. “You’re welcome,” you huffed.

A unanimous “Thank you!” resounded in the air, and you couldn’t help but smile at their smiles because of the food they were eating. Laughter filled the air, soda cans popped open, and then, a loud screech pierced everyone’s ears.

Chan flung up from where he was sitting and catapulted himself onto the sofa. Everyone looked at him, confused, and looked around for what he was yelling about. Soon enough, they had all spotted what Chan had. A spider, no bigger than a thumbtack, crawling towards the pizza boxes.

Seungkwan and Soonyoung ran to the utility closet to get a broom and spray, while Wonwoo kept asking if he needed to call a specialist to check for even more spiders in the building. Amongst the chaos, Seungcheol was trying to clam everybody down. He tried to tell them that it was just a spider.

“Yeah.” Hansol laughed. “It’s just a spider until it bites you and you have to go to the hospital because we find out it’s poisonous.”

You tried your best not to laugh at all of them. Most of the boys were standing on the couch, holding onto each other with iron grips. Minghao was kicking away boxes of pizza from the spider. “I don’t want it touching our food.” He muttered. Jeonghan was standing next to Joshua as they looked at each other, knowing they were both thinking the same things. These kids are ridiculous.

And, honestly, that’s what you thought, too. You made your way to the kitchen, opening and closing most of the cupboards so you could try to find a cup to catch the spider with. Finally, you found one, and made your way back to the chaotic room. The boys outlined the wall and stared at you with wide eyes.

“You’re not going to,” A gulp came from Chan’s throat. “catch it, are you?”

You turned, disbelief in your eyes. “It’s the smallest spider I have ever seen. Yes, I’m going to catch it.” You began to crouch down, but out of the corner of your eye, you saw Seungkwan run at you.

“What if it bites you?” He wailed, throwing his arms up in the air.

“Seungkwan, it’s literally miniscule!” You laughed and twisted your arm out of his grip. Placing the cup over the spider, you waited until the creature crawled up the side. “Open the window.” You told Mingyu, and he did, backing away as soon as you came near him with the cup. Shaking the cup outside the window, the spider fell out and you faced the boys.

“Easy.” You shrugged. A few of the boys came over and wrapped you in a hug. They called you their savior or their hero. You pushed them away with a laugh and told them to go eat their pizza. “Before any more spiders get to it.” You added.

It’s midnight and I couldn’t stop myself from doodling Benny

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ur disgusting

Yes I am a terribly human being for posting vegan food pictures I am truly sorry anon for making your life a living hell