yes there was a lot of cropping involved

imperial-cipher-nine  asked:

That message in the comic looks a lot like they do in-game, that's awesome! How'd you do that?

Well first I took a screen shot of a mail message in game.

Yes my new characters start with 23 new messages because I’ve been playing this game way to damn long.

I cropped down the message and edited out the text using a highly technical method of involving the rectangular select and the paint bucket tools. Then I edited it a bit because the amount of text I had would make it longer then a typical in game mail message.
Here’s the blank base for you guys to use for all your fake swtor mail writing needs.

The font I used is called “Raavi”.  The in game font is narrower and the letters are shaped a bit differently (particularly the lower case r and t). I notice things like this because I am crazy.  Finding a perfect match would require me to be far more ambitiously crazy than I am.   If you are feeling particularly nitpicky you’ll need to increase the kerning/tracking between letters a bit to match the in game font.

The font color is Hex code #95e1fd. It’s a tad brighter then the in game font. I’ll claim this was done to increase legibility and not because I was too lazy to get a perfect match.

Hope that answers your question!

anonymous asked:

Yes I know it's PR. But like 4 years of the same thing and in the same city. It really gets predictable. Also something tells me here there is more than a Modest plan. Jeff being there tells me he is involved too.

Could be.

Could be that it’s just a group of friends hanging out. Could be Harry is doing him a favor. Could be that Louis was there and was cropped out of the shots to sell a narrative.

Honestly there are a lot of “could be’s”, I wouldn’t worry.

As far as predictability, I’ll concede one point to the “enemy” camp. Their albums have come out the same month every year. Is it a shitty way to do PR? I think so. But it’s their call, not ours.