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There are many misconceptions in modern magick, mainly due to carelessness, and lack of research or thinking.

Most modern signalization is a bit off, this post (I hope) will make people think about how they are using sigils, and hopefully they will use these books provided and this post to improve their craft.  

Many people believe to make a sigil you just put it through a simple process of rearranging letter to make a picture and destroy the sigil, (most common way on tumblr it seems), but this is not the case.

Yes, you need to put it through that process, but there is another step after you make said sigil that you must do before you toss in it a fire, or river, or whatever method you to destroy said sigil.  First one must introduce it to the subconscious mind because that is where the actual change and magick will occur.  Here are two well-written explanations by well-known published authors.  

(Cited from these books are examples are examples, you can read from links at the bottom of this post)

“Sigils work because they stimulate the will to work subconsciously, bypassing the mind.  There are three parts to the operation of a sigil. The sigil is constructed, the sigil is lost to the mind, the sigil is charged. In constructing a sigil, the aim is to produce a glyph of desire”,(Liber Null, Peter J Caroll)

“Sigils are images that unconsciously represent your desire. The aim of sigilization is to create an image (usually a symbol of some type) that represents your magical intention. The image is made in such a way that your conscious mind will not make an immediate connection between it and the object of your desire.  Sigils work by exploiting a fundamental difference in the way the conscious and subconscious minds operate. They operate at a point halfway between the conscious and subconscious levels.”  (Basic Sigil Magic, Phillip Cooper)

As you can see in those two definitions and explanations sigils, work by creating a sort of bridge between your conscious mind and subconscious.  Many modern “new age” type forget what a sigil truly is (in this type of setting), they tend to forget in order for a sigil to work they must let it work in the subconscious mind.  Yes, you still destroy the sigil or burn it, but that is later after you have worked with the sigil.  First, it must be introduced to take full effect.  There are many, many ways to create a sigil and how to enter it into the subconscious mind, through meditation, chants, trance, etc.  The way you introduce it is up to you as the practitioner.

Your subconscious mind is the most powerful tool you have as a witch, do not underestimate that or forget that.


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If you rearrange the first letters of the Selection books (S, E, O, H, C) it can be rearranged to form the word “chose,” as in the past tense of choose. Even though their current circumstances and positions sometimes hinder them, America and Eadlyn still have the ability to make choices. 

Yes, this is just a giant stretch to form some kind of analysis.

You can also form the word “hoes.”