yes there is a day dedicated to turtles

ronnie-lodge  asked:

“i found a turtle in my house and now i feel like its my responsibility to care for it and you are a pet store worker who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and i need your help to take care of timmy yes its name is timmy the turtle” au

why do i keep making small fics out of would-be drabbles. (also: why do i keep giving up on the title?)

anyway i’d like to dedicate this to ughbloodybellamy​ because it was her birthday two days ago and i didn’t get to write anything on time for her! hope you like it, sweetie<3

Ark Pet Shop

Clarke Griffin meets Bellamy Blake when he shows up with a turtle during her shift at the pet store.

She’s in the last hour of her shift, not even at the front of the store, but rather checking up on the puppies, because she loves puppies and it serves as practice for her upcoming degree as a veterinarian.

But anyway, she hears the doorbell ring, and when she reaches the counter, there’s a dark-skinned, curly haired man holding a baby turtle in a recipient half-filled with water. Huh, Clarke thinks, cute.

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