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Request:Can you write a long one shot where y/n has been best friends with Gerard Way since they were little, and now they’re like 16 and y/n wants Gerard to take her virginity. And while they’re doing it make Gerard really concerned and caring for her and making sure she feels good. And at the end make it really cute and cuddly

A/N: Hey sorry this took so long, I had a bit of writers block but I got it done! Im sorry if there are any errors, I tried my best to go back and find all of them but I might have missed some. I hope I did ok with this. But anyway, enjoy! ~E

WARNING: Smut ahead

“So do you wanna watch a movie?” Gerard asked look over his shoulder at you. You put your phone down and leaned back on his bed. You just shrugged and snuggled up under the blanket. Gerard took that as a yes and put the movie in. He jumped next to you on the bed and got comfortable.

You were staying the weekend at your best friend Gerard’s house since his parents were away and you were having some problems at home. This wasn’t anything new for you two, you had sleepovers all the time, even though you two were already in high school. You were completely in love with Gerard though, so staying the night was hard for you. You tried to move on though, you even had a boyfriend. Unlike everyone else you had dated you actually like this one.

About 20 minutes into the movie your phone buzzed, you had gotten a text from your boyfriend. You opened the message quickly, with a smile on your face. Your smile slowly began to fall. He had broken up with you, he was leaving you for his slutty ex-girlfriend. You had never been good at hiding your emotions around Gerard so the next thing you knew you were crying your eyes out. Gerard immediately took you into his arms and brought you into his lap so that he could calm you down.

You sobbed into his shoulder, gripping onto his shirt for support. As you cried Gerard rubbed your back soothingly and told you everything was going to be okay. This broke you, this was the first guy you had actually liked in a long time. You thought you would actually be able to forget about your crush on your best friend. Soon, you cries quieted and all that was left was a small sniffle and tears running down your face. Gerard frowned and wiped the tears from your eyes. He never liked it when you cried.

“Hey don’t cry, you’re too beautiful for that, do you want to tell me what happened?” You took a deep breath and just came right out with it. “He broke up with me…for his ex” you bowed your head in embarrassment for how you acted just because a boy broke up with you. Gerard frowned and made you raise your chin. “He was an asshole anyway” he said angrily, you nodded sadly and looked down.

You were taken aback when you felt Gerard’s lips on yours. You were so shocked that you could barely move. Gerard pulled away quickly “I-I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done that. Fuck. I’m an idiot I’m so-” you cut him off with a kiss. He immediately kissed you back. The kiss was full of love and passion. His lips were so soft and he tasted like coffee with a hint of vanilla. You were disappointed when he pulled away but you both needed air. “Y/N…I love you, I have for years” you giggled “Well that would’ve been nice to know a few years ago, I love you too”

You twiddled with your fingers for a moment before asking him what you had wanted to ask him for a while now. “Hey Gee can I ask you something?” you asked averting you eyes to your fingers. Gerard smiled, “Sure, you can ask me anything.”. You hesitated for a second, “Gerard would you please take my virginity?” you asked, gazing up to see his reaction. He was taken aback by your question but managed to stutter out an answer. “I-I would love to but a-are you sure you want m-me to?”. “Gerard, there is no one I’d rather give it to.”

The minute you said that his eyes brightened and he smiled. He went in for another kiss. It was innocent at first but it began to get heated. Gerard was still super shy about it though. He pulled away from you hesitantly and asked “Are you sure about this?” He looked worried as he searched your eyes for hesitation. You cupped his cheek and smiled. “Gerard I already told you I’m in love with you” you giggled. A light blush formed on his cheeks and he smiled. “Ok, as long as you’re okay”

Gerard kissed you again sweetly. Gerard grew a bit more confident and moved to down to kiss your neck. You whimpered softly when he found your sweet spot. You heard him take in a sharp breath when he heard you and you could feel his cheeks get hot. Gerard tugged lightly on the bottom of your shirt and pulled away from your neck. “Can I take this off?” He asked blushing and looking away. You nodded and smiled at him. He slowly raised the shirt over your head and bit his lip at the sight of your lace bra. He reached behind your back and ran his fingers over the clasp of your bra.

“Can I take this off too?” he asked shakily. You bit your lip and nodded, this was the first time you ever got this far with a boy. You were also pretty sure this was the first time Gerard has ever been with a girl. Gerard unclasped your bra with shaky fingers and pulled it off slowly. “C-Can I touch you?” he asked, looking at you as if you were a work of art. “Please” you begged, arching your back to him.

He slowly trailed his hands from your back to your sides then up to your breasts. He cupped you gently, scared he might hurt you. He soon began to softly massage your breasts, loving the feeling of your soft skin. You crashed your lips to his in an effort to hide the moans beginning to spill from your mouth. You bit his lip, demanded for entrance into is mouth, in which he gladly surrendered to you. As your tongues swirled together and his hands fondled your breasts, you began to get hot and bothered. You grinded down on Gerard, needing the friction between you. He moaned into your mouth and lightly bucked his hips up to meet yours.

You then realized he was starting to get excited, feeling the bulge that had formed in his sweatpants. You tugged at the hem of his shirt, wanting it off. He detached his lips from yours and a worried look formed on his face. You looked up at him and moved your hands under his shirt to ghost your fingers over his stomach. “Gee it’s ok you don’t have to be self conscious…I bet your body is beautiful.” You started to slightly move his shirt up. “Plus it doesn’t matter to me what your body looks like you’ll still be incredibly sexy in my eyes.” Gerard took a deep breath then moved his hands on top of yours, guiding them to take off his shirt. You grinned, happy he was comfortable with you. You threw his shirt across the room and trailed your hands over her pale, smooth skin.

He shuddered under your touch as you ghosted your fingers over his torso. He grabbed your hands and moved to kiss you again. He pushed you back onto the bed and crawled on top of you, never breaking the kiss. He slowly ran his hands along your body, exploring every inch of your skin he could get to. He detached his lips from yours and left a trail of kisses from your jawline to your neck, stopping there to suck and nibble on your sweet spot. You whimpered at the sensation, you knew it was going to leave a mark but you didn’t care, you wanted the world to know you were his.

After he was satisfied with the purple bruise he had left on your neck his lips began to venture down again, stopping to suck on your breasts and leave more love bites. He continued to kiss down your body until he got to the top of your jeans. He hooked his fingers around the waistband of your jeans, looking up at you for permission, which you eagerly granted him.

He tugged down your jeans quickly and blushed at the sight of you. There was the cute and cuddly Gee again. You squeezed your thighs together, feeling self-conscience about your body. Gerard frowned at you, “Y/N you’re beautiful, don’t hide yourself from me.” you blushed and eased your legs open a bit, causing Gerard to greedily run his hands all over your thighs. You could feel his hands shaking a bit, he was nervous. He pushed your legs further apart and slowly removed your panties. You blushed and looked away as he stared at you in awe.

“Um, I-I’m sorry if I’m not any g-good at this, I’ve never done anything like this before, I only know from what I’ve heard and uh seen.” His voice was shaky as he said it. “Gerard it’s ok, as long as it’s with you it’ll feel amazing.”. He nodded and took a deep breath. You were about to say something else, but you were cut off by Gerard kissing your core, testing the waters.

You moaned at the sensation, you had never gone this far with anyone before so this was a whole new experience for both of you. Gerard licked up your slit, making you arch your back and whimper. He took this as a good sign and did it again, this time stopping at your clit and sucking on it. You moaned loudly making Gerard stop. “Are you okay? Did I fuck up? Did I hurt you?” he looked panicky and you giggled at how cute he was.

“You didn’t hurt me Gerard, it felt good”. A look of accomplishment spread across his face and he went back to working on you. He made figure 8’s on your clit with his tongue. “Fuck Gee, more” you gasped. He moaned against your core, sending vibrations of pleasure up your body, making your toes curl and making you let out a loud moan. He trailed a hand up your thigh and inserted a finger into your wet core, pumping it slowly.

Your hand immediately flies to his hair, lacing your fingers in his locks as you moan out his name “Fuck Gee you’re so good at this” he adds a second finger and starts pumping. You raise you hips up and moan his name even louder. “Fuck Gerard, I’m going to cum” he starts pumping his fingers faster and moans against you. This sent you over the edge and you came all over his fingers and tongue. Waves of pleasure racked through your body, making you jolt. Gerard pulled out his fingers and licked them clean. “Wow, you taste really good” he commented. His eyes were glued to your trembling figure and he nearly came at the sight of you in so much pleasure, because of him.

Once you were able to catch your breath you motioned for Gerard to come over to you. Gerard timidly crawled on top of you moving down to kiss your lips. You could taste yourself on his lips and it was oddly arousing. You moved you hands to the hem on his jeans and started to them. He stopped kissing you to help you take them off. Once they were successfully removed you hooked your fingers on the band of his boxers tugging them down. He kicked them off his feet and moved back on top of you.

You couldn’t help but stare at his length. He was definitely above average and it was slightly intimidating. You knew it would hurt like hell, especially with a size like that. You were snapped out of your trance when you heard Gerard cough awkwardly. You blushed “Was I staring?” you asked embarrassed. He giggled “A lil bit” his face changed quickly and a serious expression spread across his face. “Y/N are you sure you want this?” he asked, searching your eyes for even a hint of hesitation. You nodded “I want this Gerard, I promise”. A soft smile formed on his lips and he kissed you softly. “This is going to hurt Y/N just tell me when I can move or if you want me to stop ok?” you nodded and braced yourself.

He pushed into you slowly, stretching your walls. By the time he was all the way in tears were streaming down your face. Gerard resisted from moving inside you, not wanting to hurt you. He wiped away your tears and kissed your cheeks. “Do you want me to pull out?” he asked, his voiced strained. You shook your head “Just give me a minute .” Eventually the pain subsided and you sighed, “You can move now” you told Gerard. He immediately started to move his hips at a slow rhythm, not wanting to hurt you. “Are you okay Y/N, I’m not hurting you am I?” he asked breathily. You shook your head and moaned from the pleasure you were experiencing.

“Faster Gee, please” you moan lifting your hips up to his. He started to pick up the pace, complying to your beg for more. You wrapped your legs around his waist, giving him a deeper angle. You gasped when he hit that sweet spot deep inside you, and you clawed at his back, leaving red marks. He moaned your name quietly when you scratched down his back, the pain and pleasure mixing together, forming an amazing sensation. “Fuck Gerard right there”, he buried his head into the crook of your neck and panted your name into you ear. “Fuck Y/N your so tight, I don’t know how much longer I can last” he said, moaning particularly loud when you clenched around him.

“I’m so close Gee” you whimpered bucking your hips up to meet his fast thrusts. Gerard reached down in-between you two to rub your clit and that sent you toppling over the edge. You clenched around him and came, causing Gerard to come as well. You were experiencing so much pleasure you couldn’t even scream, wave after wave of pleasure washed over you and it felt like heaven. He continued to thrust into you, riding out both of your highs. Once you were done Gerard pulled out of you and rolled beside you. “You have no idea how long I’ve dreamt of that moment” he panted, still trying to catch his breath.

You rolled over on your side and faced him. He was sweaty, his hair was sticking to his face and in all directions, he smelled like sex, his face was flushed, and he was panting really hard. You had never seen something so beautiful in your life. You pushed his hair out of his face and smiled at him. He gave you a sweet smile then leaned in and gave you a peck on the lips. “Was I okay?” Gerard asked, worried he didn’t please you enough. “You were amazing Gerard, I’ve never felt like that before.” you said, still panting.

He smiled brightly at you, happy he did a good job at pleasing you. “Cuddle with me?” he asked sweetly. You giggled and scooted over to him. He wrapped his arms around you protectively and you snuggled into his chest. He began to run his fingers through your hair, but soon tensed. You looked up at him with your brows furrowed. “Gerard?” you asked confused. He gulped nervously, “We didn’t use a condom…did we?” he asked. Your eyes widened. Shit.