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Title: Until I Met You Part 1

Character: Isaac “Ike” Evans

TV: Magic City

Warnings: Light smut, more of a tease really, lol.

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

°Combining two requests! Muti-Part imagine. Reader and Isaac are getting married. Flashback of when reader and Ike meet at a dance class.

Isaac “Ike” Evans stood in the lobby of his hotel, watching the guests mill about. It had been a good week, rooms were booked, asses were in the seats for the shows that were playing and it was only a matter of a week before he was to marry Y/N Russo.

To say that it was a good week for her on the other hand… well, he’d be cruisin’ for a bruisin’.

Y/N’s family was in town, supposedly helping her plan everything, but by the time he’d see her after running around all day, she’d be worn out and grouchy.

Taking a cigarette, he lit it up, inhaling deeply to let the nicotine take effect. The stress was starting to get to him; he never liked seeing Y/N with so much on her shoulders.

“Mr. Evans, sir?” One of the new bell hops named Ray, called out.

“What is it Ray Ray?” Ike exhaled.

“You may want to go check on Y/N, sir. There were reports of yelling just a moment ago,”

“Goddamnit,” Ike rushed to the near by table and put his cigarette out in a dish, “Thanks Ray Ray!”

“It’s just Ray, sir!” The bell boy called out to Ike’s retreating form.

Spinning around, he quickly pointed at him, “Not anymore!”

Ike got on the elevator and was quickly taken up to his home.

He rolled his lips at the sound of yelling and mixed languages being spoken.

“Thank you, Rosa,”

“You’re welcome Mr. Evans,”

Entering his home, Ike was met with pure chaos. Old Italian women were screaming while holding swatches of fabric, while others spoke loudly about flowers.

“Jesus Christ,”

“Dad!” Lauren came from her room, running to Ike and wrapping her arms around his waist.

“The hell is going on?”

“I don’t know, but they’ve been like this for the past hour and half,”

“And Y/N?”

Lauren stood on her tiptoes to whisper in his ear, “She’s hiding in the bedroom… and she has the ice cream,”

Ike kissed his daughter’s head and sent her back to her room.

Walking around the pissed off women, Ike snuck into his and Y/N’s room. He shut the door and locked it, muffling the voices.

Turning around and leaning against the door, he found Y/N sitting Indian style in the middle of the bed, holding a pint of ice cream.

She looked depressed, and it broke his heart.

“Y/N, Sweetheart,” he said, nearing the bed.

She looked up from her ice cream, her eyes red, “They’re driving me insane, Ike,”

Ike sat on the bed, resting a hand on Y/N’s bare knee.

She spooned some more ice cream into her mouth and spoke around the frozen treat, “You’d think they were the one’s getting married,”

He watched as she stabbed at the ice cream with the spoon.

“What all is going on?” he asked, moving his thumb from side to side against her soft skin.

She sniffled, “Well, they want me to have a traditional Italian wedding, but I’ve told them repeatedly that you’re Jewish and-,”

“Y/N,” Ike interrupted, “Honey, I’ve told you time and time again that we don’t have to do any of that. It’s whatever you want,”

“I know, but… I feel like I’m disappointing everyone no matter what I choose to do,” her voice became thicker with tears.

Y/N spooned more ice cream into her mouth.

Reaching under her chin, Ike raised her head so that he could look into her eyes, “Who am I marrying next weekend?”

She licked her lips as she swallowed, “Me,”

Ike smiled, his dimples becoming more prominent, “That’s right. I don’t care if there’s clowns performing the ceremony, so long as I see your beautiful face walk down that aisle,”

Y/N laughed, her cheeks tinged a dark shade of pink, “I love you, Ike,”

“I love you too, Honey,”

Taking the spoon, she scooped up some ice cream and offered Ike a bite, “Want some?”

He couldn’t help himself; taking her chin between his forefinger and thumb, he gripped it gently and swooped down sealing his lips over hers.

As he pulled back, his tongue snaked out and licked softly at her bow shaped top lip. He repeated the action with her plump bottom lip and finally dipped his tongue into her chilly mouth and tasted the sweet treat on her tongue.

Y/N whimpered into the kiss, curling her tongue with Ike’s as he continued his delicious assault on her mouth.

He gasped, pulling away from her lips. He took the pint of ice cream from her and placed it on the floor.

Standing, Ike took his jacket off and leaned down to slowly kiss Y/N once more. Using little pressure, he pushed her backwards so that he could rest his body between her sleek, powerful legs.

He rolled his hips, his erection rubbing against his fiancée’s beautiful core.

She slowly turned her head from the kiss to take a breath. Seeing her untouched neck, Ike nipped and kissed along her pulse, sucking gently where her neck and shoulder met.

With a loud smack, he licked at the bright red splotch of skin and spoke lowly, knowing exactly how she liked it, “Remember when we first met?”

She hummed, running her fingers through his hair, “Mmm, yes I do,”

“How about that night in the dance studio?” he asked, between nips.

Y/N grasped his bottom, pulling him against her as she moaned, “When you took me up against the wall?”

It was Ike’s turn to groan. He hiked her leg up higher on his waist, squeezing it with his long fingers, “Yes Ma’am,”

“Jesus, Ike,” Y/N panted.

He raised his head, watching her as she licked her lips. His eyes traveled down to her ample chest where her cleavage was visible and saw that her nipples were hard and begging for attention.

Just as he was about to latch onto one through her shirt, the sound of shattering glass and more screaming came from the living room.

Y/N dropped her arms to the side and growled.

Ike, wanting to spend some much needed naked time with his wife, was growing impatient and quite ill, “That’s it!”

“Isaac!” Y/N hissed.

He turned to her, his face red.

She pointed to his crotch, where his hardness was clearly visible.

He paced a short moment, thinking of anything to will it away. The thought of his father explaining how Inez bathed him was more than enough.

Y/N followed after him, her hands cupping her mouth at the destruction of their living room.

“What have you done!?” she shouted.

A vase that was given to Y/N when she was younger from her other side of the family was spread out over the floor in thousands of pieces.

“Alright! I’ve had it with you old crones and your bitching!”

He watched Y/N squat down and pick up a piece of the vase, her head hung low.

The older women gaped at him, their eyes wide.

“This is Y/N’s wedding, Goddamnit and I will not have any of you stressing her out anymore!”

When one of the Aunt’s went to speak, Y/N looked up and glared before yelling at the top of her lungs, “Get out!”

Quickly the women scrambled out of their home and shut the door with a slam.

Ike knelt next to Y/N and rubbed her back, “I’m sorry, Honey.”

Y/N sniffled which made Ike clench his jaw, “I’ll get someone up here to clean this,”

She shook her head and wiped her eyes, “No, I’ve got it,”

“Y/N,” he sighed when she shook her head.

Stevie chose that time to bust through the door. He looked at the shatter pottery on the floor, his eyes wide, “Ummm,”

Ike stood and pointed at him, “Yeah, I know. Not a word,”

With his hands raised, Stevie replied, “Got it,”

Y/N came back around and began to sweep the mess up.

“Uh, Dad. The Fire Chief is waiting for you in your office,”

“Damnit… give me a minute, I’ll be upstairs shortly,”

Stevie nodded and took off, shutting the door quietly.

Going over to Y/N, Ike took the broom from her hand and pulled her to him, “I’ll be back in a bit, okay?”

She blinked back some tears, the day’s events making her hormonal, “ ‘kay,”

Ike leaned down and kissed her slowly, the softly whispered in her ear, “I want to finish what we started, Sweetheart,”

She giggled quietly, smacking his arm. It was truly a welcoming sound.

“I’ll take care of you. Don’t you worry,” he said, close to her ear, smiling.

“Go on Evans,” she smiled.

Even though she was exhausted, Y/N was truly the most beautiful woman ever known to man.

“Yes Ma'am,”