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i’m so sad that i feel as if i can’t even say i’m excited to see delphine in next week’s episode without people screaming that the show isn’t about her. idk what is in the air this season but everyone’s being so harsh on people mentioning her??? she’s had about 2 minutes of screentime please calm down and let people be excited without jumping down their throat this has been a psa


our little magazine has gone through quite a bit of changes over the last 60 decades. and for those of you who says we are still a fashion and beauty magazine i say yes, yes we are. but for those of you who say we are just a fashion and beauty magazine i say: here’s the next great mascara to give you bigger eyes to see the world, here’s a fabulous pair of jeans now go climb a mountain❞  

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I imagine Jesper like soft curls and a deep tan-middle eastern looking? does anyone else feel this way I don't imagine him black?

hmmmm….well idk if anyone else feels that way…but i certainly do not. i guess i can see how he could be interpreted differently because he is mixed race and his dad is said to be pale with reddish hair (right?) but his mother has dark skin……but look my dad is a very pale filipino man and my mom is black yet i am still very distinctively black so i need jesper to be too :) that representation is important to me and i’m sure it is for many other people as well. and i don’t know for certain what zemeni is based off, if someone has an idea please tell me, but there is a zemen in ethiopia, which i know because a quick search of zemeni shows results of a drama based there (and okay yes there’s a zemen in bulgaria too) which just solidifies my belief that jesper is very much black. 

i really had no idea people envisioned him differently and now i’m especially curious. pls come talk to me about jesper lmao

I started listening to Welcome to Night Vale recently and I think I fell in love, thanks again for showing me this shit @silversatori! xD

I got curious if there was any fanart of him and checked out the tumblr tags (in hindsight maybe not the best idea, I might have spoilered myself a little lol) but I wanted to draw Cecil as well at least once and since for all I know he has little to no taste in fashion (like me) I crammed up some imo shitty looking clothes and threw them together in this doodle
And yes, that is a friggin Jat (jeans+hat)

My overall design for him as it is now isn’t really mine though, I just kind of threw together all kinds of designs I saw and liked and crammed it all up into this out of both lazyness and tiredness :’D

I know I’m hanging behind on things, but I hope that you’ll (after a too long period of not posting any art lmao) like it~

Haikyuu!! fic recs, fast five


Well this took a bit longer than promised, but it’s here now and that’s all that matters. 


As with any rec list, please pay attention to the tags and warnings

Pour some sugar on me - 40.5K (WIP); IwaOi; Making sure you don’t have to work a single day in your life is hard work. Luckily, Oikawa has mastered the skill. Unfortunately his new target hasn’t got the memo and refuses to spend any money on him…

You Showed Up With Perfect Timing - 8K; IwaOi;  It’s a gift card to gym. One month with a personal trainer. What’s the worst that could happen? Apparently the worst that can and will happen, Oikawa finds, is to have the hunkiest man as his personal trainer.

No Date but what we Fake - 32K; KyouHaba; Yahaba Shigeru knows he has a tough task ahead as the new team captain. Fortunately, his old senpais are always on hand to give him advice, even when his problem isn’t strictly a matter of team tactics.

Hinata Shouyou’s Fucking Face - 5K (WIP); KageHina; A thought-provoking study and critical analysis of Hinata Shouyou’s stupid face, by Kageyama Tobio.

How Kuroo Found Kenma - 37.5K; KuroKen; “Oh my God,” Kuroo said, eyes growing wide. He slowly turned to fully face Oikawa, “I’m in love with Kenma.”

Scattered Light - 135K; KageHina; Kageyama, a talented musician, finds inspiration in his bright, cheerful neighbour. Unfortunately trying to share his music doesn’t quite go to plan.

Binding Problems - 36K (WIP); KageHina; Hinata pines.

here comes your man - 9K; IwaOi; No one really knows much about the new surgical resident, Doctor Iwaizumi, other than the fact that he’s married.

I like the way your clothes smell - 75K; KageHina; Power outages, ghost stories, and the presence of a certain orange-haired boy lead to bad decision-making on Tobio’s part.

The Smoke that Roams - 33K (WIP); KageHina; Hinata Shouyo is nineteen years old when he falls in love for the first time.

See you in April (Chapter 2)

A/N - Hey guys, I’m back back back back back again! First of all thank you so much for the lovely feedback I received for Chapter 1, and I’m ever so sorry that this has taken so long - I won’t bore you all with the details but I have a lifelong medical condition that can sometimes flare up quite badly and I was all ready to finalise this chapter and submit it then bam, emergency surgery and 3 weeks in the hospital for me! But I’m back home now and ready for you guys.

Also, whilst I was in the hospital I got a bit carried away and this chapter ended up being close to 10,000 words… so I have split it into two parts and Chapter 2.5 will be with you soon. I would find the link for Chapter 1 in case you missed it but I’m clueless on my phone, but I’m sure you can find it in my author tag! For now, Chapter 2/2.5 is taking you on a long and angst ridden journey right back to where it all began, 6 months before Trixie steps into Katya’s apartment and has “the talk.” Backstory come through!

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I think that the writers had Daisy say "That one's easy. They stole you from his life" because it's not going to be easy and it took much more than Jemma being gone from Fitz life to made him so terrible. What do you think it will take for Jemma to actually reach him? Her picture didn't seem to make much of a difference, and while he did seem shaken from seeing her in person, the tag showed him getting right back to evil Hydra stuff. So, what do you think Jemma will actually have to do? Thanks!

Hi Anon!

Daisy totally needed to throw salt over her should or something after she said that.  Because yes, what has been done to Fitz has gone far beyond AIDA making sure Jemma wasn’t in his life there (yeah I’m sticking to that theory too).  Just as what is going on with May goes behind Kayta surviving.  There are layers and layers of manipulation by AIDA In place here now with all the hostages, but most especially Fitz.   

Even seeing her picture made a difference, its small but it was something.  Aside from Tahiti’s assisted Coulson, Fitz is the only one who we’ve even seen glimmers of and it was ONLY when he was looking at pictures of or Jemma herself.  

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AIDA manipulated this world and those in it for her needs and wants.  She used loopholes in Radcliffe’s orders.  IE you told me to fix a regret not which one/kind.  And she took Fitz in every way she could.  She not only needs his mind for her evil plan but she wanted to ‘have’ a real relationship.  Putting herself in Jemma’s place because she wanted that kind of love for herself.  It also plays into the manipulation, Fitz will do anything to protect the woman he loves.  

What I feel is going on with Fitz is she went back as far as she could manage and changed nearly everything about his life and allowed that to ripple.

  • His father was and possibly still is in the picture, maybe even framework and real world.
    • He’s been made into the son his father wanted.
    • His mother was removed from his life…maybe around age 10
    • Who his father was and what he did led Fitz on a different path, one that he never met Jemma…and met Ophelia (we don’t knwo when).
    • Made sure he closed himself off and doesn’t trust
    • Made sure he was results driven…ie not caring how he gets there just that he gets the results he needs.
    • To isolate him from the team/friends
    • Possible actual brainwashing

One of the important things Jemma needs and looks to be going for thanks to the peek is what has been done to him.  She needs to know what she is up against, what factors are in play, and how she can use her own knowledge of him to fight back.  Fight fire with fire if you will.  

The scary thing is I am feeling more an more is that Jemma is also being used or tricked in some way.  For example Mace sees her as a way to get at The Doctor.  Either he does really love her and can be leverage or she’ll get him information and maybe even access to him.   While Ward…I don’t trust at all.  We’ve also seen that AIDA has a nasty streak, Jemma digging into what has happened to Fitz is going to be nothing but painful as she starts digging, to see how the man she loves has been torn to shreds.  

Its going to take something big to break through.  Things all on my radar…

  • Jemma in serious danger and about to be injured or killed
  • Jemma getting injured protecting him
  • Physical contact/kiss 
  • “Come back to me!”
  • Thermodynamics speech
  • “Whole damn time!”
  • “I lost you once, I can’t lose you again!” 
  • “I’m not strong enough to live in a world without you in it!”
  • “Maybe there is!”
  • Heart speeches
  • Event Horizon speech
  • Rip apart speech
  • Sunrise/Perthshire
  • Something about Marriage as that is something Real Fitz didn’t tell Jemma and the only way Jemma knows about it is thanks to Robo Fitz dropping the bomb.   Fitz hadn’t voiced that himself to Jemma.  So if he is trying to remember/starting too, Jemma mentioning that she knwos might help jar some things loose…since that is something AIDA doesn’t know about from digging around in his head/memories.  
  • Some sort of epic montage of Fitzsimmons moments
  • More out there yet fun option.  Jemma leaves The Sandwich tm with a cat liver next to it on his desk with Love, Jemma.

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One of the hardest parts is Jemma has to get to physically get to him.  Another way is AIDA has to capture her and get cocky enough to either monologue (with Fitz seeing/hearing from afar) or can’t resist trying to show the extent of her control over him…and having it epically backfire.  

On this blog we Love and Appreciate Laura Moon for being a complex character!!

She made bad, ugly choices. Choices that hurt the people she loved. She wasn’t someone perfect or always good. But she has a second chance now to protect and love Shadow in a way she didn’t when she was alive, and she’s a BADASS and I love her!!!! She’s EXPLICITLY suicidal in the show, has difficulty forming close relationships, being emotionally vulnerable and YES, she is manipulative and unkind as a result. But now she’s!! Changed. Literally resurrected!! She’s alone and she has nothing now, but Shadow, and she’s going to be better and protect him and fight for him!!!

And in the silence afterwards, not even the sound of their breathing exists.

Cas didn’t mean to say it, Dean can tell—or at the very least, he didn’t mean for it to come out as abruptly as that. He can tell by the way Cas’ eyes have gone all wide with fear and shock, and by the way his hands shake when he slowly works them free from the lapels of Dean’s coat, holding them in front of his body like he has no idea what to do with them. He steps back, but only a little.

Although Dean is no longer being pressed up against the motel door by the curled fists of a pissed-off angel, he doesn’t relax his stance in the slightest. He keeps himself flat against it, stiff as a board.

This is the part he doesn’t understand.

Fighting he can understand. He knows fighting. He’s good at fighting. He’s never enjoyed it when it was with Cas—if anything, it’s always left him with a hallow and vaguely sick feeling in his stomach, accompanied by another feeling in his chest he cares not to examine. But he still knows it. He knows what words to say to make the deepest cut, knows how to ask all the wrong questions, knows how to speak with his teeth bared and with a growl lodged in his throat.

But this is the part that overwhelms him. This is the part he doesn’t even let himself think about. Cas is just staring him with his mouth parted open and looking like he’s about to take off the moment he can get his senses back, and Dean shouldn’t feel like prey who’s been cornered, but he does.

It’s so much. It’s too much. Dean doesn’t even know if he could possibly hear anything besides the sound of his own heart pounding in his ears, a constant drum against his temples as his vision turns to red. He squeezes his eyes shut tight and does the same to his mouth, having not even realized it was open.

Dean Winchester doesn’t get this. This doesn’t happen. Those words were never meant to be said to him, and they definitely were never meant to be said by Castiel. It’s blasphemy. The moment between them seems to stretch on endlessly.

Unable to gain complete control of his body and with so much emotion rising that Dean couldn’t stop it from escaping him even if he dared to try, he does the most girly, stupidest, most embarrassing shit he’s ever done: he fucking cries.

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Well, my blog here is just is a wee bit dusty… How has it been that long since I tried to start D5… cripes…

Hi there, Followers–WHOA so many of you now, wow! Where did you all come from?! Gosh. o_O I am awed and honoured. I’m afraid been a long time since Taiga and I had anything new to scan and share, but I’m happy to see the old scans are still being enjoyed. :D

Lmao I’ve been still kinda avoiding this blog since I never got past starting D5 and have managed to avoid spoilers, SOMEHOW. XD I’ve done so well, I’d like to keep it that way. One day I’ll have a PS4. ;A;

SO uh. Yeah. Nothing interesting to say really. Just noticed I was over 350 followers and thought I’d like, say Thank You or something. XDa SO YES. Thank you! Cause just. Wow. =O <3 

The Tumblr Story
  • Me: Sherlock sounds pretty good. I should read one of the books sometime.
  • Me: *reads all the books*
  • Me: *watches BBC Sherlock* *watches almost every Sherlock Holmes film available.
  • Me: *is ruined and obsessed*
  • Me: I've to express my love somehow!!! * makes a Tumblr blog*!
  • Me: *follows some fandom blogs*
  • Me: *sees other fandoms*
  • Me: What's Doctor Who? Looks great. I should watch one episode
  • Me: *watches one episode*
  • Me: *watches all the episodes*
  • Me: *starts obsessing*
  • Me: *starts blogging Doctor Who*
  • Me: SuperWhoLock??? What's the super?
  • Me: Supernatural??????
  • Me: Oh, a horror show, nice. One can't get attached to a weird horror show, right?
  • Me: *watches first episode*
  • Me: *watches nine years worth of television in two weeks*
  • Me: Well, fuck!
  • Me: So, this is a multifandom blog now. Cool? Cool.
  • Me: Omg, Percy Jackson has a huge fandom on Tumblr!? How great is that?
  • Me: *digs around in the PJO tag*
  • Me: *gets into Percy Jackson again*
  • Me: ...oh no
  • Me: *blogs about Percy Jackson*
  • Me: Such amazing artists in this fandom. Wow.
  • Me: If this book has such a fandom. Does that mean that there are Harry Potter tumblr people?
  • Me: OH MY GOD YES!!!
  • Me: *reblogs all the Harry Potter stuff*
  • Me: If I'm a multifandom blog anyway I could also check out the tag of some favourite movies.
  • Me: *blogs about MCU and Lotr*
  • Me: What's the 100? I have to watch it.
  • Me: I should read the maze runner.
  • Me: I didn't know there was a Hannibal show. I liked red dragon, can't harm to watch the show.
  • Me: Oh, Game of Thrones!
  • Me: *sees posts about equality*
  • Me: *gets courage to come out of the closet*
  • Me: *aggressively blogs*
  • Me: Ah, what a time to be alive

Since people had been asking me if they can use my MM child design (or AU) with their husbando. This is my answer;

Yes you may;

Be sure not to abuse them;

They are your own child now;

It is optional to follow the MC ship design that I set in my AU. You may use your own MC design in case you guys doesn’t want to follow Cheritz design;

Please be sure to use the official name of the children though;

Ask me if you’re still not sure or has question and lastly;

Show or tag me. I would love to see it!

Have a nice day guy~ I won’t be sleeping tonight due to assignments. So ping me anytime ya’ want.

Almost Time!

It’s getting closer!! So excited to see what y’all have created for the week!! Here’s hoping no one has forgotten by now aahahah (yes erin almost forgot, due to lots of external factors).

I wanted to make a post to circulate in the days leading up to the week starting. Also, I wanted to make a request:

If at all possible, please tag this blog in your creations here on tumblr. 

Due to tumblr being weird about external links (if you post your art/fic/etc on outside websites, they won’t show up in the tag), and due to my less-than-stellar experiences with the search system on tumblr, I’m thinking it’ll be easier to manage this week if you tag this blog when you post your things.

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Okay but,

Keith is afraid of his feelings, right? (which is in the personality quiz thing on the website)

What if because he bottles shit up he just randomly breaks down for no reason whatsoever and doesn’t want to come out of his room. (obviously if an alarm went off he’d get up and push everything down again though)

Shiro knows that it happens because he’s always been like this, and if they can’t find Keith for an extended period of time he gets worried and goes to Keith’s room and finds him there having a breakdown for a number of reasons including shit that happened like months ago.

And he just sits there with him, not saying anything because he knows nothing needs to be said yet and that Keith will talk when he wants to, (because when you’re breaking down and someone tries to talk to you before you’re ready you just start crying harder and it doesn’t help at all). Maybe Shiro starts rubbing his back or something or puts a hand on his shoulder, just some kind of contact to ground him, and eventually he calms down enough to say something.

Even if something really stupid triggered the breakdown (like honestly if I’ve bottled things in long enough someone raising their voice slightly at me is enough to cause it), Shiro understands that it’s not that particular thing that bothered Keith, and it’s something repressed that actually caused his breakdown. He doesn’t tell Keith this behavior is unhealthy, because he already knows that first of all and second of all the last thing someone needs to hear after they’ve been crying is that they’ve done something incorrectly or wrong.

Then they just sit there for a while after it’s ended and they’ve talked about it, and depending on the time of day maybe Keith falls asleep in Shiro’s lap while he softly pets his head or something, (because crying takes a lot of energy out). The others probably find out about this behavioral pattern sooner or later, but nobody bothers Keith about it, (yes, nobody, not even Lance) because they know he’s not an emotionless thing and that he doesn’t outwardly show sadness or pain the way they do, so obviously it has to come out somehow.

Idk man this headcanon just got to me the second I saw what his biggest fear was, like poor smol child, don’t do that it’s bad for your health. ;-;

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Can you add a tag for "Mark’s Egos Encyclopedia Page"? So that I can find them all easily? that'd be very sweet of you! On a sidenote, will you add other things about Bim, like he's obviously not straight, has no qualms about eating a human/canibalism, and I mean, his show was so weirdly edited it /could/ be reality bending powers

Oh, thank you for the suggestion! Right now, I only have two of it posted, but they’re now both tagged #Ego Encyclopedia . I might post another one later today if I’m not lazy. 

Also, yes, I’ll add that he’s not straight. I don’t know about the reality bending powers; I kind of just see it as a really weird television show, but he possibly could have some slight reality bending powers (not as strong as some of the others). But err, as for the cannibalism part, I don’t see how he’s one?? It’s not really hinted at from the videos that he appears in, and it seemed really out of place. You could PM me and we can discuss it (I’m really open to discussions), and I’ll see what I can do.

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I've been waiting for you to tell us what your mom thinks of Cristiano's babies .. did she abandon us and join the dark side ? Did she switch to atleti ?

As for Cris and his babies .. her reaction almost cost me my life .. I showed her the pic while she was driving me somewhere and she was like AWWWW HE HAS A GIRL NOW.. YES MOM HE DOES AND YOU’RE ABOUT TO LOSE YOURS IF YOU DON’T WATCH THE ROAD..
and she’s always so maternal over him I cannot believe..I was gonna tell her she’s not old enough to be his mom but she lets me call these footballers my sons why should I ruin this for her 😂😂

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Oh, hey! Sorry to disturb you, possibly, but the links at the side- the about the au link isn't working! Is it supposed to be like that right now?

Yes, partially! The theme I found for the blog includes an area for tagged posts, but the blog only has 1 “post” right now. I’ll see if I can fix this in the future, but for now the top bar has an “About” with each person’s powers! 

Thanks for bringing this to my attention tho!


Here is asy from asylumtale! yay~ (yes, i drew him again)

This time I put them here cos i wanna show @furgemancs the two versions of it.

The first one is asy and pap alone singing (and gaster? owo) and the second one is with frisk. Idk what pic is better so… you decide? 

Asy is a really good singer :3c 


EDIT: OMG I forgot the scars… I will draw them later D:

Now he has them

  • Me one month ago today: Oh Voltron might be a good show. I like space and korra and Studio Mir so maybe it will be somewhat interesting...
  • Me now: *has changed icon to pidge* *spammed blog with voltron related posts because I'm too lazy to make a side blog for just one fandom* *made a tag yourself meme* *asked friend if they could watch it so I would have someone to talk about it with* Ah, yes it's a good show.