yes the plot is very good

someone: do you watch game of thrones?

me: not for years, but I have an exquisitely plotted story in my head about how Sansa Stark serves as lady of winterfell and falls in love with another northern lady but she doesn’t realize it’s Love Love because she’s just like “what very good friends we are :)” and the other woman is really good at resource management and where to put latrines so people don’t get sick, and they work together and are best friends and maybe more?? Yes, more. It’s a fifteen episode miniseries about rebuilding after war, peacetime governance, and gentle gay love, sexuality, and trust. I have the camera angles all planned out. Arya is there, and she has twelve direwolves puppies that cause mischief. At some point, the whole north is like “There Must Always Be A Stark In Winterfell And It’s Fine If She’s A Lesbian” 

Tuesday Recommendations

The fics listed below can be old or fairly new, so this has no timeline. Neither an order of preference. It’s just a bunch of stories I loved and I’d like to share with you.
*The NSFW fics are tagged as such - 18+ only!
**You can expect some swearing in my personal notes.

Steve Rogers

  • Little Monster (W.I.P.): Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 by @hellomissmabel - {NSFW} - Annie, you’re incredible! You had to be the first in the list because you already know how much I FREAKING LOVE this series! The amount of work put in this series is impressive and the characterization is seriously interesting. The plot is so well-thought-out. Everything happens here: fantasies, suspense, intensity and you can only have tons of questions at the end of each chapter because the rhythm changes and gets even better! It’s incredible and you can’t predict the future of the characters which is the best thing ever!
  • Super dominant, super possessive Super Soldier by @chrisevans-imagines - {NSFW} - I’m such a slut for Dom!Steve… oops. Ava, you’re torturing me with that hot build-up, that damn sexual tension and that perfect dirty talk and that little perfect heated promise at the end. You got me going and once again, the tingles were so incredible that I had to take a little break and go back to read the end. Stunning!

  • Not a One Time Thing by @literallyanyfxndom - {NSFW} - Actually, I really enjoyed this one because of the plot and the build-up: it’s fresh and the chemistry is what I love the most with Steve being a real sweetheart. The rest of the Avengers playing the matchmakers is my new favorite thing!

  • Late by @VindictiveGrace on AO3 - {NSFW} - For a first time writing a Reader insert fic… this was incredible! So sexy and I love the writing style, it’s so light and sometimes funny. Steve was amazing, not OOC at all and I even liked the fact he just wants his girlfriend to relax, no matter the consequences. I especially loved the edging part of the story.

  • Stop Lying by @avengersimaginings - {NSFW} - Can we discuss the fact that Reader being a villain is actually very good to read/write and it should become more important in our fandom. Thank you for writing this gorgeous piece of hot fic. It was amazing to read more of hot-blooded and “dark” Steve.

  • The Engineering Lab by @angryschnauzer - {NSFW} - Let me tell you something… you ruined my panties, girl! This sexual tension between Steve and Reader is almost too much to handle. Your writing is on point and as much as I’m not into anal, this piece of art was amazing and so hot! The stealth suit of sin (as I call it) and the handcuffs: holy fucking shit! That was wonderful.

  • Caught in the Act by @angryschnauzer - {NSFW} - Stop everything and lock yourself in your bedroom because that thing is just so, so good and so intense! I’m just a big fan of the balance between surprise, sexy and funny. The ending was brilliant!

  • Civvies by @after-avenging-hours - {NSFW} - Hot damn. I can’t even tell you how much I love this one because there’s almost everything I love about Steve. This is some amazing fic written with an incredible talent. It was intense and so were the tingles! If you need more conviction: Steve wearing jeans hugging that pretty little as of his.

Chris Evans

  • Just Friends: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5A / Part 5B by @ohevansmycaptain - The plot in this new mini-series is honestly very good and you’ll either disagree with Sebastian Stan temporarily or you’ll be an extreme Chris x Reader shipper. Fluff and humor, as ever, the best mix of all. The chemistry between Chris and his friend is so well-developed and the jokes are awesome. Tender, soft, flirty and funny. Definitely Chris! I LOVED IT!
  • Fix Up by @chrisevans-imagines - {NSFWish} - Ava! You know you’re killing me, don’t you? You know this could happen ‘cause everyone says – especially Anthony Mackie – that Chris’ driving is terrible! It was so hot and yet, with the little fluff at the end, it stays so steamy and flirty!

  • Jelly Beans by @chrisevans-imagines - {NSFW} - The amount of fluff was phenomenal and the fluffy smut was beautifully written. It was so soft and the way you described how they behaved… And the jelly bean idea is pure genius! You know how much I love the way you write Chris, he’s the stupid bearded sweater wearing dumb dork we adore

  • Drunk Texts by @4theluvofall - {NSFW} - Alert. Things are getting hot and interesting here. Actually, the introduction is quite hilarious because I just love the way Chris is written. A bit of Dom!Chris to make your day look better is all you need. And lastly, the gif used works so well with the whole dynamic of the one-shot.

  • His Devilish Fingers by @theycallmebecca - {NSFW} - I love the writing style so much! This was so amazing, heated and passionate. The way the pleasure switches between Chris and then Reader is so well-written and I really enjoyed the fact it happened also silently. Honestly, Becca’s dabbles are so good - NSFW or not - that I couldn’t choose more. So, check her Master List and enjoy the great work. It’s worth it.

  • Not Your Typical Frat Boy: Part 1 / Part 2 by @i-dont-do-rpfs - {NSFW} - Frat Boy Evans? Yes, please! This is so good and the dynamic between the frat boy and the real Chris is amazing. Suffer with me and drown in hotness and the want to punch Chris and then yourself in the face… you will understand.

  • The New Model by @angryschnauzer - {NSFW} - I absolutely loved this work and I made an effort to enjoy the Daddy kink lightly used here. The plot, the place and the way Chris is written is very new and work well together. As ever, I’m just a huge admirer of the writing style which is very inspiring and pure art.

Miscellaneous characters

- Johnny Storm

  • I Don’t Know Why I Instigate by @bittenbyimagines - This is just so funny. Johnny can’t keep his hands to himself and especially when he’s feeling hot… this perfect set when he was experiencing the first side effects of the cosmic storm in Fantastic Four.
  • Drunk Enough by @imaginesnthings - I like the way the author explored furthermore the struggle Johnny began to feel during the events of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer – where he realizes that being this womanizer won’t last forever and he has to find THE one. It’s just a really great one-shot.

 - Curtis Everett

  • Terrified by @chrisevans-imagines - {NSFW} - Brilliant! We need more Curtis in our lives and Ava is one of the authors who fulfilled our wish. He got his head straight and finally made the first move. I really loved this one because this shows the soft and venerable side of his personality.
  • Shhhhh by @captaincorruptor - {NSFW} - Everything about that one-shot is perfect: the writing is just brilliant and the characterization is on point. Curtis: the tortured soul, but the caring leader. What I love the most - apart from the brilliant smut itself - is the way the atmosphere in the train is described. Read this one, seriously.

  • After Hours: Part 1 / Part 2 by @ariallane - {NSFW} - An AU worth reading. I’m so glad because Curtis deserves so much love and this is all about him and his pleasure and comfort. It’s nice seeing him happy after what happened in the train and it’s actually very, very hot! Especially the last part.

- Jake Jensen

  • Accidental Friend by @misshyen - The humor and the fluff were so mixed so well and the characterization is very accurate. I loved every bit of this and I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time. When I read the first paragraph, I literally had his voice in my head singing Don’t Stop Believin’.
  • Smooth Criminal by @such-fun - Cutest piece of writing here! The awkward and adorable dork we love so much perfectly written and the plot is actually so cool because that’s something he would totally do.

  • Shut Up by @samuelsbucky - {NSFW} - I was so damn happy when I read it because it is the FIRST Jake Jensen x Reader smut I found in years! A very bold Jensen we have here, but this is honestly so good!

- Frank Adler

  • Perfect Distractions: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 by @always-an-evans-addict - {NSFW} - This mini-series starts to very cute and then stop to hot damn… the chemistry is great and Frank is such a little tease, always taunting Reader. I particularly enjoyed it because of the atmosphere.
  • Cupcakes and Rainstorms: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 by @angryschnauzer - {NSFW} - That was wonderfully written, I’m such a big fan of your style and it’s so inspiring. Everything was perfect: the way you wrote all of them, the interaction was amazing and the build-up perfect. It was so smooth and natural. You’ve done such a great job.

- Mike Weiss

  • What’s Left by @forceimagines - {NSFW} – Here is the ONLY Mike Weiss fic on the internet, so you can’t pass this one up because this might one of my favorites. The balance between angst – which is very necessary, knowing Mike – and the smut were perfect. It hits right in the feels and the ending opens to many possibilities. Bravo.

medalion confirmed isabella is a lesbian, which means ssc had a black girl as a main as well as a black man as a prince and a middle eastern lesbian princess and tons of other rep for everyone, but you guys decided to sleep on it because white feminists were pissy. got it. 

I’m happy for You

Hello! This is a request and because of that inspired by the song ‘Stone Cold’ by Demi. I recommend you to listen to it whilst reading. I know it’s taken me ages to come up with a story and I very much hope the person who requested it sticked around long enough to read this short little one shot.

I hope you’re all well! x

Plot: Dinner is really hard to enjoy when Y/N notices her ex, Harry, is on a date.

Warnings: Nothing but angst and fluff ahead so I’d say no.

Request: Yes.

Pic isn’t mine but I do love the hat.

He looked so good. And I hated him for it. 
For once he wasn’t wearing one of his flashy and bright suits that only he could pull of, but instead was dressed in a simple black shirt and a pair of dark and washed out jeans. 
It wasn’t his choice of clothing that made my heart sink. 
Harry looked good. Meaning he looked like he was doing fine.
His cheeks were pink from blushing and his eyes sparkled with joy. The mouth I knew was soft and warm to kiss was pulled into a wide smile that made my stomach flutter with longing. I wanted to know what it was that made him smile like that. I needed to know why he was so happy. It hurt to be excluded. 
And his stupid hair. Why did the short look suit him so well?
He looked soft and adorable, so much so my fingers tickled with the need to reach out and touch him. 
But I wasn’t allowed to do that anymore. Only she was. 
The female he had clutching to his arm was pretty. Her lips were painted a dark red I knew he must be crazy about, her hair was long and a thick blond, blonder than any other girls’ hair I’d ever seen that still looked as if it was the natural colour and when she looked up at him her eyes widened to reveal the most stunning shade of blue. 
She was pretty and she had him, the Harry who used to be mine and I both envied and hated her for it. 

“Y/N, you can’t look at him like that I’m sorry.” 

Eileen’s soft voice murmured the words into my ear gently, aware that she was pulling me out of a trance and away from my ex boyfriend. Her hand squeezed my arm and slowly nudged me to turn away and to give my attention to the people we’d come to the restaurant with so that I would at least pretend to be part of the conversation. 
I knew I was doing a poor job, though. It’s hard to smile when your heart is breaking. 
Why was he happy? And how? I was living with half of my soul missing and he sat there, drinking and eating dinner with a new girlfriend and a smile that was big and honest decorating his beautiful features. 

“I’ll be back in a minute.” 

Kim who was in the middle of talking about something funny that happened at work shot me a worried glance before looking at Eileen who gave me a soft smile and nod. 

“Toiled? Need me to come with you?”

“Yes and no I think I can manage. I’ll only be a minute.”

I jumped off my chair and hurried towards where I knew the restrooms were without glancing back at the person I missed so dearly. The door of the ladies’ room fell shut behind me and finally I could breathe in deeply.
I wasn’t crying. That was at least a small victory in a shitty situation and for the first time my hands weren’t shaking that bad. 
The last time I’d seen Harry it’d all been much more awkward, especially when I’d run off and jumped into a taxi in the middle of a busy Londoner street so I could escape the situation as fast as possible. He’d seen me, he must have, and the thought of him confronting me about it made my cheeks burn with embarrassment. How might that conversation go, I wondered as I stared at my reflection in the mirror?
Hey, Y/N, I was wondering… why exactly did you run off like a crazy person the other night?
Ugh. Why was I like this? Oh well… at least my makeup wasn’t messed up and the bit of concealer I’d smeared on did a pretty good job at hiding my red cheeks. Still… I wasn’t as good looking as the girl he had taken to sit by his side. 


The way he used to say my name was forever burned into my memory, so vividly in fact that I could hear them replay in my mind just as if he was whispering them into my ear.

“I love you, Y/N. I always have.”

We were a sappy couple, Harry and I. So in love. Looking at him first thing in the morning when his body was naked and wet from the shower he’d taken, hair dripping onto the soft skin… it was a sight that made me melt every time and turn to hide under the covers before he would notice my flushed cheeks.
Harry would know of course, always aware when there were eyes on him and he’d know instantly where my thoughts were going. 

“I know you fancy me,” Harry would love to joke, “M’hard to resist, aren’t I?”

“You’re full of yourself.” 

But really he was right. I was crazy about him and in love with all of my heart. I still was. It was difficult to know that Harry didn’t feel that way about me anymore. I’d made his heart beat faster once and now I probably didn’t earn the slightest reaction anymore. Well… maybe embarrassment.
I took a deep breath. Harry was here and he was happy and there was nothing I could do about it. Not that I wanted to change his mood either. It was probably because I loved him still that I wanted Harry to be happy, even when it meant it was with a woman with blonde hair and the shade of lipstick I knew I would never pull off. 

So really all I had to do was get the courage to face him again.

“Okay. Woman up.”

I stepped out of the bathroom with the fakest smile pulling at my lips and eyes that were still very far from crying, ready to be strong and totally over it, only to (lucky me!) walk straight into his chest. Fuck.


Hi. That’s all? And why did he sound so fucking calm? I might as well have been his neighbour’s daughter that came over to lend a pound of flour from him.
His tone was kind and the smile he wore genuine, like he was glad to find an acquaintance so unexpectedly.

“Hey, Harry.”

Up close he looked even more perfect. His lips were so pink and pillowy soft, his eyes filled with emotion upon finding mine and when his hand reached out to push a strand of hair from my face it made my heart flutter. How could he look so much like my Harry and still be the furthest away from being just that?

“Didn’t see you earlier. Did you just come here?”

My breath hitched and his eyes furrowed when I took a small step back. 

“Are you alright?”

But I couldn’t form an answer. We were so different. I’d seen him the moment my feet stepped into this restaurant, felt his presence like an energy crushing into me and warming my body from within. And Harry… he only noticed I was there because I’d physically knocked into him.
I’d lost my spell on him and my eyes watered at the thought that I would probably forever be under his.

“I’m happy for you, Harry,” was all I managed to murmur before brushing past his shoulder and towards my friends. 

They didn’t question me when I sat back down with watering eyes and they didn’t comment it when I stayed silent.
It was obvious what was wrong and both, Eileen and Kim knew what had happened when they noticed Harry walk from the narrow hallway in the back to his chair and date. He looked distraught and deeply lost in his own head.

“We can go home,” Eileen offered quietly but I shook my head, trying to smile.

Harry was over me and I needed to come to terms with that and be somehow happy to know that the guy I loved as okay. 

”I’m okay. Let’s just stay and enjoy dinner.”

What I didn’t know though was that the pretty blonde at Harry’s side was his neighbour (funny enough), who’d been nice enough to watch his cat while he’d been on tour and who he’d decided to take out for a nice dinner to say thank you. 
Not a date. Not ever.
Harry’s heart burned at the thought of me thinking that he was okay when in reality absolutely nothing in his life was even close to being okay without me with him. He missed me. Every inch of his skin prickled and every muscle in his body ached with the intense pain of knowing that I was only feet away from him but that there were worlds between us.

“Are you okay, H?” Saide looked at him with worried eyes and it was only now that Harry noticed that he hadn’t said a word in several minutes. Instead he’d been staring at me where I sat at the table with two people he only knew from brief encounters. 

He noticed how my food remained untouched and how I sat with my back tensed and rigid. 
Fuck. He missed me more than what he liked to admit. 

“That girl over there,” Saide spoke quietly, “That’s her, right? Your ex.”

Ex. Harry hated that term. I was so much more than that. I was his lover once and he was pretty sure that I was his soulmate still. But an ‘ex’ I was not. No way did that term ever describe what our relationship had turned out to be, regardless of its end.


“Do you want to go talk to her?” 

Harry hissed. “S’nothing to talk about, Saide. She’s… she’s better off without me.”

Saide shifted in her seat. “Don’t take this the wrong way but she doesn’t look that great to me, Harry. I wouldn’t say she’s better off or fine even. She looks like she’s in pain and so do you.”

His chest ached and when Harry dared glance at me once more his lips parted. Saide wasn’t wrong. To him I looked as beautiful as I’d always had, but there was a change in my appearance. My neck was bent in a way he was sure it must leave me aching the next day and when I tried to force myself to eat some of my food the fork in my hand shook heavily. 

“You don’t… I mean you wouldn’t hate me if I went to talk to her for a moment, would you?”

Saide smiled. “Of course not.”

Harry nodded and with an unfamiliar sense of anxiety he got up and made his way to where I was. He was so nervous his knees felt like jelly.
The shoulder he touched me on was cold beneath his fingers and when I turned to look at him the heart in his chest dropped to the very bottom of his stomach. 
If we weren’t in public right now with dozens of people around and watching us, he was sure I would be crying right now.


“Harry, I think you should just leave her alone,” Kim muttered but before he or Eileen could’ve said anything further my body was wrapped up in Harry’s arms and my head was hidden away in his neck. He just couldn’t help himself. 

Just like earlier in the hallway the magic between us drew him in and this time there was nothing that could’ve kept him from embracing my body and hold me to his.

“M’not leaving,” Harry murmured, more to me in his arms than as reply to Kim’s words, “Y/N, you hear me? M’not.” 

The embrace came sudden and with my face pressed up against the warm skin of his collarbones it felt as if I could breathe for the first time in months. My lungs burned under the pressure. Never did I think that I would get to smell him again and I almost smiled at how ridiculous it was to miss something so insignificant as somebody’s scent. Harry understood though as he himself couldn’t keep from sighing upon burying his nose in my hair.


His stomach fluttered at my whine.

“Let’s go outside for a minute,” he proposed, “Need to talk to you.”

I nodded, almost dizzy from the surreality of the situation and whimpered quietly when Harry removed his hold on me so I could slip from the chair, only to have his arms wrap around my shoulders the moment my feet touched the ground. For the first time that night my smile was genuine. I had him back! Harry was here and talking to me and all of a sudden it physically hurt how much I had been missing him. How had I ever managed to cope with this kind of pain caused only by his absence?
Suddenly everything seemed to be brighter. Maybe things would be okay after all. Well, that was until I found her face. Her pretty and kind face. And when her eyes found mine I noticed her red lips part with shock. 
Oh god. What was I doing? I was ruining this woman’s lovely night with a wonderful guy simply because I couldn’t stop moping around right in front of hi eyes. And of course ever caring Harry would try to cheer me up before returning to his new girlfriend.
No. I couldn’t take Harry from her after he’d left me. She had a right on a nice date and a good evening with him and to whatever that may lead.
My feet stopped moving. 

Harry turned to me with a confused expression. “Y/N-”

“You shouldn’t leave her hanging like this,” I defended quietly and was about to shrug him off when the blonde shot from her seat. Oh god. If she was to slap me that would be okay and so deserved.

But no, the girl gave me a smile, picked up her plate and marched over to where Eileen and Kim were sitting where she without hesitating for a moment took my seat. I watched in shock how she held out her hand for my friends to shake and I tensed when I heard her speak:

“Hi! I’m Saide, a friend of Harry’s.”

Friend. Eileen shot me a surprised glance before taking the girl’s hand and introducing herself as well. I turned to Harry who grinned down at me and when his hand reached for mine I let him take it. Friend?

“Just a friend, love,” Harry confirmed, “Now come on.”

Outside the streets were empty aside from few people gathered in groups having a smoke and when Harry pulled me further away from the entrance I felt myself relax. It was cold (though I had Harry’s jacket around my shoulders before my skin could even shudder) and the freshness of the air combined with the beauty of the night sky made me want to forget all about the uncomfortable conversation we were about to have. 
Though when Harry stopped and I let my back rest against the stone wall of the building the discomfort drained from my veins.
It was just Harry, I realized, no stranger who’d judge me or wish me harm. This was the nicest person I knew and somebody I loved dearly.
He stepped around my body so he his was shielding me from the wind and when I dared reaching up to brush my fingers against the soft skin of his cheek he hummed.

“I’m really not okay without you, Harry.” 

The whispered confession had his pink lips part and for a moment his eyes fell shut. My hand was taken in his and he held it against his cheek, keeping it there so he could press sweet kisses to it by turning his head in my palm.

“I miss you,” I continued quietly, “Miss you more than I thought possible. I’m sorry I messed tonight up and I’m sorry I was such a shitty girlfriend to you but I… I can’t cope without you anymore.”

Every word followed a kiss to my hand, my wrist, my arm… Harry listened intently and the more I opened up the deeper the sorrow he felt ached in his chest. Harry’s free hand met my left side and pulled me into him gently.

“You weren’t a shit girlfriend,” he murmured, his warm breath fanning over he exposed skin of my arm, “You still are the most amazing person I ever had the chance to meet. If anything I owe you an apology for being a crappy boyfriend.”

I shook my head but bit back what I wanted to say next because when our eyes locked I realized that there was nothing that needed to be said out loud.
He was Harry and I was Y/N and the two of us always understood what was going on in the other’s head. It’s what had made our relationship so wonderful in the first place.
His nose brushed mine and my eyes closed. I hadn’t even noticed him coming this close to me but before I could catch a breath his hands were on either side of my head and his chest was pressed against my own and the two of us were kissing.
The short curls of his tickled my hands and his mouth opened against mine when a groan fell from it, caused by my fingers pulling and scratching his head. His hand travelled to my cheek and I giggled when his other tickled my waist before grasping it tighter and bringing me closer to him so he could deepen the kiss. I was dizzy and so was he, the both of us so drunk on each other it must’ve looked laughable from afar. 

I wanted to tell him that I loved him. 
He wanted to tell me that he loved me. 
But after being separated for so long, left with nothing but dreaming and yearning for the other day in and day out… there was nothing either of us needed more than to feel the other’s skin.
In that moment I would’ve given everything to be home with him, be that his place or mine.

“Soon,” Harry moaned into my neck and I hissed when his teeth bit into the sensitive skin, “M’taking you home soon, Y/N. Just- can’t let you go yet. Need a minute and… just-”

“I know,” I breathed into the shell of his ear, “I know, me too.”

And so we stayed, embraced and caught up in each other’s arms, kissing and sighing as the intensity of being reunited crushed our bodies repeatedly until we were so high on the happiness we were feeling all that tumbled from our lips were giggles.

I really hope you like this one… I just couldn’t leave the story as a sad one with him actually being on a date and her ending up alone. So yeah… happy couple finding each other again is a bit nicer isn’t it?


The Fabled Masterlist

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combination plot line :

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anonymous asked:

Okay do i love Jonerys but do you think people would notice the chemistry if they didnt know about the leaks?

I absolutely believe they would, anon!!!

Look, I can’t speak for other people but I’ve loved this ship for YEARS without any leaks. Without even being a part of the fandom online.

I have already argued extensively here and here recently that Jon and Dany will be a good couple based on chemistry and compatibility. None of this has anything to do with plot leaks at all. I’ve thought they would work together based on their personalities and past experiences, and I think they were both very in-character for this episode. So there are a lot of things contributing to them working well on screen that have nothing to do with people already knowing the outcome going into it!

But just looking at the scenes themselves, yes! They had chemistry that was immediately noticeable. 

When they first meet, I’m talking the first few seconds, I think they have instant chemistry. When Dany speaks first and just says something nice about appreciating Jon making the journey and hoping it was a good trip, we get that cute ass little smile from Jon. 

She calls him “My Lord” and still this is his initial, instinctive reaction. To smile and let that go and still call her, “Your Grace” and thank her. From the outset, he likes her. (I’m not saying romantically yet of course.) But he is happy that she’s being kind and friendly and she is probably someone younger and prettier than he was expecting haha.

Of course moving forward things start to get heated, but even so I felt chemistry in their frustration. I mean, this camera shot was clearly meant to show a significant moment, the intensity of Dany being drawn to get up from the throne and speak to him face-to-face. 

Just like Jon himself tried to approach the throne right before that speak to her more closely but was threatened by the dothraki. 

And we get the stairs scene. My god, bless the stairs scene.

They are both changing their opinions about one another in an obvious way during this scene. When Dany mentions that they both have two brothers who have died, Jon’s look of sad understanding immediately softens the tensions between them and starts to put them on common footing. 

I also really love the moment when Dany says, “we all enjoy what we’re good at,” and Jon says, “I don’t.” (I gifed it here because I am obsessed :P) The look she gave him in that moment showed me that she was very interested and impressed, and she’s starting to see him as a person who has been through a lot, just like she has. A person who is trying to do right by his people, just like she has–and not because he likes it or wants credit, but because he feels obligated to do what’s right. She obviously respects that.

But my favorite moment comes when she agrees to let Jon mine dragonglass when he clearly wasn’t expecting her to give him one of his demands already. He is so visibly and obviously grateful and I think it’s a big step in the right direction for them :). (I gifed that, too. Again, obsessed lol).

I can even see chemistry in their arguing and anger, anon. How many times have we seen heated arguments turn into passionate makeouts on TV and in movies? It’s a pretty frequent thing. And I could see some serious frustration that I personally found hot when they were arguing in this scene. (Again, here’s a visual reference because I have no life :D)

I think the most obvious signs of chemistry come at the end of their interaction for this episode, though. Here we get Jon about to leave Dany to go and mine the glass. But he seems … a little indecisive for a man that hates this woman as much as the antis claim. He seems pretty torn, to me. Like he doesn’t want to leave her side. Again, I’m not so shippy that I think he is into her yet. But I think he definitely has a higher opinion of her than he did five minutes prior and he wants to get to know her better.

Okay I know these look similar but these are THREE SEPARATE INSTANCES OF JON SNOW STARING WISTFULLY AT DANY AND LINGERING/TURNING BACK BEFORE HE FINALLY FREAKING WALKS AWAY FROM HER. I mean??? That’s chemistry. I’m sorry but it is. He is so drawn to her already it’s insane. This song was playing in my head the entire time hahaha.

And Dany during this scene? She is staring determinedly forward, forcing herself not to look back and to appear aloof but you know deep down girl was dying under the scrutiny of Jon Freaking Snow. And how do you know? Oh, maybe by the fact that she also gave him the lingering stare treatment.

Not to mention that during this scene we get to hear the first bit of a musical theme that appears to be specific to Jon and Dany (here.) Having their own theme in itself suggests a relationship being built, but the sad, romantic sound of the music adds to the tone of the scene as well and helps the audience to see what’s happening here.

Like … this ship has sailed. These two are definitely curious about one another and I can’t wait to see where it goes. I think chemistry is an understatement tbh. I love it so much :’)

Anyway anon, I hope this is the answer you were looking for. I am happy to be a dissenting voice among the people loudly insisting that their meeting was just Dany being rude and Jon shutting her down. Because it was really something else entirely. 

We are so blessed :’)

anonymous asked:

Hey, do you have any tips for how to write the first chapter or at least the beginning of a chapter? I'm just so bad at this. The rest would come to me If I just know how to begin

Hi, love!  Thanks for your question and for your patience :)

So writing a first chapter is basically a two-party process: brainstorming a few different ideas, and deciding which suit the purpose of introducing your story.  The second part is the one that always gets me – because no matter how many possibilities there are, I worry about which one is the best for the purpose.

So that’s what I’m going to outline here.  What should be the criteria for a first chapter?

  • A feel of the setting.  As soon as a reader opens the first page, they need to be immersed in your world, no matter how significant the setting is to the story.  If you’re bouncing between ideas, pick a setting with strong imagery and sensory details.  It helps to take the primary emotion of the scene (e.g. if a character is being chased, the primary emotion would be fear) and use it to color the scenery (wind/rain/thunder, darkness) and sensations (flashes of color, conversations blurring together, heart pounding, panting).  These will tie your theme together and draw your reader in, as well as inspiring empathy for the POV character.
  • Information about the main character.  Don’t see this and jump to infodumping, though – no one cares about your character’s MBTI at chapter one.  But they do want something to let them know who they’re dealing with.  Take a predominant trait and let us see it and feel it throughout that first chapter, so we feel like we’ve learned something.  It’s like when you meet someone at a party!  If they share too much, you’re uncomfortable; if they share too little, they’re just “that person whose name I forgot.”  But, if they’re that guy with the big hat, or that girl who kept shouting “You communist!”, then it’s a lot easier to remember their name is Sam.
  • Something obscured from the reader’s view.  Your first chapter risks functioning as a short story, or “that interesting book I started but forgot about,” if there isn’t incentive to keep reading.  You need to answer a lot of questions, of course, but you have to leave a few unanswered.  Take the mystery of your plot (and if you don’t have one, that’s another ask entirely) and drop us right into it – even if it’s something small.
  • A taste of what the story will be.  The first chapter should be interesting, exciting, yes – but it should represent what the story is, so think about the whole story for a minute.  What’s the genre?  Who are the key characters?  What’s the arc and the plot that we need to look for?  It’s like a first date – you want to look good, of course, but if you misrepresent yourself, the relationship won’t last. Let the readers hear your author’s voice, loud and clear, and let them know what to expect from here out.
  • Stakes, stakes, and more stakes.  Mystery is one thing.  Not knowing what might get you is one very good thing.  But knowing for certain that something is out there – something bad is going to happen and it’s only a matter of time – will turn pages for you.  Even if we don’t know exactly who the character is or what they’re facing, let us feel that nervousness of, “What if she does this?  “What if he doesn’t get there in time?”  “What if he never breaks up with that girl?”  Otherwise, you’re advertising a merry-go-round, and that’s never as popular as a rollercoaster.  I know that from Rollercoaster Tycoon too.  Seriously, merry-go-rounds make garbage money.

So when planning your first chapter, consider these aspects and narrow down your ideas.  That way, when you know you’ve planned well, you can feel confident to get started!

If this doesn’t answer your question, be sure to let us know!  I hope this helps :)

- Mod Joanna ♥️

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask us!

Me: *wondering why people hate tumblr so much*


me: ah yes… them

If anyone wishes to defend themselves on this I’d be more than happy to argue, and remember that blocking me only proves that you can’t take criticism

  • Anomalisa: Gorgeous and mature movie. Will change you. Has shocking scenes but they aren't too bad and make sense for the story. Seriously. This one will change you. The animation is also gorgeous and very fluid
  • Felidae: It's about a cat solving a murder mystery, with cats. It looks very friendly at first but the minute you see the first dead cat you know it's all down hill. There is a lot of shock scenes in this one, including some gory dead cats and a small sex scene.
  • When The Wind Blows: This movie messed up my goddamn emotions. Also looks innocent, till you hear David Bowie. Yes, there is a David Bowie song in this movie. It makes it so much better. Very sad and will probably ruin your mood.
  • 9: it's not adult but it's pg-13 so it like counts I guess yay. it's not the best thing but the animation is really good and the overall plot is interesting and engaging
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame: not an adult movie but j e su s christ it should be one. Beautiful, stunning, and talks about subjects like sexual desires and religion
  • Watership Down/Plague Dogs: Do you like animals??? WELL DON'T WATCH THIS MOVIE CAUSE THEY WILL FUCK YOU UP and make you want to donate to every single animal organization. They are very gorgeous though.

anonymous asked:

I saw the ask someone gave you when they stated that they don't think sheith parallels zaggar since Zarkon is Shiro's nemesis and not Keith's and while I loved your explanation, an idea come up to my mind - what if the main conflict actually turned out to be Shiro having to choose between Keith and the universe in the ultimate plot twist? Honestly, I'd sell my soul to see this (and Shiro choosing Keith/both ofc); not very likely to happen but I just loove the idea

ohhhh that would break my heart anon but I think it would be a good plot twist. We’ve already been given a taste of this to some degree–whenever Keith is injured, Shiro lashes out. Yes, he’s patient and put together, but hurt someone he cares about and his composure shatters. Hurt Keith, and he won’t think twice about tearing you apart. He’s even willing to risk their one and only viable alliance in this war–ready to fight an entire base by himself just for Keith.

And I mean, the thought of Keith dying is just unbearable to Shiro. Any time anyone even entertains the possibility, he shuts it down immediately. No way in hell is he going to stand by and just let Keith go, not while he can still stand and fight it. Even if that fight is impossibly one sided and futile, he’ll go down fighting first before he lets anyone take Keith. As soon as he hears Keith’s life will be on the line, that’s when he tries to talk Keith out of it. But he understands that he needs to do this, he realizes how important to him this is. The instant it’s clear Keith can’t make it on his own though, Shiro immediately goes rushing in to rescue him 

And I mean, just look at his face when Shiro finally reaches him. This is someone who fears losing Keith just as much as Keith dreads losing him. He charged in there with every belief that his best friend might well be dying on the floor, and it utterly breaks him. He’s lifting Keith in his arms the first chance he gets, latching onto him like he can keep the life from slipping through his fingertips. He holds Keith close because he just can’t let him go–cradles him in his arms like he can always protect him 

And we see this side of Shiro come out time and again when Keith’s life is at risk–this heartbroken vulnerability juxtaposed by a fierce rage as he lashes out to defend his partner. 

Shiro obviously cares for Keith–even loves him, though we can debate the specifics as to what degree. But he also understands that everyone must make sacrifices in war. He say this when he leaves behind his original crew in the very first episode. He also understands that he can’t just order Keith around and, much like the black lion, Shiro has to respect his autonomy. He has every right to risk his life for this cause if he so chooses. And even though it kills Shiro, he lets Keith take on what Kolivan calls a suicide mission. This clearly upsets him, and he need to close his eyes and pause for a moment to regain his composure before he agrees. But he still trusts Keith enough to let him take the risk, and when it comes to their trust, that says a lot. 

And if they reached a point where Keith wanted to make a final heroic sacrifice for the sake of the mission, maybe Shiro just won’t be able to stop him 

But that being said, there’s another interesting parallel between Keith shutting down the base and his trial in BOM: both times, Shiro’s shown watching on and muttering to himself, “Come on, Keith.” That shows that he believes Keith can make it, which is why I think he let Keith go on that solo mission in the first place. He had enough faith that Keith would pull through–and this is supported by the fact that he plainly tells Pidge there is no plan B, everything hinged on Shiro’s trust in Keith. So if things really did take a turn for the worst like in BOM, I think he’d do what he did before and run in to save Keith. It could be that the series may end somewhat similarly–as this would offer them both a choice as well instead of just putting all the burden (and agency) on Keith. 

Anyway, I do still think, one way or another, Keith will come back to that decision of whether or not sacrifice Shiro for the greater good. It’s just so heavily foreshadowed I can’t see why they wouldn’t follow though. And you know, another reason why I think Voltron will end with Keith having to choose between Shiro and his duty is because that’s how the original Voltron ended as well. Of course, with the other Shirogane, though–Takashi was long dead by that point. Anyway, the thought of turning the tables and having Shiro make a decisions to save Keith instead is interesting, considering how things panned out in golion.

Ryou ends up getting taken captive by Lotor, and the prince uses his hostage as leverage and gives Keith an ultimatum–let Lotor destroy Voltron, or watch Ryou die. Keith can’t bear to abandon Ryou of course (though he insists that Keith let him go). And when he sees that Keith is willing to risk the whole universe just for his sake, he manages to break free and takes matters into his own hands. He takes control of Lotor’s ship and crashes it–yes, he still dies, but it’s on his own terms and he takes Lotor down with him.

So you know, it could be that all this buildup to Keith making a decision will still culminate in that crossroad. But ultimately, Shiro will be the one who takes control of his fate and ends up making the choice for him. Though of course, if that’s what ends up happening, I would sure as hell hope it would be Shiro figuring out that “third alternative” rather than just sacrificing himself. Because honestly, so much of his character development with Keith is about learning that he does matter, that he deserves to live–that he’s more than just the monster the galra tried to make him. And Keith is the one who really pushes Shiro to fight back and live on, is the one that looks into Shiro’s eyes and tells him, “You’ll make it.

So if the final choice falls to Shiro, I hope he realizes just how much he means–that he deserves a happy ending too. A lot of his character arc has centered around unlearning this self-hatred his captors carved into him, and I’d love to see him consider doing the traditional self-sacrifice move but then realize just how inherently wrong that is. How much his team needs him–how much Keith needs him–and even if they didn’t, his worth isn’t inherently tied to what other people think. He can win and still live. He can defeat his abusers without losing himself in the process. He can make it

Besides, he’s seen just how much other people care for him, how much Keith loves him. And he’s seen the way Keith chased after him in the BOM, has seen Keith come running to his rescue time and time again. He’s intimately familiar with the way Keith breaks down at the thought of losing him again. 

And that would kill him just as surely as the galra. 

anonymous asked:

What do you think of show!Olenna? Do you think the show captured her personality quite well in terms of the writing?

Diana Rigg is good. She is very, very good. Other than that, I have three main thoughts on show!Olenna.

One, the character the showrunners intended to write wore on my nerves after a season or two. Yes, I get it - she’s sassy, intelligent, and political. Thank you. Got it. They did the same things wrong with Olenna as they did with Ellaria and Ramsay and Bronn (even, arguably, Margaery and Cersei) - drag her into plots because they wanted to show off the actress, not because there was a legitimate plot purpose in having her there.

Two, the character they actually wrote had a lot of potential, nevertheless. Show!Olenna was one of the most consistently sexist and homophobic characters on the entire show, and yet she clearly loved and valued her politically active, ambitious granddaughter and her gay grandson. If the showrunners had cared to examine what was going on there, they could have said some interesting and worthwhile things about how that sort of prejudice operates. You know, rather than simply showing that Olenna is sassy because she called Loras a “sword-swallower.”

Three, no, I don’t feel that show!Olenna captures book!Olenna well. That mostly has to do with the wanting to show off the actress thing. A lot of tension with Olenna lies in the fact that she can’t do things like represent House Tyrell on the Small Council. For all her savvy, she’s still at the mercy of Mace’s “tut tut, Mother,” and if she wants to get anything done, she has to scheme behind his back. 

Moreover, book!Olenna’s rudeness - when it’s not a deliberate tactic to soften Sansa up - is instrumental in demonstrating her social position. Age and gender coincide to give Olenna this space where she can say anything she likes, because she officially doesn’t matter enough, and people who engage with her and take offence only look worse for rising to her bait. There’s a petty frustration in a lot of her barbs.

Lady Olenna gave Cersei a toothless smile. “Your council chambers will smell sweeter with Lord Gyles, though I daresay that coughing would drive me to distraction. We all adore dear old uncle Garth, but the man is flatulent, that cannot be gainsaid. I do abhor foul smells.” Her wrinkled face wrinkled up even more. “I caught a whiff of something unpleasant in the holy sept, in truth. Mayhaps you smelled it too?”

“No,” Cersei said coldly. “A scent, you say?”

“More like a stink.”

- Cersei II, AFFC

Like this. Cersei clumsily shuts Garth out of the Small Council, so Olenna’s gone with it and added “your dad’s corpse smells bad” to the end. Why? Because she can, and it’s the only way she can vent on Cersei at present.

Translating the frustration isn’t possible where Olenna has all the power she needs to effect the change she wants - in a show where people come to her instead of her son, and she holds political office in her own right.

anonymous asked:

Should I watch Steven universe?

!! well really it depends on what kind of shows u like? If u want like a feel-good show with a well developed plot, diverse cast, and swell tunage, then yes! I recommend steven universe! it manages to be light while still teaching some very good lessons, and the few fights scenes they do have are great! Animation is aweSOME too so i definitely recommend it! 

Neil Gaiman/Terry Pratchett’s “Good Omens” and the evidence that Destiel has always been real

I don’t know how many of you are fans of Neil Gaiman, but I’m sure you know how much the general idea for “Supernatural” and its plotlines was inspired by Neil Gaiman’s works. Like, his Lucifer is literally based on David Bowie (so yeah, Lucifer is a glam rockstar deep down); Tessa the Reaper looks a lot like Death from Sandman; Cain is a prominent character there; Abaddon’s look is suspiciously similar to WAR from “Good Omens”, SPN’s Death looks a bit like Famine in the same book - practically the whole Apocalypse in season 4-5 is based on the plot of that book. Sandman starts with a bunch of people summoning Death. And so on, and so on.

So, beware, because I will spoiler the shit out of “Good Omens”, but I would like to show you how I believe they always were very deliberate with Destiel from very early in the show. 

The two main characters in “Good Omens” are demon named Crowley (yes, our Crowley inherited his name) and an angel Aziraphale. They met in the Garden of Eden, where Aziraphale was practically Gadreel, guarding the gate, and Crowley was the snake. Unexpectedly, they became frenemies, and now, six millenia later, they are best friends officially, but most of the time they seem more like a very unusual married couple.

Crowley likes well-taylored leather jackets, wearing shades inside, and to drive his super cool, old black car. Most days he pretends that he is more of a badass than he actually is - demons don’t really respect you if you don’t show them your tough, smooth-talking facade - but mostly he would just like to travel, walk through a park, feed ducks, eat good food, drink wine, and talk for hours, with the angel Aziraphale - instead of doing evil hell business, ever. 

The cool image is everything in hell, but once his angel is in trouble, our demon has no problem running into flaming buildings, screaming his name like a crazy person, and falling apart when his angel seems to demise.

Crowley also listens only to “Best of Queen” while driving, because somehow all his tapes turn into the classic rock album when left in his car for longer than a fortnight (you think Dean has a similar problem, and all of his Taylor Swift tapes turn into AC/DC?) He has a soft spot for pot-plants, a nice apartment downtown, and he generally just wants a quiet life with his angel, far from the heaven or hell business.


Aziraphale is a badass angel when he needs to be, handling flaming swords and such, but on everyday basis he is an old-book lover who owns a little second-hand book shop in London. This beautiful description of him says it all really:

“Many people, meeting Aziraphale for the first time, formed three impressions: that he was English, that he was intelligent, and that he was gayer than a tree full of monkeys on nitrous oxide. Two of these were wrong; Heaven is not in England, whatever certain poets may have thought, and angels are sexless unless they really want to make an effort. But he was intelligent. And it was an angelic intelligence which, while not being particularly higher than human intelligence, is much broader and has the advantage of having thousands of years of practice.”

Yeah, except for the English part, this could be Cas. 

Aziraphale is the one who seems more gay in this odd couple, but Crowley definitely seems to be more openly emotional about his angel. When Armaggedon started to unfold, and everything seemed to go to hell (not literally, but almost), it is Crowley who calls Aziraphale a lot, and gets hurt when the angel doesn’t answer, or seems too busy to talk; it is Crowley who eventually loses his angel and tries to find him for several chapters, showing great emotional distress. Again, SOMEONE WE KNOW???

AND THROUGHOUT THIS WHOLE BOOK EVERYTHING IN THEIR EMOTIONAL STORYLINE STAYS IN THE SUBTEXT. Neil Gaiman said that it’s up to his readers to decide if the relationship is romantic or not - he only said it probably wasn’t sexual since angels and demons (ex-angels) are sexless. But you know, “unless they really want to make an effort”, so who knows? Anyway, we got a green light from the authors to ship them as husbands, so we do.

This has been, for the longest time, my biggest Destiel anchor in the sea of gaslighting from the cast and crew. Because Eric Kripke is A FAN OF THIS BOOK TO THE POINT THAT HE STOLE SEVERAL STORYLINES FROM IT. And the rest of the writers are too - the Megatron/Metatron joke in season 7 is also from it! And the whole Nephilim storyline.

You are not telling me that when you base your TV show on a book with a subtextual romance between an asexual angel and a guy in a cool, old, black car who pretends to be cooler than he is, and somehow your TV show seems to have a subtextual romance between an asexual angel and a guy in a cool, old, black car who pretends to be cooler than he is, IT’S A FREAKIN’ ACCIDENT! Because you know, accidents don’t happen accidentally.

I am POSITIVE they decided that Destiel was real the moment they realised Misha is not going anywhere, but they put it in the subtext for safety, and because that’s what Kripke saw in his favourite book. And no one will ever tell me it hasn’t been there since as early as the end of season 4. So, yeah.

Tomorrow: “Good Omens” and the Nephillim. Because the new writing crew are also fans of the book.

Ragnarok (no spoilers)

Yes I got to see the very first screening this am and all I can say is go see it, it is an absolute blast from start to finish. It does not let up. Loads of Loki loads of fun and a Bloody good plot. The humour had me aching I laugh so much and the cinematography was as fantastic as we have been lead to believe.

Ragnarok lives up to all the hype.

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Do you have anymore manhwa recommendations?


I’m reading:

• Fools by Yeongha and Bakdam, it’s absolutely a nice and addicting BL (so far there’s 4 chapters in English translated by a fan and 43 chapters in Korean in Comica)

• Uncomfortable Truth by EErun, it’s a good BL but makes me uncomfortable (translated and made in Lezhin)

• What Does the Fox Say? by Team Gaji, it’s GL but the flow is great and smooth in the plot (translated and made in Lezhin)

• You Jin by Fujoking (lol), it’s BL smut galore and the plot is very original (translated and made in Lezhin)

• Window / Window Beyond the Window (창 너머 창) by (이아루) / lee_aruu, it’s another BL smut galore but LMFAO the prologue made me crack up like that’s probably one of the most awkward way of coming out to your best friend. It’s made in Lezhin but I believe there is no translations (fan or official) made.

Meta: Izaya and Post-Ketsu Penitence

Orihara Izaya is very good at running.

He spends almost the entirety of the main Durarara canon running; mainipulating, yes, conniving and plotting and doing his utmost to cause as much trouble as possible, but also running, from Shizuo, from his feelings, from what he wants, from all the unhappiness that becomes more and more clear as the story continues. And finally it catches up with him, when he’s too tired or has lost too much of his will to keep running anymore.

There’s much to be said about that final fight he and Shizuo have with each other: how structured it is, how different Shizuo’s approach is, how half-hearted all Izaya’s attempts to fight back seem; but most important is that Izaya was never meant to survive it. He makes this more than clear even explicitly in canon, when he says that it’ll be worth dying if he can take the monster of the city down with him; and while Shizuo’s own death doesn’t seem to be a necessity, Izaya certainly views his own that way. (“Do it, monster.”) He goes into that fight ready to die, prepared to die, expecting to die; and then he doesn’t, and he’s forced to confront exactly that future that he had hoped to avoid.

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Have you written the end of w2h, as in the conclusion to the narrative? Ive heard that writing the end of the story is the hardest so you should tackle it first, do you think this is true? And do you see finishing w2h2 as the end of the series or is there the slimmest possibility of a w2h3? Sorry if these questions are intrusive, I'm in junior college and I really look up to you as an artist and a cool person :)

Uhhh… yes and no!  I have a pretty good idea of what I want the very last installment to be.  But I have a couple different ideas of how to get there, and it’s something I’m intentionally leaving open, because the way W2H is plotted out in my head leaves a lot of room for the story to kind of develop as it goes.  Like it has to hit certain beats and certain plot points, but the path along the way is something I want to unfold naturally as I work on it.  

As far as the endings being most difficult part to write?  I definitely don’t think so, but maybe that’s true for a lot of people.  The hard part for me has always been THE MIDDLE.  Like I said, I usually have certain beats in my head that I want the story to hit, and I have to figure out how to get there!  I guess it kind of depends on your story though!

I definitely don’t plan on W2H2 being the final installment, not by a long shot.  But since I’m producing it myself I’m not really sure how it’ll pan out, and the closest I’ve come to thinking about a 3rd one was “oh shit, what will I do for a 3rd one”, haha.  So I’m just kind of gonna’ see how the 2nd one goes.  Obviously producing them by myself is gonna’ take a while… maybe there’s some kind of deal for me out there, maybe I can start my own production company, I have no earthly idea.  Right now I just wanna’… make it.  Haha.  I wish I knew what was in store, but I’m kind of along for the ride just like you guys are!

Bedtime Stories

This is the first of two prompts I picked for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash‘s third writing challenge! The prompt for this one is “Caught Reading Fanfiction”…oooh! Scandal!

Summary: Sandra (aka. Mouse) is a timid, quiet woman who spends her days fantasizing about fucking Negan’s brains out. She discovers a group of other women living in the Sanctuary who feel the same way, and they collectively begin to write smutty, fictional stories featuring their sexy leader. But what happens when he catches her reading one? Will he let it go, or find some way to punish her for writing about him?

Word Count: 3,688

Warnings: Smut, smut and more smut! Swearing (of course), finger fucking, oral sex, hand jobs, and cum!

This is very loosely tied to another short fic I wrote called The Girl Named Mouse, but you do not have to have read that to enjoy this at all. The installment is a million times smuttier than the previous one. Enjoy!

Bedtime Stories

Sandra could feel his warm, rough hands gliding across the silk of her bare skin, from ass to neck. Slowly, gradually gaining territory as his fingers crept closer to their target: the long, dark hair that spilled over her shoulders.

A sudden burst of fire shuddered down her spine as he grabbed a handful near the base of her scalp, pulling her head back and up toward him gently but firmly. Negan’s hot breath puffed against her cheek as he leaned closer to whisper roughly in her ear:

“How d’ya do, Mouse-y Poo!?”

Sandra’s heart leapt instantaneously at the sound of Negan’s low, gravelly voice coming from right beside her. Her whole body shook with adrenaline as she quickly slammed the black notebook she held in her small hands shut quickly, hoping that he hadn’t caught her this time.

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So I’m back from watching Thor : Ragnarok

  • It was actually pretty nice. The best Thor, by far, I think. The more ambitious. The funniest, too. Thor was never that funny in my opinion, but Marvel is shit at making anything else than comedies, so I guess it’s for the best.
  • This is probably the first Marvel movie with two ( 2 ) main female characters, right ? Mm, maybe Age of Ultron did it first. Please let’s appreciate how terrible the MCU is when it comes to women. But this movie wasn’t that bad on this regard. There was a feminist joke at some point. It wasn’t super fun but it wasn’t to cringy either so eh, whatever.
  • No real romantic subplot, by the way. Which means that Valkyrie is actually well-written, can you believe it ? Which also means that she has more chemistry with Thor than Jane Porter ever had. Please let her stick around.
  • Krog is amazing. Every line that comes out of his mouth is hilarious. I blame his accent, to be honest.
  • The villain was great ! The MCU cruelly lacks good villains, and Hela was really nice to watch. She is still super-cartoonish but I expected it.
  • The fact that she is Thor’s ( and Loki, in a way, though they aren’t blood and they didn’t grow up together so ? ) sister is clumsy, but it’s better than a random evil being like in the second movie. Also it allows her to spit on Odin’s memory, and while it’s still way too nice (Odin can eat shit) and that they really tiptoe around his flaws, that’s something.
  • The Loki/Odin/Thor situation was kinda swept under the rug ? I get it, the whole Thor franchise can’t be about Loki dealing with his trauma. And I also get that he was written way too well for the MCU. But still.
  • The Immigrant Song was used TWICE. Some people might thing it’s lazy, but The Immigrant Song is the best song in the world ( after Bohemian Rhapsody, but this song is stained for a thousand year thanks to Suicide Squad )
  • I’m torn on the Thor/ki situation. The thing is that the writer knows how to write this time, so we don’t have these scenes where Loki is fighting Thor, tears in his eyes, screaming ‘this woman changed you I’m going to kill her’. The movie even made fun of the scene where Loki dies in Thor’s arms in the second movie by re-enacting it in all its drama. I’m missing these over-the-top scenes, tbh. That’s what Thor/ki is all about for me.
  • It was still okay, though. The scene in the elevator, the ‘get help’ one, it was nice though as always it’s Loki who is very in love and in awe and dyng from inside while Thor is not. Such unfairness.
  • I just can’t believe we didn’t get a hug ? Like, what a tease ? ‘If you were here, I would give you a hug’, ‘I’m here’. Hum yes ? Where is the hug ?
  • I don’t hate Banner/Hulk, but why did this movie had to remind me that Brucenat is a thing. Kill it with fire, no one like this ship ffs.
  • Pretty good as a whole, but suffers from the usual Marvel flaws ( the plot is a little stupid, and so are the characters, it ends in a CGI’s explosion ). I enjoyed it a lot.
  • Tom Hiddleston is so beautiful, I could look at him for hours without getting bored, tbh. Yes, it deserved a subpart.
Speaking in Model UN: Some Basic Guidelines

OK, so every one has done speaking, so we decided we would…do that too. (Haha) We wanted to go over some general speaking rules for MUN.

  1. Don’t speak in 1st person. You are no you, you are your county or whatever position you are representing. Start with (this is an example) “The delegation of France believes …”
  1. Keep your placard up until you are called THEN PUT IT DOWN!!!!!! We can’t stress how important this is. If you have spoken once in this moderated, the Chair wont call on you again! It also looks really obnoxious when you do that
  1. Be a little relaxed when you are speaking. NEVER memorize anything. (Ok for your 1st speakers list it a good idea to go up with a set of points you want to address and its always nice when you go up for a moderated to have a few key points you want to get across written down) Also, don’t read off a piece of paper.
  1. Keep your body language in check. Don’t slump over the podium if there is one. Stand up tall and proud. Hey! You own the room, act like it!
  1. Speak loudly and clearly. Attempt to wake up the people sitting in the back. Sometimes there is a mike sometimes there isn’t so be prepared for there not to be one
  1. Always say something substantive and think it over for a moment before speaking. You don’t always have to be the first person to speak.
  1. Unless you haven’t spoken in the moderated caucus, it’s never a good idea to extend it. The Chair won’t call on you if you have spoken already
  1. When you speak, try to be friendly. Yes, we all understand very well that every one is secretly plotting the demise of ever other person, but people will like you better if you’re more genuine

These are just our basic guidelines for speaking. If you disagree with any of these or want to add some more, just message us!


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