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Cat Cat Cat! Purim is coming up soon. Can you tell us the Purim story, with swears?

oh my god, is this my thing now. OKAY, fair warning, this one’s gonna be… real long.

OKAY SO LIKE. way back in the waybackwhen, we’ve been kicked outta judea for the… first? second? first time. (we got kicked out of israel/judea a… few times. we got kicked out of spain twice, we got kicked out of the netherlands three times, we got kicked out of france and bavaria five times, we got kicked out of mainz in particular four times

god bless the gentiles honestly they’re god’s appointed travel agency. ANYWAY)

so we’re in persia. and we’re under the rule of king ahasueare– king ahahasay– king ahasueueueueue-


and king ahdahahaah has a wife, vashti, who is among the hottest women in the whole country.


vashti is like ughhhhhhhh FINE

king aaaaaaahhahaha is like …ONLY YOUR CROWN

vashti is like …not fine

so, because this is ancient persia and men are terrible, vashti is promptly divorced and king aughjesus decides to hold the Country’s Biggest Beauty Contest, where the Most Beautiful Women in Persia will all audition to be his wife!!! (I TOLD YOU MEN WERE TERRIBLE)

MEANWHILE haman, a smug motherfucker with a three-pointed hat, is a councillor for the king. haman, because ancient persia does not have any kind of government that could be labeled “sensible”, makes a law that says Everyone In This Country Must Bow Down To Me When I Pass, because Reasons.

BUT, guess who does not bow down to people, you guessed right, it is the jews. chiefly and specifically in this instance an equally smug (but much less powerful) motherfucker by the name of mordecai.

haman passes mordecai, is like “you don’t look like you’re bowing??? that is not a bow shape??? exPLAIN.” mordecai is like “r u god? i don’t think yr god? i think god would have better taste in hats? so”

so haman is plotting like a motherfucker, which he is, and mordecai is Mad Afraid, but there is no time for plotting or fear because guess what it’s beauty contest time, motherfuckers

and guess who mordecai has enrolled in it, it is HIS NIECE, ESTHER

esther is hotter than vashti, but, like, in a chiller way. in my head, samira wiley. (in my head, esther is a lesbian. in my head esther is my girlfriend. right. ANYWAY)

king ahooleyhoo immediately picks esther, as she is the Most Beautiful Woman In A Ten Thousand Mile Radius (as are all jews OBVIOUSLY), and she is taken up into the palace to be the most beautiful and powerful woman in a ten thousand mile radius. and she is also mad smart, so

meanwhile haman has finished his Plotting and has resulted in this: he is going to get revenge against mordecai by Killing All The Jews.

“oh yeah,” say the jews. “real original.”

mordecai goes, well, coincidentally, i happen to have a niece who is the queen of persia. and ollies over like ESTHER? ESTHER HAMAN IS PLOTTING TO KILL US ALL. ALL THE JEWS. DO SOMETHING

esther is like, i have a solution to this. the solution involves getting naked.

so she holds a banquet for her husband the king, and at the banquet is like WOW… GOSH… I’M VERY NAKED… AT THIS BEAUTIFUL BANQUET. WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE A LOT OF SEX AND GOOD FOOD, DARLING HUSBAND

darling husband is like fuck yes, gets drunk as shit. esther is like okay. yes. now that you are full of good food and heavily sexed up, can i have a thing. can that thing be that you vow to protect me from anyone who wants to kill me

…sure, says king aheshehaara. sg.

great, says esther. havin a banquet tomorrow night too. be there or be square

king ajldfghfdghk;dfghufgsdoi has no desire to be square, so he comes to the banquet tomorrow night to find that esther has also invited… HAMAN? “well,” he thinks to himself, “i have never pictured this threesome before, but y’know, life is a rich tapestry”

but eventually esther goes “ah okay remember that promise to protect me from anyone who would kill me. what if i told you. i knew a dude who would do that thing”

“I WOULD SUPER KILL THAT DUDE,” says king ahassafrass, who has exactly 2 problem-solving methods

“great,” says esther. “what if i told you… THIS IS THE DUDE.” AND SHE POINTS AT THE DUDE. WHO IS HAMAN. WHO IS AT THE TABLE!!!

!!!!! says king ahahahahhfewsse.

!!!!!! says esther.

¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ says haman.


the king has haman hanged on the gallows on which he was planning to hang all the jews. and guess who is instituted as councillor in his place, that’s right, MORDECAI

who declares that the anniversary of Us Not Being Dead shall be celebrated every year forever with dressing up in costumes, and also that we shall eat little cookies shaped like haman’s hat, and also that whenever haman’s name is mentioned we will yell like hell

hey, says king aharseadslic. could, theoretically, this holiday include getting so drunk you can’t tell the difference between mordecai and haman

…i guess so, says mordecai

right, says king ahasuerus. carry on, haman


so pour yrself a whiskey, put on a fake beard, and raise a glass: it’s purim 5776, and guess what, motherfuckers? 

you still ain’t managed to kill us yet.

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Should I watch Steven universe?

!! well really it depends on what kind of shows u like? If u want like a feel-good show with a well developed plot, diverse cast, and swell tunage, then yes! I recommend steven universe! it manages to be light while still teaching some very good lessons, and the few fights scenes they do have are great! Animation is aweSOME too so i definitely recommend it! 

Neil Gaiman/Terry Pratchett’s “Good Omens” and the evidence that Destiel has always been real

I don’t know how many of you are fans of Neil Gaiman, but I’m sure you know how much the general idea for “Supernatural” and its plotlines was inspired by Neil Gaiman’s works. Like, his Lucifer is literally based on David Bowie (so yeah, Lucifer is a glam rockstar deep down); Tessa the Reaper looks a lot like Death from Sandman; Cain is a prominent character there; Abaddon’s look is suspiciously similar to WAR from “Good Omens”, SPN’s Death looks a bit like Famine in the same book - practically the whole Apocalypse in season 4-5 is based on the plot of that book. Sandman starts with a bunch of people summoning Death. And so on, and so on.

So, beware, because I will spoiler the shit out of “Good Omens”, but I would like to show you how I believe they always were very deliberate with Destiel from very early in the show. 

The two main characters in “Good Omens” are demon named Crowley (yes, our Crowley inherited his name) and an angel Aziraphale. They met in the Garden of Eden, where Aziraphale was practically Gadreel, guarding the gate, and Crowley was the snake. Unexpectedly, they became frenemies, and now, six millenia later, they are best friends officially, but most of the time they seem more like a very unusual married couple.

Crowley likes well-taylored leather jackets, wearing shades inside, and to drive his super cool, old black car. Most days he pretends that he is more of a badass than he actually is - demons don’t really respect you if you don’t show them your tough, smooth-talking facade - but mostly he would just like to travel, walk through a park, feed ducks, eat good food, drink wine, and talk for hours, with the angel Aziraphale - instead of doing evil hell business, ever. 

The cool image is everything in hell, but once his angel is in trouble, our demon has no problem running into flaming buildings, screaming his name like a crazy person, and falling apart when his angel seems to demise.

Crowley also listens only to “Best of Queen” while driving, because somehow all his tapes turn into the classic rock album when left in his car for longer than a fortnight (you think Dean has a similar problem, and all of his Taylor Swift tapes turn into AC/DC?) He has a soft spot for pot-plants, a nice apartment downtown, and he generally just wants a quiet life with his angel, far from the heaven or hell business.


Aziraphale is a badass angel when he needs to be, handling flaming swords and such, but on everyday basis he is an old-book lover who owns a little second-hand book shop in London. This beautiful description of him says it all really:

“Many people, meeting Aziraphale for the first time, formed three impressions: that he was English, that he was intelligent, and that he was gayer than a tree full of monkeys on nitrous oxide. Two of these were wrong; Heaven is not in England, whatever certain poets may have thought, and angels are sexless unless they really want to make an effort. But he was intelligent. And it was an angelic intelligence which, while not being particularly higher than human intelligence, is much broader and has the advantage of having thousands of years of practice.”

Yeah, except for the English part, this could be Cas. 

Aziraphale is the one who seems more gay in this odd couple, but Crowley definitely seems to be more openly emotional about his angel. When Armaggedon started to unfold, and everything seemed to go to hell (not literally, but almost), it is Crowley who calls Aziraphale a lot, and gets hurt when the angel doesn’t answer, or seems too busy to talk; it is Crowley who eventually loses his angel and tries to find him for several chapters, showing great emotional distress. Again, SOMEONE WE KNOW???

AND THROUGHOUT THIS WHOLE BOOK EVERYTHING IN THEIR EMOTIONAL STORYLINE STAYS IN THE SUBTEXT. Neil Gaiman said that it’s up to his readers to decide if the relationship is romantic or not - he only said it probably wasn’t sexual since angels and demons (ex-angels) are sexless. But you know, “unless they really want to make an effort”, so who knows? Anyway, we got a green light from the authors to ship them as husbands, so we do.

This has been, for the longest time, my biggest Destiel anchor in the sea of gaslighting from the cast and crew. Because Eric Kripke is A FAN OF THIS BOOK TO THE POINT THAT HE STOLE SEVERAL STORYLINES FROM IT. And the rest of the writers are too - the Megatron/Metatron joke in season 7 is also from it! And the whole Nephilim storyline.

You are not telling me that when you base your TV show on a book with a subtextual romance between an asexual angel and a guy in a cool, old, black car who pretends to be cooler than he is, and somehow your TV show seems to have a subtextual romance between an asexual angel and a guy in a cool, old, black car who pretends to be cooler than he is, IT’S A FREAKIN’ ACCIDENT! Because you know, accidents don’t happen accidentally.

I am POSITIVE they decided that Destiel was real the moment they realised Misha is not going anywhere, but they put it in the subtext for safety, and because that’s what Kripke saw in his favourite book. And no one will ever tell me it hasn’t been there since as early as the end of season 4. So, yeah.

Tomorrow: “Good Omens” and the Nephillim. Because the new writing crew are also fans of the book.

Meta: Izaya and Post-Ketsu Penitence

Orihara Izaya is very good at running.

He spends almost the entirety of the main Durarara canon running; mainipulating, yes, conniving and plotting and doing his utmost to cause as much trouble as possible, but also running, from Shizuo, from his feelings, from what he wants, from all the unhappiness that becomes more and more clear as the story continues. And finally it catches up with him, when he’s too tired or has lost too much of his will to keep running anymore.

There’s much to be said about that final fight he and Shizuo have with each other: how structured it is, how different Shizuo’s approach is, how half-hearted all Izaya’s attempts to fight back seem; but most important is that Izaya was never meant to survive it. He makes this more than clear even explicitly in canon, when he says that it’ll be worth dying if he can take the monster of the city down with him; and while Shizuo’s own death doesn’t seem to be a necessity, Izaya certainly views his own that way. (“Do it, monster.”) He goes into that fight ready to die, prepared to die, expecting to die; and then he doesn’t, and he’s forced to confront exactly that future that he had hoped to avoid.

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Have you written the end of w2h, as in the conclusion to the narrative? Ive heard that writing the end of the story is the hardest so you should tackle it first, do you think this is true? And do you see finishing w2h2 as the end of the series or is there the slimmest possibility of a w2h3? Sorry if these questions are intrusive, I'm in junior college and I really look up to you as an artist and a cool person :)

Uhhh… yes and no!  I have a pretty good idea of what I want the very last installment to be.  But I have a couple different ideas of how to get there, and it’s something I’m intentionally leaving open, because the way W2H is plotted out in my head leaves a lot of room for the story to kind of develop as it goes.  Like it has to hit certain beats and certain plot points, but the path along the way is something I want to unfold naturally as I work on it.  

As far as the endings being most difficult part to write?  I definitely don’t think so, but maybe that’s true for a lot of people.  The hard part for me has always been THE MIDDLE.  Like I said, I usually have certain beats in my head that I want the story to hit, and I have to figure out how to get there!  I guess it kind of depends on your story though!

I definitely don’t plan on W2H2 being the final installment, not by a long shot.  But since I’m producing it myself I’m not really sure how it’ll pan out, and the closest I’ve come to thinking about a 3rd one was “oh shit, what will I do for a 3rd one”, haha.  So I’m just kind of gonna’ see how the 2nd one goes.  Obviously producing them by myself is gonna’ take a while… maybe there’s some kind of deal for me out there, maybe I can start my own production company, I have no earthly idea.  Right now I just wanna’… make it.  Haha.  I wish I knew what was in store, but I’m kind of along for the ride just like you guys are!

The Fabled Masterlist

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that was lucky- flirty
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second love lasts forever p1
second love lasts forever p2 

orbit ever after : what about leela - fluffy + tad flirty at end

the girl with the guitar part 1

i had a good reason p1 - everything 

i had a good reason p2 - everything 

i had a good reason p3 - “      “

my girl p1 - cute 

I’m only going to make one post about this. Nobody confirmed Ed is going to bang Barbara. Not all female/male mashups are required to end in romance. People should be happy Cory is getting to work with another actor this season rather than just be stuck in the same sort of plot/dynamic. Ed and Babs team up is going to be wonderful, and very fun to watch. Erin and Cory already have a really great dynamic, please if you are, don’t bitch to the writers, producers, or actors for something that has not even been stated. Plus, how good of a romantic wingman could Babs be, if for some reason she ends up wanting to help mend Ed and Oswald’s partnership.

Some more rebelcaptain fic recs

I did this once before and thought it was about time I did another.  This is just a selection of the top-notch fic this ship has given rise to in the last couple of months.  I’m putting notes and summaries below a read-more as the list on its own turned out quite long.

Hearts of kyber by rcmsw

As the fates unwind by Jaxin

Baby, you need to come home by aewgliriel

Over the edge by jplus

Inevitable by cellorocket

Death in the time of the Empire by Deputychairman

Die with your darlings by thelovelies

Been to the mountaintop by biclaras

To ashes and stardust by wandering_scavenger

We don’t know everything by Disneybrony

Happy endings (are just stories that haven’t finished yet) by guineapiggie

A pile of bones by Not_So_Secretly_A_Spaceship and Wolf_Storm

This is a rebellion, isn’t it? By aMassiveDisappointment (BadOldWest)

A good thing by Jaded

Back to the night by AlexOblivion

Kill the lights (and kiss my eyes) by ohstardustgirl

Truth spoke in whispers (will tear you apart) by guineapiggie

You can’t hide (your lyin’ eyes) by NewLeeland

Cassian Andor’s guide to cohabitation by brahe

Priorities by RapidashPatronus

After by scoundrelhan

Lullaby by Tigersmeleth

It’s only ever been by NeonDaisies

The art in the lie by Jaded

The remembrance of pain (time will explain) also by Jaded

The soul magicians by porcelainsimplicity

For a good time call by Jormaperalta

Anything can happen by stargirl428

Killer Queen by ohmytheon

Heaven’s not far away (and I’m not going to leave you here) by Irelando

Rogues of the lost Ark by NewLeeland

Floating, sinking by shuofthewind

Resistance is built on hope by ChronicOlicity

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Do you have anymore manhwa recommendations?


I’m reading:

• Fools by Yeongha and Bakdam, it’s absolutely a nice and addicting BL (so far there’s 4 chapters in English translated by a fan and 43 chapters in Korean in Comica)

• Uncomfortable Truth by EErun, it’s a good BL but makes me uncomfortable (translated and made in Lezhin)

• What Does the Fox Say? by Team Gaji, it’s GL but the flow is great and smooth in the plot (translated and made in Lezhin)

• You Jin by Fujoking (lol), it’s BL smut galore and the plot is very original (translated and made in Lezhin)

• Window / Window Beyond the Window (창 너머 창) by (이아루) / lee_aruu, it’s another BL smut galore but LMFAO the prologue made me crack up like that’s probably one of the most awkward way of coming out to your best friend. It’s made in Lezhin but I believe there is no translations (fan or official) made.

  • Anomalisa: Gorgeous and mature movie. Will change you. Has shocking scenes but they aren't too bad and make sense for the story. Seriously. This one will change you. The animation is also gorgeous and very fluid
  • Felidae: It's about a cat solving a murder mystery, with cats. It looks very friendly at first but the minute you see the first dead cat you know it's all down hill. There is a lot of shock scenes in this one, including some gory dead cats and a small sex scene.
  • When The Wind Blows: This movie messed up my goddamn emotions. Also looks innocent, till you hear David Bowie. Yes, there is a David Bowie song in this movie. It makes it so much better. Very sad and will probably ruin your mood.
  • 9: it's not adult but it's pg-13 so it like counts I guess yay. it's not the best thing but the animation is really good and the overall plot is interesting and engaging
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame: not an adult movie but j e su s christ it should be one. Beautiful, stunning, and talks about subjects like sexual desires and religion
  • Watership Down/Plague Dogs: Do you like animals??? WELL DON'T WATCH THIS MOVIE CAUSE THEY WILL FUCK YOU UP and make you want to donate to every single animal organization. They are very gorgeous though.
Sibylline Song

(Alright, here it is. The unedited, unfinished mer!Stiles fic. Warnings include: assholes, angst, violence, people being specist, and references to canon deaths.)


Their journey begins with the usual amount of pomp and ceremony expected for a trade ship.

It’s the Triskelion’s forty second voyage from the colder, northern channels of Bæyan to the warm waters of Coca-Machu, and the crew means to make it a good one. Nothing too dangerous—they’re going to actually try trading this time—and everything will go smoothly. Even the weather has been fair to them since they left Port Duke with the morning tide. Many of the crew had waved goodbye to the few friends they’d made over the years, and perhaps a few enemies too. Others were more than glad to leave the port as quickly as they did.

“Are you still moping?”

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personally I like the manga better than the classic anime (tho I love both obv and the anime had some AWESOME fillers) but that was precisely WHY I hated Crystal1&2 (I actually had great fun with 3 despite its flaws, I was just happy it was somewhat better lol). it deserves so much better, both in art and treatment of the story / characters. so I never really get it when people who prefer the manga defend Crystal like? is THIS what you wanted? really??

Manga purists were in heaven when they learned that Crystal was going to be a the faithful adaption.

Remember that manga purists despise the classic anime for ~not being faithful to Naoko’s vision~ and have always been longing for a faithful adaption… which Crystal isn’t. However, they’ve kept defending Crystal so passionately because this is the version they’ve always wanted (even though it really isn’t but it is the closest thing they’ll ever get).

I don’t think real manga fans should praise Crystal because the show as a adaption is awful (let alone the animation errors) and has damaged the manga reputation because Crystal has made the manga errors even more obvious.

Let’s be real, Naoko isn’t the best writer and you can see it in the manga. There are several plot holes, nonsense, contradictions, etc. Also the fact that Naoko was making the manga as the same time the anime was being aired on TV didn’t help either, she was just coming up with stuff as she went.

To sum up, I don’t think the manga is that good. Yes, it’s definitely not bad (actually very good) but it isn’t on the same level as the classic anime.

It was the classic anime after all who has made the franchise as big as it is now so manga purists need to chill and learn to respect the classic anime, because if it weren’t for the classic anime, Sailor Moon would’ve never been known outside of Japan let alone the biggest magical girl franchise in the world.

Someone: The vampires aren’t the bad guys!!! They’re actually nice and good!!!





uh huh. yes. 

interesting. very interesting. 

I mean. If kidnapping and abusing children is benevolent then I guess so. Ya know, causing trauma, torturing and hurting them needlessly, killing tons of people…but hey, they did that one Good Thing once, right? When was that?

Maybe it was that time one of the higher ranking progenitors backed a taboo experiment that millions, if not trillions of humans were killed for and she’s prbly gonna get off scot-free bcs PLOT REASONS but hey whatever nameless side characters, lol.

Also if anyone thinks the vamps have it worse off than the humans, pls tell me how much humiliation and suffering the humans caused vampires. About 0, imo. But how much humiliation and suffering have vampires caused humans? Killing them for pleasure, calling them livestock, using them as bait and letting them get killed or hurt just for entertainment? Hm, that can’t add up to THAT much. Nah, vampires are just misunderstood. They’re just misunderstood, right? I’m sure its only a matter of chapters before the author reveals that vampires actually want to protect kids and save the planet out of the kindness of their heart and everyone they killed was just the humans imagining things. Good thing to know that Yoichi’s sister and Yuu’s adopted family aren’t dead after all.

  • Kagami: fans are losing interest in owari no seraph, we need a plot twist
  • Yamamoto: got it *draws Yuu finally seeing the dead bodies*
  • Kagami: no, not like this
  • Yamamoto: oh! *draws Mika in a new uniform*
  • Kagami: very good but this is not enough
  • Yamamoto: okay *Yuu offereng his blood to Mika*
  • Kagami: yes bu-
  • Yamamoto: *Mika and Yuu holding hands*
  • Kagami: *triggered*

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Based on your posts, you really want Season 11 to happen. Any thoughts on how it should play out?

Okay, Anon I hope you are ready. You are in for a ride. This is definitely too much to ask for, so let’s just state the fact, that these are my crazy wishes and not my rational demands.😂😂😂 

Writers: Frank Spotnitz, Darin Morgan, Vince Gilligan, Glen Morgan, James Wong. Also, I want a woman writer/director! Rob Bowman should direct at least one episode. Chris Carter is only executive producer!!! He cannot write anything. ANYTHING. For reasons…

Sveta: I have alien DNA. For sure.

Scully: Have you had a doctor confirm that?

Sveta: No.

My Struggle, written by Chris Carter

Anne Simon stays out of this season ‘cause honestly I ain’t scientist but I’m pretty sure this can be done better than season10 was. (And her tweets make me go insane…)

Now, about the stories; I really think that - if there is a news season - it will be the last season. We will see Mulder and Scully for 10 more episodes and then we have to say goodbye. This is how I would prefer to do that:

*I just realised that most of my ramblings are against how CC wrote Season 10. so basically if he will not write, many of these things shouldn’t even come up. Cause the other three episodes from Season 10 were solid….But here we go!* 

We need no Miller or Einstein or whoever else they think should steal screentime from  Mulder and Scully. NO THANK YOU. I’m waiting here patiently, being supportive for decades and it’s not for you to introduce me to new characters. It’s for you to finally give me what I’m waiting for, for what it seems centuries. 

We bring down Mulder and Scully from that damn bridge. No one is being abducted, because that’s just lame, we’ve been there, done that. *Okay, if you really want anyone to be taken by aliens, CSM is good to go. He is dead anyway and we don’t need him*

Scully saves Mulder’s life, they reunite with their son and the plot will make sense. Yes, it is absolutely doable, this fandom’s greatests already came up with scenarios and wrote stories of the ‘How to continue this mess CC left behind’ part.

I need a very solid explanation on why Reyes was working for CSM. She cannot be remembered like this. Her character is so much more and I need an explanation of why she did what she did. Obviously, she was given no choice. Maybe she works for CSM because of William. Give me something good.

More Skinner, Poor guy was barely in the new season. Give him more interactions with his agents. He’s been with them long enough to give him some cool plot-lines.

Could we maybe bring back The Lone Gunmen somehow? They deserved so much better and I want them back and alive. I want them to visit Mulder and Scully in their cute countryside house. They would totally geek out with William and teach him ‘cool stuff’ while Scully would be watching them, smiling and rolling her eyes.

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Mulder and Scully are definitely not estranged and they have a big conversation about their past, (Flashbacks) present and future. It can be done with William being there, and asking questions and later on they continue just the two of them. Preferably on the porch of the Unremarkable House. William could be playing with Daggoo. 

We’ve been ripped off of so many great and important MSR scenes and I want to see them. (At least some of them) 

  • Scully’s cancer is in remission conversation
  • The whole IVF plot
  • When Scully tells Mulder that the little tiny being growing in her belly is his baby, it’s his son. They made him together, it’s their miracle what they were waiting for… 
  • Mulder finding Scully and William, bringing them to the hospital. The three days they spent as family, and the conversation of Mulder going into hiding 
  • Scully - no, not Skinner, damn it - has to tell Mulder that she gave William up  
  • When they working through all the shit while being on the run after so many horrible things happening to them
  • When they finally buy the house, whey they move in
  • When they are happy and just adorable, casual Mulder and Scully. Cause, guess what CC, you can write these scenes without them being boring. I mean, not you. But someone else….

I want Gillian and David to play these scenes and I wanna die while I’m watching them. Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are great actors. You know they will bring their A+ game, given the chance! Let them shine. 

Originally posted by mulderscullyromance

Let them do a brilliant job with brilliantly written scripts. Give them the opportunity to show off their talent. Give them the humour, give them the drama, give them the creepy cases, give them their dynamics. Embrace their skills, their strength and use that chemistry!

Listen to them and let them have a word in what is right or wrong to their characters. If they want to touch or kiss on the cheek, you should bloody let them do just that!


*I’m sorry but just like Jimmy Kimmel said: “You two, should have sex. You should. It’s been like 24 years, everyone knows.”*

And one last thing: 

I really really want David Duchovny to write and direct the last episode. When I say goodbye to Mulder, Scully, William and Daggoo I want it to be a proper goodbye. And if there is one thing I learnt during these years while being a shipper and a fangirl of this show, is that: 

No one knows better, writes better, understands better these characters than David Duchovny. He writes Dana Scully & Fox Mulder in such a unique way like no one else can. And I am so here for it. I’m so here for how David imagines the end of their stories. I trust him more than anyone else with the series finale of The X-files.

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*Of course, if it is ‘only’ a season finale, that is totally fine, too*

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Questions related to Jasper, 1: is she coming back? 2: did Room for Ruby make her Redemption very unlikely?

1. This is a pretty weird question for me, because… yes? It’s just good writing sense. That’d be like if you wrote a story about King Arthur, had Excalibur show up in one chapter and then get lost and people were seriously wondering if we’d ever see it again. It’d be an egregious failing of writing to not bring Jasper back. She just has too much plot potential.

2. I find this a very strange question. They’re not really comparable situations. Jasper has, this entire time, been very straightforwards about her feelings even when she’s had a lot to gain from not doing so (see: she could have let Steven try to heal her corruption but rebuffed him instead). If anything, I think it would provide more evidence, because Steven is going to be stinging for a while about being manipulated and deceived- and that’s the last thing Jasper accused Steven of before she corrupted, of trying to play nice just to get what he wants out of her. 

I want to say something

I know most of people don’t care, but I need to express myself. I think the drama with Kite in Kimera Ant arc is bullshit. 

I kinda like this arc. Lots of action, the story between Meruem and Komugi and the fight with Netero was really good. Really good plot. BUT. Gon’s attitude was so stupid and frustrating, and that’s what made me dislike Gon (and Kite).

Yes, I know Kite is important for him. He saved his life and if Gon was able to become a hunter it’s because of him. But Kite isn’t a close friend to him, unlike Killua, Leorio, Kurapika, Bisky or even Wing. Gon doesn’t know Kite very well. And I think that if Gon was so upset it wasn’t because Kite was dead, but because he couldn’t accept to fail, to be weak again. It could have been anyone instead of Kite, Gon’s behaviour wouldn’t have changed (except maybe worse for Killua). Gon is egoist and childish, so it’s not a surprise if he acts like a spoiled child. But nobody tried to reason him (come on, a good kick in his ass and go to bed). Not even Killua.

Tbh, the mission could’ve been a success without those two pussyas-I mean them. Okay, they’ve helped ( mostly Killua), but they’re not necessary. It has simply created more drama (but it was too much for my taste).

I don’t know how to feel about that. I don’t like how Gon turned himself into Gon-san. I don’t like how Pito got suddenly afraid of Gon because he was angry. Seriously, it was ridiculous! Literally a fcking shit fit! I was so angry with him, I wanted to kick his fcking ass! Nobody else feels the same?

I see many comments about how much Gon is a complex character, how much he got traumatized by this shit with Pito and Ging, but I hate the way Gon is written. I find this bland, uninteresting. It’s far-fetched.  

Togashi wrote so many things better than that. Clearly. DC arc, the relationship between the King and Komugi, Zoldyck family etc are so much better.

Gon’s only interest is to be the best (or lover for killugon fans) friend to Killua. They have the greatest synergy I’ve ever seen.

I don’t mind if Gon and Killua are separated at the “end”, it’s even logic : Killua found an objective and Gon found his dad. But it’s not the main topic so I won’t say more.

Aaaaand I don’t know who is the stupidest, Ging or his son. Everybody hates Ging because he’s a shitty dad, but Gon isn’t better. He just wanted to find him, not even to see or talk to him. It’s ruining the all “traumatism”, the character’s human side. That means Gon’s just copying Kite’s goal for no reason. SERIOUSLYTOGASHIOJFDMESFJI. BUT the manga isn’t finished so maybe Gon will be back (but really I hope not).  

So yeah, Gon pissed me off. I’m disappointed.  

LGBT Movie Reviews: Recap

So, I’ve watched quite a few queer-related movies in the past few weeks. Here’s a recap of the ones I’ve watched (and ones I’m going to watch) and how I’ve rated them.

Blue Is The Warmest Colour: 5/10 Brownie points for Lea Seydoux being Lea Seydoux, but it’s a no-go for the male gaze-oriented sex scenes. And Adele’s snot-crying at the end. And for Emma calling Adele a slut… I love and hate that scene both at the same time. But mainly hate. Also, it’s long and in all French, so you better put on the subtitles and have a good 3 hours to just chill.

High Tension: 7/10 Cecile de France is amazing in this film (read: her haircut is hot), and I’m sad her character had such a bad ending. The gore is slightly over-the-top, but terrific in its execution (so many bad puns. I apologize). Although most of it is in French and dubbed in some places, I would still watch it again in a heartbeat. The suspense and the tension were high (again, I’m sorry, I can’t help it) but the ending does not bode well for LGBT folks. As is such with many films in the horror genre, the concept of sexuality is a misused and abused one.. but it makes for great fanfiction (mine, since it’s one of the only TWO fanfics posted on the internet from this fandom). 

But I’m A Cheerleader: 6/10 Too campy for my taste, but I shipped Megan and Graham from the moment Graham said “I like girls” while staring at Megan. It’s a very good film to watch if you need to distract yourself from the reality of living at the Pray The Gay Away summer camp your parents just sent you to “for your own good.” Also, Natasha Lyonne plays Nicky Nichols in OITNB, so… yeah. Brownie points all around.

Imagine Me & You: 11/10 Yes, I gave it an eleven. (These go to eleven.) I absolutely LOVED this movie. Luce, The Florist, is amazing. Rachel, The Married Woman, is adorable. Heck, The Token Male Character, is… awkward and sweet and a necessary evil for the plot. But the romance! Literally, kids, I’m never watching The Notebook during a sleepover as long as I’ve got this movie. It’s fucking adorable and British and the witty dialogue is on point.

The Runaways: 7.5/10 I didn’t know I shipped KStew and Dakota Fanning until I watched this movie. And the portrayal of Joan Jett was amazing- the old middle-school me that was obsessed with Joan Jett and the Blackhearts (and My Chemical Romance… we all have our punk phases) was amazed at how Joan Kristen was. Even down to their hair-flip thing.  I mean, Kristen should sing more. And wear tighter t-shirts more often, you know what I’m saying?

Better Than Chocolate: 8/10 This movie would be a seven, if I hadn’t loved the trans* character of Judy so much which added a brownie point. It was a cute comedy, and I liked the friendship between Judy and  the mom, Lila. Also, Christina Cox as Kim (girlfriend goals second only to Luce The Florist)… and the sexy painting scene around 20 minutes in… yep. Except for the random scary break-in near the end, this movie was sweet and definitely better than chocolate.

Pending reviews: 

The Kids Are All Right; Lost and Delirious; Bloomington; Loving Annabelle; My Summer of Love; When Night Is Falling; Mulholland Drive; Heavenly Creatures; Bound; Room In Rome; Cracks; Itty Bitty Titty Committee; Martyrs; The Moth Diaries; The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister; Tipping The Velvet; Desert Hearts; Go Fish and Fried Green Tomatoes.

Anyone have any other suggestions? I’ll try and watch Affinity and Fingersmith (or better yet, read them) if I can find any copies of them lying around the library. Sadly, no luck so far.

Consider this my pseudo-”summer reading” assignment, although I can’t buy lesbian-themed books (aside from The Price of Salt that I bought and have hiding in the bottom of my dresser to read at night with the door closed- it’s so good!) or else my mother will find them and ask too many questions. I feel like I smuggled in drugs or something, when I went to buy the book at Barnes and Noble. It was the fastest I’d ever been through a checkout. :)

legend of korra summarized
  • book 1: A Mess. too much pro bending. too much makorra. however, consider my Loves, asami and korra,
  • book 2: a Bigger Mess. way too much makorra and masami and too little...asami. if u get through this you deserve the last two books
  • book 3: Good Shit THis Is. The Beautiful Loves of my Life Are Being Adorable, Plot Is Getting Good Hell Yea (highlights: korra almost crashing her satomobile into a vine bc she was too busy gazing upon the beauty that is asami sato & the aforementioned checking korra's boobs for airbending 10/10 very gay)

Notes on Episode 103 - Ash Beach:

  • …Everyone in my life pretty much already listens to podcasts, because of my pestering
  • That theme is still like arriving at home
  • Of course it’s not a normal beach, but didn’t expect the name to be so literal
  • They’re still thirsty for that waterfront
  • Cecil knows about the United States, but not the states themselves? Is Night Vale in a state? Well, it is in a state, but not in that sense of the word
  • Sounds like every UK beach
  • Okay, Cecil, it might not be on level with your wedding outfit, but play nice
  • Oh, damn, the Distant Prince is back. Probably the character I’m most interested in finding out more about
  • “Dying mother” aha, bye, goodbye
  • Ah, Cecil finally accepting angels like Old Woman Josie wished. He’s coming to terms with the situation
  • Don’t give me feelings over John Peters, y’know the farmer, too
  • This Weather tho 👌 👌 👌
  • Was that a reference to the Well of Night?
  • Oh, nice, now we have more parallel timelines as well as weird time in general
  • Ahh!!! This is the events of Deft Bowman!!! It finally looped back to it!
  • Oh dang, and linking in another twist with Huntokar
  • Holy moly!! Yes, this is so good!
  • Okay, that episode was so awesome with how it suddenly brought a couple of plot points together at the end. Like, what a hype moment to finish it on
  • And I was on the right track with thinking Night Vale and the end of the world was something to do with an alternative reality
  • Okay, now things are really getting exciting
  • Also, slightly distracted as the music at the end had the same tempo as the Pokemon Go music