yes the plot is very good

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yes. what is bendy. what is he from

here is what i can tell you about bendy:

demo for an indie horror game dropped last month

trailer (warnings: there’s a very indirect shot of black and white cartoon gore? and some mild flickering. but no jumpscares, and the music is gentle sinister piano rather than smth screechy and painful)

good ass aesthetic themed around early 1930s-era black and white cartoons (think fleischer studios, steamboat willie, hand-drawn rubberhose stuff, that era). 

plot is pretty standard: protagonist Henry returns to the abandoned animation studio where he used to work 30 years ago in response to a vaguely sinister letter from an old coworker. it’s a bad scene. there’s an obligatory audio diary cassette from an employee complaining about the noisy, messy “ink machine” that apparently consumes huge quantities of ink to no purpose. cardboard standees are around every corner smiling at you, even in places where they weren’t just a minute ago. everything goes tits up.

the next chapter is scheduled to come out in april

i can’t recommend… like, GREAT letsplays? but i can show you the letsplays i’ve watched.. there’s plenty of footage on youtube, bc LPers eat this stuff up

What freaks me out about Civil War

Is that it seems like a lot of people forget that Zemo was the villain. And it seems like his plan worked so well that it’s leaked out from fiction to real life with the fans. 

Bucky and Tony’s situations are similar. Both of them feel guilty for what they have done. Yes, Bucky and the Soldier both are not at fault for his/their actions, but he feels guilty anyways. Yes, Tony made the choices that led to his guilt.
However, I’m talking similarities, not differences right now.

(please feel free to contribute to this list)

Both have had their minds influenced by HYDRA in a way that led to Very Bad Things.

Both feel guilty for those Very Bad Things, as I mentioned above.

Both have various psychological problems, including but not limited to PTSD

Both have had those problems pretty much glossed over by Marvel unless they contributed to Further The Plot.

Both feel like they’re not Good People because of the Very Bad Things.

Both have been manipulated by people they either trusted or thought they trusted. 

Both are self-sacrificing.

Both deserve better.

Both are Steve’s friends.

Both are deeply protective of their people.

Both have suffered abuse from people in authority over them.

  • Anomalisa: Gorgeous and mature movie. Will change you. Has shocking scenes but they aren't too bad and make sense for the story. Seriously. This one will change you. The animation is also gorgeous and very fluid
  • Felidae: It's about a cat solving a murder mystery, with cats. It looks very friendly at first but the minute you see the first dead cat you know it's all down hill. There is a lot of shock scenes in this one, including some gory dead cats and a small sex scene.
  • When The Wind Blows: This movie messed up my goddamn emotions. Also looks innocent, till you hear David Bowie. Yes, there is a David Bowie song in this movie. It makes it so much better. Very sad and will probably ruin your mood.
  • 9: it's not adult but it's pg-13 so it like counts I guess yay. it's not the best thing but the animation is really good and the overall plot is interesting and engaging
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame: not an adult movie but j e su s christ it should be one. Beautiful, stunning, and talks about subjects like sexual desires and religion
  • Watership Down/Plague Dogs: Do you like animals??? WELL DON'T WATCH THIS MOVIE CAUSE THEY WILL FUCK YOU UP and make you want to donate to every single animal organization. They are very gorgeous though.

That feeling when you watch a movie with an epic plot twist with your bf who doesn’t know it yet :D

Snuggle Sunday!!! Yes, let’s please make it a thing :D Also, some modern au pavellan! :D

As for what Tamlen’s favourite movie would be to snuggle… He isn’t very picky and not much a tv person in general, but I’ve heard that slightly scary movies are good cuddle movies XD In this particular case I had “The Sixth Sense” in mind (especially because it’s referenced in party banter in the game XD). But something a bit more lighthearted is surely going to do the trick too :D

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Questions related to Jasper, 1: is she coming back? 2: did Room for Ruby make her Redemption very unlikely?

1. This is a pretty weird question for me, because… yes? It’s just good writing sense. That’d be like if you wrote a story about King Arthur, had Excalibur show up in one chapter and then get lost and people were seriously wondering if we’d ever see it again. It’d be an egregious failing of writing to not bring Jasper back. She just has too much plot potential.

2. I find this a very strange question. They’re not really comparable situations. Jasper has, this entire time, been very straightforwards about her feelings even when she’s had a lot to gain from not doing so (see: she could have let Steven try to heal her corruption but rebuffed him instead). If anything, I think it would provide more evidence, because Steven is going to be stinging for a while about being manipulated and deceived- and that’s the last thing Jasper accused Steven of before she corrupted, of trying to play nice just to get what he wants out of her. 

I think the 11 minute run time hurts the show honestly… And they don’t help that with songs. You’ve got an already rushed plot being rushed even more by a song that 9 times out of 10 doesn’t further the plot but is just a really nice way to expess the character’s emotions. Yes, it’s good to show how your characters feel and song is a very creative way to do so since there’s different ways you can take it. However if you’ve got a plot heavy show maybe you shouldn’t spend so much time on songs and emotions. If the show were 22 minutes however, it could probably get away with it! But no… We only get Bismuth and Gem Harvest for those…

the suffering endgame

taako: you know guys i’m fricking loving it here, lidia, edward, i’m enjoying this so much i’m just have to tell someone about it right fucking now!

magnus: *whispering* taako what are you doing??

lidia: tell someone about it?

taako: yes! very special someone! i will now call my boyfriend. I’m like totally sure he would like it here, i bet he might even join us

edward: join us? oh that does really sound exciting!

taako: *dialing kravitz* kravitz, darling, how are you doing?

merle and magnus: huh?

taako: good good, so yeah you know me and the boys we kinda went to this place called wonderland in felicity wilds and it’s just, so, so great! i’m like wondering if you could join us here as well?

lidia: i’m not sure your friend will be able to exactly join you…

taako: *to elfs* oh, don’t worry he’s very-very resourceful. *to kravitz* honeybun, i’m pretty sure you will love it here! it’s almost like, hmmm… remember that one time i almost blown your head off? and here it’s a the very least twice as much fun as that!

magnus: *with his true eyes witnesses how the red robe absconds*

the portal: *opens*

Me, at the Beginning of Pokemon Moon: Lillie is cute. I wonder if she’ll develop as a character, this seems like a very plot heavy game…



I am so on board with this. Good writing Mashima, with a very skillfully plotted red herring in Larcade to this major reveal now. I am SO okay with this. And the fact that August was named after the time Zeref spent with Mavis is even more touching to me. 

Yes, please. *grabby hands*

He is looking for this love he’s never experienced through Gildarts and Cana, another father-child relationship that went unknown for a long time. 

There have been so many things in this arc that have disappointed me, but the gems of serious plotting (Zervis back story, 453, 499, August reveal, Gildarts and Cana being saved for that…) shine out even brighter because of it. 

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Have you watched Brimstone? Is it a good movie? Would you recommend it even if Kit wasn't in it?

Yes, I would recommend it very much. This movie is set in Western time but the plot has sad themes, strong, violent and real also of our times. Kit’s role is very well done, I loved it, it is a ray of hope in the dark tunnel of despair. A short ray of hope. In some scenes it really moved me. ( I loved Guy Pearce too).

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What makes ACCA such a good anime? I've seen a lot of gifs and I'm debating on whether or not to watch it...What rating would you give it?

Mmmm okay so first off I’ll say it’s probably my favorite new anime of this season.

The art style is what initially drew me to the anime. It’s got such a nostalgic? kind of sense to it? So yes the art style is really cool and it’s very colorful.

As far as the plot goes, I can’t say TOO much without giving away spoilers, but I’m the kind of person who enjoys the kind of political intrigue sort of stories and this definitely has that. There’s definitely some pretty interesting twists as well that I’ve enjoyed seeing.

The setting is interesting seeing as it’s essentially one giant island and yet has everything from deserts to tropical islands to frozen winter. It’s even got one place that’s an anachronistic district where everyone’s like in the 1700s for some reason.

The main characters are quite interesting, especially when you see the different groups of people that are involved in the plot and their motives.

I’d probably give it a 9/10. I think some people found some of the episodes perhaps a bit slow, I enjoyed the pace, tbh. I really wish the manga was translated since it’s a complete series, but I don’t know if it will get an english publication.

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Sometimes I wonder, does anyone even remember that Shiro Maekawa actually wrote Sonic 06, including Mephiles with all the dumb plots? And whoever wrote Heroes and Unleashed and Rivals where not very good at that eather. Yeah Pontac and Graff have their problems but they are really not different from the previous ones the series has.

I do think it’s pretty telling that this fact rarely gets brought up when Maekawa’s work in the Sonic franchise is discussed. No bias involved, I’m sure…

Yes, Shadow’s story (the one Maekawa had the most involvement in apparently) may be considered the best one in ‘06, but it still had a bucket’s worth of problems, Mephiles and his weak characterisation merely being one of them.

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I'm putting half the blame on you for astoria's fae au that i am now RIDICULOUSLY into

Half the blame is probably right: I’m just glad we’re not the only two bearing the burden of it now. The Fae AU has legitimately taken over both of our lives for the better part of the last week. We can’t seem to stop coming up with scenarios for it – honestly, I don’t think the first story’s going to be very short and I’m pretty sure we plotted out the bulk of the sequel today. We’ve gone from an incredibly comfortable back and forth when characters are having conversations to repeatedly jinxing each other because we just both typed out the same lines for the same character. Fae!Bodhi keeps haunting us while we’re trying to work on our other stories, teasing us with MORE scenarios, all of them just so… good.

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toomanyfeelsexogdi*tumblr*com/post/158226605128/jonginssoo-andante-first-look-teaser , I want him to say 'no' very badly to brake the kdramas norms and be more creative, but ofc he will say "yes, I will go out with you bla bla" -.-, the story seemed interesting af without the love story bs, but at the end of the day this is expected from kdramas (especially a drama for teens with a low budget?), anyway good luck for him ♡.

Yeah I was a bit disappointed tbh that it’s going to be another drama with a romantic plot..

I liked choco bank, but it would’ve been really interesting if they didn’t always put him into these type of stories :/ I didn’t think there would be a love line at first so I was pleasantly surprised, and thought it’d instead focus on family, school and him growing up and all that.. But well..

I’m still really excited for the drama tho, and hope both him and Andante will do well~ ^o^ I always support Nini and cheer him on in everything he does! ❤️

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I think you like fictional characters more than books sometimes, and when there's someone close to you they are very important to you (idk).

Hmm, it’s true that when I have a favorite character, they become more important to me than the series itself. Like Supernatural, my friend. I hung on to that show MUCH longer than I might have, simply because I loved Dean and Sam and Cas so freaking much. Whatever awful, awful writing and repetitive plots they were going through, it was worth it just to watch my boys interacting for another week. But eventually, yeah, I just got tired of it.

I am definitely the type to have a few very close friends, rather than lots and lots of friends that are good to hang out with, but not necessarily that close to me. And yes, I will move mountains for the people who are important to me.

Okay, I was watching Fantastic Beasts … 

I was excited, as I hear amazing things, so I was going to sit and watch it … turned the laptop off and the phone on silent, promised to give 100% of my attention to the film, and then … well … I can’t stop laughing, to be honest, because it’s good - yes - but very badly directed. Spoilers below:

Okay, so four minutes in:

I text my friend - as he’s seen the movie - to ask whether Collin Farrell was evil … apparently he is evil. 

Then at sixteen minutes in:

I know his name’s Grave and I’ve had time to process a few things, so I ask whether he’s actually Grindlewald … apparently he is Grindlewald. 

It worries me the film is this insanely predictable for what’s probably going to be played as a massive plot twist (I’ve just hit twenty minutes) … I mean, at the very least they could have not given Graves the exact same distinctive hairstyle as Grindlewald, or only shown Grindlewald’s name in the newspapers, or shown Graves less than a minute after Grindlewald … 

I’m just … wow … I wasn’t expecting that to … 

Well … 

I wasn’t expecting to guess the plot so early in, thus ruining the rest of the movie and the suspense they’re trying to set up. I’m also a bit miffed there are no POC, especially black people, because - come on - this is 1930′s America and even in the massive crowds that there isn’t a single black person, and even the president is extremely pale in skin tone, so some colourism is at play, if not actual racism, in the casting choices. I’m just … yeah … 


The writing is good. The music is good. The effects are good. The pacing is good. It’s just … the terrible directing/editing means that everything good is ruined by being so blatantly obvious and white-washed. I’m now twenty-five minutes in and wondering why no black person is even allowed to exist.

So the thing is, JP has clearly always been the heart of the show, since back at the end of episode six in the first session where he talked to the horse when he was on acid. He starts off as this posh twit and you hate him, yeah, but really, not even very deep down he is all vulnerabilities and uncertainty. It is hard not to watch Fresh Meat and wish more than anything that people would acknowledge just how tender he is, how much he needs protection. I love a good Vod plot more than anything, but at the end of any episode I want JP to be whole and unbroken.

So of course the premiere is just a whole mess to remind you that yes, he’s a prick, but he’s the sweetest prick in Manchester. His brother comes to visit and insults JP’s job prospects. They both pretend they are not on the verge of tears discussing their father. When remembering a good meal from their childhood it isn’t Mom’s waffles but Nanny Prue’s full English. He reveals he has not been keeping track of who owes him rent because of course JP has never really cared about the rent. When his brother is trying to get a leg over with Oregon he’s aghast and ashamed because he likes his brother’s wife, recounting how she gave him a book for Christmas and it is actually a cool book and he treasures it so much he won’t let anyone do lines off it even though it is usually the only book he owns. When he tries to warn Oregon off and she ignores him he turns to Vod for immediate support. When they interrupt the cheating and Tomothy slanders his housemates, he hits his brother without hesitation.

But then when his brother insults his intelligence he deflates.

And no one defends him.

So he goes to Josie…

who let’s him sit and watch TV with her.

He’s a gift. He’s just a gift.

I can’t hold back the blubs.

I really like Glimmer changes the color of Pearlcatchers’ pearl like

what a perfect way to RP things with Pearlcatchers

Especially with this bit of lore:  Each new layer added to their pearl is believed to be the essence of what they’ve recently experienced, a memory made tangible and added to the whole of who they are.

So a Pearlcatcher with a pitch black pearl has been through something awful that has blacken their very essence, or even better, tie it to Shade lore and play with a corruption plot.

(yes good)