yes the jacket is shit i know


ok ok ok so i was looking at patches for the michael mell jacket i was planning to make for halloween (because yes im trash) and i see this. so im looking at the generic gay flag patch and i scroll down a bit. bUT THEN- i see this. and im like hOLY SHIT ABORT MISSION AMAZON HOLY CRAP THEY’RE ONTO US THEY KNOW HOW TO GET US BUYING SHIT AHZHSBKDJSJDHDK
yes these are the adventures you experience with musical trash at 3 am.


Dylan x Reader

Requested By Anon

You screamed as someone shot at you and out of nowhere another person gripped you by the waist and dragged you out of the line of fire. He smiled and tried to keep you calm despite the large gun in his hands.


“Hey listen I’m not going to hurt you, my names Dylan.” He said quickly.


“(Y/N).” You mumbled.

“Right, (Y/N) do you know what you found?” He asked, swallowing nervously when you nodded. “You’re going to need to run that way until you hit the road and then skip town as soon as you can.”

“But I!” You objected but he shook his head.

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For: Anon

Imagine: Being Eric’s sister and your boyfriend, Four, proposes to you.

You tiptoe through the living room and grab your jacket; you quietly pull on your shoes and slowly open the door, “Y/N? Where are you going?”

Shit. You mentally curse yourself, you were a little too loud and your brother had overheard, “Oh, I-I was just going for a walk, I couldn’t sleep!”

“Really,” Eric walks up to you, yes, your brother was the badass, feared Dauntless leader, “I know you’re going to see Four.”

You sigh, you had transferred to Dauntless a year after Eric, you love Eric but much to his disapproval, you had started dating Four soon after transferring, and you two have been together for almost five years now. It’s definitely not easy dating your brother’s arch enemy, but the two of them have tried settling their differences for you, but have always failed. In fact, Eric only allowed you to continue dating Four as long as you promised to live with your brother rather than your boyfriend, “Eric, please, just let me go, Four has been planning some sort of surprise for me for ages.”

“What kind of surprise requires you to sneak out in the middle of the night?”

“Eric if I was old enough to pick my own faction and my own fate five years ago, I’m old enough to meet my boyfriend whenever I want.”

“Y/N, you’re my baby sister, I just want you to be safe.”

“For starters, I’m not a baby Eric, I’m only a year younger than you. And also, I am safe, Four loves me Eric, you can’t even deny that. You know I’m in good hands. Please let me go,” You give him you best puppy-dog eyes and he groans.

“Fine, you can go, just be safe.”

“Always!” You swing the door open and say goodbye over your shoulder.

You make your way to the roof and see Four. He has a little table set up with plates and candles, there is a single rose sitting in the middle. You look around and everything is perfect, “Aww Tobias! This is so cute!”

He pulls you in for a hug and kisses your forehead, “Just like you.”

The two of you sit and enjoy your meal, talking and laughing the whole time. After you have finished eating Four walks up to you and turns on a radio, he then sticks out his hand to you, “May I have this dance?”

You giggle and take his hand, he pulls you in close and the two of you start swaying to the music. You shut your eyes and allow Tobias to lead you. Suddenly you feel his hands leave your hips and you open your eyes, you find him stand in front of you biting his lip, “What?”

“Y/N, I have to ask you something.”

“What is it Toby?” You were the only one who was allowed to call him that.

“As an ex-Abnegation, I’m not really good at all this romantic stuff, and honestly there aren’t enough words in the world to describe how much I love you. So I’m just going to say it,” He steps back slightly and gets down on one knee, no way, and he pulls out a little box, “Y/N Y/L/N will you do me honour of becoming my wife? Will you marry me?”

You let a single tear slip from your eye and you squeal, “Yes!”

He slips the small, simple ring onto your finger, and gets up to kiss you. You spend the rest of the night dancing, until you finally get tired and lie on a blanket staring up at the stars, eventually you turn to Four, “Hey Toby?”


“How am I supposed to tell Eric that you’re my fiancé now?” He chuckles.

“Let’s not worry about that until the morning.”

The next morning you wake up on the roof in Four’s arms, you pull your hand up and smile, remembering that you are now his soon-to-be wife.

“You sure look happy,” You look down at Four who is sleepily smiling at you.

“Well I’m about to marry the man of dreams, of course I’m happy!” He shifts into a sitting position and kisses you. You are startled by the sound of your phone; you quickly pick it up and see 35 new messages from Eric and 6 missed calls. Shit.

“Fuck, Toby I have to go, Eric’s gonna kill me!” You quickly get up and kiss him goodbye.

You run into the apartment and smack right into Eric, his eyes narrow as he sees you, “Y/N!”

“Eric listen I can explain!” You stop as you realize that you no longer have to explain yourself to him, “Actually, no, I don’t have to explain, because I can do whatever the hell I want to do with Four. From now on I can hang out with him as much as I want to, no one, not even you can stop me from being with my future husband!”

“Husband?!” He grabs you hand and looks at the ring, his eyes instantly soften and he pull you in for a hug, “I can’t believe this, my baby girl is getting married!”

“What’s with the sudden change of heart?” You ask surprised at his reaction.

“The reason why I was always so cautious of your relationship with him was because I was scared that he was just using you. Now that the fucker finally put a ring on it, I can trust his commitment. I’m happy for you Y/N, I’m so fucking happy for you!”

The next few months are spent planning the wedding, three months after the proposal, your brother Eric walked you down the aisle and you finally became Mrs. Eaton.

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Dog!Dean Days

Paring: Dog!Dean x PlusSize!Reader

Warnings: swearing (felt like it gave some flavor

Request: Could you write a plus size reader x dog!dean and like dean gets turnedinto a large dog by a witch and Y/N and dean like each other and it’s fluffywhile he’s a dog but someone like is mean about Y/N’s weight and dean like growls or bites? Fluff pls.

 A/N: I actually really like this and for the person that requested this, please tell me if I did good or not with this. I’m kind of nervous and can totally rewrite it, if you want! BTW this is my first ever one shot where one of the characters get turns into a animal. OH! and feel free to send in requests, you guys always have the greatest ideas!!

           You wake to the sound of loud barking echoing through the halls of the bunker. Pushing yourself up from your bed the soft blankets fall off your chest and land in your lap as you hold your dying head in hands. Your head pounded against your skull from last night’s celebratory round of drinks with the boys. The three of you had successfully finished a hunt, killing a witch that was murdering any woman who came in contact with her cheating husband. At first, you understood where  she was coming from, there may or not have been a time where you had to burn a scumbag boyfriend’s clothes, but killing anyone who had breasts that he ever met was never on your list of revenge.

           Barking still filled the bunker and you cover your ears with your cold hands, trying anything to stop your head from hurting even more. Suddenly your shut eyes snap open when realization hits you. You don’t have a dog. The barking stops almost as quickly and you glance up staring at the half opened door to your bedroom. Only to see it be pushed open by an invisible stranger, soft sounds like paws clicking against the floor of your room enters and it soon started to feel like the first five minutes to every horror movie you had ever seen.

           Your hand moves behind you careful to only inch slowly underneath your pillow for the knife you kept hidden under there. You grip the hilt of the blade as a mess of dark fur jumps up onto the bed and what you see next makes you want to blush from embarrassment. It was just a dog. A big, shaggy, adorable dog and one that was now making itself comfortable at the foot of your bed.

“Sam! Dean!” You cry out warily and push the rest of the blankets off of you and stand up. The cold air hits your bare legs, the plaid boxers and Zeppelin t-shirt not doing much to keep you warm and you wrap your arms around yourself. The dog lifts its head to look at you, worry almost seeming to flash in its dark bead like eyes. Sam soon comes rushing in; himself also dressed in his standard night ware, panic masking his disheveled and tired expression.

“Y/N, what—“ He stops when his eyes trail over to where the dog now laid nonchalantly.

“Is there something you want to tell me, Sam?” You ask him, your hand gesturing towards the dog that had now started to chew on the comforter.

“What? It’s not mine!” He reacts defensively,

“Well, it’s certainly not mine! You’re the one always going on and on about wanting a dog!”

“Dean would kill me if I even brought the smell of a dog inside the Impala, why would I get one?”

           You were at a loss for words, it was true. Dean Winchester was not a dog fan especially when it came to his baby, the Impala.

“Well, where did it come from then?” Sam then almost looks like a light bulb went off in his head and grabs a quarter off of your dresser, walking slowly over towards the dog. It was a solid five seconds before you realized he was testing if the mutt was actually a shapeshifter. You blamed not thinking of this sooner on your grogginess. He stands up reluctantly, after brushing the silver coin against the fur of the dog.

“Well, it’s not a shifter.” You sat down next to the dog as Sam speaks and you pet the mysterious mutt for the first time.


“Hey, Sam have you seen Dean?” You call out as you walk into the kitchen, seeing Sam feed a piece of bacon to the dog.

“Actually I haven’t. S’pose he’s still in his room?” He replies as the dog finishes off the bacon from Sam’s fingertips.

“Doesn’t sound like him,” You respond in passing and Sam gets up from his seat.

“Nothing has been sounding like him since the mark.” The reminder hits you hard. The Mark of Cain, the bane of your existence. Never did you wish something hadn’t ever been thought of. It was not more what it did to Dean but what it made him think of himself after. That he was some kind of monster. That he didn’t deserve to be saved. But how you knew he was wrong. He was the only man you’d ever known to be more deserving then to be helped, to be saved.

“Y/N?” Sam asks knocking you out of your thoughts, you reply with a quick huh before sitting on the same chair Sam was previously in. “I said I was going to go check on him.”

“Oh, okay. Tell him to get his sweet ass here before I kick it, will ya?”

“Sure thing,” He laughs out his response, leaving you alone with the furry mutt and you roughly pet him (something Sam found out). You put your hands under the dogs face, pulling it gently to look at you and say,

“Your gonna love Dean, don’t worry he can be a little rough around the edges at first but he’s a good guy under all that.” You pet him on the top of his head and say, “I promise,” for extra effect. Your eyes wander to the plate of bacon next to you and you’re almost tempted to grab a bite of one but quickly push the thought away. You had not been happy with how you look recently, more specially your weight and have been trying to stick to the strict diet Sam gave you, but one can only eat rabbit food for so long. And you felt like you weren’t even losing any weight, all this dieting did was remind you why you were doing it. You look over to the happy dog and pat him softly on the head, and it nuzzles its nose in the palm of your hand. Almost making you forget about your worries.

           It wasn’t long till you heard Sam, clumsily run into the kitchen, his hand clutching what you assumed to be one of Dean’s jackets.

“Hey, what’s wr—“ You ask but are cut off as you stand to be on the same level as the worried Winchester, even though he’s a good foot taller.

“I don’t think we killed the witch.” He blurts out,

“Yeah right, I stabbed that bitch myself.”

“Well, that must not have killed her. Look!” Sam’s hand goes flying into the side pocket of Dean’s jacket, pulling out an old hex bag.

“Shit.” You breathe out,

“And I think I know where that dog came from.” You look at him, your mind still caught in knots in how the witch wasn’t dead, “this is some kind of changing hex. I think it might’ve, you know changed Dean into…”

“Wait.” You stop him, “you’re saying this witch turned him into a dog?” Suddenly a loud bark comes from behind you and both Sam and you turn to look at the animal wagging its tail.

“Uh, I’d take that as a yes.” Sam says and you can’t help but burst into loud laughter causing the dog—Dean, to bare his teeth.


Two days. Two days and Dean was still a dog, and you and Sam still were not any closer to finding the witch. You both had sat uncomfortably surrounded by books, anything to find how to reverse the spell and Dean was not making it easy. With his constant barking and growling and it was more than once you or Sam had remind him you guys couldn’t actually understand him. But it wasn’t all bad; in fact you almost liked Dean better this way especially when he would sleep at the edge of your bed butterflies would dance inside your stomach, but you still missed the old Dean. The one where you could stare into his bright green eyes all day, the whole situation was just really confusing.

           After the third time, Dean had barked loud and continually Sam slammed his book shut causing you to jump back in response.

“Dean, would you just shut up?” He yells towards Dean and he gave a couple mocking barks in response. Sam turns his head towards you, his eyes pleading and you give a large sigh before slapping your hands on the table and pulling yourself up.

“Hey boy!” You say to Dean, over exaggerating the dog talk, “How about we go for a walk?” You could almost swear you saw Dean’s infamous bitch face but was soon overshadowed by the wagging of his brown tail.


           The hot sun cascades in brilliant yellow rays as you walk Dean down the grey sidewalk, passing shop by shop and you were quickly regretting ever taking him. Every time a relatively attractive woman would pass by, Dean would tug on the leash you had on him and watch the girls saunter away. And every time you felt your heart sink and the strong urge to whack his nose with a rolled up newspaper. Suddenly, you feel another tug from Dean and you were two steps away from yelling at him to quit it when you looked up to see the local bar. Everything clicking into place, you refrain from saying anything but instead kneel down so you’re eye level with best friend.

“Sorry Dean-o,” you tell him, looking at his dark eyes only making you miss his bright green ones more, “sign says no dogs aloud.”

           Dean’s head looks past your shoulder to see the white sheet of paper the said in bright red letters, “NO DOGS” and his face falls. All of a sudden, soft shade blocks the sun from your face and you look up to see three girls, all in tight tank tops to over accentuate their breasts standing above you.

“If you would kindly move your fat ass that would be great,” the tallest of the three said, looking judging towards you. You stand up, leaving Dean to sit on the hot pavement and stare at the three.

“Excuse me?” You ask them, generously giving the girl a chance to change what she said before you’d knock out her perfect teeth.

“I told you to get you ugly, fat ass out of the way. Your blocking everyone with your huge love handles.” She says again and her words hit you, hard and it takes you longer to respond. Her friends looked smug at your silence.

“I’m sorry, did she hurt your feelings?” The only brunette of the three girls ask, patronizingly slow but when she doesn’t think her words hit home she adds, “Is giganticor gonna cry?” You could feel the heat rise to your cheeks and that’s when Dean jumps to his paws and growls angrily towards them, baring his teeth and snapping wildly.

“Would you take control of your dog?!” One of them freaks but that almost seems to spure Dean on and he barks even louder, causing at least two to shriek in girlish yelps. You grab on your leash pulling him back to try and stop him.

“Dean!” You yell over him and his angered fit suddenly stops as his head lifts up to look at you. You mouth, its okay before pulling him away and leaving the frightened trio. When you’re a safe distance away you kneel back down to look at him.

“What the hell was that for, Dean?!” His eyes flash with concern and a soft cry comes from the back of his throat and your voice lowers from angry.

           “Hey, that was nice what you did back there, but I can take it. I’m a big girl; I tie my own shoes and everything. I don’t need you looking out for me.” He places a brown paw on your bended knee and smile warmly to him knowing what Dean would probably be saying right now. Suddenly, of what the three bitches were saying comes rushing back to you and your heart sinks a little bit more. It was more that they said those things in front of Dean, the man you had been madly in love with for a year and a half. As you stand up, you can’t help but mutter under your breath, “it’s not like they didn’t say anything that wasn’t true.”

           You were so caught up in the mess of thoughts you missed the sad look of adorable dog that was Dean Winchester.


           You wake the next day, but not to the soft press of fur between your skin and comfortable blankets but instead to strong arms and the strong smell of old dog. You open your eyes to find Dean’s arms wrapped firmly around you, his body pressed behind you as his face lay in the crook of your neck. He was back! He was normal!…..He was practically spooning you. The thought hits you and you have to refrain from gasping. Suddenly you hear the sound of your phone buzz harshly against the top of your nightstand. You reach for it careful not to stir Dean from his slumber.

1 message. Shown against the screen and you clicked it open. Sam sent you text, short and sweet. Found the witch last night when you were walking Dean, was hiding in some abandoned apartment, is he normal?

You smile and quickly reply with a yes but before you could hit send Dean shifted against you, you could feel his lips move along the back of your neck when he spoke.

“You’re beautiful, okay? You got that?”

           You place the phone back on the nightstand and turn yourself around so you were facing him. His eyes were filled with sincerity and you unwillingly smile towards him.

“I got it.” You respond he smiles back, even though you didn’t believe a word he was saying you knew that he at least believed it. And that made all the difference. The man of your dreams believed you were beautiful.

“Good. I was worried I was gonna have to go into some long chick flick speech to convince you. You just need to not worry what those bitches said, I think your beautiful and you should too.”

           His words made tears well up in your eyes and you quickly try to laugh it away.

“So, I guess being a dog made you quite the insightful one.” You joke and he smiles, pushing away a strand of hair behind your ear.

“Yeah, insightful and full, I had no clue how much a dog can actually eat. I was seriously always hungry!” You both laugh at his comment, letting the morning wash over you. Your phone buzzing with worried texts from Sam, since you never really got back to replying, but to be honest you couldn’t hear him over yours and Dean’s laughter.

The Joker x Reader - “Gotham’s Gift to Women”

While coming back from the club, you and The Joker were involved in a car accident and both got some nasty concussions. For same strange reason, you don’t remember each other. Hopefully it won’t last for too long, but in the meantime poor Frost has to deal with two calamities clashing. You can’t stop the damage; one hopes to contain it.

“Are you sure he’s my boyfriend?” you pull on Frost’s jacket, not trusting what he just told you. He is standing to your right after shortly briefing Gotham’s King and Queen about what happened.

“Yes, Y/N, Mister J is your boyfriend,” Jonny confirms, trying to keep things together. Knowing you two, it’s not going to be easy.

“Are you sure? He seems so grouchy,” you pucker your lips, looking at The Joker that sits at the other end of the table, crabby as hell. “But I have a bubbly personality, why would I be with someone cranky like him?” you insist and poor Frost hopes shit won’t go down.

“You realize I can hear you, right?” J snarls, frustrated, tapping his fingers on the grape juice can he keeps on sipping from.

“Do I love him?” and it sounds so painful to get it out of you.

“E-hem, yes, you adore Mister J,” Frost fake coughs, nervous to be the center of attention. Crap, he doesn’t want to answer all these questions but what choice does he have?!

“Are you sure?” you double check again, not pleased with his first answer.

“Yes, I’m sure.”

“Pfftt,” The Joker huffs, “What’s not there to adore, hm? I mean, I’m close to perfection, woman. Can’t you tell ?!” J glorifies himself right away.

“Ummm…” you hesitate, glaring at the green haired man.

“Frost, why didn’t I kill her yet? She has such a goddamned attitude!” your apparent… “boyfriend” snaps, irritated.

“Because you like her, sir,” Jonny gets startled at the new twist. Jeez, hopefully his boss won’t try anything. If he would remember you, it should be fine, but since you are kind of starting fresh: two calamities clashing; you can’t stop the damage. One hopes to contain it.

Like her?! How?! Was I in my right mind when I agreed to date her?!”

Is this a trick question? Frost thinks, on the brink of sweating from anxiety.

“You were, boss,” and Jonny seems so sincere that J gives you a super–mean glare, appalled.

“Unheard of !” The Joker sniffles, considering getting rid of your body tonight after squeezing the life out of you himself. “What’s your name, woman?”

“Y/N,” you frown, considering dumping his body in the river tonight after stabbing him or something. “What’s your name, dude?”

“Mister J!” he raises his voice, upset you called him “dude”.

“And J comes from what?” you continue. Apparently, you love playing with fire. Ahhh, if you could only remember.

“Joker!!!” he shouts, more and more irritated.

“Why are you yelling?!” you get pissed. “I can hear you, alright ?! Frost,” you address him, “are you 100% this is my boyfriend? Are you certain you’re not fucking with me?!”

“I’m not fucking with you,” Jonny holds his breath, praying in his mind and he never really prays; now seems like a good opportunity to start.

“Shut up, Y/N !!” J slams his fist on the table, kicking the empty chair next to him in the process.

“Oh my God, is that how you talk to ladies?!” you gasp, surprised. “How did you even get a girlfriend with this temper?! Especially a fine one like me!”

“Whaaaa’ ????????” his blue eyes get so big you have to inquire:

“Are you ok? Seems like you’re about to have a stroke.”

“Mister J, Y/N, please calm down,” Frost is working his magic, starting to sweat; he can’t help it, too much tension. “I promise you two like each other, I swear you do!”

You and that dude that calls himself Joker stare at one another, doubtful.

“He’s horrible!”

“She’s dreadful!” you both say it in the same time.

J leans over the table, pointing his finger at you, so furious he wants to shoot you on the spot.

“Listen here…” he begins his speech and the partially unbuttoned purple coat reveals some ink on his pale skin.

“Oh, you have tattoos?” you suddenly become very curious and forget you were just about to shoot him.

“Huh?” The Joker loses train of thought. “Yeah, I do,” he straightens his back, suspicions.

“I love guys with tattoos, can I see?” you get up from your spot and walk towards him.

Frost is about to faint and he is a very strong man: you usually use this strategy when you want to get close to somebody and kill them.

“Y/N, please don’t do…” and his cell alerts him there is an incoming text message. Jonny reads it right away. Emergency, of course, he has to leave. But how can he go when his boss and girl…Never mind. The Joker took off his coat to show you his tattoos and you genuinely look interested. If you wanted to try and murder him, you would have attacked by now.

“I have to go, I’m needed at the hideout; our guns shipment has arrived,” he announces and you both signal him it’s fine. He heads towards the exit, completely worried but wishing nothing bad will happen in his absence.

“These are sooo cool,” you circle around J , admiring the work. You suddenly stop and look down you cleavage. “Oh, I have tattoos also,” and without any warning you take your top off, apparently showing The Joker your lacy bra and your own ink.

He purrs and you pout.

“What are those sounds?!”

“Dunno, just came out,” he mutters, continuing to check you out. (The tattoos, of course, nothing else.)

What a weirdo, you think, but then you notice due to your low–cut jeans:

“Oohhh, is this your name on my pelvis …??”

Yup, there it is: “Property of Joker.”

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” the crazy laugh makes you squint your eyes; it’s just like listening to chalk scraping on a board. Makes you shiver. “ This is hilarious!” J continues to laugh. “I guess I marked my territory!”

Is he trying to be funny?! Because he’s not. You refuse to believe this is your boyfriend.

Then you see it since his Batsy shorts slid down his waist. You gesture towards the area, triumphant:

“I wouldn’t laugh if I were you,” that wide smirk on your face makes him look down and his snickering comes to an abrupt stop:

“Is that your name on my pelvis …?”

Yup, there it is: “ Only Y/N’s “.

Your turn to laugh:

“This is hysterical ! I guess I marked my territory too!”

The Joker instantaneously hates it.

Are you trying to be funny? Because you’re not. He refuses to believe you’re his girlfriend.

He growls and you bite your cheek.
“What are those sounds?!”

“Dunno, just came out,” he bitterly replies, wanting to get into his purple coat again.

“Do you work out a lot?” you flutter your eyelashes at him, distracted by those perfect abs.
“Yeah, I do,” J cracks his neck. “Do you?” he stares at your body up and down, admitting the view is far from unattractive.

“A-ha, every other day,” you sniffle, putting your shirt back on. “Taking a shower now.”

“Why do I care?” he snarls, scoffing.

“I was just saying; are you getting mad again?! What’s wrong with you?! Can’t you control yourself?!”

The Joker’s left eye is twitching.

“Listen here, woman, I am the King of Gotham; I own this town!! I’m not gonna let…”

“You like being bossy, don’t you?” you fight back because he’s rubbing you the wrong way. “How can you be my man?! You’re so… so…” and you back out since he has this menacing expression on his face while stepping towards you.

He traps you against the wall and punches the panel close to your head so hard you hear the fingers snap. At this point you prepare to gauge his eyes out or kick him in the nuts, whatever works the best.

“Nobody talks to me like that!!! Ever!! I’m going to…”

You have no idea why, but you sniffle his neck and whisper:

“You smell nice, what are you wearing?”

“Huh?” he pushes his body against yours, still aggravated.

“What cologne are you using? I like it,” and you inhaling his scent again makes him purr.

“I don’t know, just grabbed a bottle from the pile,” he tries to concentrate on his anger directed towards you but can’t.

“What are those sounds?!”

“Dunno, just came out,” and he releases you, mustering the strength to not kill you for your repeated offenses.

“I’ll go then…” and you head towards the bathroom, leaving a very confused Joker behind. He’s trying to plot your murder and creativity seems to lack tonight. How boring!


You come out of the shower and there he is, with a narrow towel around his waist, leaning against the sink.
“Ahhh!!!!” you scream, grabbing a fluffy robe really fast to cover your naked body. “You perv !! Get out!” and you toss a box of tissue at him, your lipstick and make-up removing pads.

“What the hell, woman?! I’m just waiting for my turn ! “

“Liar! You just want to see me naked!” you whimper, feeling weird with him gazing at you like that. “There are more bathrooms here, use another one!”

“I like this one, ok ??!! I can do whatever I want, I’m The Joker!!!” and he takes his towel off. It falls at his feet and you can’t help but stare, fascinated.

“Who’s the perv, hm?” he lashes out as he passes by you to get in the shower. “My magnificent eyes are up here !!” he shows you and gets inside the bathtub, pulling the curtain around.

Wow, is that why he’s my boyfriend?! you wonder, intrigued, still not moving. What a nice package, you sigh. Too bad he’s a jerk. And you storm out, wanting to get ready for the night.

The Joker pours some shampoo in his hair, thinking:

Wow, is that why she’s my girlfriend?! Nicely assembled Doll. Too bad she’s a pain in the ass.


He finds you in front of the fireplace in the living room.

“This is my favorite spot, beat it!” he barks, imitating your position on the furry blanket you placed yourself on about 10 minutes ago.

“This is my favorite spot so be considerate and let me have it,” you roll on your tummy, resting your chin on your arm. “Ladies first!”

“No, I don’t think so!!” and he shoves himself into you so he can push you away. You fight back because you don’t want to abandon you position.

“Would you go away!??” and you regret leaving your favorite knife in the bedroom. It would come in handy now.

“No, this is my spot!!” he gets vexed, regretting he left his favorite gun on the hallway. It would come in handy right now.

You land on top of The Joker, struggling to push him off the blanket. You lean over to scratch his arm and…

“You smell nice,” he sniffs you, growling. “What is it?”

“Jasmine body shower” you manage to hold one of his hands in place, panting from the effort. Damn, he’s strong!

“I love jasmine!” he purrs and you halt, puzzled.

“What are these sounds?!”

“Dunno, just came out,” The Joker grumbles.

“It sounds kind of sexy…” you lick your lower lip, letting go of his arm.

“Does it?!” He’s surprised himself.

You nod a yes, inspecting the tattoos and the smooth skin since he’s wearing just a pair of sweatpants.

“So who’s going to use the fireplace?” you have to ask, furrowing your eyebrows.

“Well, I guess you can stay. I’ll allow you this time.”
“Ha, allow me?!” you want to start ranting and he gets ready to strangle you, but then you notice:

“Hmmm, you smell yummy. What is it?”

“I have no clue, Kitten, just grabbed something from the pile again,” J moves his hands down your thighs, captivated with the soft skin he feels from under your shorts.
“Did you just call me Kitten?!”
“Apparently,” his hands move up and down again.


“Dunno, just came out,” he lifts his shoulders up and you are sort of mesmerized by that silver grin.

“It sounds kind of sexy,” you moan in his ear and he pulls down on your shorts, testing the waters. Are you going to reject him or not?

“Does it?”

“For sure,” you kiss his neck, stretching on top of him and it makes him lose concentration.

“I’m only doing you this favor once, ok?” he grunts, getting all excited under your touch.

“What favor?” you mumble, biting his ear.

“Sleeping with you. We obviously hate each other, I don’t care what Frost says.”

“You’re doing me a favor?!” your temper dictates the switch of mood in a matter of a split second.

“Of course, I’m Gotham’s gift to women!”

“You’re what?!”  

“You heard me,” he slaps your butt, enticed. “Less yapping and more accomplishments, Y/N!” J demands, pulling you in a rough kiss.

You so want to give him a piece of your mind, but for some strange reason you melt in his arms and your sassiness disappears in thin air. Momentarily, of course.


“Oh my God, you’re so wild!” you collapse next to him, exhausted, crawling to rest your head on his chest. You feel his heart beating very fast; yours is too.

Is this why he’s your boyfriend?!
“Holy shit you’re naughty! I’m beat!” The Joker exhales, holding you close to him.

Is this why she’s my girlfriend?!  J thinks, staring at the ceiling.

You cuddle to him even more, closing your eyes.

He starts purring, playing with a strand of your hair.

“I like the sounds you make…” you yawn, listening to him.

“Do you?”

“U-hum…” the confession follows while you caress his abs.

“Told you I’m Gotham’s gift to women,” he proudly states, the cockiness taking over.

“Not to women, just my gift,” you outline the “Only Y/N’s ” tattoo on his pelvis and it tickles. “ I guess that’s how I mark my territory,” you giggle and he gropes you.

“I wouldn’t laugh too loud,” his fingers going down to your “Property of Joker” tattoo. “I marked mine too, so we’re even.”

“I’m sure there’s a story behind it,” you smile, wanting to wind down.

 How you love playing with fire! Ahhh, if you could only remember…


Phantom Image

A R76 week contribution.

Day 2 - In His Shoes

“This is a terrible idea.”

“I didn’t remember you being so pessimistic.”

“Yeah, life is rather bleak when you came along.”

“…I actually have nothing to say to that.”


Jack was nervous. And rightfully so. The shoulders were too tight, the belts too tacky and he couldn’t manage a goddamned hold on anything.

Despite all this fussiness, Reyes was smug, staring at him from head to toe appraisingly, “At least you look good in that.”

“Better than you, I’m sure.”

To be fair, perhaps Jack was being difficult. Just a little. Though he had all the reasons to. After all, this could be just an elaborated, stupid ploy to have Jack murdered.

“You know, it’d be a lot easier if I just put a bullet in your face instead of having to withstand all your bitching.”

Damn, did he say that aloud?

“Yes, you did.”


Why did he agree to do this again? Right, because Lena was a little jerk and got a little too clever with word-tripping.

“Oh, chin up, sunshine.” Reyes leered, absolutely enjoying the shit out of this, “It’s just a costume swap. For once you actually look fashionable instead of being stuffed in a beat-up racer wannabe jacket.”

Yes, definitely having fun over there, “Fashionable? Maybe if emo goth was still in style.”


Reyes gave him a pointed stare, “Jack, you are being pricklier than usual. What’s wrong?”

It was childish of him, but Jack turned away from the man, pretending to check himself out in the mirror instead. Once again, bad decision. The reflection did nothing to quell the odd surge of feelings in his chest, twisting it into an almost nauseating clump that he couldn’t quite swallow. His mind was too sharp to be distracted, and it wandered a little too fast for him to stop.

Reaper’s suit fit him almost like a second skin.

Jack’s mouth went dry. It was just a silly prank. By Lena of all people. And yet…

“Jack.” There was alarm in Reyes’ voice, when he yanked the old soldier around. Startled blue met unwavering red, and Jack’s heart constricted. Gabriel knew him too well. Always had.

“It…gives me questions.” Jack turned his head, chin still trapped in Gabriel’s unrelenting grip. The hood’s fabric brushed against his skin, with ash, gunpowder and something warm, something homely.

Jack didn’t know his eyes misted over, until Gabriel’s cold thumb rubbed his tears away.

“Makes you wonder, huh?” Rumbled words betrayed no emotion. Jack tried to swallow back his. Instead, he choked.

“…I’m so sorry…”

“You already said that.”

“It…should have been me. I was so foolish…I…I didn’t listen.”

Seeing himself in Gabriel’s clothes, thinking how it could have turned out, what their life could have been…If things were different back then…

Their teeth clashed in a kiss. Gabriel yanked Jack into him by the hood’s scruff, forcing the soldier to stay still. It was messy, suffocating, and Jack was sure Gabriel had drawn blood. But his fists curled atop Reyes’ chest anyway, drawing closer, so he could taste more of the smoke, could wrap himself more in that familiar scent.

“There is nothing you can change now.” Gabriel said when they finally broke apart, “Don’t let the shadow of the past haunt what is left of your future.”

That…actually got a laugh out from Jack. Sounded more like a sob, but it had the corner of Gabriel’s mouth twitched upwards, “Look who’s talking.”

The ex-Blackwatch shrugged, “You don’t get to crack wiseass dad wisdom all the time.”

“Oh? Jealous?”

“Not really. Just want to see how it feels like.”


“Gross. And old.”

Jack laughed, and Gabriel kissed him again, grinning. Slowly, tension began to drain out, and he felt oddly comforting, standing here clad in Gabriel’s clothes and arms. Gabriel’s chuckle rumbled in his ears, and still he kept Jack close, as if the old soldier would bolt away any moment.

Jokes on him, Jack was here to stay.

High School Band AU: Ch. 22

Was it supposed to be this awkward?

Of course not. Saeran can’t be the most versed when it comes to social interactions, but… a celebration is a celebration, no matter what. Yeah, a party is filled with people laughing loudly, dancing in a pathetic way and… being silly and happy. Especially when it’s a party to celebrate the victory in the winter festival. A party at Yoosung’s basement, as a simbology on where everything has started…

But it doesn’t feel like a party. And though he hates to admit it, it’s easy to tell why: she isn’t here.

She’s not here. She’s not taking his calls or texts, or anybody else’s. And now it doesn’t feel like a party because the reason of the celebration didn’t show up. Because she’s a drama queen, she’s too sensitive and can’t handle his mature and brutal honesty, and though Saeran saw right through her from the moment she showed up, he let himself get involved, he promised his honesty to her, he saved her, opened up to her, made out with her, fought with her and almost let her… hell, he even wrote songs about her…

He fell for her. And this isn’t a party without her.

“She’s not coming, huh?” Zen asks, clearly annoyed.

“It seems so…” Jaehee sighs.

“Hey, Jumin, can’t you send your driver to her house and pick her up?” Yoosung suggests.

“If she wanted to be here, she would be here.” He answers plainly, crossing his arms. “I think she didn’t even see the trophy properly.”

“She didn’t. She ran away a little after the announcement.” Zen says.

Yes, she ran away. She escaped the agitation of the crowd with him. If Saeran really focus, he can feel the sensations of her hand holding his tightly as he guided themselves through the crowd. She looked so beautiful, she was so beautiful… well, she still is, it’s not like she’s dead or anything.

Though maybe he is dead for her. Whatever, she’s so dramatic, anyway…

“This party sucks!” Zen finally says what everybody is thinking.


“Come on, Jaehee! Somebody has to talk! We just won because of her voice, her charisma, her charm. This isn’t to celebrate our victory, it’s to celebrate her presence, and she isn’t here, so this is a waste of booze and food!”

“I’m forced to agree with him.” Jumin sighs. “So… what happened right after she left?”


Saeran looks at Saeyoung… he’s been strangely and disturbingly quiet ever since he got here…

“You guys should ask Saeran.” Then he speaks and… WHAT THE HELL, SAEYOUNG? When he finally opens his mouth, it is to snitch his brother out?

“Saeran…?” Yoosung asks, looking directly at him. “Oh right… you and MC left together…”

“Oh god… no…” Jaehee says in a concerned tone.

“There’s nothing for you to get worried. We just left together…” now it’s his time to speak, though his statement doesn’t add much to the conversation.

“And you left to where?”

“To… paradise.”

“Romantic, dude…” Zen nods in approval.

“I think it’s an euphemism for…” Jumin sounds like he’s analyzing something.

“It’s just the abandoned warehouse behind the baseball pitch in school. Don’t get weird, you guys.” Saeyoung intervenes grumpily.

“Oh… and then what?” Yoosung asks curiously.

“Uhm…” he looks away, avoiding all the pairs of eyes longing for an answer.

“I think I know what happened…” Jaehee says.


Something started crazy, sweet and unknown. Something you keep in a box on the street now it’s longing for a home…” the pink and blue lights of the impromptu tent shine against her skin. She looks like an alien, no… but an alien wouldn’t look that… magical…

“And who can say what dreams are?” he sings with you, coming closer.

“Wake me in time to be lonely and sad” she avoids his gaze, he can almost hear her heartbeat exhilarating.

“And who can say what we are?” he grabs her chin, making her look at him.

And now our bodies are the guilty ones who touch and color the hours. Night won’t breathe…
Oh how we… fall into silence from the sky…”he presses his body against hers, delving in her warmth. How can she be so warm when it’s so cold outside?

Pulse is gone and racing. All fits and starts. Window by window you try and look into the brave new that you are…” he sings, whispering in her ear, she shivers, he hopes it’s from him being close, not from the coldness of his body.

And who can say what dreams are? Wake me in time to be out in the cold… And who can say what we are? This is the reason for dreaming…he brushes his hair out of her face, and she smiles shyly.

And now our bodies are the guilty ones. Our touch will fill every hour. Huge and dark, oh our hearts will murmur the blues from on high.” She kisses him shyly. Saeran feels an electric wave running down his spine. Her eyes sparkle and he looks like… well, her. There’s nothing more beautiful and magical than her, anyway…

Then whisper some silver reply…” and the rest felt like a dream…


“So… that’s what happened, right?” Jaehee asks.

“Well, something like this… it wasn’t that poetic and… much… messier.”

“Yeah, Jaehee, what the hell was that?” Saeyoung asks, looking at her as if he just watched a confusing movie.

“I… I don’t know, I guess I’ve been reading a lot of Girls’ Generation fanfics lately… and uhm… I was watching Spring Awakening a few days ago… you do the math…” awkward silence. Well, no that awkward, Saeran would rather stay like this before the real interrogatory starts.

“I don’t get it… so you and MC… sang?” everybody groans. Oh my God, Yoosung…

“It’s a euphemism, Yoosung.” Jumin states.

“Oh… a euphemism…” Yoosung turns to Zen and nudges him. “What’s a euphemism?”

“Like I would know…” everybody groans again.

“Look, none of it matters. The problem is what happened later, right bro?” Saeyoung asks.

“What the hell, Saeyoung? Why do you keep bringing that up?”

“Because maybe you will realize you were the one who screwed everything with her!”

“I didn’t screw anything! She was the one overreacting as usual!”

“Uh oh…” Zen says “You fought again, didn’t you?”

“No, it wasn’t like that, what happened was…”

He was quiet, so was her… looking at the wall like it’s the most interesting thing to be seen.

“So, uhm… do you think it will snow more?”

“Yeah, I think so…” she spoke softly, covering herself with his jacket. “So uhm… white hair, huh?”

“Yeah, with some pink tips, see?” he leans towards her to show his hair.

“Did you go to a hairstylist or…?”

“No, I did by myself.” She nods and avoids his gaze.

“I liked your hair before.”

“Th-thanks.” He fumbles his legs, trying not to look too much at hers, isn’t she cold with thm bare like this? “I just… I just wanted to change a little…”


“I don’t know… I just felt like. The few days were crazy as shit…”

“Yes, they were… so… uhm… thanks for not leaving the band, Saeran.”

“Well, yeah… the hell I would let Saeyoung touch my drums! And… it wouldn’t be that great without me.”

“It really wouldn’t.” she smiles, ahhh… she’s so good to look at when she genuinely smiles. Not that smug bitchy smirk, just… a smile… and she’s smiling to him. “Anyway… everybody was there…”


“Yeah, including my mother. Did you know my mom is in town? She, uhm… she left 3 years ago, but Jumin and Zen brought her here to see me perform.”

“Convenient, huh?” he scoffs.

“How… how so?”

“Well, it’s convenient she would come to see you doing something good. Do you think she would show up if you were a delinquent or a snorter or… I don’t know, if you were doing bad things with your life? She wouldn’t want to take responsibility, would she?”

“Well, I don’t know, I didn-“

“It’s easy for her to come here and feel proud for you on something she didn’t even help on.”

“Well, I… I’m glad to see my mom, you know?”

“Maybe you shouldn’t.” his eyes lock with hers. Is she mad? No…

“And maybe… you shouldn’t jump in conclusions about someone you haven’t even meet and just… taking your own experiences with your mom as if they happen to everybody.”

“This has nothing to do with me and my mother. This is about you getting all worked up about someone who abandoned you.”

“And came back to apologize when I really needed…”

“This is stupid.” He shrugs.

“What is stupid, Saeran?”

“Well, you and… you know…”

“So you’re saying I’m stupid?” Uh oh… this glare… it’s the glare she always shoots at him…

“No! Don’t twist my words! I know you’re not dumb, do don’t play it dumb, MC!”

“I’m not, I’m asking you to explain what you just said! Or am I too stupid to get it?”

“Aaarrrgh, you’re not dumb or stupid, you’re just… naïve! Yes, that’s right, you’re naïve!”

“I’m naïve?”

“Yes, you’re naïve. You thought you could handle Rika’s situation with a lip sync performance? And then you get all happy and excited when someone that left you comes back when it’s convenient for her?” he scoffs again. “I’m just saying you don’t look like, but you’re innocent.”

“Well, I… I’m sorry if I’m not what I look like…” oh my God, is she pouting now?

“Ah, come on, you don’t have to get angry. I’m just being honest with you, like I said I would always be.”

“And I told you before that there’s a huge difference between being honest and being a dick!”

“Are you seriously mad at me right now after we just…?”

“Yes, Saeran, I am mad at you for going out of line. You don’t know my mom, you don’t know anything about my relationship with he, and you don’t know anything about me!”

“I know that you probably didn’t yell at V like this…” she widens her eyes and inhales sharply.

“So that’s it, huh? You just wanted to shove in my face what I did wrong and make me feel even guiltier…”

“It’s not like this, I…”

“Goodbye, Saeran.” She gets up, angrily putting her underwear back on.

“MC, you’re totally overreacting right now… there’s no need for you to leave in the night with this cold.”

“And there was no need for you to go back to your usual dick self, but you can’t help it, can you?” “And you know what? Maybe you’re right, and I am that stupid, I was about to confess that I love you!” she what? “But I’m so glad I didn’t!” she adjusts the dress and leaves paradise. “So… fuck you, Saeran!” he listens her voice from outside.

“Well, uhm… fuck you too!”

Awkward silence at Yoosung’s basement. Everybody looks at him as if he just missed the chance to make the breaking point on a match or something.

“Saeran, you’re just… a moron.” Zen says.

“That’s exactly what I said when he told me…” Saeyoung crosses his arms. He looks genuinely disappointed and mad. Saeran never saw his brother like this…

“What? What did I do? I was just being honest with her!”

“You talked about her mom, dude…” Zen says.

“And called her stupid.” Jumin adds.

“I never said MC was stupid!”

“Right after you guys did a euphemism…” Yoosung mutters… what?

“Saeran, you hurt her…” Jaehee says patiently.

“No, I didn’t! I… I would never hurt her! I mean, she looked shocked and… upset in a way I’ve never seen, but… no, she was just…”

Fuck, he hurt her.

“Do you see now that you’re the stupid one her?” Saeyoung asks.

“I… yeah, I do.”

“And you know what the worst part is, bro? Maybe you could have fixed that right then by saying you love her back, and what did you do?”

“She told her to go fuck herself.” Yoosung mutters. Wow… even Yoosung seems furious at him right now. So that’s how much he screwed things up, huh?

“Exactly… so, do you get it now? Do you get why I’m mad at you? Why I feel so tired of putting up with this bullshit?” Saeyoung clenches his fist as he comes close.

“I think he gets it, Saeyoung…” Jaehee says in a warning tone.

“Oh, does he? Does he know how lucky he is for having the girl he likes to say she loves him? And then he’ll just tell her to go fuck herself? Seriously, you can be denser than her in not seeing other people’s feelings here, this is just so f-“

“That’s enough, Saeyoung.” Jumin says. “She’s here.”

“She’s what?” everybody asks at the same time.

“She texted me. ‘Dropping by in 15 minutes. You guys can stop calling now.’ And she sent this… 15 minutes ago…”

The doorbell rings upstairs. Yoosung promptly runs to open the door. A few seconds later, he brings her with him. Is it wrong that, to Saeran’s eyes, she still looks as beautiful as she was last night?

“Good to see you, MC.” Jaehee runs to hug her.

“You too, Jaehee.”

“Right on time, MC. We ordered all kinds of snacks to please everybody’s tastes and… oh, here’s the trophy…” Jumin smiles softly.

“It’s really beautiful… oh, and… Jumin, I need to thank you for finding my mom and bringing her to Korea to see me.”

“There’s no need to thank me, MC. I just did what I have to do…. So did Zen, by the way…”

“Yes, I should thank you all since everybody did their best in trying to snap me out of doing something very wrong, so… thank you, I don’t know what I would do without your ‘MC is about to do something stupid’ radar on me.” Everybody chuckles as she laughs a little. “Actually, I… don’t know what I’ll do without you…”

“What do you mean, babe?” Zen asks.

“Well, uhm… that’s why I came, I just wanted to let you know personally, I was late for the party because I was packing some stuff back at home.”

“Packing?” Yoosung and Saeyoung ask together.

“Yeah, I… my mom is going back to America and… I’m going with her.” Her eyes quickly find Saeran’s before she looks away and motions to grab a soda can.

And there is no awkward silence, everybody goes to her and they soon start having fun like they were supposed to on a party. Well, except for Saeran, he’s the only one in an awkward silence… and he’s the only one who doesn’t see like he could have fun right now.

 Chapter 21 | Chapter 23  

Show Me Love 2

Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Plot: Sometimes friends help with one’s romantic dilemmas.  Sometimes, they’re just assholes about it.

Warnings: StudentXProfessor relationship (No minors involved, Reader is a Grad student and completely legal at the age of 25), Language (you all know me by now, I mean c’mon), sexual tension, shitty bro talk (I’m bad at it because I’m not a dude, go figure ;P), shitty text images

A/N: Have some Bucky POV!  Also, my love for making Natasha the sassy best friend knows no fucking bounds. I apologize that I couldn’t generate a group text image, but Wanda only texts a couple of times, and I figured they were easy enough to gather that they were hers (She did what??? and anything about Vision lol) Let’s play a game called spot Lena’s crack-ships! ❤️

⬅️⬅️PART 1 ||| PART 3➡️➡️

Originally posted by heartsandwheels

“ ‘I think a woman like you deserves to be worshiped’?”  Steve mocked with uproarious laughter as he handed Bucky a beer. “What the hell?”

“Jesus, man I don’t know!  It just slipped out!”

“That is by far the cheesiest line you’ve ever used.  Sam agrees from his stool at the side of the pool table.

“I don’t know, do you remember the line he used on his last girl?” Steve questions as he lines up his shot.  The three of them usually came here on Monday nights to blow off the beginning of the week steam, seeing as they didn’t have any classes to teach on Tuesdays and could sleep in as late as they needed with no repercussions.

“How could I forget? Good ole’ Dot.” Sam muses and Bucky crinkles his nose.

“Dot was a bitch, man.” Shrugging, Sam puts both hands on his pool cue to support his weight as he leans forward, fixing the brunette with a knowing look.

“True, but you’ve never really had good taste in women.  Dot’s a bitch, this chick’s your student-”

“Oh, come on! She’s a Grad student! Mid-twenties at least, give me a break.”  Bucky’s teeth grind.  He never should’ve told these clowns.  But he couldn’t get the image of Y/N on her knees in front of him out of his head.

“Yeah, sure.”  Sam chuckled, bringing his bottle up to his lips. “Cradle robber.”

“Oh what, cuz I’m the only one who’s been attracted to their student, right?”  Bucky’s eyes roll, knowing for a fact they were going to deny it.

“Yes.” The two men chirped in unison, deadpanning their friend. He snorts, taking his own shot, sinking two balls at once.

“Like hell!  Steve, you couldn’t wait until Sharon graduated so you could get in her pants!”  The blonde blushes slightly, raising his hand to rub at the heat collecting at the back of his skull as he blushes.

“Well…yes.  But I waited! Can you imagine what Stark would’ve done if he found out!”

“What do you mean ‘found out’?” Bucky huffs, throwing his arms in the air.
“You’re engaged!”

“It’s been three years since she graduated, he doesn’t have to know.”

“Do my ears deceive me, or is innocent little Stevie keeping a secret from the President?”  Sam chuckles, standing to shrug out of his leather jacket.

“We’re talking about Bucky here, not me!”  Steve huffs, desperately trying to side step out of the spotlight that has been swung from his best friend to him.

“You’re both full of shit because I know for a fact you’re attracted to Romanoff.” Bucky jabs his finger toward a blank-faced Sam.  He merely smirks.

“Don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I’ve caught you staring.”

“Like you haven’t done it yourself?” Smug bastard thinks he has him.  But he doesn’t, because -

“No, he’s too busy staring at Y/N.” Steve chuckles, taking the words right out of Bucky’s own mind. 

“Suck my dick, Rogers.”

“You sure you wouldn’t rather Y/N do that?” Sam adds on and suddenly Bucky is very tired of being ganged up on.  His lip curls lazily as the Steve and Sam fist bump.

“Look, I never said I would do anything.  I just…she’s smart, y’know?  Insanely.  She’s always engaged in my lectures, always digging up tidbits of her own to tell me after class.  She really cares. And she’s funny, charming, and quick.  Gives Natasha a run for her money, and we all know how sarcastic she is.”  The two men grunt in agreement.  Every professor on campus knew Natasha Romanoff and how she could talk through an entire lecture. Quick little vixen could distract an unwitting teacher for the whole hour if she wanted, and yet somehow made all A’s.  “Not many I know can do that. Doesn’t hurt that she’s stunning.”  He murmurs the last bit, not nearly quietly enough. 

And his friends are smirking at him, big as you please.

“Alright, spit it out.” Bucky sighs.

“Dude.  She wants you too.”  He cocks an eyebrow at Sam’s observation, hoping he doesn’t give his sudden, bubbling excitement away.

“What gives you that idea?”  Yeah, play it cool.  They’ll never know.

“How many people do you know that are as obsessed with war studies as you are?  Hell, how many women do you know like that?  No one would stay after every class to talk to someone as boring as you unless they wanted…” Sam reaches up with a loosely clenched fist and presses his tongue against his cheek in an incredibly obscene gesture before he shrugs.

“So she’s into old farts?”

“Watch it, Rogers, I’m only a year older than you.”

“So does that make me the most eligible Bachelor?” Sam asks, tucking his arms behind his head with a smile.

“That would imply that anyone wants you, man.” Bucky snaps back with a smile, and for once the smaller man remains quiet.  Finishing off his beer, Buck heads to the bar and grabs yet another.  

Tomorrow was going to be a late morning.

You’re just settling in from getting ready to relax for the night, the stress of the day weighing heavily on your shoulders when your phone chirps near your crossed legs on the bed beside you a few moments after you sit down.   Wanda’s name lights up the screen, and with a swipe of your thumb, you’re met with way too many emojis.

You roll your eyes at Natasha’s response and for a moment seriously consider deleting the group texts altogether.

You’re scowling as you type your own responses, rapping against the wall behind your headboard.

Natasha knocks back twice.

It was silent for a few moments and you took the time to open your laptop and type in a search in google.

After a few minutes, you reach for your phone again.


Rolling your eyes, you set your phone down again and return to the search engine you’ve got pulled up.  Clicking on the first link you find, you settle under your covers and bring your laptop up on your lap.

The first is an article, featuring several photos, and different sources on the myth of The Howling Commandos.

“Sexy.”  Natasha’s voice pulls you out several minutes later, referring to the pore strip on your nose and the messy bun your hair is thrown up into.  You instantly snap the laptop shut.  Her eyes narrow suspiciously.  “What the hell were you doing?”

“Nothing.” The stank face you receive lets you know she doesn’t buy it.  Not one bit.

“You’re googling what Dr. Barnes was fangirling over this afternoon, aren’t you?”

“No.” You answered all too quickly.

“No?  Then you wouldn’t have a problem showing me, then?”

“Well, I -”

“Oh my god, Y/N!  You totally were!”  She groans, plopping onto the foot of the bed. 

“So what if I was?  I thought it sounded interesting.”  You shrug simply, opening the browser once more.

“You only thought that because Dr. Barnes finds it interesting.  There are easier ways into a man’s pants, you know?” Red eyebrows wiggle suggestively as Nat shakes her chest at you.

“Yes, I know.  Can I at least try my way, for once?”  You groan, running a hand down your face.

“Whatever you say, babe.  Just don’t come crying to me when you’re single forever and a crazy cat lady.”

“You know you’d be right there beside me, right?”  She snorts unattractively at your jab but nods none the less.

“Yeah, probably.”

Beside you, your phone chimes while Natasha’s vibrates in her pocket.

The two of you giggle loudly, bidding each other a goodnight as Natasha rises to return to her own room.

“Y/N and Bucky sittin’ in a tree,” The pillow you throw is dodged easily, caught, then thrown back at you.  “F-U-C-K-I-N-G!”  She finishes singing as you recover from being pelted in the face from the pillow.

“Goodnight, bitch!”  You call affectionately.

“Night, slut!”

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Dirty little secret | Tony Padilla

Tony’s POV.

I was never the type of guy to get nervous. Until today. Today I decided to tell my best friend Clay that I have feelings for his sister, Y/N. And I’m shitting myself.

Any situation I faced in the past, I dealt with, man to man so had to step up and talk to Clay, as a man. Because boxing up my feelings was no longer an option.

“TONY PADILLA!” Y/N hollers as she passes me in the hallway. I couldn’t get a word out so I just smiled back and watched her walk away and into the crowd of people. She was so beautiful and kind and confident. Damn, if only she knew the effect she had on me.

Anyway, I looked through the window of the library to see Jeff and Clay sat at a table together. They both had their heads in the books so I opened the door slightly and poked my head round the corner.

“Clay?” I call- to gain his attention. He looks up from his book then notices me by the door.

“What’s up?” Clay asks

“Shh” Skye hisses from behind him

Clay looks back and apologises to her then looks back to me. I nod towards the door then Clay gets up to meet me outside.

“What’s up?” He repeats as we fist bump

“You got a minute?” I ask

“Yeah and only a minute. Jeff will try to jump out the window if I leave him unsupervised for to long” he chuckles as he folds his arms over his chest “What is it?”

I look directly at him and shift my weight forwards a little, rocking on the heels of my shoes “..Clay Jenson. You are and will always be my best friend..

“Wait. Tony, is this what I think it is?” Clay questions, his face all lit up “Are you about the pop the question?” he squeaks

“Clay. Pay attention” I snap

“Sorry” he smiled

My skin felt warm and tight under the sudden pressure. I inhale deeply and sigh “I know what I’m about to say is probably the last thing you wanna hear right now, but if I don’t say it now, I probably never will” I pause again

“I think…no I know..I have feelings for Y/N”

It was silent for a moment. Dead silent until Clay burst out laughing. I folded my arms and waited for him to finish.

“You? You have feelings for my sister?!” Clay laughs as he holds his stomach.

“I’m serious Clay, I genuinely like her” I shrug

Clay laughs even more, producing a few tears of laughter “I like cats but you don’t see me making a whole speech about them” he catches his breath “Shit Tony. I thought someone was dying”

I scrunch my face in confusion “Wha-Why is it so funny that I like her?”

“Tony what the fuck have you been smoking cos I know you- okay”

He continues “You like hiking and fixing things and leather jackets” he lists as he flicks the collar of my jacket “you don’t like Y/N”

“Yes. I do”

Clay shakes his head-unbothered and shrugs “Ok. Whatever”

“And I’m not talking about a high school crush. I’m talking about forever”

“Forever is a long ass time” Clay chuckles

“Jensonnn” I wine, making him hold his hand over his grin “See, you never listen”

“Ok, go ahead, I’m listening” Clay stresses as he leans against a locker, his figure slightly towering over mine.

“There’s no point. You will never understand what it’s like to hold back your feelings for someone.To not be able to tell them how much your mean to them or having to watch them be taken for granted by other guys but that’s what I have to go through- every- single- day with Y/N. And it’s not fair anymore.”

Clays grin soon turns into a stiff- emotionless expression. “Wait. What did you just say?”

“I’m saying that I really like her and I’m saying that you should give me a chance with her.” I confess.

Clays posture students and his jaw twitches “So you actually like her?” He asks

“Jesus Christ, yes Clay” I huff

Clay pinches the bridge of his nose and sighs “And you want to be with her?”


“And what did you think was going to happen? Did you think I would agree with this shit and let you fuck my sister?!” Clay whispers loudly

I almost didn’t respond- I didn’t know how to “Clay, you know me, it wouldn’t be like that with us”

“Yeah, sure it wouldn’t” he mocks

“Trust me. It wouldn’t” I stress

“And why should I trust you? You’ve been hiding this shit form me and your suppose to be my best friend (!)” He almost yells

I look around me and back to him “..Only because I was afraid you’d react like this”

“…Tony. There’s no way in hell, I’m letting you date Y/N”

“..Clay please-

“And if you are my best friend, you would stay away from her” Clay warns “Far away”

I watch as he returns back into the library. Not looking back at me once.

** After school **

Your POV.

You we’re sat by the window in English, chewing on your tasteless gum, just waiting for the bell to ring so you could be dismissed. You sighed at the sudden pitter-patters of rain hitting the glass.

It didn’t take long for the rain to fall heavy, along with hailstones. You giggled to yourself as you watched other school kids run for cover, Holding books over their heads or whatever they had to substitute an umbrella.


Everyone shot up out of their desks and began to pack heir stuff away.


You reluctantly walked into the rain and held your backpack over your head, but it was no use as you we’re already drenched. Your socks we’re soaking, your hair was dripping wet and your shirt was practically see through.

“Tony?” You call as you approach him in the parking lot. He winds down his window and you rest your arm on the side of his Red Mustang.

“Wanna do me a favour and give me a ride?” You ask politely

Tony grunts “Y/N I shouldn’t..

“Come on, I’ll even pay for gas” you suggest “pretty-please?”

“Babe. I can’t.” He says “Sorry”

You lean up off the side of the car and let Tony drive off. Whys he acting so weird? You ask yourself. It was completely out of Tony’s character not to help someone out.

Disappointed, you popped your headphones in and walked- lonely in the rain. You we’re listening to *insert current favourite song* and humming along to the words when you heard a car pull up next to you. You looked besides you and saw the red mustang.

You didn’t bat an eyelid and continued to walk as Tony drove next to you- at your pace.

“Get in” says Tony but you ignore him.

He continues “It’s really cosy in here Y/N and I’ll even let you sit shotgun”

“Is that an invitation?” You question- still walking with your hands in your pocket.

“No it’s information. Take t or leave it”

You stop so Tony pulls on the breaks and opens the car door for you. You hold onto the door, then crouch down and sit on the passengers seat.

“I thought you couldn’t give me a ride?” You ask, slamming the door shut.

He smiles at you “I’m not supposed to but, fuck it”

You smile back. Tony turns up the heating, letting the warmth immediately hug your body as he continued to drive to your destination.

“So are you gonna tell me why you initially couldn’t give me a ride home?” You question as you pull both your headphones out of your ears.

He sighs deeply “Well, me and Clay got into a little argument earlier”

“Don’t tell me you guys are braking up?” You joke and Tony gives you a dull look “You guys never argue. What was it about? Was it a girl?” You tease leaning into Tony

Tony nods “It was about- it was about you”

“Huh? Me?” You question “What did I do?”

“It’s not what you did. It’s what I said” Tony admits

You looked to Tony with a puzzled expression “What did you say?” You sniff

A huge smile was plastered across Tony’s face as he looks at you then back at the road ahead. He nervously taps the steering wheel as the car approaches a red light “I told him that I had feelings for you- and he didn’t like that”

You we’re taken back. “What kind of feelings?”

“Those kind of feelings”

“Oh” you sat back in your seat “well wow Tony- your just full of surprises today aren’t you?” You nervously giggle, looking down at your chipped nail polish

“Yeah. I guess I am” he smirks.

“…It’s-it’s a shame that Clay doesn’t agree with it, otherwise we could have made a really cute couple”

Tony chuckles and you continue your journey down the road. When you finally pull up in front of your house, you turn to Tony to thank him for the ride home.

“Thanks for this Tony, honestly your a life saver”

“It’s my pleasure, oh and say hi to your parents for me”

“Sure” you say as you open the door but something stops you in your tracks.

Should I? Shouldn’t I?

You lick over your lips and quickly turn back and kiss Tony on the cheek but as you pull away you linger near his lips. They we’re slightly parted, just waiting for you to make the move. Tony gently grabs the back of your neck and pulls you into his lips.

You slowly slide your tongue into his mouth as you begin to run your fingers through his hair. Everything about this was slow and passionate and every part of your body began to tingle. Tony pulls the stands of wet hair away from your face before grabbing your hips to move you closer against his body, prompting you to climb onto his lap. You straddled him, now chest to chest, your cold-wet skin on his. Tony moans into your mouth which only makes you want him even more, but you had to fight your urges

“Tony” you say causing him to stop immediately, he throws his head back and looks at you, biting his lower lip as smile towards him.

“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to do that” he tells you which makes you blush a little

You look down and see his tatted hands still clenched onto your body, your pull his hands off your hips and intertwine your fingers with him “I think it’s best that we never ever mention this to Clay” you warn, nodding as you say so.

Tony gives you a wide toothed smile “..Agreed”


My first ever Tony imagine 🙌🏾🎉and yes I do realise he is gay in the show.

There will not be a part 2!!

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A Favor Part 12

Characters: eventual Reader x Sam, Crowley, Dean

Words: 1041

Summary: Sam throws himself into trying to find the reader, when it gets to become too much.reader, when it gets to become too much.

Warnings: yelling, crying, angst

Read Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here, Part 4 here, Part 5 here, Part 6 here, Part 7 here, Part 8 here, Part 9 here, Part 10 here, Part 11 here.

Alright, Part 12 in honor of Angst Appreciation Day. Here we go everyone…

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(Not my gif but can you understand my Scotty feels?)
Pairing: Montgomery Scott x Reader
Word Count: 1,117
Warnings: Not so gentle swearing, some alcohol
A/N: Welcome to the Scotty trashcan, I will be your guide. I’ve been experimenting with writing in the Scottish dialect so let me know if you have any opinion of it. Don’t forget to follow me for more fics if you like! Enjoy my loves xx

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This is my first richjake one shot, and it’s not very good. I kinda forgot where I was going with this so, sorry.

Word count: 2259

Four weeks after the school play, and four weeks after the squids were gone, I was walking to lunch, when I was suddenly pulled into a dark Janitor’s closet.

Fucking creepy as hell.

“What the fuck!” I shout, turning around, ready to wail on the person that kidnapped me.

“Oh, Michael, it’s just you.” My first lowers at the sight of the chocolate brown haired kid. His glasses are pushed up his nose, and he’s wearing his usually red hoodie with several patches, and his big ass head phones.

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Fakes ot6 headcanon: they all love stealing each others' clothes. Jack always wants to wear Geoff's shirts because they smell like him (and his pants because look at all this pocket space holy shit), Jeremy loves stealing Ryan's shirts because they're big on him and keep him warm, Gavin's greatest ambition in life is apparently to be a human coat rack because it's been three months since anybody's seen him in a jacket that was actually his to begin with

I don’t know what prompted this but YES I’m all about it. They wear each other’s clothes a lot. They’re not really the same size, but they make it work, mainly wearing each other’s clothes around the penthouse. Some pieces of clothes are supposed to be off limits (i.e., Michael and Ryan’s jackets), but even those get stolen and worn by lovers ready and willing to deny all rules and get really obnoxious about it. They give in, just because they [Gavin] look adorable in it.

Bedtime is absolutely the time for switching around clothes. Gavin always wears one of the bigger Gent’s tshirts, letting it hang on his frame like a nightgown. Geoff is the normal victim of this thievery, but Ryan gets his clothes snatched as well. Jack’s had a few nightgowns stolen away, only to turn up on their resident beanpole. 

Jeremy lives off of the other’s clothes as well when he’s not in his crazy flamboyant colors, snuggling in large flannels that are Geoff’s or wrapping himself in Michael’s jacket or lounging in a pair of Ryan’s sweatpants. He doesn’t really fully understand the concept of ownership and will readily steal other people’s clothes.

Michael doesn’t share much except when he’s feeling lonely or blue - seeing Michael wrapped in someone else’s jacket or hoodie is a surefire way to know their boy needs some serious cuddles, stat.

Jack just is practical about stealing clothes (the pockets, boys!). Geoff doesn’t bother. He likes his suits, god damn it, and he’s not about to give away his tailored, expensive clothes to the others. 

Ryan couldn’t care less.

“It’s cold out”

Requested 12 & 51

Shawn and I couldn’t sleep, so naturally, we decided we would spontaneously go on a walk together. One thing I didn’t think over is that we are in Canada during winter and I didn’t bring a jacket with me.

Shawn and I were walking down the sidewalk together when an uncontrollable shiver ran through my body, Shawn obviously noticed because next thing I know is he’s taking off his jacket and putting it around my shoulders.

“Take my jacket, it’s cold out” He gave me a small smile.

“Uh no, I don’t think so Mendes” I shook it off and gave it back to him.

“Why not?” He looked almost offended.

“I’m not going to take your jacket, it’s 2017 woman can do shit now” I smirked, as I continued to walk.

“Are you sure?” He grabbed my hand, stopping me from walking.

“Yes, your house is not even two minutes away. I’m pretty sure I can last until then” I smiled, pulling him along with me.

I continued to walk and admire Canada’s beauty when I noticed that Shawn wasn’t walking with me. As I was about to turn around to look for him, I felt a warm material cover my arms and shoulders, then a cold air rushed past me.

“You wouldn’t leave my jacket on the ground, so to give it back you have to catch me” Shawn called out as he ran down the road.

“Ha ha, very funny” I gripped his jacket tighter around myself and ran after the six foot three giant that I call my boyfriend.

When Fitz showed up at Liv’s apartment, she was like

She had “no words” (shoutout to the 208 gif i couldn’t find). 

“Actions speak louder than words”

nice juxtaposition with Curtis telling her earlier that all she had were words (”you’re all about the spin”). Him telling her that led to the moment when she had ZERO words when Fitz’s actions led him to come see her. Not even “hi”, because that’s real. Taking Curtis home (after he saw through her “you don’t know the first thing about me” “but I’d like to, followed by a lip quiver (classic)), in an attempt to prove to him she wasn’t that person. She did the exact same thing in 701 when Joke said “yes, boss” and she suddenly apologized and agreed to another round of shagging. 

And obviously, we can link the above to Liv’s 610 dream wherein she was about to go on a date (in a leather jacket!) and Fitz showed up at her apartment. Shit got shut down. Somehow, I don’t think that will be the case this soon. She’s not ready to extricate a part of herself from the job. She told Mellie “this is the job”. That’s all she is right now. Even having a human vibrator (Curtis, and Joke dick) are related completely to her job and its stress. Listen to what she told Curtis about his five star servicing (she basically called him a heaux lol).

“keeping it real” is gonna be a process for Liv this season as she figures out what it means to be a real woman in power. 

Is That True? / Mino Oneshot (Angst)

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Okay everyone, before you read this, please note that this whole oneshot is heavy angst. I do not think Mino is this way, nor is any of this reflective on how I look at him. Thank you and enjoy!

And so, it had inevitably happened again, much like night prior, though the events always seemed to differ in some way, some how. Like a week ago, for instance, Mino had stumbled his way into our tiny apartment, reeking nothing but of the typical whiskey, falling asleep the second he hit our bedsheets, even puking in his sleep. And I was the one to turn him, clean him up, and make sure he was still breathing through the night.

Tonight though, it wasn’t as pleasant as it usually was, though pleasant was far beyond what any encounter actually was. I had heard the door creaking open, the digital clock beside the bed I’d been asleep on reading at 4:07. It was later than usual. The door then slammed, a groan falling from my mouth, pulling me out of my sleep I had thought that maybe, I’d get this time.

The scene before me, as my bare feet padded against he hardwood floor, was none out of the ordinary, for a drunk Mino was a normal Mino. He grinned, his thick body swaying slightly as he made his way towards me, his arms engulfing me in a tight, desperate hug. “Jagi…” He began, his voice deep and weaved in between hours of drinking. Of partying. I just stood there, taking in the scent of the alcohol and sweat that lingered on my shitty boyfriend.

“Why are you home so late?” I questioned, pretending I actually cared. Once you get pushed off to the side every night, for a year, for parties and night clubs, the love you hold starts to fade away. And sometimes, sometimes it never came back. He was no longer than man I had fallen in love with. No, to me, he was only the other half of rent now.

A heavy sigh fell from his swollen lips as he let his arms become dead weight, his eyes boring into me with a look that I wasn’t used to. “Is it any of your business?” He was angry, and though Mino was always plastered, he was never violent.

“It is.” Because when you wait every night, losing sleep, making sure someone who you have a responsibility over is safe, it becomes your business. I felt like his mother, and that wasn’t the type of love I had wanted. It’s not the love I want.

“If you want to know so god damn much,” He grumbled, turning and stumbling over to the kitchen, his calloused hands laying flat against the granite counter, holding his body up. He opened the fridge, grabbing a beer bottle from the inside and slamming it shut, paper and magnets falling to the tiled floor. Love letters and pictures of us from years ago laying on the ground, only to be stepped on as Mino moved again. “Taehyun left without me. I had to find a ride home.”

After years and years of actually loving what was now the monster before me, I grew aware of his peculiar tendencies. One of which being cussing when he got caught within something that he couldn’t find a way out of. I knew him to well for him to ever begin to try to lie to me. “Mino,” My voice raised, and though he was bigger, and more intimidating, I didn’t care. I was done. “Why are you home so late?” I asked again, his body turning toward me. He was livid.

My feet though, stood still as he fell towards me, his breath hitting my nose filling my head with the smell of Jack, swarming my head, making me force back a gag. He was centimeters from my face, his words filled with hatred. He spit at me, “You want to know why I’m home so late tonight?” He was such a condescending asshole at this point in our ‘relationship’ that I wanted to slap him across his face. But I held back.

His tone, his stature, the time of night, everything was completely and utterly suspicious. I wanted to know. “Yes.”

He grinned. God, did I hate that grin that only appeared within the shadows at night after he’d come home, trashed. His sober smile, now that, that was a sight to behold, but yet it was a faint memory in the back of my head. I watched as his hand slid in the pocket of his jacket, his brown, glassed over eyes not once breaking eye contact with me. The grin, that shit eating grin that I fucking hated, only grew wider, as he pulled a small piece of red fabric from his pocket, dangling it in my face. A thong.

I didn’t gasp, no. I did not cry. I only sighed as I watched the man I barely recognized before me begin laughing, stuffing the panties back in his jacket, placing a hard kiss to my cheek. I felt how his saliva stayed there, burning a hole through my skin. “You shouldn’t have asked.” He giggled again, pulling away from me, trying to find his way into the bedroom, only tripping and falling to a crumpled mess on the ground beneath him. He was pathetic.

To say I was hurt, was true. I did not walk away from him cheating with a high head and dignity that someone who no longer loves their partner should have. No, I was angry indeed. To be used so much every single day, only to be cheated on. I’m the one that took care of him, even with the resentment that budded in my heart. I was his only hope in surviving the way he lived. Without me, he would have been dead months ago from alcohol poisoning.

“You are a real shit head, Mino.” I whispered, leaving him on the ground as I went and pulled blankets and pillows from the bedroom, laying myself down on the couch. “Sleep in the bed tonight.” There was no love in my words.

He’d fallen asleep easily, and I, not so quickly, watching the headlights of cars passing outside across the ceiling of my living room. Pondering, no, prodding at the idea, that maybe, I should leave the man that I hated, for there was no longer any gain for me. I hated him. He hated me. It was as simple as that.

It felt as if hours passed by until I heard Mino coughing from the bedroom, puking loudly. I pulled myself from the couch, opening the french doors, watching as he laid on his back, choking on his own vomit.

‘What a way to go out,’ I thought, not moving as he began choking louder and louder, and eventually.. he stopped, his body going limp. And only then did I fall asleep soundly, knowing that he was safe from now on.

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junk/mei is like, the worst ship. because they cannon hate each other and i just…. ugg

YEAH and to me it feels like…idk i just hate when people pair off sweet and gentle female characters with aggressive and unpredictable guys that they canonically don’t like. it’s so common and it just makes me think of the whole “wearing the woman down until she says yes” trope. ehhh

at least D.Va likes to blow shit up and cause as much of a scene as Dear Rat Boy (not to mention u know…having a Junker skin and wearing one of his sprays on the back of her got damn jacket)

if youre gonna ship a hetero JR ship why not…pick the girl who literally shows the most approval/interest in him and his lifestyle


Words: 10,495
Cas x Reader
Warnings: insinuations of sexy time, but nothing else really! Tiny bit of angst & grief.
Requested by anonymous aaaand anonymous!!
A/N: Such fluff. SUCH FLUFF. FLUFFFFFF and a little bit of angst, but then more FLUFFF!

Your name: submit What is this?

“What about that one?” Sam asked pointing through the glass. He leaned down to examine it through the front of the case. “It looks nice,” he said, turning to examine Cas’ reaction.

The furrowed brow and quizzical expression was unchanged.

Cas tightened his lips into a frown. “No. That’s not it,” he said.

There was a groan from somewhere behind him and Dean suddenly leaned dramatically down onto the nearest jewelry case and rubbed a hand over his face. “Cas. You’re killing me. We’ve looked at about a hundred different rings, at literally 10 different stores. Do you even know what you’re looking for?”

Cas straightened up and turned towards him. “Yes. I’m looking for the perfect one,” he said plainly, as if that explained everything.

Dean scoffed and rolled his eyes a little. “Oh, right. Of course. That really narrows it down…” he said sarcastically. He caught Sam’s eye and refused to wilt under the disapproving stare.

”Cas, maybe if you could narrow it down to a certain cut you think Y/N would like, or the type of band, or a specific artist?” Sam offered hopefully.

Cas shook his head. “No. When I find the right one, I’ll just know.”

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