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A bit late but heres my submission for @hxhbb17

I had the pleasure of being paired with @bluphacelia with their fic Cracked Lens. It was a real feel good ride, so much so that I had a difficult time choosing which scene to go with ehehe.

Thanks to everyone who was involved, theres been so much good work out it’s amazing nwn~!


Klaus x Reader

Requested by @justdreamstars

Part One

“You’ll never guess who I’ve found.” Klaus declared as he walked in.

“Knowing you Niklaus it could be anyone.” Elijah sighed as Klaus burst into the room.

“(Y/N), she’s in New Orleans.” Klaus smiled as he poured himself a drink and Elijah watched him carefully.

“You mean to tell me the girl that vanished has suddenly reappeared in the city, and just happens to do so around the time we arrive?” Elijah sighed dubiously.

“Well she was here and I drank with her so unless there are multiple versions of her, which I doubt there are seeing as her bloodline ended many years ago, it is the very same (Y/N) I turned a thousand years ago.” He smiled to himself and decided he’d track you down again.

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Penguins, Tigers, and Elephants

“Everything alright, pet?” Frowning, he strokes over your aching back. It’s a beautiful day. The sun is shining and no clouds are in the sky. It’s the first time you can go out with a blouse and ballerinas. But you’re wearing your old sneakers because you want to walk comfortably even if you don’t feel comfortable at all.  

You’re glad that the weather allows you to go out with your daughter; the winter time was exhausting. Playing inside is not the same as playing with the other kids on the playground. You were delighted as Harry took her out for some fun in the snow. The two built a snowman, drinking hot cocoa afterwards,  and she was sad as the carrot was missing the next morning.

She’s a little whirlwind and nobody is safe, not even your vases and the Christmas tree. One Christmas ball fell victim to her. Thank god you used the old Christmas balls and not the pretty ones which your mother gave you once.

You hold your daughter’s hand as she starts to pull you forward.

“Just a little tired,”  you smile at him, closing your eyes. He kisses your forehead, sliding his hand down your arm until he grabs your daughter’s hand. She looks with surprise up to her dad as he takes her hand.

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DAY 3403

Jalsa, Mumbai                  July 22/23,  2017                Sat/Sun 2:47 AM

 रात्रि के भोजन के बाद , जो सौंफ खाने का मज़ा होता है , वो कुछ और ही होता है ।। ना जाने क्यूँ पेट कभी  भरता ही नहीं उससे  ।।

…. and the Ef on Twitter ask which one it is , the green or the sweet .. and I tell them the green .. the tastes of all such ingredients is sublime to some poison to others .. a diet for some and a burden for others ..

how does one develop taste .. is it the Mother’s taste habits or the insisted habits of those that be close during those formative years ..?

vegetarian tastes at the home from the hands of the महाराजिन , the ‘maharajin’ who cooked in front of your eyes, sitting ‘palti’ in front of her ‘choohla’, delivering the well swelled ‘chapaati’s’ fully bloomed and hot, was the event of the day .. though some of the stuff that was forced down our throats during those early times was at times such a disastrous adventure ..

the ‘kela malai’ - केला मलाई , .. banana and cream .. in mountainous volumes was a delight and relished after a sweaty day playing ‘catch’ with friends, as was the 8 glasses of milk that was drunk with great fervour .. but the ‘kakdi’ - ककड़ी - salad was just indigestible .. and ever since a dining table incident on a visit to Kathmandu Nepal in the 50′s when at our hosts dinner Father insisted I finish the salad, and if I did not would not be allowed to leave the table, those salads have been an anathema to me .. 

Then there were those necessary pastes and oils that were supposed to build strength and give energy as youngsters was another exercise .. 

In particular the Cod Liver Oil .. ugghhaaaarrrrrrhh .. the taste still smells in my mouth .. !! BUT .. Father and Mother were insistent and so spoon fulls of the ‘oil’ would be poured down the - no not the drain ; though would have loved that - mouths .. and each spoon that went in was followed by Father’s voice - 

“ how delicious “ !! 

The non veg was not affordable to us in those times, so it was absent most of the time .. but once in Delhi in the 50′s the ‘tandoori chicken’ at that famous restaurant in Daryaganj was something that we longed for .. we could not afford to go to that restaurant, but the University bus that we went in would go past that place each morning and evening and it was hoped that someday we would be able to see the insides of this place and enjoy and relish the speciality ..

We did eventually .. when one of Father’s friends invited us for dinner there .. aaahhh .. what a night it was .. and Delhi again and Chandni Chowk and ‘parathe wali gali’ .. the most delicious vegetarian Indian food ever .. narrow insides of this historic location and the never ending lines of the customers waiting for a bench, yes a bench to get to have a meal ..

And who can forget the ‘chaat’ at Bengali Market .. its painful to describe the moment because then, you have no where to hide your dribbling mouth from the anxiety of its presence in your mouth .. .. 

BUT .. each city though in the country is renowned for some delicacy or the other .. the fish and the sweet meats from Kolkata .. the idli and dosa from Chennai .. the ‘shrikhand’ from Mumbai or indeed the entire Maharashtra .. the Gujarati delicacies of immense different makes and qualities .. the khakra, and the .. oh gosh so many .. and UP .. goodness, each few miles of it has something of a speciality .. truly the country has such a vast variety, I would like to believe no other country would have such .. and heck .. who can ever forget Hyderabad .. its a haven of fine food .. 

The country is diverse in many aspects .. and it reflects in our food as well .. the ‘thali’ is so symbolic of so much else .. as Shashi ji would often say about our films .. they are like the Indian food ‘thali’ .. so many different elements all put together in one large plate ..

Goodness its 3:30 am .. 

I work tomorrow early again .. good night .. the wind and rain howl and scream outside .. lashing and tearing up all the protection that has been put up for the ‘Monsoon leakage’, a permanent for these 3-4 months of incessant rain …


Amitabh Bachchan

brightnail  asked:

I don't know why I'm loving it so much, but I am getting such a kick out of the announcers switching from call Sidney "Sid the Kid" to now referring to his line as "Sid and the kids." It speaks to my deep love of momma-bear!Sid.

But omg, Jake and Conor who will share a look and roll their eyes when Sid chatters instructions at them on the bench: “Yes, Mom,” and then snicker when Sid cuffs them playfully on the helmet and says, “brats,” all fond and indulgent and not discouraging them at all.

Jake and Conor who gleefully help Geno prank Phil and then laugh their asses off when Sid gets all exasperated at having ended up in the crossfire of another prank war, and they’ll hightail it out of there with a, “Uh oh, Mom and Dad are fighting,” cackling while running down the halls.

Jake and Conor who’ll throw rolled up balls of tape on Sid and Geno when they flirt a little too obviously in the locker room and say, “Ew, get a room! We don’t need to see Mom and Dad go at it, we’re only little,” and blink at them innocently, laughing when Geno growls at them in annoyance and fines them for being idiots while Sidney just sighs and shakes his head.

Jake and Conor who are out grocery shopping, Conor all wide-eyed and panicked because he’s hosting a dinner with Jordan and she’s given him a list of ingredients to buy and he doesn’t know what half of this stuff is. 

Jake who grabs his arms, gives him a shake and says, “Don’t panic! We’ll call Sid. Sid will help.”

Conor who does just that, putting Sid on speaker and letting him guide them through their entire shopping list like a drill sergeant running point. Sid says, “Stay away from the red potatoes; you want russet for the mash. It’s got a higher starch. Makes it fluffier,” and Jake and Conor stay away from the red potatoes and get the russet ones because Sid is a freak who cares an inordinate amount about the uses and quality of produce when he isn’t stuffing his face with pizza and generally knows what he’s talking about.

(Team dinner at Sid’s is not unusual; there have been actual fights over his homemade blueberry pie. Sid cooks well enough, but he bakes like a champ.)

Jake and Conor who finish their shopping with everything on the list successfully checked off, who make their way through the cash register relatively intact, and is loading their groceries into Conor’s car when Sid decides they can probably manage from here. “Good luck tonight,” he says, and Conor replies, “Okay, Mom, thanks. Love you, bye,” and hangs up. 

Completely unironically.

Jake stares at him. “Did you just–?”

A few seconds pass. “Fuck,” Conor groans, thumping his head against the side of the car miserably. He turns to Jake. “Do you think he noticed?” he asks hopefully.

Jake laughs. “You called him mom, and told him you loved him! I’m pretty fucking sure he noticed!”

Conor groans again.

consider: the first time bitty wore short shorts and a tank in front of jack

it wasn’t on purpose, not at all, he’s just thrown on some clothes and wandered out to make his boyfriend something good-but-within-his-nutrition-plan to have on his off day.

jack’s taking advantage of the fact that he doesn’t actually have to get up to keep his head literally under the covers, not asleep (his body clock doesn’t allow it) but not confronting the day because no

but eventually the smell of something drags him up, and the bed doesn’t feel right without bitty there, despite bitty not actually having stayed over very much at all, and he meanders into the kitchen, tripping over a pair of socks in the hall, thinking, inanely, god he loves this boy

and he gets to the end of the hall, and just. stops. mouth hanging open in the most unflattering way because he hasn’t fully woken up yet, and now his brain is even further away from online

because all he sees is skin, and so so much of it. pale and inviting and his as bitty dances around, headphones in

and bitty turns, plate in hand, startles a little when he sees jack, and smiles all soft and inviting

and then he realises jacks not responding, pulls out his headphones with his little finger and a bit of clever plate acrobatics, all “Jack, honey?”

and jack’s only response is a somewhat strangled “uhh”

Victoria's Secret And Yoongi's Underwear

poly relationship: you x jimin x yoongi x jungkook x taehyung

so i actually haven’t been writing as often, so here is a little apology about this, i hope that you guys really like it <33


Originally posted by bwiseoks

“Do these pants make me look fat?” As always, the question asked by the smallest boy makes you laugh, though it wasn’t even directed at you. Yoongi was standing in front of the long mirror in the back of the changing room that three of you were all shoved into. He ran his hands down over his thighs nervously.

It was as if he wasn’t sure if he was making the underwear work, but damn did he have the attention of both people standing near him. “Yoongi, babe,” Jimin said to the eldest of the boys, “you have the frame of a little porcelain doll.”

The rapper looks back into the mirror with a frown, running his hands down his legs and shaking his head at his friend. “…Wow… You answered no, yet you still gave the wrong answer.”

You step forward, setting down the pile of ‘yes’ clothes on the bench. “I like your little frame. Besides, we’re all small compared to Jungkook and Taehyung.”

Something about this place was just so entertaining. Every time that you and Yoongi dragged people in here everything seemed to go downhill extremely fast, but you never would see anything more entertaining than what goes down in bringing the boys into this store.

For some reason, though they claimed to be grown ups, all mature and all that, yet they just couldn’t handle walking into Victoria’s Secret like this. They couldn’t’ handle it. Every time they walked in it was Jungkook trying to walk towards the big wall of underwear, while Jimin tried to hold him back.

In the end, Yoongi always buys almost more underwear than you would, and Taehyung would walk away with fifty sweatshirts from Pink and a boy dragging him onto the next store. You would be left walking out of the place with all your bags being carried for you, a gentleman’s gesture, though you knew it was Jungkook’s attempt to steal your new purchases.

While you round the corner, watching the two heads that you were trying to keep track of, you couldn’t help but look over at where Yoongi and Jimin were. Every time, with every new piece of clothing that he bought, the oldest of the boy seemed to worry about if he was too skinny. It bothered you that he thought he didn’t have a good body.

“YN!” Taehyung yells from a few isles away, making you shake your head in embarrassment, “I found a big sweatshirt I want!”

“And what?” You whisper-yell as you walk closer to him, “Do you need my permission to get it, or something?”

“No- I want you to see it.” He held the sweatshirt up, the blue fabric laying over his chest while he put the hanger up to his neck and laid the material over his chest so that you could imagine what it would look like if he had it on. “Do you think that it will make my shoulders look too big?”

“Taehyung,” you tell him with a laugh, “there’s no such thing as too big of shoulders. Just ask Namjoon and Seokjin.”

They continue running around and laughing gently with one another, giggling and trying on different sweatshirts and underwear. Everything was going… not fine, but normally, until you hear the words that you knew would signal the beginning of chaos.

“Jungkookie, why don’t you try on some underwear like Yoongi?”

The Boy Next Door

Request:  hi! could you please do a fluffy scenario where you are one of bts’s members neighbor (i really don’t care who) and you have a cat but he has a dog, and one time your pets meet and something funny happens, like the chase each other maybe…

Okay. I got carried away with this one in a completely different direction, but I hope you like it. I can write a different for you if you’d like! Don’t hesitate to ask! P.S. I put a link to a short video that should help visualize 😉

Pairing: Min Yoongi X Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count:  1307

Living next to Min Yoongi, you had naturally high standards when it came to men. Which made it hard for you to date. Especially when you had a huge crush on the guy next door. Yoongi was not only extremely attractive, but very talented as well. You could hear him play his piano in the middle of the day, creating beautiful music. You could just imagine his fingers dancing over the keys, perfect posture as he read the music he was playing. You smiled to yourself when you heard the familiar music playing on the other side of your wall. Your cat jumped up onto the couch next to you, curling up next to you as you set your book on your lap.

“Murry.” You whispered softly as he purred, rolling further over onto his back. Murry was the cutest cat you had ever seen. He was a rare breed of cat called the munchkin (he was basically the corgi version of a cat). He had light brown hair with random white patterns all over his body. His amber eyes were huge and his little ears appeared a tad flattened, making him look sad.

You sighed when Murry jumped down and made his way over to your front door, asking to be let out. Reluctantly, you got up and slowly walked over to the door, opening it to let him out. Standing there for a second, Yoongi’s door swung open and out came his dog. You watched your cat’s eyes widen before he turned and ran in the other direction, Holly chasing after him.


“Murry!” You both shouted after your animals at the same time as you watched them disappear down the street.

“Shit”  Yoongi mumbled, grabbing his coat from just inside the door and rushing down the steps. You sighed, doing the same and running into him as you stepped off the last step.

“Oh sorry!” You blurted, stumbling into him. He laughed, catching you before you fell on the ground.

“It’s okay.” He held onto you until you were stable on your own feet.  "I’m Yoongi.“ He smiled, offering his hand for you to shake.

"I know.” You said quickly, straightening yourself out. “I mean… Nice to meet you! I’m Y/N.” You added, feeling your cheeks heat up as you took his hand to shake it.

“Nice to meet you too, Y/n.” He said with a sweet smile. You smiled back before looking in the direction your pets disappeared in.

“Well I suppose we should go after them.” You sighed, taking a slow step that way.

“Yeah,” He said, looking around.

The two of you walked in silence, hands in your pockets as you walked. “Holly!” Yoongi called out, hoping his dog would come running.

“Murry!” You called, laughing immediately after. Yoongi looked over at you, amused.

“What?” He asked.

“Murry is a cat.” You responded. “Kitty kitty kitty!” You called out in a sweet voice. Yoongi smiled, looking at the ground.

“You’re cute.” He said quietly, kicking a rock. Your eyes widened and your heart about beat out of your chest. You swallowed hard before answering.

“Really?” You choked out, in shock. He laughed, looking up at you.

“Yeah, you’re always reading or playing with your cat when I see you.” He smiled, stopping to turn toward you. You stopped, turning as well. “You’re super pretty and you’re so sweet with your cat.” He explained. “I probably sound really creepy now.”

“No, no!” You blurted, shaking your head with a smile. “It’s nice to be complemented.”

“I’m glad I didn’t creep you out.” He smiled his gummy smile. You never thought a person’s smile could be so beautiful and genuine.

“I love your smile.”

“Thank you.” His cheeks turned rosy and his eyes darted away from yours. “Maybe it would be better if we go back home and wait for them to come back.” He offered. “You look cold.”

“I am.” You replied. With that, the two of you headed back toward home. You each told stories about your pets as you meandered down the dirt path, giggling at the funny things your animals did.

“Home at last.” Yoongi said with a content sigh. “Do you want to come in? I can make some warm tea. After all, it was my dog who chased off your cat.” He smiled.

“I would like that.” You giggled, following him up the steps to his door. He opened it, letting you walk in first as he followed in behind you.

There it was. His piano. It was beautiful. You wanted so badly to see his fingers dance across those perfect white keys. “Do you play?” He asked, pulling your coat off your shoulders. You shook your head, pulling your arms out of the sleeves.

“No, I just… Will you play for me?” You asked. He let out a little laugh.

“Sure.” He sat down on the bench in front the instrument, looking back at you. “What do you want to hear?” He asked, staring at you. His eyes ran over your figure, studying you and making you feel a little self conscious.

“Um..” You giggled nervously, quickly looking away. “Whatever you feel like playing.” You smiled, tucking hair behind your ear and rocking back on your heels. He smirked before sighing and turning back to the piano.

“Hmm,” he pondered, ghosting his fingers over the keys before he started. Goosebumps covered your skin as he played.( You were astonished at how amazing it sounded. His fingers fluttered over the keys as he looked over the piano and moved his head along with the music. He was playing from memory with effortless perfection. Everything you imagined of him playing was wrong; his posture wasn’t perfect and he didn’t even keep his eyes open, let alone follow music out of a book.

When he finished, he turned to look at you again, catching your dorky fangirl smile. “Yoongi, you’re amazing!” You exclaimed, making your way toward him.

“You think so?” He asked, eyes glued to you as you sat next to him on the bench.

“Yes! You’re so talented!” You were smiling ear to ear as he stared at you.

“Thank you.” He blushed, looking down then back up at you. “It means a lot.” You smiled sweetly, suddenly embarrassed about your fangirl outburst. You looked down, playing with your hands.

When you looked back up, Yoongi’s face was nearing yours. Your breath hitched when his lips were mere centimeters away from your own. Your eyes fluttered shut when you felt his hand slide into your hair, cradling your face with one hand.

Then the moment was ruined when you heard scratching at the door and Yoongi pulled away. “Holly,” he whispered. Getting up, he opened the door and let the little dog in.

“Well I should go see if Murry found his way back.” You said quickly, jumping up and walking to the door.

“Are you sure? I haven’t even made tea yet.” He said, furrowing his eyebrows. You pressed your lips together, putting your coat on.

“Oh yeah. It’s okay.” You said, rushing to get out the door.

“Okay.” He said softly, “well I hope Murry is home.” You smiled briefly, reaching for the door. You heard him sigh as he grabbed your hand before it could reach the door handle. “I’m sorry.” He whispered, pulling you into him. His lips pressed gently against yours, making every cell in your body go numb.

Yoongi pulled away with a nervous smile on his face. “Yoongi.” You whispered, in shock of what just happened. When your brain finally caught up, you smiled and pulled him in for another kiss. His hands slid around your waist as yours got lost in his bleached locks, lips moving slowly against his.

Maybe you would stay for tea after all… 

The Busan Sky I A Jikook Oneshot

💙 Genre :

Angst, Romance

💙  Prompt :-

[B] “Can you see my eyes? You did this. You monster.”


The night sky had always fascinated Jungkook.

With the way the stars glisten and twinkle, the light emanating from the crescent moon as it complimented the night all in all. It all just seemed to capture his attention.

Jungkook usually wasn’t one to admire nature, but he appreciated the cold, starry night sky in the hot summer once in a while. The boy closed his eyes as he breathed in the summer night. Calming wind breezing through his ruffled sand-brown hair, the clashing waves of the sea, soothing.

Just like how it had always been.

He smiled (although a bit bitterly) and he continued to look up at the stars as he sat at the park bench. Yes, it was 2 o clock at night, and he should be sleeping, but no, the Busan sky was way too pretty and sleep was just not coming.

Purple hues would tint the sky in an hour or two, and soon enough, the sun would rise. And this, this is what Jungkook had always deemed as something that was his.

Watching the night sky, breathing in the salty air of the night that is oh-so-ethereal, that is.

He always wondered as to why he felt so attached to the Busan sky at 2 o'clock, maybe it was the emulsion of the purple and blue hues, maybe it was the beautiful yet forlorn memories that came with the sky itself.

He’d never know.

He sighed once again and closed his eyes, basking in the beauty of it all. He hadn’t expected the night sky of Busan to affect him as much as it did. He hadn’t expected to miss the purple-hued sky as much as he did, hadn’t expected to come back to his home after 3 fucking years of being stuck in Seoul, waiting, and yearning to come back and to witness the beauty of it all once again.

It had been 3 years since he started his singing career in Seoul, leaving the warmth of what he once called home. It had been exactly 3 years since he last came to this park.And it had been three years since Jungkook left their once shared flat….since he took all his belongings and left for Seoul.Going far far away from the boy whom he had once loved.

He hadn’t expected a lot of things..And he most definitely did not expect to meet him again. Not after all that happened between them.

But there he was, standing under the lamppost, mouth slightly agape, eyes wide as he stared at the taller man sitting at the bench.

There he was…

Park Jimin.

The boy he left behind.


“Jeon Jungkook.”, he said in a shallow quiet voice, as if it would punch him in the gut if he were to even mutter his name aloud.
And suddenly, all emotions surged through the shorter boy like a fucking tidal wave.

He felt overwhelmed, the stab at his heart, aching more than it did normally, the sting at his eyes, threatening to tear up and spill any second now.

He was here. Jeon fucking Jungkook was here, he came back…after three years…he finally came back.

He should’ve felt happy, relieved , or at least have some sort of disclosure, when he sees  how well the muscular boy turned out to be, and how Jimin still managed to find his ex lover to be so so beautiful, even after three years.

Even after all that happened.

But fuck, it was just not fair, how can he be so perfectly fine when all Jimin had been the past years was just horrible?? (horrible was an understatement as to how Jimin had felt and still feels)

Jungkook’s pupils dilated as soon as their eyes met, and Jimin knew how much of a sore sight he must have been.

Over the course of three years, Jimin managed to lose 60 pounds, his skin grew paler, and his dark circles were more prominent and visible than before.

He looked and felt terrible, aching, for all he wanted was for his lover to come back and just hold him again, to love him again, and maybe this time around Jimin would’ve been less clingier, would’ve let Jungkook bring that white puppy home, would’ve let him stay out till late at night partying and go out early. He would’ve let him do everything, he would’ve given everything, if it meant that Jungkook would stay.

Because God, Jimin felt empty, as if a part of him had left with Jungkook’s departure.

But what frustrated him so much was the fact that Jungkook could look so perfectly fine and happy without the Busan sky relaxing him.

The fact that Jungkook could look so perfectly fine and happy without Jimin beside him.

He felt devastated.

And as if it was a movie, time had slowed down as the wind gushed through, the tense atmosphere around them, suffocating.

Jimin, in his dazed state of mind, hadn’t realized when Jungkook came to stand in front of him,  his legs shifting every now and then and his eyes looking everywhere but at him.

And only then did the memories come flashing back at him.

The beautiful ones, where Jimin would find himself being spooned by the younger, cuddling as they watched their usual Harry Potter marathon. The horrible ones, where they fought and slept in different rooms( neither actually slept during those days) and the devastating ones, where Jungkook came home late, drunk and smelling like someone else’s perfume.

It’s been exactly 3 years, but Jimin still can’t get rid of the void feeling he felt everytime he woke up in his way-too-big-of-a bed, cold and alone. He still can’t forget the look Jungkook gave him, the stern, spiteful words that left his mouth.  And goddammit, he really wished he could..but he can’t.

He just doesn’t know how to.


9th July 2014, 3:55 am

It was a cold Monday morning when Jimin had realised that he loved Jungkook. With a bouquet of white roses at hand and sweet words of nothing, Jungkook appeared at his door at such an ungodly hour. (And surprisingly Jimin wasn’t mad)

He told Jimin that he ‘looked lovely today’ (even though Jimin was in his Star Wars Pajamas with messy bed hair) and after a while,  he took him out to the park .

He took Jimin out to the small park beside Jimin’s house (Jimin himself had never seen the park, despite living near it..and he regretted not having done so before) ,and  the moment his eyes caught sight of the small field, spread out with patches of grass and fallen leaves from the small oak trees that  surrounded the benches, almost comically, he felt his eyes go wide and his jaw drop.

Jungkook laughed at his expression,and Jimin thought that it was the most beautiful thing he ever heard.

He laughed and chuckled so heavenly, the 4 o'clock sky, tainted with warm pink and orange, making him look like as if he’s an angel, his eyes twinkling like the almost-invisible stars in the sky.

He felt happy, and he felt loved.
The park was beautiful , their date was beautiful, and Jungkook was beautiful and good Lord, no one but him would know just how much emotions he felt for the boy with that bunny smile.

So with a heart full of courage, he had told the boy that he loved him. And Jungkook, with a wide eyed smile, replied an “I love you too” with the same amount of enthusiasm as the latter.

And now, this park was more than just a small field by the pond, it was an abodement of all the amazing and horrible things that were to come .

The park was where they had their first date, it was where Jimin had said his first “I love you” and where they had their first anniversary.

But the park was also where they had their last date , it was where Jimin had said his last “ I love you” and where they had their last anniversary.

The park held so much memories, so much emotions that Jimin, after years and years of trying, still couldn’t properly decipher.

10th August, 2014

It’s been a month since he last heard Jungkook say those three heavenly words.

It’s been a month since they last went on their Wednesday Coffee Date, or their Saturday Dinner Date.

It’s been a month.

And what sucks is the fact that they acted like everything was normal.

Jimin didn’t know what had happened, he didn’t know if he did something wrong (which he was pretty sure he did).

And so he tried talking to Jungkook, a lot of times, but everytime, Jungkook would reply with the answer

“I have work, I’m busy, Jimin”.

Jimin knew that was not the case, but he wasn’t one to nag about it.

Yes, Jimin was clingy, and he loved sticking close to his boyfriend but no, he wouldn’t stop Jungkook from doing whatever it is that he was.

Jimin kept himself out of Jungkook’s business, figuring that Jungkook would tell him what it was when he felt that the time was right.

But instead, the more he kept himself away from Jungkook’s matters, the further they drifted away.

And the more Jungkook started to become cold to Jimin. Started to ignore him and sometimes even downright shout at him.

Jimin felt upset, he felt horrible.

He didn’t know what to do, and so he did the only thing he knew best, he’d put on a smile and continue complimenting him, and showering him with love.

But soon enough, even that turned out to be useless. ‘Cause everytime Jimin smiled at him, he’d just glare back. Everytime he tried to make small talk, he’d ignore him and everytime Jimin said “I love you”, he wouldn’t say it back, replying with something like “I know” or “Me too”.

And Jimin…he might be clumsy, he might get too attached and he might get emotionally biased, but he wasn’t stupid.

He knew that Jungkook was ignoring him on purpose, and he didn’t like that at all.

And so, he decided that once Jungkook comes home, he’ll make the boy talk and explain.
And that they’d figure this out once and for all.
He never came home that night.

It was Jimin’s first time waking up in a cold, empty bed in months.

And it was Jimin’s first time crying in despair, alone in months.

When Jungkook had finally come home, he didn’t say a word, nor did he even look Jimin in the eye.

It agitated him, angered him and it hurt him.

What terrible terrible thing did he do that caused Jungkook to push Jimin away?

What did he do wrong that made them fall apart?

He had to know.

“kookie-ah”, he called out as he followed Jungkook into the room but got no response. And so he tried again.

“Jungkookie-” , he called again but was interrupted by a cold and stern voice.

“What??”, Jungkook glared at the younger boy, noticing that he was wearing one of Jungkook’s white hoodies, clearly way too big to perfectly fit.

(Jimin felt safer when he was surrounded by Jungkook’s warm scent of something between coffee and mint, not that Jungkook needed to know that)

Jimin had a lot to ask, but for now, he asked, “Why didn’t you come home last night?”

He wrapped his own arms around himself, shivering despite wearing warm clothes.

“Why should it matter? I’m here now, aren’t I?”, he asks back, sharply. Not really answering the question at all.

He wanted to say a lot of things, God, he wanted to scream and let his frustration out on Jungkook just like how he does on Jimin. But all that came out was a soft whimper of “I missed you”.

He bit his lip as he looked at anywhere but at the boy in front of him, trying his goddamn best not to cry.

He was waiting for Jungkook’s reply, but nothing came.

He looked back up with furrowed eyebrows as he looked at the boy.

And for once, he really looked at the boy. He looked at his sagging figure,at the tired expression that harbored itself on Jungkook’s face, his outfit was messy and ruffled.

God, it hurt Jimin just to look at Jungkook.

He came closer to the boy and observed his features as the younger boy just stood there, probably lost in thoughts.

Jimin reached his hand out to caress the boy’s face that he missed so so much, only to have the latter retreating, quickly flinching away from the touch.

Jimin would be lying if he said it didn’t hurt.

He slowly retreated his own hand, moving away from the boy.

He doesn’t want to touch you anymore.

He doesn’t want to love you anymore, he thought.

He felt his eyes stinging with pain, emotions and rage. Not at Jungkook, no, never at Jungkook.
But at himself.

For being so stupid, and thinking that maybe all the taller boy needed was a little bit of loving and affection, when it had been Jimin himself who had been needing it all along.

He just craved for love and attention, something Jungkook didn’t want to give him anymore.

“what happened?”, Jimin finally managed to ask.

He needed to know.

“What do you mean 'what happened’?”, Jungkook asks back as he took off his leather jacket.

“You know exactly what I mean, Jeon Jungkook”, he replied with a firm voice.

He needed to know.

He saw Jungkook hesitate, open his mouth to speak and closing it.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about”, he says as he turned to face the other way and headed for the bathroom.

“ why are you being like this?!”, Jimin said with a loud voice.

Jimin, the boy who was the epitome of sunshine and happiness, Jimin, the boy who was gentle and never  got mad, had finally snapped.

“Why are you trying to push me away?! Everytime I try to talk to you, you’re always ignoring me or just shouting and screaming at me!”, he said, his arms flailing around in exasperation.

“You’re always either outside doing God knows what, or you’re at home hungover from drinking too much the other night! ”, Jimin’s breath quickened, as he spoke those words, “ And you’re never home for breakfast, or lunch or dinner. You stopped going on dates with me and you don’t smell like yourself anymore”, he finished with a slight whimper at his own words.

Jungkook had scoffed in reply, his patience was wearing thin as soon as Jimin had started to talk.

“Are you trying to say that I cheated on you?! Do you really think so lowly of me now?!!” ,he shouted.

Jimin flinched at that. Because, this isn’t what he meant to imply.

“ No I-”, he tried to say but was interrupted by his loud voice once more.

“You’re always like this !! God, is this why you’ve been annoyingly clinging to me so much?! Because you didn’t trust me?!” , he said and threw his jacket to the floor in anger.

This isn’t what he meant, at all.

“All I did was just ask a question! why are you being so-”, he says back and got interrupted, like he always does.

“ For fucks sake Jimin, just stop asking so many questions and stop being so annoying for once!”, He shouts again.

And Jimin whimpers at that. He hadn’t realized that he was crying till now.

Please don’t shout at me, he thought.

“ It’s as if you don’t even love me anymore.”, Jimin says, and this time, a bit softer than before. A bit more vulnerable and hurt .

“Well then maybe you’re right for once!! Maybe I don’t love you anymore! Maybe you’re just a burden to me !”, Jungkook said.

And if Jimin was hurt before, he was devastated now.

Jungkook didn’t love Jimin anymore.

He thought Jimin was annoying, clingy and just a burden.

He felt his throat tighten, his heart tugging and his eyes blurring from the crestfallen tears on his face.

“Oh…”, Jimin said, looking away.

“Well I - uh ”, Jimin tried saying something, but stopped himself before doing something stupid like telling him how sorry he was and how much he loves Jungkook or kissing him out of the blue.

“I’m gonna ..go to sle-”, he tried telling Jungkook but ended with a sob at the end of the sentence.

He went out of the suffocating room as quickly, and as fast as he could.Only wailing out in sobs once he was in the guest room, once Jungkook couldn’t hear him.

Needless to say, Jimin couldn’t sleep that night. Shivering and sobbing and repeating the same whimpers of “I love you” and “I’m sorry”. He stayed in the boy’s hoodie that night, huddling in and lingering on to his smell.

He regretted everything. He regretted ever asking him those questions, and Jimin  wished he didn’t know the things he did now.

Jungkook said he  didn’t love Jimin anymore, but he probably didn’t mean to say that, (Jimin hoped Jungkook didn’t mean that) , he probably got too carried away in the disputes.

And the shorter boy decided that he was going to fix this, 'cause God, Jimin can’t imagine his life without a certain Jungkook by his side, holding him, and telling him how much he loved him.

He would apologize the next morning, shower him with affection, cook him lunch for his work and tell him he loves him. He awaits for the next morning to come, with a will to say sorry for everything he did and to fix this once he sees Jungkook the next day.

He waited for three years.

Jungkook never came back.

Flashback Ends

“Jimin”, Jungkook says in a hushed tone, almost whispering,  although the park was void of people.

Jimin internally scowled at the way Jungkook had said his name,  just like how he did three years ago.

But just like he said, it had been three years ago. And if it was the Jimin from three years ago, he’d be hugging Jungkook by now , forgiving him with open arms and tears of joy in his eyes.

But things were different now, Jimin wasn’t the fluffy ball of sunshine like he was before. His smile never reached his eyes anymore, and his words were stern and curt.

Old Jimin would’ve teared up and cried at the sight of his ex lover. But all Jimin did now was prominently glare at the taller boy.

“What the fuck are you doing here Jungkook?” ,he said in a cold manner.

Jungkook felt taken aback at the boy’s choice of words but replied anyhow, “I didn’t see the Busan sky in a while…I kinda missed it”, he looked up at the sky as he spoke the words.

The sky was turning into a lighter shade of blue by now.

“You and I both know that’s not what I meant”, Jimin said curtly. “Why the hell are you here in Busan??”, he continued, fuming.

After three fucking years, why did he come back now?

And why was Jimin still feeling weird in the guts while looking at the taller boy?

He had his heart broken way too many times because of the boy standing in front of him, the sun was snatched from his hands the second Jungkook left him all alone, cold and forsaken, without any explanation.

He had tried to contact Jungkook, he called him everyday and every night, sent drunken texts to him about how much he missed the younger…. but Jungkook never replied.

It hurt Jimin to know how much he had given for his first love, when all he did was walk away.

The boy broke Jimin’s heart.

And  he wasn’t going to risk it again, never again. Which is why he built walls around him, he started to shield his emotions, not letting them through. He didn’t want to feel like that anymore.

And it was all Jungkook’s fault.

“I came back for you.”, the boy said softly, looking at Jimin with eyes that spoke more than any words could.

And if Jimin didn’t know any better, he would have believed him, would’ve thought that Jungkook was actually back for him. But Jimin didn’t fall for his words, no, not like how he used to.

Jungkook was wrong, he didn’t come back. Busan wasn’t a home for Jungkook to come back to, not anymore.

Jimin scoffed at Jungkook’s response. “No. You didn’t”, he said firmly.

“Jimin-”, Jungkook tried speaking but was interrupted by Jimin.

“You left, Jungkook. Without even telling me why. You left me alone and hurt. I kept thinking about what the fuck it was that I did wrong. What went so wrong that you felt the need to run away from your own goddamn house !” , Jimin fumed, his breath quickening.

Last time, Jungkook was the one who had screamed at him, and all Jimin did was listen.

And now, it was Jimin who screamed, and all Jungkook did was look at the boy that was so unlike the Jimin he knew.  

“But that’s not the worst part. The worst part was that I blamed myself for all this, when it was all your fault, Jeon. ”, he said pointedly.

“I’m sorry”, Jungkook said. Because there was nothing else left to say, nothing else he could possibly say.

Jimin laughed bitterly at the mention of Jungkook’s words, funny how Jimin used to be the one to apologize after every one of their fights and now Jungkook was the one who did so.

Too bad he didn’t forgive the taller boy. He wouldn’t, not after everything Jungkook put him through.

Jungkook opened his mouth to speak once again, and this time, Jimin let him.

“I didn’t run away because of  you, Jimin. ”, he started to say. “I ran away because of myself”, he smiled tightly and sadly at the latter, but Jimin only raised his eyebrows and glared at him. “Seoul was my dream place, Jimin. Busan… just wasn’t made for me ..I wanted to do music, to sing and perform in those big stages”, Jungkook said.

And Jimin could tell that Jungkook would have a beautiful voice. It made sense that Jungkook would want to be a singer. (Jimin wished he could hear Jungkook sing a song for him before)  

“I wanted to be an idol, Jimin. And frankly, I thought that being with you would just get in the way.”, he continued.

And if Jimin’s heart ached at that, then he didn’t show it.

“I thought putting feelings aside would make it easier for me, would make me fall out of love with you. And I thought that pushing you away would make you fall out of love too.”, Jungkook said, with tears brimming his eyes.

“I was selfish, Jimin. And maybe I still am.”

God, Jiminie, I’m still so selfish, because..I still want to love you, Jimin. And everytime I looked up at the 4 o'clock sky, I couldn’t help but remember how beautiful you looked that day when you said you loved me.  I couldn’t help but miss you. ”, Jungkook said with a lone tear strayed down his cheek.

Jimin felt his eyes sting as he heard those words. No, he wasn’t falling for this again.

“Go away, Jungkook-ah”, he said curtly, his voice cracking ever-so-slightly.

The longer Jimin would stay there, the more he felt like breaking down. He needed to go as far away from the taller boy as possible.

And so he walked away with angry steps, but Jungkook called after him, “Jimin, wait!”, he says desperately.

And Jimin was raged. He turned around to pointedly look at Jungkook, who felt a cold shiver run down his spine as he looked back.

“I waited for three years Jungkook-ah, and what good did I get from that?”, he asked, his sore voice sounding raw and just tired.

And if Jungkook felt guilty before, he was downright ashamed of himself.

He felt ashamed, and he wanted to cower away and hide in a corner. But this was Jimin, and he wasn’t going to give up on him, not again.

Cautiously, he came closer to the boy who kept glaring daggers at him.

“B-but I still love you Hyung, I-”, he said but got interrupted by Jimin, who grabbed Jungkook by the arm and pulled the him towards himself harshly, staring at him with cold eyes that were void of the sparkle and glimmer they once had.

“Can you see my eyes, Jeon Jungkook?! You did this. You monster”.

And with that, Jimin let go, he turned around and walked away.

Never looking back, afraid that he might change his mind if he looked at the boy for one more second.

And for the first time , Jungkook was left heartbroken, as Jimin walked away.

The End! So…what did you guys think? 😏 Did I give y’all the angsty feeling hihihi (i hope i did lel)  Anyways~~ I wanted to try and base this oneshot off of “4 O’Clock by BTS R & V” if ya havent already noticed~ And yes, I will be writing another alternative ending, just cos I hate making y’all suffer. :3 

Thanks for reading!! ❣️


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dorizardthewizard  asked:

Thank you so much for your gifs/ videos on Revival and Winners and Losers reviews! Can I ask about Ennoshita in Winners and Losers? I remember in the manga/anime he gives Kageyama that line about Karasuno's spikers being strong when Kags got benched, was that given to Suga in the play? And is he still getting slapped all the time? XD

Ennoshita details under the Read More!

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Running my favorite trail in celebration of my first 100 mile month since Grandma’s Marathon in June 2015. Injury recovery has been slow, rebuilding has been hard, and it was so worth it!

This run was deliciously fun! The pics show the journey (and I’ll post a video separately) : Fort Ebey’s Landing is a historical site with land that was donated by a private family. It begins on an overlook of farmland with the sound in the distance. Next is on the way up the bluff, over the water, the trail runs along where the treeline is at the top of the pic (so I have some up to go still). On the beautiful trail by the trees… the views are amazing every step of the way! Then down the bluff, which is a single track fun switch back down (and is what the video is), to the beach! Our beaches have a great deal of rock on them so this portion of the run included a couple of walks where the rock was too difficult/ loose to run. Still happy about it! New trail into the woods once I returned back up top! A run with prairie, bluffs, beach, and a stunning wooded trail?! Yes, please. Even a perfect bench to hang out on: not a soul around, just the sun, the sounds of birds and grass swaying in the breeze, and my buddy Grace (who is on the video).

Perfect, mildly difficult, happy run.

charges | alfie solomons

anon requested alfie dealing with the kids getting arrested

“I am so fucking disappointed in the lot of you”

Reggie sighed at the sound of his father’s voice, taking a few more moments before he tilted his head forward and away from the wall. He met eyes with his sister who was tucked up against the opposite wall, both of them daring each other to turn their head towards their father first.

“Hi, Uncle Alfie” Joe lifted his arm from his chest to wave, sprawled on his back on the floor.

“Joey Shelby, shut your mouth before I get in there and do it for you. Speaking of, eh!” Alfie flagged down the officer who was walking to the desk adjacent to the holding cell and motioned for him to open the door. 

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More Ness storylines of season 7

When Jess’ car breaks down, Nick drives her to work. Because that’s what a husband does (thank GOD he’s been practising husband duties with Schmidt for 1/3 of his life).

Nick even goes as far as buying Jess flowers (yes, that’s Tran’s bench but he refused to be in the picture) just to make her show that special smile she only saves for him.

When the evening comes, Nick and Jess often go for a walk together. Sometimes they bring Abigail, Remy’s new dog that he got as a substitute for his ex-wife. He says Abigail reminds him of her: quiet, teary-eyed and constantly drooling. Nick is terrified of the dog but does his best to cover it up.

On their date nights, Nick and Jess like to feed each other, but only when the loft is empty (because they know it’s super-annoying for others to be around them when they do). At least they don’t go as far as mama-birding each other. That would just be weird and creepy.

Sometimes when they go for a walk on the beach, Nick likes to pick Jess up “caveman style” just to prove to himself he’s still a man even though he kinda likes to hold Jess’ yarn when she knits, or press the frosting out of that funny thing Jess uses when she makes cupcakes.

Well this is something that will never happen in Nick and Jess’ relationship. Jess HATES jogging and Nick HATES excercise. Period. So this last pic is obviously a montage (but it’s really hard to tell, right?). 

If we get to see storylines like these only once in a while, I know a ton of Ness shippers who will be 100% satisfied - me included :-D. Hugs and kisses again to my dear @zooeyslaychanell who helped me put together this very realistic Ness photo album <3.